Trump Dismisses UN: “Just a Club for People to Get Together”

In the wake of the United Nations resolution on Israel, President-elect Donald Trump slammed the international institution as having strayed too far from its mission statement. In a tweet the day after Christmas, Trump said, “The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!”

Both before and after the vote, Trump argued strenuously against the resolution to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and other disputed territories. He released a statement last week urging the U.S. to veto the resolution. When Obama chose to abstain instead, he vowed that things with the U.N. “would be different” after he took office in January.

But as Trump points out, the problems with the U.N. go well beyond the ongoing harassment of Israel. Insofar as the organization does some good with humanitarian aid, they simultaneously do a lot of damage to the world. By giving nations like Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Cuba, and Venezuela a seat at the table, they embolden tyrannical states. From the standpoint of the U.N., a dictatorship is every bit as legitimate as a democracy.

World peace is meaningless without universal freedom. We could lock everyone in a cage and achieve world peace, but that’s probably not a world anyone wants to inhabit. We’re not talking about philosophical disagreements here. We’re talking about the difference between a free society and a society harshly controlled by violent oppressors.

We’ve seen the folly of “imposing” democracy on countries that don’t want it, so we shouldn’t necessarily encourage the U.N. to go that route, either. At the same time, there’s no reason to give the thuggish regimes that control these countries a voice in international affairs, is there?

In the U.N., you can see the ideology that made Barack Obama such a terrible foreign policy president. These leftists are unwilling to admit that Western democracy is far superior to any other system of government, despite the inarguable truth of it. By downplaying the horrors of tyranny, they become enemies of freedom themselves.

Why would we want to support such an organization?


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  1. With all of the human rights violations in the world, the UN decides to try and punish Israel. I sincerely hope that President Trumps kicks the UN out of the USA.

    • Amen to that sir.

    • And the USA out of the UN…..

    • Let do that as soon as inauguration occurs

    • I hope Oresident Trump kicks the U.N. off our shores and gives the U.N. buikding to our Veterans that this country’s last fraud president conveniently forgot about. Make iver that building into individual units where our himeless vets can be cimfortable and secure. And make sure there is a floor specified for medical help 24/7. NO AMERICAN VET WILL BE FORGOTTEN EVER AGAIN!
      The Vet’s Home will be the model for others across the country. This is where our U.S. dollars need to go, NOT TO ISLAMIC COUNTRIES THAT DEFAME THE NAME OF AMERICA WHILE THEIR LEADERS POCKET OUR $$. NO MORE! WE AMERICANS ARE DONE PLAYING THAT CORRUPTION GAME, RIGHT HILLARY?!!

      • I had a friend commit suicide because he was in so much pain and could not get treatment. Here in Phoenix.

        • We lived in Queen Creek, AZ but mistakenly moved to Northern Cali. I know what happened with the V.A, in Phoenix and how it is being torn apart and revised because of the wrong doing to the Vets there. We were so angry when we found out about what was happening to our Vets…so many people had no idea. Thank God someone turned them in for being worthless humans and NOT doing their jobs. I have absolutely NO compassion for people that have no work ethic or intelligence. Perhaps now the AZ Vets will have a voice and get the help they need, God willing.

          FYI: There are so many Vets on the streets here in Redding, CA that it tears you up to see them. The young people in our Nation need to get educated about the sacrifices these Vets have made to give them the freedoms they have. Most young adults do not have a clue…and their parents aren’t much better. Sad, but true.

          I had many friends who served in Vietnam and were shunned when they returned home. No one disrespected them in my presence or they walked away cut off at the knees. I would NOT let anyone do that to my friends. I still do not let people be disrespectful to any Military, but especially our PTSD Vets who are struggling to even exist in our uncaring world. You and I can change these Vet’s lives by being the Voice that educates and informs. Our Vets deserve all the caring we can give them! Many gave their lives for us, we can give some time and efforts to change their existence and make a better world for them!

          I’m sending the idea of changing the U.N. building to a Free Housing/Medical building for our Homeless Vets to President Elect Trump. It’s something he may not of thought of and something our Vets definitely need — all across our Nation. Perhaps he can fix this ragged hole in our Nation — at the same time kicking the U.N. to the curb! Who knows?!

          • Good luck. I have been trying to get politicians to look into Phx VA for over 20 years. You see I am a disabled vet also. However, I can afford healthcare outside of the VA so I don’t even go there.

          • You are a lucky one! But many who have PTSD or Combat Fatigue are roaming the streets, lost. Something needs to be done for them.
            I believe the first area to hit is our schools and getting the young kids educated about Vets and the Freedoms they have given us. If kids know and understand, they can open conversations about Freedoms and who protects those gifts. It’s a beginning…and of course turning the U.N. bldg into free housing/medical for our homeless vets. Every change begins with small steps that turn into leaps of faith. With God’s help, we can help our Guys!

          • I know I’m lucky. I’m even lucky to on top of the ground.

            I have to pay premiums for insurance and pay a deductible but by me not using the VA maybe it will make it easier for a vet who needs it more then me a chance to get treatment. At least I hope so. It did not help Dick but maybe it has someone.

            I am certain Donald will do everything in his power it fix the VA. However, the best advocate for vets I have found is DAV. I recommend every veteran join the DAV disabled or not at least donate to them they are super people.

            I understand the VA in Prescott is superb. At least that is what I heard.

          • You are such a good man Don! Compassion is fleeting these days and it is nice to hear it isn’t forgotten.

            I agree that Trump is going to fix a lot of things that is wrong with our Nation, including taking care of our Vets. It is going to happen!

            Thank you for your service to America and thank you for being the kind of man America needs to become strong and compassionate again! God Bless You and God Bless America!

          • Thank you I am confident God will bless America again. Have a nice day.

        • I’m so sorry about your friend. That should not have happened to a brave man who sacrificed his life for our Freedoms. Wrong on so many levels. At least his Soul is at peace now. There are so many others out there that will take his place unless Americans wake up and do something about this travesty…the time is now while Trump is President and our Nation becomes whole and strong again. We will never be able to do that without the help of our Military!!

        • I was working at a Foundry and I met a Iraq 1 vet that was just hired. He came and talked to me about the VA not helping him with his claim. He was having both mental and Physical problems…then he lifted up his pants legs and showed me his legs. They had deep cracks into the skin ozzing a yellow was horrible. He said the VA wasn’t helping him…and he told me the VA doctors said it was only due to stress. One week later he shot himself in the head…dead. We now know it was the depleted uranium rounds that were used…We are still losing 20 vets a day to suicide! Inexcusable and unacceptable! God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!

          • I know what you mean. I still have a hard time with the fact my friend shot himself. He made the second friend that did that but the other one was right after we got out. I don’t have a clue what caused it. His wife wrote me and told me about it. I never wrote back because she said he took the easy way out without explanation.

          • Sad. My brothers/sisters are really hurting…and many are so young! Trump has a good heart for the veterans…I do pray that he will help them!God bless America and the 82nd Airborne

          • PTSD…wIth physical injuries! Sometimes the soul can take just so much! They need God but some were never helped to mentally heal!

    • Amen to that!!!

    • That makes me see red! President Obama is a disease!

  2. In the sixties, I worked at Lockheed in Ga. My supervisor there said the UN was nothing more than a BS club. He was right then and now! We need to exit now from the BS club!

  3. I agree; let’s aggressively reform the U.N. Just as our own cuddly lib’s aggressively acted to impose their will on the “collective”, let us just as aggressively undo all their crap and impose our worldview on them first and then on the world. Let them feel the cold sharp steel of our righteous indignation upon the rolling bulges of the fat encircling the sweaty necks that connect their depraved and demented heads to their sin engorged bodies. Counter revolution’! Let freedom ring!

    • You would have better luck trying to pick up a turd on it’s clean end. There is no reforming the UN. The only thing to do is get out and stop bankrolling it. But I like the way you put together a sentence. My hat is off to you.

      • Think so too. Time has past for the UN

      • Is the USA the only country that pays for the UN…….if so how much each year if and when the US pays her dues

        • A lot look it up. What’s important is the demand for change. Defund the UN move it off shore. Reclaim the land and repurpose it to AMERICANS benefit.

          • Like your attitude…………””MOVE IT OFF SHORE””, that is exactly what the giant US Corporations have done………..jumped ship and set up shop in slave wage countries………..millions of well paid jobs gone for ever……….well done for the benefit of Americans………of course there are still “”American”” manufacturing companies in the USA, but many are owned by foreign companies………”tiny Volvo AB” came in many years ago and bought up most of the Heavy truck and bus companies in North America……..still American jobs, but run by a Swedish Company VolvoAB

          • Absolutely

    • All these intellects who are so knowledgeable about the UN, I give thanks for them. Now tell me how we can persuade Elect President Trump to dump the UN?

      • Shirley,
        We can’t just expect Trump to do it on his own but you are already doing something to help toward the end of dumping the U.N. Keep talking about it; keep the flame alive.

  4. the UN (and our government) has been infiltrated by islamic terrorists
    to bring about their caliphate!!!

    All of this proves that the UN is an anti-American anti-Israeli anti-Christian islamic organization, defund it and get it out of America!

  5. You talk about draining the swamp, i can’t think of a better place to start than the UN.

  6. Get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US!

    • That’s the right thing to do! Get us out of there! They can get someone else to pay for their parties instead of us!

    • America insisted that the UN should be in the USA after WW2, you got it………and now the USA is demanding that it should leave……………the USA is just a tiny speckon the worldmap barely 5% of land mass, and 4 % of the planets population………….4% against the other 96%…….grow up jerks, you guys are acting like your were still in baby school

  7. There used to be the idea that, with respect to criminality, as an alternative lifestyle, it ought not be represented. The tragedy is that criminal diplomats are responsible for the deaths of servant-soldiers. The U.N. was, for decades (and may still be), a nest of foreign spies, subversives and immune “diplomats,” whose commonality was a disdain for sovereignty. We have wished for more than 56 years that the U.N. had found or would find a home in some place like Paris or Vienna where chance, risk, liability and treachery from foreign intrigue were an STD effectuating its total extinction! NYC might protest the lack of revenue for its restaurants, but think of the benefits to the world as a whole, instead of a whore.

    • Big money from US gives the UN big heads. Obama would like Iran give them more money.

      • When you finally pay your yearly member fee

        • How absolutely insulting. I read your profile. You are obviously misplaced. Why are you in our USA? You belong in Britain. Usually the British people seem hospitable every time we travel there. Some are angry, BREXIT and becoming independent has made many happier. Your posts convince us that USA should pull out of the UN and be moved off shore. You, too need to move. If ever visiting Britain while traveling
          Europe again, as we do extensively and often hope not to meet any such as you, most visits are always cordial but would leave immediately if in contact with any one as you.

    • LIAR……………LIAR……………..the USA insisted that the UN should be based in America……………and you got exactly what you wanted, so now STFU and stop bitching


    Hillary, Obama and all the bed wetting Democrats are NWO freaks aka Globalists. The left wingnuts have been implementing the UN World Government known as UN Agenda 2030 formally called UN Agenda 21 in increments so that we Americans are kept in the dark about what is happening right under our noses. This UN Global Government erases our established borders, it voids American law and it destroys our US Constitution. The Globalist UN with the cooperation of Obama and Hillary Clinton have scheduled this NWO to be FULLY IMPLEMENTED in just 13 years. The agreements that Obama has made with the UN on the climate change lie and Obama’s agreement with the UN to seize our guns is part of Obama’s, Hillary’s and the Democrat’s NWO insanity. Also, Obama’s surrender of our internet is part of this UN Fascist/Socialist plan. Obama’s massive importation of Jihad age Muslim men factors into the Globalist agenda for the mayhem they are bringing with them. If the Globalists succeed and UN Agenda 2030 becomes a reality, we will lose America as a sovereign free nation. Hillary, Obama and all the Fascist Democrats could care less because their Globalist Puppet Masters like George Soros, the Rothschild’s, the Bilderberg Group and the Rockefeller bankers will still be in control. We must get out of the UN NOW!

    • Hear Hear!!!!

    • Trump should demand a national referendum on our involvement in the UN. I would bet he would get a mandate from the people to pull out. All it does is cost us billions every year and all for nothing. It is constantly working against the US.

      • And rightly so, the USA has started more wars than Another country since 1945, actually more than 50, and have murdered more than 20 million Citizens across the world

        • The coming UN world government plans to reduce the world’s population by 90%. That beats America’s ball and jacks.

          • What are you babbling about, if any country is bent of mudering half the World then it must be the USA, she has the nuclear Power to do just that without blinking an eye

          • Just so you are detained anibanib at the border. You are angry and probably dangerous. Your posts are disturbing you seem neurologically challenged.

          • What are you babbling about, stand at your border would be the last Place I would be……….you are the one with neurological problems

          • Swedeish folks want to deport you and all
            Of their parasites that suck the life off of government, which is their very high taxes.

          • You are still Reading US “pullseight” about Swedish taxes, we only pay one income tax, no state tax, no county tax, no city tax and no property tax………ONE tax, known as PAYE, taken off of you wages by the employer, here are a few examples……………



            Salary……$60000……..Tax…$7800…….28%………..and remember we have free Healthcare, free medication, free hospitals, and free education all the way……….I wonder how much you guys pay when you are ill, even if you have already bought expensive Insurance……..

          • I know parasite. You pay nothing.

          • I pay about 33000 kr a year

          • Said the indoctrination of communism prime parasites.

          • It can’t compute. Too many Swedish meatballs and never having to pay its way for anything Professional Swedes worry about the parasites like anibanibib.

        • You try to say your not Anti- American ? Stay out of America and your opinion is not valued. As you hide behind your anonymous posts. Your disgusting name calling simply confirms how classless and rude and ignorant you are.

          • exactly……..Americas problem………”” Stay out of America and your opinion is not valued “”……….America is impervious to criticism,a country that Think she is thEEEEEEEEE best there is in the World, a country WHOs major industries rely on wars and killing and destruction somewhere on the planet, a country that supplies forbidden weapons, such as cluster bombs to extremely nasty countries in the Middle East…………Saudi Arabia for ex……….who are bombing and killing civilians in Yemen almost every day…………the USA sold WMDs to Saddam,who used them on his own people and the Iranian army during his war with Iran…..US weapons that were smuggled out of Iraq to Syria early 2003, the very same weapons that are now being used by Pres Assad on his own people, using barrel bombs………and the World looks on and does nothing

          • Swedes are worried sick about their government. Especially the parasites like anibanib. They want to pay into NATO knowing they can’t afford protecting themselves and maintaining their life style

          • The best way to deal with ahab is to post a YouTube video by Ingrid Carlqvist or a video about muslim crime in Sweden.

          • Norman. Thanks for your suggestion. I doubt that he will understand or be influenced. You’re sure welcome to reply directly to him with anything you think might be appropriate. Sometimes hearing from a new fresh source may make a difference. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

          • KEEP WRITING THAT ON THE BLACKBOARD UNTIL UOU GET IT . Folks st your assisted living dementia ward should try and help you

          • “”Folks st your assisted living dementia ward should try and help you “”…………..translation please

          • Ha ha. Over your head

          • Why should Americans listen to you? Swedes want to deport you parasites. They don’t want you. They want you to leave. You are an embarrassment to them. Swedes think you are a mill stone around their neck.

          • Youtoo sound like a parasite………ASKJRSK…..Russian muslim??????

          • YOUR assisted living help for your dementia must have the night off.

          • Night off………..nights gone, its 9am now

    • Anti/American. Defund UN now!

    • In plain words communists scumbags all of them.

    • Dont worry, you will most likely be dead by then, and the USA will be a 3rd World bankrupt country

      • Maybe, maybe not. We are talking only 13 years before then. We got to stop it Now.

        • Stop what???????, the USA is completely run by big Corporations, itis they who tell the politicians what and when to do something………….or perhaps you havent noticed………most of the big Corporation employ cheap Labour………minimum wage Labour………..a system that was put together by the rich clods in the country……….get the suckers to work for peanuts……ban all unions…………maximise working hrs to 29 a week……….so the companies dont have to pay “”employee tax”” to the government, you have a crappy Welfare system, most people need to buy extra Health and medication Insurance……..higher education is not free…………….so,what say you

          • Why don’t you move to NK, China and that should solve your woes

          • Like I said, I am only stating facts about your country……….its not mine…….I live elsewhere, where the grass is greener………and more

          • Well, I suggest that you stay in your country where the grass is greener and more. You are irrelevant to America and again, we want no part of a global government.

          • Dont worry, “CC”…….means what?????ComicalClown……the USA is the last Place in western civilisation I would even want to live in………..I live in the GOODEST country in the world

          • Actually, my name is none of your biz just like my nation’s biz is none of your biz. “Goodest”?? You sure don’t know much about proper English grammar

          • My British English grammar is by far better than your American English grammar, and there is actually a website called……..

          • You are a laughing stock. Go hide in a hole.

          • NO……..YOU are the laughing stock when you refuse to accept criticism…………

          • Ha ha ha ha ha. Funny .

          • Probably here illegally or a third world immigrant that’s trying to sneak into the US. Curios, anyone would post they don’t want into the US. Red flag there. Can’t speak or write in acceptable English A Fraud and a troll.

          • No one here is holding out a welcome mat for you. We’re good. What makes you think we care?

          • Dont worry your Little cotton socks, I wont be coming over the pond to the USA

          • Bet your nylon panties you won’t be.

          • Very well said. It just doesn’t quite grasp this concept. Too difficult to wrap its head
            around. Hope it’s not too ignorant for your intelligent comments and moves on your common sense reply. America does not want globalism. Move UN off of US soil. Defund UN. US reclaim land UN building and parking lots are built on.

          • STAY THERE. YOU PAY NOTHING INTO AMERICA. YOUR COMMENTS ARE MEANINGLESS. YOU FONT LIKE IT TOUGH GO ELSEWHERE RED CHINA OR SIBERIA Obviously you are not happy where you are either. They probably would love to see you leave as well.

          • I am very happy where I am………number ONE country in the World in many aspects………like………the following…..from “The Good Country Index”

            Science and Technology ……..Sweden 8th……….USA…..20th

            Culture…………………………Sweden 3rd……….USA……53rd

            Internation Peace and security…Sweden 52nd……..USA……66th

            World order…………………….Sweden 11th………USA…..26th

            Planet and climate………………Sweden 7th……….USA……34th

            Prosperity & Equality…………..Sweden 1st………..USA…..46th

            Health and wellbeing……………Sweden

          • Met professional folks from Stockholm worried sick about Swed and the direction it is going.
            They want to cut you parasites off. Just do you know.

          • Bla, bla, bla……………you have never ever met Swedish pros

          • You are a moron. I did in Europe just last month. You are a liar a deciever you are trash and a wast of time. You are abominable excretion.

          • Your English is really bad………”” I did in Europe just last month””….where abouts in Sverige

          • Language……..Children might be Reading this

          • You are. Hard working Swedes want to deport all the parasites like you. You are a social cost they are rebelling against. No you’re not welcome in the USA. They are in desperate crisis mode how to deport you parasite.

          • That certainly seems to be a responsible reply to this anibanib who has many disturbing issues including but not limited to radical anger issues and it needs to stay out of the US and possessions and tabs must be kept on his movements.

          • He claims to be from England and I felt that he is unbalanced and delusional. May be Muslim.

          • Certainly prime example of unbalanced and nueologically challenged. Yes, difficult to make any kind of sense out of his ramblings. HAPPY 2017

  9. They are controlled by the same people that want to control the US. It is an organization that works for the ideal of control. Just go to their site and look up Agenda 21,

  10. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    • America has changed it’s mind. We The People want that cesspool of humanity gone. Now you shut up idiot.

      • What you mean is that arrogant turds like you Think that the UN is a waste of time and Money……….and thlat the USA should decide Everything in the World, a country less than 6% of the Worlds area, and about 4.4% of the World population………..sounds to me like a big load of s##eith wanting to be top dog

        • No moron, I want the opposite. America is a world bully now and I want that stopped. Also, I don’t want our nation to be in a collective world government and lose our sovereignty. You are kind of slow aren’t you?

          • I Think you are the slow one here……..The UN is not a collective World government system……….and nobody looses their sovereignty, not the biggest country………..China……….or some small Island nation in the Pacific somewhere………the idea behind the UN was so that all nations can assemble under one roof……….however………it would appear that things have ground to a halt somewhat……….some countries dont even pay their “”membership fees”” on time, like the USA………ALWAYS about a year late

          • The UN Global government that is planned for America and the world is UN Agenda 2030. Do some research please.

          • Oh THAT new plan……..research, why……..its a year old plan, and something the USA does not want to happen…………..

            “””On 1 January 2016, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — adopted by world leaders in September 2015 at an historic UN Summit — officially came into force. Over the next fifteen years, with these new Goals that universally apply to all, countries will mobilize efforts to end all forms of poverty, fight inequalities and tackle climate change, while ensuring that no one is left behind””…………….so many new plans for the World, completely against how the USA views its own people and the rest of the World…………….remember the USA is but a speck of fly S#It on the World map…………you have had a good killing run since 1945………now let it go and allow the rest of the World to take over

          • It’s 13 years to full implementation and you talk out of both sides of your mouth. Obama and the dims are for it but the American people want out of that global cesspool now!

          • But the American people already live in their own cesspool, or hadnt you noticed……… have about 45 million people living in poverty and living on govn handouts, you have about 98million Americans of working age thatwould like to have a job, but cant get one, you have a national debt of well over 103% of GDP, Close to $20 trillion………and you have to use other peoples Money………….$500 billions each year just to pay the interest, you have a trade deficit of about $50billions each month………….sounds like a cesspool already…….

          • You just made my point, Government is the problem. I assure you that a world government would be much worse.

          • But that is what the USA has been trying to do since she took over from Great Britain after WW2…………Before………. Great Britain, France and Spain had tried to conquer the World just arriving at a new country and saying THIS IS OURS…………regardless………..and it worked 3 to 4 hundred years ago, most of the World under the dominance of a FEW nations, rape and pillaging, for the greedy pigs back home……….and it Went on and on until perhaps 100 yrs ago when these countries said enough is enough, and finally rose up against the intruders…….and rid themselves, to finally govern their own countries…….but then a new bully on the block appeared……..the USA, untouched at home by both wars,she was able to swarm across the planet taking whatever she wanted………..and did, and is still doing so……….now with armed military in 182 countries across the World…….she starts wars whenever she feels its time again, often for no reason at all………….murder millions of civilans, countries completely destroyed

          • You are a hopeless person wallowing in negativity.

          • Only stating facts…………..about your country

  11. Trump should also have added “and the American taxpayer foots the bill.”

  12. A change in involvement in the UN will be a good thing. Cut the funds to the UN and than cut aid and support to any that go against the wishes of the USA. Instant pay cuts tend to have a sobering effect.
    Russian and China cannot and will not be able to provide the lost income

  13. Y-A-A-W-N-N…Just one more nutterance from the doltish bloviator elect. Trump–an international embarrassment!

  14. From what I read, it seems that Mr. Trump has a clear vision as to what the UN should be involved in and what countries should have the responsibilities of UN leadership. This is a new a refreshing vision as to what the UN is or should be all about.
    The defunding of the UN by the US and the restructure of it away from being a rich boy’s club is long over do. I would further suggest that a relocation of the UN facility be relocated off of US soil. It is an economic and legal nightmare to our own country and its judicial system!

  15. The U.N. is a useless organization. It’s members come over here abuse their diplomatic immunity, run down our country, all the while begging us for money. Women in New York are warned to be careful around the U.N. area because the men there have been known to abuse women in the area and then use their diplomatic immunity to go scott free. We need to get out of that sham organization and tell them to take their socialist club to another country.

  16. First – Move the UN to Sweden or some other neutral site.
    Second – Withdraw all financial and military support until all countries participate using a more equitable equation.

    The info below was copied from
    The top 10 providers of assessed contributions to United Nations Peacekeeping operations for 2016 are:

    United States (28.57%)
    China (10.29%)
    Japan (9.68%)
    Germany (6.39%)
    France (6.31%)
    United Kingdom (5.80%)
    Russian Federation (4.01%)
    Italy (3.75%)
    Canada (2.92%)
    Spain (2.44%)

    Effective rates of assessment for peacekeeping operations,
    1 January 2016 to 31 December 2018, based on the scale
    of assessments adopted by the General Assembly in its
    resolution 70/245 and the composition of levels endorsed
    by the Assembly in its resolution 70/246
    Effective rates
    Member State Effective rate in 2015 Regular budget 2016-2018 2016 2017 2018
    Level A
    China 6.6368 7.921 10.2879 10.2502 10.2377
    France 7.2105 4.859 6.3109 6.2878 6.2801
    Russian Federation 3.1431 3.088 4.0107 3.9960 3.9912
    United Kingdom of Great Britain
    and Northern Ireland 6.6768 4.463 5.7966 5.7753 5.7683
    United States of America 28.3626 22.000 28.5738 28.4691 28.4344
    Total A 52.0299 42.331 54.9798 54.7785 54.7116

    • Just because the USA pays over 28% doesnt mean that she pays the most per CAPITA………there are several small countries that pay more per capita….Sweden for one

  17. Trump is absolutely correct about the U.N. It has and always will be a socialist globalist organization like it’s predecessor the League of Nations Woodrow Wilson was a first class socialist (progressive) was responsible for getting the US into that useless club of commies.

  18. The UN. Must be DEFUNDED and moved off USA soil. TRUMP CONDOS, parking spaces open up no more diplomatic immunity and many dollars saved to pay down debt.

  19. Draining the SWAMP should include the re-purpose of the current U.N. building as a place for ALL State Representatives (each States Assembly Members) to meet. Send the United Nations off shore,perhaps to Cuba.

  20. Your position on The United Nations is totally accurate.Complete document details are available on these pages of The Creature From Jekyll Island 37th printing, published March 2014. These pages in this book verify through the Congressional records the absolute necessity to with draw from the United Nations. Here are the pages 86, 89, 108, 114, 422, 514,516, 526, 530 532, 541,544,545,548,550,562563,564,477

    They are available in the Library of Congress. The Federal reserve System is 99% of the total swamp. The UN is a small fire easily extinguished. The will kill anyone to stop you from ending the Federal reserve System,This system is the plan for achieving golobal totalitarianism Iin a New Work Order consisting of Oligarchy, fascist Militarism, perpetual war.Modern feudalism, Extreme Capitalism having Extinguished democracy, read my articles at for my total coverage.

  21. You can get all the details from me by email in one day about U. N. aswell as the Federal Reserve Acts; all four of them of which congress abolished three, when the still hs the power to to do so, without it resulting in hari kari

  22. Source: Zola Levitt Letter, January 2017 Issue:
    A UN Spokesperson explains that they primarily host cocktail parties with “the right canapes” in order to keep the world at peace. For example he disclosed, “The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty was saved by the deployment of mushroom vol-au-vents.” The UN’s preventing anything from getting done allows its member nations to let off steam. “With so many countries, you’ll appreciate that it’s very hard to agree on anything. But a motion to censure Israel will bring everyone together.” Case in point, 20 to 25 motions that the UN’s Human Rights Council passed since 2006 have been against Israel. No wonder, with 56 Moslem nations and just one Jewish. Trump is right!!!!! The UN has schizophrenia, what with the UN praising Israeli Disaster Relief with the World Health Organization giving Israel’s team top grade for its ability to deploy field hospitals, provide medical services, and be self-sufficient in a crises zone. I can go one but you get the picture. Even the UN Chief Uses Israeli Security. Can you see the UN Hypocrisy!! You can plainly see President Obama’s for sure. Can I suggest that all of you start getting the Zola Levitt Letter and discover some of the things that make a nation great like Israel. I offer a stiff rebuke of our president for being oblivious to the nature and ability of Israel. He and Kerry should be reprimanded by our Congress and Senate.

  23. The UN needs to go. There has never been peace in the World since we, the United States of America created the phony UN. We have been in constant “No Win War” Starting with Korea. The USA is the UN’s Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force. We do not have never fought for the United States of America to keep our country free and safe, we have fought for the UN. Now if the UN can gang up on one country, Israel and destroy them, because most of the Countries hate the Jews as does Obama’s America, what is going to stop them from turning on any country and destroy that Country? We need to disband the UN they do nothing for the World but take our money and the leaders keep getting more rich and their people are live in shit. The UN is a bad experiment it will never work and it will never bring peace to the World. It costs us the United States of America 8 billion dollars a year just to run the UN. We pay Countries billions of dollars on the side, and those Countries hate us and vote against us. Time to dump the UN and get out and start helping the United States of America. 90% of all the soldiers that are killed because of the UN and our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen giving our sons and daughters die for nothing are all Americans, and 90% are White.

  24. The U.N.’s time is over. It no longer functions in the name of FREEDOM and needs to be kicked off our shores and the building presently housing the U.N. can be made over as a residence for ALL our Homeless Vets…free of charge.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the U.N. have a major role in the distribution of the violent fake muslim refugees forced on many European countries several months ago? They are responsible for distributing islams nastiest and most horrible people to destroy each country’s infrastructure…and that’s exactly what those phony refugees have been doing to the countries they have entered.

    So, America doesn’t need a bunch of clueless irresponsible jerks creating issues for our country or the world. So we remove ourselves from its roster and kick them off our property forever. That’s a beginning…disbanding the U.N. is next.

    • You sure can post a whole load of lies and fake news about Europé….do you live there

      • No, but I have close family living there. What I have posted is the truth straight from my sister-in-law’s mouth. Our family has homes in Europe and the U.S. They just happened to be there when those fake refugees were trying to invade Hungary. They saw those men and said those men were no refugees but frauds. That’s when Hungary immediately closed their borders. That is the smartest European country out there.

        My dearest friend was born in Germany and immigrated to the U.S. at 17 years old. She still has friends and family living in various parts of Germany. ALL Germans are so angry at Merkel because that idiot woman kicked many of them out of their homes so those fake muslim refugees could live there. Those areas were pristine and well cared for. Not any more. Muslims have turned it into a slum like property. Merkel will never be elected again. She cut her own throat when she welcomed those phoney refugees into Germany with open arms. Foolish woman.

        My suggestion for you is to go beyond the Media and talk to people from Europe. You will learn the truth about what is really happening – not the lies and twisted truths the U.S. Leftist Media creates.

        Our world IS NOT A HAPPY PLACE AND YOU CAN BLAME THAT ON BARACK THE EGOTIST, AND HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS. Don’t be fooled by the lying Left. Why do you think Trump won the election? Because Americans who “know” are done with the Liberals insanity and lies. Find the truths. It will be the only thing that will save you!

        • As I actually live
          in Northern Europe, I know all about what is happening, as they say
          right from the horses mouth, This fence………and it is a fence,
          chain link fence about 8ft high,is what they built in
          Hungary………..stops people when police are around, and when the
          police drive on, out with the wire cutters and thru they
          crawl………..NOT all that Smart. This is the problem in Europe
          they have borders that go across fields, forests and
          mountains……….anybody can cross………..just as people cross
          state borders in the USA, only the UK, Sweden and Norway have water
          borders…………and when Sweden took in about 160000 refugees in
          2015, so we change how people drive, take the train or the ferry,
          stringent control…..last year 2016 about 20000 came to Sweden and
          at the same time 46000 left, very cold and dark during 6 months of
          the year….we are close to the arctic circle………….and you
          say…….””My suggestion for you is to go beyond the Media and talk to people
          from Europe. You will learn the truth about what is really
          happening – not the lies and twisted truths the U.S. Leftist Media
          creates.”””,…………… Europe I know first hand how
          things are not messages or conversations from other …..and here is the Hungarian border, they have added some barbed wire on toppeople

          157cc491dd792fa91859da8c705d998c5be5bcc6b.jpg as I live in Europe I know first hand how
          things are not messages or conversations from other people

          • Thank you anibanib for giving me more info. Since I do not travel to Hungary look ke my immediate family, I can’t see for myself what is happening. But the info is always truthful ftom them because they live truthful lives, not delusional lives like obama.

            Because of obama’s open borders policies, the U.S. has become infiltrated by ISIS, Hezbollah and other extremist people. Sad thing is many muslims already look like South Americans crossing into our country – so no one knows how many are already inside the U.S. except when their groups are caught before blowing up damns, schools, etc. It seems the onlt way to eradicate our countries of these vermin is to round them all up like cattle and ship them back to the middle East. Otherwise those ticking time bombs sit until they are told to destroy infidels. It’s a war we nonMuslims will never win unless Islams tainted offspring is totally removed from our lands. It will take consent from Europe’s leaders as well as the U.S. (minus the U.N.), but it truly is the only way our world will ever see Peace inside our borders. I pray it happens soon before any more nonmuslim people are hurt or killed…soon.

          • “”Because of obama’s open borders policies, the U.S. has become infiltrated by ISIS, Hezbollah and other extremist people. Sad thing is many muslims already look like South Americans crossing into our country – so no one knows how many are already inside the U.S. except when their groups are caught before blowing up damns, schools, etc.””……………so what you are trying to say is that they are not White, they dress funny and speak funny languages……THE SAME THING OCCURS WHEN AMERICANS VISIT OTHER COUNTRIES,THEY SPEAK FUNNY AND DRESS FUNNY…..thats the civilians I was refering too…………US military are quite different, they usually come in swarms in tanks, ships and planes……killing and destroying Everything Before them, and usually with impunity……..that is how the USA views the rest of the World…..WE DO JUST AS WE PLEASE…………….
            ……….and the rest of your comment is very typical of most Americans who have been brought up on coke and Burgers…….and have been brainwashed by their parents to Believe that the USA is the greatest country in the World………Believe it you want too……but the USA is just a small country only about 5% of the Worlds land area, and only about 4,4% of the World population…….and a country with the biggest debt in the world

          • You definitely are a muslim by your comments. Your attitude is Islamic and you are panicking because Trump isn’t going to put up with your shit. Oh dear me!!!! What are you going to do?

            Well for starts, you can get the hell out of our country and go destroy those countries stupid enough to let you slime dogs in.


            YOU, jealous little twit, can have every last one of them. I hope they move into your neighborhoods and marry your sisters and daughters and convert them to ragheads and steal your sons to fight for ISIS and die useless deaths. That’s the real Muslim world — converting and killing and Jihad by Muslim overpopulation of European nations! It’s happening as I write this and probably right under your naive and ignorant nose! What rock did you crawl out ftom under?

            Here’s a FACT for you clueless twit: if you live in a country that is disrespectful to America — like you just spouted off — you can “kiss” those U.S. dollars, we used to give out to help those countries in need, GOOD BYE!! NO more U.S. funds for you glutinous pigs to squander while making fun of Americans!

            Finally we have a president that’s intelligent, not a black gangbanger in drag! President Trump has many countties worried because he will not play games with them like slime dog obama – but bho was a stupid man.



            WE ARE TAKING NO CRAP FROM NO ONE — including people like you! If you don’t like America, STAY AWAY! We don’t want people like you dirtying our sidewalks nor our neighborhoods. Keep yourself and your nasty comments in your country. Stay away from ours. There’s no place for foreign losers (nor illegals or muslims) in New America!

          • Just because I
            comment as I do……..against so many natural values that Americans
            love and admire, then I am automatically a muslim………sorry to
            disappoint you, I dont believe in any religion……..and why should
            I panic about Muslim, he is just another US president that doesnt
            worry me or my country whatsoever……….and then you continue to
            believe that everybody who comment on an American website is
            automatically an American, this is a WWW website, and there are only
            5% of the worlds population who are Americans, so that could mean
            that the other 95% are not Americans……including me, yet all can
            still comment here………….then you want muslims to go to other
            countries but you already have over 6 million muslims in the USA, are
            they also going to move……..and sure Muslims wear different
            clothes, so do many Yanks..with their short pants flowery shirts and
            baseball caps………and Yanks they speak so funny, high pitched
            squeaky voices, and thats just the men……….Yankie women talk
            like they have extreme nose stoppages……squeaky even worse than

            Then you rabble on
            with muslim population in Europe, of which you know nothing at
            all….like I said the US has about 6 million muslims thats about
            1.9%……..and the EU countries that have taken in over 2 million
            muslims over the past few years have about the same %ages……..they
            are no threat to us, whereas the USA has started 52 wars since
            1945………..and the Middle East and Africa appear tobe the centre
            of attraction for you Yanks, as you appear to believe that Muslim
            dominated areas of the world were to be a pushover………
            tried it in Afghanistan, Iraq twice, Libya, and now nosing about in
            Syria……….with you usual murdering and destroying. The USA is
            still selling FORBIDDEN weapons to their allies, especially Saudi who
            are using YOUR cluster bombs on Yemeni civilans, US WMDs that were
            sold to Saddam are now being used in Syria by their own
            leader………..barrel bombs filled with US supplied gas

            if anyone should be under a rock I suggest that you come out and see
            what the USA is backing in the Middle East…………violent
            murdering of civilians

            Then you babble
            about US aid to EU countries after WW2, shows you ignorance, all
            those loans were repaid with interest, the UK repaid her final
            repayment in 2006….end of accusations

          • Just thought I would remind you what is happening in the Middle East……..and the USA, and Russia, and Saudi, and Israel, and Turkey are all involved…….so here are a few video clips………






            ……and these are
            ones on You Tube for all to see…………you should see some of the
            very nasty private videos, that you tube wont accept

          • FYI: coke and hamburgers was the last thing I would have eaten. Where did YOU get brainwashed about America — your parents? Hmmmmmmm. How unusual, you poor little child. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

          • Wow, you havent been weaned on American staple food and drink……….that means you must be quite normal……….well done buddy, sorry I insulted you

  25. Get us out of the UN- American UN. Move it to Africa or better yet Syria.

  26. Trump dismisses anybody and anything not named “Trump”.

  27. I wish that what Mr. Trump said could be true, it is not True! This is and “Old Tyrant’s Club” where they meet to destroy Freedom every time they “get together”. They live in a world where the “least are given the most, and the most are accused of not having a heart”, so to speak! Freedom can not live in a position of punishing the success and always giving special rights to those who do nothing to make their lives better but beg! How is it that the people of the Middle-East are always right and everything Israel does is wrong! We need to get the UN out of our country before it “gives all of our Constitutional Rights away”, which appears to be their only requirement! What “right” does the UN have to tell Israel what they need to do to “defend themselves” from being killed by the “ever so peaceful Palestinians”?

  28. If people of a nation want freedom they must be ready to fight for it. In the countries of the middle east all the men who should be ready to stand and fight, are running to other countries. Here they want the same kind of government they gave up. If you want to live the same way stay and fight for the changes you want. Do not come to a country that do not want your government, and try to force it on other people. Go home fight against the bad parts of your government, make your country what you want. You will have blood spilled but it will not be for nothing.

    • Interesting,considering that the USAhas military in 182 countries across the World……… have started 52 wars since 1945, and murdered over 20 million civilians in US started wars………..Yanks go home to American…….you still have 100000in Germany………71 years after WW2 ended……..WHY´????????????

      • There are only 196 countries? What are the 14 countries that the U.S. military is not in? (We need to know right away so we can invade those countries also.)

        You keep repeating that 52 wars lie? What are those 52 wars the U.S. has started? I’ve asked you before and you still have NOT answered.

        100,000 in Germany alone? Really? The U.S. military is NOT large enough to have 100,000 in Germany alone especially after obama severely reduced our military.

        Here is another Ingrid Carlqvist video for you, ahab:

      • Because if we were not in those countries, you would be taken over by other by other coutries, Guess you never read a history book. Guy name Adolf Hitler real evil guy tried to rule the world kill everyone and take over countries he wanted. That is f–king why!!! because with out us, many countries could not defend themselves against bad coutries, such as China, Russia, Iran, etc.

        • Well you have for sure been brainwashed as to Believe what you wrote………….The USA is not in Sweden for example, and we have never been taken over by Another country………….and because the USA is in 182 countries is not to defend them against China, or Russia, or Iran, the USA is in those countries just because she dares to……mpst countries are very small and have Little ot nothing to say………..the USA is still in many EU countries, and Japan and S Korea, something like 500000 military people………..whereas what countries have Russia or China or Iran got military stations there for over 60 years…………..the only BAD country is the USA, despite what you say…………..Sweden sent home the last remaining CIA agents that were snooping about my country, happened about 12 yrs ago… wont find that on any US website cos your govn didnt question our actions

  29. The UN hates America, always has, they tend to lean terrorist supporters like Obama, they hate Israel and they hate Americans, they hate anyone who isn’t globalist trash. Trump needs to defund these morons and kick their butts out of America.

    Says it all. We now fully see who the racist, bigotted, jew haters really are. Like a naked pervert under a raincoat, They just can’t help but expose themselves. Screw the UN and get them the hell out of the US for ever. Arrest Islamobama and all his cohorts for treason!

  31. A very expensive club without any sensible people making worldly decisions for other countries and peoples !

  32. The wisest man who ever walked this earth is Jesus, and the only one from whom I would accept decisions about my life!

  33. They have been this way for years and years. They get away with all kinds of infractions, years ago I said let another country handle this, all it was for us was expense and deductions. They have never done anything worthwhile, so if Trump can upset their gravy train, good, and they need to be made responsible for their actions. I wonder just how many or them are living here, families, etc. all kinds of freebees, one of the biggest wastes of our money.

    • You mean like let the USA continue her bullying, destroying, murdering across the planet………..then you really have got a slate loose

  34. The UN is a out dated and useless group of tin horn dictators that
    should have never been. We obviously didn’t learn from the failures
    of it’s predecessor the League of Nations another failed Charley Foxtrot.

    • It must be awful when the USA cant get its OWN WAY at the UN……… assume that the USA is the bestest there is in the World………..bestest at destroying countries and murdering millions of civilians………but doing good across the World…..that is your biggest failure

      • The reason that the Liberal Leftist’s in this country like O bongo
        Clinton and Nasty Nancy love the UN so much is that they are as
        corrupt as them. To that point I give You Coffee Anan and his Son
        who stole millions of Aid dollars to fund themselves and the thefts
        continue to this day. If it weren’t for the UN We would not have been
        involved in the Korean War or Vietnam and if it weren’t for Democrats
        We would not have been involved in 95% of the wars.

        • You asa Yank should know better than to blame Democrats for 95% of wars……………..




          CentralAmerica, Lebanon, Libya

          Bush……Talliban, Al Qaeda, Iraq


          Bush……..Afghanistan, Iraq


          Even at a guess I would say that Republican presidents have stárted more wars that the Dems,since 1945

          • BTW Harry Truman was a Dem JFK Dem LBJ Dem FDR Demoncrat
            who knew full well that the Japanese were planning to attack and let
            it happen. You have a Nice day as well Brain Dead Liberal.

          • BTW…………I know who was what………but the fact is you said 95%, when there were more republicans in power than Democrats……..and FDR was not in power after 1945……you are the one who is brain dead and full of lying quotes

          • Truman Was FDR’s VP before FDR assumed Room Temperature
            And it was Truman Who Got us into Korea. And lets go a little further
            back Woodrow Wilson Dem World War 1.

          • Go as far back as the civil war, so what…………..YOU did quote 95%…………… and if it weren’t for Democrats
            We would not have been involved in 95% of the wars.

  35. Great points. Lets not pay the bill for being its headquarters

  36. The UN is not our friends or israel’s and they have been stabbing us in our backs forever and think they are our boss. I think it’s way past time for our us to tell the UN to pack their crap up and go back to the countries they came from and stop begging for money.

    • My Little stupid brainwashed Yank, the UN is more than the USA, remember the USA is Little over 4% of the Worlds population……..and you Think that because the USA cant run things as THEY want too then the USA stands in a corner and cries and sulks, like big tittibabbies……….

  37. Great idea GuardianFlame



  39. The UN is not our friends, they are our enemies and only care about the money that us taxpayers has taken from us to give these cut throat pieces of human waste. We need to tell tht UN it’s game over and they can take their sorry butts back to the countries they came from, and not give them another red cent. All they have done is stab us in the backs and Israel as well they are as corrupt as the clinton’s and they are the most corrupt family to ever enter the white house.

  40. The real danger of the United Nations is Their becoming a TAX Collector for violating The Rules for the Environment that base rulings on JUNK SCIENCE. Climate Change????? It changes evert Day—cold at night, warm when the Sun shines. Under Sea Volcanic activity warms the water—-Pole reversal has left it’s signature in the crust with dipoles the show such reversals——-long before Man lit His 1st fire.

    • Of course it is……….so I wonder why electricity in the USA is so expensive at source………..after all you do use well over 70% fossil fuels for energy production

  41. Well, it’s called United Nations for a reason: to give all nations a seat at the table, not just the ones who agree with the US. We do not rule the world. All viewpoints deserve to be heard and understood (does not mean agreement).

    • Good you have a building with a table and chairs. They can go talk. Do not ask for my money. You do it own your own dime not mine or the US taxpayers. Oh, You do not need that many people working for an organization like I said that is where people just go to share view points. I do not think you need 10 thousand people to work at a building if you are just talking. If you do than you are really wasting the taxpayer’s mone. In addition, how is it that an organization who is suppose to protect human rights go after war criminals and bad people who commit multitudes of crimes end up working and in many end up in management roles at the UN?

  42. The UN might get their asses thrown out of NY. Hey, This is price real estate that could be probably used for better purposes other than a corrupt, hypocritical, inept, bureaucratic, organization raft with nepotism and fraud.

  43. Which did I mention, the US pays 25% of the UNs budget. Some countries do not pay into it and get a whole lot more out of it. They hire their friend, family, and so on. They also have people in the UN in charge who commit the same crimes they say they are their to prevent. What a f–king hypocrisy. Kick their free loading useless asses out.

  44. <-----MyFrontDoorBuddy

    .Ladies, get protection without getting on a LIST.

    /Ladies, get protection without getting on a LIST.
    Search google and ebay for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball NAA”
    and learn how to defend yourself against rapists
    obama has imported a million of them–just for you!
    My girls have them. It’s no hand cannon but will do more than put a perps eye out.
    Or, a big one for home

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