Trump Committed Tax Fraud?

Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Joshua Steinglass told jurors on Thursday that Trump was completely aware of the scheme being used within his Organization by executives who used company perks in order to avoid paying thousands in high-income taxes. These claims were also accompanied by evidence and testimony that showed how “Mr. Trump is explicitly sanctioning tax fraud.”

Steinglass’ speech came only a few days before deliberations at the Trump Organization’s criminal tax fraud. As part of his claims, he showed jurors a lease Trump signed for one executive’s Manhattan apartment as well as a memo that had been sent from the former president to authorize another executive to receive a pay cut in favor of perks.

Steinglass also cited Weisselberg’s claim, during his three days of testimony, where he had told Trump he would pay him back for covering the private school tuition fees for his grandchildren. Weisselberg then proceeded to cut his pre-tax salary by the amount being paid in tuition. Steinglass reiterated that the reason he was bringing all of this up is that he wanted to make it clear that the “whole narrative that Mr. Trump was blissfully ignorant is just not real.”

Trump is currently not on trial, in this case, however, Steinglass was allowed by Judge Juan Manuel Merchan to discuss Trump’s awareness of the scheme.

Trump has maintained that he did not know about the practices of his executives writing on his Truth Social platform that: “There was no gain for ‘Trump,’ and we had no knowledge of it.”

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