Trump: Hillary Clinton was “Guilty” of Mishandling Classified Material

In an interview with Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo this week, President Donald Trump had some biting criticism for FBI Director James Comey and his 2016 rival, Hillary Clinton.

“Director Comey was very, very good to Hillary Clinton, that I can tell you,” Trump said. “If he weren’t, she would right now be going to trial.”

Trump recalled Comey’s press conference last summer.

“When he was reading those charges, she was guilty of every charge,” Trump said. “And then he said she was essentially OK.”

It was the press conference that rocked the election. Only a few days after Attorney General Loretta Lynch recused herself from the investigation into Hillary’s emails – having violated every ethical breach in the books by meeting secretly with Bill Clinton – Comey announced that the FBI was not recommending charges against the former secretary of state.

But while the Hillary camp celebrated the fact that she wouldn’t be going to jail, the rest of us were left to puzzle over this outcome. Because it wasn’t like Comey came out and said, “Yeah, this was much ado about nothing, Hillary is a fine, upstanding woman, and none of these accusations have any merit.” Quite the contrary. Like Trump said, Comey stood up there on national television and explained in great detail how Clinton and her team at State exercised “gross carelessness” in handling classified material. He described her crimes down to the last comma.

And then, after all that, he said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against her.

It’s clear that even now, the president has serious questions about how his FBI director reached that conclusion.

But if he was ever thinking about replacing Comey, he indicated to Bartiromo that he had largely moved on. Asked if it was too late to send the FBI chief packing, Trump said, “No, it’s not too late, but I have confidence in him. We’ll see what happens. It is going to be interesting.”

Whether it pertains to the allegations of Russian meddling, Hillary’s email crimes, or Comey’s bizarre behavior throughout the election, Trump seems ever eager to simply move past the events of the 2016 race. He’s got his eyes firmly set on the future. He now wants to shock the world again. They said he could never win and he did. Now he wants to prove all of the naysayers – the ones who say he will be a terrible president – wrong.

We still have questions pertaining to the election, but if Trump would prefer to focus on being the best president possible, we can’t complain too much.


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  1. With Hillary’s problems on hold, the Pres. has the Trump card.

    • then he should use it ! All 3 Clintons, Obama, lynch, pelosi, reid, lerner, and a bunch more in the d.c. swamp !i

  2. tRump doesn’t know his butt from third base so how does he know this tidbit?

  3. Yup, Obama illegally held the Presidency for 8 years (and the evidence is conclusive) and Hillary Clinton was guilty of gross negligence (and the evidence is conclusive), but we have too much other stuff to do. Is this what is wrong with our elected officials or what? The cops catch a guy with a bag of weed, and they say, “We’re gonna let this guy go. We have a traffic jam over on Main Street because we have a signal out.”

    • The evidence is conclusive you are a piece of feces that morphed into a goddamn retard.

      • Ben – you need to read my stuff very carefully.

        • I read it all. Funny shit, at least until I realize you are truly enough of a retard to believe the drek you post.

          • Yup, it is safe to say that you don’t understand how easy it is to be non-abusive while challenging the hypocrisy of Conservatives. How can defenders of the Constitution be OK with not prosecuting “criminals”? They say Trump is too busy or Ivanka and Chelsea are friends and that puts Trump in an awkward position is prosecute Hillary. Really? Too busy to obey your oath to uphold the Constitution?

            Too bad you are so unable to follow Liberal Logic!!

  4. Just add it to the Treasonous list of other things she’s guilty of.
    We’ll never know the truth as to what all Obama told his corrupt people to give her passes on?

  5. Trump should ask Comey for his resignation. If he and his staff can’t come up with evidence that Trump doesn’t have any ties to Russia or present evidence that he does, it basically tells me that either he or his staff is incompetent, neither of which is acceptable. They have been investigating Trump for eight months, so it is time to come to a conclusion and put this matter to bed, once and for all. Trump has a job to do and doesn’t need this nonsense hanging over his head. After all this time, if Comey can’t present evidence one way or the other, he needs to resign.

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  6. It just shows to go ya how close we were to having our country waken a tay without siring a fhot. These people should be lined up around the corner for jail time. No one, and I mean no one has been charged with a damn thing its beyond comprehension.

  7. Knowing that Comey purposely let Hillary Clinton off, why did you not fire him immediately on January 20, 2017?

    • You have that right… ‘Inquiring minds want to know !”

    • Again, I say, it’s best to keep your enemies as close as you can…how else can you know what they’re up to?


      • Seems like Ben is off his meds tonight. Poor thing. He was probably potty trained too early. Pathetic vocabulary. Wonder if of impresses his 7th grade friends, or compensates for other tiny flaws.

  8. Guilty of this and sooo much more. The Clinton crime cartel should be shut down and imprisoned.
    Why aren’t they doing hard time????
    It’s difficult to believe they are still being paid for speaking engagements. Why would anybody want to hear anything from them? How to get away with murder and fraud maybe? Bill can promote pedophilia? Chelsea can share her vast experience of earning an honest living? And still living on money that was suppose to help Haitian disaster victims.
    Walking, talking slime.

    • So, B., why aren’t the Clinton’s “doing hard time?” Murder, fraud, pedophilia – to say nothing about email coverup and BENGHAZI….. The evidence is in. This has all been investigated. What is Sessions waiting for – ANOTHER Congressional Investigation? I’m sure President Trump has given his “thumbs up” to the DOJ. There are millions of citizens who are simply tired of waiting for the SWAMP to swallow one of its own.

      The GOP finally has ALL THREE branches of government under it’s control. There is no excuse now, right, B.Smith?

      • the GOP better GET going …2018 is UPON THEM….VOTERS WANT RESULTS and MORE ACTIONS TAKEN….

        • I don’t see anything standing in the GOP’s way – ALL 3 branches of gov’t, all the investigation – all ready to go. All I hear is “It’s time to focus on the future.” Really? Is giving CRIME a wink and a nod Making America Great Again?

          • As with Most Politicians this bunch seems to leave their balls in Pickle Jars in their HOMES before returning to the Cesspool called CONGRESS to accomplish very little or NOTHING…

            That is what stands in their way!

          • Info from UVA Center for Politics

            In the 2016 election cycle, “393 of 435 House representatives, 29 of 34 senators, and five of 12 governors sought reelection (several of the governors were prohibited from seeking another term). Of those, 380 of 393 House members (97%), 27 of 29 senators (93%), and four of five governors (80%) won another term.”

            Congress currently has an approval rating of 20%, which is higher than it has been for years. (Note that it has dropped from 28% in February – another bad sign.)

            These are all FACTS – not FAKE NEWS. And, it’s only going to get worse: The US government will runout of money on April 28 – in TWO WEEKS!! Congress and the President will either have to 1.) Raise the Debt Limit or 2.) Shut Down the Government or 3.) Default on its Debts.

            I predict that the Approval Rating will continue to go down. Why is it that We, the People keep electing these ineffective people?

          • Could not agree with you MORE! and all these Incompetents will do is BLAME one ANOTHER as they SCREW UP as USUAL …

          • Nope – the Debt Limit fiasco will be blamed on #44 (not Hank Aaron, but another Black Guy).

          • hummm that is rather a long choice coming from the CBC…who will be Skinned??? So many incompetents to Choose from….

          • Sorry, I guess I was being too sarcastic about #44. I was hinting that the Congressional GOP (and President Trump) will blame President Obama (#44).

          • My bad I messed the # 44… However the DUFUS is Chiefly Responsible for our Economic DEBT MESS .. and were IT in Congress he’d be a CBC A sswipe member

          • Whoever they blame, what do you think they are going to do?

            They have consistently voted against Raising the Debt Limit. By Shutting Down the Gov’t they might pick up some Brownie Points from the Freedom Caucus. And Defaulting on the Debt – a common business practice that Trump has used in his private business dealings would – from what I hear – cause businesses to crash and burn.

            (Sorry – this is a bit off topic, but it will directly affect the President’s Agenda. I also believe that his inaction on Obama and Clinton will do the same in the long run.)

          • OK with me U are CORRECT



          • YOU GOT TO BE DUMBER THAN YOU LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Answer the question, fartface. How is Obama responsible for the debt? A Repuke Congress made the budget. And they approved tax welfare for the 1% that gutted revenue and Baby Bush signed it. Not to mention inciting 2 needless wars on the credit card.

          • OK PUKE you ARE dumber than you LOOK ….Bush had SEC Treas SNOW go to Fart face Frank nad AS SHOLE DUDD with Warniongs anout Freddue abd Fannie cooking Books nad making CRAO LOANS,,,,3 x those two MORONS rejected Warning….R-Then O VOMIT went on aborrowing SPREE Doubled the National DEBT nad WASTED MOST of the TRillion Dollars ” for Shovel readay jobs”…..Where did tat stimulus go>> we have falling bridges and POT holes bigger than trucks….Cut the Military do dangerous levels….Spent like Crazy with his friend Duncan on “education” and kids cannot add, subtract or write a basic sentence….gave us that OVOMUTCARE Train Wreck,, Higher Taxes and business killing regulatu=-iobn,, slowest growing economy in modern era.. lowest Job participation since 1944….Mostly part time jobs…Higher Welfare and food Stamps rolls…gave way to ISIS from a won war by cUTTING nad RUNNING and we are BACK with BOOTS ON THE GROUND
            . That is just for Starters DUMBASS….now go SUCK your thumb…

          • Redhawk, you got it exactly right – good for you!! So many snowflakes and brain-washed libs don’t want to face the facts.

          • Pukes like that idiot are BRAIN Washed , Programmed to have a morning BRAINFART and Post whatever they are told…..and call it “THINKING”

          • fact isthe national debt raised faster under obama than the last three presidents combined you must lead a sheltered life

          • Obama led us into a mess that will take fifty or more years to get out of. Financially, socially and politically; Obama lied, misled, and manipulated the nation to fir his agenda; it would never have happened without the massive support he got from the media. He had a $2.2 billion dollar marketing budget most of which went to the media to sell him and his agenda. I have no doubt he – paid forward – a bunch of that budget to CNN, MSNBC, CBS and other media personalities so they can continue carrying his agenda long after he is gone!

          • D , I agree with you I some times think there should be a certain criteria required before one is allowed to vote and that anyone applying for any entitlement should be throughly vetted do you agree

          • To a degree yes, I do agree. However, developing realistic standards would be extremely difficult if not impossible. Great educations and related experience does not always mean you get a good or effective employee.
            I do believe there should be some basic standards for qualification for any position and those position that have a critical position to our nation and the people should be realistic and closely related in education and experience to the position. People going onto the Tax payers payroll should be qualified before for at least the basics. Just as any employer has a right to set experience and educational requirements for a job elected representatives should also have pre-employment standards.
            It is obvious though, after the past eight years, that exceptional educational achievement does not make effective employees, managers, or leaders!
            For eight years I managed a Department of Defense organization with 380 military and 123 civilian employees. Most of the civilian employees were high school graduates, I had some who had not completed high school but qualified through their military experience. I had several employees with masters degrees and several dozen with bachelor degrees.
            Although the work they were involved in did not require high educational achievement it did take and demand a high level of individual competence, integrity, dependability, loyalty and honesty. In all respects I found, overall, the high school graduates were the best employees; I could always count on them getting the job done as expected and with very few mistakes or delays. In comparison, those with the greater education always seemed to take longer to get started and always seemed to look for shortcuts too often making unnecessary assumptions. Education and experience does not always make for the best employee; hiring standards are set in hopes of getting the best but too often the standards mean very little when the time for doing the job right the first time, accurately and correctly, comes from the individuals personal values rather than superficial experience and/or from exceptional educational documents. Politically, high cost political advertisements all to often gives us the worst candidate. By the time they are in office and showing we elected the wrong person it is all but to late. We really need to improve and strengthen our recall and impeachment processes. Allowing a failed candidate on the pay roll and living off the tax payers when they are achieving nothing, doing nothing and wasting time is absurd.
            Politicians MUST know their greatest threat comes from the voters. When we send people to attend to our nations (communities) business we expect it to be done with integrity, dedication and loyalty; if elected men and women can not meet that basic standard they need to removed from office IMMEDIATLY and not allowed to remain on a tax payers payroll until the next election!

          • I have found that people with a high degree of education some times have an off putting attitude that is defenently against them being good employees on the other hand high school educated employees on the whole generally have greater handle on common sense therefore making them more efficient in the work force

          • “Stupid Ass”? You better look in the mirror.

          • Wow You Just Fucked Your Self With that one, the Smoking Gun Proving Who the Real Wacko is, and the Meaning of is was very Easy for anyone with a Brain , Answer a Unchangeable Fact.

          • Are you that fucking stupid? Congress racked up the bills. Then they don’t want to pay them.

          • Ben, slow down…. read between the lines…..

          • It kind of bothers me that people expect Trump to do everything all at once! He hasn’t been in office 100 days yet and polls are complaining that he hasn’t kept his promises. This country has been in a mess for long time….it’s going to take longer than 3mo + to even think about getting straightened out. Remember, he also has to deal with congress, and many of them will fight him ‘tooth and toenail’ to keep Trump from succeeding in anything!!

          • Are you referring to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, Ellen?

          • That would be a heck of a Start !!!


          • IS YOU MIDDLE NAME A SSHOLE BY ANY CHANCE??????????????

          • This idiot is really sick in the head. Extremist Liberals are a danger to this country. He is a perfect example of it.

          • True….and there are TOO many and the numbers seem to be growing with SOROS financing them

          • You are right! Soros should be arrested and send to Hungary or Russia.
            As long he and his two sons are in the pictures nothing will get better. He corrupted America with his dirty money.

          • The Government of Hungary just passed a law that nobody is to get any MONEY from SOROS …he tries to Manipulate Elections….Just like Adam SHITF claims that it is RUSSIA….more FOG to cover up SOROS by the (D) Anarchists on his payroll…. WAKE UP DOJ!!!

          • Ben – “entrapment”

          • Oh, let me guess… The Intel community forced Trump to cavort with Putin to steal the election.

          • No, Ben – my goal is to trap Conservatives in their own hypocrisy. (Entrapment) I must be really good at it since I have also fooled you.

          • Think you have a few screws loose.

          • Only in Your Wacko Dreams.

          • Trump beat 17 of the best the Republicans could put up against him he beat your hillary 307 232 a real mandate there has to be something you are missing

          • Did not tale much to make those decisions; the majority of those running against Trump from both parties have been in either federal or state positions during the period of time our nation was falling apart. NONE of them did a ting to try keeping our nation on track. They set back and let Obama tear our nations pride, dignity and greatness apart.
            When it came time to pick someone in the Primaries he was the only one worth taking a chance on. The general elections left no completion at all; Hillary is best known for her lies, her voting without even knowing what the bills said, her failures as a senator and as secretary of state, and her illegal server and dispatching of highly classified national secrets over insecure systems. She was, – – – even if she the only person running – she would have been the worst choice any of us could have made!

          • That’s part of it. It’s just that so many people want things done right away. All of this will take time, including prosecuting Hillary. I would love to see her punished for her crimes, Obama, too. But truly what is more important, their prosecution or straightening out the mess we’re in?

          • Trump is MAKING the mess we are in. All to cover his treason.

          • No, this country has been in a mess for the last 30 years or so…No president can get it all right, no congress can get it all right and because no one is perfect, yet so many think their opinion is the only one that counts…..I don’t think anything will come right.

          • The Clinton years were heaven on Earth. Then Repukes ruined everything.

          • Seems you can’t carry on an intelligent conversation….name calling gets you nowhere.

          • Just strain the facts out of my sailor talk.

          • So Your the One Who Gave all the Sailor’s the Bad Name, Gee Who would have thought it.

          • WE will WHEN YOU PROVIDE FACTS “NOT” B.S.!!

          • HIS BS are his FACTS…That was written in the Alinsky Manifesto that Bill Clinton & O vomit Mjaored in

          • “SAILOR”?? More Like a carp you DICKHEAD

          • Heaven on earth because of Regan. Bildo did 2 significant things in office: 1st, he had Fat Albert for a VP.. virtually assuring himself that he would never be assassinated. 2nd, the moron stayed out of American business.

          • Not Heaven at all, you talking about and support Hell on Earth, your that dam Wacko.

          • YOU ARE DUMBER than YOU LOOK

          • Get off the drugs you must be on.

          • Just exactly what “treason” you refer to. Seems to me we just got rid of the real traitor on January 20.

          • The treason the FBI is investigating. And British GCHQ has given information about. Stop watching fake news and you would know this.

          • Ben You are a Troll, NOTHING More!

          • No One is buying your Pile of Bull/Shit with these Post your putting up because we all know your a Clinton and Obama Loving Bastard.

          • I can,t believe there are people like you running loose out there ,treason ? where do you come up with that kind of stuff the eventuality of it all, is that Trump may prove to be a better president than Reagan at the end of four years America may be in better shape than it has been in decades hope you are around to see

          • Fact: Trump and his accomplices are under under FBI investigation for treason. Which is colluding with the Russians to affect the election. This is simply undeniable… James Comey told the Senate in a public hearing.

            Reagan is just another piss poor preznit who should have been impeached. Ran a covert war in violation of the law, then lied to Congress about it.

            Trump’s idea of a better country is no brown people left. No thanks. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.

          • >>>Trump is MAKING the mess we are in.

            All to cover his treason.

            That’s a fact..

          • Facts that are manipulate to deceive are not the truths of any matter…. And half truths are the same, meant to deceive and promote one’s agendas…
            He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord.

          • watchman48

            Try applying that blather bull to yo boy Trumplethinskin.
            You won’t because you know it would even spin you into an unbelievable cluster fuck leading you to change your viewing kaleidescope.

            Now go and educate yourself and maybe even your lord will help you.

          • Maybe you should open the Bible to educate yourself on understanding the differences between truth and a lie…. I understand that the GOP is not innocent by no means BUT it is the democratic party and their supporters that supports homosexuality and the murdering of approx. 68 million babies in the last 44 years.

          • murdering of approx. 68 million babies

            Here let me educate you…

            First it’s not murder..

            Second it’s not a baby it is a fetus.

            Third Life begins when the umbilical cord is cut…thus a baby.

            Now go and complete you education and make a productive individual out of yourself.

          • Your educating me with that nonsense will never happen… I am assuming you failed all of your biology classes. Life begets life! There is life in the egg and there is life in the sperm. If either of these have not life than there can be no life with their conception. No species can produce another species unlike it’s own kind.. in other words, a dog and female human cannot produce life…

            There are twenty three pairs of chromosomes in the human DNA, twenty three chromosomes finished by the Mother and twenty three chromosomes finished by the Father. Upon conception each chromosome seeks out to unite and thus you have the DNA of another new human being.. No other parts are added later to make this life any more human.
            As I mentioned before, facts or truths that are manipulated to suit your imagination are no long the truth of any matter…. The killing of a life no matter what stage of this life, it is nothing less than murder.

            The Bible tells us that Jesus said to hate for someone is equal to having murder in our hearts…. The supporters of abortion will be held responsible just as much so as the doctors or the Mothers on Judgment Day less they repent of this evil. And there is total forgiveness and if need proof for that Google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.” It tells of God’s promise of a reunion to a young Mother and her first child when she gets to Heaven.
            There is absolutely nothing hidden from God.. He knows your thoughts as well as all that you have ever done in your life.

          • There is life in the egg and there is life in the sperm.

            Wow really…that logic doesn’t cut it…there is life in a TREE…you don’t goto jail for cutting down a tree do ya shithead.

            All your babbling bullshit means nothing…

            >>>>>>The killing of a life no matter what stage of this life, it is nothing less than murder.

            So an Execution is then murder???!!!

          • I don’t click on links that where presented to me with hostility… You are welcome to tell me of all the diplomas, doctorates or all the higher education you have received but that means nothing to me at all after reading of such nonsense you have written about the fetus.

            Well, no doubt this is too difficult for you to understand but if the execution is court ordered after a fair and just trial, then no it is not murder… If the trail was rigged in some way by the judge, prosecutor or a corrupt jury than I would say it was murder.

          • >>>>after a fair and just trial, then no it is not murder…

            How did I know you were a Pro Life HYPOCRITE…

            So after you execute they find out innocent…do you still call it execution…or is it

            We The People are murderers !!!!

            You people make no logical sense at all.

            You and your bullshit blather and a subway token will get you a ride to nowhere…

            Educate Yourself…try reading current books instead of 2000+ year old bibles…

            17 people read the same book and look what they did with the same


            “This is something religion has in common with Alcoholics Anonymous — after you are in remission, you must go out and find other alcoholics and bring them in.”

            People that are misguided from birth…YOU.!!!

            You should stand in front of a mirror until you see yourself.

            Loneliness is a bitch.!!!

          • How did I know you were a “Pro-death liberal democrat?” From your attitude and name calling, all of which is an good indication of the lack of education for yourself. I am however amazed that unlike most liberals you haven’t started uttering the nonsense that the scientific evidence proves there is no such thing as an all knowing God and Creator of the universe, thus there may be hope for your later years.

            There is actually more scientific evidence for the existence of an all knowing God than there is to disprove otherwise but then to prove that you would need to actually read the Bible before learning the truth of the matter.

            So, let’s talk of scientific facts – The vast majority of liberals deny these scientific facts pertaining to the Earth, our Universe, Medicine, Science, Chemistry , Physics, Astronomy, Archaeology and Prophecies found within the pages of the Bible which were written approx. 2000 years ago to as much as 3500 years ago or more…. ( ) This could have only happen by the inspiration of an all knowing and loving God guiding the hands of the ancient prophets just as the Bible tells us.

            In actual truth there are really only two paths to chose from in this life, the “Right Way” or the “Wrong Way.” Each one of us has the right to chose which path we wish to travel but to deny these truths is to deny the only true God and the only path to eternal life.

          • WTF…I don’t click on links that where presented to me with hostility… ?????????

          • I most always write my comments on my Hotmail account first and than proceed to the site to paste my comments. Had I seen your comment or picture first I wouldn’t have even acknowledge such a childish comment anyway.

          • You need to explain how Trump created the problems; he was no where in politics, had no power to make law or create the problems and certainly had no influence in the decisions, policies or actions taking place in Washington or anywhere else in politics.
            Our problems were in place before Trump announced he was running for office; he did not bring the problems with him, he inherited them; both the ones left by Bush when his term was up and the ones Obama inherited from Bush and the several significant problems Obama created and left to Trump. Trump inherited them and the American people will suffer until politicians in Washington can stop acting like idiots and start doing the job we elected them to do – – the job they are getting paid to do!
            None of these problems will be adequately fixed until BOTH parties start working together and the interest and needs of the nation and the constituents of ALL elected representatives are properly and fully considered in Washington! None of this will happen though as long as people allow their elected representatives to continue acting like idiots and allowing the others around them to do the same; some of them have to stand-up and be counted, start forcing the issues and forcing others to do their jobs. Those who can not, have not, and apparently will not – MUST BE REMOVED from office!

          • >>>>>>>>Those who can not, have not, and apparently will not – MUST BE REMOVED from office!

            ********** People like you need to be remove from this country.!!!!! ************

          • Are you completely INSANE! You should check with a shrink. You really need to clear up this sick brain of yours.

          • Imbecile. Stop suckling on Trump’s cock. You are a 39%er. Most of us know Trump is a treasonous moron.

          • Should I be as vulgar and classless like you are? I will try.
            Here is my answer…Keep putting your stick in the faggot Muslim Obo’s ass. Obama is a traitor and a con man. He is a crook as well as the rotten Clintons.
            Losers like you are so envious of Donald Trump’s success. It is eating you alive poor schmucko!

          • Trumo’s success? Tell me something positive he has accomplished briefing in office since January 20. And try to be serious.

          • For example, allowing coal companies to dump their garbage in rivers and streams is not positive. Nor was Trump taking away overtime pay from many workers.

          • Your avatar should read Bend Over!

          • I really believe that the Executive Branch of the US government can walk AND chew gum at the same time. Trump himself doesn’t have to do anything and, according to him, the investigations are complete.

            “Lock Her Up” is what he said.

          • “Lock her up” is also what Mike Flynn said–at the convention. Now it looks as if he himself might have committed a crime that could get HIM locked up

          • Ironic, isn’t it? Perhaps you don’t need to be thorough or even careful when you run a large corporation. There were plenty of “red flags” surrounding Gen. Flynn that President Trump choose to ignore.

            And Flynn isn’t the only one – SAD.

          • Amazing after eight years of a blubber boy babbling us into deep trouble, we have a few who expect superman to turn all of Americas problems around in eighty days. Trump didn’t disappear like OBAMA Romney CLINTON. When times got rough they headed for the woods or golf courses

          • You are 100% correct Ellen!

          • I can promise you Democrats in Congress are not going to help the dumb bastard destroy Anerica.

          • Trump has done nothing. And he is the one to blame, not Congress. He has no rational ideas. Same old tax cuts for the rich bullshit. His whole idea to create jobs is letting companies pollute at will, and fuck workers out of overtime pay and benefits.

            98k jobs in March. Obama was averaging over twice as many for years. Trump is a miserable failure.

          • ” Trump has done nothing.” Makes me wonder what Bush or Obama did in their first 75 to 100 days. How much crap they were confronted with from the opposite party. What kind of problems they faced from the departing presidents?
            First, lets get this straight – Trump did not create our nations problems, he did not bring them to office – he inherited them.
            When Bush left office he left several problems for Obama. When Obama left office he had not fixed the Bush problems; those problems remained as Obama left office eight years later; the Bush problems and all the added problems Obama himself created then fell on the shoulders of Obama’s replacement!
            Now, many want to blame Trump for the mess but none wants to get in and help fix the problems. Most of those who should be helping fix the nations mess are the ones who were in office when these problems evolved; they are the source of the problems to start with, Now, rather than jump in and help fix the mess they want to stand in front of TV cameras and blame Trump or someone else for the problems.
            The only way we will ever get these things fixed is for BOTH parties to start doing what we expect from elected officials; act like elected representatives are expected to act when we “hire them” to attend to our nations business.
            We will NEVER see a better America until we stop allowing radical right or left minds push us around. WE – you and I and every concerned American citizen MUST make it clear to EVERY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE that they stop screwing around and start doing their job; they do not answer to the media they answer to us. If they can not accept their respondibilities then get the hell out of office and let someone else do it!

          • Obama did everything possible to fix the Bush mess and got little help. On some issues Congress stood in his way. Remember Repukes said what Obama did would not create jobs? In fact, Obama had positive job growth for over 80 consecutive months. An unprecedented acomplishment.

            And PLEASE do research what Obama did in his first 100 days. It puts Trump to shame.

          • obama was a plant, a puppet nothing more the man was incapable of accomplishing anything on his own

          • It was not “people” who put out a written list of what Trump would do in the first 100 days. Guess who it was! Why, the bombastic buffoon himself, of course! Trump expected HIMSELF to so all that, and thus his faithful, gullible, naive sheeple accepted that expectation, just like they stupidly accept all the other blithering nonsense he barfs up!

          • Uh, Righteous Truth, you said both these things:

            “Congress currently has an approval rating of 20%, which is higher than it has been for years. (Note that it has dropped from 28% in February – another bad sign.)”

            Now go back and read that again and try to understand how both things can not possibly be true.

            On second thought, anyone who would post such contradictory tripe is so dense that he needs to have it explained to him, so here goes: If the rating dropped from 28% in February, the the current rating of 20% can not possibly be higher than it has been for years.

          • Um, headon, it’s called a “temporary spike” since it went up from 12% to 28% and down again to 20%. So (I’ll try not to be DENSE here), the Congressional rating went up from a miserable 12% to an astoundingly “high” 28% but has now slipped back down again to 20% demonstrating the Newton’s Law apparently applies to things other than gravity. (Just to be clear, headon, the Newton thing is just a joke…..)

          • This ‘make America great again’ is racist shit. It was used many years ago by the klan to mean get rid of brown people. Trump used it as a dogwhistle to those cretins. Nobody on the left was fooled by his racist ass.

      • Exactly! I still don’t know why Bill was allowed to stick around after his impeachment. They all should be hanging their heads in shame! But, they strut their stuff pretending to be honorable, when they are the example of deplorable.

        • For one to feel shame, one must have a heart AND a conscience!! ALL Clinton’s have neither!!

          • Neither does any member of the (D) Fascists party owned by Soros and headed by the SCHMUCK CLOWN and the AIR Head Pelosi

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        • You stupid corpse fucker. Are you honestly comparing Bill’s blow job to Trump’s treason?

          • No you dumba$$. They are talking about the treasonous POS Hillary & her POS husband.

          • Lacking any evidence, of course. You anal right wing dog fuckers need to wake the fuck up.

          • We need to all chip in and buy you a new word.
            You do sound like a Clinton.

          • Your way beyond Fucked up.

          • Chelsea, is this you?

          • They can’t read and is supporting a draft dodger and a man with no plan except to show his hatred racist views like these jerks who support him. Hillary is so smart that the fake news is making your current president richer while you struggle. Fake News is owned by Donald J. Trump! Get a life!


          • You need to stop taking your cocktail of LSD, Cocaine, heroin, meth and marijuana! I’ve encountered some TOTALLY asinine people in my day but you take all the prizes for a–hole of the millennium!!!!!! Stop sucking Bill’s male appendage and licking HellBitcheries female genitalia and get a breath of fresh air!!
            You do know they have a “NEW” procedure out for people like you! Don’t know if it’s covered under Oblozo’s “LACK OF CARE” but you should really look into it!
            It’s called opticrectometry. It’s where they cut out your navel and replace it with a clear glass orb about the size of a marble. They do this so people like you with your head up your ass can still see out. Alas, even with this you would still have a shitty outlook on EVERYTHING but it’s better than nothing! P.S. Don’t bother responding as I DO NOT reply to a–holes!!

          • Change your name to “obscene old codger.”

          • He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Lord. Proverbs 17:15

          • Keep them on track. Simple aren’t they? Pity.

          • Sorry, Ben have left the bldng, The trolls are beeing paid for there stupid one liners by Soros. Nobody can possible be that stupid on there own. “impossible”!

          • Did Bildo give somebody a blowjob? How did we miss that?

          • He didn’t get any on him

          • Bill and his Fucking Wife and there Daughter have enough of there Own Treason too be Charged,Tried,Convicted,,and Then Hung for What they have Done Against America, your just one of the plain Air/Heads Fools who Believe all there Lies and Bull Shit, Trump has been Proven Right on Everything He Has Said, Un- American Traitor.

      • Right on – the Statute of Limitations clock is running! The FBI Director laid the bases for prosecution out so ANY reasonable Prosecutor could take her to court AFTER Obama was out of office and no longer had the power to protect her or award her a presindtial pardon!

      • There are no excuses, but there are reasons for the foot-dragging, and that is the friendship of Chelsea and Ivanka is the main rationale.

        • OK, I’m listening. What do you mean?

          • Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. It has become common knowledge that Ivanka and Chelsea are friends, and Ivanka, more than likely, doesn’t want her father to be responsible for the punishment due Hillary. In addition, I think the President is also reluctant to appear as persecuting HRC. Please don’t get me wrong, but Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea should all be found guilty of many crimes, but I think it’s very hard for President Trump to push this. It’s no secret that he has associated with them closely in the past. I am a staunch supporter of President Trump, but I think this all has him on the horns of a dilemma.

          • So, swearing to uphold the Constitution of the United States allows a President to coddle the First Daughter? You gotta be kidding. How far does the coddling extend? All relatives if they have friends who have committed crimes? Good friends?

            If your description of Mr. Trump’s reluctance is actually what Trump’s stance is, then that is pretty pathetic.

          • You will get no argument from me, because I believe in upholding the Constitution, as written, at all costs. I can assure you that my daughter would not have deterred me from seeing that justice was carried out. All of us are different, I suppose, but the president must separate himself from the influences of his family. We the People are waiting on justice.

          • Someone better tell Mr. Trump. There are already a bunch of folks po-ed about conceding in the Obama birth certificate. I mean, was Trump just BS-ing for 6 years?

          • I tend to agree with you, because he knew way back that Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama was a fraud. Heck, it was Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton’s people who originally made an issue of it. I’m going to be optimistic about President Trump’s actions down the road. I fully expect him to pursue this before the end of his first term.

          • Before the END of his first term? And the reason for waiting THREE years…..?

            That makes no sense. The people believe that crimes have been committed and the investigations substantiate that. There is ZERO reason for delay.

          • I would like for justice to be far more swift than several years down the road, but I do believe the President has done a hell of a job so far, so I’m not going to consider him a failure just because Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton, Obama, and a host of others have not been brought to justice yet. If you don’t like what he’s been able to accomplish so far, just imagine if Killary were the 45th President of the United States!

          • WVF – the point is this: President Trump won’t be leading the prosecution. He doesn’t have to prepare briefs. He doesn’t appear in court. He doesn’t even have to sign an Executive Order or have a Press Conference.

            He just has to say, “Go!”

          • I completely understand your frustration, but President Trump has not even been in office 90 days yet. I think that AG Sessions will take the lead in this matter, because he’s aware that the President would like to distance himself from this issue, and let the legal system deal with it. The President, at this point, cannot disappoint me. He was able to get an originalist on the Supreme Court, and that is huge! With all that he has done in less than 90 days, he’s indefatigable! Let’s not give up on him. He’ll get it done.

          • So agree with you WVF! He has done more in 3 mos than BHO did in 8 years. Everything that BHO did do damaged America. Trump has a ton of work to do to turn things around after the mess BHO made. He is person who gets thing done and gets it done right. Most importantly, his heart is in the right place – he is a true patriot and is working hard to MAGA.

          • Amazing to me you do not see how much the president has already done. He has actually read and overturned hundreds of executive orders that B. Hussein Obama put in place that hurt business and thus the ability to hire. And so much more. Look how fast he reaacted to the chemical attack, he is working on the healthcare bill, tax reform, infrastructure, and much more in relation to the many serous foreign policy issues we face do the the do nothing president he has replaced. He has met with the CEOs of many different industries (encourage them to keep jobs here in USA) , union bosses — none of this was ever done on this scale before! He deserves a lot of credit. As for the prosecution of HRC, that is much lower on the list. And as stated, this will be done by Sessions not him. Sessions as you know, is doing a super job with enforcing the immigration laws (that BHO never did) and going after sanctuary cities – all of this takes a lot of work and time.


          • Not true. You need to stop watching fake news on CNN.

          • What is not true? There were only 98k new jobs in March. We all heard Trump whine about no jobs under Obama. And Obama was was averaging well over twice that many jobs each month for years.

          • Yes BHO did create some some jobs all part-time at Burger King. LOL

          • Have I commented somewhere about how much or how little Mr. Trump has accomplished? If so, where have I done that?

            I am merely surprised that he has not taken action on Clinton since it was a major focus of his campaign. I suppose one reason that I am beginning to doubt that he will eventually let her off the hook is that he simply – one day in September 2016 – declared that Obama was born in the US. Just like that – after 6 years of pursuing an investigation that he said proved otherwise.

            Does that not worry you?

          • No, it does not bother me at all (Re: BHO birth issue), if you recall MSM was using that as an excuse to call then candidate Trump a racist. He was very wise (once again) to say BHO was born in USA — he had no choice if he wanted to win. We all know (those of us with any brain) that BHO was not born here and that the birth certificate was bogus. As for the person who you said “tried to pas Trump’s inaction on Clinton matter” he is exactly right – it is a dilemma. Though is to not about the daughters being friends – it is more about trying to work with the DEMS, and so this is not a top priority (he will have Sessions look into it down the road) right now, it is much more important to keep his promise to MAGA! And so far he is doing very good in that regard. Can you imagine if he did not win, and we would of gotten a radical left supreme court judge!!!! We would of had an additional 570K unvetted Muslim “refugees” and so much more damage!!! Wake up and get behind this great leader – we may never see one like him again.

          • President Trump swore to uphold the Constitution of the United Ststes. Choosing to not prosecute criminals is a violation of that oath. It’s really that simple. Bringing criminals to justice is his prime responsibility.

          • Oh stop – he is supporting the Constitution – a thousand times more than B. Hussein O. did, and Killary would ever do. Get real – he has more important work to do than prosecuting Killary; it will not help those with low wages, and some working 2 jobs to make ends meet, nor will it help stop all these terrorist attacks or help to keep jobs here. That is the last thing he needs to be focusing on. The world in on fire – think the load on his shoulders, i.e. N. Korea, ISIS, etc. Wake up you sound worse than some of the dumocrats.

          • Mr. Trump is harboring a criminal – unless he ultimately believes that she did nothing wrong…..

          • Trump is more worried about saving his own ass from fucking Leavenworth. Bombing all over to try and distract attention from his treason. Not going to work. His ass is grass.

          • What are you talking about?

          • Tune in to real news and you will know.

          • Ben….

          • Sometimes you have to pick your battles. What is most important to you/us may not be the most advantageous for the country.

          • No, actually the fat fucking bastard has been BSing since he said he couldn’t go to Nam because his foot hurt. But years later, the lying imbecile forgot which fucking foot it was.

          • Ben…. read my stuff

        • No cuntface… People go to jail only for breaking the law. Which will soon be demonstrated when that treasonous fat ass Trump is locked up for life.

      • Timing. It’s all about timing. That’s why PRESIDENT DONALD TRUTH is where he is. That’s why Obamas in hiding and Hillary is still in the woods.

        • There are a couple of questions that you should consider, Askjrsk:

          1.) Has Barack Obama committed crimes for which he should be prosecuted (like not even being born in the US and serving as President)?

          2.) Has Hillary Clintin committed crimes for which she should be prosecuted (like BENGHAZI, her emails, Clinton Foundation fraud, etc.)?

          3.) Should ALL (not just Obama’s & Clinton’s) crimes be prosecuted? (Conversely, shoul

          • Electric chair : treason sedition and espionage and theft of tax payer dollars fraudulent presidency, sealed true birth certificate foreign student status, social security numbers, illegal hostage payment to Iran, too numerous to enumerate. And to his minions!

          • Ummmm, is this in answer to any of my questions, Askjrsk? From your “splatter,” I gather you are pretty convinced that Obama was a really guilty dude.

            Why did Trump just let him go?

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            He can’t show us a real birth certificate because he’s not a citizen of the United State’s he was born in Kenya. He paid someone a lot of money to make up the piece of paper to say he’s citizen. Republicans go after this crook. He doesn’t belong in our country no less run it and. Bring all his Muslim family and friends so he could make it a Muslim state. He’s as. Crooked as killer Hillary. Get him out of the United State’s now

          • The someone who paid a lot of money to hide Hussein birth certificate is the despicable George Soros.

          • And we the people paid over 25 million for legal fees to keep those records sealed. Let’s get him into court to answer some questions.

          • Yes. It must be done so no repercussion such as a mistrial or legal maneuver could mess it up. I agree wholeheartedly. US sure went after Ethel Rosenberg with no reprieve for lesser crimes. These crimes are much greater, don’t you agree?

          • Do I agree that “the crimes” are much greater? Obama’s or Clinton’s?
            Can you specify the crimes?

          • Please go get informed. Pull up a copy of SHATTERED, while you’re at it

          • It’s not against the law to run a bad campaign, Askjrsk. In a few words – just name the offenses of each.

      • Virginia Hornibrook

        Go after killer Hillary she needs to be brought to justice if anyone else had done this we would have been in prison a long time ago, Huma, bill, Valerie,Obama, comey Lerner,all need to be prosecuted, and put in prison come on Trump you said she needs to be I. Prison along with all of Obama’s adminstration, they are not good Americans they think they’re above the law. Well here’s a shocker for you they are not. Go Trump go get rid of Comey he’s been paid by the Obama’s and the Clinton’s he not any better than the rest of them oh I forgot to lynch in that bunch

        • So, Virginia, what is Trump waiting for? Is he “too busy” to bring criminals to justice? Is he worried that Ivanka will lose a friend? (It has been suggested that Trump is in “the horns of a dilemma” over this possibility.)

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            No I think he’s waiting for the absolute proof and a case against her that she can’t get out of. He has to make a case so she can’t get out of. She’s a lair and a crook, maybe there waiting to get all of them in one shot. He’s got to Obama and his administration in on this too. He’ll get it done, and it will be a surprise when he does it. He doesn’t tell anyone so they can’t run off to a country where we can’t bring the back . Why do you think Obama is out of the country right now things are being coming true and he can’t be here when it goes down because he could see the inside a prison with the whole crew. Give him a chance

          • So, more investigation needed, huh? Congress?

      • “PEDOPHILIA”!? Are you echoing that zany fake news about Hillary’s involvement with a pizza parlor where pedophilia was arranged? If so, then you are either a cavalier liar or the most gullible person on earth!

        • Yup, headon, I am blatantly echoing the zany fake news about the pizza parlor thing. My task here is to bait Right-Wingers and illicit goofy responses. In particular, for about 12 months all you heard from Trump supporters was “Lock Her Up” and “Build the Wall that Mexico will pay for.” That’s why the Right-Wing “needed” to get in control of government.

          OK, time to govern. But the Right-Wing is no longer interested in locking up the Clintons and the US taxpayers are destined to build the wall.

          I’m simply asking why that is. Do you know why Trump isn’t going after tge Clintons (and the Obamas, too, I suppose) and why the US taxpayers are paying for the wall?

          Am I being cavalier? Nope, dead serious. Gullible? Nope, but Trump supporters appear to be. Love to hear your response, headon.

          • I failed to perceive the satirical nature of your remarks. You and I are, after all, on the same page with regard to the bloviating ignoramus currently contaminating the Oval Office.

          • Might be satire, I don’t know. I am careful to take what is said by Conservatives as what they “really” believe and confront them with the current reality. In the Clinton case, Trump and his supporters were POSITIVE that she should be locked up. During the campaign, “Evidence” was “evident” (ha!) and all they needed to do was get in power and have a quick trial – done deal.

            It has been interesting to see the creative squirming going on. One dude claimed that Trump “couldn’t” go after Hillary because Ivanka and Chelsea are friends. As if swearing on not one, but TWO Bibles to uphold the Constitution of the US can be given as pass because of a personal relationship of one of your offspring. Plus, this comes from folks that claim to LOVE the Constitution (and the Bible).

            I try to take the “Right” at their word in terms of what they say and mean, refer to Mr. Trump (usually) with the respect of his office that was not afforded to Mr. Obama (I mean, why repeat THEIR bad behavior), and use Patriotic Logic to further my argument. If someone swears at me or demeans me, that’s THEIR bad. I won’t be suckered into that.

            I know there are many readers of the “Patriot News Daily” that don’t believe that Liberals should “be here,” forgetting that 1.) Liberals ARE Patriots and 2.) the First Amendment applies to ALL Patriots.

            (Good to be on the “same page,” headon! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the readership of the “Patriot News Daily” be 50% Liberal Patriots? Lots of creative squirming to see, then! Carry on – get your friends to come on board, too!!)

          • Two points Righteous Truth; (1) The problems are not so much in the Democratic party as it is in the Democratic party leadership. It has been shown over and over again the party leaders there are in effective, lie, and have been caught in acts that should have sent them to jail. The men and women in the Democratic party are not causing the problems – it is their party leadership! (2) Hillary’s day will HOPEFULLY come some time in the future; if not in a court of law at least in the text books. She has managed to squirm out of too many things in the past; many at a cost paid for by the Tax Payers and donors (she always has someone else paying her bills) . She has not been prosecuted because as long as Obama was in office she was protected and it would have been a waste of time and money to attempt any conviction that would have ended up being dismissed by Obama anyway, and at this point, we have serous national problems (inherited by Trump ) that need attention and action; these are hurting and costing the American Tax payers huge amounts of money everyday!
            Hillary, in the mean time, is no longer in a position she can get Americans killed or have the tax payers cover the costs of her blunders and failures!

          • Huh? What does point #1 have to do with my comments back to headonstraight?
            #2 – Hillary’s Day will HOPEFULLY come? Hopefully? In the meanwhile, because she “is no longer in a position (etc.)” we don’t need to provide swift and accurate justice to all of her “wrongs?” Is that what the Founders intended as they crafted this amazing governmental structure? I say NO! You can’t say that Mr. Trump is “overwhelmed” with the situation in the world today, can you really? I mean, put aside the Blame Game for awhile and ask yourself, “Can we expect our Government to walk and chew gum at the same time? Can we OK paralysis in governance and justice?”

    • You are a terminally stupid shitbag liar. Go fuck yourself with a porcupine.

    • Take a look at the ones these criminals are giving lectures/speeches to. Crime Inc. Just their very freedom from prosecution is a lesson to their listeners. It stands to reason that people of questionable character would pay people of less character to teach them how it’s done. I’m waiting now to see where Comey starts giving lectures. California won’t need him, they’ve already hire Eric Holder!

      • You are right. And considering the fact that colleges and universities are run by the most liberal Left (part of Saul Alinsky’s plan to ruin our our country) these are the very people who would find the Clintons appealing. More of the walking brain dead.
        Then they probably serve KoolAid after the lectures.

    • Yes why aren’t they?

  9. Of course the major fallout is that we are now accepting the fact that “the rule of law” only applies to little people; some Americans are above it. To an old retired GI, this is a change in policy made by the Obama Administration and apparently it will remain in place under Trump. Not what I voted for.

  10. lock the old hag up.

    • I hate to think the other prisoners would have to be subjected to her presence but – you are correct – she deserves to be locked up – AND SHE SHOULD NEVER (NEVER EVER) again be allowed to in any way get close to Tax Payers money again. Her list of failures as a senator and as Secretary of State have all been paid for with Tax Payers money. The democrats and media talk about Trumps failures but they never consider that HE paid for his Failures – Hillary Clintons Failures were paid for with Tax Payers money and the lives of Americans who left behind families (that she lied to after Benghazi)!

    • And if she and hers will ever see the inside of a jail, I will wipe my eyes and might…might … change my mind about the direction of the Judicial system of this Nation.

    • 30 years after Treasonous Trump is locked away for life at Leavenworth.

  11. Hillary, like Lois Learner, is an Obamacrat so not a thing will happen to either.

  12. Hillary Clinton also violated the Federal Records Act when she had the mutants that work for her destroy government records that Hillary had ordered be placed on her own private server out of the reach of government control. In an effort to hide her criminality with the handling of classified documents, Hillary had tens of thousands of those records destroyed, both classified and non classified. Whether they were later recovered or not, is immaterial. She mishandled classified documents that she, as Secretary of State, had the ultimate duty to protect under the law. Had I done what she did, I’d still be sitting in Fort Leavenworth.

  13. So is Clinton any worse than WIKI LEAKS ??? Traitors that SOLD SECRETS to the ENEMY??? WAS SHE TOO STUPID to BE SEC STATE…..Hell YES on all COUNTS!!!
    Time to INDICT and IMPRISON!!~!

  14. HILLARY CLINTON – IS – guilty of many offenses against our Nation – – – shamefully still active in American politics.

  15. Quoted fro the article; “And then, after all that, he said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against her.”
    The FBI director was pushed into a near hopeless situation when his team of FBI agents spent a year investigating the Hillary Clinton situation. Then, near the end of the investigation the Attorney General was spotted in an unusual meeting with Bill Clinton when they met on an small airplane. They have all kinds of excises how that meeting occurred and what took police; as usual though and typical of what the nation has learn to accept from both the Clintons and the Attorney General – there is little of anything we can accept as truth or lies coming from either of them.
    The quote says the most important point;, “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her” meaning Hillary Clinton!. WHY? – ANY attempts to prosecute Hillary at that point BY ANY REASONABLE PROSECUTOR would be stopped by the White House and the Attorney General. Prosecution, or even attempts to prosecute, would be a total waste of time and money. AND, if she was tried and found guilty – Obama would have immediately given her a Presidential Pardon scrubbing and wiping away any legal actions against her and she would have walked away from the entire time consuming and massive expense of a trial; not because she was truly innocent but rather because, just as Obama did with the several Directors and Secretaries of his administration, allowed them to commit crimes and he shielded them! Interesting, his (Obama’s) previous IRS Director who was caught interfering with Right Wing Nonprofit organizations and finally resigned (NOT FIRED AS SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN) for her wrongs is again back in the news.)
    The FBI Director did though lay a strong platform for a later prosecution and left the possibilities of a trial would most likely lead to a verdict that would put Clinton behind bars open; a trial that would be reasonable as soon as Obama was out of office.
    Now, the Statute of Limitations clock is running; the public has enough information and the FBI has enough evidence to justify a trial. The tax payers at a massive costs have spent well over a year in the investigation into her illegal server and passing out highly sensitive national secrets; ignoring it due mostly because of who she is absurd. America is bigger than that – or at least we were! We have sent other people to prison for far less; one popular woman imprisoned for insider trading – not passing out national secrets; a man forced to leave the United States for passing out national secretes, others who have lost their careers and been imprisoned for very similar crimes; but none of them who are as well known as Hillary and none of them as well protected by a president who in spite is well know for allowing his appointed directors and cabinet to get away with significant violations of ethics and law!
    As soon as evidence” of her crimes’ were determined the clock began to run and prosecution must begin before that time closes the door and allows her to again walk way from wrongdoing.

  16. Do you think Comey has a private investigation into the Clinton Cartel encouraged by Pres. TRUMP? You betcha!

    Something is brewing in the White House abt both the Clinton’s mishandling of monies and Confidential materials, but also Obama’s Treasonist actions against our people and country! It’s coming…but the timing is critical and P.T. needs to win over many Americans first. Then….it will all come out and the “Guilty” will be known!

    Support our President! We/He has much to change to make America strong again!

    • Hope follow-up investigations are done, not that previous investigations showed Ovomits cronies guilty, but these people in Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, etc. should be put in prison.

      • Anyone in our Govt that uses their position illegally to make money or obtain power over others deserves to be tried and put in prison…that includes those appointed to office too. Bho, killary and several others USED their positions to make $$ and get power over Americans so they could create legislation that they would benefit from while Americans picked up the tab. As far as I’m concerned, they can all be put on trial – because they are guilty – and then imprisoned. That would be a great example for others NOT TO FOLLOW.


        • That includes a boatload of elected criminals. Pelosi, who has a 3million dollar apartment in DC. as well as several hundred acre vineyard in Napa. Boxer, who rigged the business of selling the closed postal buildings all over the country, to be handled by her real estate broker husband, a deal worth literally Billions, and the list goes on. That’s exactly why there are few politicians who aren’t extremely wealthy, maybe some newly elected ones. Give ’em time.
          Why do they spend 1000 times what the office pays, just to run for the office? Not only power, but unlimited dirty money.
          Both parties are doing this while we wonder where our tax dollars go.

          • I think a lot of us already know that our tax money goes straight into the pockets of our elected officials. But the real issue here is how to inform the rest of Americans who keep electing these frauds. How do we educate those Americans? As our public gets stupider and stupider (because of our extremely poor education process), it will be easier for politicians to pull the wool over their eyes.

            I used to have faith in Americans waking up and slam dunking its politicians when they got out of line. But any more, all I see is more and more corrupt Congressmen and no one with a moral bone in their body. As long as they can make $$ on a deal, they’ll pursue it. It has become so disgusting. “Morality” is now a cuss word to Congress!

            The very sad thing is America once was the crowning jewel of the world. Now its reputation has been thrown on the trash pile by Obama and the rest of the world thinks it can keep demanding monies and we’ll just hand it over to them. I hope P.T. changes a lot of that! Until our general public gets smarter, they will just keep electing the same shysters over again and get raped time after time. You’d think they would wise up, but they just aren’t smart enough to see what is happening to them…sad beyond words.

    • Blow it out your ass … whenever you can get that buttplug you call your head out of there.

  17. It is simple! Asa former US Army Colonel I can say Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and others MUST be jailed. Either that or the laws of this nation mean nothing! Obama conducted many dangerous pro-Islamic moves, all hurt this nation! He will ultimately go do as a disastrous president! But the crookedness of our former administration is simply staggering!

    • Yes, Davey… Clinton, Rice and others ..WLL .. not be jailed, and you know it. The laws of this Nation do mean something… just run that stop sign and find out.

    • Hate to burst your lunatic bubble… But Obama’s first rating by C-SPAN historians put him the 12th best president ever. (While Treasonus Trump keeps working to lock himself irrevocably into the worst spot.)

      • Your knowledge of anything appears very third hand, at the very best!

      • I notice some pretty harsh statements on this thread! Some of those people obviously could never back up their mouthiness in the face to face world. Social media has hurt society in general. Polarized opinions are formed in such a vacuum.

      • Interesting concept; the fault in it though is logic! First of all, Obama screwed around for eight years ignoring the problems left by Bush and then building this nations new problems by ignoring his own basic duties and responsibilities.
        Maybe given the same or similar situations and time frames Bush had and Obama had we may be able to comparatively judge Trump with his two predecessors. As it is though, Trump started out with a basket bull of problems left by Bush and Obama and he has never been given an equal chance the media and the opposing political parties gave either Bush or Obama.
        That though is probably okay with Trump; it certainly has been with the voters who supported Trump and slowly it seems is becoming okay with many of those who did not. MOST Americans want to see the problems of the last 12 years fixed; that is basically what Trump promised us and that is what we expect – AND NEED!
        Those who were a part of building and allowing these problems to remain and fester though are hesitant to identify themselves as a part of those problems and are doing what they can to save face by suggesting Trump has created the problems. Trump did not create these problems, they were there before he filed to run for president; he did not bring them with him – he inherited them!
        Appropriately, the problems and challenges should be taken into the halls of congress BY BOTH PARTIES rather than try ignoring them and spending time in front of TV cameras bad mothing others for the problems!
        – – – it is not the medias duty to fix the problems, or to sway public opinion. As it used t be said – The facts, just the facts; no more “what if” comments, no more “maybe” comments, no more “marketing for ANY POLITICIAN” through the news services or high paid televised salesmen!
        – – – It is not the peoples duty to fix the problems! It is their duty to ensure those we are paying to manage Americans best interest are doing so and can keep our country safe, secure, economically sound, employed, charging forward with the “American Dream” and keeping America proud!
        – – – It is not the duty of those “has been” politicians from the White House and Congress to fix the problems; they are a part of what brought on these problems and the mess Trump end up with’ they had their chance and they blew it.
        Trump may very well end up being the worst president in our history. Personally I find it totally disgusting that working to see ANY PERSON becomes the worst of anything is deplorable! Those who feel it appropriate for ANY POLITICIAN, elected or appointed, can or should waste tax payers time and money by working harder to create problems than fix problems is pretty close to treason – certainly not a display of the professionalism and duty or anything we should expect when we elected and sent ANYONE to office.
        NOW – tell me how C-SPAN, FOX, CNN, MSNBC or any of the TV networks can make ANY logical comparison between Trump and any other president when there is little comparison between the presidents period in history, domestic and global state of affairs, economy, debt, populations and social order? Far to many variables and certainly too little time to compare the two. Above all – a continues effort by opposing political members and a media still supporting past presidential “marketing” that took us into most of the problems we are currently faced with.
        Personally, I voted for Obama, twice; at this point I would say it ended up being the worst political mistake I made in my life (55 years of voting – never by party but always voting for whom I felt was the best person for the job)! There was no “Best Person” in the last presindetail, we were forced into making a choice of continuing down the same path or changing a trend of failing Washington politics!
        Changing now means fixing and too many career politicians and media managers fear their failures will be revealed and are prepared to stand in the way rather than face up to reality and help do what we have hoped they would do when they had the chance!
        Time will compare the outcome of a Trump Administration, the challenges he is faced with, the problems he inherited and how he managed them, the results in turning around an out-of-control debt and spending, and a world faced with huge problems. We SHOULD ALL BE hoping this congress and this president overcomes the failures of the past 12 years and turns around the mind sets and weaknesses we have seen in the past administrations!

      • GWB sure is happy to give up his spot in the lineup.

      • you keep on watching c-span you fool

  18. Killary should be in prison. Worked in the same organization as Ron Pelton at NSA. He was caught selling classified info to Russia. He just got out of jail Nov 2015 after serving 35 years & still under house arrest. Google Ron Pelton NSA to verify what I have said. Killary walks? What is wrong with this picture? Our government is corrupt period.

  19. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    –Trump said if he was PRES the bitch would be in jail—so what gives -and snake comey as well

    • He’s been busy – give him time

      • Busy fucking every American and trying to incite WWIII.

        • What has he done to Fuck you?

          • Treason stealing the White House and every nazi shit thing he has done since.

          • Who was it that rigged the nomination and had the illegal voters? You are a whiny little snot nosed pathetic loser.

          • Look, feces eater, your fat fucking treasonous slob and his accomplices conspired with Putin to heist the election. You better focus on that.

          • You are so full of shit it’s unbelievable. Ignorance must be bliss for you. Why don’t you put you put your left hand on your left ear – your right hand on your right ear – and pull you head out of your adds.

          • Just watch for the frogmarch. Trump is going to prison for treason.

          • You keep believing whatever Samantha Bee tells you. Us in the real world will watch this country move forward without you. I’m sure you will find new things to whine about but no one will care!

          • Moving forward with a measly 98k jobs in March. I saw it.

          • Why don’t you go down to “Pleasure Island” with the Clintons and have an orgy with the trafficked and run-away underaged girls? You seem like pedophilia might be right up your alley

          • Trump is the one who acknowledged his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. And he paid a $600K settlement to the lady who accused him of raping her when she was 13.

          • Dumbass Trump is a Palm Beach billionaire and so is Epstein of course they know each other. Flight logs, phone records and the girls themselves place Bill Clinton there. A computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner’s home by the NYPD has evidence on it that Hillary made at least six trips to the orgies too. Not to mention how embedded Hillary is with Planned Parenthood – I know you don’t read anything so I’ll tell you they have been exposed as harvesting body parts from almost full term abortions to sell for profit. Why don’t you look these things up? It’s free.

          • The liars who falsified their way into PP with fake IDs and then edited the videos to look bad will enjoy their time in prison.

          • YOu liberals always want to kill the messenger and ignore the message – I don’t give a rats ass if those videos were obtained without their knowledge

          • They created fake IDs. Felony! Lock them up.

          • Yeah douche bag you worry about the fake ID’s I’ll worry about the babies.

          • Yeah yeah… Pizzagate and the rest of those wingnut lies. All long since debunked.

          • Hey if you don’t already live in Chicago you should move there – a nice sanctuary city I hear.

          • we don’t want him

          • Besides if it was President Trump connected to Planned Parenthiood you hypocrites would be whining up a storm.- Planned Parenthood paid over a million dollars for pro Hillary ads during the campaign – was that federal funding they spent?

          • what did billy clinton pay for his expirence in the white house

          • so if he did

          • There us not one iota of proof of lies by the fat ass about illegal voters.

          • Detroit Philadelphia, L.A. San Francisco I guess you don’t read much either.

          • he can’t read because his head is up his a$$

          • Still angry because hilLIARy LOST THE ELECTION, Ben? Here is some Tchaikovsky to cheer you up!


            Do you feel better now?

  20. Well, if the President believes that Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton is guilty of mishandling classified material, why isn’t she being prosecuted by the DOJ? If I had to speculate, it’s because of Ivanka. Ivanka and Chelsea are friends. We the People want justice, and we expect President Trump to handle this situation. After all, he is the one who said to Killary on national TV, “I’m going to have a special prosecutor look into your situation.” We are waiting.

  21. Was guilty??? Nope. IS Guilty!!

  22. Of course she was guilty of mishandling classified materials. Obama is guilty of letting Hillary have access to classified materials last year – she had no clearance. Comey and Lynch are guilty of covering for her, which for their JOB it would be called malfeasance.

  23. Fuck Trump up his treasonous fat ass. He will say or do anything to try and escape the rightful and forthcoming treason charges, which he will be bounced out of office for. If Pence pardons him, it will be the death knell of the RepubliFascist Party.

  24. Is that what they call it? Give it a rest!

  25. #MAGA = Massive Asshole Golfing Again

  26. Pence needs to get off his lazy ass and invoke the 25th Amendment before we are sitting in the middle of WWIII.

  27. I can NOT believe ANYONE thinks the Cli8ntons are innocent of ANYTHING. That pair of ANIMALS have been so crooked in ALL of their dealings I fail to see why they are not thrown in jail and the key thrown away. Someone has called them “SLIME”. I think it is a very fitting name.

  28. trump is guilty of the same thing but in spades–
    he exposed naval intelligence data to the cameras of guests at his Florida mansion. it might blow the covers off agents of the CIA etc. and what next– losing assets as they say?
    I’m talking about violations of the National Security Act.

    • You know this HOW? You were a guest at the Florida mansion yourself? “It might” if you are so sure of your Intel why do you use such a dubious phrase in the next sentence? Then you proceed to look into your crystal ball as to what’s next….
      Finally another expression of outrage followed by another “might”. What a fool you are. Who could ever take this drivel of yours seriously?

      • No I saw the pictures in ALL the major web-newspapers and on the TV news for an entire week. I saw videos taken from the country club on youtube and Colbert showed the same footage on his show.
        Dont give me your word games about my use of “might”.
        If I said lighting a cigarette lighter next to a gas pump is an irresponsible act because IT MIGHT cause an explosion. I’d be right, not looking through a crystal ball, but really right that you were doing something dangerous.

  29. And? Prosecute. Incarcerate.

  30. Mr President, we need to know you mean business. Put your feelings aside and file charges against Hillary and Comey. Force them both to face a real trial, not one made up of their cronies. Clinton committed myriad crimes, and Comey perjured himself, and those crimes require punishment.

  31. So when will the charges be filed? When will Comey be fired? When will Lynch be taken to task? Lets get on with IT. It is time this BS was met head-on. The American people have no respect for a Government that does these things, and one that overlooks it.

  32. I wonder if anyone is going to let dirty cop JIMMY THE RAT COMEY in on this? The only one not aware HILLARY committed any crimes. No how.

    • You bastards have witch hunted the Clintons for 25 years. And still not a motherfuckering thing. Give it up. Worry about Trump finding his ass in Leavenworth for treason instead.

  33. If so, then, President Trump: Please bring her to Justice.

    She said herself in January, 2016, that no one is too big or too important to go to jail. Let’s honor her by convicting her and putting her in prison.

  34. Hillary’s misfeasance had no consequences. What, me worry? Why should she, when the Left was constantly patting her on the po-po?

  35. NO! WE, don’t have any questions about the election. Maybe YOU, but not us. WE, have questions about why HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, ain’t in jail!
    If this had been ANY Republican doing the same thing she’s done, they would’ve been in jail a long time ago.
    The msm would have never stopped until that happened.

    • Guess what? You are not the FBI. They have plenty of concern about Putin and Trump colluding to steal the election. And they cleared Hillary. Twice.

      • Don’t know what rock your living under Ben but they did not clear HILLARY of anything. Comey said at this time there isn’t enough evidence to charge her with any crime even though she mishandled a lot of classified documents, which is a crime in itself.
        And, plenty of concern about Putin and Trump Is not proof of anything. It’s leftwing bs being spewed by the mainstream media ever day that Trump is in office.
        Where is the evidence? Never mind because it simply doesn’t exist and no matter how many times you liberals say it , isn’t going to make it real.
        You lost the election Benie Boy, so get over it and go on with your life.
        You’ll be a better person If you do believe me.
        We had eight miserable years of Barry, surely you can live a little while longer with a real president!

        • Comey has finally learned to keep details close to the vest. When the hammer comes down, Trump can choose to resign or get impeached. Repukes who protect him will find their asses voted out. Yes, before November 2018 election.

  36. vincent deredita

    If she is GUILTY then HANG HER ASS!!!

  37. Trump is an idiot. Everybody in this country knows it. But those of you who support him in spite of that fact do it primarily for blind party loyalty or racist reasons.

  38. If Comey was “good” to Clinton, he would not have released that announcement about an ongoing investigation of her e-mail situation (which came to nothing) only a few days before the election while declining to release information on the agency’s ongoing (and still continuing) investigation of Trump-Russia involvement. Comey played favorites and Trump owes his election to Comey. Now he (Trump) is biting the hand that elected him.

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