Trump Administration Makes History: Fewest Federal Regulations EVER

From the moment he announced his campaign for president, Donald Trump decried the overuse of federal regulations that hinder the economy, steal power away from the Legislative Branch, and put the nation in jeopardy of losing our constitutional grounding. That did not, of course, differentiate him from any other Republican in the field. What does differentiate him, however, is the fact that he actually put his money where his mouth is. And according to a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, that determination has made Trump one of the least-regulatory presidents in history.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump has made good and then some on his pledge to slash costly federal regulations, issuing the fewest new rules in recorded history in his first two years, according to a new analysis.

“At year-end 2018, how is President Donald Trump’s regulatory reform project going? Better than Obama, Bush II, and Clinton in terms of fewer regulations; but not as good as Trump’s own first year,” said the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

CEI regulations guru Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. said in a year-end report provided in advance to Secrets that Trump ended the year with 3,367 new regulations. That is the lowest since records were first kept in the 1970s.

Even with that in mind, Crews said in his report that the Trump figure seemed higher than it was in reality. Why? Because it actually takes a regulation to kill an existing regulation. So when you consider the 3,367 number and compare it with historical highs and lows, you have to keep in mind that many of these “new” regulations are not additional regulations at all. They are only there to fulfill Trump’s mandate that for every new regulation, federal agencies must find two others to eliminate. This creates a lot of on-paper regulations that are actually not what they appear to be.

Which is a long-winded way of saying: He’s doing a hell of a job.

It’s vitally important to have a president willing to take this approach to lawmaking. The Constitution very specifically gives Congress this power, which is another way of saying that “we” have the power to make and eliminate laws. Unfortunately, for far too long, the regulatory power of the Executive Branch has ballooned out of control, turning over more and more authority to the unelected agencies and personnel in Washington and taking more and more of it away from the People.

For all the talk on the left of Trump being a nightmare for the Constitution, he’s actually done more to preserve and defend that hallowed document than any president in recent memory.

Don’t expect to see that headline on CNN, though.

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