Trump: All Ports of Entry Are Now Closed to Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

The Trump administration is cracking down hard on foreign travel into the United States in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes the harshest measures yet for migrants at the southwestern border. According to administration officials, the administration will now turn back any and all asylum seekers and other illegal immigrants trying to get through our ports of entry, insisting that we must prevent a major spread of the disease through our detention facilities.

“The officials said the ports of entry would remain open to American citizens, green card holders and some foreigners with proper documentation. Some foreigners would be blocked, including Europeans currently subject to earlier travel restrictions enacted by the administration. The entryways will also be open to commercial traffic,” reported The New York Times on Wednesday.

“But under the new rule, set to be announced in the next 48 hours, Border Patrol agents would immediately return to Mexico anyone who tries to cross the southern border between the legal ports of entry,” the report continues. “Under the policy, asylum seekers would not be held for any length of time in an American facility nor would they be given due process. Once caught, they would be driven to the nearest port of entry and returned to Mexico without further detention.”

This is already being cast as an act of cruelty on the part of the president, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is about preventing the spread of coronavirus through our detention centers – a disaster that would make for a devastating health crisis on top of the one developing in our wider nation.

It is also to protect the Border Patrol agents who spend their days in close approximation to these detained migrants. We would go as far as to say that President Trump would be in abdication of his duty if he hadn’t pulled the trigger on this policy.

But sure, bring on the usual critics.

“The Trump administration’s ban on asylum-seekers coming from Mexico has nothing to do with making Americans safer from the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump is engaging in fear-mongering to justify racist and discriminatory policies whose only purpose is to demonize people seeking safety. Closing the southern border is a reactionary measure that has virtually no basis in fact,” said Amnesty International USA in a statement.

Leftist groups like AIUSA want to use this opportunity to pressure the federal government to simply release all detained immigrants and let them flow freely into our ultra-vulnerable society right now. As if we don’t have enough problems on our hands. New York and San Francisco are practically on lockdown, and these morons want to release hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country. You…you almost can’t make this stuff up.

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