Trump: “Good Relationship” Forming With North Korea

According to a report from The New York Times on Tuesday and confirmed by the president himself the next day, CIA Director (and, presumably, the next Secretary of State) Mike Pompeo traveled to North Korea last month to meet in secret with the mad dictator himself, Kim Jong Un. In a tweet on Wednesday, President Trump said their talks “went very smoothly” and that a “good relationship was formed” between Pompeo and Kim.

As bizarre as it is to hear the U.S. president speak this way about the hostile despot who has kept the world on pins and needles with his nuclear weapons program, it is perhaps just the latest sign that Trump is a president like none other before him. And while some international experts are skeptical about Kim’s motives (or his willingness to give up his nuclear arsenal), Trump is making headway in the region that few thought would have been possible even a few months ago, let alone years.

From the NY Times:

President Trump dispatched the C.I.A. director Mike Pompeo to North Korea to meet with its leader, Kim Jong-un, in recent weeks to lay the groundwork for a summit meeting between Mr. Kim and Mr. Trump, two people briefed on the secret trip said on Tuesday.

Mr. Trump alluded to Mr. Pompeo’s mission when he said on Tuesday afternoon that the United States was in direct talks with North Korea at “extremely high levels,” and that the White House was looking at five sites for a potential meeting of the two leaders.

The White House has used intelligence, rather than diplomatic channels, to communicate with North Korea, ever since last month, when Mr. Trump unexpectedly accepted Mr. Kim’s invitation to meet.

Mr. Pompeo, who is awaiting confirmation as secretary of state, has been dealing with North Korean representatives through a channel that runs between the C.I.A. and its North Korean counterpart, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, according to other officials. And he has been in close touch with the director of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, Suh Hoon, who American officials said brokered Mr. Kim’s invitation to Mr. Trump.

If Trump can see this through to the end, he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time, erasing every last ounce of hyperbolic criticism the left (and the NeverTrump right) has thrown at him since the summer of 2015. More importantly, he’ll have done more than anyone since Ronald Reagan to make the world a safer place.

May God be with Trump and his administration; let’s make some history!

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