Trump-Endorsed Candidate Set To Defeat GOP Traitor

Incumbent Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski might lose the seat that she has held on for over two decades to a Republican challenger endorsed by former President Trump.

A Republican has roughly a 99% chance to win next month’s Alaska senate election, with Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka considered most likely to emerge with the victory at 53%, according to election forecaster FiveThirtyEight.

Tshibaka, a Trump-backed Republican challenger who was previously the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration is currently trying to unseat Murkowski in a tight race. Murkowski previously supported the impeachment of former President Trump which is a controversial move in the party.

Alaska’s 2022 race is fairly unique as due to a new 2020 ballot measure voters selected ranked-choice voting in the state’s elections. This means that Tshibaka and Murkowski are both going to be on the ballot despite belonging to the same party. The two are currently the top candidates facing off in the state’s race. Democratic candidate Patricia Chesbro is also competing in November’s general election.

Murkowski has previously faced criticism over supporting Trump’s impeachment and reaching out to Democrats. Many have also said that she is not doing enough to fight against President Biden’s agenda.

Originally appointed to the Senate in 2002, Murkowski has often been a part of partisan Senate battles and is considered to be one of the most liberal Republican senators.

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  1. Alexander Mackiewicz

    It will a very happy day if Murkowski finally gets her come comeuppances. She McConnell, Romney, Sasse, Kizinger, Cheney, and all those pieces of Bush Globalist Garbage can’t leave fast enough. Good Riddance ! ! !

    • She’ll lose, just like ALL THE DEMONICrats in November! You named them (most of them)! If you noticed that, one by one, demos are falling off the radar! I’m overjoyed! God is REMOVING one vermin at the time! Make no mistake, this ‘ fight ‘ is not only between demos and Reps, it’s between God and satan, AND GUESS WHO WINS …..Jesus of course! Please read Psalm 37 -12 through 15.


  3. One hopes she’s history.

  4. Yes yes yes need all these lying rinos, gone all the vile democratic communist politicians., judges, military, officials all need removed possibly prosecuted, we need to make sure they get all retirement all benefits, removed it’s our taxpayers money, sure don’t want these people able to keep getting our money really if possible cease their assets that are mostly illegal, or from stealing, then demand term limits, cut all politicians pay-in half, no more retirement benefits, Security Clearance revoked. And make it Treason to try to Change, Twist, Distort, Ignore, Our Constitution As Written, it is the best in the World, we must Protect it from these communist, atheists, Islamist, socialist, and plain dum people

  5. Just hope that having two Republicans bidding for the same position does not make it so that neither one of them wins because people are so divided. Could make it so that Murkowski maintains her status. Can only hope and pray that voting Republicans make the right choice.

  6. Be still my heart! It is about time that these RINOs are removed for real Republican Conservatives! I hope that this is a wakeup call to the rest of them that we are watching them all with a critical eye.

  7. Ms. Murkowski voted for Americans. Any GOP politician who supports Trump does not support America or democracy. Shame on this media outlet for calling her a traitor. She stood up and was counted when the rest of the GOP slavishly groveled and ignored their constituents and gave Trump a pass he absolutely did not deserve. Trump is the traitor and so is anyone who “bows” to him.f

    • Please clarify, Bill. Please educate all of us on just how Trump is a traitor. I’m dying’ to know.
      What you are is a gutless liar. You spew the B.S. with no evidence or proof. Everything coming from your side is pure fabrication, nothing more. Just another ignorant liberal lemming. Biden has made all of the oil producing countries rich with hard working Americans footing the bill. Biden is spending trillions to protect Ukraine which is the money laundering capital of rich elite, again, while hard working Americans foot the bill. The list goes on and on. Biden and the entire democrat party, without any exception, are the traitors. And your being complicit makes you one too.
      BTW. The democrat party’s biggest financial supporter is George Soros who admitted on national television that he loved Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime. He’s dedicated his life and his fortune to making Hitlers dream come true in the United States.
      Does that make Hitler a democrat or does that mean all democrats are Nazis?

    • We do not need any more politically ignorant biden supporters such as yourself. Do America a great favor and stay home on election day. Shame on you for your ignorance.

    • You have to be crazy. With Trump, we had the best economy as compared to now,we were energy independent, our border was getting secured by building a fantastic wall, gas was much cheaper, groceries were much cheaper, there were no wars developing, and Trump was able to speak to foreign leaders and they respected him unlike the idiot that sits in the oval office now. Please read our history and you’ll find out you’re supporting the wrong people.

    • You keep drinking the kool aide Bill. I always say the democrats depend on stupid people to win elections and you Bill are a perfect example.

  8. Murkowski,
    I a nothing but a certified RINO and a TRAITOR to the American people as well as her own constituents. PRESIDENT TRUMP is NOT a “traitor” like “billl” has stated above. Only DIE-HARD COMMUNISTS that would like to see the destruction of our country would make that MORONIC statement

  9. Hopefully, RINO Murkowski will be defeated this Nov.

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