Trump Explains Why He’s Innocent

Former President Trump has said in a new interview that the process of declassifying sensitive documents is not a formal process and that he could declassify documents just “by thinking about it.”

These comments came after the reports about him holding a declassified secret and top-secret documents in his Florida home which he took after leaving the White House in 2021 came out. Currently, the Justice Department is investigating Trump’s handling of sensitive material.

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity, that as he understands it, there isn’t a formal process for declassification, and has said that the President of the United States can just declassify documents by saying “‘It’s declassified.’ Even by thinking about it.”

He also added that a process can take everything but that process doesn’t need to be followed if you are the president. You can just say that everything is declassified and it will be.

Presidents have many powers regarding the declassification of records, but once documents are declassified there is a chain of events that starts. This also includes actions that need to be taken by intelligence agencies for the records to be properly managed after declassification.

Trump and many of his allies have maintained that the documents he took with him from the White House had been declassified. However, during the Mar-a-Lago raid by the FBI, several classified, secret, and top-secret documents were found.

Trump’s attorney also noted that Trump had the power to declassify documents but he did not talk about any of the specifics of this process.

Trump also told Hannity that the General Services Administration (GSA) and other White House staff had helped in the packing up of boxes filled with documents, articles, photos, and other materials after his term in the office were over.

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  1. He’s not only a lying career criminal, he’s an idiot to think that any good, thinking American would believe or accept such horse crap.

    • Fully agree! He is both a criminal and an idiot!

    • Thanks for your description of our current president…I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Hey, it’s the pedophile!! Welcome back, pedo!
      We haven’t heard your lying ignorant bullshit in a while.
      Why do you lying disgusting democrats want communism so bad??

      • I’m from a long line of GOP, I hate communism, and want pedophiles (trump has a credible child rape case pending and an extensive Epstein file) prosecuted and imprisoned. I’m a happily married old patriotic American.
        what’s YOUR problem?

        • Where’s the proof, you lyin’ sack of shit!
          Long line of GOP????
          Patriotic?? LIAR!!
          I suppose killing babies is patriotic. Killing the lower and middle class is patriotic. Government forcing people to buy electric cars is patriotic? Trying to imprison your political rival with false charges a fake dossiers? Stalin, Mao and Chavez did that kind of shit.
          If you’re from a long line GOP, your ancestors are ashamed of you!
          BTW. If Trump had an “extensive Epstein file,” Ghislane Maxwell would have spoken up just to save her own ass! Sorry pedo, that boat don’t float!

    • But Hillary’s illegal email server with Classified material on it, that’s OK with you LibTards, huh?

  2. Serious abuse of power by the FBI. How about investigating the Clintons for the long laundry list of things they have done? The Biden’s including Hunter’s laptop? Obama took numerous top secret files too. Did anything come of that? It’s amazing the double standard from the left. And 99% of President Trump supporters are not racist or even use the “N” word. There’s always that 1% in any crowd. I seriously think anyone who thinks Biden is doing a good job is blindly following the leftist news stations. People need to think for themselves for a change.

  3. As far as I see President Biden doing a pretty fair job nationally & internationally.
    I wonder who could do better???
    Every President is torn apart by the population no matter what they try to do.
    The popular vote from the masses created disaster for the world in the form of TRUMP. I expect they would like this clown back based on this ridiculous dribble.


  5. Why don’t the dems all move to a country they love?
    Leave this country alone for the Trump “cult”.
    Guarantee, they would be moving back. One can only dream dems mental disorder would be overcome by reality!

  6. Tell me, Winsdor, what good had braindead biden done for the betterment of middl and poor working class American families that are now, because of his socialist policies and war on fossil fuels, struggling to put fuel in their cars and pay for ionflated 30% food?

    As a retiree on fix incomes, I was waaaay better of financially when Trump was POTUS!!!

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