Trump Calls Biden The What?

During a rally in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for his comments about “MAGA Republicans “being an “enemy of the state.”

Biden during his speech had reportedly said that those in support of Trump were “threats to American democracy.” This was during an event at the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia on Thursday. He also spoke about how MAGA Republicans were hoping to turn the country backward, where people would have no rights of choice, privacy, contraception, or equal marriage rights. He further called their leadership authoritarian and said the MAGA philosophy resembled “semi-fascism.”

During his rally, Trump criticized Biden’s speech calling it “vicious, hateful and divisive.” He also said that this speech essentially vilified 75 million citizens by calling them a threat to democracy.

Trump continued with a reference to Biden’s appearance saying that during his speech he looked “like the devil,” and said that he doubted Biden would remember his speech the next morning.
Many Republican leaders have also criticized Biden for his speech and have asked that he apologize for his divisive and offensive comments.

Saturday’s Pennsylvania rally was the first one that Trump has participated in since the search of his Mar-a-Lago home by the FBI on August 8. During the search, the agency is said to have found 100 classified records.

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  1. As I remember, the cunt Killary did the same thing.

    • Actually Killary had no given right to declare anything declassified and thereby has no rights to destroy and/or remove such files. The right to take documents from the White House that a sitting President declares as “declassified” from the White house is a right given to Presidents only. Had Obie1 declared Killary’s server documents declassified HE could have removed them. She had no such rights at anytime.

      • Correct! H Clinton as either a Senator or a Sec. of State cannot take files and declassify them on her own, only the POTUS has that ability She is guilty of stealing Classified Documents and destroying them. That is called Destruction of Evidence and in itself is a crime.

    • I do not like Hillary and personally believe she is responsible for a number of murders and other crimes against the State and the Nation but with all that said, using that term is way out of line and should never be used to describe a female.

    • Watch you mouth dude

      Hillary is a hateful
      Human but don’t use that kind of language. Reminds me of the comedienne referred to Melanie as a feckless c****

      L neither is excusable.

  2. Being a threat to democracy? More like a threat to the socialist democrat’s power. Biden’s attempt to isolate and demonize MAGA is right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    • Joe Biden is the anti-christ, deviding America for his own personal gain. I have yet to see where he is benefitting this country with infrastructure, and lower taxes.

    • Exactly. That’s what Obama took lessons from that playbook.

    • Trump supporters will turn our country backwards? Biden has given control of our country to China and Russia through natural resources, food and product. Through the years, we have lost factories to China and other countries. Biden has pushed more out… now food products have been more and more under attack. We have the ability and resources to be self sufficient. Biden has crippled the USA even more into insufficiency. We are losing more and more freedoms because of Biden…yet Republicans will turn the country backwards🤦‍♀️
      Remember, control a country’s food and water, control a country.

  3. Biden not my president and never will.

  4. I got in touch with the devil and he said he has never been so insulted as he was when Trump compared him with Biden. He said that Trump reminds me of God. I told the Devil that Trump reminds me of God too. I love you Donald

  5. I now may only guess that Biden will start the next phase , which is to demand the military starts to shoot all Mega’s. Actually I am proud to be a Mega, meaning much or many. Stupid ass Biden actually complimented us. Thanks asshole.

  6. Mr. Ladd, Please reconsider using the “c” word to describe any woman, and yes, even Hillary Clinton. It is offensive to many ladies. I understand your vitriol toward the Clinton crime family but we are all in this together and should work together to change the culture that has so rapidly overtaken our country. What was in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that was of great concern to the Clintons? Rose Law Firm, Whitewater documents and evidence? Maybe some Barry Seal and Mena, Ark. information that needed to be destroyed? See A Noble Lie. Thank you all, Ernest

  7. Biden’s name should be changed to Joe Adolph Biden Hitler. He should be executed along with sll the other Demo-Nazi traitors.

  8. If you don’t believe that Biden is the smartest president ever, just ask him.

  9. I believe Trump is a complete idiot & should not be able to run for president. I never voted for him. He hides things & thinks he is best. He has suck he has a big fat lier & ego head. ANYONE IS BETTER THAN TRUMP!!!!

  10. I don’t know about Biden or how smart he is but the dumbass sure has made a mess of our country. The people of our country deserve better. I used to frequently go to Wal-Mart to save money. That used to be possibility but not any more. I know big business has a lot of overhead but Biden is turning a deaf ear to the price increases. We are being screwed by big business more and more . They are using Biden stupidity to inflate prices ie, Frito lay corn chips used to cost $1.99 a bag. The store we deal at wants $5.19 for the same bag now. If that ain’t inflation then I’ll kiss your ass on time square and give you time to draw a crowd. It’s time for Joe to go. MAGA !

  11. Anybody who believes uncle Joe or voted for a person who has caused the price of fuel (shutdown the keystone pipe line) gets what they dersirve.God kelp the USA.j

  12. LISTEN UP…PREZ TRUMP got 104 Million Something LEGAL VOTES even before the ELECTORAL VOTES. Includes TRASHED..SWITCHED VOTES etc etc. I Stand by GOD’S Word. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. TRUMP shall Become a TRUMPET. GOD is the RULER of MEN. HE has the LAST WORD. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

  13. How can anyone vote for Biden or even the Democrat party , Destroying America is Bidens motto

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