Trump Issues Brazen Warning To Washington D.C.

Photo by Jacob Creswick on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump, during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, promised to take control of Washington, D.C. and put an end to the destruction of “Democrat-run cities” that have become filled with crime and murder.

In the rally that was aired in its entirety live on Newsmax on Saturday, Trump argued that they would be taking over Washington, D.C. which is “horribly run.” He added that the city was dirty and full of graffiti that was destroying marble columns that had been built over 200 years ago. Trump argued that to this day the city has levels of graffiti that he had never before seen.

Trump further blamed D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, who was first elected in 2015 for the destruction of the city. He said the city’s roads were “disgusting” and people were driving over garbage. He then noted that they would be cleaning and renovating the nation’s capital arguing that it was time to put an end to this “nightmare of murder and crime.”

Trump proceeded to state that there had been people being hurt and killed in the city every night and that those who arrived in the city were scared to go outside. He then said that there had never been a time in the history of the city when things had been like this.

Trump also denounced homelessness, arguing that when he had left office things were completely different. He stated that during his time in office, he would have never allowed anyone to put up their tents in the city’s parks.

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