Trump Effect: Immigrants Vanishing From Mexican Border

Sometimes liberal journalists think they’re writing a story for one audience when really, their piece can be enjoyed by readers from all over the political spectrum. Such is the case with Betsy Woodruff’s recent Daily Beast article, where she wrings her hands for 2,000 words over a heart-wrenching sight: Thanks to “fear of Trump,” would-be illegal immigrants are no longer filling up a Mexican border shelter on their way into the U.S. In what she appears to believe is a horrifying development, Trump’s rhetoric and policies…are actually discouraging people from coming into the country!

Woodruff breathlessly tells us that more than a million people have stayed at Albergue San Juan Bosco, a shelter that has been operating in Nogales, Mexcio for the last 35 years. Yet, she says, “on the day I visited, it was almost empty.”

Cue the sad violin:

In the 35 years Gilda and Juan Francisco Loureiro have been running a shelter in northern Mexico for undocumented immigrants, they’ve never seen a week like this one.


In the decades since they opened the space to give migrants a place to shower and sleep before crossing the border, the shelter—with separate rooms full of bunkbeds for men and women—would regularly house 100 migrants per night. Sometimes, that number would hit 300 or more, and Gilda and Paco would pull out thin mattresses to fit everyone on the floor.

But today, those mattresses are neatly stacked in a closet, untouched. And the shelter is almost empty—no women travelers, and fewer than a dozen men. That’s despite the fact that April, with its mild weather, should be the busiest time of year for migrants. The place is all but dead. Gilda and Paco have never seen anything like it.

They can only think of one explanation: President Donald Trump.

The few immigrants still daring to make the trip told Woodruff that people are scared of Trump’s rhetoric. They told her that while the policies thus far haven’t changed significantly from the Obama administration, “the symbolism of Trump in the Oval Office and the threat of extended detention has already deterred many migrants.”

Woodruff uses plenty of “no human being is illegal” sentimentality as you would expect, but it’s hard to imagine there are too many Americans crying over their keyboards. Trump started off saying he was going to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and then build a wall across the entire Mexican border. Anything he does short of that…are you really going to complain? So far, he’s done nothing except ramp up enforcement of the law, and it’s already driven border crossings down 70%.

Apparently, this is all terrible news, but we can’t quite figure out why.

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  1. Why is this considered “bad news” and “upsetting”? It must be because the American Left is gaining far fewer new voters for the upcoming mid-term elections… that must be it.

  2. Why does Mexico have Immigration laws? Could it be because they dont want people coming in illegally to live there

    • You can serve 10 years in a Mexican Federal Prison for illegal entry into the Republic Of Mexico. (Care to guess why)?

      • I think I know why, but refresh my memory

        • Because they can feed them garbage and use them for slave labor. (They don’t want anyone in Mexico that isn’t bringing money to their Socialist Republic). They keep their people subjugated with their Socialist policies and count on other countries for their income.

      • Because, they want to use our resources FREE NO CHARGE and they LOVE THAT. WE the tax payers are paying for it and even their SCHOOLING. UNFAIR.

        • Schooling the little wet back’s makes my blood boil, why should we have to educate their off spring they breed like cock roaches!

          • Build the wall…. deport them all.

          • Perfect saying for a tee shirt! As long as it’s produced in US by American workers, I’ll bet millions of patriotic Americans would buy it!

          • The T shirt is available through

          • Thanks for providing the source. As a broad, it would hardly be appropriate for me to wear one of those tees, but I loved it anyway!

          • Ya never know, you might be the first kid on your block to own one of those prestigious Ts.

          • Building the wall is the only thing I disagree with Trump on. A waste of money. The Mexicans & others who come through Mexico will climb over it, tunnel under it, go around it, or cut a hole in it. What needs to be done, is hire more Boarder Patrol Agents, & give them orders to shoot to kill. That would stop them from attempting to cross very quickly.

          • FYI: a few years ago, “anchor babies” purposely birthed in America by Mexicans in close proximity to the San Diego, California border,solely to obtain American citizenship, sued San Diego in federal court and won the “right” for their children, although living in Mexico, to attend San Diego schools.

            The judge ruled, San Diego school buses meet the children at to Mexico/California border for transportation to and from San Diego schools…FREE!

            San Diego appealed, but then, if it was heard by the 9th District Federal Court, the appeal was rejected.

            And you wonder why San Diego real estate taxes are through the roof…no pun intended.

          • They should push that case again, and this time have it heard in the Supreme Court now that Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed. I doubt he would agree with the 9th Circuit Nutcase Liberal judges on anything!

        • The main reason the Left wants as many Mexican and other illegals to squeeze into
          America is that they are 100% likely to vote Left in any elections in which they can
          find a way to vote at all. Kudos to Trump but we still need that promised wall!

          • And fed law stating that EVERYONE MUST HAVE A PHOTO ID AND LEGAL REGISTRATION TO EVEN VOTE. With that, we will see a lot of the democrats/liberals/ leftists/socialists/communists/globalists going absolutely berserk seeking their voting games shot to hell!

          • Gen 11 you sound very bitter and racist. That is un-American.

          • I’ve been watching this nation going to hell since 1967! As an 11th generation patriotic ud member of “posterity” of Revolutionary and Civil War veterans, you’re darn right I’m bitter! I barely survived the treasonous 8 years of the Obama Administration, and I’m now watching with the eyes of an eagle and a mind as sharp as razors at what’s transpiring during Trump’s administration for any signs of wavering on important issues like The Wall and ending Muslim immigration, because without those two policies being initiated, we’ll be done for!

          • Once again, I will repeat myself. I have been a Trump supporter from the day he said he would run for President, & I agree with almost everything he has said & done thus far, however building the wall would be nothing but a waste of money. I won’t try to list the reasons again, just scroll up & read my earlier Post.

          • Read above. The wall will be a waste of money. Money that could be well spent elsewhere.

      • sure because mexico enforces its laws with an iron hand, we have laws in america but none are enforced

        • Let me apologize for putting you through data overload Brenda, but I had to make the point that compared to how charitable our government is to “Moonie Muslime” refugees the government’s of Europe are far more generous.

          Pardonne moi, I repeated myself again, unfortunately in regards to the deadly infection known as islam, you cannot repeat yourself enough.

          Charity to “Moonie Muslimes” in European nations far more generous:

          It is far sadder than the circumstances leading up to the 12 Labors of Heracles that nations that at 1 time were predominantly descendants of Caucasian Europeans, nations that provided the most civil liberties to their citizenry became so overzealously generous they started extending those liberties to invaders, deadly invasive parasites bent on overpopulating and destroying what freedoms we once had.

          Evict all in legal aliens from the U.S., remove all “Moonie Muslimes” from U.S. soil period.

          • Craig, and we know how the EU, etc. have been thanked, er planked by such generosity – they are broke, overridden with crimes, and even stupid enough to elect them into important offices, meaning they are already part of the caliphate, which is why I hope LePen does win in France and state a massive clean up in any way she can to clear out the garbage there.

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          • Here is the ‘Peaceful’ Sharia law:
            • Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand.

            • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.

            • Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death.

            • Criticizing or denying Allah is punishable by death (see Allah moon god).

            • A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death (compulsion in religion).

            • A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.

            • A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.

            • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.

            • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (Muhammad’s words, Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).

            • A woman can have 1 husband, who can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.

            • A man can beat his wife for insubordination (see Religion of Peace).

            • A man can unilaterally divorce his wife; a woman needs her husband’s consent to divorce.

            • A divorced wife loses custody of all children over 6 years of age or when they exceed it.

            • Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.

            • A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).

            • A woman’s testimony in court, allowed in property cases, carries ½ the weight of a man’s.

            • A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits (see Errors in Quran).

            • A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).

            • A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.

            • Meat to eat must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah – i.e., be “Halal”.

            • Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.

          • Muhammad was a Paranoid Schizophrenic, narcissistic, and sadistic desires afflicted puddle of toxic waste who had sex with anyone and anything he wanted to get his rocks off on.

            Now as to the god, a combination of most likely 2 different Mesopotamian gods that he instructed his blind followers of:

  , I have seen online depictions of him that resemble those mythotheological descriptions of Satan, unfortunately I am able to find that particular article.


            This is how far back homage to the latter goes, refer to 1st sentence of 3rd paragraph:


          • Right out of the Qur’an!

        • Which is why since muslims no matter what they say cannot and never can be accepted here and they must also be deported because they are already causing problems here. We do not need them or their promised caliphate in America so send them back to Africa, ME by just dropping them off at their borders or ocean fronts quickly and leave them back home in some way there. We owe them nothing. And, as Trump has stated, no one allowed in for a minimum of 90 days and we vet EACH AND EVERYONE. For years there have been people waiting to come in legally and actually bring value with them to America. This means they have no illnesses/diseases, speak some English, have someone here to support them or a job waiting. No more temporary visas every again as we have plenty of well educated and experienced workers here to do the work top down, so no more visas allowing computer people from other countries to companies such as in Silicon Valley where they are paid less and suddenly they don’t renew their visas and can’t be found. Enough game playing with our citizens available and ready. I also suggest removing all public unions, removing all employees in the fed departments and bringing in non-Obama lovers to this administration and intelligence agencies as a starter!

        • They’re also conspiring with the Mormons to get plural marriages approved so they can breed like rats with multiple wives, and increase their numbers to “critical mass” much quicker! Under no circumstances can we allow plural marriages to be approved in US! When same-sex marriage was shoved down our throats, that was just a means of testing to see how far the liberals could “push the envelope.” So was having a Kenyan-born Marxist Sunni Muslim globalist puppet put forward as a viable nominee for president in 2008 with the financial backing of Premier Globalist Guru and Fascist George Soros, who has been trying to destroy US sovereignty & install a One World Government for decades. The liberals are chipping away at our Constitution bit by bit, proven when Obama violated it over 50 times during his 8 years in office, and faced no consequences besides occasional sniping and whining from such patriots as Senator Ted Cruz, who compiled the list of 50 overreaches.

          • I thought that they could freely practice polygamy, that denying them any part of religious beliefs was infringing on their religious freedom?

          • Our US cavalry should have hounded the Mormons until they quit practicing polygamy. It’s a disgusting practice which enslaves females just as the Muslims do, and permits their husbands to breed far more children than any man on earth should be allowed to!

          • Is it really immoral to have as many children as you want as long as you have the wealth to support them.

            Recently I stumbled across archeological artifacts that were found in the land of Canaan, Israel and Lebanon that indicate the kind of wealth Solomon possessed, how arrogant and inconsiderate, I would imagine that only a few of the ancient Israelis lived that weLloyds, Solomon had

            700 wives of royal birth, that much royalty does not leave each 1 that wealthy.

            Solomon was not only selfish he figured there is nothing wrong with treating women like his personal property.

            If that makes me sound anti-Judaic I feel no shame proclaiming the truth.

          • In 1900, there were only 1 billion humans on Earth. 116 years later, we’re approaching 8 billion humans. At that rate of population growth, especially by the lowest denominator of humans populating the earth, humanity won’t survive for long unless something is done. Any human who produces more than 3 offspring is committing a crime against humanity, but ethnic or religious groups which breed like rats to gain ascendency, like the Muslims do, should be forced to remain in Muslim countries rather than allowing them to invade the West. That way they’ll suffer the consequences of over-population rather than Western nations like US going bankrupt supporting Muslims while they breed like rats on the dole.

          • You ignore the fact that unless we rid ourselves of islam Socialists, or anyone who sympathizes with Muslimes and Mexicans will endeavor to feed, clothe, and house them while those resources should being put towards those U.S. who have no more than 2 or 3 children are working 2 or 3 jobs just to support them of their cruddy low paying jobs which also provide little to no Healthcare benefits.

            ACA is nothing more than a scam for those Insurance company to constantly increase premiums and decrease coverage, meaning society will be back to a large amount of people being uninsured, unless our politicians extricate their heads from their lower GI tract and devise a far more efficient system.

          • At least 3 NWO Globalist families are known of, starting with the 1 family who has been at it the longest that enough evidence exists to substantiate that is.

            Rothschilds, who own all major European banks, then you have the Koch family, leaders in industry and trade and have been involved in U.S. politics (i.e.) Edward 1 time mayor of New York city, and then the Soros clan, all major villians, all guilty of crimes against mankind, all who should be charged with such wicked crime and be executed.

          • You failed to mention the Bush family, who have been pushing the “New World Order” since George Bush 41’s inaugural speech when he won the presidency for one term after Reagan. His globalist views cost him a second term, and we got stuck with Clinton, another globalist who flooded Muslims into US every time we suffered a terrorist attack overseas rather than keeping them out after they proved how much they hated us. Go figure. Post 9/11, Bush 43 did the same thing, proving his globalist allegiance. But neither Bush 41, Clinton, or Bush 43 did as much damage as Barack Obama did in 8 years. He not only flooded them in, he did nothing to protect Americans from them for 8 years! Now they think they do whatever they want to whomever they want. Let’s disabuse them of that notion! Write your asinine reps in Congress and demand ALL Muslim immigration end NOW, and no more Muslims should be granted US citizenship in future EVER!

          • Your exactly right about the Bushes embracing the globalists worldview. In fact, it was out of Bush 41’s mouth when I heard for the first time abut the “New World Order.” And it was in a speech given shortly after he was elected POTUS in early 1989, I think, when he droned on about making America a “kinder, gentler” nation. Thereby trashing, by innuendo, everything the great Reagan had done before him. We gotta watch out for these phonies who with pained looks and tears running down their cheeks declare,”read my lips, no new taxes,” before they zap you with a budget busting tax increase 6-months later. And, you’re right, there was not a bigger world-class phony and fraud than one Barry Soetoro, the undocumented Kenyan, whose motto of “leading from behind”, turned America, a dynamic world power, into a dysfunctional Banana Republic in only 8 years.

          • You’re right, and I couldn’t have said it better myself even on my best days (or nights)!

          • Thank you kindly, Gen11 American…

          • Not 1 muslim should be on U.S. soil, as for the Bush clan, I am well aware of how evil they are them and their good friend Dick Cheney, their investments in Halliburton and would not doubt Blackwater as well, so many people in Federal government have been involved in big corporations, Defense industry, major Brokerage houses such as Goldman Sachs, fossil fuels, et cetera, makes me completely sick.

            I wonder if conspiracies such as the Presidential administration at the time being involved with despicable acts against the people, for instance: ignoring the signs of a pending attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese

          • After years of research, I’m convinced FDR allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to occur because that was the only way to convince the American people we needed to enter the war. As for 9/11, I believe the same thing was true. There was plenty of “chatter” on the airwaves and internet about a pending strike, but nothing was done, and those “in the know,” including field agents, were completely ignored, leading to total tragedy. But the neocons got what they wanted – a Mid East War which has lasted 15 years, and raked in $6 Trillion dollars of hard-earned taxpayer funds for the Military Industrial Complex.

          • Thank goodness, I thought it was all in my head, after all is that not the way the Deep State works, trying to convince everyone that such claims is total insanity, next thing you know you are locked in a Rubber Room in a Straight jacket.

          • Be for real. look at what Trump has put us through in 90 days. He is taking this country to the grave. If left unchecked all truth will be buried and all poor people will be left to die and all billionaires will be richer. Look at how the tax code is going to be changed. He is taking money and avoid paying tax now. What do you think is going to happen next.

          • There definitely are some issues which are causing concerns even for Trumpers! If those concerns keep piling up, he may end up a one-term POTUS like Bush 41. On the other hand, if a lying, pro-Muslim Marxist Soros puppet could win a second term, anyone can!

          • Montana, I think you need to open your eyes to see the Democrats for real. They are the ones who will lead all our rights to die. Obama almost got the first amendment, almost killed the second amendment. Use our constitution against us over and over. He stoled from both social security and Medicare to give to Muslim and rioters, and George Soros. Trump is trying to get us out of the mess this phony got us into, but the Democrats are fighting him tooth and nail that every turn. Read the history of the Democrats, and then say Trump is leading us to our grave.

          • These brain dead liberal Democrats will never open their eyes to see what the real World looks like. They can’t see past the nose on their face, & because they are so deaf, dumb & blind, they lie, cheat, steal, & do what ever they can to make life miserable for decent people. I suspect there isn’t a Christian in the whole lot.


      • And that means if you escaped being shot and their jails are notorious for being one of the worst things you could ever experience!


    • Statesman Patriot

      No, they don’t want the criminals they keep sending us going back! Lol

    • Interesting that they DO permit Americans to become permanent residents, like in Costa Rica, my wife’s country; there are just a couple of regs: you must have evidence of monthly cash flow of at least $500, such as in Social Security or private pensions (why a lot of retirees come here), and you FIRST have to make a sizable deposit into one of the federally controlled national banks – $40,000 in Mexico and $60,000 in Costa Rica. In other words, COME! STAY! BRING YOUR MONEY! And “we don’t want anybody who’s going to be one more burden on our already sapped social services!” We could learn a few things from these countries about immigration, but no: we want “your tired, your poor,” and to give them everything for which they haven’t worked, for NADA!

      • I’ve been tweeting we need to smash that damned plague at the base of the Statue of Liberty for years! It’s positively ludicrous to be throwing billions per year on a “War on Poverty” since 1967 while flooding in at least 1 million piss-poor unskilled or low-skilled Third World peasants every year! I also realize the only reason the Democrats have insisted upon that is to get their votes!

        • Gen11American: AMEN! It DID serve a purpose over 100 years ago when my grandparents came LEGALLY, along with tens of millions of other LEGALS; and they spent a week in detention at Ellis Island while the authorities checked ’em all out medically. Those who didn’t make it to detention were turned around ON THE DOCKS if visibly just not up to par physically: TB, signs of scurvy, etc. At least then we processed them to a greater extent than we do now. GREAT observation on the billions spent on poverty while admitting those who take the lower jobs for far more than they got in THEIR countries, thus keeping our poor and uneducated on welfare now for 50 years! Go figure why ANYbody who wants or needs work here would vote for a candidate who wants more immigration! It IS ludicrous! And that goes for candidates of BOTH parties! The Republicans realized some time ago how they want to get more votes; it’s why I am fiercely independent after one too many disappointments. Marco Rubio, one of my senators, wants to bring in more Syrians – like we need more potential Boston Bomber Brothers and San Bernardino Killer Spouses!

        • And if that isn’t enough, we also send billions to foreign countries who hate us, mainly because of our corrupt politicians they have had to deal with. Our Government has screwed many other countries & think all we have to do is give them money to make up for it.

    • You got that right. There laws are much harsher then ours.

  3. This woman is a nut case. People trying to get into this country has gone down quite a bit since President Trump increased deportation and letting people know if they come into this country illegally, they will deported right. THAT was the plan. THAT is the plan. The less that come in the less we have to deport. That’s a VERY GOOD thing. Any human being who sneaks into this country without have papers and the proper authorization is ILLEGAL. What is it about that the liberals don’t seem to understand?

    • It doesn’t expand their voting base, that’s what irritates them. TO HELL WITH THESE PEOPLE! Get out, and STAY out!

      • What makes you think the Liberals aren’t expanding their voting base with illegals? Once twelve states, plus D.C., began issuing driver’s licenses to illegals, all but one (Washington State) beginning in 2014 to 2016, there was nothing to stop the Liberals, especially Hillary Clinton supporters, from registering illegals, potentially by the millions. Hopefully AG Jeff Sessions will conduct a thorough investigation of voter fraud by the Democrats during 2016 election prior to 2018 elections. He should fine every state $1,000 for every non-legal voter on their voter rolls also! If he did that, the Liberal states would be forced to clean up their own voter rolls prior to every election!

    • the liberals and democrats have no morals and standards, they do not uphold the constitution of united states. they are lawmakers breaking the law as pedophiles sitting in office using their jobs as a cover-up for their lust of being a pedophile..PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID HE WAS GOING TO DRAIN THE SWAMP RATS OUT, meaning 30 pedophiles in congress and senate and yes some of them are Republicans, but they can be replaced when jeff sessions issues his warrants

    • I thought I heard AG Jeff Sessions has upped the level of crime for entering the US illegally from a misdemeanor to a felony? If that’s true, anyone who crosses our border is automatically “entitled” to time in jail, following by automatic deportation back to whatever hellhole they came from! Unless we improve the lives of people in Third World countries, the irresistible urge to flood illegally into the US won’t be lessened. Unfortunately, after forking out $100 billion per year supporting illegals in US, America can’t afford to help!

  4. Sad thing is other than us no one will know Trump is accomplishing another goal.

  5. Many of us are extremely proud of the “Commander in Chief”. It’s great to have one after all these years.

  6. Yes, just read the article, looking for a reason to wring my hands. Nope, didn’t find one.

  7. You liberals are the reason my country is the shape were in. You liberals gotta be removed from any political position. Your some dangerous people. Trump is doing a great job who is making our country safe. Also americans worked years paying into. These leeches are draining our entitlements that most Americans cant even get. So you go to he’ll and don’t come back.

    • The best way to get rid of liberals in congress is to find out which ones are in states that Donald Trump took! Then Try and find someone or as many people as you can to vote Republican! The more Democrats we can get out of the Senate the better!

    • A family friend just paid a visit to the Social Services Office in WA State to apply for food stamps. The first three questions she was asked by a really rude B were “Are you Mexican? Are you Hispanic? Are you Black?” A Social Service Advocate she spoke with later informed her Mexicans, Hispanics & Blacks get more benefits than Caucasians. How’s that for an example of “equality before the law” in Liberal Land?!

  8. My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains
    My sense as though of hemlock I had drunk,
    Or emptied some dull opiate to the drains
    One minute past, and Lethewards had sunk

    John Keats

    Send the invaders home.

  9. Do you want to get rid of the rest of the illegals in this country? If you do, then press your congressman/woman, and your senator to pass E-Verification! This would make all illegals self deport themselves! If they can’t get work, or social benefits, then their only alternative is to go back to their country of origin!

    • I agree with you cut off food stamps, medicaid, free cash money free schooling free housing, make it where they have to wait 5 yrs after becoming legal and they will go to germany and canada not to america they come to america to live free off us taxpayers, if we say hell no, lock and load and stop it all

    • sandraleesmith46

      That needs to be accompanied by increased penalties for employers who hire illegals, knowingly or not; so that people will INSURE they aren’t doing so; thus cutting off 1 of the “draws”. And states need to stiffen penalties for those who skim or ignore investigations of applicants for any public assistance, and insure that those are no longer allowed; along with insuring that illegals’ kids do NOT attend our schools at any level! Cut off the “perks” and they will LEAVE on their own.

  10. This is absolutely fantastic news…couldn’t be better. It’s about time somebody discouraged these wetbacks from trying to take advantage of our stupid politicians who coddle them. They need to be shot coming across the border.


      • No, and I think that is now getting across to the invited muslims and their slews of children so we probably will be seeing some kickback so be ready to take them on. Altho I think Trump hasn’t told us his plan to get rid of them but it will happen, and especially those some 35 camps close to our military bases.

        • The danger to our country is the invasion of the Muslims. We should make a special effort to exclude them from any and all social programs. That also means cut off or at least cut back the number of Muslims allowed in the country to attend college. Left to me, there would be no Muslims allowed in at all. For any reason.

    • Not just your wetbacks as you say. Muslims by the thousands.

  11. I am ecstatic that no 1 is staying at lbergue San Juan Bosco, we certainly do not need anymore illiterate non-English Mexicans here in the U.S., only a fool believes that within the past 50 years it is immigrant workers that have been responsible for harvesting the vast majority of fruits and vegetables there were harvesting machines that could and can do it far more efficiently than migrant workers.

    Black lives being of more value that that of Caucasians BLM aside, do you know what the most beneficial aspect of freeing the slaves was?, the Industrial Revolution you brain dead people, so do us true cognizant Patriots a major favor, either get yourself deprogrammed and finally use your head for something other than vomiting shit from your mouth, or put a bullet through your completely lame brain.

    Fact of the matter we no longer needed anymore immigrants to stimulate our economy after 1900 and all immigration should have ceased at that point.

    • But those were REAL immigrants with proper docs and had to have no diseases/illnesses, someone here to take them in or a job waiting, and some English. Otherwise, no entry allowed. Those are still our real immigration laws on the books and need to be brought forth again and enforced. We do not have immigrants invading, but illegal invaders! Immigrants come in legally, period!

      • When the topic is muslims those who may be the victims in this case quickly become the villians, for instance, no solid evidence of who has been responsible for the gassing of those people in Syria, or who those people, true muslims or those whom true muslims refer to as kafirs, an infidel and kafir are not the same, true muslims hate kafirs the most.

        I have no more pity for the children of true muslims as I do their parents, the children are being indoctrinated into the same belief based on deception of hatred, thus their deaths create no guilt in me, merely means we need not fear them when they take up arms against us infidels.

        As far as I am concerned all Muslims should stay in predominantly islamic nations and leave us alone, but their dogma commands them to invade and use every method necessary to ensure only those who believe as they do survive.

  12. Good….keep the pressure on the Illegals and let us watch the poor little Libby boys & girls cry and carry on like the Kooks they are.

    • If the California snow flakes love their “south of the border illegals” so much, when they crawl back to Mexico, maybe the snow flakes should follow them.

  13. good. its about time some one did what has to be done.

  14. This is excellent news and way past time for this.Cut them all off,not a penny more.Force them to self deport.We are tired of being the patsy’s and having to pay to support millions of illiterate people who add nothing to our economy and just drain our resources.Then they demand special rights and wave their Mexican flags to protest our laws.Just get out!!!!!Same for all the Muslims who are here to try to take over America.It will never happen.Just get out now while you can.I here open season on illegals and undesirables is coming.You are not wanted here,just go.

  15. DT. is keeping his promises.

  16. if we hit NK. its their missile sites we should hit first. they couldn’t hit their own feet.

  17. It is excellent news, now if we can rid our self’s of the one’s that are here that would even be better! TAKE OUT THE TRASH!

  18. If you do a little research you might find that these shelters assist people deported from the US and or/people who have been driven by crime /poverty into the streets-Most stay for less than a week until they find other refuge-

    BTW -Border crossing have been down to where more return south that go north for years-Trump has little to do with it-

    • Need to work on reporting facts, not liberal bull.

    • What’s your point? You keep posting the same garbage, over and over. Just making sure Trump doesn’t get credit? Whether the people in question are coming less or leaving it’s all good with me!

  19. It’s cute, how the Left Leaning Media froths at the mouth when reporting the news, even if its good news, but, of course, not good news to them 🙂

  20. As long as we tolerate Commiecrats, we will have idiotic defense of our porous borders in name only; when the last Commiecrat is gone, we’ll be safe!

  21. Michael Dennewitz

    They’re not vanishing! They’re just finding a more secretive way of dragging their drugs into this country. And since so many of the Texas cops are crooked to start with, hell, the cops are most likely helping them! ??

  22. Every thing that you do you have to start some where. I am thank full that he is slowing them down and that he is stopping the welfare hand out which is absolutely against the law. But just think the Federal Government had you show every thing in the world at some times great cost, to just renew your licence, while all the time given them to people that they could not even find out who they are. Same cutting your assistants during hard times for you mostly to nothing and given it away to them that they know are not even Citizens

  23. Betsy Woodruff’s recent Daily Beast article gives absolutely no regard for America or American taxpayers, whom, for decades have been forced to pay for illegal immigrants invading our country.

    If she feels so strongly “no human is illegal”, a common liberal, stab-in-the-back mantra used against the growing anti-illegal immigrant sentiment in America, perhaps she should renounce her American citizenship and stay in Mexico.

    After all, in Mexico, she fails to point out, their illegal laws are obviously OK with her. Which are: two years in a Mexican jail for the a first offense; ten years imprisonment for a second offense; no health, welfare, housing, educational, entrepreneurial benefits or opportunity to own property, etc.

    Yeah, she should stay there with her crocodile tears!

    • All this but many are shot (expensive to keep anyone in jail no matter how horrid they are in Mexico, and many brutally tossed out of Mexico. This lady seems to see their jails as a good way to punish invaders? Guess she hasn’t a clue about what is happening in Mexico and if she goes, she knows she needs a legal visa in order to get in and if she should decide to stay? Gee, ammo is cheap in Mexico or she could share a jail cell with a few Mexican miscreants. Obviously, her brain is missing!

  24. They are NOT illegal immigrants

    They are illegal entrants

    Immigration is a process…jumping the border and just running in is illegal action

  25. So Mexico actually helps these people come here illegally? Not surprised even though their immigration laws are tougher than ours. We still need to build the wall and make sure it all stops.

  26. If you do a little research you might find that these shelters assist people deported from the US and or/people who have been driven by crime /poverty into the streets-Most stay for less than a week until they find other refuge-

    BTW -Border crossing have been down to where more return south that go north for years-Trump has little to do with it-Comments anyone?

    • Actually, few have returned because I lived in Mexico and have many Mexican friends there who keep me informed.

    • All you liberal loonies believe if you say it often and loud enough eventually it will be true. Fact is some of us are not as naive as you premise.

      • Not some, but MANY of use are not as naive as the lib loonies wants us to believe. In fact we are a hell of a lot smarter.

  27. vincent deredita

    GREAT!!! The SPICS are running SCARED!!!

    • Dont forget the east Indians, Irish, Africans , Asians(Chinese) and those from the caribean who overstay visas also

  28. Gee, I wish I had such sympathy for invaders on our soil! NOT! This is great news because #1 they are not only illegally but actually were invading our soil which means they should have been shot at as once we used to do, and #2 they bring nothing but insults, trash, families and all to leech on us and not bring anything of worth with them. No more anchor babies which also is not legal, rapes, robberies, murders, etc. And by golly it would seem the sanctuary cities are not getting their quota of invaders! Love the story and the end result of having a real man leader in the WH accomplishing what we have wanted for decades. Lived in Mexico and even saw them shooting at invaders, that is to say, someone coming without proper visas or permits to their country. Can we be no better than that! YES! We have borders now, ICE and Border Guards and I thank Trump for all of this. Now time to start deporting all invaders whether entering illegally or invited by the homo Obama and include all their families down to the 4th generation. Why are we supporting families on the dole, free college, etc.? We should not and no longer will! And, no more serious illnesses brought in as all: epidemics of inteorvirus, scabies, measles, hoof and mouth, and more.

  29. Good riddance I say!

  30. this is supposition. have they interviewed any immigrants..

  31. It’s abt time! It actually sounds like the Mexican people are SMARTER than the American liberals! Why would they make that long trek through the desert into the U.S. to only be caught by ICE or Law Enforcement, imprisoned, and then kicked back to where they came? The Land of Milk and Honey has dried up for them. Soon more of them will be returning home as P.T. follows through with his round up.

    It is happening as I write this! ICE has been given more clout and employees to find any illegal hiding in our cities. Now P.T. needs to make it a felony to shelter an illegal, besides defunding those “sanctuary cities, and America will once again be in control of its borders!

    When Liberals grow a “RESPONSIBILITY GENE” and start to use their heads, not their emotionally twisted hearts, America will become strong again! Apparently most Libs are unable to get their emotions in control, so P.T. with the help of American Cinservatives will have to giide those very lost and emotionally distraught libs to FOR ONCE IN THEIR PATHETIC LIVES – “THINK OF OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS AND STOP TRYING TO GIVE AWAY OUR COUNTRY TO FOREIGNORS WHO DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HERE!”

    LIBS: AMERICANS ARE SOOOO DONE WITH YOU! People are leaving that despicable party in drooves. Keep doing what you’re doing and soon there will be no more supporters for your party. It’s happening. Too bad you’ll never see it until it’s too late!

  32. Why do nit wits keep calling them immigrants ? They are criminal ILLEGAL ALIENS ! When someone breaks into your home do you call them visitors and tell them welcome and help your self ? Hell no you call the cops and have them arrested ! Well the illegals are breaking into your country which is all Americans home and deserves to be protected !

  33. I’ll bet my paid-off house that the Loureiros, who run the shelter, have gotten paid well by the Mexican govt. to run it, too; it came out some years ago when the little bastard Calderon was president of Mexico, when govt. survival packets were discovered on some illegals arrested on the U.S. side, that Mexico DOES help people to leave the country, and why shouldn’t they? Get rid of your poorest AND your criminals -as Castro did when dumb Jimmy Carter welcomed all Cubans in 1980 with the Mariel Boatlift exodus- and you have more money in your budget for things OTHER than subsidizing the poor or fighting low-level criminals; thanks to Jimmy, Miami’s violent crime rate went up almost 40% in the first six months after the boatlift, so other countries DO send us their bad along with the good. Perhaps little Betsy the journalist was lamenting a decrease in income for the Loureiros as much as she was the lesser number of people coming here to sap our social services system, which WILL come to the point of collapse eventually – just a matter of time. We are NOT the last lifeboat for the “Titanic.” In time, Betsy will see HER beloved UK go under with all the Muslims they let in. Perhaps SHE will open up HER home to them. (NOT!)

    • Yeah I got that impression too. Someone had to be paying them big bucks to house such a big structure etc.

      • And who knows that the reporter Betsy is not out to make the Loureiros like the heros of the Underground Railroad, who expedited escaped slaves out of our South northward to Canada back before and during the Civil War: any parallel is possible when someone is trying to justify breaking the law.

    • In fact, Obama used taxpayer $$ to fund the housing of illegals until he could relocate them all around the country

  34. Good! Now if we can just get the islamic illegal immigrants to go away…

  35. sandraleesmith46

    And…. this is a “bad” thing, WHY??? Can anyone give me 1 sound and logical reason why we have need of MORE parasites sucking us dry?

  36. Whining about the lack of filthy criminal immigrants crossing into America… these people need to be put to sleep.

  37. Patricia McGehee

    Immigrants? You mean ILLEGALS!!!!!!

  38. Maybe government officials may consider a reduction from 40,000 illegal crossings per month down to 12,200 per month a “vanishing,” but personally, I still consider 12,200 per month a disastrous number for our country, especially if they’re ISIS terrorists Mexico is allowing into their country, MS-13 gang members, criminals and drug smugglers. If the RINOs in Congress refuse to fund Trump’s Wall, voters are going to need to oust them in 2018!

  39. Correction.They aren’t “Immigrants” they are illegal invaders.


  41. Betsy darling they are illegals, not immigrants. My parents were immigrants and came in legally and went through the proper guidelines for becoming american citizens. No mercy here from my end regarding your saccharine liberal article.

  42. Adopt Mexican’os method of handing unknowns who stumble into their territory! Remember the veteran who made the wrong turn and got mistreated injail for 9 months!

    • How well I remember that, and how Obama ignored the 250,000+-signature petition he got after telling people he’ll intervene if 100,000 people signed a petition.

  43. Build the wall, and when they go home to vote. shut and lock the gates !

  44. May I suggest that this idiot Betsy Woodruff move to Mexico and use HER OWN Money to help out all the Mexicans she can find and stay there permanently. NO loss here.

  45. I do not seem “IMMIGRANTS” on the borders, those are INVADERS whom would
    illegally steal across the border to invade the United States and steal from the
    American Public and those who have worked hard to enter and become citizens
    by following our Laws and Legal system. BIG difference between the two types
    that is easily recognized when you follow the trail of both types. The Legal
    Immigrants come here to build a new life for them and their families and to become
    productive citizens, the INVADERS come here to bring in drugs, steal and commit
    crimes refusing to attempt to become productive citizens and or build a new life
    here obeying and follow our laws and legal system.

  46. This is fake news – there has been a negative immigration (more Mexicans leaving than coming in ) for years….documented many times….and now Trump wants to claim that as a victory for him. Total nonsense…but that’s what happens when all your so-called policies and initiatives are failures….have to keep eyes away from Russian issue, after all….

  47. Youre in the business of helping the scourge what the hell are you complaining about. Its time to kick these people Obama put in charge out of office. We have been sold out can you imagine what it would have been like if Hitler-y would have won? Hey Paco, Hey Jaunita no more free stuff Obama stole it all. Come back in about 20 years and dont worry? Be happy.

  48. The real news is that people have been coming to this country illegally and were given a free pass. It’s time to enforce the law, deal harshly with the illegal criminals who are infecting neighborhoods, like the MS-13 scum who terrorize innocent people…enough is enough!

  49. This is like a “candid camera” moment!!!! What the heck am I missing here????? President Trump’s policies are discouraging ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR…and that’s a bad thing???? Liberals live in an alternate universe, geez.

  50. Join the Mexican Army/BoyScouts and Let them fight the cartels

  51. Stop referring to them as immigrants they are illegal invaders!

  52. This is good.

  53. Non citizens in Mexico can’t own land.
    In America illegals get enough welfare to send their cash back to Mexico, last year it was 25 billion. That’s why Mexico wants all their poor people in this country.

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