Trump Begins Process of Repealing Wall St. Regulations

President Donald Trump prepared Friday to sign executive orders that would open the door for Congress to slash regulations imposed on the banking industry in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Front and center is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which critics say has done more harm than good.

White House Economic Council Director Gary Cohn told reporters that Trump’s order would unleash the kind of economic growth that was stymied by the Obama administration.

“Americans are going to have better choices and Americans are going to have better products because we’re not going to burden the banks with literally hundreds of billions of dollars of regulatory costs every year,” said Cohn.

President Trump campaigned on a promise to slash Obama-era regulations, and this is among the first steps toward doing just that. His administration believes that policies put in place after the housing crash did little to protect consumers. Instead, they argue, the regulations merely made it harder for Americans to access credit and closed off opportunities for investment.

β€œAmericans are going to have better choices and Americans are going to have better products because we’re not going to burden the banks with literally hundreds of billions of dollars of regulatory costs every year,” Cohn said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to the Dodd-Frank regulations, the Trump administration is also taking aim at a rule that requires retirement investors to adhere to fiduciary standards when recommending opportunities for clients. While the law was supposedly meant to clear out conflicts of interest, critics say it merely saddled customers with low-fee investments that hindered the potential for profit on both sides of the desk.

Republicans have wanted to see this kind of re-regulation for years, so it’s no surprise to see Trump take action early on. At the same time, they will undoubtedly be met with forceful opposition from Democrats, who will paint this as a path back to recession.

Fact is, though, the free market economy works best when there is as little hand-holding as possible. Yes, that involves risk, but we’re otherwise talking about a planned, managed economy that can never match the strength of true capitalism. Trump’s orders won’t automatically send the GDP skyrocketing to 4%, but they will remove some of the chief barriers making that kind of growth impossible.

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  1. Quite possibly, looking at the record, less than a sterling idea.

  2. Instead of all these costly regulations pushed on the financial industry and passed along to their customers, all that is needed is a one strike rule with teeth. Your company gets caught gaming the system, it is game over for the management team responsible for keeping the firm honest and ethical. This means huge fines, triple reparations for those swindled and jail time for the management who lost control. Honesty will become a corporate core competency.

    • Got it! Like it was a big mistake to rescue those “to big to fail banks” and GM by the Obama administration. Does the corporation or financial institution have a responsibility to the people they cheated? I think so. Such provisions could be built into the one strike rule with teeth.

      • Last I heard: Those “too big to fail banks are 25% bigger. Something missing here – is that “corporations” require licenses (t least originally). and that those licnses were temporary, and renewed only upon proof they had cntributed something of value to the general public. Also obstructions to monpolies (like Exxon Mobil and Monsanto).
        Given his background and success in the corporate world – no reason to expect that Trump thinks like I do – but MAGA isn’t possible unless we get back to the constraints on monopolies.

        • I am trying to make general points not very specific ones. That is, I think when corporations screw up big time and fail, they have a responsibility to the people that they hurt. I am more focused on the general agreement in our society that that should be true, not the details of the law that might cover it. A corporation can also fail because of a depression. That is not the corporations officers fault, but if the company is sold, the proceeds should go to the employees who were hurt as well as the stockholders. One thing companies and corporations do that is always amusing is that they preach free enterprise, but have a very strong tendency to buy up their competition to get to monopoly capitalism. A bit hypocritical–no? πŸ™‚

        • Correct Mustafa. they got bigger and richer simply because the laws actually favored them and only cost the consumers more in the long run. The additional fees in my business did not make it to me, but rather to the very companies that were supposed to be penalized. What did you expect when the very losers that wrote Dodd-Frank were the very people that created the mess in the first place. Both of them were bought and paid for by the very banks they were supposed to be “regulating”.

      • Actually, Bush initially rescued these banks. Obama continued the bail out.

        • He did, but was given no choice skisok. He was told the entire financial industry would collapse if he didn’t pass TARP. Problem is the companies that didn’t want or need financial help were forced to take it along with the losers that deserved to go out of business in the first place.

          • I agree. They should have been left to fail. Especially Goldman Sachs. They were given funds to buy out Bear and Stearns instead of being allowed to fail.

          • And along with it more federal control. That is the plan make them take federal money and then the fed takes over through regulations.

          • And they did deserve to go out of business. We “Rewarded Failure”.

        • I’m still waiting for my TARP check, I thought that was the worst policy ever. I had no idea that the bail outs were on the heals of TARP. TOO BIG TO FAIL, what total garbage.

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    • I’ll agree to that as long as it holds up in court.

      • It shall IF we have decent, America loving judges in the courts. Right now, we have liberal, America hating judicial activists owned by globalists and NWO.

    • AMEN justin. IN my business the only thing they accomplished is the end consumer paying a lot more for a service or product because they created a middle man that has to be paid as well. The real bitch of it is the middle men are 50% owned by the very companies that are supposed to remain out of the loop.

    • Very well put. Let the CEOs know that dishonest corporate greed will bring criminal prosecution and prison and not a nice federal white collar crime prison, but right there with the gang members, drug dealers and the violent offenders.

    • Watch out for the “cheater”. Trump is investor. He will make sure he gets out those regulations that impede his business. I can never trust a Repub or TP. All are corrupt and try hard to steal from us regular Americans.

  3. “Republicans have wanted to see this kind of re-regulation for years,”
    Then why haven’t they done anything about this stuff and much more that should be done? PC Wimps – that’s why! It took a gutsy outsider to start cleaning up after the Democrats for them – and some of them are still cowering in a corner.

    • YUP !!! still afraid of being called racist……..if they haven’t figured out by now that Trump has showed them the light they never will….

      • I always speak my mind and never worry about being called racist. Pure and simple, I am not.

        • Birds of a feather. All the left has “left” when they cannot have an intelligent discussion is to call us names and try to shame us. Glad to hear neither one of us gives a damn about what they say. later on.

          • I call it an eye for an eye. If you speak intelligently to me and with respect, I will return the favor. If not, I will shock you.

          • Love it. I try to avoid name calling but as you know with some of the trolls out there they ask for it. I usually just tell them they made my list- the “DNR” list- DO NOT REPLY. At that point they usually crawl back under their rock or go back to their parents basement. See you around.

  4. ClarenceDeBarrows

    No wonder the professional politicians, on both sides of the aisle, are having difficulty with the Trump presidency. He does what he says he would do if elected! That is antithetical to the political mindset. Hit them as hard as you can Trump. Schumer won’t be the only one crying and our Constitutional Republic will be the winner.

    • Right on!!! I was not a Trump fan, but I am coming on board. He is not beholding to anyone and that is a good thing.

      • Right On! Some “Republicans” aren’t too happy aout the Trump threat to their little apple-carts..too.

        • If you need a laugh Mustafa- read the BC post below…. another troll trying to sound intelligent.

          • Lol! That sure sounds like a “troll”, OK. (I sure don’t see any “remorse” among Trump supporters.) But I am a bit taken aback by the words “another troll”. Should I take that personally? (I make no pretense that I am “intelligent”. Far from it! I am just another knuckle-dragger that calls it as I see it. (I think that the average fb follower thinks that I see something in Trump – that they don’t want to see.) I just don’t believe that he will round up all Muslims and send us to a gas-chamber – like they want him to do. (We will see if they still support him in the in 4 years – when Franklin Graham makes a run at RNC – or even DNC –

          • Was not inferring you were a troll- poor use of words on my part….You have a good sense about you- common sense. I was not a trump guy when this whole thing started either, but looking back I am glad he won. It just dawned on me- when obama was running in 2008 everybody projected on him all the good that they hoped he would be and bring about. Now with Trump- the same thing is being done- but the idiots on the left including the media are trying to project ALL BAD on him after (actually before even nominated for republican party) only two weeks in office. Both guys had no political track record to go on- only personal (obama being a first term senator who never showed up and basically ran for president the entire time). Funny how they tried to destroy one of them and make the other into some sort of false god. I am right there with you in the basket of deplorables my friend- and damn glad to be there- with all the other WINNERS !!! Stay strong and lets let the man do his job so we can watch this country become the greatest in the world once again. Real trolls like carlos below be damned !!

          • To be honest: I bought into his “Si -se puede” BS the first time (but partly because he was also q”the lesser of two evils”.

        • Glad to hear….give the man a chance. He may be loud, obnoxious, crude at times, and a bit of a braggart, but he loves this country, is thankful for everything he has as a result, and really does want America and its citizens to be safe and successful. That of course includes less government, regulations, and taxes, and LESS TERRORISTS.

      • I think we should reserve judgment until we see what he does. Repealing is a pretty simple maneuver. Replacing is where the trick is.

        • Free market for health insurance is the answer. Why can we shop for everything else to get the best price but not something as important as our health coverage?? I hope that is what they do, it will not cause anyone to lose any coverage and even help those low income people as well. Did you know that of the 20 million people who enrolled since obamacare started that 16 million of them are on their states version of medicare (or is it medicaid I always get the two mixed up)? I do know however that obama stole 600 million from one of them to pay for his useless obamacare in the first place.

          • I think there is power in economies of scale. 100’s of companies competing rather than providing health care simply doesn’t work. I have a better plan for satisfying both patients and doctors if I could get politicians to listen.

          • Obama took money from social security. Medicare is paid for by working taxpayers and Medicaid is free for low income and poor people.

          • I am not one to argue but look it up- Obama robbed medicare out of 500 million- I just looked it up….social security has been dead for decades thanks to the politicians treating it like a piggy bank…

          • Thanks for clarifying that.

          • No problem- I am not always correct but if one of my right wing buddies on these websites and I have a disagreement we can look it up and figure it out together rather than name call and argue. See you around Aware.

          • It was my understand that when SS was started the funds paid by employees and employers were to be put into a fund that was not to be used for anything else. Then they started deducting Medicare payments, to help cover insurance costs when people retired. All the programs have been robbed for years. People who have never put in a cent can collect SSID if they can get a ‘medical professional’ to say yhey can’t work. They also get additional funds if they have kids. It should be you either self insure or pay into SS. If you don’t pay in you can’t collect. The system is going broke. To many collecting, not enough paying in and the government redirecting the funds to other programs. Too bad congress doesn’t have to live under this system. It would change.

            I think if congress passes any law or regulation, it should apply to them just like the regular Joe that has to deal with it.

          • Everything you said is accurate. The problem is every politician campaigns on “fixing” social security but as we both know they never do. They tend to use all these programs as piggy banks to satisfy their big money donors and line their pockets. AND I know people who have put little or nothing into social security and are “unable” to work for some BS reason. Thanks to greedy lawyers they get money from the government (US) to live on even though they are able bodied. Our entire “hand out” system is made to order for fraud and like you said, it encourages people to have kids so they may get more money as as result. I also know people that have taken jobs so they can really afford a decent life because all our programs do not pay enough on their own but are TOLD by people in our government that if they do they will lose their benefits. How is somebody supposed to better themselves if “the man” holds them down with a broken system designed to keep them dependent for life? Finally, congress NEVER has to live by the laws the create related to benefits, healthcare, etc. If they did I am sure the programs would be much more efficient. It really pissed me off that they force obamacare down our throats and not a one of them had to sign up for it.

          • I’m right there with you. I know of a single mother that was on disability because she was going through menopause. For Christs sake, I went through menopause, night sweats, emotional roller coaster, I worked the entire time. So you obviously don’t have to be disabled to collect. Our veterans aren’t treated so well. They have to fight for years to collect anything. Shameful. Our society is upside down.

          • Well Said – what most working and tax-paying Americans relate to.


          • Couldn’t agree more. If I go to Mexico, I don’t get a ballot printed in English. If I am not a citizen, I don’t get to vote. I was in Mexico with my parents some time back. My dad was going to take a picture of one of the Federal police on the dock. The policeman pointed his automatic weapon at him. A friend was arrested after a single car accident, NOT AS A RESULT OF DWI, because he didn’t have MEXICAN INSURANCE. That is how we are treated in their country. But they come here and we have to afford them all the rights and privileges of citizens, even if they are drug runners or human traffickers or kill one of us. We are nuts. And the even nuttier are the ones that are out in the streets rioting to allow open borders.

            It is time that common sense be a mandatory skill. If you don’t have it you are required to give up your citizenship and migrate to another country(just kidding). But common sense is a lost art. All reason has melted like winter snow.

          • But Medicaid is paid for both by the taxpayer -and even more so in the costs to patients who have insurance coverage. I do not fault the service providers for this. They simply must recover their operational costs – or shut down. Medicaid is a worthwhile humanitarian program – but it is grossly abused. i

          • Mustafa, true to a degree…they must recover their expenses…however, when a hospital charges $10 for one aspirin while a patient is hospitalized…greed and dishonesty enter through the front door allowing hospital administrators to earn the multi MILLION $$$$ annual salary plus a PLATINUM parachute…all because the government will cough over more assured $$$$.

          • No argument there. I wanted to make the point that we pay more than just taxes for Medicaid. I agree that medical treatment really is unjustifiably expensive. No way to know for sure – but I would guess that if there was no such thing as medical insurance – it would be much less?

          • The Democrats and Republicans stole $750 billion from Medicare to fund ObamaCare.

          • wow, when we find out what realy happened, we ought to go and collect all those who supported this evil program and string them up and let them hang for a day or two to let them see how we feel, being put in a stranglehold that we cannot get out of! They ought to be horsewhipped! Esp. Nazi Pelosi! That witch is nothing but a brainless twit! I wonder what her La Prairie bill is every month since she bathes in the stuff! She has to to keep from shriveling up!

          • How is it “free” when someone has to fund it!? No such thing as a ‘free’ lunch!

          • Fake NEWS, CHECK FACTS!

          • Sorry Bandito- YOU check your non existent facts. I am correct. If you have nothing to add that is correct please stop yelling. Everything I stated i accurate. If you have no proof- and you will not find any- that I am wrong than please come up with something other than typing in CAPS. I will correct one of my figures however- I did look this up after I typed it so I apologize- obama DID take 500 million from medicare – not 600 million. The 16 of 20 million number is 100% accurate.

          • That 500 million came from MEDICARE…

          • Yes, you are so right, my dear…so sadly right. The Dems are the ones that raided the SS funds under Johnson and T.Kennedy as well. You also have to realize that due to the approval of ABORTION, we have millions of missing workers that would be paying into the SS funds today! Is it registering yet with everyone out there?! No babies, no society!

          • I looked it up Patriot Gal- it was 500 million and obama stole it from medicare. what a crock- if there was any media at all out there he would have been stopped in his tracks. OF course the scotus rewrote the law to make it a “tax” so it could be passed in the first place….. either way you are correct about social security being robbed by the congress.

          • yes, I think that is what he is after, though he hasn’t let on. I believe he will do what is BEST for the American People and that is what he said! God bless him and keep him!

          • NO man should have to put up with all the garbage Trump has had to endure since he first announced he was running. He did not have to risk his business “empire” or his legacy by allowing the media to try and destroy him both personally and professionally. That is what makes me certain he is in it for we the people as he has nothing to gain by being president outside of the title. No other candidate would have had the stones to stand up to the left and clinton machine AND beat them at their own game either.

        • God is the God of strategy and He will give him the strategy to outstrategize the enemy!

      • Most of my Republican acquaintances are having buyers remorse, about tRUMP.

        • sure they do……. Everything he has done so far is what he campaigned on so if you have any kind of remorse you were never a supporter. Anybody that is already jumping off buildings after less than two weeks- where he already accomplished more than obama did in 8 years- than let them jump, and you may jump with them. You are not even good about hiding who and what you are……with that I have added you to my DNR list- do not reply- since you are only interested in starting useless arguments with no basis for doing such. No need to reply as you no longer exist in my world, you know the REAL world.

        • Then “most of your Republican acquaintances” aren’t actually Republicans – and you certainly don’t want them to ever become your “friends”. Anyone that isn’t on the Trump Train certainly doesn’t have their best interests – nor your own – in mind.

          • You Certainly Make Some Good Points. My Republican Acquaintances on Long Time Republican Voters Do Not Realize How Far the Republican Party Has Moved toward Fascism. They Get Their Political News from Fox News, Which Is Filled with Right Wing Propaganda. They Think the Republican Party Is the Grand Old Party of the past.
            Instead of the White Nationalist Party That They Are.

          • I think that you may grossly mis-interpret some of my “good points”. I am the most “conservative” person you can imagine – and philosophically very Republican.
            (You are in great company, however – since so many avid “Conservatives” on here repudiate me enthusiastically – if only because I’m not “Christian”.) I see absolutely NOTHING “Fascist” about Trump! Indeed: He is being rabidly opposed by the true Fascists in the Republican Party (in concert with the Anarchist (and worse!) Democrats.)
            A leader that has such an acurate grasp of the political and economic realities that has our Nation so dangerously degraded, (in a VERY desperate and competitive world) happens only “once-in-a-lifetime” (if one is so fortunate). I am 80 – and certainly I have never had a POTUS before – with so much inspiration and ability to restore the possibility for us to move toward our potential – before.
            I appreciate your good will – but don’t want to mislead you. I agree with you about FOX NEWS (it troubles me deeply for its excesses. But it stands alone against the Lies, Distortions, and Subversive Propagandism of everything else.).
            (Mind You: That Fox is only cautiously “luke-warm” about Trump (being essentially an assemblage of Fascist War-Mongers, themselves.).


            be confused by Donald
            Trump, consider everything he says is a LIE, until you can verify it
            with some credible source. In fact if you take anything he says and
            try to determine, use reverse option. YOU will probably be right 95%

      • Mike, that is another reason we supported Trump during his campaign…he was beholden to no one. Now, we support PRESIDENT Trump even more because he is keeping his campaign promises despite horrendous, despicable, unlawful, anarchist opposition from the loons. Peaceful opposition is one thing; what they are doing is unlawful and they should all be arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and jailed in GITMO.

        • Patriot Gal. I was a Cruz fan. I was very much anti-Trump because of his very liberal past. He supported Hillary and Obama. He was a democrat until fairly recently. I did not trust him. So far I am very much pro Trump. He is doing what he said what he would do. Some things I don’t like such as he wants to keep the pre-existing conditions mandate. That is one of the things that makes Obamacare so expensive. Why buy insurance if you can get coverage if you get ill. Mostly I am very pleased; however. If he gets rid of the Ethanol mandate he will be my hero. His daughter is a liberal and that scares me. I don’t know how much influence she will have on him. She wants paid child care and paid maternity leave. Many businesses can’t afford that. It should be left to the business and not the government. So far; however, I give him a B+. I am glad he was elected. No president would give me all I want, but they should. πŸ™‚

          • President Trump will become the greatest President of my lifetime. Regarding Senator Cruz, he could not have defeated Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton. Only Donald Trump could have gotten the job done.

          • I hang my hat on Reagan on being the best president in my lifetime. Trump has too much of a liberal past. He is already backing down on the Israeli settlements and on changing the location of our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. So far I like much of what he has done, but time will tell. Re beating Hillary the polls showed that Cruz had a better chance than Trump, but polls are often wrong so we will never know.

          • I was always a staunch supporter of President Reagan, and he unequivocally has been the best President of my life up until now. Time will tell if President Trump will surpass him, but I believe he will. Insofar as Senator Cruz, he would never have been able to overcome the media biased Clinton Machine.

          • You could be right about Cruz. The media destroyed him. The establishment didn’t like him because he did the right thing and did not join them. The press didn’t like him because he went against their liberal policies. I had strong Republican friends that thought he was slimy and didn’t trust him. I asked them why they felt that way and they had no answers. It was because of the press. Thankfully Trump is not letting the press get by with their slimy attacks.

          • Mike N, that was my point. Only Donald Trump was able to stand up against the lefty media blitz. I know of no one else who could have beaten them at their own game. Trump had to defeat nearly everyone, including the GOP elitists and the Democrat Party. Now, as a result of the past couple of days, it looks as though President Trump is beginning to capitulate. I worry that he’s beginning to succumb to the globalists. If he doesn’t give in to these principalities and powers, he could achieve the greatness of President Reagan.

          • I got your point and agree with you. I hope Trump remains tough. My fears were that he would lean left after getting elected because of his liberal history. So far he has proven me mostly wrong. Time will tell.

          • We are on the same page, but President Trump needs the prayers of patriots. That is what got us to this point in time, and that is what will deliver us in the end.

          • I agree. Prayers help.

          • Only the good Lord can rescue this country.

          • Honestly I think he chose Trump. He was elected against all odds. We needed someone who was not beholding to anyone and who was not afraid to attack when necessary. He has flaws and I don’t agree with him on many things, but I think he was the right person at the right time. I need to update this, but it was my thoughts as he was running.

          • Whether or not Donald Trump knows it, God is using him for the restoration of America.

          • I agree. Now he needs to realize that his accomplishments and ability to be president is not because he is great, but that it comes from God. That is when he will be truly successful.

          • As human beings we are not “great”, but God is great, and that’s what’s significant.

          • He knows, believe me, he knows that , more than you are aware.

          • Oh, really, how do you know that?

          • His past doesn’t necessarily dictate the future. First, he had a very deep experience with God that changed his heart. So he isn’t the same DTrump he used to be, and anyone that has a true born again experience with Christ will experience the same thing. You should try it out for size. No one is perfect and no one knows everything, that is why we need to pray for Trump and his family that God will give him wisdom and favor to restore our nation to what God intended and inspired our forefathers to create. One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

          • What do you know about me? First you impugn my daughter and now me. If you want to know me take a look at my WEB page and then comment. We all have pasts and can change. Perhaps Trump has accepted Christ. I hope he truly has. If so I am 100% behind him. Again, so far he has impressed me. I am not judging him by his past. I thought his inaugural address hit it out of the park. For the first time it was not all about him. We just might agree on some things.

          • He IS slimy and untrustworthy, he has proven that. Because of his track record, what he said about Trump and what he did behind his back and joined forces against the People, that is why even if they could not articulate it…and more. He is a slime ball and is also a well hidden Communist agent! Please, don’t be fooled by words, they talk a good talk but they are deceivers. No, people that pulled what he did don’t deserve to be in any office in America. Let him go to Cuba! That’s where his citizenship lies anyway!

          • You are ridiculous. First you impugn my daughter whom you know nothing about. Next you fall into the slimy rumor which was perpetuated by the media. I have heard that from many people because that is what the press has successfully conveyed. Like I said before they did everything they could to take Cruz down. Cruz is a strong Christian conservative and extremely intelligent–in fact so much so admittedly he grates some people the wrong way. You need to do more reading and do your own thinking. The press supported Trump at first because they thought he was a joke and could not beat Hillary. Like I said before I did not like Trump and did not trust him, but now I am beginning to think he is the right man for the time.

          • One must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN to be eligible for the office of President of the United STATES OF America. Cruz is not even a U.S. citizen. That is why he lost, had to be forced to drop out, because he knew he was a lying fool and we would all find out. He was trying to pull another Obama! His wife works for Goldman Sachs and belongs to the organizations that are anti American! Why would we put someone like that in office anyway, regardless of whether they were qualified or not?! He talks a good talk but so did Obama and it means nothing. The proof is in the proverbial pudding, they say and it looks like Trump is our man for the job as he is getting things done at a rapid pace, only stopped by the howling mad left.

          • You buy all the liberal media says. The establishment and media don’t like him because he was staunchly conservative and did the conservative thing which went against the establishment and media. You have to read and look beyond the media.

          • I think the left set up the polls to say that cruz could beat the liar so we the people would pick him and then the fat old liar could beat him like a drum. Like you said-don’t matter now- its Trump or bust.

          • Not only that, but Cruz is NOT a citizen of the USA! Ever wonder about that? He does not have a country except for Cuba unless he renounced his citizenship there, too! He might talk a good talk, but so did BHO yet it produced nothing but chaos and destruction of our values and ideologies that made America great in the first place. The sad thing is that our wealth was stolen from us back in 1913, when the income tax was unconstitutionally ‘signed’ but not ratified, into law and the private bankers took over to collect all that tax, lending out their paper money that was worth nothing, taking our gold and silver in the process calling it the “federal reserve” which is nothing but a facade. All this was formulated and strategized by the Vatican, not the CC, but the Jesuits, who are against Christ, Christianity and want it wiped off the face of the earth, according to their manifesto. Go do utube and look up the history of the Jesuits. That is why the pope and the CC church as a front for them that they hijacked way back when, agree and support the Muslims and also invented or created Hitler and his maniacal demonic quest to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth because they worship satan and he knows that with Christ around, he is a gonner! He wants Christianity and Christians off the face of the earth! But guess what? HE LOST! Anyway, sorry for the long dissertation, but that is the history of why we are where we are today..and it’s all a bunch of puppets being manipulated by one organization. Think about it: ROMANS killed Christ, invented crucifixion, ruled Jerusalem and held them in a virtual prison until they were overrun and now, they are trying to take over the world through their devious methods of strategy and deception and outright lies.They manipulate those in office and those in strategic places in the world…all for their own benefit. They are luciferians.

          • There are some things you state based in fact, i.e., the income tax and the Federal Reserve, both of which were born in 1913 in Sea Island, GA. The Catholic stuff I take with a huge grain of salt; moreover, you are sadly mistaken about President Trump. He is a man of action! He has the country’s interests at heart!


          • Really!!! How do you know my daughter? She has seven kids and does not rely on the government to take care of them. Her husband works extra jobs to support them. Would they have the same opportunities in Russia? Perhaps Russia would take care of her seven kids, but she prefers to do that herself.

          • sadly the uninformed public does not realize that if you have insurance at a job and leave that job to go to another your pre-existing conditons HAVE to be covered and ARE covered by the new companies insurance. Unless they changed it since I got out of the human resources game a while back……. if people can sign up after they get sick then I agree with you- no way jose on the pre-existing. That is like waiting for your house to catch fire and then signing up for home owners insurance.

  5. There is always a knee jerk reaction to the lowering or removing of government regulations and especially when it comes to the financial sector.
    But, an economy cannot make the kind of gains in growth and job creation with the kinds of regulations that are currently in place and it makes no difference which administration put them in place.
    Managed and well thought out lifting of the regulations that inhibit growth should be a welcomed relief to businesses and should help to move the economy forward into the levels the US needs to advance and get the new job creation that is needed to sustain a healthy overall economic climate.
    The problem with Washington has always been that they never get it right on regulations. They either go too far or loosen too much and in many cases not in the right areas or with the right regulation or deregulation.
    So, one can only hope that with the current administration and the people advising on economic policy will study better the existing regulations and properly target those that are inhibiting growth and not repeat the same errors of past administrations.
    I for one have sufficient confidence in this team to believe that they will get it right.

    • Congress has never given a rat’s ass about anything except re-election. Both sides are “antsy” about the prospect of a POTUS that will compel them to deal with genuine ISSUES – and “earn their keep.” I expect a lot of excitement in the next mid-term elections. (Hopefully a sequel to the dismay of the MSM in the late hours of 20 Nov. 2016, and shitting bricks ever since.)

  6. Question: What are the group of you below who like deregulation willing to support if the economic system fails again. The last failure in about 2007-2008 that really damaged the economy and was hardest on low income people who have the fewest resources to manage the hardship. Remember the bad housing loans? The banks got bailed out last time under Obama. General Motors was bailed out. Would you support letting them collapse on the grounds that it is free enterprise in the US after all and corporations and banks are on their own? What regulations are you willing to support to bail out ordinary people if the financial institutions and corporations have another round of failures that increase unemployment once again.

    • Wanna take a shot at LEARNING Economics 101 and then re-ask the question?

      Government has a very small area of interest in a FREE MARKET system

      Taxing and regulation aren’t on the list.

    • World ends Sunday noon. Women and children hit hardest.

    • Shaky ground here – but a 12 month moratorium on foreclosures wouldn’t have really cost anything to anybody in the housing finance business. Especially since a lot of them were Federally-“guaranteed” and unwisely- instigated to begin with.

    • There is no “Free Enterprise” involved – when Big Banks are able to “borrow” money from the Federal Reserve for next to nothing – and lend it to the public at usurious interest rates – then get another windfall when TSHTF when their “customers” suffer an economic crisis. There can be no “free market” so long as the Federal Reserve exists. And so long as it does – the “government” MUST “regulate”. (Which it is VERY reluctant to do -being more beholden to the “lenders” (who only shuffle numbers) instead of the “borrowers” (who have to produce a good or a service to keep everything viable). I could be wrong (with nothing to lose if I am) but I suspect that Trump correctly sees the working US Public as the “Golden Goose” in this scenario – and not the “money-managers”.

  7. The Democrats use regulations on companies for only ONE reason: They try to get a cut of the profits by telling the company their ‘breaking the regulations’ will be punished or ignored. It is called extortion.


  9. The Snowflakes had better line up for their play-dough and teddy bears, Pres. Trump has takin’ the reins of this hobbled horse!!!

  10. JUST like with ODUMBO CARE Take out a Rotten CHUNCK, replace it with a JOB CREATING CHUNK…./and Problem Solved!!

  11. Another crock of crap from out of some dark corner somewhere. I suppose none of you noticed that Dubya left an economic disaster for President Obama to deal with. The President did a miraculous job while facing a constant stiff wind from both houses of Congress. President Obama created zero disasters. He had no scurrilous episodes. The Obama White House was headed by and staffed by adults who knew their business and executed their duties superbly. The current White House is a mess. A MESS! Most Americans would like to see Comrade Donald sign an order repealing himself.

  12. Fact is though, every time the regulations are eased the economy takes a dump. The other fact is tRump campaigned on taking on big banks to protect the little guys.

  13. What about bring back those high paying jobs? If that happens public opinion could change. We are still suffering.

  14. This is great. Deregulation is needed.Now do something about the illegals & Muslim terrorists. Make america safe for its citizens

    • Absolutely! President Trump’s duty to this nation is safety and national security!
      There is a lot of cultural erosion by Muslims in this country that most people and our political reps do not know about.
      For example, in Colorado Springs, CO, home of NORAD, Fort Carson, US Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB, and more!…. a Saudi Arabian owned company pulled aside the Finance Manager and told her she was to WEAR AN ARABIAN BLACK ABAYA TO WORK!! The Christian woman stood up to them and said that she already had her own faith — Jesus Christ Our Lord! She did not wear that abaya! She was not dismissed from her job. I believe she completed her assignment there.
      Then I had a Muslim supervisor for almost 4 years on a federally funded project. I cannot write on this public site what went on there.
      We MUST support our President or we will not have a country left! There is anti-American infiltration at all levels!

  15. Progressive Republican

    Ah yes. The ‘ the free market economy works best when there is as little hand-holding as possible‘ fable.

    Certainly showed in the economic stability that predated the post-Depression economic roller coaster.

  16. Shut the funding off on these mofoes !

  17. A word of advice, President Trump, make sure to get a Republican Judge, ~ the trio of presidents who also asked for a temporary ban got their wish ~ I am sure it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that the three presidents, Obama, Clinton and Carter all were Democrats, it seems the judges who decided their cases, also were. Worth the try, it worked for them.

    • Great input! I pray this info is seen by Pres. Trump and/or his staff . This is good ammunition to be used in his battle with the Dems.

    • He will- let the left enjoy all their temporary injunctions, etc. They will not hold up. Once Trump has his own people in place we will see what happens.

  18. So, the next time, God-forbid, the American auto makers are ready to fold and the next time Chase and BOA and Goldman, etc. close their doors because they have committed terrible business practices that have severe repercussions for millions of working Americans (just replay in your minds 2008 for an idea of an unemployment rate higher than the 10% – since there would be no bank or auto maker bailouts). Y’all OK with that?

    • Hey A$$HOLE, BOA was in bad trouble, but, you seem to forget that Chase wanted NO PART of the bailout, they just stuck the $25 billion away and gave it back to the feds as soon as they were allowed to. As far as the GM bailout, I wish it had not been done, Your HERO (obummzzertheass) was responsible for that one, eh ?

      • Do you really need to use profanity, Roger? The real question is: are you OK with the resulting unemployment when financial disaster happens?

  19. What does regulations on banks have to do with job growth in the U.S.

    Cohn cannot be trusted just as no broker that does business behind a curtain can be trusted, 1st rule of investing, if your broker is not a neighbor to not put your money in their hands.

  20. In the process of repealing laws and regulations, I hope Trump and Congress remember the damage done to the housing industry by the Community Reinvestment Act and repeal that one as well, and the sooner the better!

  21. Dodd-Frank was written by the same two people who helped create the financial crisis in the first place. what a complete sham…..both of them were in the pockets of the big banks in the first place and they both skated away from congress with “golden parachutes” on the way out the door. Their “law” has directly impacted my business as well. The only answer the liberals ever have for anything is MORE taxes and MORE regulations. Wonder why companies are leaving this country.

  22. When Government gets out of the way that “Love of money” will drive people to create opportunities to make money in ways few can imagine, and in the process create a “Velocity” of money flowing through the economy that will raise the standards of living for “Everyone”.

  23. With a fight at every turn from the communist party of america. All one must do is see the DC swamp for what and who it is! I also believe we are witnessing the complete destruction of the democommie party. They have nothing else, but to fight everything and everybody! They lost their dreams of NWO! They lost their ability to complete the stages of a globalist economy. They’ve lost control and they are going to be exposed for who and what they are. They will finally be brought down by an outsider and caring American Citizens. Drain that swamp NOW!

  24. We’ll hear nothing but howling from lamestream media and maggot retard dumboRATS.
    It’s what our country needs: relief from all the duma$$RAT regulations that were implemented to stifle American business, forcing oversea relocation and successfully achieving the demonRAT goal of destroying America.
    $(rew the retard demonRATS—–Go Trump!!!!!

  25. The government proved just how inept it is at business w/ these bailouts. Instead of putting strings on the $, they just threw it at ’em then got pissed because a chunk of it was given away as bonuses. I’ve never run a business nor did I take business courses in college, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the banks / GM / etal. should have been made to prove they were willing to change: No $ for 6 months. Then reexamine the books after that time to see where cost cutting measures have been put in place to improve the situation. After that, STILL no direct payout, but the government will write the checks to the creditors. Like I said. it ain’t rocket science.

  26. Yes, lets encourage big corporations to pollute rivers and streams without any accountability whatsoever. So CEO’s can make more money at the expense of the public.

    • WOW, susmart3, that’s a superb idea. Regulation is SO over-rated. Corporations all over the world have but one thing on their collective minds: Always do what is right – for the consumer, the planet, and the shareholders! (Well, maybe the shareholders get a bigger slice of the WeCare pie…..)
      I have said for a long time that if people would just behave properly, we wouldn’t need police. I dunno, perhaps if corporations just behaved properly (don’t pollute, use proper parts, only approve loans for only those who have a good chance of paying the loan back, don’t put in computer systems that lie about emissions, etc.), we wouldn’t need regulations. Just guessing here….

  27. Why not focus on who has issued a Jihad against the US? Get to the root of the problem. How about immigrants who refuse to pledge allegiance to follow US laws? How about those who advocate Sharia law? What would we have done if Lenin had declared Communism a religion?

  28. Resurrect Glass-Steagall, the 1933 legislation that prevented banks from playing fast and loose with customers money and banned banks from being involved in any type of investing. It was repealed in 1999 under Bill Clinton. It was the major cause of the 2008 economic collapse due to Wall Streets gambling with other peoples money.

  29. Let’s all agree on one thing. Obama didn’t know what he was doing (or did he?), so he contributed to the Bankers making more money while the general public paid the price. This is but one of his great faux pauxs that resulted in Americans getting screwed. Either he was totally inept (which more than likely is the case) or clever like a fox.

    Speaking of the obamas, since they left the White House they went to Texas at which point Michelle left to go to Florida I believe – without barack. That was a quick separation. My gut feeling has been since 2014 that barack and Michelle would go their separate ways as soon as possible. Then barack would conveniently disappear to some unknown island never to be seen again.

    Why you ask? Because President Trump has secret info on barack’s past and birth place – and bho wasn’t born in Hawaii like he said, but Mombasso Kenya…and Trump has proof. He’s bidding his time before releasing this info abt bho’s real birthplace/handler’s name until our country settles down into acceptance of Trump’s Presidency. At that time, both hillary and barack will be exposed as to who they really are — and that is definitely NOT A FRIEND TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! It’s coming…

  30. The sooner this crap is repealed, the better this country will become.

  31. Looks like another handout to the financial industry so they can steal more money.
    Has anyone ever asked for accountability of what happened to all the money that “disappeared”?

    Seems odd that all those “free market capitalists” were feeding at bail out feeding trough.

  32. I think the news media has a duty to report the news, exactly what was said and only the truth, then they can offer their opinion. But they should be required to report the TRUTH, if the White House Press say some anything that is not the truth, then the reporter should never be allowed in the White House again as a reporter. The reporters have a duty and we have the right to hear the truth.

  33. what this nation need is to let capitalism prevail.The market will regulate itself better then the government will. The market only cares about one color and that is green. Any business that wants to succeed will not allow discrimination. You want to fix the environment allow companies to keep more of their capital. They will invest in newer machines which will not only pollute less but be safer for workers operating them. Despite what environmentalists think corporations are not the bad guy. There is not a business on earth whose primary goal is to pollute the environment. Pollution is a byproduct of inefficient energy production. Believe me if a more efficient form of energy production came out tomorrow everyone would buy it with or without subsidies and tax credits. Environmentalist fail to think of how expensive electricity would be without oil or Nuclear.

    • Then in 2008 the world would have collapsed – if anything left European banks could have sued for trillions as they had been sold dodgy goods. My hot water is now free – thanks solar!

  34. Anti North Korea spies and all the rest would be allowed with open military arms hopefully: would be damned I suppose???????

  35. Why does it seem the democrats want to do all they can to choke America? They balk at everything our President can do to bring jobs and growth to us. The Democrats don,’t care about us as long as they get their way.

  36. There should be no favors given to Wall Street! Wall Street has already screwed the American people big time. Remember all that mess we got into under the Bush administration and how it was happily handed over to Mr Obama to solve?

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