Trump: I’m Not Signing Any “Moderate” Immigration Bill From House

House Republicans are scrambling to pass some form of immigration legislation, even if it means shoving through a kind of DACA citizenship amnesty package that includes nothing that comes CLOSE to resembling President Trump’s agenda. That means handing citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants in exchange for…well, in exchange for nothing, because that’s exactly what moderate Republicans in the House WANT. They (unbelievably) believe that this is STILL the future of the Republican Party. They still believe that the 2014 midterms and the 2016 election sends a message that says: Conservative voters want amnesty. Conservative voters want to give Dreamers everything they desire. Conservative voters think the Wall is stupid. Vote away, baby!

We would blame it on pure ignorance, but you would have to be nearly braindead to actually believe these things. No, this is a result of big-pocketed corporate donors who thrive on legal and illegal immigration to keep the wheels greased. And these Republicans are beholden to those interests, which just happen to lie diametrically opposite to the will of their voters.

Thankfully, we have a president who knows where his bread is buttered.

In remarks to Fox & Friends last week, President Trump noted that there were two immigration bill currently under consideration, only one of which has his approval. “I’m looking at both of them,” he said. “I certainly wouldn’t sign the more moderate one.”

That puts Republicans on notice: The White House is not about to cave to their RINO demands, no matter how much they may want to placate the Hispanics in their districts. This is not the party of Bush anymore. This is certainly not the party of Mitt Romney. This is not the party of the Gang of Eight. This is the Trump party, and the president isn’t going to turn around and slap his supporters in the face by signing away all the leverage he has on illegal immigration. He vowed to put an end to this country-destroying scourge, and he’s determined to by God do just that.

Trump is sympathetic – perhaps to a fault – to the plight of the Dreamers. But that doesn’t mean he’s a fool willing to simply sign away the biggest bargaining chip he has over the Democrats. Let THEM come across the aisle. Let THEM vote for the wall. Let THEM vote to end chain migration and the diversity visa lottery. Then, and only then, we can talk about a way to let DACA recipients stay in the country. If we do it without any of those other concerns being addressed, we’re simply sending the same message south of the border: Come on to America, the water’s fine, and you’ll eventually get exactly what you want. Don’t bother calling ahead.

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