Trump Campaign Wants “Written Confirmation” That Biden is Debating

After several prominent left-wing commentators and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested in recent weeks that Joe Biden should pull out of the three scheduled presidential debates, the Trump campaign sent a message to the Biden team asking for “written confirmation” that the former vice president still intends to participate.

In remarks to the press last week, Pelosi became the highest-profile Democrat to endorse the idea that Biden should pull out.

“I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States,” she said.

Rudy Giuliani fired off a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, demanding answers.

“The public discussion of cancelling the debate schedule should not be allowed to continue unchecked,” Giuliani wrote. “Written assurance of Joe Biden’s attendance at debates is important because we have seen this act before – there have been numerous instances of Biden saying one thing about a given topic in public, only to have his campaign come behind him and clean up his statements after the fact.

“While he may verbally give vague assertions of his intentions, there is no way of knowing what his handlers truly have planned for him,” Giuliani continued. “Presidential debates are too vital to the dissemination of information to voters to leave their very existence subject to the whims of political consultants pulling Joe Biden’s strings.”

Giuliani went further, requesting again that a fourth debate be added to the schedule to accommodate “the early voting calendar in many states and increased attention to absentee-by-mail voting and other early voting options.”

Giuliani concluded the letter by laying out why it’s so important for the debates to move forward in a normal manner.

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but the people should hear from the candidates for president side-by-side before votes are cast,” he wrote. “With Joe Biden’s hastily-planned private plane excursion to Pennsylvania this week, it is clear that he is reacting to sliding poll numbers by leaving his basement, at least for one day. If Joe Biden’s handlers are now issuing day passes for the candidate, it stands to reason that they could let him out to stand on stage with President Trump before a sizeable portion of voters begin to cast their ballots.”

As it stands now, the first meeting between Biden and Trump is scheduled to take place on September 29.

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