Trump Erupts On Lawmakers Over Election Reform

Former President Donald Trump has slammed legislation that would forgo the vice President’s role in certifying the elections while adding that Mike Pence did have a “choice” when it came to whether or not he would certify the 2020 presidential election.

Trump took to Truth Social to respond to a report about Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky’s decision to endorse the Electoral Count Reform Act, which would clarify any ambiguity regarding the certification process. Trump said that whether or not the Electoral Count Act was changed was not something he cared about, but he did not like to see “ the lies and ‘disinformation’ put out by the Democrats and RINOS [Republicans in name only].”

He added that they are saying that the Vice President did not have a choice, but if that was the case they would not need to be changing the law to ensure that he did not have a choice.

He continued to say that the Twitter files have shown that the voter fraud in 2020 was much larger than what anyone thought possible and that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was “changing the results of the Election by millions and millions of votes.”

Trump added that this meant that he and John Eastman had been correct to encourage the Vice President “to do what should have been done.”

Paul announced on Monday through an opinion editorial in the Louisville Courier-Journal that he would be supporting the law.

The change in the act would make it even clearer that the Vice President’s role is a ministerial one in the counting and certification of the votes.

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