Trump Blames Obama for Latin American Gang MS-13

New York state officials are stepping up their efforts to fight the MS-13 criminal gang, believed to be responsible for dozens of brutal murders in recent months. And in the meantime, President Trump is putting the blame on his predecessor for creating the conditions that allowed the group to gain a foothold in the United States.

MS-13, which is sometimes known as the Mara Salvatrucha, is also active in several Latin Americans countries, including Guatemala and Honduras. Many refugees from these countries have been given safe haven in the U.S. precisely because their homelands are being torn apart by this gang violence. But with the gang now expanding their reach in the U.S., many are wondering if these refugees are actually bringing the violence along with them.

“The weak illegal immigration policies of the Obama Admin. allowed bad MS-13 gangs to form in cities across U.S. We are removing them fast,” Trump said on Twitter this week.

Trump’s focus on the gang was accompanied by remarks made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In an interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Sessions said Tuesday that he was determined to “devastate” the gang, which he described as “one of the most violent gangs in the history of our country.”

Sessions agreed with Trump’s assessment of the situation, blaming Obama’s policies for allowing these gangs to grow and thrive. “So many of these people are here illegally,” he said, “and they came without proper authority. And with a good, lawful border, many of them would not be here.”

He said, in fact, that law enforcement agencies had begun cleaning the streets of these gangsters. Then Obama took office, allowing them to “come back aggressively in recent years.”

Sessions said the growth of MS-13 could be attributed to Obama’s discretionary policies, which allowed undocumented minors to enter the country.

“They were directed how to enter and claim themselves as a minor, and the Obama administration let them come into the country and took them to their destination city and turned them over to someone that claimed to be a relative,” Sessions said.

This is the effect of utter weakness in the executive branch and utter lawlessness at the border. Like Trump said, “Some, I assume, are good people.” But Obama wanted us to believe that MOST were good people. And, hey, maybe that’s true. But that doesn’t mean they belong in our country illegally. And the “good people” are certainly not the only immigrants hopping the fence. And they aren’t good ENOUGH to counterbalance the pure evil that’s coming across our border – not by a long shot.

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  1. How true, how true!
    Obama’s goal was to totally destroy America, that’s why he ran up an additional 10 trillion dollar debt and why he wanted Hillary to take his place, to finish the job. Open borders, amnesty to illegals already here, and 65 thousand Sharia Law Muslims a year, would have done it.

    • George W Bush ran the economy into trillions of dollar’s in debt and you’re still paying for including the $1billion him and the VP invested in and got paid royally. How much did you receive in dividends for the scam.

      • Terence, you really need to keep up. When Bush went into the White House we were at 5Trillion …when he left we were at almost 10 Trillion…..go look at the nation debt clock. Yeah, when that lying sack of shit obeyme left the White House we were at 20 Trillion. That idiot left our great grandkids in debt.

    • How many millions have we already spent on security and accommodations at1. The white House, 2. Mar A Lago, 3 Camp David and the infamous Trump Tower within the last 3 months? By the way, there is the wall and the other expenses in legal fees to come. You have not seen anything yet until the billionaires start syphoning the pumps into their own pockets.

  2. MS-13 and other violent criminals were allowed into the country as Obama violated the law daily. He vowed his presidential oath to “defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America” but even the radical leftists on the Supreme Court slapped Obama down for blatantly violating the U.S. Constitution. Obama ran the most corrupt and secretive administration in U.S. history.

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    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      OBummer may not be the total cause, but he sure helped them expand with his leading from behind approach to every issue.

    • Idiot. George W. Bush was president when the gang started up. You and the president need to check your facts before blaming someone else!


      • What does “when” the gang started have to do with anything? The fact is that under OWEbama they were freely admitted into this country and allowed to roam wild because of his feckless leadership style – leading from behind.

        • Too both of you blind idiots. Predjudice people are blind, can’t read or understand anything positive. So, dealing with people who see color can’t see anything else. Did George W Bush/Dick Cheney pay any of you from the 1billion they stole from Hussein? Nope, but you love them. Dayum shame!


          • Yep, typical….you say we only see color. The racist in you comes out at every turn.

            How about the billions your fearless leader and that lying skank hiLIARy stole from us?

            Veteran….you disappoint on so many levels. Why don’t you answer my questions to you? What, can’t answer or won’t?

          • Shecky! My counterparts are reading this section. We’re all on my forum face revealed.Never been a racist or ever will be. The thing here is the fact that so many of you believe in the BS of others. My brother’s can’t believe this. Out of the 400, I’m the only person of color in this group. So, in closing one of my true friend’s told me to tell you, batten down the hatches because everyone is going to feel this Depression except for us.

            Happy hunting all of you.
            Make sure that you all load up on can goods, a cave underground, plenty of matches and gas mask. N. Korea has 3million troops and counting. America doesn’t even have that much thanks to your friend’s in Congress. They all need to go to boot camp and learn to fight.

          • The only reason that we “don’t even have that much” is because of Odumbo dispersing the troops and sending them back home instead of leaving them to defend our country! Odumbo is too much of a butt kisser to the enemies! He never did anything for this country except bring it down to ruins! Look what he did with ISIS, he told people to wait and see what happens and that they were like a JV team. He wouldn’t do anything with them and they grew to what they are today. Thank God Odumbo isn’t in the WH anymore. We can thank him for ruining our once great country. Thank God Trump is in there to rebuild our country!

          • Example of “can’t fix stupid”!

      • twat ? the start(sic) of the gang does not mean schit bubba…it is when the african ahole started telling ICE to let the scum flow in…instead of smoking their worthless azzes right there on the border…

        • Kent. People like you are here in voice, but hidden like the true COWARDS all of you hidden voices are. Share a photo of your racist face.

          • eat some more schit bo, you are not completely full yet coward….your crap meter is just pegging about 97%,…need to consult with some of the other airhead hores like got2Bsuckingitgood, and that $lut ak69erho…they show their pictures(sic)…

          • Kent, you’re so far beneath the smallest ant. So since you’re a wannabe. We’re 100% fighters dealing with scared lil boy’s whose all talk in hiding.

          • you must be referring to the “new black pu$$ies” or the “bowel licking movement”….or have you enlisted the hos that sit on the set of the view and let the world know how tough they are….?? that is one tough bunch of fighters…

          • I’m referring to you piss ant! Your hatred is just like sessions! Both of you needs to be in the same cell along with the same pot to use to shit in! Now I see why you’re such a coward now. Hiding in the bushes…LOL!

          • I know you are right there Terence…does that not make your pu$$y hurt when you encounter so much hatred with folks writing schit like “piss ant” and “coward” ….take two Midol and check with your gynecologist in the morning…

          • Your gynecologist told me to tell you to get your head out of your pussy and wake the fuck up sucker! You’re so far behind yourself that talking to you is like talking to a fifth grader who is way smarter than you!

          • FU

          • At least you do speak a lil chinese Cabo…LOL!

      • It may have started but it grew without much resistance in the last 8 years. That dumbass wanted little resistance at the border and that’s what he got. Let me ask you this coming from one Vet (Marines 1973-83) to another….what did obama do for you that you would defend him at all? I know I’m lucky as as I didn’t have to worry about the VA like many of my Brothers. I started my own business and was later on able to get my own insurance. My biggest problem was I had my shoulder rearranged in Grenada and was medically discharged with a rebuilt shoulder. The Navy surgeon did a remarkable job and I thank him for it every day….but since then it has had to be replaced and needs it a third time. Yeah, see the problem is, I should have had this third one done about 6 years ago. It was slow with Clinton and Bush….it’s nonexistent with ol blue lips.

        As far as being black and you defending him….I’m guessing that’s the only thing you have in common as he really didn’t do anything for blacks except make race relations slip back to the days before I was born in 55.

        My CO from my last year at MEU is my best friend still…we were best men at our weddings and God parents to our kids. He voted for obama the first time he ran and won, even though he was a registered republican. He felt he had to and for the first year he watched and thought he had made the right choice. That came to an end with obamacare being put in…he asked why a country that’s not socialist is using a socialist program? Then by the end of his second year he could tell by his foreign policy towards Iran and N Korea he was a spineless goat…..this gives way to his later years with the deal he gave Iran and why N Korea feels they can get away with their bull crap. Obama also showed he would get rid of the high command in the military and replace them with his lackeys.

        Best thing that happened….my best friend saw what was going on and didn’t vote that way ever again! His words not mine “I’ll disown anyone in my family that votes for that clown the second time”….yeah you guessed it, my best friend from St Louis Mo is black. He’s also the COO of my company that I retired from 2 years ago. My oldest that runs it now says he’s the reason he can leave on a 2 week business trip and not worry about a thing …. Big D (Darrell) has everyone’s respect and knows that he’s watching.
        To bad obeyme couldn’t be more like Darrell!!

        • Vet2Vet. My job in the Army was intelligence. When the Republicans busted the VA and our Armed Force’s down with cuts totalling $19billion plus forced retirements of E-7’s and up. Everybody put the blame on Obama and kept the truth from everybody as Americans. My reasons for standing behind him is that he and the democrats were the one’s who kept our VA’s top notch for every Veteran alive. This new president that you all love so much wants to privatize the whole VAMC system to put more money in their pockets and their friends. Look at the current healthcare system that they wanted to breakdown. I receive a pharmacy bill totalling $ 1200.00 for pharmaceuticals. My check is nowhere near that anyday. Also, look at all of the war veteran’s losing their home’s and lives because of overpayments by the Trump Administration. As long as Obama was in office, we was taken care of. Now, I wish every servicemen still serving and retired the best of luck here. On another note, I’m not African American. I’m a proud to have served Native American Indian of Cherokee/Blackfoot. FYI, there’s 3million veteran’s who feel the same way that I do and we’re tired of it. So with that said, we’re leaving here and wish you all who supports him the best of luck.

          • Terence, apparently you don’t understand what democrats do to a government entity. First they load it with a bunch of people that don’t know what they are doing and then they overpay them. Last time I went in for my shoulder replacement it was 6 months before I saw an orthopedic surgeon…that was in 1993… it took them 2 years before I got my surgery. This time around I went in and was told I would require more than just the replacement…that was in 2007. I’m still waiting….yeah those democrats have done a wonderful job!!
            Here’s just a tidbit of what the new incoming administration has to look at…what you say and what the truth is are two different things.

          • Shecky, no disrepect to you. But I live this life daily and my intel tells all of us that what’s getting ready to happen over will be very ugly. My friend’s who we all works together are packing up the families and leaving before the shit hits the fan. Now, if you don’t see what is really happening here with the everyday claims, then you will be worse off than you already is. Do you really want to know exactly why you’re still on the waiting list Shecky? There is a man who never ever served in the military who is over the VA. Him, Trump and Congress has made cuts to us a

          • We as vets do support this administration…not sure who you are. Please, all of you pack up….we are going to Make America Great Again!!!

          • Well Shecky! Ask your president how to get your benefits back up to par! I already knows that is why we’re in the position we’re in. Lot’s of luck trying at least to get back up to 100%! Wait until the new cuts hit the VAMC’s! American will be great again alright. You’ll be footing our own bill. We won’t…LOL!

          • BTW Shecky! Read this and give it to your other friends who support this president!


          • You see Terence I wasn’t stupid enough way back in the early 80’s to think the government was going to take care of me…plus I didn’t want someone else taking care of me, I can do that. When I got out in ’83 I went to work in the construction trade, I also went back to school. I spent the next 5 years working at getting my GC license and did. I spent the next 5 years building my company while still going to school to get my ME degree. The last 25 years I ran a very successful structural steel company that pays for my medical.
            Funny you should say good luck on getting it back up to 100% it was headed the wrong direction when ol blue lips was putting the screws to the VA….open your eyes and quit talking out of your democrat side.

            That little bit you have below….it’s crazy what government workers will say when their lazy ass gets put to the fire for not doing their job the last 8 years. Those incompetent paper pushers are just that INCOMPETENT!!

          • We had a president that never served a day in the military, and hates all military for being alive. His rules of engagement were designed to kill as many of them as possible while protecting the Muslim terrorists.

          • Another note Shecky, read the military news daily and stay off of propagandist news channels. Then you will read the absolute truth about what’s really going on.

          • Look who Trump loaded into the government. All billionaires and is now taking money from poor kid’s lunches and taking all services from the poor. Guess who is going to get the money? The billionaires. The swamp is full of fat cats. Talk of knowledge, look at the secretary of education and her qualifications. Trump’s first visit to a school was to a private and not public school. DeVos has no clue about education. Just one example

          • You are about as smart as a box of rocks…you shouldn’t listen to the fake news child…it’s making mush of your brains.

            The past secretary of education was a moron…we now have morons having had common core (better stated –stupid to the core)

            Lynch was a lying sack of shit….wonder what that rapist slick willie talked to her about on the tarmac? Couldn’t be that he thought his mate hilLIARy was looking at prison time.

            SoS clinton…lol. Kids lunches you say? How about the lives of those in Benghazi? Or the fact Clinton didn’t go against the Russians gaining 30% of our uranium rights. Or the fact that when she was SoS that guy she’s married to…yeah the one that used Monica as a human humidor…the one that was giving him blow jobs in the Oval Office…yeah, he was getting huge speaking fees from the Russians in a pay to play deal.
            Let’s see, how about all those emails Clinton erased, computers destroyed or lying to the FBI?
            Hypocrisy is a funny thing there snowflake.

          • So sad that we have gone this far and there is nothing to account for and to tell where we are going. The Russians are coming. We have to clean that one first. By the way we have caused problems with the Koreans. The Chinese are standing by watching. 100 more people have been bombed in Afghanistan. How about the leader who loves grabbing women. Look at the Fox people our leader supported and they lost jobs over similar habits. Can you really tell where this country is headed?

          • Are you really that gullible?
            President Trump didn’t grab anyone…go back and listen to what he said. By the way it was between two men in privacy. Next; Bill O’Reilly has been accused….your treating it like he’s been convicted. Hopefully you don’t have something like this happen to you ….convicted without a trial!!
            The Koreans you say….guess your the cowering type that is afraid of his shadow. The Chinese aren’t standing there watching, they need us more than we need them. The little fat turd in North Korea is going to find out he’s just that A TURD.

            What was sad is that POS that was in the White House the last eight years….he did his best to ruin our country. Then there’s snowflakes like you…you must have gone to college recently as you talk out of your ass and have no common sense.

            You want a list of the idiots on the left that HAVE done what your accusing someone else of doing. Look no further than clinton…how about Weiner? We can go at it all day, there’s a response to every accusation (and that’s all yours are). Go back and check your accusations before you spout off, see if they are real or just accusations. But remember, if you look at the Big Media outlets like ABC or their ilk…. check out their reporters like Brian Williams…lol….they lie like a bag of potatoes.

          • You need to go back and check your facts about Obama too. First where are the 12 Moslems cheering after 9?11? Where are the 3-5,000,000 illegal voters? where is the evidence about taping in the towers? I can go on and on. By the way, the Russians are coming. It’s just a matter of time. They are being escorted into the house, and we are letting this happen.

          • There were more than twelve mudhens outside the embassy in Benghazi. We have that many illegals here in So Cal and millions more in the whole state.
            Funny how it was news in The NY Times they were taping Trump’s team….but now it’s not news? The Russians were here the whole time….the clintons are best buddies with them.

            You and idiots like you don’t know facts or the truth…
            Best quote!!
            Best way to piss off a conservative is to tell them a lie. Best way to confuse a liberal is to tell them the truth….lol

          • At least you should give him credit for giving the children lunches they would eat. Most of your comment of progressive PC BS.

          • Intelligence? That made me laugh. You must have left it all at your last posting.

          • My intelligence shows cabowabo! You show yours by you complete ignorance because your balls are in your mouth every day…LOL!!

          • My job in the AF was chief of hospital laboratories, and I disagree with your assessment of the VA and who did what. The VA is not top notch by any way you grade it. If you are retired you should have Tricare or Tricare for life which means that you do not pay $50.00 for any prescription.

        • And nice that you got your own business Shecky. My 3 businesses are Veterans only! So what are you trying to tell me! I don’t discriminate and another thing, most vet owned businesses turns down their fellow veteran and there are plenty out here still looking for jobs! If you’re on LinkedIN, join in with the rest of us veterans helping other veterans to find work! I’m not as bad as you think, but one thing to note, I’m not blind, stupid or dumb! My biggest clients has me finding things that only so few of you even bothers to look for! So, I am hoping America does come back, but Trump needs to bring his businesses back to the states all 25 of them and get the people back to work like he promised them. TC Shecky!

      • You need to check yours – I was BUSTING MS-13 and other mobs – back in the early 90’s….they were here and coming here since the war in El Salvador………in the 80’s….

      • You didn’t read article close enough. It says that the gangs where being cleaned up when Obama took office, meaning they were already here. Then, the clean up stopped and problem got much, much worse because of Obama policies. Read closer before you call someone an idiot.

        • I know civilians who can’t read or know any better. If you want to apply yourself to the ‘idiot pool’ join in. As far as me reading everything Shawn, I know more about what is going on because that’s what we do. Keep our enemies closer and friends further away. If the word “IDIOT” is a problem, too bad, I see mostly Police and Veterans everyday do something that no civilian can do because you doesn’t live in these areas. Besides, only one person on this whole comment section told the real truth about everything, but what he didn’t mention is that this gang has been in the good ole USA starting out in California and moving east. MS-13 is made up of South Americans who doesn’t give a dayum about anything including you. So when I say the word “IDIOT” it for those of you that can always talk bad about the first Black Person as President, but not your WHITE counterparts who have ran this dayum country into the frigging ground via GREED, Continued THEFT along with HATE & BIGOTRY!

          • You assume way too much. THAT is a sign of stupidity. I am a veteran also, but since I don’t expect any different treatment because of it, you just assume I assumed not. As far a race goes, you are the only one that has mentioned I. Sounds to me like you assume more the one with the race problem. And since I can tell there can be no 2 way normal discussion with you, I won’t even bother to read your reply to this. And if you have a problem with that, I don’t give a shit.

          • Stupidity or not. I’m at my post. Where the fuc are you so called veteran? Retired I presume. #SMDH

          • You are sick.. We do not give a darn what obummer was. White people voted him in to two terms. He was just a horrible president, that did a lot to destroy this country. If you are in intelligence you should know where and how many members of the Muslim Brotherhood he put in highly sensitive places.

          • Ummm nope we haven’t had the first black president because he was half white which makes him a mulatto! He ain’t black, He’s just stupid. Never could talk without his teleprompters.

      • Your clueless no one can compete with the illegal sneaky way President Obama handled illegal immigration. Take it from Fellow veteran your wrong. All the people will suffer many years and generations due to his sneaky
        deeds. Respectfully

        • Well Moe. Get ready to fight a winless war with your draft dodging president. And since this is coming from another veteran, glad you’re not on our team.
          .Like I said, George W Bush sucked you in and now another one comes along to end it for all of you. I’m safe! Are you?

          • Terence,
            I supported Trump for fear the policies of Obama would pull us into an un-winable war due to the reduction of military personnel and equipment to reduce coast and help buy more votes for liberals through entitlements, (not for veterans our have been reduced ask war on terror disabled to increase bonus monies for VA managers), and illegal immigration. Through strength there will be lasting please not trust of dictatorships like the Iranian leadership. After eight years of Obama, Mr. Trump deserves a chance since most of us feel it could not get any worst than it was. Trillions were pissed away to create a false temporary prosperity in stimulus spending. I respect you for your service, no I cannot be called back served till I was 62 years of age extended two extra years. Now like you, I am an lazy-boy chair warrior. I might disagree with you, but our share goals are helping disable veterans, and preserving the peace. I do not regret my service in Iraq, however, I do believe there was no need to invade Iraq and we should of been in Afghanistan instead. Trump is not Bush, he did not support the invasion as a civilian. To you Trump was a draft dodger, to me Obama was just full of deceit and sneaky deeds.

          • Sorry to hear that Moe. You’re old and we all are right behind you at almost 60 year’s. We was called back because of our specialties. But Obama didn’t threaten N. Korea. DJ Trump did and for your info, every faction isn’t after Obama or Hillary Clinton. Trump made a threat, and he has replied back. So if you really think that Obama cut our troop count to less. You’re severely wrong. The Republicans did it all with no support of Obama or the Democrats. Paul Ryan wrote it up to $19billion with cuts to our armed forces with forced retirements of E-7’s and up along with reduced healthcare for all veteran’s. This is exactly when all Special Force’s retired reactivated after these cuts. N. Korea has over 3million troops compared to the USA’s half a million troops. So, if he wants to start up the draft again, his son’s will be the first one’s to sign up. So he’s not introducing the draft. All of this is knowledge Moe! They are keeping the truth from every American with lies.

          • You say “Obama didn’t threaten N. Korea”; no, he was too busy kissing butt and letting them increase their nuclear bombs. The only reason Trump threatened them was because they threatened the U.S. first. Don’t you keep up with the current events or do you just fantasize about what’s going on?

          • Here’s the latest Moe for all of you veterans who support this president!


          • He has been President only 100 days, why not blame him for doubling the national debt as well? He will be blamed for countless deeds committed by President Obama. The narrative to move back to the left wing ideology can only work if Foxnews is crushed and we are allowed to read and hear only false news, and propaganda. Trump is our last chance, if he too is destroyed, the man who set this nation up for a future destruction fooled 330 million people. I respect your gentleman mannerism, intelligent composure, yet disagree as to where the title if evil should be given. Respectfully, you deserve respect.

    • He was following the “Rules for Radicals” and the 1963 communist goals to destroy this country, and the progressives are tooooooo dumb to realize what he was doing.

      • It’s not that they’re dumb. It’s that they are willfully blind. They refuse to see any bad results from Obama’s actions. They refuse to even consider the possibility of bad results and they will make up all kinds of excuses or claim that he’s not doing anything that Bush didn’t do. They will change the subject or attack the person presenting the facts.But they will never even admit the possibility that Obama and the other progressive political leaders like Pelosi and Reid are evil and deliberately working to destroy this nation. They are even capable of fooling themselves into believing that they and their leaders are patriots. Liberalism/progressivism/socialism/communism is a mental disease.

        • I think it was Lenin that said if you get caught accuse your opposition of doing it first. Everything they do is from the communist play book.

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        • Excellent post!

        • …or …..they knew exactly what they were doing….and are cool with it ……either way…they are on my radical people to deal with immediately upon prove positive identification list

          • My last paycheck was $22500 for working 12 hours a week online.Start earning $97/hour by working online from your home for few hours each day with GOOGLE… Get regular payments on weekly basis… All you need is a computer, internet connection and a litte free time… Read more here
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        • Not only a mental disease, but the enemies for undermining our Republic. Liberal’s, progressives, socialist, and communist ARE this country’s ENEMY WITHIN!!! Hmm, that pretty much sums up the democrat party, don’t you think??

      • The progressives are NOT too dumb, for they know exactly how to undermine a country and its laws to destroy it for their own means to an end. Progressives ARE THE ENEMY in our country!

    • But then the S.C. Justus’ violated their oaths. Many jurists and judges violate there oaths,

    • that clown was lying long before he took the oath of office…the parasites and morons think kenyan boyo is a super hero…we know better..

    • Criminals respect the Law like Politicians respect and uphold their Oaths of Office…..

    • Correctly said, and well put,SouthernPatriot!

  3. The “broken windows” theory of crime again evidences itself. (If you ignore a few broken windows, more windows will be vandalized and people will tend to the the neighborhood deteriorate). Obama counted on this and people ignored the crime as long as it was taking place somewhere else. They also tended to “hand pat” illegals pointing out the fact that they were fleeing their own country’s social/cultural deterioration.

    President Donald Trump has put a stop to this.

  4. Blah, blah, blah ….
    What else is new? Trump blames Obama for everything!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Go away liberal, just as soon as you figure out how to rip your head from your ass! ????

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        You nailed the troll Mike! Nicely done. Why do you think all liberals keep their heads up their asses? Think they just enjoy being in the dark?

    • Wow!! So When Obama blamed everything on Mr. Bush…that was okay??? Hell, he blamed Bush for all eight years for everything…

    • BMW even if he did what is the difference between Obama blaming Bush for everything for 8 years or is that different when it is a democrat doing it?

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Humorous since your boy blamed GWB for everything for eight years. Nothing quite like the hypocrisy of retarded liberals.

    • That’s very true. These #COWARDS post with their faces covered….LOL! The so called president does it because he has no agenda other than being a prejudiced creep like those who post on here hidden! SMDH!


      • Eat sheet and die. You talk like a black man who supported Obama just because he was black. Your a racist and as an ex soldier you should know color has no place in the armed forces. B52-2376. 1967-1971. And yes I received an Honorable.You learned nothing, if you ever served at all.

        • For your information, you’re an ex soldier. Also, for your information, we’re still packing legally. So before you start running your brains, get with it. You are an ex soldier because it’s your choice to be one. Me, I’ll protect ours at any cost. BUT, WE don’t support draft dodgers and apparently you do. So for me to eat shit and die, you might as well get ready to eat it all and die. Make sure that your can goods, matches and nuclear mask are in good working order because all of his supporters are going to need them including you and your family. I’ve always been a loner. Nobody to claim!

          • Hey buddy I pack illegally . No one tells me what to do,especially when the government trained me to use a weapon. I’m a loner too so I hope we never cross paths. As for draft dodgers, Clinton lied to the draft board and never did enter the national guard like he swore he would. As for Barry, he wouldn’t have passed a drug test. Your point is mute.

          • Well son! I hope we do. My team says for the veteran’s that is talking pictureless are the government trained cowards. We’re in the woods close by. Well there’s the color barrier. I’m with 399 white people and I conversating with another one hasn’t got it yet. Good thing they taught you to shoot a weapon. WE all are masters at our job’s! As far as what you’re mentioning, we don’t protect COWARDS. Enjoy your new job. They’ll be calling you back to serve once again!

    • Millions are praying someone, anyone, with an ounce of decency with authority exposes what President Obama did to this nation. No one could be that stupid not to see and understand the sneaky illegals deeds done behind our backs, no one can be that dumb.

      • He’s already been exposed. The mainstream media serves to do nothing but conceal his malfeasance. They have always been complicit in their support of the New World Order/Socialist plan.

        • True, I must accept reality the media, major newspapers, democrats and left also know, but do not give a crap about it or our nation is near finished after only eight years under a pathological Liar’s sneaky spending spree. President Trump must accepted being mocked by an asshole like ignorant
          Congresswoman winters, if he fights back like those who question the illegal sneaky deeds of Obama he is labeled a racist by the racist. Sad

    • clown boy and the democrapo hos blamed GWB for everything for eight years, then switched to the roooshans when the criminal ho clintoney fell down so often that she lost the chance to sit in the oral office while her former leg humper, billy “the rapist traitor” does another intern or two…

    • Well Grandma, it the shoe fits…

    • Your “Magic Negro” was (and is) a Socialist/Communist from the beginning. There’s a boat leaving for Venezuela tomorrow morning. If you board it you can land in your “Socialist Paradise” within a day or two.

      Goodbye, and good luck.

    • Your “Magic Negro” was in charge for eight years. Perhaps you can explain. If Barrack Hussein Obama was in such control of crime, did the MS-13 expand and flourish while he was president?

      Save your pointless obfuscation, we already know the answer.

  5. Obama’s legacy is letting murderers, rapists and violent drug dealers into the country

  6. Obama’s ideology ruled his life and he was a Marxist who thought white people were the scourge of the earth. So, all non-white individuals whether MS-13 thugs or radical Islamic extremists (words he couldn’t bring himself to utter) were welcome in America and encouraged to take refuge in sanctuary cities governed by liberals like himself. Bring’em in was his philosophy, create chaos and disrupt the white establishment. In Ferguson, Mo. where black thug Michael Brown, who tried to take a gun from a white policeman, and died for his efforts, was regarded as a hero. Ferguson, a city with a black majority population and an overwhelmingly white police department, was then set upon by the Justice Department and forced to undergo a complete transformation in terms of its numbers. Subsequently, the Justice Department agreed with the Ferguson Grand Jury findings that the police officer acted correctly. But the message was sent. Obama has no use for police departments that are not politically correct in terms of the demographic makeup and changes will be mandatory. Period. And the beat down went on…remember, chaos was the goal. Had Hillary won, this is what would’ve continued for her next four years in office.

  7. With all the other crap that Obummer pulled to cause our country to go down, at least he played golf many times and if he did not take alot of time playing golf he would had more time to mess up this country worse!!!

  8. I see why the idiot’s who blames other’s are always hidden. What are you afraid of cowards? George W Bush was president when this gang started up. Read the facts before blaming someone else.


  9. Your using common sense again, the democrats have no common sense their total existence like Obama’s depends upon lies and deceit. Millions and millions were allowed in without documentation to fix elections, over whelm finding illegal immigrants, change demographics for political reasons, and full well knowing these new arrivals would need government assistance and education at tax payers expense. He did not care what it costs, he did not care about laws since no laws applied to him, and knowingly combined the illegals with legal system making rules that they must be now all called immigrants. I do not blame illegals, most are good and maybe a solution to help can be found? However, why isn’t Obama and most of his cabinet in jail? You right, but you cannot win, too many are dependent upon the government to challenge it as planned.

  10. Of Obama did all these dreadful things why not do a citizen’s arrest and bounce him into a court of law?

    • Because he had appointed the judges who are still sitting, as well as Eric Holder was his AG. Enough said?

    • You’re a citizen—-go for it. File a citizen’s arrest.

      • I am a citizen of the Untied Kingdom, don’t think the POTUS is likely to head this way – for a while anyway.

        • Your knowledge of American Law is woeful. You should stick with subjects that you have a shred of knowledge. Citizen’s arrest is not one of them.
          BTW the word “IF” is spelled with an “I” not an “O”—-possibly a little better proofreading.
          Looks like you are heading for Brexit—-seem like a good thing to you?

    • your comment is as stupid as your inability to write a coherent sentence.

    • It is called either making, or performing a “citizen’s arrest”. Your lack of proper English skill (or formal Grammar School education) belies your lack of adequate critical thinking skills. This goes a long way toward explaining your poorly-drawn conclusion.

      Brushing up on critical thinking skills and proper grammar will probably help.

      Good luck.

  11. Rules of Engagement concerning MS-13. Seek, arrest, deport or destroy should any resistance is encountered.

  12. Obama is a traitor no doubt. His hatred for this country and the people of it become obvious every day as Trump uncovers more and more of Obama’s dirty deeds. In time Trump will correct that insanity of a misguided bought and paid for Muslim asshole. Be glad he could only run for two terms. Surprising he didn’t try and run for 3 but he was so sure Hillary would win so he didn’t think of it and being stupid and incompetent also worked against him.

  13. Why would a Kenyan care about the constitution or laws of this country?

    • BoundlessExistence

      Prove he was born in Kenya or stfu! Prove it, show me the proof that Obama was born in Kenya, bring it on, present it to the world, call all the news networks and give them the time and place you will reveal the indisputable proof that you possess showing Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. You have no proof, what you do have is a delusional little mind!

  14. DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT all illegal aliens….dreamers too!

  15. MS-13 is one of several GANGS/CARTELS…all of which are based on terrorism! Deal with them accordingly…SEARCH AND DESTROY! When you violate the rights of others you forfeit your own… It is called SELF DEFENSE!

  16. Good or bad dreamers/criminal invaders – America needs to protect our borders. Not only Latino Gangs are crossing into our Country but Islamic terrorists who look close enough like Latinos they can pass easily. Don’t forget the 2 Pilots that crashed into our World Trade Centers on 911 entered through our Mexican border.

    We have enough issues with our own Liberally misguided Youth. We don’t need to deal with another country’s criminal elements too. Send them ALL back along with the Liberals who want to keep them! America will be happier and safer without either of them!

  17. Look Folks —- Amnesty – TPS – Refugees – DACA – DAPA —– ALL are conditional status dependent of staying in the US —- Abiding by the laws of the US and THEY MUST SEEK PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE US……This guy broke all his conditions…….DEPORT THEM ALL —- SAVE THE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS FOR CITIZENS…..

  18. Obama did his best to destroy this country and got really pissed off when Hillary lost and could not finish the job he started.

  19. President Trump’s assessment is partially true.

    Actually MS-13 and rival gang MS-15, have been present in American cities for years. Just not as powerful as they are now.

    MS-13’s expansion IS His Disgrace’s fault due to his weak, feckless, immigration policy, coupled by his affinity for criminals, and suborned by his lackeys, former DHS Secretary’s Janet Nepalitano and Jeh Johnson.

  20. The Muslim/Commie, anti-American should be blamed for trying to take down the USA, & should have met a firing squad a long time ago for TREASON. Hopefully, as he continues to be anti-American since he has been out of office it will still happen. Use a rope it is less than bullets.

  21. Another of Obama’s efforts to wreck our Country, inviting the most vicious criminals to our shores, may he rot in infamy.

  22. Being a Native American showed me just how much hatred bleeds on this site. Per my orders, I’m removing myself from these comments because all of you will find out the whole and real truth while hidden. My only thing to say to all of you that doesn’t know anything in life.

    Time to pack it in and get ready to lose your freedom once and forever. My fellow Veterans, you have a way out to be safe and if you don’t know what to do, call up someone whose not in DC! Call someone who knows the real truth. One Black President and the very first ever against many WHITE’S as President, but your main focus is only on the Black President.

    Of all of things that we as Indian’s have lost, you all has the nerve to really show your true colors. Blacks has even suffered as well while you all lives off of the Silver Spoon and was saved because your parents didn’t want you to become a real man or woman. Another thing about you faceless warriors! Faceless warriors are considered the type of “Cowards” who has a lot to say, but can’t show their faces. So is that how you represent your own country by being scared to show your true self! So reap what you believe in!

    So when I say the word “IDIOT” it for those of you that can always talk bad about the first Black Person as President, but not your WHITE counterparts who have ran this dayum country into the frigging ground via GREED, Continued THEFT along with HATE & BIGOTRY!

  23. Interesting that your story end on the “evil” part. … just saying …..

  24. Yes Obamas cabinet and his lack of action because he wants the US to be destroyed is part of the reason for the spread of MS 13 but it has been around decades which means it was created before Obama was in the White House. He was useless in the position of president and I hope Trump has him and the Clintons investigated and imprisoned for their high crimes while in office.

  25. Don’t give all of the credit for these criminals to Obama. DeBlasio and Cuomo should get part of the attaboys. Creeps all. I just recently returned from a trip to New York City. The city is now back to the garbage can it was before Rudy Giuliani helped clean it up.


  27. YObama was a POSPOTUS.

  28. Easy solution, Instant execution for everyone involved with them.

  29. Let’s turn the mooseslime midget Valerie Jarrett over to them.

  30. You just can’t focus on one subject so it is very hard to discuss with you. what about the 12 moslems cheering in York? Answer that for now. Then give proof of the 3-5 million illegal voters please.

  31. I’m sure there is a direct correlation between the increased rise of MS-13 gangs and the poor illegal immigration enforcement that was going on for the past 8 years under Obama. What happened to the oath of office he took?

  32. In the 2018 elections, every Traitor Democrat should be voted out. Vote Independent or vote Republican, but don’t vote Democrat.
    They still support Hillary, open borders, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states and lots of Quran reading Muslims coming into America.
    They’re a sick and warped pack of losers.

  33. I’d like to know WHY it was OK for Obama to wantonly and blatantly break our laws with regard to immigration?? WHY was it OK to tell our border patrol agents to STAND DOWN??? WHY have a Constitution if even President Obama can knowingly break its premises?

    It’s pure and simple….Obama exhibited treasonist behavior against our Constitution, and he needs to account for it!! Heck, look at the deal he made with Iran. THAT’s treason in its purest form!!!

  34. Donna C. Heitkoetter


  35. Donna C. Heitkoetter


  36. I hate Tattoos I see good looking women at the Beach that look like Comic books But when it comes to Gang Tattoos that is a different story can you imagine a Chicago Outfit guy with an Outfit Tat?? So the Law should be “Gang Tattoo Deport ” Their Country won’t accept? Strap a Parachute on them and do a Flyby !! Then Bill the Country for the Chutes.

  37. I blame all the liberals politicians and their supporters for all the blood spilled by illegals.

  38. Vincent Marcantelli

    Lets, do this LET TRUMP do what a REAL President’s job is: 1) Defend it’s citizen’s. You Will not reason with the likes of these people, they are dangerous people, pure and simple, deport them or shoot them, putting them in prison will only make the prisons worst. Lets keep a VERY CLOSE watch on Obama, and is it really true, that he is getting involved in the election in France…..what a true criminal!

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