Trump Considers Pardon for America’s Toughest Lawman

President Trump values loyalty and he values Americans who are strong on the border. He values law and order. Put all that together, and it’s no surprise to learn that he’s thinking about using the powers of the presidential pardon to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of hot water.

In an interview with Fox News this weekend, Trump said he was not happy about what had been done to Arpaio, the former sheriff who has now been found guilty of criminal contempt of court. The conviction came down when the Maricopa County sheriff refused to obey a judge’s order to stop pulling people over on suspicion of being in the country illegally.

“I am seriously considering a pardon for Sheriff Arpaio,” Trump said. “He has done a lot in the fight against illegal immigration. He’s a great American patriot and I hate to see what has happened to him.”

Trump indicated that he would issue the pardon in the next week or so if he concludes that it’s the right thing to do.

We hope that he does so. While we don’t necessarily approve of anyone who violates the law, the truth is that sometimes there is the greater good to be considered. And the truth is that Arpaio understands that. The LAW is that people are not supposed to be in this country without invitation. Without going through the proper immigration channels. And in his position as sheriff, he had every right to make sure that the LAW was being followed. Maybe he temporarily violated the judge’s 2011 order to stop the traffic patrols. No, he does not deserve to spend six months in jail for that. Frankly, he doesn’t even deserve to have the conviction on his record.

“Is there anyone in local law enforcement who has done more to crack down on illegal immigration than Sheriff Joe?” asked Trump. “He has protected people from crimes and saved lives. He doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.”

No he doesn’t. It’s fairly astounding, when you think about it. Sheriff Arpaio is facing a possible jail sentence for doing everything in his power to enforce U.S. immigration law. Meanwhile, we have police officials in 300 cities all over the U.S. who – BY POLICY – do just the opposite. Police who refuse to cooperate with federal detainer requests. Police who refuse to lift the slightest finger to help put these illegal immigrants back on the other side of the border. And that’s not a crack at the police, many of whom would love nothing more. It’s not them, it’s the sanctuary policies they’re working under. Nonetheless, the whole situation is madness.

Pardoning Arpaio is the right thing to do, and it would send a powerful message that is consistent with the Trump agenda. Would it bring criticism from the left? Obviously. Would America as a whole disapprove? We really don’t think so.

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  2. Do it President Trump! He is a true hero, unlike all the low life felons Obozo let go free!

  3. How do you claim someone convicted of breaking the law is “America’s toughest lawman”?

    • He disobeyed a Liberal judge’s order who block an order from President Trump. In other words he was doing the right thing even though he was breaking a law that shouldn’t been in place!

      • It was not a legal law. It was in violation of the Constitution. Just like everything that {Barry,the Usurper} did.

      • No laws were broken. Obama was an illegitimate president, therefore, all his appointments are illegitimate. Therefore this judge is illegitimate and so are his rulings. I’m an attorney. I know.

        • What your saying is true in a perfect world, however the world isn’t perfect. When we can prove he is illegitimate (and I do believe he is) we can quit paying the SOB $400,000 a year, stop protecting his butt & stop paying for his high style of living!

      • Sheriff Joe was in a double bind, being forced to simultaneously obey a statutory law and a court order directly contradictory to that law. There is no clean way out of such a dilemma; the least dirty way was to disobey that heinous court order, and in so doing to support the statutory law.

    • Engage brain before U put foot in mouth…it just takes a little research to separate the false news from real facts. Liberalism is a softer word for Socialism of which It goes way back….
      The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals
      Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963
      11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

      15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. They have control over the new Socialist Democratic Party.

      17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
      Remember ***On June 17, 1963 the U.S. Supreme Court concluded that any Bible reciting or prayer, in public schools, was deemed unconstitutional.***

      21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

      26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”


    • Soro-paid troll alert! ^^^
      Reported and BLOCKED!

    • Why do you ask a question like this when all you have to do is google and find the answer? Or are you just lazy as well as not too bright

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Hope you get a brain for CHRISTmas.. Oh, and I blocked you. 😂🤣😃😄

    • The judge should be in jail for disobeying a United State Executive Order to deport illegal aliens.

    • Who broke the law?Are you stupid or have you never heard of the Constitution? Or both?

    • It was not a law, it was an unlawful order given by a liberal Obama appointed official. Obama’s presidency was in itself illegal, hence the order was illegal. The judge and Obama should be jailed, not Arpaio.

    • he didn’t break the law he followed the law you must be a democrap right?

    • What Arpaio “disobeyed” was NOT a LAW; what it WAS/IS is a law-CONTRADICTING order from a corrupt judge.

  4. All other nations PROFILE , err on the side of caution. The judge was mad because Sheriff Joe expelled future Demoratic voters. Just look how well all the Demoratic cities, States are run into the ground, deficit.

    • Wait a minute – did you puke that the leftist, corrupt judge broke many laws! There were jurors who convicted Joe Arpaio. The Judge simply was a referee between the prosecutors and Joe defense teams. Joe lost. May be Trump will pardon him. I am asking Trump to delay the pardon till Joe spend at least a week with so called illegals of Arizona. Do you remember, Joe is corrupt and racist too? He swindled some people to give him money to investigate if Obama was born in Hawaii. What an idiot! But Joe did not lift a finger that Ted Cruz was Canadian-Cuban. What a hypocrite!

      • he did nothing wrong but got screwed by the democraps, the jurors were probably mostly democraps

      • pmbalele ,Go back across the US- Mexican boarder you crossed illegally you wetback .

        • I do not speak and hate that language. I know some French-sounds romantic. Do you have wrinkles? That is why you have them. It’s your temper and racism that is causing the wrinkles. Start sleeping with your wife to advise you to live happily. Now you look terrible. Joe should spend time with the illegals.

          • go back across the border and get legal then come back you won’t have to swim the rio to get here

        • Charles: “…and stop calling me a racist.”

      • The accusation of “racism” is noting more and nothing less than a strategy of Marxists and other operatives of the Globalist CABAL to paralyze any action that conflicts with their mendacious agenda. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself for playing that game.

      • The Judge was the idiot that issued the order to start with. Since I moved to a boarder state years ago I have had trouble with several spanish speaking people. A few who were arrested after they caused traffic accidents.

        • panchoVilladeltren

          Kind of like we had, and are still having, all this GERMAN speaking folks, (Squareheads,) Who are nothing but troublemakers, Irish, (Potato heads), English speaking but with an accent, and Scotts, (skirt wearing cross dressers that want to bring skirt wearing here. ) All ‘foreigners need to be deported.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Hit a nerve, twinkletoes? Which illegal foreigner are you?

          • Did you say Joe trial was rigged- that the judge and jury were rigged against him by higher-ups. None of the juries were Mexicans.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You cannot help but show your stupidity. Are you being treated for dementia?
            F.U.I. Mexicans would serve in a jury in Mexico, so what is your point? Americans serve on a jury in the U.S.
            And immigrants (possibly illegal), like you, cannot serve anywhere, as being brain dead, you would be disqualified.
            Joe was a criminal that forgot that to enforce the law, you first have to (ABIDE) by it. He wanted to be a ‘RULER’, and turned into a crybaby. I am a firm believer in enforcing all laws, including Immigration laws, but I also believe that a crooked cop should go down.
            I am strongly against drugs, but would be the first to try and indict a cop that planted ‘evidence’.
            You are either honest, or you are a CROOK. you cannot be both.


          • panchoVilladeltren

            Want to see an IMBECILE W.O.P.? Look in a mirror, you ignorant Obama/Hillary boy toy. As far as reading and comprehending, if YOU could read, and IF it had been true, it should be Joe was FOLLOWING a federal law, MORON. Now go in a corner and spell Following one hundred times.You brain dead mental midgets, are so full of SELF_HATE, that you cannot act rationally. Joe was following the federal laws by informing I.C.E. and putting a detain er on Illegals. That he did, legally.
            But when he stepped over the line, and tried to be an IMMIGRATION officer, he was, in reality, Impersonating a Border patrolman. He was a lowly Sheriff, who thought he was the emperor of Maricopa county, and why he deserves to have ‘BUBBA’ give him an attitude adjustment.
            And YOU ignorant imbecile, are NO conservative, actually, you are a NOTHING that goes whichever the wind blows.
            I, oh mindless one, am a Republican, but an honest person first, and if a cop violates the law, he /she needs to be treated equally.
            All laws need to be obeyed, including all immigration laws, but should never be abused by crooked cops, as are many of the speed laws in backward areas, by criminal sheriffs that financially rape out of state ers.
            Now, go suck your thumb some more, creep.

          • PoorPitifulPearl

            Hey, Pancho! Do you not know that EVERYONE living in the United States came from somewhere else? Even the American Indians were not indigenous…they are from at least two of the tribes of Israel who migrated here by the landbridge that existed between what is now Russia and Alaska, or by migration via what can be called “island hopping” — boats from one land mass to another, stopping long enough to check out a land that they felt would be conducive to their way of life, and eventually found what is South America, and migrated further north until they reached North America. Take a look at an atlas Bird Brain, and you might want to read about the various tribes of American Indians and see the similarities to their beliefs and ancient Israel. These were people who had never learned to write and used oral history to teach their children regarding their roots. So…we’re all immigrants, and mine were from Germany, Poland, France, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Balkans (Greece and Romania) but trace their advent here before WWI. And guess what…they were all patriots and the men fought for this country in WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, the Cold War and some were career military. Watch who you call a Squarehead, Potato Head, or any other name because you are acting like a person who deserves a special name, too. I just chose not to be racist and call you a Bird Brain…only because you’ve proved not to have a bit of sense, though you might “sing” a great story. I don’t believe it.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You are correct in some ways, wrong in others. The Indians were here first, true, and the Spanish came second, as conquerors, not as ‘immigrants’. All the immigrants came after France, Spain, & England started colonizing.
            The Germans, as I was taught, came here mostly after the second world war, having fled into Mexico, and the southern countries to escape prosecution for their war crimes. And these are the ones that are the biggest troublemakers. Why? Because most of this ‘so Called ‘Supremacists’ were, and are, Mexican born, Justice dodgers, illegally here, and just hate what they are, INFERIOR MINDED.
            Then, never having been in the civil war, or know what it was all about, (had nothing to do with blacks), are idiotically carrying the rebel /Nazi flag as if were one and the same, desecrating what the confederate stood for. They are an embarrassment to Germany, their detested Mexico, the place of birth for many, the United States, and to real Human beings.
            If we are going to mean Mexican nationals, it would be prudent to say so, because to paint everyone with the same brush by saying people that speak Spanish., as People from Spain, U.S.Citizens, as well as many immigrants speak Spanish, and just as how many speak English. (EVEN if broken, or with heavy accents.)
            Even Northerners are hard to understand, as they have a different (Yankee) accent than do the proper speaking Southerners,.
            I won'[t call YOU an idiot, just naive.
            But you did try to be somewhat cordial.
            P.S. I have some close friends that are German, some Irish, but these are not the ones trying to terrorize and then publicly cry. And these friends are the ones that taught me about the paddy wagon, potato head, square head, because they are not of an inferiority complex, and dis[play a good sense of humor. As everyone should.
            Have a good day.

          • Good luck!!!!! He thinks his people(?) hold the deed to the U.S.A.! Out of courtesy to other posters I gave up on responding to he/ she/ it. I’ve been toe to toe with whatever it is. It’ll come back with name calling, thumping it’s chest, if it even has one and thinks(?) it’s Gods gift to the universe!
            Have fun, I’ve deferred out of courtesy to other posters! You’re fighting a LOOSING battle! One can not insult nor belittle it, it’s punch drunk on anonymity!!!

      • What world do you live in?

      • seersuckerandapanama

        The illegals aren’t “so called.” They’re either legal or they aren’t. The judge handed down a sentence. A judge can act within judicial parameters at his discretion.

      • Stand and show yourself you pos…time you pukes get what’s coming to you. My chainsaw would work as your punishment…want the Sheriff to be with those ILLEGALS…you can be with us patriots you fucking coward!!!

        • That is why I stay away from your right wingers. You’re too violent. Get a wife to calm you down and stop going to those bars to harass those women.

          • Just another pussy liberal that wants to spew his bigotry and brainless drivel. Sorry to inform you dimwit but my wife of 35 years thinks your an idiot too. Oh, by the way we have two very successful boys, one runs the family construction business and the other owns his own sound business. We have 6 grandkids and are the typical conservative family….unlike you trolls that wear black skinny jeans, masks and look like meth addicts.

          • Thanks. But who is dying of “meth addiction. Not Blacks.

          • Got news for you, libtard, Blacks are dying by the thousands of meth addiction. What reality are you living in?? Oh yea, you liberals think, you’re always right and that there is no right and wrong and there is no such thing as the law. Then you run and hide behind lady justice only when it becomes convenient. You say conservatives are violent?? It weren’t conservatives that torched buildings and rioted in Berkeley. It wasn’t to protest a war or the deaths of millions at the hands of tyrants, like Mao, Castro, or Stalin. It was because a conservative Jewish man was going to speak about his opinions on the world. Mmmm there are some tolerant people there on the Left. Really makes me wonder if I should join them…. WHAT A JOKE YOU LIBERALS ARE!!!

          • Tom, it’s “LibTURDS” as in Liberal POS!

          • Increments of excrement!

          • lol…..crack, heroin and a canny ability to shot each other. Yep, blacks got it all together.

      • And you are not corrupt? Perhaps you simply don’t know the difference between a Liberal Sheriff looking the other way (Approved by Eric “Fast&Furious” Holder) and a tough, no-nonsense, effective lawman. To a Liberal like you, criminals have rights, victims be damned. That is corruption.

      • Someone is considered an American citizen if they meet one of three qualifications: They are born on U.S. soil, regardless of their parents’ citizenship; they are born outside the U.S. to at least one American parent; they go through the naturalization process and are granted U.S. citizenship.

        Cruz is clearly a citizen under the second qualification, so what’s the problem? Well, according to Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution:

      • Do you live in AZ ???? IF NOT,,,,, SHUT THE “F” UP!! You don’t know what you’re talking about!!

      • panchoVilladeltren

        Another know nothing. Ted was more qualified than IMMIGRANT Trump, as Ted’s parents were both American citizens, while Trump’s both Parents were born in Germany, were illegals in Scotland, and sneaked in here as salt water ‘WETBACKS’. There is good reason to believe that Don was actually born in Scotland, he was bought here as a punk, which he still is. And two of his three ole ladies were also illegals.

        Why does trump hide his birth certificate, like Obama did? Because both are IMMIGRANTS.
        Ted Cruz was the REAL AMERICANS,just not a lowly Kraut.

        Fake president trump should be pardoning that soldier in Leavenworth, the one that led the killing of three Muslim terrorists, not abandoning him as Obama did, only because they disposed of Obama’s Muslim ‘brothers’ .

        • Watch your language. Remember Trump is now our president with all powers. If he reads your blog, you will be visited by people in black. But thanks for the info.

      • panchoVilladeltren

        You are an ignorant ASS. Trump is the illegal, born in Scotland., and both parents were illegals. (Wetbacks). Have YOU seen his birth certificate? Nope, as he does not have one. Ted, on the other hand, was the AMERICAN, with DUAL citizenship, an American born mother, and a Cuban born Dad, but by then an American Citizen. Trumps parents remained illegals till the end. , Two of his three wives were also illegals.And your beloved Obama WAS born in Kenya, as maybe you were also?.
        Joe should do some time, because before you enforce the law, you should first abide by it. Joe played the role of tyrant, and should be made ‘BUBBA’S boy toy until he learns to also obey the law.

        • You have strange ideas about geography. Since when is Scotland part of Queens, New York? Moreover, your allegation that Trump has not disclosed his birth certificate is a blatant falsehood.

      • PoorPitifulPearl

        I don’t know where you got your information, Bozo. Sheriff Arpaio should never have been charged, and the judge and jury were rigged against him by higher-ups in AZ who just “love illegals” and don’t like any kind of punishment. That sheriff saved the state a ton of money by making sure those in the tent cities paid their dues. They were NOT ill-treated, just forced to face their ignorance or lack of adherence to the law. All jails should look like that and maybe more people would live their lives not doing things to put them in jail. Each time an illegal or criminal goes free, it reduces the quality of life for law-abiding citizens. By the way, he never swindled anyone out of money and there never was a reason to “finger” Ted Cruz. By virtue of his mother being an American citizen while living in Canada, Ted was an American by birth. He was afforded dual citizenship by Canada, but it wasn’t something he had ever thought about until picky people like you brought it up, so he did the right thing and denounce his Canadian citizenship. If that’s not good enough for you, then why didn’t you go after John McCain-the pain? He wasn’t born in the US anyway, and is a traitor to boot.

        • Thank God, Ted Cruz was not elected as president. He wanted USA to be province of Canada. That way we would be under Liz of England again. Do you understand the language in London? I don’t I believe people in London have speech impediment. I cannot understand them.

  5. Joe Arpaio has to be one of America’s best law men , He did his best to stop Illegals. He also knew that Obama was not qualified to be a President , just could not get the backing he should have got ! yes trump when you go to Arizona pardon him ! John McCain should be the one on trial.

    • Ed Shick, You are SO right. Thank you and God Bless you for telling it like it is! In my opinion, John McCain SHOULD BE IN PRISON for being an embarrassment to the great United States of America! No wonder he could NEVER get elected, as hard as he tried!

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    • You have it right Ed.

    • Jerry Brown ,Rahm Emanuel and the other “Federal Immigration Scoff Laws” should be the ones serving time ,rather than Joe Arpaio,with no consideration of a pardon!!

  6. Somebody pinch me. Is this a dream? Is the fog of insanity being lifted from this country?
    It’s less than a year since the election and I’m already feeling fabulous about America again.
    Thank You Mr. President.

  7. Arpaio got caught in Obama’s sticky web, and the president should pardon him and then look into the stupidity of a dumb law that Obama set in place that trap those who try to protect us and protects the illegals from the law.

  8. billy mack emmons billy mack e

    I glad to see this I have some friends that lives along the border.with video of bus loads Mexican coming into our country thinks too oboma and killery .I like seeing a true law man go free then a non America president take down this country . like oboma has . the cry babies snow flake won’t to let out killers . Drug dealers . And others . great job our president Mr Trump

  9. Hopefully President Trump will allow this good person be set free. Even maybe exponge this from his record? He’s a true American and no way should be in the fix he’s in!

  10. Sheriff Arpaio should have never been convicted for upholding the law in the first place, period.
    In addition to pardoning Arpaio, Trump needs to boot that liberal judge off the bench!

  11. Joe should NOT have to spend one more dime on defending himself from Obama’s weaponized DOJ or the political courts & judges that use their bench for their own political hits…pardon him Trump…Now!

  12. Joe Arpaio a HERO, judge should be in jail with illegals!!!

    • He would have been better off working for the federal government and sending out our nations highest secrets so anyone with the basic “hacking” skills could see, copy and sell them to anyone thought the world. But then, maybe JUSTICE is passed out by name not deeds!

    SHERIFF JOE WAS SET UP BY ovomit, soros and clinton!!

    • panchoVilladeltren

      Joe was a criminal that was supposed to be enforcing the law, yet he stayed in violation. Throw the book at that punk.

  14. The judge and I use the word judge loosely because he is a demacrat and we know that they are political period. They don’t give a crap about the LAW.

  15. Sheriff Joe was the only one with the guts to do what should have been done all these years. If you are illegally in this country that is what happens. Joe doesn’t deserve anything on his record and definitely does not deserve to go to jail!!!

  16. Not only should the President pardon him, he should award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  17. He deserves a pardon. Hope Trump does it.

  18. George E. LeFebvre

    Mr President, there is nothing to think about. Please DO IT! Give him a high ranking Job in the department of Border Security. or even FBI. We need hundreds of Sheriff’s and Police departments all over the country like him to emulate.

  19. “LET JOE GO”. Put the real criminals in jail. The ones that run sanctuary cities. That judge should be in there with them.

  20. “GOD” Bless You Sheriff Joe . Especially for All the Good you Have Done for America. Our President Trump Will Take Care Of You. When Trump Pardons You If you Want Maybe he Will Put You in charge Of The Boarder .
    BOBBY ~!~

  21. Great Sheriff Mr. President,he deserves a complete pardon.We need more like Sheriff Joe to help Drain the Swamp.

  22. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    The judge who ordered Arpaio to stop pulling people over on suspicion of being in the sountry illegally should get twice as much time and at hard labor.


  23. Trump should pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff did nothing wrong this is just another left wing witch hunt for someone they don’t agree with. If anyone should be in jail it’s the prosecutor and judge who made decisions based on a bias for illegal aliens. A bias where they want more illegals in the country so they can vote democrat. John McCain should join them as he wants more illegals in this country so his buddies have plenty of cheap labor.

  24. It’s ridiculous to have someone who has cleaned up the area and enforced the law…opinions will vary.

  25. TRUMP should pardon Arpaio, TRUMP is right again.

  26. Don’t consider it. Do it or surrender.

  27. It should already have been done, Mr. President!

  28. Richard Bagenstose

    well this is a good thing , but today you freaken idiots prefer to lock up the people who protect your sorry a**es and let the criminals run the streets, what in the hell is wrong with yous ,the criminals should be shot and killed or do like the middle east and hang them, i have no sympathy for criminals of any color,trash is trash so keep acting like you came out of the gutter and keep dying

  29. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a truly great American hero. He was convicted on trumped-up charges by the corrupt Obama administration. Arpio should be celebrated for upholding the law and reducing the criminals out there. Most of the crooks working with chief crook BHO should all be in prison, not Sheriff Joe Arpaio! Pardon him now, Mr. President. Then, put him in there as Secretary of the DHS and give him the mandate to clean house!

  30. It is INDEED time for a pardon of Sheriff Joe. He was only following the REAL LAW. The so-called OSCUMBAG “judge” cannot make up ILLEGAL Laws by legislating from the bench.The mooslime fraud oscumbag “pardoned” MOSTLY CRIMINALS, so OUR PRESIDENT is within his rights to pardon a TRUE PATRIOT.

  31. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a truly great American hero. He was convicted on trumped-up charges by the corrupt Obama administration. Arpio should be celebrated for upholding the law and reducing the criminals out there. Most of the crooks working with chief crook BHO should all be in prison, not Sheriff Joe Arpaio! Pardon him now, Mr. President. Then, put him in there as Secretary of the DHS and give him the mandate to clean house! Put the chief crook in prison.

  32. Pardon him, Mr. T! Sheriff Joe was arresting ILLEGALS while Barry Soetoro was smoking blunts and seeking out the Marxist professors back at Columbia U. 20 years ago.

  33. joe is a true AMERICAN LET HIM OUT NOW.

  34. I keep thinking about the illegal immigrants that are sent back to their country but only to come to the United States of America to commit murder, rape.and many other criminal acts. I’m praying for PRESIDENT Trump to pardon him for HE’S WAS DOING HIS JOB!!!

  35. GODBlessRealAmerica!!!

    A true Patriot and God bless this man!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP will pardon him Joe Arpaio has to be one of America’s best law men…deport and jail these liberal morons

  36. Pardon him and put him in charge of security

  37. If that NIGGER OBAMA could pardon NIGGERS with records an arm long why can’t PRESIDENT TRUMP pardon someone who should of been locked up in the first place.

  38. Joe Arpaio is an outstanding lawman.He did wonders in his county and it should have never got to this.President Trump should pardon him and thank him for his service.

  39. Under the Trump administration, those guilty of abusing the most vulnerable people go Scott free while the abused and innocent go to jail for being poor.

  40. Joe Arpaio should be pardoned.

  41. President Trump,
    This man has done nothing but do what is best for the USA. He should be pardoned.



  43. President Trump should definitely pardon sheriff Joe Arpaio. The scumbag liberal judge who convicted the sheriff should be fired from his job and replace with a sane judge.

  44. Joe Arpaio Should be pardoned good idea President Donald Trump.

  45. I hope the President does pardon Joe he was railroaded by libs.

  46. wendy dillon schenz

    Yes Mr President. Please pardon Sheriff Arpaio

  47. Timothy Thompson

    Don’t wait he needs the assurance that you President Trump know he was one of the biggest supporters of you, but not withstanding, his conviction was purely political. He pursued Obama’s birth certificate and therefore had a big target on his back. It needs to be done and done as soon as possible.

  48. Sheriff Arpaio was following Federal Constitional Law. Laws that were past by Congress. The person that needs to be sent to jail is the judge who took an oath to defend the Constitution than violated federal law.

  49. This was Obama’s left wing that did this to Joe Arpaio and there still in the justice department. He deserves to be pardoned

  50. Pardon ASAP.

  51. The charges against Joe Arpaio were politically motivated especially since he has gotten so close to proving that Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery (it has forensically been proven).

    • soro$$$$$$ has very likely contributed to BOTH the leftists AND the cartels. soro$$$$$$ has a na$ty habit of throwing lot$ of money at anyone who hate$ our Constitutional republic. After all, he’s MOTIVATED: it’s hi$ JOB to PLOW our country under, so that his PUPPETMASTERS (the “WROTH’S CHILDREN”, a.k.a., “rothschilDs”) would no longer have our pesky sovereignty to stop them from RULING us with an iron fist. Why the HELL doesn’t Trump EXTRADITE that revolting $lug?

  52. Sheriff Joe is the victim of judicial lynching, just like the left is trying to do to Trump. Trump should pardon him and not let the Libertard punks harm this good man.

  53. YES!
    Please do!!

  54. Back during the Revolutionary War for our independence it was against the law to revolt.But our founders did it anyway. Our constitution states any law that is out of compliance with the Supreme Law of the Land is not a law. Well guess what? That also goes for Executive Orders like the ones Obozo wrote. The county sheriffs are our main line defense against lawlessness in our court systems and in upholding our liberty and freedom and that is what Sheriff Arpaio was doing obeying the law defending the citizens of his county against illegal aliens and especially the criminally minded alien. So there is no reason for Trump to hold back and pardon him. Arpaio should be exonerated after his is pardoned so he can run for office again.

  55. seersuckerandapanama

    Sheriff Arpaio was on the side of the law. The judge was not. I strongly urge President Trump to pardon Arpaio as soon as possible.

    • Better yet, have the Supreme Court nullify Arpaio’s former trial and declare him NOT GUILTY!

      • seersuckerandapanama

        Yes, that would be good, but the pardon process would be much quicker.

        • No argument there. It therefore seems to me that the best way to discharge the entire matter is to pursue the pardon first, and then to follow up with having the earlier verdict vacated by the Supreme Court. That way, Sheriff Joe gets OUT right away, and then eventually gets his name fully and entirely cleared. As a third step, he should be awarded damages from the aforementioned bad verdict.

  56. To pardon Sheriff Joe…would be a good thing

  57. To pardon Arpiao is like saying that the German SS should be lauded as heroes. He became notorious by abusing and misusing his authority. But then again birds of a feather flock together; trump and arpiao. I used small letters to signify how small and irrelevant they are.

  58. DAMIT, DO IT!

  59. Joe Arpaio has NO business being jailed. That man has done MORE to stop alians crossing the borders than ANY other law officer. If anyone from Arizona should be jailed, it should be McCain, the two faced bastard.

  60. That judge should be disbarred and sent on his way….time to rid our country of this crap. Warning to invaders, illegals and their benefactors/abettors….it’s time you look over your shoulders…we are sick and tired of your pollution and won’t take it anymore…..lock and load!!

  61. A legend. He was attacked by the Obama DOJ who saw him taking Democrat voters off the street and treating them as the plague on society that they are. His record as Sheriff speaks for itself, less crime on his watch. Trump will do the right thing with a pardon.

  62. Joe may not be perfect like the rest of us but he was not breaking any laws until they made new laws to stop him.As far as Obummer he is a Muslim for when he was sworn in as a senator he refused to be sworn with an American bible. He had them to swear him in with the Muslim bible so what does that tell you. At that time I guess he didn’t know he might run for President and the radical media was not going to go against him not one thing did they ever bring out against him they they treated him like he was Jesus never did a thing wrong. Parden him now.

  63. Pleae, Mr.President, pardon him. Sheriff Arpaio, is a fine men, a real patriot. I would like to see more patriots in this country,like him. Unfortunatly, fear, money, corruption, has more power, then love for their COUNTRY.

  64. Sheriff Joe + a pardon Yes Yes Yes Obama pardoned crooks, Joe should be honored as well as pardoned

  65. Question- How many people did Sheriff Joe arrest for straw purchases of guns in Maricopa County?

  66. panchoVilladeltren

    At first i thought that Joe was going in the right direction, but he soon showed that he was nothing but a power hungry W.O.P., that could not obey the law himself. While stopping illegals is the right thing to do, abusing the Americans was a no no. Was he stopping the W.O.P.S? NO? why not? And all the Krauts that were entering through Mexico, after being born in Mexico, where their parents fled after we stomped their Nazi parents behinds? And he is so tough that he publicly CRIED that he did not want to be sent to the joint, and be ‘BUBBA”S boy toy. Typical yellow W.O.P.

  67. Joe Arpaio is a victim of hussein obama and his goon regime and was prosecuted for doing the legal and correct thing for Arizona, GOING AFTER ILLEGAL ALIENS. Joe Arpaio should have Never been PROSECUTED FOR ANYTHING. And yes, President Trump, PLEASE PARDON SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO ASAP. The REAL THUG AND CRIMINAL HERE IS hussein obama who should be thrown in GUANTANAMO BAY FOR LIFE AND ALL HIS FILTHY REGIME, including ALL 3 clinton’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Magdalene Mcclendon

    Joe Arpaio should be given a medal and not be disciplined. He’s an American hero for trying to protect the borders from illegals. Yes, President Trump should pardon him…it would be a disgrace not too…obama pardoned criminals, terrorists, etc, why can’t Trump pardon a patriot trying to do his duty and protect the American people?

  69. Having lived in Arizona during Sheriff Arpaio’s time as the Best damn Sheriff in Arizona, we saw exactly what he was doing — following the word of Law of our U.S. Constitution! Obama was angry that Arpaio would not cowtow to his destruction agenda, but continued to follow our U.S. Constitutional Laws! If anyone belongs in Jail it is Obombination himself!!

    Sheriff Arpaio never disrespected our Constitution, but he probably disrespected Obama’s insane demands to let every Tom, Dick and Harry (oops, Tomas, Richardo, & Geraldo) into our country whether they were terrorists or just desperate people wanting to suckle the American dream. Sheriff Arpaio had his hands full in AZ with illegals climbing through our deserts and slipping into our State. They were everywhere you looked, lining our streets, begging for work. One mother even took her baby into a Target restroom and washed her baby’s poop filled butt in the sink of the Restroom…unsanitary for anyone coming after and completely unsanitary for that baby. Duh. These people are one step up from the animal kingdom when it comes to cleanliness.

    But I regress. Sheriff Arpaio knew what had to be done and he did it to keep our state safe. Not only are the illegals here unlawfully, but many did not receive the medical care in their native countries that Americans did and therefore brought diseases that were eradicated in our Country to re-infect everyone. We now have a resurgence of Whopping Cough, Measles, Mumps and small pox because of them carrying the diseases into America. If you do not believe me, research that info!

    You can email or write President Trump directly and let him know he should Pardon Arpaio. The more people that write our President, the better he will realize the necessity of Honoring Sheriff Arpaio for his duty to the American People — NOT put him jail! Sheriff Arpaio should be celebrated for his Patriotic service to all of us! Let’s help him get a “Get out of Jail” card from President Trump! I already sent my letter — now you can send one too — and your family — and your friends, etc,!

  70. It is my hope that our President will pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Too bad that he was not patrolling when an illegal Mexican immigrant crossed the border, successfully entered into NM after evading criminal charges in California, and finding a haven in the mountains with his ‘”so-called” family, came upon my 9 year old son who was fishing for our dinner and raped him, came close to killing him, but my son, though younger than the illegal , was able to break away from him. Two Mexican police officers came to investigate the case, but due to possibility of Spanish vendetta did not even go down to the village to investigate, I later found out. The 2nd lawman was coming at me to attack me sexually, but some friends appeared unexpectedly, so he took off in a hurry. Good lawmen need to be honored. It is their right,for the safety they sacrifice for the truth they pledge to protect. Our lives would have been different if we, especially my son, had experienced integrity through the law service. But then too many people in NM are thieves and liars, sad to say, and that does not mean just Mexicans.

  71. Yes! President Trump should pardon Joe Arpaio!👍

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  73. Allen Cecelia Tennison

    If Trump is going to do it, get it done. Stop all the show for whoever and just do it. Some will like it some won’t. The President is nor running the Apprentice show, he is suppose to be leading this country,. He is suppose to being doing so in; a classy, respectful, and honorable way, not like a child.We need leader with character not acting like a child, and yelling every time something does not go as he wants.


  75. my buddy’s sister makes $93 per hour at home… she has been fired from work for 3 months but last month her payoff was $13516 only working at home a few hours.➤ go here ➤to ➤this site

  76. “Bad Ass Joe” and Trump have no respect for the courts and their role in a free and equal America so the pardon can be expected but the Constitution provides no possibility for Trump to pardon himself.

    • Anyone who has SO-CALLED “respect” for the aforementioned CRIMINALLY CORRUPT SO-CALLED “courts” is a useful idiot for the Globalist CABAL.

  77. JOE should be pardoned the only reason he was convicted is because of the libtards and illegal aliens they represent

  78. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    I THINK ITS A GOOD IDEA… “set him free!” Pardon all the hatred Obama put on him… while he let convicts get out of prison early. It’s so wonderful to see real, “LEADERSHIP & COMMON SENSE” in the White House now!

  79. We have heard now for days that the President considers the pardon of Joe Arpaio that should come sooner than later. Arpaio had the back bone, dealing with prisoners/illegals the right way, not like the comfort place in Chicago where prisoners have TV’s in their rooms.

  80. DO it President Trump! He was enforcing the laws on the books and supporting our law abiding citizens.
    that’s more then I can say for his replacement who calls criminal illegals “guests”.
    and NO, I did NOT vote for Penzone. I did vote for Sheriff Joe.

  81. A pardon for Arpaio.

  82. Look, it’s a love-in for those who hate the Constitution and the courts that defend it.

  83. I hope he does pardon this fine man

  84. Yes Mr President you have to give Sheriff Arpaio a Pardon, there is nothing to think about, just do it!! The Left Nut cases don’t care and don’t matter anyhow. Do the right thing!!!

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