Trump Hatred Has Turned Our Courts Into Circuses of Liberalism

President Donald Trump, by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals own admission, has the right to determine – in the interests of national security – when and how visitors to the United States should be vetted, allowed, and stopped. Therefore, by the court’s own reasoning, national security is a “valid reason” to enact a TEMPORARY ban on travel from the countries of Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan.

Nevertheless, the court persisted. Last week, the Fourth Circuit determined in a 10-3 ruling that Trump’s travel ban – the revised version that was readied after the original was struck down by the Ninth Circuit – was still unconstitutional. They came to this decision because of comments Trump made on the campaign trail last year, NOT because of anything in the executive order itself.

Numerous newspapers – some of them fiercely anti-Trump in the editorial board room – have questioned the basis for this decision. In an article titled “Fourth Circuit Joins the Resistance,” the Wall Street Journal had this to say about the ruling, which appears to blatantly defy Supreme Court precedent:

The controlling case is Kleindienst v. Mandel (1972), in which the Supreme Court rejected a petition from American scholars seeking admission to the country on behalf of a foreign colleague who had been kept out because he advocated communism. The plaintiffs argued that the government’s refusal to admit their colleague on account of his views violated their First Amendment rights. The justices upheld his exclusion and made three things clear: first, aliens have no constitutional right to enter the U.S.; second, American citizens have no constitutional right to demand entry for aliens; and third, the decision to deny admission to an alien must be upheld if it is based on “a facially legitimate and bona fide reason.”

And even the Washington Post Editorial Board, which never passes up an opportunity to savagely attack the Trump administration, had deep reservations about the logic behind the ruling.

“Much as we find Mr. Trump’s travel ban offensive, imprudent and unwise; much as we believe it inflicts real harm not just on America’s foreign policy objectives but also on families, communities and institutions in the United States, it’s fair to wonder whether it really amounts to an attack on Islam and an affront to the Constitution,” they wrote.

Our courts are supposed to run on the basis of law, precedent, and the U.S. Constitution. So far, in the Trump era (and, to be fair, for quite a while before it) they are being run on the energy of liberal outrage. That’s not okay. This needs to be resolved by the Supreme Court and the judges who made these decisions need to be held accountable for their lawlessness.


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  1. vincent deredita

    They just closed one circus now the Liberals can start their own. They have PLENTY OF CLOWNS!!!

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  2. They said Trump has the right to do it. The law is behind him. But they didn’t like what he said. That is just too adorable.

    • Brenda Sinclair

      well americans, muslim obama, hillary, podesta, comey, schumer mccain, kaine will stop at nothing even murder to keep their child trafficking /child rapes hidden from the public, they know they used russia as a coverup for the child trafficking, child rapes, treason seditions pay for play AND 6 MURDERS WITHIN WEEKS OF EACH OTHER 2016 seth rich whistle-blower to Wikileaks, shawn lucas john hays, charlie tri, victor thorne, recently TREY GOWDY sent two of his men to serve warrants to clintons, before they could serve the papers the were tortured beaten murdered stuffed in black garbage bags..and two weeks ago a federal investigator into debbie wasserman fired from dnc, he was just many people have to die before obama clintons comey podesta, are arrested???

    • The Donald is the “new Sheriff” in town who We the People put in place to clean up and repair eight years’ damage and corruption. It is quite natural that the local gangs and underworld don’t like the new arrangement. He is not a “member”, does not play the game, and they cannot control him. That’s what ticks off the establishment and its supporters. They are easy to spot. Remember Salome wanted the head of John the Baptist per her establishment Mother’s request.

      • Cookie Vranish

        I really doubt that the Donald can clean it up. The Swamp is so big and so deep and so rotten, nobody can do the job! As far the liberals impeaching the Donald, it isn’t going to happen. It is very possible they will have the Donald assassinated!

        • Oh, pulleeezze

          • Yes Smith. Cookie is on the right track. It’s swamp scum that cannot connect the dots about what America is and has stood for since 1776.
            It is not socialism that got us to where we are today–it’s called Free Enterprise = to each his own. That won’t work in socialism or communism because the welfare leeches overrun the system.
            “Socialism works fine, until you run out of other peoples’ money” –Margaret Thatcher.

          • What?? You doubt that? You are so clueless, or is it that you don’t possess any grey matter between those ears of yours. Which is it?

        • That’s about the only way that swamp scum will be able to get rid of him then they will have murder on their hands to answer for along with Bill and Hillary for the 52 mysterious “suicides” associated with some who disagreed with them.

          • That number is in excess of 67+ and that doesn’t include Benghazi.

          • Wow! Thanks for the update. Higher than I could imagine. Maybe Georgie S. is arranging these executions. There’s one thing for sure–and the leftists will laugh their heads off at this–they might slither around the heinous acts here and now but the Last Judgement will get them. And they don’t get to have a defense counsel at that Court. “But leave them alone and they’ll go…” …to court, wagging their tails between their legs! —thanks to Little Bo Peep.

          • They might just want to rethink that!!! There’s a whole lot of Conservatives and “PATRIOTS” out here that just might educate them to the error of their ways!!!

          • codger the conservative patriotic “teachers” are of high quality in this issue. The problem is with the “students” who have been so dumbed down by liberalism and its socialistic agenda they cannot think critically. The Department of Education has been dumbing down students for decades for the sole purpose of advancing the socialist agenda which emphasizes anti-religion and especially anti-Christianity.

          • Yes!

        • it can be done…..start with the courts…..

        • It will take longer than 4 yrs., so everyone needs to work to get him re-elected when the time comes! We need more people than who voted in this past election because the Demorats will be out in force!

      • Trump only cares about himself and his image. The wealthy will benefit from his policies.

        • Says another leftist socialist anti-American who sides with the elite like George Soros, Hillary and Bill Clinton who care nothing for true Americans who keep the nation running. They just want to keep the money coming into their pockets even if from Muslim nations.

        • Go back to your bottle! You’re a non-informed nimcompoop.

        • you are mistaken he is only one who cares about American people, and you can be wealthy also if you work and not make mistakes being lazy

        • You could be wealthy too if you would get off you ass and put in some hard work. At least Trump paid for his own primary instead of taking money from Elitists and foreign countries. At least Trump used his own plane instead of using government assets that she didn’t pay for or stole property from the WH.

          • Point well taken but Carol is an idiot who needs a room all by herself and some coloring books and crayons so she can relax. Stupid is what stupid says.

    • Cookie Vranish

      Liberal speak?

    • That is too dangerous!!! Our lives depend on our safety. President Trump is trying to save our country!! The SCOTUS needs to up the date for this review, pronto!!

  3. These Judges needs to be removed from the bench, I don’t have a law degree but even I know their ruling are not based on the Constitution and law.

    This same court ruled that citizens didn’t have a right to “weapons of war”, when the purpose of the Second Amendment was to insure that citizens had the weapons to overthrow any government that might abuse them and it power, even their own Government.

    We’re teetering on the edge of Tyranny if it is not stopped, which will bring those “weapons of war” into action.

    • The Second Amendment is the American Citizens’ national statutory RIGHT and OBLIGATION “to carry” by order of the Constitution. Some people either cannot connect the dots OR they have a clandestine agenda to keep We the People where we cannot fight tyranny. The evils of socialism and communism are obvious to anyone open minded enough to consider historical facts demonstrated by the former USSR, today’s Cuba and Venezuela as examples. Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty. We the People should watch and question the motive(s) of ANYONE who even hints limiting citizens’ rights and obligations under the Second Amendment.

    • What if Donald Trump were to simply ignore the 4th Circuit opinion? Andrew Jackson was supposed to have said at one point, “The Supreme Court has made its ruling, now let’s see them enforce it!” President Trump has the authority to enforce an immigration ban. Period!

      • I think he said, “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!”. “Old Hickory” was quite outspoken.

    • Cookie Vranish

      The founding fathers made sure we had the 2nd amendment to overthrow our government from time to time! They knew it would become corrupt and they were right! The people actually should have overthrown the government about four or five times already!

      • We live in a civilized society.

        • Yes we live now in a restored civilized society beginning January 20, 2017. Beginning eight years before that our great nation was in a period of chaos without regard for the Constitution and traditions that have made it great.

          • Have you noticed by any chance the marches, the protests, the petitions and the resistance movements since trump took office? The fights at his rallies? His inciteful speeches that inflame his supporters? Washington has been in a state of chaos trying to contain all the lies and conspiracy theories trump tweets, rather than governing. Many of his supporters are now seeing that he is not going to help anyone but the wealthy. The middle class, seniors, the poor, will see many cuts, and trumps budget is a horror story. He is desperate for a political victory as none of his main initiatives have survived votes by both repubs and demo alike. His reckless decision making and lack of knowledge have added to that. Our environment will suffer. The withdrawal from the Paris agreement will not necessarily provide more jobs. Trump has also not mentioned the many jobs that were outsourced to mexico, one being just down the street from the Carrier plant that he claims to have saved!

          • Socialists, wanna be communists don’t like any conservative ideas. The riots were fomented by left wing nut cases who were mad as hell they didn’t get their candy on November 8, 2016. I prefer the proceeds of free enterprise which is the system set up by the “Founders”, not by a crowd of Bolshevik type thugs. The Republican meetings were peaceful and we noted the US Flag displayed. The only riots were fomented by leftists outdoors who taunted the Republican. Leftists are generally ID’d by a rejection of “religion” in general but Christianity in particular. Leftists tend to be atheists or agnostics. That’s fine, I support their right to “tell God to take a hike”. I’m a conservative, in case you’ve not yet noticed, I subscribe to Biblical Christianity and support the rights of all people to live their lives in whatever manner suits them as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, their property or of public property. It’s a great nation that lets YOU believe what YOU desire. The two of us just prefer different political persuasions. Mine is freedom under law.

          • They’re all of the democrat leftist variety, jackass! Conservatives and those on the right don’t foster the crap we see in our streets. That’s fact!! It’s Soros funding those protests and funding the democrats to find protestors.

            And if you’re referring to Rexnord, that was in the works well before Trump was even sworn in you ignoramus.

            Your misinformation is APPALLING!!

          • Good post Carol is a rambling idiot .

        • Really?? How profound. You forget the BLM, MoveOn, and a whole host of punks and thugs looking to protest violently in our streets?

      • Especially during the past eight years up to January 20, 2017.

        • The people who hated Obama were right wing racists, and decided to hate him the minute he took the oath of office. The right wing news sites joined in the fray by starting conspiracy theories and rumors. They worked very hard at it.

          • I don’t know where you got your information but it is worse than moldy bread. Considering your outlook you are likely not age 50 years old yet. You come across as having a mindset of someone college age or close.

          • You are so ignorant woman. Get back to your bottle…it’s calling.

          • Too much Kool aide isn`t good for you. Another mindless post as all of them are.

    • You will not have to wait long forbwar, as trump has pissed off our allies and threatened others. This does not build peace.

      • That’s odd. USA is garnering more respect from foreign nations now than it did between January 20, 2009 and January 20, 2017.

        • If u believe that, u are not listening. Trump TELLS his supporters that he is respected when foreign leaders are questioning his tyrannical speeches and seeing his lack of knowledge. The people in Brussels were pissed as well. Tell us how many foreign leaders can be quoted directly as saying trump is a great president and they respect him!

          • Donald Trump is like a new Sheriff in town. He is hated by the establishment and people like you because he cannot be bought. He is cleaning up our government by trimming waste being handed out irresponsibly for the purpose of buying votes. He is ending the “gravy train” freeloaders have been getting fat off of–some riding around in luxury automobiles and paying for food at fast food outlets with EBT cards. If they can afford to ride around in a Hummer II or Cadillac Escalade then why do they need an EBT card?

      • You are an unpatriotic liberal, mentally diseased, non-thinking idiot. You have problems with making America great again? Try researching all that President Trump has accomplished in making America great again, and quit with your deceptions. I’m not buying it, and I venture to say many on this site don’t neither!!

  4. Sure they hate Trump. He is not a establishment team player…..he is not a communist. Maybe this really has nothing to do with Trump? Maybe this is part of the fulfillment of the communist agenda for the US?

    • Bob, their actions are to punish those of us citizens who voted for OUR PRESIDENT, and they know there are more of us than those who voted for KILLary because we are LEGAL voters.

      • Yes PatriotGal and there’s the issue about how many “popular” votes Hillary got AFTER WE SUBTRACT the “votes” for her that were “cast” by dead people and illegals. The latest I’ve seen on that is that after correcting for illegal votes, the Donald won by both the popular and the Electoral College tabulations. At any rate though the Electoral College determines the winner as it levels the playing field. Otherwise for the 2016 outcome the special interests of big city dwellers would have put someone in the White House who has no interest in or care for rural and suburban dwellers who are the movers and shakers keeping the nation running.

    • Brenda Sinclair

      AMERICANS ACCEPT REAL TRUTH PLEASE….they hate president trump because he vowed to clean the government swamps of pedophile swamp rats who rape little children even murder them in their satanic rituals to their god molock(satan-allah) seth rich of hillary dnc was the whistle-blower to Wikileaks, the emails exposed their child traffcing rings out of Washington, exposed names of all people in government charles schumer, kaine, pelosi,waters, feinstien, cumming ,graham, biden kerry Obama and his male trannie wife, hillary bill, Epstein,JOHN PODESTA,blumethal,clapper, comey,Brennan, lynch, list is 30 in all, mainly demon-crates but also few Republicans, 3 governors have been arrested for child rapes,PRESIDENT TRUMP PROMISED TO DRAIN OUT THE NASTY SWAMP RATS AND THESE SWAMP RAPIST OF CHILDREN ARE FIGHTING HARD BACK AT PRESIDENT TRUMP THEY HAVE DONE ALL POSSIBLE BUT KILL TRUMP TO KEEP THEIR CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN HIDDEN, THIS IS WHY THE NASTY SWAMP RATS IN SENATE AND CONGRESS AND 9&4TH CIRCUIT COURTS ARE FIGHTING SO HARD

  5. I agree with this they must be arrested. But I can tell you what it is the people have allowed the Federal Government to be a Circus for so long they have made the circus in the courts to protect them ( THE LAWMAKERS) from us. That are into no good up to their necks and now are doing nothing but trying to protect them self’s. The real people in Washington need to stop working to protect them self’s and they need to stay on the attack but not their way. Attack by getting into every dam thing they have ever done and bring it to light and make arrest and put them away. And when they stop attacking keep right on tell you have every scum bag in the Federal Government. THE LAW IS THE LAW FOR ALL


    Obama turned our courts into a circus. He is the head bus driver of the clown car.
    Since Obama is a illegitimate president all his appointment need to be fired…He also conspired with terrorist countries and groups to destroy America from within. (IRAN AND THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD)

  7. Lawyers have always been the main problem in this and other societies, past and present! They see themselves as being above the populace and they are arrogant! Look at their advertisements! These lawyers become judges and they misuse their judicial power for political gain. They sway from the truth, twist the laws as written, and they are, in many cases, atheists and hate God Almighty! They are not above the law as written in the Constitution, and they are certainly not above the Laws of God! They weren’t in Jesus’ day, and they are not today! He exposed them and they crucified Him! They were corrupt then, they are corrupt today, and they will get exactly what they deserve! And, soon!

    • Lawyers are not the main problem. And modern lawyers are not the same as those Jesus railed against. All lawyers are not corrupt and all lawyers do not become judges. Bigoted statements do little to expose the truth about what is going on.

  8. they are forcing “real people” to hate liberal democrats more and more and dividing the country more and more and it all stems from their fear of Pres.Trump who is actually starting to “drain the swamp” and the biggest mouths and whiners are living in the swamp !!

    • Brenda Sinclair

      trump is draining the swamp in government of its lawmakers, who are breaking the laws raping/murdering little children making huge money off child trafficking raping children they have to be fired and will be one by one, pedophiles and child traffciers are being arrested all over usa, 3,500 so far, 70 in washington dc to be arrested, let’s say when all aressts are made they will be no more democrates in office

      • And wimpy republican politicians.

      • Brenda, Since he is “draining the swamp”, he is bound to encounter a few ‘gators, snakes, etc. , which will not leave without the proper sort of meaningful force! He must use whatever force it takes in order to do the job!

    • They may fear Trump. Personally I think they merely despise him because he won the election they KNEW they had in their pockets, and they had relied on their witch to continue Obama and the left’s plans to totally overthrow our government and set up their own huge tyrannical government and rule forever more. Now it will be harder for them to complete the coup d’etat they’ve been working on for some years. It’s within their grasp, and Trump gets in their way.

  9. RichFromShowMe

    Evidently Judges in question, especially those in the 9th Circus, haven’t recently, if ever, read the law on “Inadmissible Aliens” which has been enforced in the past without Leftist Courts going Berserk.

  10. If these “judges” want these people HERE so bad perhaps they need to open up their homes and “take them in” for a spell, and introduce them to YOUR family…. Just keep them in YOUR yard and under YOUR control. WE don’t want them.

  11. It’s past time for the House of Representatives to start impeaching judges who violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

    • Agreed! It is also time to start arresting dozens of traitors within our country AND within our government, like all the democrats and half the republicans who have sold our country down the creek, squandered all of our assets while growing quite wealthy via bribes, favors, etc.

      • I have always said, follow the money, and it can be checked to see if any of our sitting congress, has taken money from any of the Soros’s organizations. If they have, byby baby.

    • and start now they got away with too much ,and they need to be put in there places or jail

    • Cookie Vranish

      The House of Representatives and the Senate are as bad as the Democrats and we only think they are for the issues we voted them in for!

      • We’re discovering that Cookie. It’s time for some heads to roll, not Henry VIII style but at the polls next time.

    • I second your motion Agostino. Thank you.

  12. It is sad that the headline didn’t read “Hatred Toward Trump” instead of “Trump Hatred”. My first thought when I saw this headline was that another Liberal was saying that the courts were becoming a circus because of how they perceived Trump. Instead, it is reporting the truth about the morons in our court system, pretending to be judges, refusing to allow the enforcement of our laws because THEY hate Trump. The courts in this country are filled with Liberals who don’t want to enforce the laws, they want to write them from the bench, which IS NOT their job. All they want to do right now is slow Trump’s agenda as much as they can in order to aid the Democrats. These so-called legal professionals are nothing more that a bunch of Left Wing radicals who are making a mockery of our legal and political system.

    • Trump ran one of the most hateful campaigns. He is divisive. He is a pathological liar. He entered office with over 60 lawsuits pending. U seem to forget that it is also the RepublicanS who are questioning trumps agenda!!

      • You are describing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

        • Wrong

          • Barack Obama entered office with his law license revoked, lied about his name on law license application, took Presidential Oath of Office KNOWING he did not qualify therefore he lied. How? He was born in Kenya. If he swore to protect and defend the Constitution then he had to immediately disqualify himself to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He lied right there in front of the whole nation. Technically we never had a 44th. President. Joe Biden actually qualified because of the disability of the fake president. He is the person who should have been administered the Presidential Oath of Office. Barack Obama’s legacy. He was a fake president.

          • I also understand that Obama did not swear an oath on the Bible when being sworn in as president, but on the Quran. How’s that for loyalty to our country. Obama was nothing but the TROJAN HORSE who opened our borders for eight long years and flooded our country with illegal alien Muslims & Hispanics, and all for the democrat vote and to usher in shariah law. Look at Dearborn, MI and Minneapolis, MN.

          • Yep Franie. I’m not taking the Muslim side here but since the Congress is disallowed to make any law respecting “religion” it stands as a technical issue that someone can “swear” on ANY religious dogma “book”. I didn’t hear it hut I wonder if Obama said at the end of the oath.” help me Allah” instead of “God”. The swearing in of any government official is not a religious ceremony so it makes no difference even if that last phrase is left out. It is a pledge to We the People, not to a God. Anyway, Obama broke the Presidential Oath of Office by even taking it. He pledged to protect and defend the Constitution which he failed to do because he failed to enforce the part about qualifications for the Presidency. That is sufficient grounds for his termination in the White House by the Congress. Remember Congress makes the laws. But there were too many milquetoasts in the Congress who didn’t want to rock the boat. So the Congress is guilty of allowing an imposter to occupy the White House for eight years. Should the Supreme Court be required to certify that someone is qualified for the Presidency? I think so now that we’ve had this hoodwink dumped upon us.

          • Carol is a fool who post`s all the fake comments the main street media comes up with. Birds of a feather.

          • Sounds familiar. Looks like she merely parrots out what she hears and/or reads about without checking truth. Yes, vultures of a feather
            do flock together with their stench.

      • Go back to your bottle, babe!



      • Your party lost idiot .Hillary and freinds should be in jail along with the RINO`S.

    • Thanks Jim Colon. In other words, UNEQUAL JUSTICE ABOVE LAW.

    • Right you are and they are part of the swamp that Trump will clean out.

  13. Ila Richardson

    I learned in school that the court is supposed to rule on LAW, not newspaper reports or comments they don’t like. They need to do their job, and that is all

  14. Cute & fuzzy. So, what is written on paper, what is in the law or whatever the document is secondary to something said a year ago… in the heat of campaigning….

  15. What Donald Trump (now POTUS) said on the campaign should have been treated as hearsay within the confines of an appeals court. It’s what Trump says and does as POTUS in accordance with the law that should be the overall atmosphere of any ruling. The law is the law!

  16. Congress: Enact legislation to remove from the bench those judges who violate the law of the land.

  17. Fred Chittenden

    Lower court justices should be term limited and have those terms shortened when their rulings are overturned. If they wish, judges ought to have a month to appeal their case about a shortened term to Congress, which could restore their lost years with perhaps a 3/5 vote — Congress has a role in overseeing the lower courts, it needs to control this growing mess better. Judicial activism in the lower courts just plugs up precious court time with politics that have no place in the Judicial branch.

  18. This is not all bad. The judges are incompetent fools and pretending to represent justice, but all they are can readily be seen: they are slugs paid to find for the overthrow of our nation. They are not funny and not good people. They are, in my vies, traitors to America – when will the arrests begin? I’m a tax paying citizen, and I want to know when these bozos will be arrested for treason.

    coup e’tat: a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.

    1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
    2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
    3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

  19. Federal courts/judges only exist because of Article II Section 3 of the US Constitution and then the vote of Congress to give them X powers to rule on certain cases. So the US Congress is what we have to target, write to them, go to their offices and talk to their aides, tell them to change the powers of the federal judges. US Congress can also impeach federal judges and should do so when say the US Supreme Court overturns this case at hand for example. “Impeaching” sounds drastic but in reality all that is being done is a guy is being fired from his job. It should happen on a yearly basis, fire the worst one and watch how quick the others begin to follow the law.

  20. When the courts become a injustice, because the judges rule on their politics’ instead of the law, well then civil war won’t be far behind…and surely they don’t believe their robes will save them from the destruction war brings with it?

  21. Since they are ruling on what he said in the past and not what the bill says he will never be able to get anything passed.

  22. Having Stacked the Lowr Courts with “burqua” Judges was just ONe of O’vomt deeds…He wanted hid (D) party anarchy policies to continue…Bur more that that the “what difference does it make” Clinton seem to be so afftflcted by TDS ( Trump Derangemnet Syndrome ) that she Made up 89 More LIES about WHY SHE BLEW THE ELECTION…and that Is the DEFFERENCE she MAKES…NUTS!

  23. Another ultra left BS story. Just more dem desperation.

  24. Bridget McClellan

    These courts and liberals are about as full of crap as they can be. These idiots need to keep their opinion out of it. President Trump needs to be able to run this country without a bunch of dumdasses trying to do it for him. All they are doing is making a big majority of the country pissed off. They need to keep on until they get it started. Their just a big sore on our country. Get over it and let it go.

  25. Cookie Vranish

    I don’t understand how Trump had anything to do with our courts being a silly circus. I do understand that our entire Judicial System is sort of a silly circus. Only the common people must obey the law and that law is defined by liberals and not laws or the Constitution. The only way to correct this situation is a revolt that kills most of the Judges and Lawyers!

  26. Take out the bitch and monkey and then maybe some of this constant warring will subside when other such troublemakers can see what their consequences will be for violating the laws.

  27. When liberal newspapers start defending the Constitution, you know the leftists courts have gone too far.

  28. Those judges should be impeached for making a decision based other than the bases of law.

    • I totally agree with you. They have been getting too much money from others that like things THEIR way and NOT according the law!

  29. Time for the courts to be investigated…..

  30. those damn liberal judges better learn that they obey the law not write the law

  31. Obama turned our courts into circuses way before Trump even ran for office. From the beginning of his first term, obama put his specially selected liberals in almost every appeals court and district court. The writer of this article should have known this and NOT used “Trump Hatred” in the title. These vile judges have been issuing unconstitutional ‘opinions’ to a higher degree than ever before during these last 8 years. HOWEVER – it’s Congress who is to blame for allowing ‘laws’ to be made based on a judge’s opinion because congress and ONLY congress has the constitutional authority and power to make laws. THIS congress is way too corrupt to be allowed to continue and ALL members must be thrown out in 2018.

  32. Obama is the joke and the courts suck! Liberals are ruining this country and it is time to vote them all out of office.

  33. When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty.

    Saddle up Conservatives, duty calls.

  34. Maudlean Spires

    It is time to clean out the traitors. We have a majority in the Senate and the house with a republican president. Whatever can be done from a legality standpoint has to be done now. These judges are puppets for the politicians and the globalists. Drag them out of their courtrooms by the nape of the neck if necessary. They cannot be allowed to make laws. The ninth circuit out west is the worst offender. It is an extension of the liberal policies of the demoRats.

  35. We need to tell all those courts and Justices that they MUST uphold the law and not be swayed by emotional public opinions or they should remove themselves on the grounds that they are unable to perform the duties of their job.

  36. Time to remove the Trash from all of the courts. Just lay them off…. And start fresh.

  37. The Liberals have turned our courts into circuses because they just can’t accept that Trump won’t back down. He will DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  38. Cheryl Heberle

    Any judge that lets politics or political correctness get in the way of justice needs to step down. They will help bring about the fall of this country….always remember how and why the Roman Empire fell…..greed….power…I’m better than you and know more.

  39. Patricia McGehee

    America is truly under attack from several sides. Democrats are traitorous and some of our Republicans lean the Democrat way. They have FLOODED America with Refugees who hate Christianity and the people. Under the Refugee Act those same people have a fast track to Citizenship which means, to me, we are being turned into a Nation like Israel vs Palestine. On top of all that the Illegals, under Obama, have liberal access to our tax money with Welfare, free education, free medical (which broke our health care system), free housing, food stamps, etc. , plus, working under the table and not paying taxes. Now, they march with their Mexican flag and yell they are entitled and deserving.
    Has our Government protected America and the American people? Not no, but H*** no. Our Government is traitorous. When we finally got together to elect a a true American President the Democrats have him under siege.
    It’s past time to throw the Democrats OUT, rewrite the Refugee Act and deport millions of Muslims AND Illegals. My heart has hardened. KICK ALL OF THEM OUT! While we’re at it, get rid of the activist Judges. Deport, deport.
    Next, it’s time to to take citizenship away from all the Liberals with their political correctness, close the Universities down and deport the Liberal Professors.
    America, it’s past time to FIGHT BACK. Who will step up to lead? President Trump cannot do it alone.

  40. All fascist terrorist should be terminated. Especially the ones who are deeply rooted in our judicial system, and all of govt.. i do not think we should continue to tolerate communist either. Communism has failed and should be banned.

  41. This headline should read:

    “Trump Common Sense Has Turned Our Courts Into Circuses of Liberalism”

  42. For years I have been preaching that the progressives were taking over the courts from JP to Supreme, and when they finish the country will be sunk. They will declare what is and is not legal. You want a gun NO. You are against abortion you are WRONG. You do not want the government to move people from other countries in to your neighborhood, tough. The list is very long. KNOW WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR.

  43. No I don’t think Trump hatred turned them into anything. All it did was expose the fact they are progressive communist who pretend to be democrats. They have always been that way Trump just exposed it.

  44. Trump did not make them liberal. When pushed to do the moral things to secure the country, they show their true colors: EFFEMINATE.

  45. There should be a total evaluation of the Federal Court Judges, many hasn’t the slightest knowledge of our constitution, and those that do are so damn liberal they will rewrite any law from congress, as that of the Trump Travel Ban.

    • I see where you’re coming from BUT they are supposed to interpret the laws!! They are NOT allowed to write/rewrite laws.

  46. Time to start replacing judges. The judges that are trying to rule this country from the bench must be removed.


  48. Michael Dennewitz

    Well Mr Trump, how damned long are you going to allow the little halfbred faggots people to CONTINUE running OUR country ? ???

  49. There’s no question we have judicials in our legal system who are so out of touch with their responsibility to determine what new legislative laws are -or- are not within the confines of The Constitution. These wacadoo’s have breached their judicial authority and must be reprimanded to the extent of impeachment. When you have a spreading disease you need to cut it out before it infects the whole body.

    DINO Obama as well as DINO Clinton’s were merely puppets as those DINO-RINO senators-house members-judicials orcastriated by George Soros who controls the US shadow government, comprised of leftwing elitists internationally bent on controlling the world. Their problem The Constitution n 80 million armed American Citizens, in 50 states [Militias].

    Now our Founders have given citizens The Constitution specifically…provides the means citizens can remove an overreaching government, by vote or impeachment 1st amendment or direct extraction 2nd amendment, if those meatheads resist

    The reason why these nitwit leftwing liberal nimrod DINOS-RINOS in the legislative and judicial branches of our government have such hatred for President Trump is he is in the process of literally exposing n draining the corrupt-deceitful DC DINO-RINO establishment house of cards and those elitists [foreign n domestic] who own them.

    Some food for thought FREE CITIZENS, at the moment!

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