Trump Has Higher Trust Factor Than Leftwing Media

There is an old saying: “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I would add: “Keep on fooling me and I am the fool.”  That is how I see the leftwing media today.  But most people are not fools.  That may be why trust in the media is at an all-time low – and especially the leftwing media.  

Despite years of hammering at Trump’s credibility – with some help from the man, himself – the former President has a higher believability number than the mainstream media.  Of course, neither of them ranks very high.

We also know that the leftwing media has a lower level of public trust than the more conservative outlets.  How do we know that?  Ratings.  The best example of that is the comparison between the three major cable news outlets – with FOX News on the right and CNN/MSNBC on the left.  Generally, FOX viewership “crushes” CNN and MSNBC.  I put “crushes” in quotes because that is the headline word that was used in news reports of the latest ratings.

We also know that the American people are rejecting the leftwing news narratives.  For months and months, CNN and MSNBC have been pounding the Republican Party as an existential threat to the nation.  They have demonized the GOP on virtually every issue.  

If the leftwing press is to be believed, the Republicans would be some sort of fringe party on the extreme right.  But instead, the GOP has shown surprising strength in recent elections – and early indicators suggest a very good election outcome in November.  At least half of America votes Republican.  That would not be the case if the GOP was the party the leftwing media describes.

In other words, the leftwing media’s 24/7 attacks on the GOP is not working.  There even seems to be a backlash.  The left that controls much of the media has turned the news platforms into partisan propaganda – extreme partisan propaganda. But the more extreme the reports become, the less they are believed.

While the leftwing media constantly reports on a miniscule of folks on the fringe who have goofball conspiracy theories as if they apply to the vast majority of Republicans.   At the same time, they literally ignore and downplay those on the edge of loony left.   

You will recall that for the better part of four years, the left ran almost daily reports of Trump’s conspiring with Russian meddling in the 2016 election at if it was a proven fact.  But when the 2-year, $35 million investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was completed, it was determined that no such conspiracy between the Trump Campaign and Russia existed.  Nothing.  Nada. It was all bogus.  It was all misinformation, propaganda and lies passing as news and commentary.

More recently, we have yet another example of the politicization of the news by the left.  It has to do with Hunter Biden’s laptop – the “laptop from hell,” as it has been called.  Covering the 2020 campaign, The New York Post did a cover story on the damaging – and potentially incriminating – information on Hunter’s private laptop.  There was even evidence of culpability by then-candidate Biden.

The leftwing media quickly jumped to Biden’s rescue with reports that the laptop was phony – a dirty trick executed by Vladimir Putin to help Trump win re-election.  That bogus story gained so much gravitas among leftwing news and social media that the Post’s report was banned from social platforms as being untrue. 

The truth was hidden from the American people.  Consequently, Biden dodged scandal, and went on to win the election – controversial as it was.

But fact and truth are hard to deny in the long run.  In more recent months, both the New York Times and the Washington Post have ‘fessed up to the truth.  The laptop is real.  It did belong to Hunter.  And all the damaging information is legit.  Given the various means of verifying the information, it is inconceivable that the New York Times and the Washington Post did not know the truth from the onset.  

They – and most of the leftwing media — lied to help Biden.  And according to recent polls, ten percent of Bident voters would not have cast their ballots for him if they had known the truth about the “laptop from hell.”  If that is true, it means that the corrupt eastern establishment press literally stole the election from Biden with a huge cover-up.  The election was arguably stolen – although not in the way Trump contends.

With its propensity for hyperbole, partisan bias, false narratives and outright lies, a lot of folks are taking another look at the left’s insurrection narrative.  Has the media created another partisan lie?  Have they exaggerated beyond recognition a riot to make it look like an insurrection that almost brought down the Republic?  We have seen them increase the number of deaths from one – the young lady who was shot – to seven or more.  They include in their count a Capitol Hill officer who died of natural causes after the riot and even an officer who died months later from suicide.  

The Democrats concocted a one-sided kangaroo committee to supposedly “investigate” their insurrection knowing that their supporters in the Fourth Estate would give it full play.  It was created by Speaker Pelosi to promote the false narrative.  The leftwing media reports as if Pelosi’s committee is conducting a fair hearing – and that they are finding the truth.

Readers will know that I rejected that propaganda from the onset.  I saw a riot as it unfolded – and I still see a riot.  I am tough on rioters, so I have no problem with tough prosecution.  But that is not good enough for the leftwing press.

The leftwing media lies by omission.  There is very little coverage of the unprecedented crisis occurring at America’s southern border.  Record numbers are crossing – and a new wave – a tsunami – of migrants are expected in the future.     

Fortunately, there are news outlets that carry the facts and the truth.  More and more, people are seeing the impact of the left’s open borders policies in their own communities.  The truth cannot be restrained forever.

We also see that in all those rosy economic reports in the leftwing media – trying to convince people to believe what Biden & Co. tell us.  Not what they are experiencing in their own lives.

The left has its base.  They will absorb the partisan propaganda narratives and repeat them.   Many people will be gullible and believe the nonsense.  Some will peddle it merely for partisan political purposes – even if they know it is untrue.  BUT … a growing number of people are seeing through the lies and propaganda.  The political center of gravity of the American people is moving to the right … to the conservatives … to the Republicans.

Most people are not captive of the leftwing propaganda.  They are not fools – and will not be fooled by the barrage of biased news reports – nor the partisan opinions of pundits.  That is why the leftwing media is crashing.  And that is a good thing.

So, there ‘tis.

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