Trump Drops Bombs on 60 Minutes

As the political primary season kicks into high gear, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is slowly moving from the generalized to the specific. In an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, Trump revealed the most detailed glimpse we’ve yet gotten at his plans to “make America great again.”

Sitting down with CBS reporter Scott Pelley, Trump offered the nation some new insight into his presidential intentions. And whether he was addressing North Korea (I would make China respect us because China has extreme control over North Korea.) or healthcare (Obamacare’s going to be repealed and replaced.), he has managed to merge his confrontational approach to politics with a more detailed plan.

To be sure, this was Trump’s most difficult interview to date. Pelley came prepared, ready with intelligent follow-ups to Trump’s every response. This was the sort of interview that would have crushed a candidate who was unprepared. And while the analysts are still positioning Trump as a know-nothing who is just repeating Breitbart talking points that he doesn’t understand, this interview confirmed that he’s not as clueless as some might think.

That’s good, because he’s going to be challenged on a couple of points by conservatives. Trump’s critics have overplayed his association with liberals in the past, but his tax policy is going to leave him open to attack from the right. He’s promised to cut taxes for both corporations and the middle class along with cutting it down to zero for a certain percentage of the population. But he has also vowed to raise taxes on “certain people on Wall Street getting away with paying no tax.”

That may resonate with Trump’s populist supporters, but it’s sure to put the very powerful Republican donor class on edge. If he can defend this policy in a way that makes the other candidates look like Wall Street shills, though, it could be the issue that makes it impossible for anyone else to catch up. Trump does, after all, have plenty of experience making money.

The other issue that could trip him up? ISIS. “I would end ISIS forcefully,” Trump told Pelley. He proposed leaving ISIS and Assad to fight it out in Syria, or perhaps even letting Russia finish the job. On the topic of ISIS in Iraq, though, he went quite a bit further:

Trump: Look with ISIS in Iraq, you gotta knock ’em out. You gotta knock ’em out. You gotta fight ’em. You gotta fight ’em. You have to stand–

Pelley: On the ground?

Trump: If you need you’re going to have to do that, yes.

Pelley: Troops on the ground.

Trump: Yes.

In a campaign season where Jeb Bush has already run up against trouble with his defense of the Iraq War, it remains to be seen whether Americans have any appetite for another ground war in the Middle East. Again, though, Trump has an opportunity here to be a leader instead of a follower. If he can present ISIS as a global threat to security that must be nipped in the bud, he could change public opinion rather than follow it.

If you listened solely to the experts, you would have thought Trump would be finished months ago. He’s still here, though, and his poll numbers are stronger than ever. Any candidate is only one gaffe away from a meltdown, but it appears that Trump is in it to win it. He’s not the perfect conservative by any means, and he’s no one’s idea of a dignified statesman, but he’s clearly reaching a portion of the American public that feels betrayed by Washington.

And if he’s half as good at being president as he is at generating interest in his campaign, he may be just the leader we need to put the Obama years behind us for good.

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  1. Obammy wants to destroy our nation…just read this for the truth:

  2. Trump drops his pants.

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    • Do you work? Or do you suck off the tax payer? Ever been in a war, captured? Ever even been in boot camp? You pu**y you have no clue what life is about. Been free all your life and free to come and go. Wait until you are told by the government what to wear, eat, where to work etc.

      • You are closer to the truth than most would care to admit…Michelle Obama has already told our school cafeteria’s what to cook and what not to cook…begrudingly most school children don’t like cooked spinach or broccoli, and or other vegetables which Michelle claims they should eat because these foods are so nutritious the kids might become malnourished if they don’t eat em…Already some schools now have sack lunch inspectors…If they don’t like what food the kid’s Mommy put in the bag they will not be allowed to eat it…they will be forced to eat in the cafeteria and they will pay the school for this change of lunch…Gee…What would parents do without Michelle Obama?

      • That’s not nice–he does work!!! @ Queers are us. ( bathroom attendant)

    • and there you were to service his goodies…

    • whoselineisitanyway

      And you should drop dead!

    • Proud Unemployed MORON!

    • Yo momma dropped hers in the park and made you!!

  3. I also like Cruz – he has been/is a standup guy, but…….. I’m not sure about his “depth” [or width] of business experience. Very few people understand that “politics” [in the USA] – with all its faults resembles a very large,
    super large corporate business.

    Yes, a good “politician” is [usually, sometimes] a good leader. But could a politician lead a true profit/loss business corporation? I don’t know. Can a business leader lead a country? I don’t really know. Either one needs to have a leader who can negotiate and do so extremely well.

    However, here is my “take” on Trump, in no particular order:
    Some folks do not like Trump because . . . . . . .[name something, anything].Is there a candidate [or a person] that can be named who does NOT have “baggage” of some kind from their past? I think not. Some “baggage” is looked upon as worse than another but it is still “baggage”.

    Has Trump been married – more than once?
    Yes. [So?] Has any former wife come forward with any ‘dirt’? No.

    I believe it can be said that Trump is a leader, not a follower. Our country needs a LEADER. Someone who knows how to address problems/goals with a game plan; put it into play and accomplish said efforts.

    This country needs a leader who knows how to recognize when an effort, a negotiation or whatever with an individual or business is failing, stop and reorganize that effort or get rid of it and start a new effort. If it takes
    stepping on toes – so be it. EVERYONE will not be “happy”/”pleased” when this happens regardless of how it is handled.

    Has “The Don” ever had a business go under [bankrupt]?
    Yes. Anyone who is involved with as many diverse businesses as he, and over the number of years been involved with will have had some business failures. [See above about a willingness to stop, correct and start a new effort – or close it down.]

    Has “The Don” been, over all, successful?

    Does he understand how to deal with people?

    Do they always like his deal?

    Has he “played” both political parties?
    Yes. Name an owner, manager or CEO of any large business touching any phase of government [local, state or federal] who has NOT “played” both sides at some point. Unfortunately, that is too often a “necessary” step when successfully dealing with “governments”.

    Does he understand how to build a successful team to accomplish a stated goal?

    Does he know how to hedge his “bets”?
    You can “bet” on it; without doubt, yes.

    Has he made a lot of money?

    Has he employed people?
    Yes, thousands of employees, worldwide.

    Has he paid them well?
    This must be a yes, I have not heard of an employee [current or past] that has come forward to state the contrary. I haven’t heard any, have you?
    Come to think of it: Has any employee, current or past, come forward with ANY
    derogatory statements/information on Trump? I haven’t heard any, have you?

    Is he “bullish”?
    Yes, but perhaps that is exactly what we need in a leader at this point.

    Do I like “The Don”?

    Has he any “faults”?
    Yes, but I find many more positive attributes than negative.

    Trump is the absolute polar opposite to Obama.
    Is the opposite to Obama, what our Country needs?

    [Whether it turns out to be Trump or someone equally qualified is less important. We need an accomplished LEADER]

    The above is just my “two cents” worth.
    PS: Please review the video in my following post [likely to be above this one] especially if you think running for president is a recent idea and not well thought out.

    • Good read but I missed finding the video.

    • I often wondered exactly that… “Has any employee, current or past, come forward with ANY
      derogatory statements/information on Trump?” myself. I thought maybe, just maybe I had missed it. lol. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who sees that. And that goes for the rest of your comments, I talk about the same issues, same backups and defend Trump, because of his past, his experience and most of all his bold and bluntness…I don’t give a damn attitude, he is the only one qualify to get us out of the mess we’re in now.

    • an accomplished leader…well that would eliminate a large portion of the candidates who have only had Trump bashing as their talking points…like the little weasel called Rubbio-or phony Fiorinie–who had her curtain call recently…if they didn’t have Trump to smear–nobody would remember them the next day…TRUMP is the man we need at this time to get us out of this shithole that gets deeper by the day.

    • Leadership is an important quality, and an ability few have. Obuma’s form of leadership, is to declare that he will do it his way or you are not cooperating or compromising. Pelosi and Reid submitted secret bills that no one could read and their majority scum voted as directed- NOW THAT IS THEIR FORM OF COMPROMISE! We have been betryed by the media. The one safety valve we have is the media and they are confirmed democrats. The public never gets the whole truth.

    • A common sense look at Donald Trump. He is not perfect, he cannot be all things to all people, no one can. Will he make a good President? I don’t know but I think he will, the office brings out the best or the worst in an individual. Donald Trump is an American.


    • That’s a good analysis. The slogan is more powerful than most people think. America was great until the day the puppet was sworn in. It has declined in every sector since. This so called ‘fiscal collapse’ we are facing is a direct result of the Obama puppet handlers. I blame the Republicans as well as the Democrats for allowing this to get so far removed from American control.
      Ted Cruz and Donald Trump could form an unbeatable pair. I want Rubio to stay in Flo

    • Two cents!?! More like no sense or non-sense.

  4. Donald Trump, Twenty-five years ago – – – – –

    At least his story hasn’t changed in 25 years. I wonder how that compares to all the other candidates.

    • That was an awesome video showing that Donald Trump truly loves America. And one thing that he realizes more than any of those self-serving bureaucrats in Washington, D. C., is that unless we get this nation working again, we truly are doomed. America can be great again, but it will require glorifying Jesus Christ and casting out satan and his evil minions.

      Romans 16: 17-20 Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them. 18 For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting. 19 For the report of your obedience has reached to all; therefore I am rejoicing over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent of all evil. Then the God of Peace will soon crush satan under your feet. Jesus Christ is God who came in human flesh and the most majestic crusher of satan ever. Let us always follow Him and resist evil, and we will overcome this evil and wicked world. The insane murdering abortionists and the filthy faggots and bull dykes will rot in the eternal lake of fire while we will be walking on streets of gold, rejoicing in God’s gifts and reveling in perfect bliss! Jesus Christ is Lord!

      • Jesus IS God:
        Thank you for your response. I believe you and I understand the problem. Please forward BOTH of my posts to as many as you can and ask that they do the same.

  5. anyone but a stupid nigger like we have now

  6. I don’t have a problem with letting Obama shut the government down. I do have a problem with republicans giving him everything he wants. America ends up looking like a bunch of panty waists which republicans are by the way. Goodbye Boehner. Please take most of the senate with you. They lied to us.

    • I agree…shutting the government down does not affect you or me…it also does not affect the pay checks of those government employees who get to take a paid vacation while the government is shut down…they wll get their pay check that’s for certain…As for those tourist who would like to walk up and touch the Lincoln memorial, etc. they can plan their vacation before or after the shut down…I say..Let er rip…and may Planned Parenthood be damned in the process.

    • Amen brother, these people just don’t get that we are tired of the Eric Cantors and Boehners of the establishment. Take America back ….vote Cruz.

    • Employees get PAID to stay home……DUH!!!! At least there will be less corruption going on if they are not at the office………or enforcing THE DEATH BY DELAY POLICY against our Wounded Warriors. hut it down.

    • Who is shutting down government. It is the media that paints republicans as the culprits. Republicans present bills to fix problems, democrats bully the process and as a single unit kill all attempts to solve problems. How is it that a bill passed by republicans, vetoed by the president means the republicans are not compromisiing, or causing a shut down? Has the entire nation gone nuts? Clearly, the meida has drawn the line-they support and cover for the democrats across the board.

      • Evidently the whole nation has gone nuts considering how many actually support the nuts who hijacked the republican party.

        • What? What about the Muslims and Marxists who hijacked the nation in 2008 & 2012? Or have you been living under a rock in the desert the past 7 years?

          • Got that right, liberals stay with their heads below the ground most of the time.

          • No Muslims or Marxists hijacked this nation. We created ISIS by taking Saddam Hussein out and it was no secret as there were many people warning what was going to happen if we invaded Iraq. As long as we keep pointing fingers and blaming based on ideology our problems will never be solved. Any half wit knows that Liberalism and conservatism have nothing to do with facts and conditions surrounding a problem. Radical liberalism created the Communists and radical conservatism created the Nazi’s. Democracy survives on a balance between the two ideologies. Little kids point fingers and blame. Adults who support democracy listen to the opposition and debate the issues based on reason, you know the thing that motivated the founding fathers.

          • Your kidding yourself, stay in the dark about what and who Obama really is, that is your choice it will never be mine.

          • I never kid myself nor do I let others kid me. Those who question everything they are told and don’t worship a political party or an ideology and actually express their independence by thinking know better. I’ve worked with many people from around the world and haven’t heard anything as absent minded and hateful as what i read here in The U.S. The one thing I’ve witnessed in several nations working with the people on the ground is that they couldn’t believe G.W. was reelected and that Obama has restored a lot of respect for America.

          • you belong in one of the other countries that you praise and respect so highly-who gives two shits what they say or care about–we need to take care of our own first and not run our country on what they think of us….period. Your opinion is just that–an opinion.

          • If you would improve your reading comprehension skills you would understand what I wrote and then be able to conduct an intelligent conversation. My comment was based on my experiences concerning how other people from around the world view us and not anything even remotely resembling praise for anybody. But then again the tea party would have no following if it wasn’t for people who didn’t dutifully believe everything they are told by their conservative gods.

          • When OldPatriot says Muslims and Marxists, he means Barack HUSSEIN Obama, John, and he sure as hell did hijack the nation, along with Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama (or is it Mike?).

          • Just what did he do to hijack the nation. I’ve never seen or heard anyone post any facts to support their accusations. Here are a few that were made earlier and completely false such as Obama’s policies are going to make us totally dependent on foreign oil. Today we have such a glut of crude oil that we don’t have storage capacity for it. Completely false accusation. Then we heard he wrote an executive order hiding his past from the public. I looked it up and his first executive order rescinded one written by George Bush that restricted public access to executive branch information. Again completely false and in fact it should have been an executive order applauded by “We the People”. He was accused of ruling by executive order but once again no orders provided as supportive evidence to the accusation. The truth is Obama wrote the fewest executive orders of any President since Grover Cleveland. All I can find is that all the accusations directed towards Obama are because of hate and that is what the obedient followers of the tea party are told to believe.

          • You are living in deep Lies, brought to you from the Demoncrats. Seek Truth and don’t be brainwashed.

          • Can you actually get specific on anything I said? I don’t mind discussing something but I have advanced well beyond the stage of “He did to; I did not”. Reason and logic I understand but children’s blame games simply don’t do anything for me.

          • And lets see…your info came from the white house?They wouldn’t lie, hide the truth and manipulate data now would they…. oh and its still Bush getting thrown out there again….pitiful. You can thank Bush for our oil surplus—your ignorance is astounding.

          • I can honestly say my information doesn’t come from the white house. Only incompetent and intellectually challenged people believe what any politician says without checking it out.

          • O Blivet’s War Daddy Georgi Soros the NAZI Jew’s, Vote Tabulating Corp Schytle, counted the US election Votes, in SPAIN! It’s not HOW the People Vote, It’s Who Counts the Votes!!” Quote from Joe Stalin!! Russian Mass Murderer.

          • True quote and true in fact. Today with Gerrymandering and electronic voting machines voting is being severely tested. That’s why it is so important that “we the people” don’t allow others to do our thinking for us by declaring ourselves as republicans, democrats, conservatives or liberals. If we allow our emotions to override our reasoning ability we are lost. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly believe ideology trumps facts and reason. Russia didn’t enjoy rule under the radical left nor did Germany enjoy rule under the radical right.

          • Are you referring to Valerie Jarrett who holds an Iranian dual citizenship…that one who helped her people get the nukes to level their playing field?

          • Have you forgotten that you have alzheimers again???

          • Forgetting means you did in fact know something. Others however who never learned anything have nothing to forget, but then how would they know about that.

          • Oh–you are the witty one–you must be the smartest person you know. So bright – your mother probably calls you sun. Now don’t kick your dog as you clearly are getting pissy….now run along.

          • If you reread the posts you will understand i am responding on the same intellectual level as the person addressing me.

          • Obviously you have nothing the fear from alzheimers; if you know nothing what can you possibly forget?

          • based on this post, you are the one that has been in a mental institution for the past few years.

        • The nuts were in the Republican party to begin with.

        • not to mention the nutz that run the Democrap Party.

          • For a hundred years the communists have tried to infiltrate the US. Even the democrats were patriots. Now that Obuma and his ilk have taken over the communists have what they have been fighting for. With the media cooped with the democrats, they too support the communitst party which was once outlawed. The is no one to mind the store anymore. We depended on the media and gave them special access and credence-now they lie like democrats.

        • Nuts huh? apparently that is what you lack…a pair of them.

      • whoselineisitanyway

        Maybe it’s time to target the MEDIA

      • Because the Repukes have added to a funding bill something they know can’t pass.

        similar to banging your head against a wall to get your way.
        having a disagreement is one thing.
        shutting down the country to get your way is “blackmail.
        perhaps you prefer the word “extortion”

        pass my bill OR ELSE is not how we work here in America.

        perhaps you can point out the part in the Constitution that say we can “distort” to get bills passed.

        • The Constitution, citing a section from Article I, Section 9: “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

          Congress is obligated to save us money. Appropriate nothing without knowing the facts. Shut the government down, if government pay is being used to chopped up babies, whose parts are then sold for private profit. Naziesque.

          The Constitution always foresaw that the appropriations process would act as a check upon those who would erect a multitude of new offices and send hither swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out our substance [Declaration of Independence]. Shut the government down.

          Any more questions?

        • It’s what you progressive communists do as well.

      • That fool in the white house don’t want America fixed, he has other plans for it, and Americans will suffer at the hands of that fool Obama.

      • We must remember the media is not on the side of conservatives nor Republicans…quite the opposite as a matter of fact…for this reason many folks no longer trust the media in the reporting of the truth…all is slanted by the news media in favor of “politically correct” leftist Democrats.

    • When the Dims shut down the government last time, they were the majority in the Senate. The Republican minority asked for the Dims to put money in the National Parks system to keep the memorials open in Washington and the National Parks open in the US. The Dims refused and spread a lie that the Republicans were causing the problems. The Republican minority in 2009 asked the Senate to look into the practices of Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae subprime loans to minorities. They tried 14 times until the housing market crashed when hundreds of thousands of minority home owners started defaulting on their mortgages. Considering that Senator Barney Frank was the homo lover of the head of Freddy Mac, the Dims caused the tumble of our economy over the last almost 7 years.

    • The government shuts down every Friday at 4PM and re-opens Monday at 9AM……….

    • Rifles on the rooftops

      Obama made it clear that he can and will rally blacks to riot across America if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants.
      the race card has America by the kahonees

    • Instead of simply making accusations site some specifics that those who still think independently have something to research or think about.

  7. Scott pellet is a Libbie smart butt,so you should never expect more

  8. Obama has been a cancer to America and need to be removed, for America to heal.

    • One highly trained sniper could end 3/4 of America’s problems.

      • I would say more like 95%!

      • By shooting all the idiot conservative who sully God, the memory of our founding fathers and the constitution. Judging by your last name, I see Hitler missed you.

        • The Communists of the Democrat party would just make that fascist fool Obama a god, hell they would claim he was god. Impeachment would be so much better.

          • Democratic party Sharon, it’s the Democratic party.

          • It’s more like the Communist party but whatever

          • See, there you go again.

          • ConservativeValuesVoter

            1. We demand the union of all in the United States on the basis of the principle of self-determination of all conservative citizens.

            2. We demand the United States citizens have rights equal
            to those of other nations; and that all previous Treaties made by the Democrat Party shall be repealed.

            3. Only those who are our fellow conservative countrymen may become citizens. Only those who have United States blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no aliens can be United States citizens.

            4. The 14th amendment shall be repealed and those who are not citizens must not reside in the United States and will be returned to their countries of origin forthwith.

            5. The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the United States shall belong only to conservative citizens. We therefore demand that no public office, of whatever nature, whether in the federal government, state governments, or the municipalities, shall be held by
            anyone who is not a conservative citizen.

            6. We demand the United States shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently Christian life and the ability to earn an honest livelihood. If it should not be possible
            to feed the whole population, then aliens (non-citizens) will be expelled from the United States.

            7. Any further immigration of non-United States citizens will be prevented. We demand that all non-United States citizens who have entered our country since January 21, 2017, shall be compelled to leave the United
            States immediately; forcefully and forthwith.

            8. All United States citizens of conservative Christian persuasion must possess equal rights and duties.

            9. The first duty of every citizen must be to work mentally or physically. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the conservative Christian community.

            Therefore we demand:

            10. That all unearned income, and all income that does not arise from work, be abolished.

            11. Since every war imposes on the people sacrifices in blood and treasure, all personal profit arising from the war must be regarded as corporate profit.

            12. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound conservative middle-class.

            13. We demand political reform in accordance with national requirements, and the enactment of laws to expropriate liberals without compensation in any way for the common conservative cause.

            14. We demand ruthless war be waged against those who work to the injury of the United States. Traitors (i.e. liberals) are to be punished regardless of creed or race.

            15. We demand that all former liberal laws be replaced by United States common sense conservative laws.

            16. In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious United States citizen to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to reach into positions of Conservative Leadership, the United States government must assume the responsibility of organizing thoroughly the entire conservative cultural system of the citizenry. Conservative curricula of all educational establishments shall be adapted to practical life and will be taught in schools from the outset.

            17. We demand the abolition of the regular army and the creation and robust maintenance of a National Militia comprised of conservative principles
            in accordance with the Second Amendment and the teachings of the Christian Bible.

            18. We demand that there be legal campaign against those who propagate deliberate political liberal lies and disseminate them through all liberal mainstream media conduits.

            In order to make possible the creation of a unified
            National Conservative Press, we demand:

            (a) All editors, writers and their assistants on newspapers, websites and media outlets be published in the American language and shall be by conservative United States citizens without exception

            (b) Non-United States newspapers, websites and media outlets shall only be published with the express permission of the Conservative Party. They will not be published in any foreign language.

            (c) All financial interests in any way adversely affecting conservative United States newspapers, websites and media outlets shall be forbidden, and we demand the punishment for transgression of this law be the immediate suppression and/or elimination of the said liberal media conduits and the expulsion of any non-United States citizens and/or liberal United States citizens from its borders!

            19. We demand freedom for The Christian Faith in the United States, and any liberal influences that endanger its existence or offend the moral and ethical sense of the United States citizenry will be extinguished.

            20. In order to carry out this program we demand: the
            creation of a strong Christian Church of the United States of America, and the unconditional authority by the political conservative federal and state governments to uphold all Christian institutions.

            The leaders of the Conservative Party shall promote the execution
            of the foregoing points at all costs, if necessary at the sacrifice of their
            own lives!

          • Better than the Nazis world of Obama

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey idiot…it was taken from the Nazi manifesto Hitler put out. Just substituted Nazi and Germany with conservative and United States. Fool!

          • Another moron, liberal idiot.

          • are you capabel of rational thought Sharon?

            or are you going for the “shock” factor by going as stupid as possible.
            like Trump.

  9. Let the Government shutdown who give a damn. All the Congress does is pass bill that hurt the American Ctizen or take away our liberties and freedoms. The Democrats will be shutting the government down anyway. Obama and the Liberal Democrats why we have all the problems in America anyway. With the exception of some stupid Republicans like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell…Oh I forgot John McCain that votes with the Democrats 99% of the time. Also President Obama needs to be charged for treason as he no better that the people that support Isis and other terrorist organization. The President supports Iran a terrorist country and supporter of terrorism. Why should he get a pass? Need I Say More?

  10. It’s a great thing to see him put out some answers !!! I love his idea to start the draft at age 64 and work down from there !!! It’s time to get rid of the dead wood as he says !!! But his tax cut for the middle class is only 1% , 14% for the top !!! That’s seams a little as_ backward if you are calling it a tax cut for the middle class !!! And his proposal to cut 40% from the defense contractors is a good thing also !!! So shine on !!!!

  11. If Donald Trump were clueless he would be living under a bridge and dumpster diving for super. He is not clueless, he has actually done something as has Doctor Carson !

    • Trump and Carson are bright fellows. Fiorina also makes sense. The GOP has been captive too long to the satanists. By that last word, I refer to Milton’s satan, who preferred to rule in hell rather than to serve in heaven. The GOP’s establishment pashas have deliberately sabotaged popular nominees so that they could cut their deals with the Democrats.

      Trump is the man to put a finish to that. Cruz, too.

    • Oh yea that’s right…I nearly forgot all the bankruptcies he’s filed….almost as many as the deferments he got avoiding serving in Nam.

      • Yes and were is Donald Living today under a bridge ?

        • Figuratively, yes he is! Hhe’s actually trolling the Repukes and is gonna kill any chance of success inthe’16 elections.

      • 1. Donald Trump has never filed for personnel Bankruptcy !
        2. The Bankruptcies you refer to centered around he then casino business’s.
        3. There were four casino business bankruptcies filed over a period of 18 years.
        4. The mistake Donald made quite frankly was not bailing out of the business sooner, it was all based in Atlantic City, and I knew a few people who worked there, and moved to my area, the fact is other states in the east began legalizing casino gambling such as my state, My grandmother I remember quite well her and her friends you used to take a bus up there and spend a few days, well once they built casinos in my city , those bus trips came to a end, and folks here who worked these tour bus trips lost their jobs as did the folks in Atlantic City, The one Casino we have in the City from what i’am told is not doing so well, and when you do not get crowds, your in trouble, That is what happened to Atlantic City, which is basically a Dead City once again. Trump did what he had to do to keep those places open and so folks could keep their jobs, but the fact is it just did not work out and he delayed the end !
        5. The fact is his other business’s have not gone this route !

        • So he can’t manage that’s clear enough…thanks for the insight. Nothing about the pussy and his deferments for serving…thought so. All this adds up to a bloated orange headed blowhard.

  12. Trump bombed? Ya gotta be kidding me! I have not yet jumped on Trump’s bandwagon, but if Smelly Pelly would have let him finish instead of interrupting him in mid sentence, we could have gleaned more from the interview. Smelly was obviously trying to frustrate Trump believing he was the intelligent one. Trump was cool and showed Pelly to be nothing more than a typical main stream news shill.

  13. This is what Obama always uses against the Republicans–Shutting down the gov’t and they give in because they do not want to be blamed for it.Where is the fight? We voted you in to fight!!!

    • Obama has managed to do more legislating from the White House than the Congress. His two tools are: the famous “I will Veto it”, which manages to get the GOP on the defensive and demoralizes them from actual action. Second, “I will shut down the government and blame you republicans” if you don’t give me what I want.
      So far, because of the general stupidity of the American public, he has succeeded. Look, I know that many of the new generation have no clue as to how government actually works, and many “loyalist” of the democratic party buy into the birth to death government care; but we as a nation need to wake up.

      • I agree with you 100% and have been saying this for a long time!! American Voters , I pray, are listening and researching everything! I know I am. I want to be INFORMED when I really make a decision. This election, to me, will bring us back to our values of right and wrong or we will sink deeper into socialism and evil. It is extremely that important!!

      • It’s those ignorant Democrats that follow the Presidents advice. When he say’s jump those ignorant Democrats say how high

  14. NUKE ‘EM save time & money & American lives….do it NOW!

  15. Trump may be loud, brash and arrogant, but a dummy he ain’t. He’s a lot smarter than we’ve been led to believe.
    Given the resources of the U.S. government, I think he will surprise even the worst of his critics.

  16. The fact is that if the Muslim countries of the Middle East are not made safe and stable, the West will be stuck with the incompatibility and cost factors of Muslim refugees from the Middle East. No “war on terror,” with the clear exception of the swift annihilation of Al Quaida in Afghanistan, would have been far better than what has transpired over the past 13 years. Now, there is no choice but to fix what we ruined in terms of infrastructure and security in the Middle East.

    • You can fix the infrastructure and security in the Middle East, but to what avail? Does this get rid of the problem? Until the real threat is eliminated, we are pouring money down a bottomless pit.

  17. We are still stung by the alleged “illegal invasion of Iraq, the on-going conflict in Afghanistan and other areas” that the dems have successfully sold to the American people as a GOP war. But, the same people are the ones that supported and voted for those wars.
    But, the unfortunate truth is that ISIS is a threat, not only to America but the entire world. Instead of the moral outrage when videos were released of the inhumanity of ISIS, we are not prone to do anything but voice our objection. Folks, the hard truth is we have to choose our battlefield. There will be a war, the only question is where that war will be; in our backyards or in ISIS’ backyard.

    • correct-a-mundo….now or later…but it is gonna happen

    • Notice again today, Obama will NOT call them ISIS, ISIL ! He will not go against his muslim brothers!! We need OUR Congress to get him OUT of OFFICE and Immediately!!

    • “But, the same people are the ones that supported and voted for those wars.”
      unfortunately for the con,
      The Iraq war vote was conservatives
      32 Dem Senators voted NO
      and 123 Dem in the house voted no.

      one GOP Senator and 3 or 4 House GOP voted no.

      it’s pretty much a GOP war

      • Covered their bipartisan asses. The whole Iraqi operation was a war crime. We are still waiting for the Chilcot report. We should convene the Hague court at both the Democratic and Republican conventions, Cleveland and Philadelphia. It is not as if either party has anything to be proud of.

        • that would be why Bush and Cheney are wanted criminals in EU

          • And Hillary and Obama are additional defendants.

          • sorry to burst your bubble but Obama was not even in the Senate.

          • Thanks for bursting my bubble. I am sorry to burst your own bubble. We just bombed Kudrun, sorry about the collateral damage. Obama promised us that we would be out of the muck and mire of the Mideast under his presidency. Yet he has stuck us even more deeply in, while bleating about peace and love. Obama does not see a Christian whom he does not want to destroy. Yet he does not seem to like any Muslims except the Saudis.

            Drones over Pakistani tribes. Assassinating Americans in Yemen. Have you been asleep for 6 years?

          • well fool, since we were talking about the Iraq war vote, I think you are now grasping desperately for some dignity after being shown to be low info.

            Did ISIL exist when Obama said he would get us out?

          • “Obama does not see a Christian whom he does not want to destroy.”

            I see you carry water for the moronic right as well.

            so now you need to list some Christians that Obama has destroyed?
            or maybe some of his evil plots against Christians?

            how is it we are all still alive here in America?
            He could have done us in pretty well with Ebola last fall.

          • You do not care about the Christian communities of the Fertile Crescent. Neither does Obama.

          • WHY exactly are we the worlds policemen?

            Did America PUT those Christians there? NO

            so why do we spend money and manpower?

            you think they are the only Christians in peril on this planet?

            you think they are the only PEOPLE in peril on this planet?

          • Really…

          • I would appreciate a copy of the warrant issued by the EU. Thank you very much.

        • PLEASE do not let “reality” get to you. He really “enjoys” it when anyone reacts to his dumb and blind positions.

          • you really hate facts don’t con?

            did the GOP/Koch brothers sick on the liberal that has put the fly in your Propaganda?

      • It’s completely a GOP war, but they will never take personal responsibility for it.

    • “There will be a war, the only question is where that war will be; in our backyards or in ISIS’ backyard.”

      Tell me Brenda, if Saudi and Turkey are not that concerned, why are your panties in a knot?
      THEY have a common border with the conflict.
      we have 6000 miles of buffer between them and US.

      have you signed up your kids to fight?

      • Tell me Reality Check are you too dense to comprehend why Saudi, Turkey and most of the Arab nations are not concerned? Let me offer a clue, they are brothers in arms. You really do belong to the nitwits on Huff N Puff. com where you can wax poetic about your fantasies and mental aberrations and enjoy the support of the other socialists and communists.

        • No, they’re not brothers in arms moron. It goes beyond Muslim faith. Tribes are more important than false borders. You are an idiot. Pull you head out of your ass.

        • so you are unfamiliar with Shia and Shiite.

          no big surprise that you are ignorant.
          you got rid of your old man cowboy image.

      • Because if you scratch a cons’ surface just a little bit, they’re scared to death of the world. That’s why they want such a huge military, etc.

  18. Please get your “Plans To Rescue America” all figured out and away We the People will go to make it all possible! God Bless America!

  19. Carson is my first choice and Trump is my second choice. I am sick of politicians.

  20. Shut down the government! The old west doesnt have anything on the new wild, wild west. Not only do we have to deal with immigrants we have our government to contend with!??!

  21. Trump is positioning for rational deals with Democrats: stick it to the ulta rich RINO-CRATs; pull in some union votes via trade protection; nix Obamascare but provide a basic catostrophic coverage to get more gal voters. He will get enough support to build the wall!

  22. TRUMP IS the candidate we need. PERIOD !

  23. hey, I do not mind saying that perhaps I have been wrong about Trump…..I semi-like his tax plan…..I do not
    like his Iraq plan (i say..let the sunnis and shittes fight it out. when its over Then we make a decision what We want
    to do with the winner(?)…I really like his 25 year old plan to get America paid first….we have been spending
    money on our so-called allies like it is going out-of-style….time to STOP that bs….time to change welfare to
    like it or not Regan “workfare”….everybody can do something to help this Nation…..immigrants?…this is a tough
    call for me….I can see how we will need them from Mexico..there are a plethora of jobs that they can “begin
    their citizenship trip” with….and sad to say, our people will not do those jobs anymore…but we DO need to enforce
    the existing ins laws to Stop further immigration….NAFTA deff. needs to be overhauled…I am certain of that
    and hope whoever gets elected will undertake that…….the Pipeline is a must do…..I want to see the
    Saudis BEGGING the USA to buy their oil…….also…NO NO NO tax relief for our Big Oil Co*s…..just like
    every other business …you pay your money and you take your chances…win or lose..the Oil Giants should
    not be allowed to “screw” the public as they have for decades…..they enjoy the benefits of the American
    system and they should PAY their FAIR share just like everybody else……

    • I am in aggreance with NOT going to another war in the Mideast, because these camel jockeys have fought each other for centuries!! And do we really believe that Saudis give a damn about the USA? I do not think so! We need to KEEP them OUT of AMERICA and anyone who goes over there and wants to fight for THEM, should be HUNG as a TRAITOR to our country!(or at least a firing squad)!!

    • Muskat, take a look at my two posts, as follows, see this one with the video and another as a following post to you, if “they” will let me post it. I have posted it earlier because it covers so much in favor of “The Don”.

      Donald Trump, Twenty-five years ago – – – – –

      At least his story hasn’t changed in 25 years. I wonder how that compares to all the other candidates.
      Please forward to all who should know/need to know.

    • Muskat anoonopolis:

      Take a look at my “take” on Trump, and my other post to you. Perhaps these will help.
      I also like Cruz – he has been/is a standup guy, but…….. I’m not sure about his “depth” [or
      width] of business experience. Very few people understand that “politics” [in the USA] – with all its faults resembles a very large, SUPER large corporate business.

      Yes, a good “politician” is [usually, sometimes] a good leader. But could a politician lead a true profit/loss business corporation? I don’t know. Can a business leader lead a country? I don’t really know. Either one needs to have a leader who can negotiate and do so extremely well.


      However, here is my “take” on Trump, in no particular order:

      Some folks do not like Trump because . . . . . . .[name something, anything] Is there a candidate [or a person] that can be named who does NOT have “baggage” of some kind from their past? I think not. Some “baggage” is looked upon as worse than another but it is still “baggage”.

      Has Trump been married – more than once?
      Yes. [So?] Has any former wife come forward with any ‘dirt’? No.

      I believe it can be said that Trump is a leader, not a follower. Our country needs a LEADER. Someone who knows how to address problems/goals with a game plan; put it into play and accomplish said efforts.

      This country needs a leader who knows how to recognize when an effort, a negotiation or whatever with an individual or business is failing, stop and reorganize that effort or get rid of it and start a new effort. If it takes stepping on toes – so be it. EVERYONE will not be “happy”/”pleased” when this happens regardless of how it is handled.

      Has “The Don” ever had a business go under [bankrupt]?
      Yes. Anyone who is involved with as many diverse businesses as he, and over the number of years been involved with will have had some business failures. [See above about a willingness to stop, correct and start a new effort – or close it down.]

      Has “The Don” been, over all, successful?

      Does he understand how to deal with people?

      Do they always like his deal?

      Has he “played” both political parties?
      Yes. Name an owner, manager or CEO of any large business touching any phase of government [local, state or federal] who has NOT “played” both sides at some point. Unfortunately, that is too often a “necessary” step when successfully dealing with “governments”.

      Does he understand how to build a successful team to accomplish a stated goal?

      Does he know how to hedge his “bets”?
      You can “bet” on it; without doubt, yes.

      Has he made a lot of money?

      Has he employed people?
      Yes, thousands of employees, worldwide.

      Has he paid them well?
      This must be a yes, I have not heard of an employee [current or past] that has come forward to state the contrary. I haven’t heard any, have you?
      Come to think of it: Has any employee, current or past, come forward with ANY derogatory statements/information on Trump? I haven’t heard any, have you?

      Is he “bullish”?
      Yes, but perhaps that is exactly what we need in a leader at this point.

      Do I like “The Don”?

      Has he any “faults”?
      Yes, but I find many more positive attributes than negative.

      Trump is the absolute polar opposite to Obama.
      Is the opposite to Obama, what our Country needs?

      [Whether it turns out to be Trump or someone equally qualified is less important. We need an accomplished LEADER]

      The above is just my “two cents” worth.

  24. At least one thing i like about trump is he’s telling it like it is GO TRUMP.

  25. Betrays this country and make it the laughing stock of the world

    Appease terrorist and law breaking illegals and dams us American citizens

    Runs Americans down in foreign countries

    Always blaming others for his own blunders

    Cannot tell the truth as he’s life is built on lies

    Keeps his lifes secrets under lock and key as he has much to hide

    Has devided this country since he’s been in charge

    Unfit to be anywhere near the white house, should be in prison

    Stays on the golf course, even a serious crisis will not take him away

    Spreads his lying BS ever chance he gets and is quite sickening

    Evil flows through his veins

    Irresponsible and irrational


    Opens our southern border up even more to let in terrorist

    Bankrupting this country

    Anti God, America, our Constitution and our military and Israel


    A hole 100%

  26. Trump may seem like the bully kicking sand in the other kids’ eyes. But why are we taxpayers fleeced in order to keep the tots’ sandbox full and clean in the first place? The Republican Party has been particeps criminalis in the theft of our freedoms. I don’t care if the old codgers suddenly find themselves out of a job.

    Chopping up babies and selling their parts for profit is a scene from a horror movie starring Nazis and the monster from the Potomac lagoon. The only difference between the Nazis and the monsters in charge of our government is that the Nazis lost WW2.

    Shut the government down.

  27. Keep it up Trump! Get more specific as weeks go by. Also, integrate new big topics for discussion to go with

    1. Illegal felon invasion
    2. Veteran heath care


    Signed….A very disillusioned and angry voter base

  28. While Obamamonkey promotes his “do nothing long term ending” for ISIS, the rest of the free world suffers more and more attacks from them. ISIS isn’t getting weaker and the whole damn WH has been lying about it for a long time. It’s getting stronger everyday and spreading. Either exterminate them now or watch those countries and ours go up in smoke as they spread their reign of terror. Time to shut Obamamonkey down on every front and retake control. The WH is no longer “his banana”!

  29. This is the biggest LIE yet advertised on MSM and FOXNEWS. Last We The People heard, there is a BUDGET. Last We The People heard this BUDGET had appropriations, and Last We The People heard this voted on and approved BUDGET was still operational. So, this talk about shutting down the government is both Republican AND Democrat “fear mongering.” It is the Percentage of increase over EXISTING Budget that’s the issue…not the whole Budget. Everybody still gets a paycheck, every contractor still gets paid, every “change Order” is processed for payment, Etc., Etc., Etc. R&D still is funded, Laser emitting satellites still are produced and launched, Every Lobbyist Organization still get paid, paper is still printed upon, produced and handouts are plentiful, OH! YES! We The Elite People of Culture of Corruption in ALL of Washington DC will leave their offices vacant “because of government shut-down!” Now, do you understand!!!!! It’s both parties way of saying, we want “freebies” while we are on our “junkets.”

    • No, a proper “budget” has not been passed for several years. All “advancements” have been “continuing resolutions” – – – for whatever THAT is worth. But you ARE correct on your other points.

  30. The bombastic bloviator’s tax plan, he claims, has the approval of big-time tax experts, but he declined to name even one of them. Well, here are some experts who have a pretty low regard for it:

  31. Oh, what is disappointing about this interview. Again it is truth and hard truths Trump is stating. Thanks to BO and Hillary pulling out like they did, it caused this mess with ISIS. I agree with letting Syria manage their end of this fight as well. What is disgusting is if BO has been a real president, this would not have ever been necessary. The blame for this fiasco in the middle east is BO’s alone. Someone else will have to clean it up and this time do it right. Make Iraq pay for the services of our military. Does anyone think Russia is saving Syria for altruistic reasons? Hardly, Putting is a predator.

    • SDofAZ; take a look at this.
      Donald Trump, Twenty-five years ago – – – – –
      At least his story hasn’t changed in 25 years. I wonder how that compares to all the other candidates.
      Please forward to all who should know/need to know.

    • Yep, the President wants to give us 200K Syrian Muslim Refugees–mostly men! Does that make sense, what did the cowards do leave all their women behind to die? I just answered the question, yes they did! Because, women are lower than dirt in their culture and little boys are only good enough to be raped in their culture. Study their culture America, so we can stop this invasion of these sorry people whose desire is to annihilate us under Sharia law!

  32. Mr Trump, please don’t screw up now. You’re the “best chance” we have right now for putting this country back together!!!

    • Our country is not broken
      (except for the lying Right Wing Propaganda of course)

      “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”
      “The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the
      only bright spot for global growth”

      WHY do you cons lie all the time?

      • 23 percent of the working class is unemployed, that is a recipe for national bankruptcy. The only action that can save this nation is re-energized capitalistic growth, and a fixed across the board 10 percent tax rate with no deductions or exclusions except for personal healthcare and retirement. There should also be a mandatory deportation of all illegals – have them line up and immigrate into this nation like every other legal immigrant. Illegals should have to pass a physical and an IQ test to be granted admission into our nation. There should be an absolute elimination of all the so-called hyphenated Americans. There should be a total elimination of all welfare, except for only the most severely disabled. A socialist nation is like a farmer using a dull plow, it doesn’t work. Sorry, duty calls, gotta run. Be blessed and always pursue God’s kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit!

  33. As Bobby Jindal said in the last debate,

    ‘You’ve got a choice between honest Socialists on the Left, like Bernie Sanders, and lying conservatives on the Right.’

    at least one of you are telling the truth.

  34. Right now, this ‘government’ is not worth saving. Dump it, and all of Washington, except the statues, with it.

    • I own land, if only temporarily. (The bi-partisan Bolsheviks want to steal it from me.) I would like to create a sculpture garden there of discarded Confederate statues.

  35. They can not best Trump with their word games and soap opera scenarios of applying his answers to situations that don’t have anything to do with what he said. His non PC answers cut through their BS.

  36. I believe that Obama is a Muslim/Islam sympathizer in the least and a practicing Muslim in the extreme. His closest adviser, V. Jarret is a Muslim as well as others in O’s cabinet so their mindset should be obvious by now. Islam is intent of raising the number of Muslims in all Western countries in order to perpetuate the takeover of those countries to ensure Sharia Law predominates. Europe, being way too Liberal, is getting the message that they are being overrun with Muslims. Most of these are more passive Muslims, some are violent “extremists”, they’re all adherents to Islam which wishes to take over the world and Liberal countries are their first targets. America is also getting a large number of immigrants, either legal or illegal, and Obama is encouraging this. Why would he do this if he had America’s best interest at heart. Answer…….He doesn’t.

    • I believe you are a very LOW info voter.

      What IS obvious is that many Americans are DELUDE fools who believe anything published by Right Wing Propaganda regardless of common sense or facts in evidence.

      • Read the book “House of War” by G.M. Davis. It’s a short read that should appeal to your limited Liberal attention span. It will validate everything I’ve stated above with the exception of info about Obama and his cabinet which I’m sure cannot be confirmed by them. O stated that he prayed 5 times a day in response to someone else’s question so, since Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day we can probably assume it was a slip of the tongue of something he doesn’t wish to share with us. It is fact that Jarret is a muslim as well as other’s in his cabinet. If you can refute this, provide facts, not vapid comments that portray your own ignorance.

        • “O stated that he prayed 5 times a day”

          “Obama jokes about ‘praying five times a day’ during White House dinner”

          are you cons really so shallow?

          just because 2 people in the administration are Muslim is a long stretch to, “the administration is controlled by Muslims”.

          not like the low functioning con needs to connect the dots (ie critical thinking)

          maybe you can point out something the “Muslim administration” has done to promote “Muslim priority” in America?

          we have 2 members of congress that are Muslims.
          Soo scary.

          • How do you know he was joking? Were you there? No, I thought so. Just another brain dead liberal. Read the book wizard.

          • It wasn’t a book silly human who pretends they are informed.

            like my post states, it’s was him making jokes at a WH dinner.

            I think it would be more of a DESPERATION on the part of the moron right who want to keep pretending Obama is a Muslim.

            people in the real world laugh at you fools

          • As usual, you can’t have a cogent discussion with a Liberal. The book I was referring to was the one I suggested you read to get a factual understanding of what Islam is doing.. The title again is “House of War” by Dr. G. M. Davis. Speaking of fools………

            What is your proof he isn’t destroying America. Obamacare, economy, middle east situation, Benghazi, Immigrant failures, support for Planned Parenthood support, Stupidity regarding race (dividing the country), Stupidity at VA, Stupidity at the AG office, Constitutional abuse, lies, etc. etc. What positive things has he done?

          • only a mindless con would think I am taking reading suggestions from the morons who think the Pres is a Muslim.

            I have LIVED in Muslim countries.
            I have first hand knowledge that Muslims are normal peaceful types.

            and YOUR experience would be?

            you right wing nut jobs need re-education in some fema camps.

            “What is your proof he isn’t destroying America”

            “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

            The World Bank is telling us…the U.S. economy is the
            only bright spot for global growth.


            “middle east situation, Benghazi, Immigrant failures, support for Planned Parenthood support”

            IS ALL crap in the tiny minds of conservatives that you have spent 5 years trying to prove.

            so far all you fools have done is embarrass yourselves and take congress approval down to 5%

          • Yes, I’m really sure you’re an expert on Muslims. You have nothing to learn from informing yourself further. I am truly wasting my time and will not continue. Low information is the watchword of the liberals in America. They don’t want to inform themselves or expand their thinking nor learn opposing views because they think they’re smarter than everybody else. That’s what we have in Obama. Real smart idiot.

          • “What positive things has he done?”
            1. Signed an Executive Order on government contracting to fight waste and abuse.

            2. Signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, restoring basic protections against pay discrimination for women and other workers.

            3. Renewed dialogue with NATO and other allies and partners on strategic issues.

            4. Announced a plan to responsibly end the war in Iraq.

            5. Provided funding to families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB.

            6. Ended media blackout on war casualties and the return of fallen soldiers to Dover AFB.

            7. Signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which has created 2.1 million jobs (as of 12/31/09).

            8. Launched to track spending from the Recovery Act, an unprecedented step to provide transparency and accountability through technology.

            9. Announced the “Making Home Affordable” home refinancing plan.

            10. Launched a $15 billion plan to boost lending to small businesses.

            11. Invested heavily in education both as a way to provide jobs now and lay the foundation for long-term prosperity.

            12. Provided the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with more than $1.4 billion to improve services to America’s Veterans.

            13. Signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Office of Urban Affairs.

            14. Limited lobbyist’s access to the White House.

            15. Issued an Presidential Memorandum to restore scientific integrity in government decision-making.

            Answered questions at the first online town hall from the White House
            that were submitted and voted on transparently by the public at

            17. Established a central portal for Americans to find service opportunities.

            18. Launched
            – enabling conversation and online collaboration between small business
            owners, government representatives and industry experts in discussion
            forums relevant to starting and managing a business.

            19. Appointed the first ever Federal Chief Information Officer to provide management and oversight over federal IT spending.

            Signed the Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act on February
            4, 2009, which provides quality health care to 11 million kids – 4
            million who were previously uninsured.

            21. Issued an Executive Order repealing the Bush-Era restrictions on embryonic stem cell research.

            Signed the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, the first piece of
            comprehensive legislation aimed at improving the lives of Americans
            living with paralysis.

            23. Announced creation of a Joint Virtual
            Lifetime Electronic Record for members of the U.S. Armed Forces to
            improve quality of medical care.

            24. Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date.

            Committed to phasing out the expensive F-22 war plane and other
            outdates weapons systems, which weren’t even used or needed in

            26. Provided federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research.

            27. Provided new federal funding for science and research labs.

            28. Played a lead role in G-20 Summit that produced a $1.1 trillion deal to combat the global financial crisis.

            Signed the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act to stop fraud and
            wasteful spending in the defense procurement and contracting system.

            Ordered the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay and a review of our
            detention and interrogation policy, and prohibited the use of torture.

            31. Appointed Special Envoys for Climate Change, Southwest Asia, the Middle
            East, Sudan, and a Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

            32. Empowered states to enact federal fuel efficiency standards above federal standards.

            33. Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect.

            34. Increased minority access to capital.

            Developed a comprehensive new strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan that
            will help defeat Al Qaeda and authorized the deployment of more than
            21,000 troops to Afghanistan.

            36. Signed the Fraud Enforcement
            and Recovery Act which gives the federal government more tools to
            investigate and prosecute fraud, from lending to the financial system,
            and creates a bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to
            investigate the financial practices that brought us to this point.

            37. Signed the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act.

            Increased, for the first time in more than a decade, the fuel economy
            standards for Model Year 2011 for cars and trucks so they will get
            better mileage.

            39. Issued a Presidential Memorandum to the
            Department of Energy to implement more aggressive efficiency standards
            for common household appliances.

            40. Unveiled a program on Earth
            Day 2009 to develop the renewable energy projects on the waters of our
            Outer Continental Shelf that produce electricity from wind, wave, and
            ocean currents. These regulations will enable, for the first time ever,
            the nation to tap into our ocean’s vast sustainable resources to
            generate clean energy in an environmentally sound and safe manner.

            41. Announced a new U.S.-Mexico border initiative.

            42. Concluded cyberspace policy review.

            43. Announced a strategy to address the international nuclear threat.

            44. Established a new “U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue”.

            45. Announced new policy steps towards Cuba.

            46. Provided funding for advanced manufacturing technologies.

            Issued a Presidential Memorandum on the Freedom of Information Act
            instructing the Attorney General to issue new guidelines to the
            government implementing those same principles of openness and
            transparency in the processing of FOIA requests.

            48. Funded the
            design of a new Smithsonian National Museum of African American History
            scheduled to open on the National Mall in 2015.

            49. The Executive
            Order on Presidential Records brings those principles to presidential
            records by giving the American people greater access to these historic
            documents, severely curtailing the ability to use executive privilege to
            shield those documents.

            50. Signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, a hallmark piece of legislation.

            Signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure
            (CARD) Act to protect Americans from unfair and deceptive credit card

            52. Signed an Executive Order establishing a White
            House Council on Women and Girls to provide a coordinated Federal
            response to the challenges confronted by women and girls and to ensure
            that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies consider how their policies
            and programs impact women and

            53. Launched a U.S. financial and banking rescue plan.

            54. Ordered secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and elsewhere to be closed.

            55. Ended the previous policy; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with the Geneva Convention standards.

            56. Launched U.S. Auto industry rescue plan.

            57. Provided better body armor to our troops.

            58. Authorized cutting the missile defense program by $1.4 billion in 2010.

            59. Restarted the nuclear nonproliferation talks and building back up the nuclear inspection infrastructure/protocols.

            60. Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic.

            Reengaged in the agreements/talks on global warming and greenhouse gas
            emissions, and addressed the U.N. Climate Change Conference.

            62. Supported the first steps of a legally-binding treaty to reduce mercury emissions worldwide.

            63. Visited more countries and met with more world leaders than any president in his first six months in office.

            64. Managed several natural disasters successfully, including severe winter ice storms and flooding in several states.

            65. Provided new car tax credit.

            66. Provided attractive tax write-offs for those who buy hybrid automobiles.

            67. Purchased fuel efficient American-made fleet of vehicles for the federal government.

            68. Endorsed Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2009 that would close offshore tax havens.

            69. Nominated Sonia Sotomayor to Supreme Court. She’s confirmed and becomes the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice.

            Helped reverse a downward spiral of the stock market. On January 19,
            2009, the last day of President Bush’s presidency, the Dow closed at
            8,218.22. Today, the Dow closed at 10,309.24 (February 2010).

            Earned an unprecedented success rate of 96.7% on winning congressional
            votes on issues where he took a position. He did even better than
            legendary arm-twister Lyndon Johnson who had a 93% success rate in 1965.

            72. Provided affordable, high-quality child care to working families.

            73. Restored America’s reputation as a global leader that will do the “right thing” in world affairs.

            74. Issued an executive order to create the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

            75. Increased funding for student loans and pell grants for 2010 students.

            76. Negotiated deal with Swiss banks to permit US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals.

            77. Provided tax credit to workers thus cutting taxes for 95% of America’s working families.

            Cracked down on companies that deny sick pay, vacation and health
            insurance to workers by abusing the employee classification of
            independent contractor. Such companies also avoid paying Social
            Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance taxes for those workers.

            Signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention
            Act that made it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his
            or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

            80. Appointed the first Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy.

            Signed the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act
            authorizing advance appropriations for the Department of Veterans
            Affairs by providing two-fiscal year budget authority thus enabling
            better medical care for veterans. Endorsed by the American Legion,
            American Veterans, Blinded Veter…ans Association, Disabled American
            Veterans, Jewish War Veterans, Military Officers Association, Military
            Order of the Purple Heart, Paralyzed Veterans of America and Vietnam
            Veterans of America.

            82. Held impromptu press conference to urge
            Congress to investigate Anthem Blue Cross and other corporate health
            insurance companies that raise premiums in high amounts without
            explanation. Rep. Henry Waxman launches probe. In this case, Anthem Blue
            Cross wanted to raise premiums 39%. They have now put the increase on
            hold for two months (as of February 2010). Legislation preventing such
            increases pending.

            83. Designated $1.5 billion from the Troubled
            Asset Relief Program to fund programs at local housing finance agencies
            in the states hardest hit by the housing crisis: California, Florida,
            Nevada, Arizona and Michigan. The MBA forecasts that foreclosures will
            peak in the last quarter of 2010.

            84. Protected 300,000 education
            jobs, such as teachers, principals, librarians, and counselors through
            the Recovery Act that would have otherwise been lost.

            Extended discounted COBRA health coverage for the nation’s unemployed
            from 9 months to 15 months. Workers laid off between September 1, 2008
            and February 28, 2010 qualify.

            86. Extended unemployment benefits
            for 2,000,000 unemployed Americans by 20 weeks. At the time the bill
            was signed 7,000 unemployed Americans were losing their unemployment
            benefits each day.

            87. Eliminated federal funding for
            abstinence-only education which was significantly increased during the
            Bush Administration to $176 million annually.

            88. Rescinded the Global Gag Rule.

            89. Appointed the most diverse Cabinet in history including more women appointees than any other incoming president.

            90. Committed to no permanent military bases in Iraq through the Defense Authorization Act. For your reference.

            Provided tax credits to first-time home buyers through the Worker,
            Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 to revitalize the
            U.S. housing market.

            92. Provided the Department of Veterans
            Affairs the largest spending increase in 30 years to improve medical
            facilities and national cemeteries, and to assist states in acquiring or
            constructing state nursing homes and extended care facilities.

            93. Strengthened the Endangered Species Act.

            Empowered states that legalized medical marijuana to regulate
            themselves. Fourteen states have allowed some use of marijuana for
            medical purposes: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland,
            Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Maryland, Rhode Island,
            Vermont and Washington.

            95. Enhanced earth mapping.

            96. Increased funding for national parks and forests in 2010, and plans to do it again for FY 2011.

            97. Changed failing war strategy in Afghanistan.

            98. Allocated special funding to the Labor Department to provide green job training to veterans.

            Allocated funding to states and the Department of Homeland Security to
            save thousands of police or firefighter jobs from being cut during the

            100. Created and sustained 2.1 million jobs and
            stimulated the economy 3.5% [as of December 31, 2009] through the
            American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

            101. Signed on to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

            102. Responded with compassion and leadership to the earthquake in Haiti.

            103. Signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009. The Act extends the Ryan White programs through 2013.

            104. Ordered a review by the Sentencing Commission of mandatory minimum sentences.

            105. Signed the Travel Promotion Act of 2010 to increase travel to the United States.

            106. Expanded the Rural Energy for America Program and USDA energy grants to empower farmers that want to use renewable energy.

            107. Increased funding to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

            108. Launched and extended the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

            109. Donated his $1.4 million Nobel Prize to nonprofits.

            110. Revitalized and empowered the EPA, OSHA and the SEC to protect workers and consumers by regulating business practices.

            111. Signed the HIRE Act.

          • 111 undocumented claims, (doubtful they made America great)

            Here are the documented 252 lies of the Obozo administration:

            [The 52 pages were too long for this Blog, so I cut some of them our – you can look up the rest] The last one directly contradicts the above idiot’s claim of equal pay for women.

            [Quote:] The following is a contribution from Dan from Squirrel Hill. The original title of the article is “Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.” it’s lengthy, but is a
            ‘one-stop shop’ for all the dirty details on the Obama presidency.

            Every President, every politician, and every human being tells lies and engages in acts of hypocrisy. But Barack Obama does these things to a far greater degree than anyone else that I have ever known of. His campaign promises were so much better sounding than anyone else’s – no lobbyists in his administration, waiting five days before signing all
            non-emergency bills so people would have time to read them, putting health care
            negotiations on C-SPAN, reading every bill line by line to make sure money
            isn’t being wasted, prosecution of Wall St. criminals, ending raids against
            medical marijuana in states where it’s legal, high levels of transparency.
            Obama’s promises of these wonderful things sounded inspiring and sincere. They
            sounded so much better than the promises of any other President. So when Obama
            broke these promises, it felt so much worse than when other Presidents broke
            their promises.

            Every claim that I make in this list is
            sourced. Click on the blue text to see the sources. I have cited a wide variety
            of sources, from right wing, to left wing, to middle of the road.

            1) Carried out military interventionism in
            Libya without Congressional approval

            In June 2011, U.S. Congressman Dennis
            Kucinich (D-Ohio) said that Obama had violated the Constitution when he
            launched military operations in Libya without Congressional

            2) Gave a no-bid contract to Halliburton –
            just like Bush did

            In May 2010, it was reported that the Obama
            administration had selected KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, for a
            no-bid contract worth as much as $568 million through 2011, just hours after
            the Justice Department had said it would pursue a lawsuit accusing the
            Houston-based company of using kickbacks to get foreign contracts.

            3) Has an administration full of lobbyists,
            after promising he wouldn’t have any While running for President, Obama had
            promised that, unlike Bush, he would not have any lobbyists working in his
            administration. However, by February 2010, he had more than 40 lobbyists working in his

            4) Has close ties to Wall St., but pretends to support Occupy Wall St.

            Although Obama claims to support the Occupy
            Wall St. movement, the truth is that he has raised more money from Wall St. than
            any other candidate during the last 20 years. In early 2012, Obama held a
            fundraiser where Wall St. investment bankers and hedge fund managers each paid $35,800 to attend. In October 2011, Obama hired Broderick Johnson, a longtime
            Wall Street lobbyist, to be his new senior campaign adviser. Johnson had worked
            as a lobbyist for JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Comcast,
            Microsoft, and the oil industry.

            5) Broke his promise to close Guantanamo Bay

            6) Supported the $700 billion TARP corporate-welfare bailout just like Bush

            While Senator, Obama voted for the $700 billion TARP
            bank bailout bill. The bailout rewarded irresponsible and illegal behavior. It
            redirected resources from more productive uses to less productive uses. It
            punished the hard working taxpayers who had played by the rules and obeyed the
            law. It created horrible incentives, and sent the wrong message. The bailout
            was evil because it rewarded the bad people and punished the good people. No
            society that does this can expect to remain free or prosperous. Instead of
            bailing out these corrupt corporations, we should have let them cease to exist,
            like we did with Enron.

            7) Waged the biggest war against medical marijuana of any president, which was the opposite of what he had promised

            In May 2008, Obama campaign spokesperson Ben LaBolt said that Obama would end DEA raids on medical marijuana in states where it’s legal. Also in 2008, Obama said that he supported the “basic concept of using medical marijuana for the same purposes and with the same controls as other drugs” and that he was “not going to be using Justice
            Department resources to try to circumvent state laws.”

            However, in February 2010, DEA agents raided a medical marijuana grower in Highlands Ranch in Colorado, a state where medical marijuana is legal. Also in February 2010, DEA agents raided a medical marijuana dispensary in Culver City in California, a state where medical marijuana is legal. In July 2010, the DEA raided at least four medical marijuana growers in San Diego, California. Also in July 2010, the DEA raided a medical marijuana
            facility in Covelo, California. Then in September 2010, the DEA conducted raids on at least five medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada, where medical marijuana is legal. In 2011, the DEA conducted raids on medical marijuana in Seattle, Washington, West Hollywood, California, and Helena, Montana, all places where it is legal. In April 2012, the DEA carried out several raids on medical marijuana in
            Oakland, California.

            In February 2012, Rolling Stone magazine wrote that Obama’s war against medical marijuana went “far beyond anything undertaken by George W. Bush.” In April 2012, Mother Jones magazine wrote: “The president campaigned on the promise that he’d stop federal raids on medical marijuana operations that were in compliance with state laws, a vow that Attorney General Eric Holder repeated after the election. But then the Obama administration raided more than 100 dispensaries in its first three years and is now poised to outpace the Bush administration’s crackdown record.” In May 2012, the Washington Post wrote: “Obama has become more hostile to medical marijuana patients than any president in U.S. history.” In May 2012, U.S. Congressperson Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said she had “strong concerns” about Obama’s forced closure of five medical marijuana facilities in Pelosi’s congressional district. In April 2012, commenting on Obama’s crackdown on medical marijuana, U.S. Congressman Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) said, “I’m very disappointed… They look more like the Bush administration than the Clinton administration.”

            In July 2012, federal prosecutors filed civil forfeiture actions against Harborside Health Center, a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland, CA, which claims to be the world’s largest, and which claims to serve more than 100,000 medical marijuana patients. In April 2012, federal agents raided Oaksterdam University, an educational institution in Oakland, CA, which teaches people about medical marijuana. In April 2012, federal agents raided a medical marijuana facility which had been serving 1,500 patients near Lake Elsinore, CA. In June 2012, the Obama administration filed asset-forfeiture lawsuits against two landlords who rented their buildings to medical marijuana stores in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The Obama administration also sent warning letters which threatened similar legal action to dozens of other, nearby landlords. During the first seven months of 2012, the DEA shut down40 medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, all of which had been operating in compliance with state and local law.

            In July 2013, the DEA conducted multiple medical marijuana raids in Washington state,
            including the cities of Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle.

            In May 2012, ABC News reported that during Obama’s youth, he often smoked large quantities of recreational marijuana. Obama’s marijuana smoking wasn’t even medical – it was recreational. And yet now, he is taking large scale, widespread action to prevent people with AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and other illnesses, who have prescriptions from their doctors, from using their prescription medicine – how cold hearted can a person be?

            8) Nominated a six-time tax cheater to head the government agency that enforces the tax laws. Obama nominated Timothy Geithner, a repeat tax cheater, to head the government agency that enforces the tax laws.

            Prior to his nomination, Geithner had:

            1) Illegally failed to pay more than $34,000 in social security and Medicare taxes

            2) Illegally declared the cost of his children’s summer camp as a form of day care.

            3) Illegally failed to pay the early withdrawal penalty when he took money out of
            his retirement plan

            4) Illegally declared non-eligible items as a charitable deduction

            5) Illegally declared something which was ineligible as a small business deduction

            6) Illegally declared utility expenses which had actually been for his personal use

            9) Gave tax dollars to AIG executives, then pretended to be outraged about it

            Obama signed a stimulus bill that spent money on bonuses for AIG executives. Prior to signing this bill, Obama had said, “when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.” However, after reading “line by line” and signing the stimulus bill that protected the AIG bonuses, Obama pretended to be shocked and outraged at the bonuses, and said, “Under these circumstances, it’s hard to understand how derivative traders at A.I.G. warranted any bonuses at all, much less $165
            million in extra pay… How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?” and also said that he would “pursue every single legal avenue to block these bonuses.”

            10) Expanded Bush’s unconstitutional government faith based programs

            Obama expanded the federal government’s faith based programs which had been started by President George W. Bush.

            11) Supported Bush’s unconstitutional Patriot Act

            In May 2011, Obama signed a renewal of the Patriot Act.

            12) Increased the national debt more in one term than Bush did in two

            The national debt increased more during Obama’s first three years and two months than it did during all eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency.

            13) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without filing any charges

            In December 2011, ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romero criticized Obama for signing a bill that gave the U.S. government the power to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without any charges being filed or any trial taking place.

            14) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, warrantless wiretapping

            President Obama has defended warrantless wiretapping.

            15) Avoided prosecution of Wall. St criminals

            Although Obama had promised to prosecute Wall St. criminals, during his entire first term, his administration did not file any criminal charges against any of the top financial executives.

            16) Had four U.S. citizens killed without judicial process

            The ACLU accused Obama of violating the U.S. Constitution for doing this.

            U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) said that Obama’s actions might be an impeachable offense.

            17) Ordered private company to fire 1,000 employees

            In 2011, after Boeing had hired 1,000 new employees to work at its new factory in South Carolina, the Obama administration ordered Boeing to shut down the factory, because the factory was non-union.

            18) Stole money from retired teachers and police officers

            During the Chrysler bankruptcy, Obama violated the Fifth Amendment and more than 150 years of bankruptcy law by illegally treating secured creditors worse than unsecured creditors. Some of these secured creditors were retired teachers and police officers from
            Indiana. Richard A. Epstein, a law professor at New York University School of Law, wrote, “Upsetting this fixed hierarchy among creditors is just an illegal taking of property from one group of creditors for the benefit of another, which should be struck down on both
            statutory and constitutional grounds.” Todd Zywicki, Professor of Law at George Mason University School of Law, wrote that Obama’s treatment of secured creditors was “dangerous to the rule of law.” The Economist wrote that Obama’s actions could
            “establish a terrible precedent. Bankruptcy exists to sort legal claims on assets. If it becomes a tool of social policy, who will then lend to struggling firms in which the government has a political interest?” Francis Cianfrocca, the CEO of Bayshore Networks, wrote that Obama’s actions were “an astonishingly reckless abrogation of contract law that will introduce a new level of uncertainty into business transactions at all levels, and make wealth generation more difficult going forward… An extraordinary uncertainty has been created when the most powerful man in the world can rewrite contracts and
            choose winners and losers in private negotiations as he sees fit. Since this is an unquantifiable uncertainty, and not a quantifiable risk, its effect on business and investor confidence will be large and unpredictable. As in the 1930s, a time when government also cavalierly rewrote private contracts, the prudent approach for business will be to invest minimally and wait for another administration.”

            19) Supported release of convicted mass murderer

            In 2010, Obama supported releasing Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi (who had been convicted of murdering 270 people) from prison.

            20) Illegally put thousands of guns into hands of criminals

            In Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration ordered gun store owners to
            illegally sell thousands of guns to criminals.

            21) Fired Inspector General for discovering that Obama’s friend had embezzled government funds

            In June 2009, Obama fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin, after Walpin accused Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, of misuse of AmeriCorps funding to pay for school-board political activities. In a letter to Congress, the White House said that Walpin was fired because he was “confused, disoriented, unable to answer questions and exhibited other behavior that led the Board to question his capacity to serve.” A bipartisan group of 145 current and former public officials, attorneys, and
            legal scholars signed a letter that was sent to the White House, which defended Walpin, said the criticisms of him were not true, and said that his firing was politically motivated. The letter can be read here.

            100) Approved giving 20 F-16 fighter jets to a Sharia dictatorship

            Obama approved giving 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, which is a Sharia dictatorship.

            101) Falsely claimed that his “Cash for Clunkers” program would help the environment

            Although Obama claimed that his “Cash for Clunkers” program would help the environment, it actually caused net harm to the environment. Because the program required cars to be shredded instead of recycled, it wasted 24 million barrels of oil.
            Many of the cars that were destroyed were in perfectly good condition. Because the program’s minimum requirement for so-called “fuel efficiency” was only 22 mpg, the
            reduction in pollution was negligible.

            102) Violated the very same campaign finance laws that he claims to support

            In January 2013, it was reported that Obama’s campaign had been fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for violating campaign finance laws.

            103) Lied about how he had answered a questionnaire on gun control

            In 1996, when Obama was answering a questionnaire on his political views, one of the questions was “Do you support state legislation to: ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns?”

            Obama’s answer to the question was “Yes.”

            However, in 2008, Obama said “My writing wasn’t on that particular questionnaire.”

            However, ABC News later reported that the questionnaire “appears to have Obama’s handwriting.”

            104) Falsely claimed that his 2013 inauguration was not funded by lobbyists

            Although Obama claimed that his 2013 inauguration was not funded by lobbyists, its sponsors had actually spent $160 million on lobbying during Obama’s first presidential term.

            105) Encouraged medical device manufacturers to lay off employees

            In response to the medical device tax that is part of Obamacare, some medical device manufacturers have announced plans to layoff employees, including Welch Allyn (275 planned layoffs), Stryker (1,170 planned layoffs), and Medtronic (1,000 planned layoffs).

            In December 2012, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, John Kerry, and 15 other Democrats who supported the passage of Obamacare wrote a letter to Harry Reid, asking him to delay the tax on medical devices, claiming that the tax would hurt job creation in their districts.

            106) Encouraged employers to switch their employees from full time to part time

            The New York Times reported that Obamacare “sharply penalizes full-time employment in
            favor of part-time employment.” In response to the employer mandate of Obamacare, some restaurants have announced plans to switch some of their employees from full time to part time, including some franchises of Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, White Castle, and Fatburger.

            Community College of Allegheny County switched 200 professors and 200 other employees from full time to part time in response to Obamacare. Clint Benjamin, an English professor at Community College of Allegheny County, said that this would reduce his own monthly pay by $600.

            Also in response to the employer mandate of Obamacare, other colleges have announced plans to switch some of their employees from full time to part time, including Florida’s Palm Beach State College, Ohio’s Youngstown State University, and New Jersey’s Kean University.

            In Virginia, thousands of government employees had their hours reduced because of Obamacare.

            The Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh reduced the hours of 48 of its employees in response to Obamacare.

            Regal Entertainment Group, the largest chain of movie theaters in the country, announced that it would be switching thousands of its employees from full time to part time in response to the Obamacare mandate.

            Utah’s Granite School District reduced the hours of 1,200 of its employees in response to Obamacare.

            In response to Obamacare, many Wal-Mart stores have stopped hiring full time workers.

            In July 2013, leaders of the Teamsters, UFCW, and UNITE-HERE sent a letter to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi which said that Obamacare will “destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class… the law creates an
            incentive for employers to keep employees’ work hours below 30 hours a week.
            Numerous employers have begun to cut workers’ hours to avoid this obligation.”

            107) Broke his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term

            On February 23, 2009, Obama said “Today, I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.” Obama broke that promise.

            108) Had Freedom of Information Act record worse than Bush’s

            In September 2012, it was reported that when it came to honoring requests under the Freedom of Information Act, Obama’s record was worse than that of George W. Bush.

            109) Supports installation of hidden cameras on private property without a search warrant

            In October 2012, Obama’s Justice Department argued in favor of installing hidden cameras on private property without a search warrant.

            110) Used “stimulus” money to pay people to play cards, board games, and video games

            In October 2012, it was reported that LG Chem, a lithium-ion battery plant in Holland, Michigan, was using money from Obama’s “stimulus” to pay its employees to play cards, board games, and video games.

            111) Spent half a million tax dollars on “Prom Week” video game

            In 2012, the Obama administration spent $516,000 on a video game called “Prom Week.”

            112) Hypocritically pays his female employees less than his male employees

            Although Obama claims to support equal pay for men and women, his own administration pays its female employees 18% less than its male employees.

          • were is MY LINK?
            how is this “verified” if I can get the links fool?

          • since we have 252 pieces of questionable material we will debunk the first one for you.

            Washington, D.C.
            ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) delivered the following remarks
            today, Tuesday, March 29, 2011 on the floor of the United States

            “Mr. President: I would like to take time today to
            address the ongoing situation in Libya. Last night the President made a strong defense of our military action in Libya. I welcome his remarks,
            and I appreciate that he explained why this intervention was both right
            and necessary, especially in light of the unprecedented democratic
            awakening that is now sweeping the broader Middle East.

            “There has been much criticism of the President’s
            handling of the situation in Libya – some legitimate, some not. But the
            fact is, because we did act, the United States and our coalition
            partners averted a strategic and humanitarian disaster in Libya. Even as we seek adjustments to U.S. policy where appropriate to ensure that we accomplish the U.S. goal, as stated by the President, of forcing Qaddafi to leave power, I believe the President’s decision to intervene in Libya deserves strong bipartisan support here in Congress, and among all Americas.”


            AND since the action was supported by both sides (as well as NOT)

            AND supported by France and England OUR ALLIES, I think this is more of you disingenuous con whining about anything you can think of.

            TIME FOR YOU to debunk one of my 111 things Obama did for America.

          • here is another tid bit for the disingenuous con about item #1

            “When Obama acted with limited congressional consultation, McCain — who
            was the 2008 Republican presidential contender running against Obama —
            defended the president, saying he couldn’t wait for Congress to take
            even a few days to debate the use of force. If he had, “there would have
            been nothing left to save in Benghazi,” the rebels’ de-facto capital.


          • You can’t have a real discussion with a liberal/ communist/ elitist/ – – who is a person without ignorance… You know: less than an imbecile, not even a hint of ignorance. IQ in the negative range – – like negative 250.

          • so far I have proven you to be not too high functioning.

            would you like to debate and prove me the low IQ liberal?

          • Yea, Don’t know why I wasted my time with that fool.

          • Look at Muslim kissing Muslim proof.

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            Here is one that is of a Muslim kissing a Muslim.

          • how many Tzars have been appointed, all Muslim Brotherhood, or are you functioning with a “critical thinking” mind?

          • NONE.

            maybe you can name them.

        • notaNMliberal – pay no attention to “reality” he/she is a troll and as near as I can determine, someone who could careless if the USA fails. He/she just wants to “bait” as many as possible.

      • F-off – keep licking 0bama’s balls —– what you LIBS do best ……

  37. I like Trump for his passion and some of his ideas. If he wins the WH, he’s going to have more than “his work cut out for him”. That socialist/commie scumbag obamalinsky has done damage that we don’t even KNOW about yet! it’s going to take somebody with a helluva constitution to get this country back where it was intended to be.

  38. Trump seems to be the only Repub with the moxie to shut down the PC machine and the currupt Democrats. He can’t be bought, and he can’t be cowed; kinda like Harry S. in 1945. Trump for POTUS in 2016!

  39. Where are the Men’s Rights in these Abortions? It isn’t about women’s health at all. I know for a fact, you can walk into any health department and get a check up. So, why do we have Planned Parenthood *abortion is not a contraceptive. So, if planned parenthood was and is what they say, why is it they perform ABORTIONS violating Mens Rights? Both Mother and Father should have a say in that childs life, and if he wants it, she can pay child support, happens to men all the time….

  40. Democrats would rather give those savages what they ask for including America if they want it. It’s the liberals way. At least Trump will defend his country.

    • WHY would we want to give the country to the terrorists?

      I mean how rational a thought is that for a normal American.

      you are SO full of HATE that you don’t think rationally.
      Next your going to call me a commie.

      Have you even seen what life was like in a communist country?
      WHO would make THAT choice?

      again a sign of an irrational thought process.
      Is that the conservative way?

  41. Just goes to show you that American Patriots have no problem with doing what needs to be done to fight ISIS and any other group that threatens the safety and security of the United States of America and the world…even boots on the ground. The only ones who do not want to fight are the liberal cowards like obama and his entitled sniveling followers.

  42. NO mention of purging Congress of the traitors by arrest and prison sentences, or arresting the Nerogro sodomite before he returns to his homeland, and putting Bill and Hillary on trial. The former for rapes in a civil court if need be. George Boosh for war crimes.

    Arresting illegal immigrants and sending them back and rounding up all Moslems for deportation. I will license all lieberals and forbid them governmental or civil authority. All are to be monitored by ankle bracelets.

    The Bible to be made standard in schools and government. All officials must be able to recite every year by heart.

    Other than that you are all free to open your own business. No income tax, property tax and BS tax. Only a small sales tax. Really, very small, like the size your NEW government!

  43. We need to start a new goverment get everyone out and put new people in. Starting with Odick & Miss Odick 2 fuckin monkeys I can’t understand how they are still here Why hasn’t anybody killed them or at lease tried to. we the people have to start to take charge of our country.PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP

  44. Trump hasa solid set of ballz. That’s more than you can say for any RINO and many conservatives. If he’s the candidate in November 2016, he gets my vote.

  45. Donald Trump filed Four Bankruptcies all involving his Casino Businesses from 1991 to 2009 period which is a small portion , of Donald’s business, As per his deferments a lot of folks received deferments so what, Where were you when, William Jefferson Clinton ran for President ? The former President’s service record :
    1. On 08-09-74 , W.J. Clinton registered for the draft, his selective service number was 3-26-46-228, he was classified 2-S, on 17-11-64!
    2. W.J. Clinton was reclassified 1-A on 20-03-68!
    3. W.J. Clinton was ordered to report on 28-07-69!
    4. W.J. Clinton choices to dishonor order to report and is not inducted!
    5.W.J. Clinton is reclassified 1-D, after enlisting in the United States Army Reserve on 07-08-69, under authority of Col. E. Holmes, W. J. Clinton signs the enlistment papers and takes oath of enlistment!
    6. W.J. Clinton fails to report for duty at his assigned Duty Station, the University Of Arkansas Rotc 09-69!
    7. W.J. Clinton was reclassified 1-A, on 30-10-69 as enlistment with the United States Army Reserve’s was revoked by Col. E. Holmes, William Jefferson Clinton future President of the United States is now classified as (AWOL). and is subject to arrest under public law 90-40 (2) (a), for failing to report and subject to induction !
    8. W.J. Clinton’s birth date lottery number is 311, which was drawn on 01-12-69, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction, is ineligible !
    9. W. J. Clinton runs for Congress in (1974) and is a fugitive from justice under public law 90-40!
    10. William Jefferson Clinton aka Bill Clinton , Received a Presidential Pardon dated 21-01-1977 from James Earl Carter, President Of The United States Of America!

    Bill Clinton has not refuted these facts which were released under the Freedom Of Information !

  46. Trump laid nothing but eggs on 60 minutes.

  47. Rifles on the rooftops

    the trump is unafraid to speak the truth- even if it looses votes- this is so unlike an American politician.
    trump hates Obama and would unseal records- prosecute and deport obama
    this is reason enough to vote trump

  48. Why can’t Trump take over today?

  49. Trump did what he said he would about specific plans…
    He gave specifics. And he is not done with the specifics.
    Hard line, tough decisions, none are popular.
    All because an idiot was elected twice.
    Finally someone who actually did something. He didn’t lie.

  50. I have a big problem with is
    a personal decision, that no one else should have a say in.However,you say it’s murder, no it’s murder after the birth,
    when the mother of the unwanted child throws it in a garbage can or worse. I saw a lot growing up impoverished,. and believe me, abortion is sometimes the
    lesser of two evils,but taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill ..

  51. Trump bullies everyone with lawsuits. Will he do the same with the American People!

  52. What should you expect from an insane president? Insanity? You are correct.

  53. Scott Pelley, like most leftists in the Marxist Media, could not write half a book because he is only half intelligent. Or maybe half-informed . . . . you fill in the ellipses.

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