Trump Allies Getting Blackmailed?

Donald Trump has now alleged that people in his circle are being threatened with spending time in prison unless they denounce him. The comments were made by Trump during his speech at a Saturday rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

Former President Donald Trump has claimed but has not provided any evidence, that the government has threatened those in his circle with prison time. The rally in which Trump made these allegations was called the Save America rally.

Trump claimed that these people will tell his associates and those in his circle that they could face five or ten years in prison unless they spoke negatively about the former President. He has also said that none of the people in his circle has agreed to denounce Trump because of the threats.

Trump did not specifically say whom he was referring to regarding these allegations. During his speech, Trump spoke about some of his usual points, including the several investigations he has faced over the past six years, including the latest FBI raid into his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The FBI raid was in collaboration with the Department of Justice and it was part of an investigation of the general way in which Trump handled federal records. Trump also spoke up about what he has dubbed the “political repression” of his supporters. Many believe this to be about all those who were arrested as part of the January 6, Capitol riots. Finally, he claimed that there had not been any other American President in history who had been persecuted to the same extent he had.

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  1. When Leslie is Stall refused to accept that Trump was being spied on or that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real the leftist bought and paid for continued to not only refuse to accept the fact that Trump was telling the truth they further continued to push the lies that here was no spying and the laptop was Russian disinformation. The left continues to push false narratives and has done everything to destroy Trump and Trump supporters. I absolutely refuse to believe anything coming from the left the media and our federal government. They have done nothing but lie and silence anyone who disagrees with them. They continuously berate and slander any conservative without any remorse. Worse yet they have never apologized for every single lie that has been proven to be a lie. No shame and no substance. These people have sold their souls for power money and their ridiculous wokeness. The end is near for these despotic morons and anyone that can trigger such hatred I am entirely in support of. The time has come and the tables have turned. If you don’t know what a woman is you don’t belong anywhere near power.

  2. From Communist, you can believe everything evil. I think that party should be abolished in every country in the world. Their moto is to control people by starving them to death. They members are thieves, criminals and low life.

  3. No evidence?!?! Seriously??!?!
    Joe Biden committed extortion on the Ukrainian government! Got away with it AND brags about it.
    General Flynn had a casual conversation with a couple FBI agents, that he knew, in a hallway. The crooked DOJ then claims it was an interrogation. They accuse him of lying because Flynn said he talked to so-and-so last Tuesday and it was actually Wednesday. Knowing that BS won’t stand up, they blackmail him and say they’ll put his son in prison unless he pleads guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. The Clintons have killed a lot of people to cover their crimes. The Pelosi’s profit big time from insider trading. The Obamas were barely worth 2 million, gets elected president at roughly 600k a year and comes out 8 years later worth 250 million?!?! These people are crooks plain and simple. They WILL steal the midterm elections.
    We cannot vote this shit out!! It must be removed like the cancer it is. Biden is the United States version of Adolph Hitler. The collective media is his propaganda machine. The DOJ is his Gestapo. BLM and Antifa are his ‘Brownshirts.’ And finally, their biggest financial supporter is George Soros, the admitted NAZI lover. Do the math people. They will lie, blackmail, extort. Whatever it takes!
    They WILL kill anyone necessary and as many as necessary to attain the goal the evil Soros has given them.
    We will have to fight or die! It’s that simple.
    God help us!

  4. Since our country began there has never been sust disgusting government activity towards the people and ex-presidents this is a disgusting Act of terrorism as far as I’m concerned socialist communism trying to make a foothold in our country trying to take away freedom freedom of speech in our way of life I will not be surprised if they are the ones responsible for Destruction of the facilities that Supply our food

  5. Blackmail & extortion is the modus operandi for the deep state – they have to hang something on you for initiation purposes so they can be assured of loyalty. Remember when killiary said that if she goes indicted for her e-mail server, she is going to take 75% of DC down with her. Any questions?


  7. Joe Mc Carthy didn’t go far enough…and we’re paying for it now. But, on the other hand…what have REPUBLICans done to ensure fairness in the mid-terms? How about passing laws forbidding returning to voter stations after they have been “closed”? And posting Police at each one to ensure this? Come on, Patriots – DO SOMETHING!!

  8. I urge you to look at what the DOJ and FBI are doing and threatening people who are supportive of President Trump or Conservatives. It is an absolute disgrace that Biden and his minions are using the power of public embarrassment or possible convictions of alleged crimes if they don’t “play ball” with the DOJ or FBI, etc. This is what Socialist, communist, or countries run by dictators do, not here in the USA! This is absolutely shameful. Probably those who are Conservatives will face possible audits from these 18,000 new Armed IRS Agents! I have news for them, if we get the majority in both Houses, we can stop them from hiring all those IRS Agents.

  9. Come on people who enjoy and cherish your freedom and independence, GET OUT and VOTE in these mid-terms and in 2024! We MUST stop these people who are resorting to the ways of the Brown-shirts, KGB, and Gestapo. What do you think these crazy dictatorial people are doing. They WILL get away with this is YOU allow them to, and they will only get worse! STOP THEM in the 2022 Midterm Elections and VOTE Republican and defeat all those Democrats who are trying to scare you into submission. They can’t do anything to you unless you allow them to remain in power. VOTE THEM OUT!

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