Trump Calls Biden The What?

During a rally in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for his comments about “MAGA Republicans “being an “enemy of the state.”

Biden during his speech had reportedly said that those in support of Trump were “threats to American democracy.” This was during an event at the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia on Thursday. He also spoke about how MAGA Republicans were hoping to turn the country backward, where people would have no rights of choice, privacy, contraception, or equal marriage rights. He further called their leadership authoritarian and said the MAGA philosophy resembled “semi-fascism.”

During his rally, Trump criticized Biden’s speech calling it “vicious, hateful and divisive.” He also said that this speech essentially vilified 75 million citizens by calling them a threat to democracy.

Trump continued with a reference to Biden’s appearance saying that during his speech he looked “like the devil,” and said that he doubted Biden would remember his speech the next morning.
Many Republican leaders have also criticized Biden for his speech and have asked that he apologize for his divisive and offensive comments.

Saturday’s Pennsylvania rally was the first one that Trump has participated in since the search of his Mar-a-Lago home by the FBI on August 8. During the search, the agency is said to have found 100 classified records.

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