Trump: Comey Lied – I Never Told Him to Lay Off Flynn!

It was a weekend to behold in terms of watching liberal Trump haters get into their most frantic state yet, hoping for SURE that this whole Russia hoax would actually bring down the president. After the news broke that Michael Flynn had plead guilty to lying to the FBI, indicating that he was now cooperating with the special counsel in the investigation, Trump’s critics thought we were now about to see Robert Mueller’s endgame. That it would turn out that the $5 million he’s spent on this investigation wouldn’t turn out to be a ridiculous waste of money after all.

We can only guess that they are, by now, growing quite disappointed. Because when it was all said and done this weekend, things looked worse for them than ever. And it was encapsulated by a tweet President Trump wrote Friday after Flynn’s “flip” became known to the White House.

“I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI,” he wrote.

Exactly. This is being treated like it’s some shocking news, but it’s nothing more or less than we already knew back in February. It’s Paul Manafort all over again. It was supposed to be some huge thing that Manafort was busted for his work with pro-Putin Ukraine interests…except this was EXACTLY why he was fired from the Trump campaign in the first place. Mueller is busy pinching these Trump associates for their crimes, and that’s fine, but what does ANY of this have to do with the central focus of the investigation?

Oh, but the anti-Trump idiots went even MORE nuts after Trump penned that tweet, claiming that he was somehow admitting to obstruction of justice. They forgot, of course, about one little thing: The fact that former FBI Director James Comey has been lying his ass off since getting fired. Trump made sure to remind the country of that truth on Sunday.

“I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn,” Trump said. “Just more Fake News covering another Comey lie!”

And really, that’s the crux of what’s getting Trump’s leftist armchair critics confused. They have simply taken it on faith that Trump is always lying and everyone who is against Trump is always telling the truth. And so when these things happen, they jump to the most damning conclusions and make themselves look like fools in the process. Over and over and over again. They never seem to tire of it!

This case is still going nowhere fast, and it’s still costing the American taxpayers millions of dollars. There’s a lot of entertainment value in watching Trump’s enemies get the rug pulled out from under them, but we’re not sure it’s worth all of this.

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  1. Everything Mr. Trump will say or has said will be used against him. We are watching a soft coup. Remember this when we are told how free we are to choose our elected officials.

    • I tend to believe you…after all you will never see any of the elite democrats pay for their crimes…I believe the republicans like the DC swamp, because they enrich their selves off of the corruption also!

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      • Many Republicans are as much Swamp as the Democrats!

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    • Everything Mr. Trump will say (or at least 99 and 44 one-hundredths percent of it) is a STINKING L I E.

      But you folks eat-it-up like flies on hot fresh shit…..

      • Careful, your .56% IQ is showing!

        • I thought his IQ must be lower than 15 , After Korean war any one with a !5 Or lower could get a Discharge from the Military!

      • You alt-left idiotsare so very entertaining – not!

      • Name the lies.

          • I could debate just about everyone of those so called lies. Obama told the biggest political lies in US history. Politifact is like Snopes, never said anything good about a republican or anything bad about a democrat. Talk about bias. Obama’s lies

          • Then refute them. Too funny. You provided an opinion piece.

          • Pick some out. Did you check out Obama’s lies? Much more serious, but he’s black so it’s ok. Nothing major in your link.

          • More serious? How so? Which ones, cretin?

          • The biggest was telling the nation that the ACA would save the average family $2,500 a year and healthcare costs went dramatically higher.

            Ever hear of Jonathan Gruber? He was the MIT professor who was the architect of the ACA, he said that in order to pass the bill, we will need the help of the low information voter, that would be you, Buford.

          • Ironic much? That was pathetic opinion from a bad liar. Tell me about that ” 4 year business degree”…

          • Yawn…zzzzzzZZZZzzzzz…..zzzzzzzZZZZZZzz…..zzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzz..

          • You got a free ride from the burger counter all the way to shift manager! Oh boy! All that money! Mom and dad must be soooo proud. Now you can afford to leave the basement, PJ boy! 🙂

          • More projecting!

          • I’m guessing you’re living off my taxes. You wanted free stuff Bernie LOL!

            Someone gave you a thumbs up, I bet they’re really really dumb.

          • I pay taxes in more than one country so probably not then.

          • Sorry! I didn’t know they taxed welfare!

          • They don’t and how would I claim in two countries a few thousand miles apart – Star Trek transporter perhaps?

          • Name and date please. Or, I’ll assume it’s just more of your fiction.

          • You must be one of the pigeons who believed Obama about the ACA LOL!

          • Actually, I know, the President has no power and is merely delivering what Congress has passed. Why blame the janitor for the coaches team? How stupid are you – that’s a rhetorical question. I know you as thick as a brick.

          • The president has all the power because he has the final signature. Are you going to say that the ACA was Bush’s fault?

          • Wrong, a Bill is enacted ten days after passing Congress, signature or not. The President signing is pomp -“Ooooh I like this one”.
            WoA, refute with reference.

          • Ever hear of veto, KAPOW! Some low information guy keeps giving you an up vote. Must be a real dumb guy LOL!

          • Ever hear of vetoing the veto – plus mostly it is related to morality and technicality. Fail! WoA!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You heard Gruber in his own words, here are the words of a lying president.

          • Actually no; your Gruber quote is drivel which is why you aren’t providing a reference to it. Duh! Deflection!

          • In his own words. Low information voters like you. Obama lied about saving $2,500 per family a year. Once again I’ve handed you your ass, welfare boy.

          • No, he had no power to enforce that was a projection.
            Trump promised a wall, ban, repeal and mass deportations – well? Not happening!

          • Bet it will start! Nobody but Illegals want more Illegals! See if Mexico would take any of us! They will, but, only if you’re independently wealthy!

          • Obviously history not your thing – open borders until the 1920’s. Invited during WWII and fairly ignored in boom times.
            Admittedly the “boom” has left for probably 50 years minimum but facts still back me up. Thanks!
            No wall, can’t afford it – bankrupt! Lowering the tax bill isn’t going to pay for a wall. Funny as! Maybe you should think things through first?

          • Obama flat out lied about the ACA and Gruber told the truth about it. The wall will be built and taxes will go down stimulating the economy even more. You may have to trade in your obama phone for an alarm clock! snort..snort..

          • A lie is when you know something to be incorrect, the forecast supported the comment, whereas making a promise you know you can’t keep is a lie – Trump owns that box.

          • The wall will be built and sorry to tell you this, the ACA will be repealed. When you get a job your employer will provide healthcare. Legally Trump could have mass deportations but if I was him I would send the ones back who are on welfare and keep the ones who either have businesses or jobs that contribute to the economy.

            So far he’s kept his promises.

          • Wall and repeal – let me know when there’s news.
            No power over deportations and numbers down. Illegals don’t get Welfare – no Green Card, duh!
            No wall, repeal, ban or mass deportations – liar, liar pants on fire!

          • Deportations ae up and MS13 gangs are being hunted and the border crossings are at an all time low.

            Illegals get welfare in sanctuary cities. La alone spent $1.7 billion on the illegals, and they cost the taxpayers over $100 billion in welfare and prison costs.

          • Not according to ICE figures. Border crossings have been falling since 2007, lousy economy.
            No welfare or prove.

          • You didn’t get those figures from ICE, you idiot. You’re like AKLady, she makes up he own facts too. Lousy economy? Show me where the economy is lousy.. Once again I hand you your wrinkly white ass.

          • Personally no, debt still growing – refute with reputable reference then.

          • show me where the debt is growing. Obama doubled the debt all by his lonesome.

          • Once again you’re wrong.

          • Please supply link to Gruber comment – no conspiracy sites thanks.
            To pass a Bill you need Congress – not the people! It was not a referendum! Duh!

          • Ever do your own research? There’s hours of stuff on YouTube about this elitist liar.

          • All politicians bend the truth – generally he was very economic with words, most of those claims are ambiguous. Equally some comments then didn’t pan out – foresight nobody has.
            On the flip side – name ten truths emitted by Trump. Good luck!

          • Blatant lies aren’t just bending the truth. He said that the average American would save $2,500 a year and instead it went up $5,000. If a republican did this would you call it bending the truth?

          • You link says read for $1. You tell me what they are.

          • I gave you two links

          • So, you have nothing but cannot keep from replying? Too funny, dropout.

          • Last comment for me, I’m really busy, Larry. Now run along Mr. McDonalds shift manager!

          • Projecting!?

          • Liberals project. Joseph Goebbels said, “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” Exactly what democrats do.

          • Goebbels was a far-right fruit-bat, as are – you project and you have no facts.

          • December 8 at 4:39 PM ET

            Thursday was Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of one of the deadliest attacks on American soil and perhaps the most unifying day in American history.
            This year some of us marked Pearl Harbor Day by attacking America from within.

            For five hours on Thursday, President Trump’s partisans delivered a reckless and sustained attack on the FBI and the special counsel. They amplified Trump’s claim that the FBI’s “reputation is in Tatters — worst in History” and that Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia probe, which has already secured guilty pleas from two Trump campaign officials and the indictments of two more, is part of a system that is “rigged,” “phony,” “dishonest” and using a “double standard.”

            Shamefully, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee launched an all-out assault on the special counsel and the FBI — choosing to protect Trump at the cost of Americans’ faith in the justice system and the rule of law.

            Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), the chairman, echoed Trump’s “tatters” claim and told FBI Director Christopher A. Wray that Mueller’s probe and the Clinton email probe have been tainted by “bias.”
            Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) repeatedly charged that the FBI and Mueller have a “shocking” anti-Trump bias.

            Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said he has a “hunch” that “pro-Clinton, anti-Trump bias” at the FBI was behind a secret “warrant to spy on Americans associated with the Trump campaign.”

            Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called former FBI director James B. Comey an “egomaniac rogue” and speculated that the FBI paid for the “dossier” on Trump’s activities in Russia.

            Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) speculated that anti-Trump bias led the FBI to conclude that Russia interfered in the U.S. election, and he threatened Wray: “I think you’re walking into a contempt of Congress.”

            This is calumny. Mueller is a longtime Republican who was appointed FBI director by George W. Bush. He was named special counsel by Rod J. Rosenstein, also a Republican, who was appointed by Trump himself to be deputy attorney general. Comey, a Republican who served in Bush’s Justice Department, made political contributions to John McCain, Mitt Romney and other Republicans. Wray, a Republican who also gave to GOP candidates, was appointed by Trump.

            The slander is based on the fact that several of Mueller’s underlings made political contributions that went mostly to Democrats, including Clinton; that one member of Mueller’s team opposed Trump’s first travel ban (which was struck down and withdrawn), and anti-Trump texts between one of Mueller’s people (since taken off the case, with the incident under review by the Justice Department inspector general) and his girlfriend.

            But if we’re going to declare “biased” those who gave money to Democrats, then Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Steven Mnuchin, Gary Cohn and the president himself are biased against Trump. Also, if Mueller had inquired about political leanings before making hires, he would have violated Justice Department rules.

            And more broadly: pro-Clinton bias? It was precisely Comey’s public announcement of a reopened Clinton probe just days before the election that helped give the presidency to Trump.

            What’s more outrageous is the purpose of the attacks on the FBI and Mueller: To help Trump with his legal problems, these officials are willing to undermine Americans’ faith in the justice system. This is part of a pattern. As House Republicans were attacking the FBI and Mueller, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) was announcing his resignation on the Senate floor. He had been drummed out by fellow Democrats for sexual misbehavior, but Trump and the Republicans are rallying behind GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, faced with credible allegations of sexual misbehavior with teenagers — for the short-term benefit of keeping one Senate seat Republican.

            Trump routinely attacks institutions: the courts, the media, the electoral process, the intelligence community, the IRS, the United Nations, foreign allies, international accords, federal workers, political parties, the Justice Department, Democratic and Republican lawmakers, previous presidents, the pope. That’s the strategy of the autocrat: Don’t believe the courts or the justice system or the electoral process or the legislature or the media or my accusers. Believe me.

            When lawmakers back up Trump, however, they give a cue to Republican voters that such out-of-bounds attacks on our system are legitimate. That’s how they normalized Trump. That’s how we’re getting Moore. That’s why Republicans are being convinced the FBI and federal prosecutors are corrupt.

            The FBI is one government agency Republicans historically held in high regard (70 percent had a favorable view in a 2015 Pew Research Center poll), but a poll by the University of Texas in June — after Trump’s attacks began — found favorable views of the FBI among Texas Republicans at 43 percent.
            Likewise, multiple polls found that Republicans are far more likely to believe sexual-harassment claims against Democrats than against Republicans; Democrats see the claims as credible regardless of the perpetrator’s party.

            This tribalism is meant to help Trump, and Moore. It undermines America.

            Twitter: @Milbank

          • It was Pearl Harbor Day, a date never to be forgotten! Do any of you remember Dorie Miller: ???

          • Vogue LOL! I knew you were a pickle puffer! Great fashion mag lol!!

          • WOW!! Who is Bella DePaulo? So far Trump has kept his promises and where were these liberal loons when we had the biggest liar of all in Obama? Trump’s doing a great job with the economy that’s upsetting a lot of liberals.

          • Who is Bella DePaulo? Obviously , some one that knows more about lying than you do-

            Google her-

        • BIG LIE TO BLACK PEOPLE: “Vote for me, what have you got to lose?”

          The BASTARD waving a Rainbow Flag when he ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HATES Gays (he supports Chief Homophobe Roy Moore)

          HE REPRESENTS “ALL” AMERICANS — He sure in Hell D O E S N ‘ T Represent ALL Americans,
          there are Americans who AREN’T White…..

          He DIDN’T say “He grabs women by the pussy” — BUT it’s on Tape!

          LOTS more Lies, or was that enough?

          • Yup, another angry black man… What a surprise! What is the matter, welfare check not big enough for you? Most of us are sick of you whining blacks. Make a life for yourself and stop depending on everyone else to do something for you.

          • Why u axe me a question…din du NUFFIN! 🤣

          • mike621, OK asshole. Tell us what did Obama do for your people during the 8 years in office? NOTHING!! He did manage to bring this country down about 10 notches. And the BC deal, well turns out the BC he showed on TV was a forgery. Trump doing locker room talk to another man who recorded Trump without his knowledge in a lot of states is illegal. And I guess you are squeaky clean and NEVER talked trash or used cuss words(sic) either. Where did you get the crap that he hates gays?? And I suppose you have the proof concerning Moore’s accusers?? Since you don’t live in Alabama you have not seen the info ads for Moore where all of the women have been caught in lies. The National news will not report on it. That is why his approval rating s are so high. Your so full of shit your eyes are brown. You are also a racist with a filthy mouth. And you have the fall to talk about Trump??? Get the fuck out of here.

          • allen blaine, I’ll tell you FuckStain — there were no White Supremacist marches while he was in office, were there? They were all hiding under their rocks; and I don’t remember much anti-semitism rearing it’s ugly head while he was in office either! Now we have “Jews will not replace us” — who in Fuck said Jews want to replace any God-Damned body?? As to the BC being a forgery, post a link (and not to Breitbart or Stormfront).

            Women have said Trump (among many others) fondled them, but of course Women are N E V E R to be believed under ANY circumstances!!

            I got that he hates gays (actions speak louder than words) because he is supporting Roy Moore, who’s entire Public career has been all about ELIMINATING gays!

          • You don’t believe a Damn thing that I say, and I don’t believe a Damn thing that you say;
            Trump has done a Great Job of bringing the Country together…..

          • A big lie to voters were to blacks when they said they could improve their lives, and what happened? When they highjacked the civil rights movement, 6% of black children had no father’s in their lives, that number’s up to 72%. What can help black people is full time jobs and that’s what’s happening.

            Who said Trump hates gays? He never said that.

            Locker room talk isn’t what Bill Clinton did, he raped women and is a pedophile. Want a link?

            Who cares where obama was born, at least the Kenyan isn’t in the WH anymore!

            Two GDP quarters over 3% and the next one will be 4%. Obama averages a 1,2% GDP. Wages are going up and poverty is at a ten year low and the housing market has made a strong comeback and during Hussein’s reign of economic chaos, people owning homes equaled that of the 60’s.

            You know who did best the past 8 years? The top 1%. You know who did the worst? You guessed it! Blacks. Keep voting democrat, dummy.

          • You really suck Recipient Mikey!

      • You are another one of those nut cases who has been totally brainwashed. Just think you will live and die and never know the truth – what a waste.

      • Prove it… I’ll bet you CAN’T.

      • Eat Krapp you 4-eyed Recipient fook!

      • ROFLMAO!!! You Democrats always know about that stuff!

    • BUT it seems that anything MUELLER does and TRUTH is REVEALED……… he Builds a crap Burger DELUXE .. .. TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL

    • I don’t think they’ll get him out, it is more an attempted soft coup. We’ve got his back and then some.

    • “Everything Mr. Trump will say or has said will be used against him”

      AS it should be….

  2. Granted that Comey’s truthfulness is questionable, but he did state that President Trump DID NOT ask him to lay off Flynn. According to his own testimony, which he later claimed to write down, President Trump said he WISHED that the matter would go away. So which is it Comey, did you lie initially and now say differently; or did you speak and record the truth and are now telling a lie?

  3. Everything Trumps says is a lie to cover up a previous lie or a completely stupid thing he has said before. The voters were ready for a clown show and we got one. Hang on this ride is not yet over.

    • where is your hore clintoney ray69hillho ?? she should cum in riding on her stud with her lance ready …. oh sorry she is passed out drunk again…poor commie hore has been working the streets too long..

      • you mean Bathhouse Barry…I wonder was Barry a pitcher or a catcher at the Chicago gay spas he frequented weekly as a young unknown!!
        Both he and Chicago Mayor Rod Emanuel were rumored seen often at Man’s Country…notorious gay spa on Chicago’s seedy South-Side!!

        • Did you ever go to the bath house website? Gross. I’d send the link but I’d be flagged for pornography.

          • Yes I’ve seen it. I’d be afraid to go there and touch anything for fear of contracting a disease. And that’s where the 44th President of the US indulged his sick sexual desires before anyone knew him. GROSS is putting it lightly.

      • Chocolate toilet plunger. Lol. I would call it baby sh it brown toilet plunger.

    • For eight years I watched in horror as obstruction of justice and delayed till forgotten court ordered and congressional orders for infirmation was either blacked out or never released till this day. Shocked when billions went missing from the state department in accounted for. Clinton was responsible for the sake of uranium yo the riussians and got 149 million dollars donated to their foundation through a Canadisn charity laundry scheme monies fir Rusduan companies. This was cover up by Lying Holder, Lynch, Mueller, and especially Comey, all working fir your pal Obama whom lied to us hundreds of times on actual film footage about his past and his transparency. You totally delusion buddy.

      • Have to excuse Ray. He’s a Clinton loving Commie US hating troll…just like the rest of the Dem/Commie progressive liberals poisoning the American landscape. I say deport them all to the communist country of their choice since they love to vote for them

        • I cannot change facts or denied facts by libtards. Their refusal to honestly admit Obama was a lying dirt bag, now their concerned about a national debt Obama doubled in 8 years without being questioned. I prayed Trump might have a chance to lead for at least one term if not two. He has one year under his belt soon. If he is wrongfully impeached while Obama walks free after breaking endless laws and laughing at us for asking why, we truly are in deep shit. Anyone who said Barrack is lying was labeled a racist by the racist, yet calling Trump dishonest by a Congress that lied to us during Barrack first term is the norm. We might of lost our freedom and republic in January 2009. We cannot even trust the FBI leadership now. Change you can believe just took hold we might be totally F now.

          • Trump won’t be impeached. He hasn’t broken any laws. All he’s done is enforce the laws Obama broke. If they try to impeach…that’ll bring on WWIII

          • There is definitely an illegal conspiracy by the media, newspapers, and wealthy national and foreign like Soros, to destroy a legally elected President. They do not give a shit that Obama did all he could to destroy the nation, we long as it does not effect them or their wealth or government entitlements. They cannot allow Trump yo be successful just like they cannot allow the truth about Obama and his past to be known. Look 47/7 endless and constant hate Trump news is released never has so powerful an army of scumbags controlled the information we are fed. They know we are not buying it, they need to do illegally stuff to bring him down. Accuse him of the mist terrible things. We know Obama is a sneaky criminal, we must accept that, delusional history is another way to self destruction.

    • Yes take a ride yourself and leave the country as you have no respect for the President . But you crawled up Clinton and Obama rear end .

    • You Koreans just don’t get it, do you?

    • Obviously YOU don’t know what YOU are talking about regarding Donald Trump. Maybe if you stop listening to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, AND NBC, you would hear the truth about Trump. Those stations lie about Trump EVERY DAY and stupid liberals like you don’t even know the truth.

    • Illegal immigration is down. Deportations are up! The taxpayers are soon to have their income tax reduced. The Supreme Court has ruled that ban from 8 countries can be fully enforced. We have a Conservative on the Supreme court. Trump has a really great cabinet and we are finally winning against ISIS. As for ride, it is not over. We will see many more positive things for our great country before he leaves office. Dow is up, big time since he took office and we have had our second straight quarter of 3% GDP growth.

    • Our clown was that black thing that embarassed we Americans around the globe. Thank God we can travel now and people acknowledge we have a real leader, a real man, a real president and commander in chief that is respected. Eight years we suffered through the clown and his circus to find he was killing us with his agenda.
      Thank God for President Trump.

    • GFY! DA! JO!!!

  4. The so-called Mueller Investigation is just another example of waste and abuse rampant in Washington, DC! Hopefully, most of us will still be living when this nightmare is concluded and Rosenstein is fired by an AG with stones!

  5. Ha…liberal socialist democrats looking like fools…well heck that has never stopped them before why would it bother them now…??? They are simple horrid creatures with no shame!

  6. Democrats are like some women I know . If they dont get their way they will lie their ass off . No evidence needed , just their word against your’s !

  7. I think part of this is just to provide a distraction for the doltish liberal masses. So they do not become aware of how much Trump is accomplishing. Democrats are desperate to keep the angry, screeching mobs angry and screeching, they can’t have them take a breather and accidentally realize that none of their hysterical doomsday predictions have come true. And they’re probably worried that some of their constituents might catch onto the fact that it’s Democrats, not Republicans doing their best to obstruct and sabotage and generally create an ugly atmosphere with continual fear mongering, false accusations and silly, childish ‘resistance’, apparently to moving forward as a nation and getting over their loss after more than a year. And of course fanning the flames of hate and division they created in the first place. There is no benefit for them in a nation willing to sit down like adults, talk, compromise and come up with a plan that unites us all. If that happens then all their hard work separating us into many hostile little camps of angry, suspicious identity groups over the last eight years so they can play puppet master will have been in vain.

    • There is little doubt you are correct in your analogy. I applaud you for that. However, have you ever asked yourself why are they doing all this? Is it really just an innocent political rivalry or is there a larger goal like overthrowing this constitutional Republic and replacing it with the result of a promised fundamental transformation (remember that). In other words a communist nation? When obama announced or promised a fundamental transformation why did no one ask into what? Then in the next breath he promised a federal police force just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US Military. Why did no one ask “why is this suddenly going to be needed” when it has not been needed for over 200 years? Is that not a hidden explanation of why such a force would be needed?

      Why may I ask should we not think when President Trump won the election that was not the end of the democrats effort to fundamentally transform this nation. At least for the next four years. It always had been before. So why was it so different this time?

      All Americans know the communist have been trying to take over this nation for over 70 years now. Since the end of WWII. We must also know therefore, they have infiltrated our schools and universities as well as most of the media (sometimes referred to as the main stream media). Equally important however, is they have infiltrated our governments two party system. Their goal is to take down not only this president but this constitutional Republic as well.

      President Trump has done more to return power to the people in less then a year (in other words adhere to the constitution) then any president since Calvin Coolidge. With the main stream media in place and knowing their ties to communism it is unlikely those without access to cable/satellite news will ever know the actual truth.

      These progressive communist so called democrats have done more to destroy our constitutional Republic then any real patriotic American may realize. Why you ask? Because it has not been politically correct to speak the truth up until now. President Trump is also putting a stop to that. In the final analysis however, is it in time?

    • Very succinct Natalie. And spot on !

    • you didn’t mention George Soros.Congradulations-

  8. No one questions Comey’s notes. No one doubts Trump’s lies. Trump lies about everything and the world knows it.

    • LMAO…hey DemonCOCK breath. They published a book of all of Barry’s lies.
      You can get it for your kindle;
      1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc. Kindle Edition

    • Just like you, you dummy delusional democrat!

    • You should present your evidence to a Grand Jury.

    • You have every right to have your own opinion. Trump made campaign promises and one by one is keeping them. I hardly call that lying. His inauguration crowd was large. Comey has admitted to obstruction of Justice. Attorney General under Obama ordered him to call his investigation a matter and he complied and did as ordered. Her order was illegal and his following it made him complicit. A lot of people actually doubt his notes. In actuality all those notes are is simply his alleged attempt to write down what he remembered of his meeting with Trump. This is an he said, she said situation and proves nothing. Comey has been caught in a multitude of serious lies.

    • YOU must have Trump mistaken for Obama and Hillary who lied every time they opened their mouths. Everybody, even Democrats, know that Hillary can’t even tell the truth about lying.

    • You repeat the lies of the Media , now what ???

    • GFY! DA! JO!

  9. President Trump is right about Comey lying. In fact, so did Jeff Sessions. The President should have fired him the day after he hired him, because he misled President Trump about being a whole AG instead of a partial one.

  10. Trump’s mentor, the evil Roy Cohn, is smiling from his special corner of hell in which he inhabits. “Keep it up, Don. Remember what I taught you. Lie, deflect, attack, and never, never apologize.”

    • Eating too much of that shit is going to make you lose your little mind

      • Bob- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Concerning your actual comment- Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about. I assume you know all about Roy Cohn, his history and his relationship with Donald Trump. It’s clear that Cohn had a major influence on Trump’s attitudes and behavior. If you have evidence to disprove that, I would sure like to see it.

        • Speaking of having a major influence on a President, look no further than Rev. Wright who spoke against whites for 20 years and Obama was sitting in his church listening to him. Look at how Obama has treated America and especially during the times that white police officers killed a black man. Obama immediately made a judgement that the police officer was wrong without even hearing all the evidence. The many times Obama did that directly influenced the Blacks throughout America against police officers. Obama had the blacks from those states to the WH to discuss how things can be improved but NEVER INCLUDED ANY administrators in those states or any police officers to contribute to make things better. Doesn’t that show how Obama was creating most of the Black hatred police officers and then those Blacks shot many police officers around the country (thanks to Obama)!!

          • Obama left Wright’s church. Have you seen the videos- especially the one of the police officer shooting the black man in the back?
            Could you please provide me with an exact quote in which President Obama “made a judgement that the police officer was wrong”?

    • Donald Trump did apologize to the American people when those tapes came out about him during the general election. He apologized at the debate, so stop lying by saying Trump NEVER APOLOGIZES!

      • Vote for Truth- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Well, Trump went on TV and read an apology. I wonder who wrote that for him. Then again, he claimed the Access Hollywood tape was “locker room talk”. And now he has said he wasn’t sure the tape was legitimate in the first place.
        Trump has never apologized for his attempts humiliate President Obama for the racist story about the birth certificate. There are countless other examples his false attacks on other people and the facts.

        • It doesn’t matter if someone wrote that for Trump because he said it which means he did apologize! Speaking of a President who is constantly humiliating Trump, look no further than Obama who has made humiliating statements in other countries against Trump. I thought that was supposed to be a “Nol-No”, but then again it’s Obama who lies about everything and does exactly what he wants no matter if it’s legal or not. For examplewhen he was President, Obama made the law for DACA which was totally unconconstitutional because ONLY the Legislative Branch can make or break laws and Obama broke that law many times as President. Talk about an unlawful President in every way. You think the birth certificate is racist, then you must know that Obama really was not eligible to become President because his Mother had to be 19 years old when he was born and she was not 19, which means Obama was ineligible to be President. Just another BIG EXAMPLE of how Obama broke American laws and against our Constitution!!!

          • Good morning Vote for Truth- I disagree with most of what you say, but don’t have time today to document each item. But I will comment on one. Our country was experiencing a crisis on the issue of immigration. We really needed comprehensive immigration reform. President Obama begged Congress to send him a bill that he could sign. The Republican Congress refused to do this- because they didn’t want to do anything that Obama could take credit for. It was a clear sign of putting party before country. Obama put DACA into effect to deal with a problem that the Republicans refused to do.

    • Why don’t you get out from under your liberal bias and look at what is happening in America!? The economy is booming, tax reform is a reality, Obamacare mandate is gone, Christians have a champion, Muslims are on notice, illegal aliens coming from Mexico have dropped by 75%, sanctuary cities will soon be unfunded, the Keystone pipeline has been okayed, and that’s just the beginning. Stop listening to the lying liberal media and see for yourself what is going on! Maybe you’ll see for yourself that Pres. Trump is the right man for this time.

  11. Comey lies and continues to at the behest of the most evil and corrupt people since the nazi regime: the democrats, their medical a lapdogs and the satanic oligarchs like Soros et al. We need MORE trumpism.

    • Comey is probably getting paid by Soros to lie about Trump like all the other Democrats and like some RINO/Establishment Republicans like John McCain, Graham, Paul Ryan, Flake and probably McConnell.

  12. Where is the Justice Dept. ASLEEP . So much corruption in Washington, more than we ever imagined. If Hillary had been elected , this corruption would have stayed hidden and probably gotten worse. Thank God for Trump. The SWAMP is deeper and dirtier than we thought. He’s doing an amazing job IN SPITE of BOTH parties obstructing him. WE need a NEW CONGRESS/

  13. President Trump told Comey, “I HOPE that you will consider giving Flynn a break. He’s a good guy.” At the time that Comey was testifying before the Judicial Committe, the Republicans said that they have never heard of a person being convicted of obstruction by just HOPING the other person would do something!

    • He never told the liar that! There is no proof and comey has already admitted, under oath, of lying to Congress. Why isn’t he under arrest!!

  14. President Trump, those of us who can think for ourselves already KNOW COMEY LIED. Don’t sweat it. The fakestream media doesn’t publish the truth.

  15. This is outrageous. I am convinced Jeff Sessions is in on this. His recusal is suspicious now to me. He is the only one who can fire Mueller. Sessions is not backing up President Trump. Sessions is spineless. Wray, Rosenstein, the whole bunch of FBI involved in lies, coverup and URANIUM ONE should be immediately fired. Special prosecutor for Mueller and all, for their deception and toying with us, we the people. They have lied to us, and congress, and have disgraced the office of the FBI, with their bad cop behavior. It is time that these thugs should be held accountable with fines and jail time, and treason demands the electric chair for some. We need to see that seven million plus, (there are reports that another seven million in addition) be paid back to the hard working, cash strapped taxpayer. Sieze the assets of these criminals, the cons in the FBI.

  16. Mueller is a good buddy of Comey and everybody on his team are Trump haters that either looked the other way while Hillary was committing Espionage and Treason against America, or donated to her corrupt presidential campaign.
    Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI while Huma Abedeen and Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI, and were never charged with anything.
    So much for the FBI being impartial.

  17. Trump is having so much fun playing with the minds of the libtards.

  18. Comey has lied so many times I don’t think he knows what the truth is anymore. Everytime I see him he looks like he’s ready to break down and bawl like a baby – he seems conflicted – there is an honest part of him that wants to tell the truth and then there’s the greedy part of him that only thinks of the kick backs – and it’s the kick back part that’s in control. He may also be in fear for his life – he has repeatedly crossed the wrong people. He could also very well be heading to prison – if all he has done is fully exposed – and there are a lot of guys who can’t wait to see him there too.

  19. In the end this works looking piece of shit who hides behind the rule of law and disobey is the rule of law will pay for his crimes against those who died for freedom and the American people who love this country when he goes before the Almighty God, that he obviously does not believe in.

  20. COMEY, Just can’t break the died in the wool fibber mcgee disease w/o lying to save his soul!

  21. Typical liberal charging an arm and a leg for the nothing burger they are serving to the American people. A very expensive nothing burger. Their penchant for calling evil good and good evil is wearing on all our nerves these days. We’re sick of these liberal con artists ripping us off at every opportunity.

  22. What? The head of the FBI lied? Say it isn’t so!
    I wonder how many FBI goons could now pass a simple polygraph test.

  23. Comey has always lied! What is new?

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