Trump Hasn’t Spent a Dollar on Ads Yet

According to NBC News, Republican nominee Donald Trump has yet to spend a single dime on television ads for the general election. Recent filings show that the Trump coffers are full; his campaign pulled in more than $80 million last month, much of it in the form of small donations. But despite sitting on a treasure chest and facing some unfortunate poll numbers, Trump apparently still feels the media is giving him enough free coverage to make ads redundant.

In the meantime, the Hillary Clinton campaign has already purchased more than $52 million in TV ads. NBC also pointed out that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, third-party candidates for president, have “spent more on ads than Trump.”

When you think about it, this severely minimizes the impact of the most recent polls. The worst of them are bad indeed, showing Clinton with as much as a 10-point lead over Trump and routing him badly in several crucial swing states. We can debate the validity of those polls all we want, but the Trump campaign can’t afford to treat them as anything other than God’s holy truth. And the truth, in this case, looks grim.

But it becomes much less grim when you realize that Trump hasn’t really even started yet. Not a single television advertisement, and we’re creeping up on the middle of August. So you can’t help but wonder: Would a slate of effective TV ads be enough to close the gap between him and Hillary?

Trump benefited enormously from the free publicity he received in the primaries, but it’s time to recognize that not all publicity is good publicity. Not in this case. Not when mainstream sources of print and TV media have devolved into “journalists” squawking non-stop about how Trump is literally Satan incarnate. Don’t underestimate how much of an effect this onslaught is having on the average zoned-out voter. Trump needs to put a strong counter-narrative out there just to remind people that he’s not the monster the press has made him out to be.

It could have a really significant effect, if done well.

But let’s not wait much longer, okay?

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  1. Amazing that Donald Trump hasn’t spend a dollar on ads yet. If he can manage to do this, apparently he is the only candidate who can get our economy back on track. All the old hag can do is take money and spend it. If she should win, she will spend her term in office defending her crimes just as her husband did during his second term. In essence we had no president because he was making up lies to defend his impeachment. It’s George Soros who is keeping these two crooks and the other crook Barack Hussein in power . We need to get rid of all of them.

    • There are others that need to be gone also. Many on the Republican side. These professional politicians have had a money game going for years!

      • That’s why we need term limits. If anyone can accomplish that, Donald Trump can. The Establishment, both Dems and GOP, is totally wrapped up in itself and its business as usual, and will stand in the way of anyone who threatens their lifestyle. Check out all those who oppose Trump and you’ll know who the culprits are.

        • Lets see, that is ONE president that has to deal with 535 Congressmen. Good luck on getting terms limits past Congress.

          • You apparently don’t think Mr. Trump can connect with the people [voters] and put pressure on their congressional people. He does not have to individually arm wrestle each of the “535”. He got this for by connecting with us. I do not believe he will “forget” how to do that.

            Perhaps all those posting here who are wondering why he is not spending $$$ on ads should read his “Art of the Deal”.

            Perhaps you’ll have a better understanding of why he is holding his ‘cards’ close to his vest.

            I predict you “ain’t seen nothing” like what is likely waiting for ‘the moment’,

          • He is connecting with about 16 million voters…..FAR short of the 60 to 65 million that he needs to win the election. This is one deal that Trump is losing in and not the first. His ONLY hope at this point is if the FBI actually arrests Clinton and there is a very slight chance of that as just exposed by FBI sources. But don’t get your hopes up……

          • How do you figure only 18 mil? The WORST pole numbers show he is 10 points behind the Hillrat, therefore if he has 18 she couldn’t have more then 21 million votes….That only totals 31 million ?

            60 to win huh? By your logic or rather illogic, we are missing 30 odd mill;ion votes. Your argument dose not hold water, Geo. .

          • Hey Mathew 21 + 18 = 39 not 31 however I do agree that Hillary does not stand a chance because the people are going to take her down if God does not beat us to it !

          • Just keep on dreaming Mathew…..the DNC, mega wealthy Democrats billionaires, the filthy Clinton campaign machine and the worst of all the liberal progressive mass media (ABC,CBS,NBC, CNBC, MSNBC and of course CNN the Clinton News Network) are in the process of craving Trump up and will damne near destroy him by the time they are finished. A man running for president can’t take a knife to a gunfight and Trump does not have and isn’t spending the money to fight the Clinton campaign. Trump ceiling has never gone above even 44% of just Republicans, much less the Democrats who hate him and his careless statements are now killing him with the independents. Obama won the 2012 election with just shy of 66 million votes to just under 61 million votes for Romney and Trump is not only disliked by HATED far more than the dislike of Romney. Trumps base support after the primaries was 13,445,461 and given his performance since the end of the primaries his numbers can’ t be much better…he is getting hammered everyday. I am not happy about this and can’t stand Clinton but Trump is wrapping this election up for Clinton and putting a bow on it everyday. It isn’t just logic Mathew it is a matter of FACTS and numbers that are freely available online.

          • And yet recent Rasmussen poll shows only a 3 point difference between them, LA times just a 1 point diff. This is even after all the intentional misleading crap about him put out there by the msm. People need to wake up and pay more attention to the FACTS coming about Hillary and the dnc. Difficult when it’s squelched by the media but eventually even the feeble coverage it gets should make people say, ok she’s corrupt, she has to go.

          • You would hope that the people would wake up and pay attention BUT the liberal MSM controls the media and the message, they are controlling what people hear, think and vote. The facts and truth never stand in the way of the media lying to the American people. I’m afraid the way things are going we are heading for another revolution because the two sides are too far apart to ever compromise and govern.

          • If DT doesn’t win, better a revolution soon rather than later. “Later” we would be even buried deeper in Liberal crap.
            In my mind, a revolt just doesn’t bear thinking about! It would be horrible.
            But, are we to just sit back and let a decent future be taken from our nation’s youth?
            That is the question!

          • I wish there was a brighter outlook BUT the truth is that the liberal progressives have been moving our country towards socialism and a Democrat Socialist welfare state since the 30’s and FDR’s administration and the sad thing is that FDR was opposed to both socialism and communism. It was WWII that helped end the depression and not welfare spending. But successive generations of Democrats have gradually moved our country in that direction and Obama has made a very aggressive effort to do just that and Hillary Clinton will accelerate the effort. Bernie Sanders was the FIRST outright socialist to run for the presidency and he gained a scary amount of support from young minds of mush that don’t know any different. Socialism is incompatible with a FREE market, representative Republic, so something will have to give. Do we stay a free society or become an oppressive socialist welfare state? I say it is worth the fight to protect our FREEDOM and way of life…..FREEDOM is never FREE and must be fought for.

          • I think many of us existed in a sort of fog (including me) until around 2008. Also, events surrounding this current election have finished yanking me out of the stupor!
            Five years ago I left the fly-over state of OK. I was in shock that Okies voted for the “Bern” and Cruz!
            I understood their choosing Cruz, for there are many religious folk there.Too many Christians will vote for the candidate that screams the loudest, “I am a Christian.” I saw the same in FL. Although being a follower for the Christ myself, I was still shocked.
            I plan to vote for DT even if he continues to sabotage himself.
            You are correct: FREEDOM is never FREE and must be fought for! If resistance happens, I will attempt to be in the middle of it.

          • Amen…..a RARE voice of reason. You must still remember the days when the faith, character, honesty and integrity of a candidate for the president was an important consideration. Today we have two of the most corrupt people to ever run for the office, which leaves us very few choices, This REALLY is an election of the least of two evils. Clinton is without a doubt the MOST corrupt and the greatest of the two evils……..

          • For miles around my home in FL, I have never seen even ONE Hillary sign in folk’s yards. TRUMP signs are popping up daily!
            I would like to hear from commenters about their areas.

          • If the American voter is stupid enough to vote for Hillary they deserve everything coming.

            Hillary is a self admitted Globalist but has no idea of what the ‘Debt Crises’ is all about. Recall 2008/9, the same situation is being repeated. Coming soon to your ATM machine – sorry – zero balance.

            p.s. this is not an ad lib joke. Already 1.7 Trillion of M1 money has been sequestered by the Globalist. There are firms like Stansberry that track this sort of things. The Multi-Nationalist have had eight quarters of declining revenue and profits – recession time for them. The Commodity Index is down 36 percent – from Mckinsey Global Institute.

          • I don’t believe in these polls! Before I ever believe in them I want to know where the poll was taken, how many Dems, how many Repubs, how many in dependants etc. We’re these polls taken online where many people can vote more than once and how many Christians were involved. I don’t buy the crap we are being fed.

          • I agree………they should be outlawed at all levels because they are unscientific, can be manipulated and ARE used to influence the votes in our elections by the liberal progressive media.

          • So true George.

          • That ‘moment’ may be the first Debate. Given Hillary’s personality should not be difficult to have her implode. That or go ballistic. Great if it leads to a brain freeze or coughing spell. Then Trump could rush over to help her, calling out for a doctor. Of course this would inflame Hillary even more so. If possible she will just stomp off the stage. Then Trump could apologize to everyone explaining he did not think Hillary was so fragile.

            The first and last debate but great theater.

            Hillary… the new name for cannon fodder.

          • hey i would like to see that happen, however hillary and democrats will have their moderators and they will give hillary the questions before the debate so she can look calm and smooth at the debates. If you doubt lt me just wait until they announce the moderators and than remember what hillary and the democrats did to sanders. They will do anything to win, honest or dishonest and it is all about winning and nothing less.

          • Believe Trump will take your words for granted. He will have to go off topic, or slip sideways. Hillary will get this disgruntled look, telling Trump to stay on topic. Then Trump can say, come on Hillary, can’t we discuss something of importance. The Moderators jump in, then Trump tells them they are not in the Debate – you’re fired! Lets go Hillary, lets have a real Debate. Chaos ensues – the moderators and Hillary jump all over Trump. Trump laughs, I love it, a cartoon debate.Trump apologizes to the audience then says, sorry folks but just can’t abide fools. END OF DEBATE. There is no second debate! Note: the advertisers are furious! Even better, the Stations lose a ton of money.

            That ought to get Trump about a Billion dollars worth of Media Coverage. Negative to be sure but name recognition IS the name of the game.

          • <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il584r:….,….

          • usathoughts, Thank you for the belly laughs and I agree with everything you said. When Trump cuts lose on Hillary, her head will spasm back and forth and she will be in such a purple rage she will fall over and kick her feet into the air as she grunts in a vain attempt to get her mind to send vocal messages to her mouth. Then Trump will rush to help her and after a while Hillary will be able to say, Momma, Momma, I want my Momma. ROTFLMAO

          • For myself don’t want to see a so called Presidential Trump. I want him to have blood running out of Hillary’s eyes. We damn sure don’t need another affirmative action President nor one with a graveyard trailing behind her.

          • I have to agree with you. I think he is going to unleash the hounds of hell on that b–ch when the time is right.

          • Let’s pray like we’ve never prayed that he unleashes on her and gets his point across that she is not fit to command. The media will never go against her but the people have to know what a crooked scrum, she is. Just can’t let her be Obama s third term. We are a sovereign nation, not part of their one world order with the UN in charge. And we can’t afford liberal Supreme Court Justices. God help us all and God help the United States of America.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Trup’s a big fat greasy orange pussy boy.

          • A president can do slot with the people on his side. It could happen if he rallies the people.

          • If you haven’t noticed he ISN’T rallying people behind him. In fact, with each day that he continues to stick his big foot in his mouth even more high profile Republicans come out against him. He has NO ONE to blame but himself for running a slash & burn, win at all cost primary campaign were he abused and pissed on to many people and the fool expects them to line up like little soldiers to support and vote for him. Ole Don Meredith used to close the Monday night football games by singing….”turn out the lights, the party’s over”…..and this race is over before it started.

          • Perhaps a plebiscite may accomplish the impossible. If nothing else it will scare the hell out of the politicians. He would need about 90 Congressmen and 20 Senators to make this happen. these numbers have to do with percentage of any organization to take control.

          • The numbers that count are in the Senate were it takes 60 votes to get any legislation to the presidents desk and the Democrats have been able to control the Senate with a minority vote since the 2014 midterms by voting in a block of 46 to 43 to stop and Republican bills from getting to Obama’s desk for approval or veto. If the Senate Dem’s aren’t behind it, it goes NO where…..The Republicans need to continue control the House and win six more seats in the Senate, otherwise NOTHING is going to change. If Clinton is elected she will make Obama look like a child when it comes to use of executive action…..she will use it to rule.

      • you Leave the pro life people alone there are also Prolife Repuplicans you are Speaking out against the Unborn babies if Pro life people gets out how will the Pro life laws work? you are a Traitor you betrayed the pro life people why do you hate Pro life people?

        • I dont think most of us want to get rid of pro- life congressmen. I sure dont. Just those who are betrayers. Globalist. Money hungry . Those who dont listen to the people.

        • The”pro-life” people meme is mostly a dog whistle. The so-called pro-life clowns can’t even get partial birth abortion outlawed. They don’t walk the walk.

        • If we don’t put a stop to the commies and the RINO/Democrat establishment Pro life will not mean a thing when your EXISTING children are starving to death.

        • If and when Clinton wins the White House the Republican party will be on its death bed after Clinton starts handing out the “freebies” to the masses……

      • Elite Republicans = Elite Democrats = Elite MEDIA = Liberal Progressives.

        They have had control for years now… The elite Republicans collude with the Elite Democrats, none are on the side of the American People.

        Term Limits…

      • davesnrakleberger

        mitch, ryan, mccain graham, priebus, rove, collins, all need to be gone and anyone in the GOP that supports Hillary, I have a feeling that the gop is castrating themselves and that we can get rid of a bunch of these treasonous RINOs.

      • They are worse than that, they are the other half of the two-headed, treacherous one party totalitarian oligarchy! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed; or become slaves to the State living a life of misery and squalor as they live as the kings and queens, like they are currently, on the backs of the middle class that is about to go extinct!

      • I agree all of the dem. and a lot of the rep. that’s why i’m for TRUMP and his term limits go TRUMP 2016 GO hillary to prison 2016

      • Amen and amen!!!!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      What do you propose to “get rid of them?”

    • I am worried because he needs every vote he can get and there are still other people that have not decided yet. He needs to put some on the main stream TV prime slots. I want him to WIN!

      • Jaybird; He got this for by connecting with us. I do not believe he will “forget” how to do that.

        Perhaps all those posting here who are wondering why he is not spending $$$ on ads should read his “Art of the Deal”.

        Perhaps you’ll have a better understanding of why he is holding his ‘cards’ close to his vest.

        I predict you “ain’t seen nothing” like what is likely waiting for ‘the moment’,

        • I agree 100%!
          Read that book years ago!

        • I hope so. I’m pushing 70 and I really do want to die and get planted in America and not the Socialist States of Obama.

          No matter what, I’m with you guys to the very end.

          Trump for the White House
          Clinton for the BIG house.

          • Mathew; boy, oh boy, at 81 I’m there with you. #neverhillary!!! [please, God forbid that Hillary should win!!]

          • I am also in that age group. I will be able to say I fought to change things. I have donated, became a delegate this year, signed petitions, called approx. 36 members of the Freedom Caucus to get Boehner out and will work to get Ryan out. I have posted bills and asked people to call their representatives to push them through.

        • I hope he has a plan because right not he is not connecting with enough people to win cause I know a few that I am working on that don’t want to vote or vote 3rd party.

          I have told some that Gary Johnson (L) was a CEO of a Cannabis CO in NV that makes edibles with POT and said in one of his interviews that “the edibles were the “creme-de-la-creme” of products. He has resigned his position but he wants to legalize pot everywhere and “promises not to ingest any while President. Yea, Right!! If you think a product is that good are you really going to stop using?

    • If she gets in she won’t have to bother defending her crimes, just filling her and Bills pockets on the other hand if Trump gets in she may pay for her crimes.

    • I agree the thing that gets me is how someone could vote for someone that is buying ads with money that she stole from them and sold out our country for…not counting all the bodies that they’ve left behind or the one’s that will come if elected so go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016

    • Then who is putting TRUMP ads out there ?

    • Yes–that’s the advice I’ve been giving to GOP candidates-! “Nothing does you less good than the Brain
      –that you didn’t use in the First Place”-! (They wanted your money–so that they can give it to George
      Soros & Obama–They wanted it for “Advertising” in the “Major TV Media”-!) Which ones–do you want
      to “Give half of our ” Political Ads TO–from ‘Our Republican Donations’-!? If you have a Brain–“Think”-!
      Geoge Soros has bought a ‘Control-Interest’ on ‘Thirty Major U.S. TV Media’-! This George Soros has it
      figured Out-! The Democrats Ads are a “plus” & if he also “Gets the GOP Ads”–He’ll have “Twice the
      Money”–to “Defeat the Republican Party”-! He’ll “Use Our Own Money Against Us”-! Trump’s “Using
      His Head–Just Like Soros”-! (“He Not Going to Give George Soros Any Money–to Defeat Trump”-!)

  2. It’s frustrating because on one hand I can’t stand the loud mouthed, bombastic, narcissist who has completely hijacked the Republican party and snatched defeat from what should have been a slam dunk victory over a weak and incompetent Democrat. BUT on the other hand Trump is now the only horse that we can ride in the race and the alternative is devastating to the future of our country and the possible end of the Republican party and the conservative movement. His lack of effort makes it look like he is intentionally throwing the race in a walk over and as a Republican there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. The coming years are looking very bleak under continued Democrat rule that WILL bankrupt our country.

    • With comments like yours, expect to get Hillary.

      • Bite your tongue. Since the law and the facts will set her free, our only hope is her health. And I have no guilt about saying that after all the murders and “suicides” she has been responsible for.

      • I’ve been expecting it for more than six months as the primaries started to wind down and realized this race was over before the first vote had been cast in the general election. The liberal progressive media gave Trump two billion in FREE airtime and exposure, that none of his opponents could come close to matching and they did did it for the ad dollars that he brought them and to influence the primary to hand Clinton the weakest possible “Republican” candidate to run against. Mission accomplished. And of course now that they have helped him to the Republican nomination, they are going to absolutely carve him up and destroy him in the run up to the November 8th. And he is making it easy for them. Be prepared to say Madam President.

        • StupidConservativeValues


          • I guess that’s good if your savior is an old, lying, corrupt, power drunk, incompetent hag.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Actually, that’s inaccurate. But still, it beats all the bullshit that comes out of this orange oranguatan.

          • Actually, it is very accurate. You are just too drunk on the liberal kool-aid to understand it with your pea brain.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I’ll take the so-called “liberal Kool-Aid” you speak of (whatever that is), instead of drinking one another’s urine and Santorum you cons love to drink and smear on yourselves so much.

          • Did your parents have any kids with brains or are they all like you?

          • Children shouldn’t play on the internet………does your mommy know where you are at?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Boy, I don’t even know how to come back at that one! Very, very clever!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        He’s most likely a socialist liberal Cookie..

  3. A lot of these Republicans are saying Hillary is easy to beat. I beg to differ. Hillary can and would beat any of the other 16 regular candidates! Only Trump can defeat her, but with the Republican Party sabotaging Trump, it became much harder. Trumps mouth hasn’t helped either, but if I were in his shoes, I would do the same!

    • Trump sabotaged himself by running a slash & burn, win at all cost primary campaign with his big mouth and abusive behavior. You don’t win many friends and votes by pissing on and abusing people and then expect them to line up behind you like little soldiers in the general election. This race has been over for the last eight months.

      • StupidConservativeValues


        • Look….it is a young mind of mush who brought out his liberal progressive Politifact coloring book. There is nothing independent about Politifact fool……follow the money and who owns them. Your young pliable mind is being manipulated and used and you are to childish to know any better.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Hey georgie, are you a dumbasscrat?? ???

        • What are you….maybe 14? Not even a man child……..I bet you still scribble on bathroom walls child.

          • No when debate time comes it is over for Hillary she will probably get so mad she will start convulsing go in to a head bobbing full body seizure then turn in to a fireball and shoot down through stage to the center of the Earth where she came from never to be seen again here on the surface of planet Earth ! Praise the Lord help us Jesus rid the world of evil and demonic beings ! Amen

          • I can see that you have quite a colorful imagination and can fabricate incredible stories and that is ALL that it is. Trump is continuing to destroy his campaign and you hopes for him everyday with his big mouth……he has NO filter and continues to say ridiculous things that get him in trouble.

          • Yes he definitely needs to learn how to be disciplined I started getting very concerned about the time he had that bout with the Muslim Gold star daddy and mommy.

      • Right, keep spouting off that nonsense. You can vote for whichever candidate you want but for anyone that wants this country snatched back from the jaws of corruption, pc BS, and the nanny state then vote for TRUMP.

        • The nonsense Dylan comes from FACTS and not hopes. Trump does NOT have the liquid capital to run a national presidential election and he does NOT have the support of wealthy donors to help him run a winning campaign. Not only that, he keeps sticking his very large foot in his mouth over and over again to the delight of the liberal progressive media who are going to carve him up and destroy him in the general election. I don’t like it any more than you do but unfortunately this is what it is………

          • What is he going to do with the 80 million he raised last month and God knows how much so far this month? PLUS his own cash.

          • Mathew…Clinton has ten times that and additional billionaire liberal progressives that back her with nearly a blank check. Trump is wealthy in hard assets BUT is “cash poor”, he doesn’t have the liquid capital to fund his won presidential campaign and the billionaire conservatives aren’t lining up to support him. Billionaire Mark Cuban knows Trump personally and could buy and sell Trump and knows that Trump doesn’t have the cash. He has offended and abused too many people. 80 million is peanuts….Clinton has spent 52.6 million in Colorado alone and Trump has spent…ZERO, that’s right ZERO and the very reason that he lost the Colorado caucuses because he didn’t campaign here. He could afford to do that in the primaries BUT not the general election.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      You don’t beg to differ, you beg for your master’s punishment for shitting in your pants before you were supposed to.

  4. It’s TIME to spend that money and SLAM THE BITCH and the COMMUNIST-DEMOCRAT PARTY. NOW !!! OR, we can say good-by to the U.S.A.. This country will be just another European Socialist TOTALLY CONTROLLED by the ELITES nation. NO FUTURE for our KIDS and GRAND-KIDS. THAT, is what WILL happen if this LYING CRIMINAL COMMUNIST BITCH WINS.

    • Unfortunately Trump doesn’t have the liquid assets to fund the general election on his own and he has stepped on too many toes and burned too many bridges with the wealthy donors to expect them to support and back his campaign. The wealthy didn’t get rich by throwing good money after bad. Trump has managed to hijack the party and snatch defeat from what should have been a sure victory over a lousy Democrat candidate.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Keep snorting that shit, keep snorting it.. ?????

        • StupidConservativeValues

          I thought you were in prison?

        • Look…..we have another Nazi. Stick it facist………..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            B L O C K E D ASSWIPE!!!

          • Look— your dead wrong ! Soooooo wrong. Where did you get your info? CNN ? Lynn Patton former employee of trump. You tube. If you dare.scary ! Boo ! Sticks and stones may break my bones BUT WORDS are just your opinion.

          • You can take your head out of the sand now Louann. You can take your hands away from your eyes, take the cotton out of your ears now……Where is YOUR proof that I am wrong? Soooooo wrong? Trump has not released his tax returns for a reason Louann, because he is not worth as much as he claims and one of the sources that should know is billionaire Mark Cuban who could buy and sell Trump all day long. Fellow billionaires like the Koch brothers and Warren Buffet have turned their back on Trump, so he doesn’t have the funding to run a presidential campaign. Holding your breath and turning blue isn’t going to save Trump Louann…. I’m angry because Trump’s charade is going to put a corrupt career politician in the White House and there isn’t anything that the American people can do about it.

          • Tax returns ? O please! That’s funny. Trump is not a liar like hillabeast / obama/ E mail freaks liars. Who cares about mark Cuban!he”s nobody. And the betrayers what are they hidding? Who cares ! Prove it !trump has spent over 50 million dollars. No one owns him. Like the big mouths .trump is not a politician.never has been.

          • You can take your uneducated head out of the sand Louann. Monkey see no evil, monkey hear no evil, monkey speak no evil, monkey has no common sense…..Clinton has spent 52.6 million dollars in Colorado alone and Trump….ZERO. You don’t win the game by not playing the game……Trump is mailing this one in. All of your worship for naught…….

          • Uneducated? thats all you have? funny boy. hillibeast Spent 52 million not of her own money.she is owned. get it ? Big differents. I only worship God. I live in colorado. trumps votes were 60 %.

          • That’s really all I need Louann….your words speak for them self. That is 52.6 million more than Trump has spent…ZERO Louann, ZERO. I am a Coloradoan too, so you can’t fool me…you have seen NO ads FOR Trump in Colorado and the Colorado polls have Trump down 10 to 12 points to Clinton. It appears that you have substituted Trump for God, by the faith and worship that you have placed in a VERY sinful man.

          • And you remind me of a real white wash tomb.clean on the outside but inside your dead. Can you throw the first stone? Trump has used his own money. Get it? Hillabeast uses any one that will give it to her.after the theft of Colorado voters . Iv’e learned about corrupt colo.wake up bud. Ads will come big time.along with hillabeast arrest. Last reply. Smart one?

          • You have once again proven my point Louann by opening your mouth and leaving absolutely no doubt…….and you just don’t seem to get it Louann, Trump doesn’t have enough money to buy the presidency. He can’t even afford to run TV ads in Colorado……although it would be a waste of money now.

        • Guess that pissed you off Nazi………….

      • I guess you didn’t read the article. “the Trump coffers are full; his campaign pulled in more than $80 million last month, much of it in the form of small donations”

        • 80 million is peanuts in a national election……Clinton has nearly 10 times that amount and has in fact spent 52.6 million in Colorado alone and Trump has not spent one dime or put one ad on the air here.It is the very reason that he lost the Colorado caucuses. Repeated negative ads work and Trump is allowing Clinton to walk all over him. More than a BILLION dollars was spent during the 2012 presidential campaign. Trump isn’t serious about this campaign and in fact told a reporter just yesterday that if he loses the election, and he expects to, he will go back to his good life. I feel bad for all those small donors…..and for the American people because we have been cheated out of a vital election that puts our future in danger.

          • Glad to see you have thrown in the towel already. The rest of us will not.

          • Dylan you apparently don’t have the facts to stand behind your blind support of Trump……Trump’s ONLY hope is if and there is a very slight chance that Hillary Clinton may be arrested by the FBI, which has just been intimated by FBI sources. Otherwise the general election will be a landslide in November and an embarrassment to Trump and our country. It is called facts and numbers Dylan……….

          • Right. Summer is not over and many many won’t focus until mid-September or so

          • NOT TRUE. AT ALL!. She did raise like 5 mill more then Trump did in July but she has spend nearly every single dime. .

        • Maybe he’ll use the money to pay his outstanding labor bills.

      • Well they are throwing all their money at Hilary who is spending like money grows a trees. As said in previous post if she is doing this now just think what she’ll do when she’s elected.

        • Agreed………..and what can WE do about it? Clinton is a heartless, corrupt, career, politician and candidate and the problem that we have is that our candidate and horse in the race is even more hated than she is. The Obama administration collected nearly 20 TRILLION dollars in taxes over the past seven and half years and has spent nearly NINE TRILLION more than collected and Clinton will be more of the same and will eventually bankrupt our country.

          • Hey, what happened to the $6 BILLION that went missing from the State adept under Hollary’s watch?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I’m so glad I blocked commie georgie. ?

      • The elites choice, Jeb “Act of Love” Bush wou have laid diwn and let Hillary trounce all over him. I.e. , pulled a Romney.

        • Whining now isn’t going to change the reality…..Romney was ten times the TRUE Republican candidate that Trump is not. The Obama machine beat Romney but they are going to destroy Trump by the end of the race…….

    • Poor buddy. Who abused your mind? You’ll be cool. If we don’t do something about our long standing abuse of carbon and animal industries your children may be looking for a high dry place in which to survive but you’ll be fine. Take a deep breath, have a snickers, ROO, take a nap …you’ll feel better. Peace

      • OMG the sky is falling, what a putz, climate change is coming to get all you crybaby liberals, hurry go hide in mommy’s basement.

      • Hey, where do you live? I’ll be right over and pull your electric meter and cut down your service lateral and then fill you chimney with concrete. – You carbon footprint will drop to zero,,,Or are you like goofy Gore? Everybody BUT you has to shut down, right?

        • I get wet in the shower turn off the water, soap, turn on, rinse, turn off; shave, brush teeth without water running. There is a half gallon block in the toilet tank. Everything with digital clock or tiny light is unplugged after use including computer , tv, router, stereo components , coffee pot and chargers. I use one lamp at a time only. Last months electric bill (4 people/2,800 sq. ft.) was $31.79.; that includes a $6 charge for using clean energy from local wind conversion. Gas $13.84(water heater/cook stove ); Water $26.21. Why wouldn’t I do my part, it saves money and the environment. Normal weeks=10-15 miles on my car; $25 a month in gasoline or less. We recycle trash, take cloth bags to the store or farmer’s market. Its all habit by now, not effort. You?

    • Its sad how people are so deceived from hillabeast. You are correct. There the ones who are abused.unbelievable !

  5. He might think about those states he is not polling well. Just an opinion.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      He won’t, he doesn’t wisely consider anything he’s doing. It’s called common sense to know he’s conning his supporters. Would you put up with the bullshit he spews if he was your plumber? He’s pissing down your backs and telling you it’s raining. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

      • Wow, sounds like desperation is getting control of your narrow mind.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          A typical example of a conservative concluding the opposite from what the world of facts presents.

          • You have already shown yourself for what you actually are.The liberal propaganda you suck up then repeat like a parrot. Change your name to Polly.

      • You are so smart just cast your vote and then YOU shut the f*** up. So what is your wealth picture? Food stamps?

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Your response is the classic “sucrec,” in con language…meaning your a sucker, or a good mark. It’s kind of funny, as all conservatives allow themselves to get conned. So the cons get conned. How about that you dumb piece of shit? Go fuck your eagle.

          • People seem to think you are the dumb piece of shit, indicated by your selection “stupid conservative values”. Troll on where you are … whatever.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            MORE $ORO$ $$$$$$ FOR ME!
            Thanks asshole!

  6. StupidConservativeValues


  7. Michael Dennewitz

    Can you really see the difference? This is what all the dumbasscraps hate about Mr Trump – he’s a “self-made” man. And tho he knows zilch about “military,” His genius would get this once mighty country out of debt! ! The way I see it, we only have ONE choice, unless we’re so damned dumb that we want to see this country “finished off!”

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Trump doesn’t wisely consider anything he’s doing. It’s called common sense to know he’s conning his supporters. Would you put up with the bullshit he spews if he was your plumber? He’s pissing down your back and telling you it’s raining. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

      • So you prefer a known such as Hillary? I would not hire her to take out my household garbage.
        If Trump could not “wisely consider” his next step he would never have had the worldwide business successes. If that were the case you and I would not recognize his name today. He plans his steps way ahead of what we are used to when evaluating our politicians.

      • davesnrakleberger

        yeah……that’s why he has such a neat airplane, many golf courses, etc. You are laughable.

      • He does not have any reason to con anyone dipshit ! Con artist con people to get money to buy things they do not have or steal assets from people. Trump can already have whatever he wants and already has enough money to make him a very powerful man. Unlike the group of politicians that are in it just for the money. Their sorry asses could not make it honestly by building a business so they decided to steal money from the American people. Trump is the only one in this to actually help the country and the people in it instead of stealing from us beating us down. Your the one that needs to wake the fuck up !

        • StupidConservativeValues

          1. “steal assets from people”
          Trump University and numerous documented business dealings proves he’s a scam artist preying on the gullible (you) and engaging in fraud. Several cases are pending and judgments have been rendered in the past against Trumpy.
          2. “Trump can already have whatever he wants and already has enough money to make him a very powerful man.”
          Then he should release his taxes and remove all doubt. You stupid fucks cried for Obama’s birth certificate, the State of Hawaii produced it and you idiots act like kids who take their balls home when things aren’t going their way.

          Not only are American conservatives babies, they’re not very smart ones even at that.

  8. StupidConservativeValues

    The following is called a FACT:

    Back in 03, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, a career diplomat named Jay Garner was working with the Iraqi government to create a government within 90 days so the US could stand down. Bush replaced Garner with Jerry Bremer. Bremer was responsible for possibly the 2 worst decisions ever in US foreign policy. The first was de-Bathification of the Iraq government. This put 50,000 of Iraq’s most capable and powerful people, govt agency heads down to teachers and cops, out on the street. His second order was to “disband” a 400,000 man army. Garner had been negotiating with the Iraqi generals for a position where they could help establish the rule of law in post Hussein Iraq. Bremer sent home 400,000 angry armed men with no pay. Three days later the insurrection in Iraq started. Instead of a Congressional investigation for massive incompetence causing the death of thousands of young Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and the expenditure of a trillion dollars-Bush gave this fucking tool the Medal of Honor.

    The generals Bremer sent home are now running ISIS.

  9. StupidConservativeValues

    The following account is called a “FACT,” in that it actually happened sans right/left wing interpretation:

    Back in 03, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, a career diplomat named Jay Garner was working with the Iraqi government to create a government within 90 days so the US could stand down. Bush replaced Garner with Jerry Bremer. Bremer was responsible for possibly the 2 worst decisions ever in US foreign policy. The first was de-Bathification of the Iraq government. This put 50,000 of Iraq’s most capable and powerful people, govt agency heads down to teachers and cops, out on the street. His second order was to “disband” a 400,000 man army. Garner had been negotiating with the Iraqi generals for a position where they could help establish the rule of law in post Hussein Iraq. Bremer sent home 400,000 angry armed men with no pay. Three days later the insurrection in Iraq started. Instead of a Congressional investigation for massive incompetence causing the death of thousands of young Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and the expenditure of a trillion dollars-Bush gave this friggin tool the Medal of Honor.

    The generals Bremer sent home are now running ISIS!

  10. Term limits are a must .trump is doing better then these polls these 3rd party people are taking away about 10 points.this will only help Hillary. Trump must win. Or we will all regret this. Dont forget the judges. Trump will probably let loose on his ads soon.even though her e- mails are a Hugh help.Trump show Kathy Shelton 12 yr old girl raped brutally. Hillary helped her rapist. Horrible Hillary. Just to win ?

  11. Robert Bennett
    It is very obvious to me that the news media spent so much time trying to find things that Trump has done whether it be statements or reasons, I am referring to all of the newspapers and television. I understand why Mr. Trump is not paying for ads. If I were in Trump’s shoes I would not pay for political ads either, I believe that Mr. Trump should thank all of the news media for running so much garbage and allowing him to stockpile money until such time as it will be necessary for and to pay for his political ads.

  12. Mr. Trump is a businessman, not a stupid politician. He knows what he has to do, and he knows how to do it. The stinking liberal media who trash him everyday want money for their coffers. Screw ’em!

    • …he knows when you been sleeping; he knows when you’re awake; he knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake. If he knew when to shut his mouth, pay his contractors, utter truth, put a pin in his inflated ego, manufacture in the U.S.; not fraud citizens; dump his mafia ties; making fun of the handicapped; stop being a racist bigot; stop more of the press from quoting him or showing his barbaric self; win back the GOP, the military chiefs past and present, CIA chefs past and present; stop the panel of psychiatric professionals working on his mental evaluation; show his real taxes; un-show his and Manfred’s ties to Russia; recall supporters who walked out of his ‘2nd amendment rally’ in N. Carolina; took back 4 deferments, 3 wives; un-tell us that the fascist Pence will really be president; had a plan for global warming; had an economic plan that wouldn’t cause recession and loose us 3.5 million jobs; hadn’t been sued by the government twice for discrimination in housing; if he could get Wayne Barrett, David Cay Johnston and Tony Schwartz to take back their research; hadn’t introduced us to John Miller(LOL); had a clue and Santa Clause was comin’ to town he could use con artist business knowledge to bring an end to civilization. Don’t bother sending back your ‘witch hunt on Clinton files’, all BS, I’m not voting for her or PENCE/MILLER ’16 .

  13. He is probably waiting for a predetermined Time to unleash the Greatest Infomercials of all time. The adds will be Great not only the Greatest adds but they will be informative.

  14. Let the Dems spend their money on their propaganda…

    Nobody needs to watch their shit anyway, absolutely nothing of any value.

  15. I am sure Mr. Trump is being smart and strategic. You spin opinions before you know his reasoning. Why? You get fiction turning into fact because people don’t always sort it out in what they read & especially with titles of articles! Then they go around spewing your crap as fact like “I read somewhere that…..” Can’t stand the low quality of reporting that goes on.

    • With you 100%

    • Trump: ”I’m hearing…”; ”Some say…”; ”I saw it in the Enquirer…”. Yes those pesky Trump quotes and filmed events causing low quality of reporting . We need to keep the media away then the people won’t see the insanity .

  16. So many lies from main stream media and polls that are clearly bullshit.

  17. Everyone is spending more money to bad mouth Trump while he just sits and grins. He doesn’t need to spend $$ yet because his opponents make his name a household term…good or bad comments, he is still in the news!

    Even though Trump isn’t a great speaker and he gets angry quickly when cornered (so do many people), he is the only one capable of saving this Nation from the disingenuous and immoral policies of the wicked witch of the East. Hillary will destroy any remnants of our “Civilized Society” and replace them with laws of the criminally insane.
    Either you abandon God entirely and vote for Sally Satan or you abandon lucifer and vote for Trump the Triumphant! It’s teally that easy. How much is your Soul worth and how long can you survive in the fires below? For an eternity??? Take a good hard look in the mirrow and ask yourself those

  18. I agree. Wish he would get with it.

    Like every 15 minutes the Cackling Witch saying saying “What dose it Matter” under the Caption “4 killed in Benghazi ” How ’bout her laughing about getting a very guilty rapist off too.

  19. I think Trump is smart to let Hillary spend up her money on ads while Trump saves his money and watches what Hillary is doing, then prepares to make his attack after the debates. Many Americans have very short attention spans, so what’s relevant today will not be relevant closer to the actual election. Trump has been hiring more of the professional campaign consultants, and I believe that once he starts putting on ads, they will be very targeted on specific issues to remind voters about how much of a corrupt liar Hillary is, and how she can not be trusted. The media is definitely against Trump, so I believe that as Trump notes the media bias, and begins to develop more of a strategic plan and consistent dialogue focusing on the differences between him and Hillary, I believe his message will resonate more. Most people do not want a 3rd term of Obama, so I believe that people will begin to scrutinize Hillary more as we get closer to the election. Trump just need to stay focused on the economy and terrorism, and get some really good people to help him articulate how he will be better for America than Hillary. Go Trump!

    • If the President could run again he would be re-elected. I guess we can hope he’ll give us another chance in ’20. Media bias? Trump feeds ’em a bail ‘o whacko on a daily basis .

    • This weeks “TIME” cover .Suitable for framing.

  20. I think Trump is waiting for the right time to run the ads. Closer to the election. He may be right we will
    have to see.. It is true that the mainstream media is twisting everything he says and trying to make him
    out to be someone horrible. In fact, he is a humanitarian and a brilliant business man, and wants to truly
    make this country great again as it once was (before BHO transformed it into the mess it is now.) He is not a politician which of course is a good thing, but the MSM takes advantage of this and continues to take statements he makes out of context to make him look bad. In addition, the jealous establishment GOP are not giving them
    their support, as they are only interested in making themselves wealthy, not what is in the best interest of the
    American workers. Mr. Trump is making a huge sacrifice in running for the presidency, he
    could of instead chose to just enjoy a great retirement.

  21. If this is true then he needs to get busy,I don’t live in a swing state so we see or hear no adds. I will say that I feel the polls are cooked even though the latest polls show Trump closing in on Hillary.

    • How long since you looked, I have to wonder how much you folks pay attention . Trump is 15 points behind nationally and growing. He is running 4th with 18-35 aged voters. 75 prominent GOP faces just requested that $0 be spent on Trump. Military leaders threaten to quit if T is elected. CIA Chief and past chief denounce T. Supporters walking out 20 mins into his recent N. Carolina rally. There’s more bad news but you can find it.

  22. Mr. Trump and his staff are looking for states and demographics in which advertising will do any good. While the grass roots is contributing toward that, high-rollers such as the Koch brothers have already moved their contributions to down-ticket races.

    Mr. Trump has not needed advertising because he can make news. That provides name-recognition but does not persuade or motivate a majority.

    He is a master persuader when not held to facts or promises. Ms. Clinton thought she could fight with just facts. Trump supporters and many independents did not respond to that. Recently Ms. Clinton has adopted Mr. Trump’s style (minus the insults). She is certainly drawing on more than one marketing expert and has a staff that can both plan the game and execute it.

    Mr. Trump needs not only to start spending, he needs a new tactic.

  23. Perhaps he is showing he could do more for less.

  24. If Bernie would have gotten all the free air time that Trump has gotten Bernie would be the Dem candidate and the next POTUS.

  25. Maybe Trump’s strategy is to time his TV campaign until September and October to have a greater impact closer to election time. Meanwhile Hillary will have spent Several Millions and her attacks will have grown stale by then to fall on deaf ears.

  26. He will have a ton of money after the first debate! He’ll be able to run ads 24/7 until election day. don’t underestimate him. Donald Trump is a powerful Jedi! a powerful Jedi!

  27. PT Barnum 101, and Trump is a master.

  28. Good for You Donald, why cast “pearls to swine”.

    • Millertrump imports his fake pearls from Russia and pork rinds from Deace in Iowa and pork chops from fascist Sheriff Richard k. Jones in Middletown, Ohio.

  29. I think he needs to get more of the word out. As the article said, the “drive by” media is slaughtering Trump. Hopefully when his advertising does kick off it is tasteful and to the point. His opponent gives plenty of opportunities, but I’m sure he will still be called a racist and woman hater.

    • Right wing extremist radio media is destroying minds, marriages, Christian tenets, peace, civility and American principles reversing everything we hold as sacred . Evil minded nut jobs. Bill Cunningham, WLW 700 AM/Naziatti lies and twists/spins his fascist views daily . Bassackwards media.

  30. So that means he as accomplish his goals. He has been funneling cash for months into his companies during the Primary campaign and according to this Article he has 80 million that can go to Trump adversting, Trump Catering , trump Airlines or any other company he wants to make up that will just disappear after the campaign is over. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. The only Americans that Donald Trump cares about are the ones who’s Last name is spelled TRUMP.

  31. Of course, as in horse racing the winner isn’t determined until the finish line. However, all good jockies, and most politicians know that you need to put the whip to the horse before you hit the stretch run. Come on Trump spend some of that money I have sent you.

  32. He may be conserving his capital to hit harder closer to the election. It is a risk, but may just work for him.

  33. <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il584r:….,…..

  34. No Ad money for the Mass Media. No wonder they hate him. Like with everything else it comes down to money!

    Trump needs to do some horse trading. For every dollar in advertising money one word used to support his position. That would be a whole lot of words. But still less than all the words in negative articles. The Networks think they have him over the proverbial barrel. Not even close!

    Can use the coupon system. Read his eMail or Internet Chain Letter and receive a coupon for one of a variety of products. Manufacturers will gladly assist his efforts. All the readers have to do is write down one point of interest to them. Would go out to everyone on the Internet. Perhaps 100 million with each message.

    Then there are hundreds of Web Site Blogs. Most of a special interest. Easy to tailor the message. Trump owns and/or invested in hundreds of businesses. Arrange for advertising in these Blogs. Don’t have the numbers but have to be in the millions.

    A large number of sites like “Glen Beck” were paid off by the RNC to go against Trump earlier on. Pay them off to support Trump. Many of them have an audience of 2 to 10 million. There is a lot of cross over which is good as the message is reinforced. Together they have close on 100 million loyal followers.

    Enlist the help of Social Media followers. Pick a number, perhaps a thousand, to hammer home a salient point each week. They in turn ask their contacts to spread the message. Might reach 10 million each week.

    This is a direct Marketing approach. It has proven time & again to work better than Mass Media Advertising. The reason is that there is more than one message to be sold. Trump does not need Name Identification.

    Trump also has thousands of employees. Many of whom would help. At any rate the above would far eclipse what the Mass Media can do for him. Also, it is better to spread the money around where it is most needed. That is, Main Street America.

  35. Satan incarnate ? Obama hates America.Hillary liar of the world.bill the sexual pervert.lynch the one sided trump idiots a vote for mouthpiece of Satan.80% of donkeys 80 % Republicans cheerleaders for corruption.the court of jesters. Murder of innocents. FEMA camps Hitler style.forced to eat GMO to kill us.contaminated water.No such thing as law and of criminals.The genocide of the native American Indians.the genocide of Christians.

  36. Andres Villamarzo

    Mr.Mrp15, do you really believe that Trump will get the economy right? He has not been able to get his own finances in order and has filed for bankruptcy 6 times. He is also facing a federal RICO racketeering fraud case that starts right after the November 8th elections. He defrauded elderly, veterans widows, middle aged and young people out of their savings and retirements. He also fought extremely hard in Nevada to “keep out” Unions from entering or representing his employees in his casinos. He recently fired Lewandowski at the behest of his “low life viper” children and afterwards gave Lewandowski’ salary to Eric Trump. Mr. Trump also is facing massive deficits in key swing states and is falling behind on a daily basis because he can’t seem to discipline his tone of language and appears not to be able to deliver a clear and concise message as to how he is going to do anything. Mr. Trump also refuses to turn over any of his past or present Income Taxes and his excuse is “he is under an audit”. Mr. Trump has insulted almost every demographic in the USA with exception of the Native Alaskan Eskimos, let’s just hope he does not a trip there and figure that one out. Trump has also insulted the Bush family, all 16 candidates that ran with him, whom for the record were all way better qualified than this moron Trump. Trump has also insulted disabled veterans, mocked a disabled reporter, insulted Hispanics and African Americans, women, President Obama, Hilary Clinton, even called on the 2A people to take out Hillary Clinton,, made ridiculous statements about NATO, insults a federal judge, made worse remarks about the use of Nuclear weapons, made further inflammatory comments about bombing the shit out of ISIS and killing their families and children, that the President of the USA and the Sec. of State are the Founder and co-founders of ISIS. His comments go on and on and on and makes an even more ridiculous comment Friday night calling the media “lowest form of humanity” and this was said because of all the flagrant and ignorant remarks made by Donald J. Trump.
    Although, my wife and I are voting for Johnson/Weld ticket, we are Lincoln republicans that believe in the party of Lincoln which stood for fairness. unity and freedom for all people. Mr. Trump has done none of the above as the say and only serves to divide this country with his divisive language and his continued attacks against anybody who does not side with him. Per the media and what is reported, we clearly believe that Mr. Trump has internal problems and needs help and needs it real quick before he collapses!

  37. Andres Villamarzo

    P.S.- Mr. Trump cannot even bring back one job, NAFTA is already in place and trade agreements have been in place even before I was born and I’m 62 yrs. old.
    I challenge you to inform all of us on this commentary as to which company is willing to come back so that they can pay American workers 15-20 dollars an hour w/benefits vs. China pays it’s workforce .65 cents an hour and no benefits, Viet-Nam pays their workforce .65 cents an hour no benefits and lastly Mexico pays it’s workforce 2-3 dollars per hour with no benefits. Please tell us which corporations overseas right now that are willing to come back to the USA and resume paying big salaries and benefits to include healthcare?
    Secondly, Mr. Trump laid out his supposed economic plan, which if you were listening is a no-brainer for all working people to go as follows, Mr. Trump wishes to bring down the tax rates for the rich and corporations down to 15% (most rich people pay between 30-38%), middle income to 15% ‘stays the same” and lower income down to 10%. now why in the name of common intelligence would any working man or woman want to give the rich a 23% reductions in their taxes and put the entire bills of this country on the middle class and the poor? This is Trump’s economic plan and he has stood by it steadfast and has not changed!
    My question to you is, are you stupid or are you just making believe?

  38. Andres Villamarzo

    p.s.s.- mr. Trump’s nest of viper children are financially cleaning him out, why do you think he has not placed even one ad on TV? He received over 80 million dollars last month, where is it? Not to mention, where are his income taxes???????????

  39. StupidConservativeValues

    1. Trump Airlines ..’88-died ’92 …Bankruptcy
    2. Trump beverages: Trump Fire and Trump Power, trademarked in 2004, but it does not appear to have ever made it to market. Trump’s American Pale Ale, the trademark for which was cancelled in 2007.
    3. Trump: The Game; Twice went under… ’88-’90 …and again from 2004-’06
    4. Trump casinos: Trump has filed for bankruptcy on his Atlantic City properties alone three times. First was the Trump Taj Mahal in 1991 — which was $3 billion in debt after just one year in operation. He was back in bankruptcy court in 2004, and not just for the Trump Taj Mahal but for the Trump Marina and Trump Plaza casinos, which along with a riverboat casino in Indiana had a debt burden of some $1.8 billion. After the bankruptcy, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts reorganized as Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc. Four years later, Trump Entertainment Resorts missed an interest payment on a $53.1 million bond; the company declared bankruptcy, and this time Trump stepped down as its chairman.
    5. Trump magazine: Formerly Trump Style and Trump World; 2007–crashed 2009
    6. Trump Mortgage: “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company,” Trump famously predicted to CNBC in April 2006. …shuttered in September 2007. The company never paid a $298,274 judgement it owed a former employee.
    7. Trump Steaks: He owed the Georgia company Buckhead Beef some $715,240. from previous Atlantic City properties bankruptcy. Struck a deal in 2007; “We literally sold almost no steaks,”
    8. Trump’s travel site: Launched in 2006 to low expectations, folded in 2007.
    9. Trump’s comms company
    Trump registered a trademark for Trumpnet under the category of “corporate telephone communication services” in 1990, never got off the ground; the trademark was abandoned in 1992.
    10. Trump Tower Tampa: Sold the use of his name for 2 million, went belly up in 2008, plaintiffs lost 100’s of thousands of dollars.
    11. Trump University: Students paid as much as $34,995, he’s now the subject of two class-action lawsuits in California related to Trump University, and a third suit, for $40 million, brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.
    12. Trump Vodka: “Success Distilled,” to quote its press materials — appeared in 2006. …trademark was abandoned in 2008, and the liquor was out of circulation by 2011.
    13. Macy’s: Discontinued Trump’s line of menswear, Trump’s cologne brands, Success by Trump and Empire by Trump, brought in between $1 million and $5 million.
    13. Serta: Announced it would stop selling its Trump-branded mattress, which, according to Trump’s FEC filings, brought in another $1 million and $5 million in royalties every year.
    * In 1978 and 1979, Trump paid zero dollars in federal income taxes, and posted net negative earnings in those years. Remember, this is the guy who’s supposed to be the financial guru who will “save” the American economy.
    *Trump claimed negative income in both those years: losses of $406,379 in 1978 and * $3,443,560 in 1979.
    It’s Lawyers that save his ass filing Bankruptcy’s
    We’ve been warned…

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