Trump Dismisses UN: “Just a Club for People to Get Together”

In the wake of the United Nations resolution on Israel, President-elect Donald Trump slammed the international institution as having strayed too far from its mission statement. In a tweet the day after Christmas, Trump said, “The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”

Both before and after the vote, Trump argued strenuously against the resolution to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and other disputed territories. He released a statement last week urging the U.S. to veto the resolution. When Obama chose to abstain instead, he vowed that things with the U.N. “would be different” after he took office in January.

But as Trump points out, the problems with the U.N. go well beyond the ongoing harassment of Israel. Insofar as the organization does some good with humanitarian aid, they simultaneously do a lot of damage to the world. By giving nations like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Cuba, and Venezuela a seat at the table, they embolden tyrannical states. From the standpoint of the U.N., a dictatorship is every bit as legitimate as a democracy.

World peace is meaningless without universal freedom. We could lock everyone in a cage and achieve world peace, but that’s probably not a world anyone wants to inhabit. We’re not talking about philosophical disagreements here. We’re talking about the difference between a free society and a society harshly controlled by violent oppressors.

We’ve seen the folly of “imposing” democracy on countries that don’t want it, so we shouldn’t necessarily encourage the U.N. to go that route, either. At the same time, there’s no reason to give the thuggish regimes that control these countries a voice in international affairs, is there?

In the U.N., you can see the ideology that made Barack Obama such a terrible foreign policy president. These leftists are unwilling to admit that Western democracy is far superior to any other system of government, despite the inarguable truth of it. By downplaying the horrors of tyranny, they become enemies of freedom themselves.

Why would we want to support such an organization?


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