Trump And DeSantis Neck And Neck In One State

Republican voters in Georgia are divided on who they believe would be the best GOP nominee in the 2024 presidential race. Currently, most voters are split between former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Fox News Digital surveyed Republican supporters of Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker at different rallies across the state asking them who they thought would make the better presidential candidate.

Mallory Staples, in Milton Georgia, said that Donald Trump would be the better choice in terms of policy, but there is also a lot of division surrounding him. She added that DeSantis on the other hand is easy to support and he has done a lot of good for Florida.

Candy Muldowney, noted that for her there is one top candidate and that would be Donald Trump.
Another rally goer, Maureen Giannone, agreed that Trump knows how to have the right people around him so that he can make everything work.

Matt Harris on the other hand noted that DeSantis is the best governor he has ever seen, which is why he would support DeSantis. He added that DeSantis is “a better communicator” and “a better articulator of the issues.” He added that in any case, he would support either candidate, but he would love to see DeSantis in that presidential race.

In Toccoa, Georgia, Fran Sullivan said that she would vote for anyone who was not a Democrat. Meaning that she would vote for either Trump or DeSantis or whoever gets the nomination.

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