Trump: I Would Bring Back Waterboarding

If a certain percentage of the American public fell in love with Donald Trump’s blunt take on illegal immigration, the renewed concern over Islamic terrorism has only increased voter appetite for the unabashed strength Trump brings to the presidential race. Following the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, America is looking for a leader who will stop at nothing to keep the country safe. Whether or not Trump fits that description is a matter for debate, but he certainly isn’t backing down from the challenge.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week show on Sunday, the real estate tycoon said he would bring back the controversial interrogation technique known as waterboarding if he were to become commander-in-chief.

“I would bring it back,” Trump said. “They don’t use waterboarding over there. They use chopping off people’s heads.”

Waterboarding, for the five people who haven’t heard of it, involves using cloth and water to make a suspect feel as though they are drowning. People who have been subjected to the practice say it is among the most frightening experiences of their lives. Because of the harsh nature of the technique, some have said it qualifies as torture. Others – including CIA leaders under the Bush administration – defend it as a useful interrogation strategy.

Trump compared it to the sickening tactics of the Islamic state. “They use drowning people,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ve seen where they put people in cages. And they drown them in the ocean and they lift out the cage. I think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they’d do to us.”

Trump also made the case for increased government surveillance of mosques and a database of Islamic refugees from Syria and other places in the Middle East.

If some of Trump’s rhetoric rubs libertarians and Democrats the wrong way, it certainly hasn’t hurt his campaign. According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, Trump remains on top of the primary race with 32 percent of the vote. Dr. Ben Carson is back in second place with 22 percent. Marco Rubio, with 11 percent, is the only other candidate in double digits.

To be frank, very little should be off the table at this point. We’re not fighting the British army here. We’re not even fighting to Nazis. We’re fighting a group of animals who have decided to make a religion out of slaughtering anyone who doesn’t pledge allegiance to their version of God. This isn’t a war over land or treasure; it’s a battle between good and evil. If you would waterboard a literal monster, you would waterboard an Islamic terrorist.

Go study the photographs of the Paris dead. Go read interviews with survivors who lost their sons and daughters and sisters and parents in the tragedy. Contemplate the depth of misery and grief ISIS brought to France last week. There is no room for mercy. There is no room for weakness. It’s time to send these jihadists on to their God. Period.


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  1. Lord, the liberals are going to soil their Depends. How many innocent lives were saved by “boarding” those murderous thugs at Gitmo? Then of course Ohussein takes over and frees them..If only the left was as outraged by the actions of their brethren ISIS!

    • Actually the CIA report came out and NO LIVES were saved NO actionable intelligence came from waterboarding What came from it??? ISIS and its recruits

      • so we are told.

        • right but you don’t believe it because you’re too fucking stupid to understand it

          • Just wanted everyone to know thaat the Marlene above is not me!

          • Thank you for that important distinction. But i’m not worried about anyone thinking I was you, yoo hoo. The distance is too great and there isn’t a ladder high enough for you to reach. Ooh – do I hear an echo of angry insults heading my way? LOL.

          • No , in order to be insulted or angry with you, I would have to value your opinion.

          • I rest my case – you apparently do! LOL

          • Yup! The marlene above can spell!

          • Do you know me personally?
            If not, how can you say I’m stupid?
            I can tell your not the sharpest tack in the box with your response, but what can one expect from a ghetto welfare home boy’s main squeeze.

          • we can tell you are not too bright or brainwashed, YOUR CHOICE.

          • Daves Rant sounds like a crack head……or possibly a severe brain injury?

          • Jarhead, ignore Reality Pecked. He is an oppositional little sack that argues for the LUTZ. He is all over the comment boards, and all I can figure out is he likes to demand proof that he always ignores, and enjoys wasting your time, because he just keeps arguing.

            My theory is that he is in prison for life, and has library computer access and this is his sole source of joy, other than kissing his Obama poster..

          • as usual, you are are way off the mark.
            Retired white male, live in Ca.

            You unpatriotic Americans are going to be the end of this country.
            I am here to try and wake you fools up.

          • Senile OLD basTURD! Living off of the workers and doers, in Kaliphornia, the most regressive state in the union.

          • Fiction is for books — where it is know to be false.

            On a blog., fiction is just good old fashioned lying

            The American people do not like it much. God hates it.

            Lying is a sin, that can get you hell here on earth, and in the after life.

          • What are you referring to? I have talked repeatedly to Reality Cheese, and he has a different story each time, and I do not believe anything he says, because he just opposes whoever he talks to. I warned Jarhead because he was talking like Reality Checkerhead is serious, but I was not addressing the article itself, because the point was being lost on the article for endless bickering. If I have a theory that Reality is a prisoner, that is my theory, based on his endless comments in the boards, and not anything he has said. How about you back off, and stop judging me on my faith, AK?

          • Blather on stupid whore!

          • Says the traitorous JUGhead!

          • Senilitychick’s Depends needs changing!

          • Ahhhh, and there’s dimmy, the other troll’s sweetheart…

          • And Michael Dennewitz,Another Fascist Cunt.

          • Dams an sheet, it ams dat stoopid gutlessmo her ta obama up this sight an sheet.

          • You are telling me that if you thought/felt like you were drowning over and over again you would not spill your guts????? I guess you are a liberal that believes everything that you are told.

          • Jayturd, you can think what you want, or what you’re told to think, but everyone who has been through it says it is not an effective tool. Rather than spill what you know, you say whatever you think will get them to stop, and that is almost always a lie.

          • So you know everyone that has been through waterboarding, ha, ha, ha, ha, Jimmyturd King.

          • Correction! Jimmyturd QUEEN!

          • Queenie spews again! LMAO!

        • I don’t see you proving anything different.

          why does Dave think his flapping gums have meaning?

          “US report on ‘enhanced interrogation’ concludes: torture doesn’t work”

          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            rright, and the MAGIC BULLET, killed , President John F Kennedy . Your handlers have done a fare job on your mind.

          • my handlers?
            you mean the NEWS?

            you mean he REAL WORLD?

            why don’t I see the IGNORANT con providing ANY proof?

            TOO DIM?

          • Walter H WILSON3rd

            That’s what I said. What about the bullet?

          • No comment at this time

          • only a liberal would say torture doesn’t work…… because someday they may be in a position to reveal their socialist secret to destroy America.

          • why don’t FOOLS ever try and PROVE something?

          • Because they are FOOLS and believe everything on this website and Don’t see the hypocrisy of their positions. They want to follow the Constitution but the Constitution clearly states that Treaties signed and ratified by Congress are the Law of the land. We signed a treaty against torture and it was Ratified and these ass hats Want to violate it. But They do claim to be law abiding Citizen that wants everyone to follow the Constitution. Its just like the Bible They want it to be their guide book as long as they can leave out the parts that would inconvenience them

          • Prattle……

          • What that the US signed a treat against Torture?? Or that the Constitution says that any treaty signed and Ratified by Congress is the supreme Law of the land? That’s the prattle? Because any USEFUL IDIOT as yourself should be able to establish those fact fairly quickly. But OSAMA OBAMA I really do want to thank you. Your stupid responses I post on my “Conservatives conserve Nothing” Facebook group gets great laughs and makes sure that anyone in the group needs to get out to vote to make sure they counter act your vote. How does it feel to know everytime you pull the vote lever there is someone out there that thinks. “Well this wipes out Osama Obama vote.”

          • Uh!!…..USEFUL IDIOT:….”Useful Idiots” is a pejorative term that was used by the Soviets to describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and in the United States in particular. It is thought that the Soviet leader Lenin was the first to use the term and it was used by the Soviets for many years to ridicule misguided Americans who were willing to take the Soviet/Marxist side against their own country.
            Kind of fits you, Prick; Senilitychick, AKC, headinass and the other slugs towing the Marxist line like the jackals you are.

          • News flash buddy the world is not black and white.. There are a lot of shades of gray and your insisting that your way is the ONLY RIGHT Way. Make you the biggest fool of .
            all. Your statement about Democratic Socialism never working is a complete lie when you compare what is being done in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany all of them have programs that you would claim to be socialism, But their Citizens seem to be a lot happier. Did you know that German just offered Free college tuition to everyone including American Citizens? Sarah Palin use to talk about how they were run across the Canadian border for healthcare Which has Universal HealthCare. The problem is we have let Corporate monopiles take control of hospitals, Big Pharm, and they pay millions to Lobbyist to make sure they keep their strangle hold. So you may call me a socialist.. I don’t care.. Because the Truth of the matter is you have allowed yourself to become a SERF.. To Corporate America.. Thats it till Monday. Even thought I don’t have any respect for you position I do wish you a happy thanksgiving.. enjoy the day.

          • Ricky Boy… There are things you wouldn’t understand … ASSHAT.. Oh and the constitution … Yeah it works for you until there’s someone other than you tube suckers that says something… Then it’s called racist or whatever your pinhead leaders say is the call word for the week. Then there’s the 2nd that you trolls have a hard time with and try to enact enough laws to make us criminals… You flippen idiots … Let’s forget about the Bible and just go with Darwin…your voter base would be gone in a couple of years.

          • It is “useful Idiots”

          • “Target practice”

          • No,Sorry,OSAMA OBAMA….You really aren’t a very Useful Idiot,but I suppose Useless Idiots like you have some purpose.

          • “Useful Idiots” is a pejorative term that was used by the Soviets to
            describe Soviet sympathizers in Western countries and in the United
            States in particular. It is thought that the Soviet leader Lenin was
            the first to use the term and it was used by the Soviets for many years
            to ridicule misguided Americans who were willing to take the
            Soviet/Marxist side against their own country.” Yup, that’s GOOermo!!

          • Really? Fascinating! I would never have guessed that OSAMA OBAMA is Russian_So you’re a Russian Useless Idiot,then?

          • Dream on buddy. Or your not paying attention. People are waking up to the fact that the GOP is the wrong direction. I don’t support him but Bernie Sanders draws crowds to his rallies at two to one ratio compared to Trump or Carson. People like you preach hated and intolerance like air leaving your lungs. You can have your free speech. Your welcome to it. But then again we have the freedom to disregard anything you have to say. But I am curious about something. Why do all the GOP candidates seem to preach the same doctrine. Their stock in trade appears to be telling you who you have to be afraid of, who to blame. How none of it has been the GOP’s fault.

          • As I watch useful fools like you spout the same rhetoric the left feeds you, I have to wonder…How stupid can you get? Not afraid of anything!! But as I watch our 2nd amendment get trampled on by idiots that don’t know how to even shoot a gun because they are afraid of them. I will keep my guns and my 2nd amendment rights … Try and take that right and you can kiss your ass goodby. You’ve been stealing from the working class… This isn’t right talk, I watch as clueless ass’s like you vote for who ever will GIVE you the most. I pay my health care premiums… Nobody has to tell me after Obamacare came into existence that my premiums doubled and then another 15% as my deductible went up 150%… Fuck you and your talking point babble, that’s no fairytale shit .. It’s coming out of my pocket for idiots like you that voted that classless ass in.
            Socialism has never worked, it’s always been a losing structure… You steal enough from the working structure your house of cards falls. But of course Economics 101 is something most of you brainiacs never took or failed.

          • Funny because you have the rich 10% “stealing” from the Middle class which is the foundation of the economy.. So here is your Economics 101 lesson.. Without a growing vibrant middle class the house of cards falls. Oh and please show me the letter or notice that someone was coming for your Guns.. Would be really interested to see that fantasy.

          • I was doing fine before Obamacare … What part of that don’t you get idiot?
            $15 min wage, that’s another white elephant you fools are going see take a turn for the worse…working wage for flipping burgers!!

          • ” But as I watch our 2nd amendment get trampled ”

            PROOF you are a mental midget.

            maybe you can cite some new law that does ANYTHING about guns.

            to My knowledge NOTHING about guns has been passed during Obama term.

            WHY LIE ALL THE TIME?

          • Look up the ban on 10 round mags that LA city just instated, you fucking retard. They want confiscation without reward. New York City has a ban on guns, only the criminals have them. Chicago …. That blue lipped idiot in the White House made some of the toughest gun laws around… Yep the gangs listened to that one. Do you know what an assault rifle is?? I doubt it very much. I worked in some of the most crime ridden areas of LA, during the riots I still worked… Three times my personal carry made sure I was safe during encounters with porch monkey’s looking to take what wasn’t their’s.

          • the ban on mags OVER 10 rounds.

            cops are exempt.

            get informed ignorant tool.

          • LibTURD maggot! The people are the ones that should have them, so we can protect ourselves from the “refugee” vermin and any other leftist slug wanting to take over America. Go to your utopia Dearborn stooge and report back, if you survive.

          • “That blue lipped idiot in the White House”

            so a racist as well as an ignorant ass, good job, you are a winner.

            post some law that Obama got passed, dim one

          • “WHY LIE ALL THE TIME?”……there it is, proof that AKC and senililtychick is the same TURD!

          • “you vote for who ever will GIVE you the most.”


            you cons are such idiots, no wonder the GOP get votes.
            the TPP is going to let corporations TAKE OVER and the GOP are 100% behind it.

            does Right Wing Media talk about it?
            Hell NO, they are owned by the rich just like the GOP (and many Dems)

            wake the fuck up old man.

          • Oh, Oh , Oh, (hands wringing and heart bleeding)….Big corporations, the rich, Oh Oh Oh!)

          • “Socialism has never worked, ”

            again you prove to be the idiot in the conversation.

            Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, france, Germany, ALL prove you are a MORON.

            the best countries to do business according to right Wing Forbes magazine ARE thos e socialist countries.


            the happiest people on earth live in those countries.

            what proof do you have?

            flapping Gums.

          • Well then move your lazy fucking lemming ass to one of those countries and we’ll all be happy. Otherwise a civil war is next on the agenda…I’m no socialist, this country won’t be socialist…I’m RMGySgt 73-83 and won’t be part of a transformation from what I fought for to a give away state. Reality check is looking down the barrel of my M1A

          • our military is BIGGEST Socialist program in the US.

            face facts silly old fart, the US Constitution wants us to be Democratic Socialist.

            Social Security is Democratic
            Socialism. Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
            Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
            Public libraries are Democratic Socialism.
            (and in the Constitution)
            The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
            our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
            Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

            I can go on.

            time to get your head around REALITY and stop beating your head against the wall to benefit the RICH.

          • Social Security… Case in point: I’ve paid into SS for over 40 years. If I could have had that money and put it into savings bonds from the very beginning I would have had approximately 2.8 million dollars in the bank. But because big government (democratic dream) I look at $1800 a month and a possibility of it only going down to nothing. Wow, nice socialist program!!
            Next… Obamacare: I’ve had the same insurance for 28 years after starting my business. We paid premiums that never, I REPEAT NEVER!!! went up over .8% in a years time and most of the time it was averaging about .015%. Since the inception of this white elephant it went up 100% the first year and 15% the next and our deductible went up over 150%. Wow, this socialist crap is just that CRAP.

          • Obamacare is PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES, not too bright human.

            you seem to have missed the other 10 things I mentioned that are Democratic Socialism.

            Oh, AND had your money been in the stock market in 2008, you would be worth less than half right now like other investors.

            you are rally ill informed aren’t you?

            why on Obama care when you should qualify for Medicare?

          • Look who isn’t reading!! MORON!! I said bonds. I put about .07into bonds since I was 18, the net worth of those bonds dumbass is 1.6 million. I also have a 401k that I invested .10% of each paycheck since 1986. I relegated that to the safest, lower yielding stocks and recouped almost all of what I lost. That was turned over at retirement at a paltry 2.26 million. Thing is, I saved my money, lived in the same home for 32 years and didn’t squander my money on toys and new cars.

            Everyone that had paid for their insurance before obamanation now pays over twice the amount they did before MORON!!

            Libraries, now there’s a waste of public money. Most libraries wouldn’t exist except for being funded by the government. Usually about 2-3 people if that in most libraries.

            Medicaid.. Another joke. I’d rather keep and pay for my insurance. My mother and mother in-law both have to jump through way more hoops to get the treatment they need if ever. Yeah, my dad … It took them 4.5 years to get the right doctors for his diagnosis. By that time it was to late and the disease had progressed to far.

            Utilities … Socialists…. Bwahaha. Yeah okay, they are Union latchkey .. Know and have known many that got jobs with DWP here in Cali. Technicians that make $200k a year and supervisors that make $275k a year.. more with overtime.

            Fire Dept.. When I got out of the service I tried to get on with several depts and the LA city wasn’t hiring white males. Pasadena …what a joke that was. I was top 5 in my class and because I wasn’t female, black or hispanic it dropped me to 32. Pretty smart hire less qualified in life saving incidents. Yep socialists are real brainiacs.
            There ya go dipstick!!!

          • “Everyone that had paid for their insurance before obamanation now pays over twice the amount they did before MORON!!”

            talking point you will never try and prove.

            on the other hand I have REAL evidence you parrot right wing talking points.

            “The average annual family-plan premium went up 3 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the latest annual employer survey from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Educational Trust.”


            some peoples rates did go up, some peoples rates went down.
            lets try and not be disingenuous all the time.

          • You can spout whatever numbers you want, they tell you something and you believe it. Well I’m telling you what is in real life… The numbers I gave you are what I pay. The only people I know that didn’t go up like mine worked for the government. Otherwise everyone in the private sector had huge jumps in their premiums. As far as proving it.. What, you want me to scan my bill and show to you you fucking retard? Apparently you don’t pay insurance or you would know. So unless your parents work for the government (probably on welfare) go ask them…because by your answer you don’t personally know.

          • The Dow is at 17.000 because the federal Reserve has kept interest rates at
            0% for the last 8 years. That forces ordinary Americans to invest
            because banks pay no interest and Wall Street borrows
            it for almost free. That causes crazy speculation and prices to rise
            which will all end horribly.As far as unemployment, wake up. It’s way
            higher than 5% more like 10-20% Gdp is the worst it has been in 5o years
            more like 2% if your lucky it was negative the first quarter of the
            year. Gas is low, not because of any president. There is a war going on
            in case you haven’t noticed. The Saudis are pumping like mad to bankrupt
            our oil producers and it’s working. Posts like this are what’s wrong with
            this country. Do your home work .

          • Kriss, you are being Reality trolled. He just posts to provoke and does not listen.

          • LMAO! What Senilitychick didn’t mention was, from the same article,
            “the U.S. lags behind many other developed nations when it comes to its
            business climate, and the gap is growing. The U.S. ranks 18th in Forbes’
            ninth annual ranking of the Best Countries for Business, down four
            spots from last year. It marks the fifth straight year of declines since
            2009, when the U.S. ranked second.
            More than 130 major new federal regulations on starting a business have been added since 2009 at an annual cost of $60 billion, according to the Heritage Foundation. The U.S. ranks 81st out of 146 countries for monetary freedom, according to Heritage, with only the
            U.K. and Turkey faring worse among OECD nations.”
            Flap your “nether lips” some more, libTURD, I’m quite happy.

          • Actually Kriss its your voter base that is getting old and dying out.. And it can’t happen fast enough. But I don’t have to prove it to you. the election in NOV 2016 will prove it just fine. Or do I have to remind you of the quote from the GOP Chairman. “if we don’t win the White house in 2016 it will be the end of the republican party.” and it will be about time that we stop catering to your minority.

          • Time for a civil war then…sounds like it’s time to start killing off the dead weight

          • THANKS:REASON!!!!!

          • Let’s see… How many attacks on American soil have we endured since 9/11? I don’t think they’ve been telling the whole story..
            So FOOL… Tell me why there haven’t been any here in the US since then…

          • Obama rocks

          • LMFAO!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! LOLOLO!!!!!

          • Obama doesn’t have a thing to do with it… That fool couldn’t throw down a 20 second speach without a TelePrompTer

          • “If he had it his way, there would be attacks”

            YOU hateful people are the problem with America.

          • lol… I’m hateful? I’ve worked for over 45 years without ever asking for anything from anybody. I’ve paid taxes and been turned down for jobs I was more qualified for than those that got them, I’ve seen idiots keep voting in jackass’s like ovomit so they can get more for doing nothing. Generations of welfare families, government subsidies for immigrants that I couldn’t get to start business’. Generations of illegals inundating the region I grew up in and turning it into a dump, law enforcement handcuffed unable to deport this crap.
            But now I’m retired, everything I have is paid for… Enter another entitlement for those that didn’t work for it…Obamacare … My health insurance first doubled then went up another 15% and now I’m having to change again because my deductible went up 150%… HATEFUL??? No I’m fed up with you fucking leeches!!!!

          • “I’ve seen idiots keep voting in jackass’s like ovomit so they can get more for doing nothing.”

            THAT is a talking point, you conservative tell yourselves when your silly candidates lose!

          • No, proof is in the fact … Welfare recipients and Hispanics are your biggest voting block..

          • “Welfare recipients and Hispanics are your biggest voting block..”

            ya and who told you that?

            Right Wing Media.
            the same ones that gave you romney and will end trump

            the same Media that doesn’t mention the TPP that is going to end America.
            there are MORE whites getting assistance that blacks.

          • The Obama/ DNC stooge spews more trash.

          • You moron Obama Got 65 million votes mostly through welfare recipients and hispanics. Are you really that fucking stupid

          • Thanx for validating that fact………..STUPID!

          • Oh I forgot to mention the braindead morons like you!!…. Oops my bad..

          • “Welfare recipients and Hispanics are your biggest voting block.”
            you forgot millennials, normal white folk, blacks , seniors.

            the only people who vote GOP are MORONS

          • Yup Stooge, just like the mid terms! And those victories happened without the benefit of illegals, illiterates, refugees, the dead, the bribed, Soros owned ballot counters…………………………

          • “law enforcement handcuffed unable to deport this crap.”

            THAT is a talking point, you conservatives are told so you go vote for the GOP who like the cheap labor for their rich Masters.

          • No you idiot. My brother is with the LAPD.. It’s mandated by the city and county through the Feds… They can’t ask for a green card, or for that fact if they are here illegally… From the horses mouth so to say..

          • it’s not the city cops jobs to deal with immigration.
            My tax dollars are for looking after my city, and keeping it safe.

            if an illegal witnesses a crime, I would rather he come to the police and give info than hide in the shadows because he will get sent to ICE.

            Sanctuary cities are for MY benefit.
            our to thick headed to accept reality.
            you would rather HATE.

          • What a stupid Obama jackal!!! If an illegal rapes and or kills, robs, rapes, guess what stooge!!

          • “No I’m fed up with you fucking leeches!!!!”

            another problem with you cons.
            you think everyone but you has no job.

            got news for you Low Info Human,
            I don’t even know anyone on assistance.
            i have never met anyone on assistance and EVERYONE I know is liberal.

            I am also retired and live on a pension from my union affiliation, healthcare included.

          • Your the only one I know that their premiums didn’t go up.

          • premiums go up every year.
            why pretend that now is different?

            single payer is coming when Bernie is president.

          • And more debt, taxes, welfare, grifters, leeches Senility chicks, Prick Rogers, AKCs…..

          • LibTURDS, grifters, leeches, slobs= Democrats!

          • “Generations of welfare families”

            God you’re a Brainwashed person.

            BY LAW, you can’t collect welfare for more than 5 years in your ENTIRE life.

            so generations of welfare families is a ANOTHER right Wing Talking point you low info humans are told to believe.
            sure there is abuse. if you know of some, pick up the phone.

            meanwhile there is A LAW.(ignorant tools)

          • Call that’s like a definition right out of the dictionary of a hateful Old person. You sure your name is not really Archie Bunker

          • Clever Prick!

          • Oh so your name is not Archie Bunker its Clever Prick. Well I agree with you that you are a Prick just not so sure you a Clever one. At least nothing I have seen in your writing so far would indicate it.

          • And yours is out of the indoctrinated … Shall we call you Al sharpton or maybe L Farakan or any other racist black man…perhaps Jesse or Barack or moochele…how about most of Baltimore or Ferguson or Chicago or Detroit.

          • I want to say I am sorry right off the bat for hurting your feelings when your hero trump is sent packing and please please let him run third party. Just the was Ross Perot did with the same happy results

          • Let’s see then what will happen. You won’t have a job. Why? Because when they do implement a $15 minimum wage nation wide, McDonald’s will go automated and you will be out of a job. The race baiters will have another 4 years to make things even worse that under ovomit’s tenure. Muslim attacks will become the norm and mexicans will be the majority. Third world right around the corner.

          • Ok first of all. IF the Minimum wage had keep pace with inflation it would be about 21.00 an hour. Why are you so against making major companies pay their own way. Do you know that the HR personal at Walmart have manuals on how to show their employees how to apply for government support Programs. When they sign up for them who do you think winds up paying the bill. And WHO PROFITS from them on those programs? Your argument is not supported by facts.
            Two Race Baiters really.. Was it race baiters that put up Whites only signs on bathrooms and water fountains. Amazing most people don’t see injustice until they are the ones that are the target of it.

            They are not MUSLIM Attacks. They are Religious Extremest attacks. And most of those in this country have been committed by Right wing christians with the Denver shoot out being the latest one. And the last one about third World Country.. Do you actually understand what makes a third world country.. Lack of a working or failing infrastructure. An Elitist Wealthy Ruling class that does not answer to anyone. The lack of a prosperous middle class. The only portion that have seen an increase in Income in the last 25 or so years have been the top 15%. IF hard work was the path to larger income then why is not every one swinging a pickax or Shove on the side of the road a millionaire.

            And lastly .. Its very clear from your post you are a product of Fear. Your going to let someone tell you who to be afraid of and your going to blame that group for all the ills of the world. Donald Trump has not given a Speech yet where he did not try and lay the blame on one group or another.. So was it those groups that were causing his Casino’s and Hotels to shut their doors. Was it those groups that held a gun to his head and made him declare bankruptcy a number of times and then caused him to lay off the people that made it possible for his companies to have any success.

            Your politics are the politics of fear and hated and I am sorry for you because that is no way to go thru life.

          • You are long winded, I’ll say that. Minimum wage goes for every business, not just the big ones. Problem with your thinking there tinker bell is, minimum wage jobs weren’t meant to keep up with inflation. These are entry level jobs, jobs for kids to get their feet wet. When you overprice these jobs they go away because the market can’t support them. I know I won’t buy a Big Mac that costs $10. The business I started 25 years ago had two minimum wage positions and increased to six by the time I retired. My son will cut out minimum wage jobs when the $15 hr mandate is implemented. That’s SIX jobs gone!! He will go they way of the trade tech schools and hire only two graduating students and they have two weeks to prove they can do their job.

            Last but not least, I don’t fear anything except the fact we are being inundated by so many braindead little liberal socialists. I spent 10 years in the Marines ( RMGySgt ) and being afraid is for children like you.

          • Actually your completely wrong.. And its simple to prove. The cost of a Big Mac in Australia is 4.81 on average which is 1 cent more then the 4.80 average price in the U.S But the Australian Minimum wage is 16.88

            (all dollar amounts converted to US Dollars for the comparison)

            As for being afraid I am not the one supporting the politics of Fear. Its in your every post. I would have thought the Marines would have taught you your suppose to stand up for the little guy instead of the Bullies that are trying to force their way of thinking on everyone else. Sorry not buying your “life story” cause all it proves is you had no concern for the people that made your business profitable.

          • You really are one dumb piece of work. Comparing the price in another country to ours is about as stupid as you can get. My business in the service/construction trade is a great example. We worked off of an average 17-18% profit margin and when you have unskilled workers you have to figure in their inability to work unsupervised into the costs. For those that cost me the lowest per hour on a time sheet, they actually cost me more on a cost/profit scale. I not only had to pay their health insurance which is at the same rate as my foreman, but cost me more for my workmans comp. I took that as a trade off for future work ability and in 25 years only had 2 people quit. One was work related the other one started his own business. Our average costs are more i.e. Insurance, business licensing, taxes… So when you quote a $4.81 Big Mac in Australia and ours at $4.80 … They are already at $16.88 per hour, we in California are at $9.00!!! You are stupid enough to think that the price won’t double?
            Sorry, but the Marines taught me to be self reliant, to be a leader (not a follower, as noted by my rank), tough and fearless. We stand for our country, not for a political ideal…the constitution says all men are created equal … Not the government taking from one to give to the other to make them equal. You Libs have this fear thing ingrained in your rhetoric, sorry but when I look at socialists, I just get pissed off.

          • Marines may have TRIED to teach you but its pretty clear from your politics it did not stick. And as for the Big Mac.. also pretty clear you miss the point they have been paying that for years and the price of the BIG MAC has not gone up. IF it does here the only reason it would be GREED by McDonald’s. SInce when did the Preamble of the Constitution Change to “WE THE CORPORATIONS America. Your reasoning does not fly for one simple reason. .When you provide a raise to the lower end of the Economic scale that is going to give that group more disposal income. They are going spend that money on Groceries, Utilities, Maybe buy a TV or a dinner night out.. IN other words they are going to spend that money at other business and in turn some of those business just could very well be the Your business. That is how the economy is suppose to work.. People spend the money they work for and use it to Support other business by spending money. So Real simple question.. Why are you saying things are going to “Double” when there has never been an increase like you are predicting at any other time there has been an increase of the wage. In fact almost 99% of the time there has been an increase the Economic indicators have taken a Favorable jump in the 12 months after the increase. Oh and one last thing to debunk your theory.. the Majority of minimum age workers are NO longer Kids working their first job. They are single parents working two or three jobs. College Grads that can’t get a job in their field, People that can’t afford the outrageous high price that high education has turned in to. You ask me a while back what I was afraid of.. A republican President with a Republican Congress that well do the same sort of damage done by the past 3 Republicans and that President will go on a spending spree just like the previous 3 Republican presidents have done.

          • I love you people that can’t face the fact that you didn’t get a job or a promotion or something else and have to blame it on a welfare person or affirmative action. face the facts that you didn’t deserve those things. Face your own shortcomings without blaming someone else for it

          • OH! Now we know we have a BLM, tar baby posting here. Your Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, dumbing down of physical and mental testing are the only reasons most of you slobs got your gift jobs!

          • Yep, got passed over by those that didn’t qualify…to stupid or lacked the physical ability. Don’t worry though, I made my own way without anyone’s help. My only problem now is supporting you lazy fucks.

          • Hahaha. “To stupid”. I love when morons who can’t even spell call others stupid. Too funny

          • Didn’t check and it spell checked for me … Your still a fucking moron
            Oh, and I’m sure you got something from the government for being SPECIAL.

          • Hahah. Spell check won’t help you dumbass. Clearly you still don’t know the difference between your and you’re. You’re either from the south or you dropped out of school in the 4th grade

            Your understanding of world affairs is in step with your grammar

          • Since we’re doing that. Your sentence structure is that of a 1st grader. Not much for grammar are you dumbass?

            “I love you people that can’t face the fact you didn’t get a job or a promotion or something else and had to blame it on a welfare person or affirmative action.”

            Reminds me of my grandkids, writing about the vacation they went on. Nice run on sentence there gomer!!

          • Keep trying granny. But don’t try for too long you’re depends are really starting to stink

          • Funny thing is. Your a little punk and when called out you do the same thing all punks do.. You change the subject and run like the little chicken shit liberal crybaby you are. Grow up…

          • lol. Yeah, spell check changed and you notice it. I didn’t. But, I guess it’s better than that run on sentence you wrote. You know, the one a couple above this.

            “I love you people that can’t face the fact that you didn’t get a job or promotion or something else and have to blame it on a welfare person or affirmative action.”

            Wow, you call me on a misspelled word? Your sentence structure is about 1st grade dumbass..

          • Yep, ya got me there. Spell check must have gotten it and I didn’t proof read it.

            So if we’re going to go school teacher and your going to call me a moron for that.. I’m wondering what kind of stupid fuck you are? That run on sentence above..
            “I love you people that can’t face the fact you didn’t get a job or a promotion or something else and have to blame it on a welfare person or affirmative action.”
            Jimmy boy, that’s about 1st grade stuff right there. Yep, your a liberal Rhodes Scholar…lol

          • You twinkies are not a threat. We just say “gun” and you wet your Depends.

          • Bwahaha that tool couldn’t wipe his ass without directions.

          • Who? OSAMA OBAMA?
            Too True!

          • Don’t need directions with Guiltermo to use for toilet paper. I also have Prick rogers follow up with a good licking! Prick gets carried away though and finishes up with a good testicle cleaning.

          • Yes,but HOW can YOU clean your Testicles,OSAMA OBAMA,seeing as you have NONE?!

          • Sorry but your think about Bush

          • There have been attacks. But they were by home grown terrorist. You think the church shootings in Charleston were not a racist terrorist attack. The Boston marathon bombing does not classify as a terrorist attack. How about all the kids that died at Sandy Hook Elementary? Those were all terrorist attacks.

          • Suck more Obama ass? What was Ft. Hood? Workplace violence? HaHaHaHa!

          • Slow your rall there slick. I am not the one that said their had not been any attacks.. The was KRISS above. I was listing the ones that remember and could not recall if it was Fort Hood or Fort Sill so did not say either one.

          • Hahaha. Just saw this, moron you have just hit the jackpot of idiocy!!
            Let’s see, you have a white supremacist shoot up a black church and you call that a terrorist attack. lol
            Then you have a mentally unstable (proven) kid shoot up a school. You call that a terrorist attack. lolol
            But you have two muslim brothers that use bombs in a coordinated attack at a Boston City Marathon. You say that doesn’t qualify as a terrorist attack. BWAHAHA

            That is the definition of a Obama loving, head squarely implanted up your ass idiot. I’ll bet that crackwhore of a mom is very proud of you. To bad she was so strung out she couldn’t find the planned parenthood in her area before she had you. Drugs do kill brain cells!!! lolololol

          • Maybe you should read post Really carefully before you comment on them.. THEY WERE ALL Terrorist attacks. Just like the jerk off that shot up the Planned Parenthood office in DENVER was a terrorist attack

          • So, from what your saying, tabacco companies are terrorist organizations. Along with alcohol distillers and cell phone manufacturers. All these companies kill at a way higher rate than these pikers. They are all terrorist organizations. Whaaaa, the sky is falling. lol

          • Really can’t believe I have to spell this out in 4th Grade terms but what the hell that’s the mental level of most of the people on this site.

            1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

            2. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

            IF you use Violence to try to enforce your will or agenda or religious beliefs on other people your a Terrorist.

          • Your a terrorist then, you vote for people that use Violence to do this same thing… lol.

          • Some police that shoot unarmed Civilians Yes they are. oh and the 4th grade answer was for you .. I have two sheep skins in frames on my wall and 12 years in military service.

          • Right… lol

          • Why don’t YOU FOOLS show where the is misinformation and counter remarks rather than just resorting to calling people liars and degrading names?
            YOU fools are doing the dirty work of your socialist masters, you people are obamaites!

          • well said, david. happy thanksgiving. i am a constitutional conservative. no secrets.

          • Yes,and now the word Patriot has been Deranged by the “right” to mean it’s Exact opposite,so go with “Patriot”,meaning Fascist Traitor,”Patriot” Pig.

          • you the pig

          • Prick Rogers and Senilitychick are the epitome of the “Useful Idiots”

          • so post an article to back up your point.

            you tools have been harping on this for a day and still not one of you rocket scientists has produced and PROOF.

            why is that?


          • Google: “Waterboarding 9/11 [KSM] Mastermind Led to Info That Aborted 9/11 Style Attack on Los Angeles” and go from there into numerous articles on the report issued in 2005 by the CIA and reconfirmed by the CIA recently.

            Information is out there, it just takes a balanced and inquiring mind to find it.

          • That has been debunked a long time ago

          • Spoken like a True Nazi,David in Ma!

          • Do you know what I am saying if I type GFY?

          • Yes,of course,Nazi David in Ma!!! But I am really Very Skeptical that YOU actually could Fuck Yourself.

          • you really are a very disgusting person, even for a transvestite troll.

          • you the nazi

          • Ain’t no SECRET.

          • A liberal….and the committee who studied it. And every expert, and John McCain Oh is John McCain a liberal now?? Everyone who knows anything at all about it., Except Douchebag in MA who knows NOTHING at all

          • Why don’t you KMA, right on the crack!

          • Do you ever get tired of being an Obama troll?

          • He/It gets on most of the sites and does his little FAGGOT TROLL bit. If you react to him/it, you’re only feeding his demented ego….

          • no fool, if you LIE, you hear about it.
            plain and simple.

            why lie?

          • “why lie?”……Hey!! It’s Akc in a really ugly disguise!

          • I never get tired of being the ONLY PATRIOT on these threads.

            YOU LYING scum bags need to find your brains or go find a new country.

          • I do not know how to say it kinder, but, you might talk to your doctor about your Alzheimer med’s, they don’t seem to be working for you.

          • LMAO!!!!! Patriot? Like Hanoi Jane, “Band Aid Purple Heart” John Kerry? Bill Ayers? LOLOLO!!!

          • Or OSAMA OBAMA,Nazi Cunt?

          • WAAAAAAA! Twinkie’s Depends in a bunch??….”GUN”!! Now go change em!

          • THAT Was w e a k,Even for an Acephalic Fascist like OSAMA OBAMA.

          • You’re a liberal, that’s as far away from being a patriot as you can get, comrade.

          • Do you ever get tired of being fascist Dog Shit?

          • Ever get sick of draing Obama’s colon GEE-ermo?

          • I don’t know_I don’t have an opinion,OSAMA OBAMA,because i don’t know what “draing” is.Is that some spelling only you Crackers use,OSAMA OBAMA?

          • Ah! That explains why your stupid ass can’t understand English! I say it in ebonics…”dams and sheet, ahs don’t laks ta work, wy, obama dun gib me money fo ma drugs and cheap wine an sheet. nows ah gwons ta vope fo dat white ho’ ohillary!

          • Dams gutlessmo! eats sum o’ dat free chittlins?

          • Do you ever have anything intelligent to add?

          • When responding to DNC vermin, it is not necessary, we respond in kind…….(That means we respond the same stupid!)

          • you may be right, but a case by case basis if waterboarding should be used. not every terrorist will talk under torture. sometime you got to find his wife and kids to extract information from a terrorist.

          • so then we can be just like every other scum bag on the planet.

            I thought America was supposed to be “exceptional”

            NOT with people LIKE YOU living here.

          • this world is not perfect sometime you must in rare cases do things that make you sick. I did not say waterboarding is something that should be used all the time, more like when all else fails and the information the terrorist has must be revealed at all cost, i put conditions on torture, furthermore the interrogators must get a presidential commander and chief authorization to use that method.

            Sorry you are a jelly fish, did you go to the doctor to get that low testosterone checked out? I bet you are an effeminate male, or a mertosexual. I fully understand your self loathing and hatred of America and prosperity.

          • well Jon, since ALL the professional SAY IT DOES NOT WORK, why do you armchair generals think it does?

          • I hate American IDIOTS like yourself that speak without knowledge.
            ie LIE ALL THE TIME

          • HYPOCRITE!

          • We started our cowardly, sissified slide with ocumstain!

          • More “non-partisan” rags Senilitychick? Keep humping that Soetoro leg, BOY!

          • why not post a link and prove me wrong instead of flapping your gums constantly?

        • Crawl back up obama’s A$$.

        • Told by who… consider the scorce !!!

      • Walter H WILSON3rd

        WRONG! !!!!!!!

      • The CIA is word??? – lol

      • Idiot post.

      • Water boarding got Bin laden.

      • You mean the terrorists that Ohussein traded for one democrat deserter??

      • that so called report was written by demo rats. nice try.

      • Thank you! SANITY

      • Garbage. “Waterboarding 9/11 Mastermind [KSM] Led to Info That Aborted 9/11 Style-Attack on Los Angeles” That report has been out since 2005 and the CIA reconfirmed it just recently.

        Quit reading the leftist trash you read, and get some real info from the CIA that they have released 10 years ago and reconfirmed.

      • That was after 0bama edited the report… Before the report was edited, it said don’t leave Iraq.

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    • “Experienced interrogator: Torture doesn’t work”

      maybe the con can prove he’s NOT IGNORANT

      • Not this faggot little troll again….

        • you mean the one who proves conservatives are shy a loaf and brainwashed by the Right Wing Media??

          • No where the common sense thinker`s, that see the big picture. Liberals are the lying,freaks, Obsessive compulsive disorder,soft sheep, and just plain Di@k heads.

          • says the person that thinks its ok to violate international treaties that the United States is a Signatory on. You know the one that makes Torture of any kind a crime against Humanity. ANd if you make the claim that water boarding is not torture please take me up on the offer to strap you to a board and question you. I’ll have you admitting you were Elton Johns Secret lover for years.

          • You turds “fluff” our enemies while they behead you. I would pour Draino down a puke terrorists mouth and wash it down with battery acid if it saved ONE innocent life. If it was your life, not so much, tofuboy!

          • thanks for proving you would make a great member of the gestapo or the SS or as blood thirsty as you seem to be a vampire. You just pretty much admitted it. .You also admitted you are a want to be felon that has no problem breaking federal law. Which is what you do when you torture someone. Any more self incrimination you want to get off your chest. Please go on about how you want to do harm to an elected president or Members of congress.. So we can make sure that gets to the correct authorities. Here is the difference between you and me OSAMA your version of this country is twisted and disturbed. Your every post seems to scream “The ends Justifies the Means” . Which is not exactly the Christian way nor is it the American way. Every thing you post shows your a scared little child that buys into the crap the GOP is shoveling… I feel nothing but pity for you as you are truly beneath contempt. But lets go back and look at our “enemies” We fought a war against the British twice. But they are now our allies.. We fought one against the French before that.. Now they are our allies.. We fought one with Spain and Mexico.. and now they are our allies.. We fought one against German, Italy and Japan and now they are our allies and we spent Billions to help them rebuild their countries. Hell we even nuked one of them. The Difference is we are not dealing with a country or a religion we are against a group of armed Criminals and should approach this with the mind set that the people in that region need to take the lead in protecting themselves with us offering support. Saudi Arabia has one of the largest armies in the region and yet they have not sent one single solider to confront ISIS.. They have bombed extremist in Yemen but not one in Syria or Iraq. The US have launched thousands of Air strikes against those criminals the latest took out large supplies of oil and Tankers to move it to cut off their profits. But enough about that. If you want boots on the ground so bad tell me where you live and I send you the address of your local Military Recruiter so you can walk in and tell them you want to “kill ISIS members so sign me up”

          • Prattle!.LMAO!!


          • SO PROVE ME WRONG.

            funny that no conservative CAN.

            I guess it’s because they are all
            A Braindead
            B Brainwashed
            C Ignorant tools

            you choose.

          • Yeah, your mommie was shy quite a few when she had you!!

          • You use fraud, leftist sources!! Jagoff!

          • the same leftist sources YOUR politicians cite on nation TV.

            so either they are Frauds & Hypocrites or YOU are Brainwashed.

            B is the correct answer.

        • yep. he is sooooooo ignorant too!

      • Your source is a non partisan rag that has as contributors, Bill Press, a leftist fraud and James Carville, Democratic strategist. As usual, you post skewed crap. TYPICAL!!

      • Keep in mind, folks, that Reality Check is a liberal troll. Trying to argue with pure ignorance is like trying to sweep the sand off the beach of the Gulf Coast, and hold the waves from washing up to the shore. It doesn’t do any good, and you’re wasting your time….. that is, unless you like arguments.

      • no torture, moron. water boarding did work. i can’t stand you bleeding heartless libs!!

    • OSAMA OBAMA }Fascist cunt.

      • Some of America has not changed much since the 1960s

        There are times when it seems desegregation never took place. Many have been determined to make this Presiden a failire.

        Obama has weathered incredable stress, not just that posed By the Office, but the slurs, lies, and racial bigotry.

        The stress has aged the man grestly. As groundbreaker. he was pepared for the racial hate,

        I had hope that Amercia would put thar away but no, the so-called conservatives, who are actully bigots had to shame America before the world.

        • Fuck him we have blacks mexicans Muslim and everything else. That can pull it self across the earth look at some of our city’s the blacks are crapping in the streets pissing on parked car’s shopping carts
          everware tents sleeping on the side walks I could go on
          But I won’t enough said.

      • It’s the faggot that “ups” himself, cause even his fellow turds won’t!!

      • you the cunt bitch

    • “How many innocent lives were saved by “boarding” those murderous thugs at Gitmo? ”

      ZERO ignorant human.
      the proof is right below.

      maybe YOU can prove you’re not a LYING POS?

    • I don’t think the young liberals wear Depends. Their feelings will get hurt hearing this and they should go back and live with Mommy and Daddy.

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    • The majority of those kept prisoner at Gitmo were never charged with any crime, nor were they tried by any court. They were human beings kept isolated from their families without benefit of any type of legal protection. The military members asigned to Gitmo have freely admitted to violating the Geneva Conventions against torture.

  2. Trump is really pandering to the hawks out there isn’t he? I don’t mean to downplay the severity of our current situation. He just has a mean streak a mile high. Feel sorry for anyone who gets on his wrong side. This man shows no mercy to those he feels has wronged him. He would make a fierce president. Trump 2016.

    • Well now, how much mercy does ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, et al, show innocent Christians, Jews, and anyone else that won’t submit to their brutal demands? We have seen decapitations, immolations, mass executions, enslavement, and rape, all committed by these sub-human butchers. Waterboarding is inhumane and excessive in getting the intelligence necessary to defeat these creatures? I think not!

      • WE ARE AMERICA, not some bum fuck country with no principals.

        MOVE if that is what you want.
        I am sure Somalia is taking immigrants.

    • In other words, he has a backbone!

    • Go Trump!!!! It is sad that we have a fool posting on this site…Initials are J K…..I wish to be free of him now.

  3. Progressive Republican

    …because torture is okay if you give it another name.

  4. Instead of pandering to the needs of a sworn enemy, why not worry about our national security? Or doesn’t our safety and security mean that much to the average American these days? Where are the 5 Gitmo detainees today and what are they doing? Why aren’t they still in custody? Trump is absolutely correct. They cut off our heads given the chance and people here go ho hum. But let us water board one of theirs and the PC rats come out of the woodwork screaming foul.

    • Where is the AWOL…..Coward American turned traitor…..that was “swapped” for these….America’s sworn enemies? ? ? ? ?

    • Actually the founder of ISIS was held at GITMO and released by GWB

    • “Where are the 5 Gitmo detainees ”
      still in dubi where they were PUT.

      WHY so low info?

      ya the Land of the Free keep people INDEFINITELY WITHOUT A TRIAL.

      you are a SICK human.

      AND you wonder why Muslims sign up to be terrorists while the US acts like a TERROR group.

  5. Supposed ‘peaceful Muslim’ women are waiting at bus stops and stabbing Jewish women who get off the bus. How is this peaceful? Read the Jerusalem Post if you want true news from Israel – You will not hear it in the MSM. Deport ALL Muslims from USA. Let them clean up their own land – not desecrate ours.

  6. Obama acts like the USA & the world JUST decided to discriminate against a “peaceful” religion, Islam, and that’s just not fair to all those peace loving Muslims. They are being wrongly accused. (sarcasm)

    Wrong, Owacko! They’ve been violent since Day 1. And those Christian Crusades you condemned at the National Prayer Breakfast…. they were formed to stop the Muslims who were invading Europe & murdering, raping & robbing Christians (or anyone else who didn’t pray to the Moon God, Allah).

  7. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Unregistered unknown to the government protection is a must and a good investment. Need protection but don’t want the F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
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  8. I am with Trump, time to get tough, and quit talking like a politically correct sissy.

    • You’re with Trump, tell a lie 75% of the time your lips move and watch the morons line up to support you. Mr Trump what will be your strategy for X, “It will be GREAT, you’ll love it, it will be the best ever” Thats is about a deep as any policy decision he has made so far. Maybe he is too busy watching imaginary muslims in jersey city

      • Are you an Obama troll useful idiot?

        • Actually I’m a Republican But that doesn’t stop me from calling BULLSHIT when I hear it. They fact checked trump and 75% of his statements are false 75% Don’t need to be a troll to seriously question a presidential candidate who can’t answer 1 policy question with anything more than, “we’re looking at that, among other things” or “it will be great, people will love it” Seriously, are you so fucking brain dead that this is what you think America needs?

      • I am with Trump, it is time to quit talking like a politically correct sissy. I didn’t say that I was going to vote for him… I haven’t made up my mind..

        Personally there are too many choices to choose from, and none of them are bad… In contrast to the Democrats, who have already voted for a liar.

        What proof do you have that Trump tells lies 75% of the time?

    • And get rid of all who refuse to remove the heavy colon mucus from their eyes, ears & brain!

    • Currently Trump is the last great hope for the entire planet NOT just the USA!


  10. Yes, indeed, Donald Trump touted the benefits of waterboarding in a campaign rally on Monday night, telling a crowd that ‘you bet your ass’ he would bring it back into use.

    Addressing thousands of people in Columbus, Ohio, the Republican front runner praised waterboarding, an interrogation method that has been called torture. “I would approve more than that,” he said.”…work-they-deserve-it

    During World War II, members of the Japanese military used water torture on American prisoners. “I was given what they call the water cure,” Lieutenant Chase Nielsen testified after the war. When asked about the experience, he answered: “I felt more or less like I was drowning, just gasping between life and death.”

    The same tortures were also meted out to American pilots captured during the Korean War. One described his treatment this way: “They would bend my head back, put a towel over my face, and pour water over the towel. I could not breathe… When I would pass out, they would shake me and begin again.”

    A little history:

    “For their crimes against prisoners, including water torture, some Japanese officers were convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, while others were executed. ”…story-water-torture/

    James Bradley, the historian and the son of one of the four heroes who raised the flag on Iwo Jima, writing in The Imperial Cruise (page 107), notes that in the early 1900s, U.S. Soldiers used waterboarding in the Philippines and that, “When the Japanese later waterboarded U.S. personnel in World War II, America tried them for war crimes.”

    One might suppose, given the mixed and contradictory history of this nation’s perspectives on waterboarding, that it can be a criminal activity when done to us, but a permissible means of interrogation when done by us.

    Fortunately the Obama administration has now formally classified the activity as torture. Let us hope that no future administration reverses that action.

    I heard Trump on the radio yesterday asserting that waterboarding is not torture, basing his inane analysis on the premise that waterboarding does not have the potential to actually kill the person being waterboarded. By that standard, any number of horrendously painful and brutish measures normally regarded as torture would be exonerated from that classification.

    • headsonstraight, in 1964-65, I worked with a POW survivor of a Japanese torture camp. What he detailed was horrendous -beyond my then young imagination. It is called war. We, too, should use the exact same measures used against us, or the enemy will think us pushovers. Walk softly, and carry a big stick – anyone remember that, or an iron hand in a silk glove? Yup, show we have the strength and the ability to use it. If need be, then use it. Have a backbone and use it!

    • Ahhhh, and there’s headuphisass…. Damn! The room is just full of dumbass trolls today!!

  11. I prefer to believe Donald Trump. The Libs and the Master’s of the Universe want to pick who we should vote for so they can remain in control and make billions of dollars off us while we are their slaves. They want to take our guns. They want to tax us and give themselves a raise while refusing to give us old folks a SS raise. Bottom line: they are for themselves….not us!

  12. Water boarding helped us get Bin Laden according to the CIA. I agree with Trump on this also!

  13. Yu fear Trump so much that you make up stories. According to the NY Times the Muslims did celebrate the attack on 9-11, Trump deserves an apology. Now you start this. Trump is the first candidate for President that really cares about AMericans over illegals and Muslims and you just can’t stand it, we;ll you better get use to it, because AMericans want Trump, We want America to be great again, not a third world hellhole.

  14. Caution even blunt weapons are dangerous if you ever get your verbiage punctuated!!
    The BRITS should have burned down that shack in the wilds of washington, one of the colonies when logic called a Constitution became the law of the land which had to be won the hard way!!
    Now a days we send our representatives there to be punctuated and filled full of false hoods and unamerican money grubing @ the expense of our nations members pockert books we can no longer cough up period!!

    FUGIT, they use to say in the good old wash days: if DUZ don’t do it; “FUGIT” (will)!!!

  15. do whatever it takes to protect America and her citizens ,and ffs, dont say what or what u wont do to them ever .

  16. Do WHATEVER it takes!!!! They should ask John (songbird) McCain what works best!!!

  17. Go for it Trump!

  18. YES! In fact, I wouldn’t even call it “torture,” compared to the barbarism of our enemies – beatings until there’s no skin left on one’s body, unbearable sodomy, cutting out the eyes, cutting off fingers and hands. GO TRUMP – straight to the White House – 2016.

  19. I have no problem with using any methods that may work in extracting useful information from terrorists. We should be getting something for the millions of dollars being spent to keep these murderous thugs, or hang them all and save the money.

  20. Waterboarding kept us safe…The Vice President gave us our good policy as Bush was not up to the job…I have great regard for our VP under Bush…he kept us safe….We owe our freedom to him during those years…A very good advisor to the ill equipped Bush…

  21. Waterboarding doesn’t kill and it’s an effective way of getting information. Our country has always been a safe place to live until now. If waterboarding gets us information that leads to the arrest of the masterminds of these monstrous attacks, then I say no harm done. Trump is right, they cut off heads, hang people upside down and set fires under them until they’re cooked, put them in cages and set them on fire, put them in cages and lower them into water until they’re drowned. Why then do we get criticized for waterboarding? It works and it doesn’t kill. How many of you have children that go to concerts. I have 5 children and they loved to go to concerts. What if you were watching TV one day and saw that that concert had been attacked by terrorists and many were killed. What if you found out that a child of yours was one of the ones killed. What would you allow the CIA to do to find your childs killers? I’m thinking you’d allow a whole lot more than mere waterboarding. I don’t know about the majority of people but I like living in a safe country. The monsters of the world need to know that they can’t mess with the USA. That makes me feel secure. I agree with Trump. Bring back waterboarding.

  22. “Experienced interrogator: Torture doesn’t work”

    “US report on ‘enhanced interrogation’ concludes: torture doesn’t work”

    “Neuroscience:Torture Doesn’t Work and Here’s Why”

    WHY are conservatives so friggin ill informed?

    • Walter H WILSON3rd

      We, say it don’t work , but put that fear in them,, they had talked in the past, and they will talk in the future, because this is a lifetime war!

      • The Reality Chick is a paid troll fruitcake…..lets waterboard and to get the Mu-slime attention drop a Nuke over there. Hope the Chick has her depends on?

        • Sure jarhead.
          Anyone who is smarter than a low functioning con must be paid.

          I also happen to be white, retired and in Ca.
          hate to ruin your online fantasies.






    The last thing America needs is one more politician. the old democrat party now the new communist party has a democrat strategist on FIX NEWS. The subject was Obamas failure to contain ISIS. The DEMO COMMO in typical blame and deflect tactics said out biggest threat is American GUN violence. Well oh SAGE of the world you want to decrease gun violence by 70%? Arrest all the drug dealers. Can’t do that the demo commos just released 6,000 from prison under the Mickey mouse title of non violent criminals. Besides they are necessary to handle the big shipments coming in from Havana under the Obama bail out communist countries plan..


    GOOD NEWS on the horizon. Ted Cruz is making a move. All the fair and impartial knaves at fix news are wagging their tales. Ted is breaking out of his under 10 points bracket into the twenties. He could win Iowa. FIX NEWS does not like Ted either. They are hoping that EL TRUMPO will go nasty on CRUZ AND THE CROSS WILL RESPOND IN KIND. Then as they wrestle in the dust baby Jeb at 4% will be shoved to the imaginary top. The last guy that America needs is KRYBABY KASICK. Imagine he wastes money attacking Trump with a democrat sponsored ad attacking Trump’s family. Look he is quoting the bible. GO AWAY YOU ARE MAKING ME K-SICK.

    O’REILLY never should have went to HARVARD. That finishing school finished him off. When you use a dismissive laugh against a serious candidate, we know your intentions.

    To sum it up. The RINOS made Trump sign a pledge he would not run a third party. They used as their guide the Stalin Hitler non agression pact. Now they pulled an operation Barbarosa and TRUMP CAN NOW FORM A SECOND PARTY. The RINOS are democrat light. For selfish reasons (the survival of my country) I want a Trump Cruz ticket.

    Trump for one term, possibly two and Cruz for two terms more. Then I can close my eyes knowing our country will still be free.

    Caution TRUMP AND CRUZ. Do not let anyone pit you against each other. That is todays goal of FIX news. If one attacks the other please do not respond with anything but kind words. A FIX NEWS STOOGE TODAY SAID THAT IS POLITICS. But we are outsiders not slimy politicians working for rigged media ratings.

    So as we bow our heads in loud prayer ask God to protect all his children especially the 4700 babies executed every day in democrat chop shops. When some communist tells you you can only have a muzzled moment of silence. Just remind him Squanto was a Catholic.

    Spirit of America Party Radio Show ON BLOGTALKRADIO.COM AND TUNE-INRADIO.COM.


  24. I was an Officer in the Army Combat Engineers and was water boarded and part of my training.We must continue the method and add a pork chop to the water, it will help.

  25. These Asswipes have no God. Isloom is NOT a religion, it’s a SATANIC cult. Stick 10 of those bastards in front of me and watch what a Vietnam vet will do to them!!!

  26. Will they take water boarding out of the SEALS training too? Naaaa’……the pres isn’t behind our troops. That’s why our SEALS kick ass and bambam doesn’t.

  27. GO GO GO GO TRUMP YOUR OUR MAN ””””””””””””TRUMP OR CRUZ 2016””””””””””””’

  28. “Waterboarding is simply a scare tactic, NOT torture!!! Only the liberals will claim it is torture to protect the terrorists!!

  29. “If D.Trump KEEPS ALL HIS PROMISES,then he is the candidate,to WIN!! Taxes,jobs,sealing our southern border(shoot to kill all illegals)Derport ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS(including obama and All his minioins/ilks,STOP stealing the CASH from the Social Security Fund(it was cash that created/creates the fund,it should be cash that makes Social Security Payments),make certain the executive,judicial and legislative branches OPERATE as INDEPENDENT BRANCHES of OUR U.S.government,OVER -HAUL the SCOTUS,reverse SSM,SWEAR to up hold your OATH of office VIA the U.S.Constitution,Make Decisions for the GOOD of the a Whole..Surely more could be ADDED,I believe my list is a good start,,and YOU get MY VOTE..DO”RIGHT”BY/FOR OUR VETERANS!!

  30. I agree it’s time to send them on to were they’re going and that’s to HELL… and now not a week or month from now

  31. I agree with Donald Trump… we really SHOULD do everything possible to wipe out terrorism. The only ones who would disagree with his tactics are soft and weak, and really don’t care what happens to the rest of the world… until the terrorists are in their home town, tearing down their homes and shooting and beheading them. THEN it would matter, but it would be too late. That’s why I also agree that everyone has the right to defend themselves by having a gun… so they won’t be as likely to be a victim of crime. As for myself, I support Trump because he’s brave enough to NOT be afraid of liberal hype and political correctness. He has the spine and the “gonads” to do what needs to be done.

  32. *** (I hope Trump will consider this, also: )


    A List of Republican Budget Cuts

    Notice S.S. and the military are NOT on this list.

    These are all the programs that the new Republican House has proposed cutting.

    Read to the end.

    * Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy — $445 million annual savings.
    * Save America ‘s Treasures Program — $25 million annual savings.
    * International Fund for Ireland — $17 million annual savings.
    * Legal Services Corporation — $420 million annual savings.
    * National Endowment for the Arts — $167.5 million annual savings.
    * National Endowment for the Humanities — $167.5 million annual savings.
    * Hope VI Program — $250 million annual savings.
    * Amtrak Subsidies — $1.565 billion annual savings.
    * Eliminate duplicating education programs — H.R. 2274 (in last Congress), authored by Rep. McKeon , eliminates 68 at a savings of $1.3 billion annually.
    * U..S. Trade Development Agency — $55 million annual savings.
    * Woodrow Wilson Center Subsidy — $20 million annual savings.
    * Cut in half funding for congressional printing and binding — $47 million annual savings.
    * John C. Stennis Center Subsidy — $430,000 annual savings.
    * Community Development Fund — $4.5 billion annual savings.
    * Heritage Area Grants and Statutory Aid — $24 million annual savings.
    * Cut Federal Travel Budget in Half — $7.5 billion annual savings
    * Trim Federal Vehicle Budget by 20% — $600 million annual savings.
    * Essential Air Service — $150 million annual savings.
    * Technology Innovation Program — $70 million annual savings.
    * Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program — $125 million annual savings..
    * Department of Energy Grants to States for Weatherization — $530 million annual savings.
    * Beach Replenishment — $95 million annual savings.
    * New Starts Transit — $2 billion annual savings.
    * Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Their Historical Trading Partners in Massachusetts — $9 million annual savings
    * Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants — $2.5 billion annual savings.
    * Title X Family Planning — $318 million annual savings.
    * Appalachian Regional Commission — $76 million annual savings.
    * Economic Development Administration — $293 million annual savings.
    * Programs under the National and Community Services Act — $1.15 billion annual savings.
    * Applied Research at Department of Energy — $1.27 billion annual savings.
    * Freedom CAR and Fuel Partnership — $200 million annual savings..
    * Energy Star Program — $52 million annual savings.
    *Economic Assistance to Egypt — $250 million annually.
    * U.S. Agency for International Development — $1.39 billion annual savings..
    * General Assistance to District of Columbia — $210 million annual savings.
    * Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority — $150 million annual savings.
    *Presidential Campaign Fund — $775 million savings over ten years.
    * No funding for federal office space acquisition — $864 million annual savings.
    * End prohibitions on competitive sourcing of government services.
    * Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act — More than $1 billion annually.
    * IRS Direct Deposit: Require the IRS to deposit fees for some services it offers (such as processing payment plans for taxpayers) to the Treasury, instead of allowing it to remain as part of its budget — $1.8 billion savings over ten years.
    *Require collection of unpaid taxes by federal employees — $1 billion total savings. WHAT’S THIS ABOUT?
    * Prohibit taxpayer funded union activities by federal employees — $1.2 billion savings over ten years.
    * Sell excess federal properties the government does not make use of — $15 billion total savings.
    * Eliminate death gratuity for Members of Congress. WHAT???
    * Eliminate Mohair Subsidies — $1 million annual savings.
    * Eliminate taxpayer subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — $12.5 million annual savings. WELL ISN’T THAT SPECIAL
    * Eliminate Market Access Program — $200 million annual savings.
    * USDA Sugar Program — $14 million annual savings.
    * Subsidy to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) — $93 million annual savings.
    * Eliminate the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program — $56.2 million annual
    *Eliminate fund for Obamacare administrative costs — $900 million savings.
    * Ready to Learn TV Program — $27 million savings..
    * HUD Ph.D. Program.
    * Deficit Reduction Check-Off Act.
    *TOTAL SAVINGS: $2.5 Trillion over Ten Years
    My question is, what is all this doing in the budget in the first place?!

    Maybe this is why the Democrats are attacking Paul Ryan.

  33. I did some “checking” and as it turns out, waterboarding is not as effective technique as the media would have us believe. In other words, the one being interrogated by using this form of torture still would lie, and provide false information to get away from the torture. I was in favor of it until this evening. I found this information on Wikipedia, and a couple of other sources, which included interviews with people who have actually experienced it. Therefore, I think we should find some OTHER tactic to get information from the terrorists…. although I doubt there is such a way to get the truth from evil people who would sooner use a suicide bomb in a crowded place than betray Islam. So, when I was in favor of it before, I think we should reconsider this as a form of extracting the true intentions of Islamic terrorists.

    • turns out torture in general does not work.

      just fess up. be a man.

      • Just FYI… I just DID “fess up” and I don’t have any intention of being a man. I’m a 56 year old WOMAN. I’m just trying to do my part to get people to realize that liberal ideas are what’s tearing our country apart, piece by piece. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Look around you. We HAVE to do something that works, instead of succumbing our rights to free speech, the ability to defend ourselves, etc. to the tyrannical government that we now have. Just because I don’t have the political experience to run the country doesn’t mean I don’t CARE about what’s going on these days. I can see it for myself… and it’s not just in the U.S. … it’s GLOBAL.

        • the LIBERAL is the one who told you you were out to lunch.
          give me a friggin break, disingenuous human.

          you think TORTURE is the answer to the country getting more liberal?

  34. I would waterboard all of the Rag heads , until I get information or they die .

  35. Why is it that Hilary is never asked questions about her illegal actions, you never put her on the spot with difficult questions. Stop being biased. Trump is the best bet America has had in decades to save America and that scares you liberals, well wake up there is a good chance he will be the next President. And you can all akwe your illegals and go to hell.

  36. Good, Donald! Waterboarding should have never been eliminated. Add waterboarding and any and every other technique and keep those silent and not let the leftist press and fascists know about them, just use them to save lives and thwart the plans of the murdering, raping, be-heading by the Muslim moon worshiping demons, known as IS or any other name.

  37. YOU GO MR TRUMP! If they want to use those means, WE SHOULD GO NEANDERTHAL on their sorry asses! TRUMP 2016!

  38. Bravo Zulu, Donald! BTW, we subject our SOF forces to “waterboarding” during SERE-C training … so how this should be ‘illegal’ to use against determined Muj is beyond me and most rational Americans. But, to understand the liberal mind, I’ll paraphrase Jack Nicholson in ‘As Good As It Gets’ “I think of a man, then take away reason and accountability.”

  39. first person, Hilary, followed by Holder, Ogayarab, Jarret, Pelosi, and reid

  40. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I want to stop and say that I am thankful for Donald Trump for showing what an amazing Bigoted idiot he truly is so that the main stream public will never vote for him. I am thankful that The Tea Bagger Darling Ben Carson has show he has only a passing acquaintance with the Truth and he showed his try colors with the cowardly story (which was a lie) about how he told a gunman go rob the other guy. Or that he was offered a full Scholarship to West POINT (Except for the fact they don’t offer Scholarships because they don’t charge tuition) I am thankful that the GOP clown car is up so we can see what they have to offer Bigots, Religion extremist, War mongers, Fear Mongers, Hate Mongers and any other sort of MONGER you can think of. I am thankful that in the GOP debates I have watched none of them have anything close to a plan that does not increase the Deficit more then it already is. but then again that should not surprise me since Republican president ALWAYS run up bigger Deficits. ( IT’s really simple to prove so you can stop with the “you lie” claims right now ). I am thankful that Moderate Republicans are going to reject this group because of their extremism.

  41. Water boarding is not torture. It saved American lives. Under Pres Bush only three of the Islamic savages were water boarded.

  42. Walter H WILSON3rd

    We , didn’t lose in Vietnam we left. Which in my opinion is worse than losing. The powers that be would not let US win, we weren’t allowed the bomb we weren’t allowed to use our forces . And it was the same in Korea. Then again this is my opinion . But we could very well lose South Korea while this smacker is in office!

  43. Suddenly America is no a signer of the Geneva Conventions? (sarcasm)

    Trump is unfit for the job.

    He lacks the horrendous amount of rules by which a war is fought legally. The man would hace charged with war crimes and standing before a Trbunal at Nurenberg before a week had passed

  44. Waterboarding is fine with me. If not “Off With their Heads”. Which do you prefer?

  45. Go for it Donald!

  46. Waterboarding should be used and on Dianne Frankenstein if she don’t like it. If you can catch one of these terrorist alive and waterboarding doesn’t work wipe them down with hog lard and shove bacon down their throat. Pigboard them.

  47. My vote is with Trump. Bring it back! If it saves one soldier’s life, a platoon, a city or any other American life, it is worth it. The number of lives saved will never be known. Dumbocrats don’t want the people to know because it isn’t according to their liberal ideas.

  48. as Trump continues to insult everyone on the planet,
    it takes a special kind of low functioning human to think HE represents America and want him to be President.

    kind of points to the LACK of Character YOU cons have.

  49. Fools (feel good about themselves liberals) deny that such a practice saved lives.) The only religion that was not REFORMED was Islam-they live in the past—–They murder people they do not know or see when they strap bombs to their bodies-WAKE UP!

  50. ADVICE—–wise men do not need it and fools will not heed it. WAKE UP WE ARE IN THE YEAR 700 ALL OVER AGAIN WITH ISLAM.

  51. How about trying it out on the MURDEROUS Hillary CLITon? She would swallow a few gallons of water before she told the truth, IF, she even knows the TRUTH. Do ya think she does?? Try it on her. If that doesn’t work, Jail, Trial, Convict and HANG her.

  52. Bring back Waterboarding is an absolute must. but shouldn’t be restricted to just foreign fighters, OUR ENEMIES
    ARE WITHIN, the Progressvie movement and high profile politicians like the clintons, Treason should also be enough to waterboard them. we could get the truth about Banghazi. We could probably get the truth from obamas backberry phone, a closed circuit that should not be allowed,.

  53. I would never have stoped it to start with

  54. Snow boarding in Northern Minnesota when it’s 40 below gets answers in one big bare ass hurry!!

  55. Samo-samo, we have to bite the bullet to get the leader of the bands of brain washed followers even if they were blood relatives: sad but true..We believe in what’s right not what’s left after the last man falls!!……….

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