Trump Defies Hispanic Advisors With Blistering Speech

Trump supporters were skeptical when they heard that the Republican nominee had convened a “Hispanic advisory council,” and they were even more concerned about some of the things they heard after the council met on August 20th. Members of the panel spoke to the press, assuring them that Trump was backing off on illegal immigration and coming around to the typical Republican position.

In other words, some form of amnesty.

On Wednesday, Trump blew those doubts out of the water. After meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena in Mexico City earlier in the day, Trump laid out his immigration plans for an audience in Phoenix, AZ. No amnesty. No one immune to deportation. America first.

Is Trump going to round up 11 million illegal immigrants by the end of 2017? No, but that hardly qualifies as a “softening” on the issue. The wall’s still going up. Criminal aliens are going out. Those who want to become citizens will have to leave and come back in a legal manner.

This is how you repair a broken system.

Naturally, Trump’s “Hispanic advisory council” is incensed.

“The speech was just an utter disappointment,” said Jacob Monty, a member of the council. He and others are denouncing Trump in the wake of the speech, claiming that he misled them in the meeting.

“I am sorry, but I believe Mr. Trump lost the election tonight,” said another member of the council, Texas pastor Ramiro Pena.

Covering the story, the Washington Post writes:

The growing exodus suggests that the Hispanics watching Trump’s moves on immigration the closest now feel betrayed, misled and alienated. And if that extends to Republican-leaning Hispanics writ large, that’s very bad for Trump.


But you guys have been telling us that there really aren’t any Hispanics that support Trump.

And then you were saying that Hispanics could see through Trump’s transparent “flip-flop.”

And now you’re saying that he had all of these Hispanics in the bag before ruining it with his immigration speech.

Fact is, Trump owes no allegiance to “leading Hispanics” or any phony advisory council. He owes allegiance to the people who made him the Republican nominee – people who have no use for the establishment’s destructive immigration policies. For those people, Wednesday’s speech was the most beautiful moment of the general election so far.


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