Trump Encourages Conservatives To Not Vote

Former President Donald Trump’s allegations that the 2020 election was “stolen” has led many Republicans to believe that even if they cast their votes they would not be counted. This has led to a lot of doubt regarding whether they should vote ahead of the mid-term election.

In Texas, early voting started on Monday, and conservatives who were interviewed by the Washington Examiner appear to still believe the allegations that the previous election had been “stolen.” This is a claim that Trump has repeatedly made, even though it has been disproven multiple times. Over the weekend he once again spoke about the stolen election during a rally he held in Robstown, Texas.

Those in the “MAGA” crowd appear to be fully convinced that the previous election had been “stolen” which for many has meant that they have lost their faith in voting and the democratic system. Some believe that this could end up costing those Republicans who are in key congressional districts. If Republicans indeed don’t head to the polls, then the Republicans might not be able to win the majority, which would also lead to them being unable to impeach Biden.

Brendan Steinhauser, a Republican operative in Texas, said that this was a common concern among Republicans who are fearing what the effects of the distrust in the voting systems will be.

Trump supporters asked by Washington Examiner at recent campaign events also reaffirmed what Steinhauser is fearing, that they are indeed worried that even if they were to cast their vote, it would not make a difference.

Internally, GOP leadership has also expressed concerns over the effects of Trump’s allegations on their chances of winning a majority.

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  1. Your headline is deliberately misleading, Trump said nothing of the sort!

    • That is BS! He never said not to vote! If anything, he may have stated that to be sure that they COUNT their vote! That is easily confirmed by the number of votes cast and the number of votes for the Republican Canidates. I urge you to go and vote and vote for all Republicans this time around! I also urge you to volunteer to become a Poll Watcher in your hometown. If you have any Law Enforcement experience or have a spotless record apply to become a Poll Deputy that watches for illegal voters and then call the regular Deputies to come and remove them.

    • Amen!

      They were counting on us being stupid! I have unsubscribed AND blocked!

    • And he says that it was proven the the election was not stolen. Anyone with at least half a brain could see that it was stolen.

  2. More fear factor – don’t vote as the vote won’t count – to stop people in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, from voting.

    If Bidenomics and 3.5M border crossers are threats to your family and finances, GO VOTE.

    • If you want representatives that vote down assisting you when a pandemic hits again, or a blizzard, vote repub.

      • It was the Democrats that shut down so many States whereas States like Florida and S. Dakota that are run by Republicans stayed open and survived better than most other States. The Democrats sold off our Oil Reserves to bring down fuel prices a few cents but still not allowing us to utilize the Keystone pipeline or drill for our own oil. In Natural Disasters like Hurrican Ian our Republican Gov. IMMEDIATEY sent money to repair the infrastructure and not waiting for Federal Approval from Biden as it was so slow in coming. Gov. DeSantis built not one, but two bridges to areas cut off by this hurricane and got the power and other infrastructure repaired quickly so residents could access their property and save what they could. It is the Republicans that are the people who help our fellow citizens and NOT the Democrat Federal Govt.

  3. How many people – e.g., Trump Zealots – will take the headline to heart and not vote? WE NEED EVERY CONSERVATIVE VOTE and for you to place that headline to get clicks is not only misleading – and untrue – its downright despicable and you all should be ashamed and put a BIG HEADLINED RETRACTION ASAP.
    Are you a Democrat-run site posing as a conservative site? Hmmmm


    • ALL BS you’re spewing, too

      • Sorry, Shit for Brains, it is true. Dumbasses like you have to cheat and lie to get your Nazi agenda through.
        If you like killing babies vote democrat. If you like killing the elderly vote democrat. Hell, if you just like killing in general, vote democrat. If you’re a pedophile vote democrat. If you confuse perversion with love vote democrat. If you have no moral compass, by definition, you are a democrat.

  5. So now that the Democrats’ policies have imploded and they have nothing to convince voters to vote for their candidates they are trying to convince those who will vote Republican not to vote at all! Trump and the RNC should sue the authors and publishers of their malicious lie. Their outrageous attempt to steal this election needs to be gaslighted and prosecuted as an attempt to control and prevent voting!

    • Biden’s policies are assisting the middle class, not “imploding”. Trump did not build the Wall, give you “healthcare better than Obama care”, or give you a permanent tax cut like he gave himself and his rich buddies. He tried to bring all his “theories” about election fraud to 60 + Courts…all found insufficient evidence, only much for trumps attempt to steal an election. He is so senile; he still thinks he can be reinstated! LOL What a clown.

  6. Trump said not to vote early,wait until November 8. It’s safer that way. STOP GIVING HALF A QUOTE!!!

  7. In Texas, early voting started on Monday, and conservatives who were interviewed by the Washington Examiner appear to still believe the allegations that the previous election had been “stolen.” This is a claim that Trump has repeatedly made, even though it has been disproven multiple times. Over the weekend he once again spoke about the stolen election during a rally he held in Robstown, Texas.

    How can something be disproven when it has never been seriously investigated. If I am remembering correctly, I don’t think any judge or court would allow Trump to present the facts before them to be able to render an honest verdict or opinion. All just said it had no merit???Can you say ‘SWAMP”.

    • You’ve got that right about the courts How does Patriot News Daily claim to be conservative when they make stupid statements like the following? Trump has repeatedly said the election was stolen, even though it has been disproven multiple times.

    • Disproven because they did NOT present FACTS to the courts, only theories, which don’t hold up in court. But hey, if YOU have REAL evidence by all means bring it to light..Quick before trump and Rudy end up behind bars.

  8. You are a liar need to shut you down all that report on anything need to be Truthful otherwise need shut down sued for lying misleading darn right criminal

  9. Trump did NOT SAY Don’t vote he said not to vote until Nov. 8 th..
    Plus, any common sense person that thinks “ maybe” their vote won’t be counted, should definitely know if they don’t vote, guess what , it won’t be !!
    SO GO VOTE !!!
    This is a TOTALLY BOGUS SITE, and should be taken down!!!

  10. Why do you LIE. Where has it been proven that the election was not stolen. 20 million absentee ballots show up after 11. Normal??
    A man that never campaigned received the most votes of any election ever. Sure. GFY

  11. Hey PND. Blocking your emails now as spam. Either practice responsible journalism or stop posting. Jackasses!

  12. I have no need for Fake News.
    Unsubscribing NOW!

  13. This kind of completely false and irresponsible “reporting” is what gives journalists a bad name and destroys the credibility of a publication. Patriot News Daily is worse than CNN. I am unsubscribing and anyone else who wants honest or accurate reporting should do likewise.

  14. Over time, I became convinced that this site is full of BS. We need TRUTH, without biased editorials, so we can make our own decisions. We get enough of leftist news that sways the uniformed.

    • First of all with our country gone bad in every respect since Biden, we don’t need to hear or see what the Democrats have to say. WE WILL BE VOTING REPUBLICAN ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LINE. All the people who voted REPUBLICANS will still vote Republicans no matter what lies the left news are telling.

  15. Mike Pence wasting his money on this. Face the reality that Donald Trump is the face of the republican party and weak half truths are not going to change that fact. The problem with anti Trump rhetoric is its falling on deaf ears. We’ve had enough of the status quotient military industrial complex and self serving buerecrats. We’re fed up with being overtaxed overregulated and under represented. We’re tired of the manipulation and the incessant lies. We’re sick of being shamed derided and divided for no other purpose than the out of touch leadership that is only interested in their own continuation of power along with the rampant theft of our tax dollars being disguised as lawmaking and social justice. We’re fed up with the likes of Mitch McConnell and his fence riding gerrymandering. We don’t want war with Russia or China. We want our inherent freedoms to be not just respected but protected as those who claim that power are oath driven to do yet seem unconcerned with these ideals. So rave on because the tone deaf thought processes that create nonsense like this have no power anymore. This is why the democrats will lose power. Their own arrogance is their undoing and until you can read the room you are destined for failure as well.

  16. You have lost your mind.!! #1 Trump said no such thing, and #2 the whole world knows the 2020 election was stolen, cheated, lied because no one in their right mind would vote for Biden. Hasn’t and can’t be proven, only because 90% of the judicial system is democrats.

  17. What a crock. Why would any conservative go to the length of telling conservatives to not vote? After all, wasn’t the whole agenda to win the midterms and gain the majority in the Congress? That way, if Trump was to run and win, there would be a definite change in the Swamp. That can not happen without the Republicans in the majority. Someone needs to fact check this doofus’s article to see what the reason for it was really about.

  18. Aren’t we inundated by false information today? When we have more access to information than ever before? So lying has taken precedence. Your caption is inaccurate and leads to a false conclusion. Not voting is a boneheaded decision and one that led to many a false prophet in office. And since when has there been PROOF that the last election wasn’t stolen. On the contrary, years of Hillary whining about the election being stolen from her only led crooks and thieves to believe that they had to help the DNC win in 2020. There HAS been proof of that. Why else would the Left work so hard to discredit and shut up anyone who would utter such a remark? Because dear Nazi party, it is true.

  19. First of all, even those of us who love the guy, realize he’s “O.U.T.” and his influence isn’t what it was even a year ago. We’re all in for DeSantis!!
    Second, the political Left believes all Conservatives to be as daft as is their flock. Let’s just see what happens!

  20. If 100% of democrats failed to vote, there would be millions of votes counted. Nothing but lies and cheating from the democrats.

  21. The Election Was Stolen “Present Dunce” Biden Admitted “We Stole the Election & Got by With It !! Also
    Pennsylvania’s Own State Board of Elections admitted By Their own Count Had over 202, 000 more Viotes
    than they Had “Registered Voters” There was Also the 5 Large Suitcases Under a Covered Table , that were
    Stuffed w/ Ballots that were Run thru the Tabulators (Vote Counters) 8-10 Times each , Minnesota Governor
    Gretchen Whitmer Threatened More Lockdowns “If They Didn’t Vote for Biden — Well the Last Time I Looked
    That was “Blackmail” which i=s A “FEDERAL CRIME” & I Could Asy More , but I Think That’s More than Enough !!

  22. Your headliner is BS and I am unsubscribing

  23. Just wondering if anyone knows who the Asshole San is? Can’t wait for November 8th.

    • I think he was one of Bidens pedophile victims!!
      Only IT enjoyed the attention. Either that or IT is inbred.
      Might even be a Biden family member. Either way the two descriptions above still apply!

  24. San I read your posts and you are exactly what the democracts depend on to get elected STUPID AND UNEDUCATED. If I were a betting person you still believe, even after the mueller investigation, the Russia Russia Russia bullsh*t. Uneducated people like you would never think of educating yourself on the facts you just listen to the most corrupt people tell you what to think. Like the idiot in the White House “gas was $5.00 a gallon when I came into office (it was $2.39) or inflation was high when I came into office (inflation was 1.4%) and “I never discussed my son’s business dealings”. Your nose must be killing you after being lead around by that nose ring you have.
    Btw this article is BS

    • Patti, you are an intelligent lady who researches the news as it come out and not by these fantastic lies that the democrats put out. Glad you are one of us and how much you want to bet that because you are female you are subjected to propaganda by the Democrats because they think you are too stupid to think on your own.

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