Trump: If Biden “Can Breathe” at the Debates, Media Will Say He Won

In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt this week, President Donald Trump said he’s already prepared for the mainstream media to declare Joe Biden the winner of their three debates. Knowing that the liberal pundits from NBC to the New York Times will never give him credit for anything – no matter how obvious it is – Trump said he is resigned to the fact that Biden comes into the debates with certain advantages.

Hewitt kicked off the discussion, noting that “the expectations of the vice president are being lowered by the hour.”

“I think if he just stands up for an hour, that will lead the media to declare him a winner,” Hewitt said. “I appreciate that you nominated me to be a moderator. I don’t think the debate commission will give you anyone remotely close to being as tough on Biden as they are on you. Do you think they’re lowering expectations for Joe Biden for the debates?”

“Well, I’m not lowering expectations. Everyone else is. I’m not. I don’t do that. Look, whoever shows up, I watched him with Bernie Sanders, and he did okay. I wouldn’t say he was Winston Churchill,” Trump said.

“Yes, he did,” Hewitt acknowledged.

“But he got through,” Trump said. “But you know the way it is, the fake news. If he stands up, and if he is able to breathe, and if he’s able to walk off the platform, they’ll say it was one of the greatest debate performances in history. These, the fake news is corrupt, and it’s a disgrace. And it’s now rated lower than Congress. At least in my mind, it’s rated lower than anything. But I’ve seen things from the fake news that someday I’ll tell you some things you wouldn’t even believe. These are corrupt people. So if he goes and debates; if he said, ‘Yes, I had a wonderful breakfast, thank you for asking the question,’ they’ll give him, they’ll say it was one of the greatest answers in history.

“So you know, I know what I’m up against, and I had a smaller dose of it with Hillary,” Trump continued. “But Hillary was smart. Joe was never smart. Joe wasn’t smart in prime time. I’ve had a certain highly-respected senator years ago, I said, who I got along with very well, which people would be shocked at, I said, ‘Who’s the smartest person in the Senate?’ He gave me a name. Then [I] said, ‘Who’s the dumbest?’ and he said, ‘Joe.’ And I said, ‘Who’s Joe?’ ‘Joe.’ I said, ‘Who is he? Who is he?’ He said, ‘Joe. You don’t know Joe?’ And we go along, and I said, ‘You’re talking about Biden?’ ‘Yeah, I’m talking about Joe Biden.’ I said, ‘Why, he’s the dumbest in the Senate?’ ‘He is by far. He’s a glad hand.’”

Well, that comes as little surprise. Joe has never come off as a guy with what you might call an, um, intellectual bend to his jib. He was essentially nothing more than meme fodder during the Obama days. And now, with his cognition slipping gears, things are even worse. His whole political appeal is based around his folksy charm, and if that’s enough to win the presidency in 2020 – well, maybe this country deserves what it gets.

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