Trump Campaign FBI Informant Outed as Professor Stefan Halper

Several media outlets confirmed this weekend that the secret intelligence source being protected by the Department of Justice is none other than Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, a member of three former presidential administrations and a longtime asset for the FBI and the CIA. Halper reportedly had meetings with Trump campaign associates George Papadopoulos and Carter Page in the summer of 2016, apparently reporting back to the FBI with whatever he learned from those meetings.

The revelation of Halper brings to an end the mystery that captivated Washington for more than a week and inspired not one but several front page articles about the early days of the Trump/Russia investigation. It was in those articles that FBI sources confirmed that they had a guy who “infiltrated” the Trump campaign in the early days of the general election, but it was not clear to what extent that infiltration took place. It was also not clear – and still isn’t – what the purpose for Halper’s meetings ultimately was. Can we chalk his snooping up to proper FBI investigation techniques? Or was Halper sniffing around for reasons much more nefarious (read: politically motivated)?

Knowing that Halper spoke to Papadopoulos and Page, both of whom have come under close federal scrutiny, raises the question of whether or not Obama’s goons were trying to “set up” Trump campaign officials in an attempt to take down the whole operation. Or, if not take it down, at least come up with enough political dirt to make Trump’s campaign for the White House an utter lost cause. If it ever comes out that this was the case, Trump would be correct in calling it the greatest political scandal in American history.

The left, of course, says there’s nothing nefarious about any of this. Papadopoulos revealed to Australian spies that the campaign was sniffing around Moscow for Hillary dirt, that triggered a counterintelligence investigation, and everything after that was perfectly above board and legally justified.

Well, all we can say is: We’ll believe it when we see it. We’ll believe it when Mueller or any other federal entity comes up with one shred of evidence that says Trump “colluded” with Russia to steal the election. Because we’ve seen nothing of interest yet, and this investigation has been dragging on for two solid years. We have to think that if there was any “there” there, we would know it by now. In fact, we would have to believe that the CIA/NSA/FBI would have never allowed a compromised individual to become the President of the United States in the first place.

That’s why we just can’t bring ourselves to buy into the left’s narrative. And if we can’t buy into that, then we have to assume that this investigation began with the same political motivations it continues with to this day. That’s a problem. That’s a Watergate-sized problem. And it’s time for our beleaguered Attorney General to start getting to the bottom of it.

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