Trump Admin: North Korea Represents “Immediate” Threat to U.S.

In a security conference with DHS Secretary John Kelly, National Security Adviser to the President H.R. McMaster said that the Trump administration was still keeping a range of options open when it came to confronting North Korea, and that those options include the use of military force.

“The threat is much more immediate now,” he said, “and so it’s clear that we can’t repeat the same failed approach of the past.”

McMaster said it would be the very definition of insanity for the U.S. to keep doing the same thing it had done for years with the expectation of a different result. In other words, he reiterated what other members of the Trump administration have said: That the era of Obama’s “strategic patience” is over. President Trump intended to get the North Korean nuclear problem under control, and he’s willing to use any available means to do so.

Whatever course the president and the Pentagon choose, it will have to closely involve the cooperation of South Korea. Trump is in talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, a more liberal politician than his disgraced predecessor. Moon has advocated a diplomatic approach to the Kim Jong Un regime, though one suspects he understands that this brutal totalitarian is not to be treated as a potential ally. And in fact, when Moon spoke on Wednesday, he appeared to have changed his formerly-soft tune regarding the threat to the north.

“Together [with the U.S.], we will achieve the dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear program, peace on the Korean Peninsula and eventually peace in Northeast Asia,” Moon said.

If that goal is to be realized, the U.S. and our allies may have to step up the pressure on all fronts. Mike Elleman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies spoke to Business Insider, telling them that while experts have dismissed North Korea’s procurement of a nuclear ICBM as a fantasy for years, that fantasy could soon become a reality.

“I wouldn’t be incredibly surprised if it happened in the next few months,” Elleman said in May. “They have a higher tolerance for risk. If it fails, it fails. I don’t think that greatly concerns them. They’re more interested in trying to demonstrate what they’re trying to do. [There’s] a lot of political messaging going on with these tests.”

In his comments Wednesday, McMaster hinted that President Trump would not stand idly by and watch Pyongyang conduct another nuclear test.

“What we have to do,” he said, “is prepare all options because the president has made clear to us that he will not accept a nuclear power in North Korea and a threat that can target the United States and target the American population.”

With Trump drawing a red line in the sand and Kim refusing to back down from nuclearization, the possibility of avoiding direct military confrontation is, unfortunately, dimming by the minute.



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  1. That goofball leader in South Korea, is a joke.

  2. North Korea is no laughing matter. We should have confronted that Idiot several year ago. He would never think twise about destrouing the United States. He is one sick idiot. We should go after him before its to late and many Americans say I told you so. GO TRUMP

    • Well we all are going to launch missiles all weekend long…

      Mine are targeting North Korea and Kentucky….

      Who needs that fucking state anyway !!!


  3. Bayside GolfClub

    Drop 2,000 mp3 players with spare batteries.. Load them with images and video from the real World where people don’t eat scavenged grass clippings for dinner.. The people will quickly take care of the rest. Total cost: $4,000 + the flyover..

  4. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    think China has been distancing themselves from North Korea for a
    long time. I served two tours in Korea. One was in 1967 to 1968 and
    the other was 1985 to 1986. In each of those times, the Chinese
    representative rarely showed up at any of the Panmunjom meetings.
    Those times he did show up, it was because a new representative was
    appointed and was just there to introduce himself. It wouldn’t
    surprise me if the Chinese send a team in to take out the chubby
    little child dictator.

    • I think China and even Russia have major concerns with the fat boy. I think they are just waiting for a reason to take him out and take control of NK.

      • Bob 1401 metheoldsarge • 18 hours ago
        I think China and even Russia have major concerns with the fat boy. I think they are just waiting for a reason to take him out and take control of NK.

        Lets see…was it the last 60 years that gave you that clue…

        China…Russia…S Korea…Japan…have lived together with North Korea for the better part of 60 years….

        All of a sudden we have to go Bomb the shit out of them…


        Weapons of Mass Destruction ???


    • metheoldsarge • 18 hours ago
      I think China has been distancing themselves from North Korea for a long time.

      What gave you that clue…

      The fact that China sells them Power right this minute…

      The fact that China sells them Steel…

      The fact that China sells them other goods…

      The fact that China follows all our sanctions to the letter…so they can sell us goods as well.

  5. Clinton, Bush and Obama left Trump with a friggin’ mess! IMO, I think it’s time to kick some ass before it’s too late. We’ve been pushed around for a long time and personally, “I DON’T LIKE IT”! I did my time in Nam and was against it, but this is different. And if Trump DOES decide to take action on these countries that crap all over us, the left will call Trump a “War Manga”. But what is he suppose to do at this point? How much longer are we gonna take it? N. Korea is getting very close to nuking us. And just think if the middle east gets their hands on nukes. They what to go to their fairy tail paradise with all their virgins. They’ll nuke us ASAP and there’s no denning that. This planet is a mess, and we better get our hands dirty before we don’t have any hands or life left. “THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE”!

    • OnTheRoad • 18 hours ago
      Clinton, Bush and Obama left Trump with a friggin’ mess! IMO,

      Really….TRUMP is the MESS…. IMO

      And people around the world know it…

      They simply appease until it goes away…

      • Oh no, it’s you again?! Go away snowflake. Now go ahead and trash me, LOL

        TRUMP 2020

        • OnTheRoad AntiGOP • 22 minutes ago
          Oh no, it’s you again?! Go away snowflake. Now go ahead and trash me, LOL

          If you insist…LOL

          Where the hell have you been…they release you for the weekend for good behavior !!!

          You well???

          • Haha…yeah, things are good here. I hope you and you’re family are well. I haven’t been talking politics lately. It’s the same old crap. Trump sucks, dems are lying, he’s a racist, they hate woman….you know the story. I just don’t care anymore. My blood pressure can’t handle it, LOL. I’ll leave the politics to you guys. I hardly even watch the news anymore. I’m 62 years old and my wife is very sick. I don’t have the time or energy to fight in this crazy political crap. I just wish that we could all get together as Americans and stop the bullshit fighting, but we both know that will never happen….SAD! Anyway….. Have a great holiday.

          • I’m 62 years old and my wife is very sick.

            oh no….what up…

          • Liver and Kidneys are not working right. My wife is 8 years older then me, so it’s just a matter of time. Life sucks at this point. When she leaves me, I’m moving up into the mountains of New England and gonna let the world fight it out without me. I just don’t care anymore. WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG???? I’m so fucking sick of this shit! I give up…………

          • Sorry to hear….I know exactly how you feel…

            We fought Brest cancer again last year…I cost 750k +++ to save her…
            She says it’s her last Cheomo & Radiation

            She’s my love from the very moment my eye saw her and I’ve never let her go.
            When she goes I go… simple !!
            She doubles as my chauffeur for 42 years…yup she drives me crazy everywhere.

            I think we racked up 3 weeks apart in 42 years.

            She has outlived her entire family…
            Her sister had IBC Inflammatory Breast Cancer the worst…a small rash on the breast…she was gone in 6 months.

            My wife had a small rash but it was due to the small lump that became a little larger then a golf ball.
            That was scary…we had better doctors then the first time.

            I hope I go first…she can live with the kids…
            I can’t live without her…
            I’m not sure…but I think she loves the cat more then me !
            That rotten cat…

            Hang in there…as my 85 year ole FBI friend says…every five minutes…
            Remember the good ole days…
            As we drive around town with the top down in his Caddy…what a pisser !!!

          • People say God doesn’t give you any more then you can handle. I’m Catholic and always believed in God. But if there is a God, He sure the hell gives some people a lot of crap to go through….like you and me and especially children with cancer. Children with caner has to be the worst. If there is a God, why would He do that to an innocent child?
            I’d like to leave off being a friend to you. I know we got into it a lot. But as they say, “Politics & Religion” don’t mix. I wish you, your wife and family all the best.

          • Born and raised Catholic as well…except some time ago 9/11 became atheist.
            Freedom From Religion…free at last.
            I don’t look to god to explain things…I simply understand them better. A better understanding leads to better things. The only bad part of it is…you end up seeing how poorly everyone around you lacks quality understanding of the world about them.
            Corrupt associations leads to anger…anger leads to all sorts of issues…hate being top of the list. Religion has no moral compass, contrary to common belief. Or, to be more specific, religion has had the same moral compass all along, but the moral landscape’s magnetic poles have reversed, leading religion’s travelers astray. What was sinful is now virtuous and vice versa.
            Unfortunately, religion is using the same moral compass in the modern world that guided it through ancient times, but under nature’s law there is no permanent solution to life’s problems….we must change how we act in life, because life itself changes.
            To a person capable of original thought, religion as a belief system represents as much of an obstacle as does government…a rigid system of facts, no ideas, no openness. But the biggest threat to religion and government (as practiced in modern times) are the laws of nature, a place where constant change is more than just a fact of life…it is a requirement. Religion needs us…more then we need religion. So then a turned to Nature…where all the complex questions are answered completely forever.

            >>>>Children with caner has to be the worst.
            The death of a child is very hard…but they make up for it with the most wonderful memories.
            “The Good ole Days”

            >>>>If there is a God, why would He do that to an innocent child?
            It’s Natures WAY…no life is innocent…just a different voyage.

            >>>I’d like to leave off being a friend to you.
            I’m friends with everyone…your just another victim of mine !!
            But why are you leaving…well I know…but I will never leave you…
            Always a real friend awaits to help !!

            >>>>God doesn’t give you any more then you can handle.
            You always get more then you can handle…how else would you be able to handle it.
            You don’t goto the gym and take off the weights…you put more on…stupid !!
            Stronger everyday…

            Grandpa…I can’t do it….
            Boy…You don’t know what you can’t do…until you do it !!

            “Politics & Religion” don’t mix. Why not…how else do you make playdough.
            Failure to communicate doesn’t constitute an excuse not to communicate properly.

            Common Sense is a Sense of things that are Common.
            We all have something in common…do you Sense it…

            Your wife will be very happy she has YOU and thats all that matters.
            May the Force be with you…

            Next please…no waiting…line forms to the rear….

          • I lived five years just watching my husband die with cancer. It messed with my mind, and I developed an attitude.
            Life happens, but still, you can’t give up! We need you to fight to rebuild America for our progeny. Many of the youth of our nation are clueless; Many of the Millennials voted for lying Hillary or Feel the Bern.
            Our generation allowed America to get into this mess, so we should fight to the death to MAGA!

          • Trump doesn’t lie ???

            What happens when you find out he’s not your Masiah…

          • Hi Mary. I’m not truly giving up. I’m just so tired. I’ve had a long life defending OUR country. I need a break for a while. I’m not going anywhere! I just need some down time………..

          • YES! Call the Visiting Angels. They can tell you where to purchase the little pill containers with the day labeled and morning, noon and night separate containers. Usually are large enough to contain a week’s pills.
            It breaks my heart to hear anyone declare, “I give up!” Recently a dear friend of mine said this when she decided to return to a very abusive husband. I call him Looney Tunes! Other folk call him much uglier names!
            But, you are in a good relationship, so be very grateful for the good times you had with her while she was well.
            But, as I said, “Life happens.”
            I am much older than you and certainly know how hard it can be to not mess up on doing even small tasks. So, yes, be very, very careful with your distribution of her medicines!
            Remember–never give up, never give out, and never give in! Go one small step at a time.
            And be very careful about keeping your own health! She needs you! The WORLD needs you.

          • Thank you so much Mary. Please know that I thank you with all my heart. Your words are very comforting and gives me that second wind I needed to not EVER think of giving up. I only give up on discussing politics. That gets so heated and makes me feel sick about the path this country is heading. Nobody had faith anymore, respect for the police, if you don’t agree with liberals you’re labeled a racist….you know where I’m going with this? I’m done talking about that. I’m gonna focus on taking care of my wife, mountain climbing, and calling Visiting Angels to help me and give me that time I need to climb mountains. I used to climb at least 3 times a week. I haven’t been out in the forest for about 6 months. That’s making me depressed and weak.
            Thank you again Mary. I’ll post a picture from the summit of the mountain I PLAN on climbing this week, (maybe tomorrow), if the weather isn’t too hot & humid.

          • John, you made my day! When I thought about your sorrow, I kept remembering the five years of waking every morning and thinking, ‘My husband is probably going to leave me here alone!’ I finally went to a psychologist and she was able to help me get through those last three years of five. I got soooo angry, mad at God and just couldn’t cope, but she certainly helped me get through.
            I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful view you post! Take it slow, for six months without our usual exercise does make us weak! Right now, I am sending my thoughts of love and encouragement to you wife through the air.

          • Thank you so much Mary, and I’m very sorry about your husband. It does seem that we always get mad at God when something tragic happens in our lives. I think He knows we really don’t mean it.
            Anyway, I’m getting ready to leave and head out to Mt. Osceola, NH. It’s a little under 5K, so it’s gonna be a hard one. I’ll just take my time. Just wait until you see the view from up there. I’ll post it here.
            Have a great fourth! “America Rocks”!

          • I am cheering you on and waiting for that pic!!!

          • So beautiful to behold! Our little human minds can’t begin to understand the power and glory of God. Sure glad He gave us such wondrous sights so pleasing to our eyes!
            Of course, I am afraid of heights so will be content to gaze at pictures!

          • Isn’t God amazing Mary? Just look at what He’s done. The pictures don’t give the true vision justice. I always thank Him for creating such beauty for me to view. I might be going to a place called, “Noon Peak” this coming weekend. That’s not as high up, but another awesome view to the north only. If I go, I’ll try and find you to show you some pix.
            Enjoy the rest of the week,

            PS: Click on those pix for a better view.

          • Yes, I did click on those and saw a larger picture.
            I do hope you can go. I will be praying for your safety and joy if you go. I hope you can take photos and let me share through my eyes the beauty you are seeing.

          • Mary, I’ll go this Friday. The only problem with this place is that I have to cross a stream. I have to rock-hop to get to the other side, and those rocks are very slippery. If the water level is low, it will be no problem. If it’s high, I won’t be able to get across. I slipped in that stream about 12 years ago and it was really cold. So fingers crossed for a low water level.

          • You’re one pathetic asshole to ridicule a sick person. Have a stroke, jerkoff.

          • Maybe you should read the posts in their entirety…

            You don’t have to apologize…we all make mistakes…

            Have a good day…

          • Sorry, it still looks to me that you are ridiculing this poor man.

          • Ah…no…

            He’s indicated his wife was sick…I was asking what was up with her…

          • So, you are ridiculing her and her illness then, is that it?

          • How did you arrive at that??

          • Simple deduction. You, and your wife, are both afflicted with AIDS. You yourself suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Along with VD. Your wife has chlamydia, which she contracted from a dwarf during a threesome with your father. It’s classic.

          • You’re flogging a dead horse that is already in the glue bottle. Old adage. AntiGOP and his alter ego Rex1949 or totally beyond salvation. “Stupid is as Stupid Do”!
            It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever. He IS stuck in forever?

          • old codger go have sex with your hamster…people don’t want to read your shit puke….

          • You’re a pisser bro! Where do you find these pictures, haha. I gotta say, I’ve seen some really funny ones. On BOTH sides. Remember……I’m an Independent, (or really, nothing politically). If I do vote again, which I don’t know I will, I’ll vote for the person I think is better on running things for OUR country. I love OUR country. Rex1949 obviously doesn’t know me or read any of my posts. One thing I really hate is…being called: “Anti-American”! I bleed for this country…I love this country…I’d die for this country!

          • OnTheRoad AntiGOP • 3 hours ago
            You’re a pisser bro! Where do you find these pictures, haha. I gotta say, I’ve seen some really funny ones. On BOTH sides.


            >>>>>>>Remember……I’m an Independent, (or really, nothing politically).

            I guess your next going to ask me if I care.

            >>> If I do vote again, which I don’t know I will, I’ll vote for the person I think is better on running things for OUR country.

            Oh please don’t do us any favors…you already fucked up royally the last time.

            >>> I love OUR country.

            I do to…except on Mondays !!

            >>>>Rex1949 obviously doesn’t know me or read any of my posts.

            Guess he doesn’t care either !!

            >>>>One thing I really hate is…being called: “Anti-American”!

            Well good…I won’t call you Anti-Idiot then…I’ll just call you idiot…feel better now.

            >>>> I bleed for this country…I love this country…I’d die for this country!

            Oh look…4th of July and the Grand Finale so soon…
            Brilliant masterful statement all in one line and again on the 4th of July…A Real Patriot.

            Did I call you an idiot at least once already…

            Some of us prefer to be creative and enable joy in the lives of everyone as an enduring spirit.

            Sure does beat looking up and seeing a chunk of rock with two dates and your name carved into it.
            The rock prevents one from being a creative and productive individual like the real Hero’s around the world as see in History…that matters.

            i.e. Nikola Tesla… a man who gave humanity more then any one could possibly imagine… as we all use his Trillion brain cells of creativity in our daily lives.
            A truly forgotten honor.

            “To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end” and “what we call ‘soul’ or ‘spirit,’ is nothing more than the sum of the functionings of the body. When this functioning ceases, the ‘soul’ or the ‘spirit’ ceases likewise”.

            He emigrated to the United States in 1884, where he would become a naturalized citizen.

            At least one remembers a real hero for the GLOBAL world we live in…

            How’s the wife ???

          • The wife is stable. Thanks for asking. They’re giving her about a year, but I don’t believe in all these doctors.
            I don’t care that you trash me. At least you make me laugh. Hey, do you know anything about this weird dud Rex? Man, he’s totally messed up! He makes no sense at all. What ever he’s smoking, I think he should stop.
            Be well, I don’t need to be on this site with a guy like Rex on it. I will say goodbye to him when he posts more unreadable crap to me.

          • OnTheRoad AntiGOP • a minute ago

            The wife is stable. Good
            Thanks for asking. U Welcome…

            >>>> I don’t care that you trash me.

            You and Me trash you…that makes two of us who cares about you.

            >>>>At least you make me laugh.

            It’s a dirty job for sure…

            >>>>Hey, do you know anything about this weird dud Rex? Man, he’s totally messed up! He makes no sense at all. What ever he’s smoking,

            Well he sure has a boner for you honey…

            >>>>I think he should stop.

            I don’t…then you be thinking I’m totally messed up!
            Can’t have that now can we…

            >>>>Be well, I don’t need to be on this site with a guy like Rex on it.

            Don’t worry about Rex…you have me honey…

            BTW…Took 10 doctors to find the right one to do my back surgery (no Joke)…suggest you find at least 5 for the wife.
            Does she have Cancer?

          • No cancer, but one kidney stopped working. Her liver is not sending the urine to the one working kidney. She has, (I think), 4 doctors in charge of the liver and kidney thing. What she has is a long name, so I’m sorry, I can’t write what she has. Last September she swelled up with fluid. My wife is 100lbs. When they got her into the hospital, she weighed 147lbs. All fluid. They drained 3 large containers of fluid out of her twice man. They even told me to get my things in order….she’s going to die in a few days, (last September). They had a medication that only worked on about 7% of people with what she has. I couldn’t believe it…it worked on her! So now as long as this medication keeps working, she’ll stay alive. It really sucks man. But I’m thankful for that med that’s working, and hope it keeps working more then the year they gave it.
            That’s the story over here.

          • Thanks for tell me….

            >>>They’re giving her about a year,

            There’s a cure for that…hugs and kisses…like there’s no tomorrow…

            Works for me…but sometimes the rotten cat gets in the way…then I get hairballs.

            >>>but I don’t believe in all these doctors.

            AND dentists…don’t forget those damn dentists.

            >>>It really sucks man.

            Yupper…know it well…had a few scary moments…the Chemo effects the heart and she’s had 12 to date…so last year was hard on her heart. She didn’t want to stay in the hospital away from her baby cats…so I brought her home and stayed up a week taking vitals every hour…giving her everything she needed.
            Whatever it takes is what you do…

            Wish you folks the best…

          • Wow…you two are going through hell also. I’m so sorry buddy. I wish you and your wife all the best, I really do. And I really want to thank you for being so concerned about my wife….thank you. So life goes on and then we die. Being in my 60’s now makes me think of my younger days. I’d give anything to be young again. Even in Nam, it wasn’t that bad. The war/conflict was ending and I survived. After that, life was great. It seems like yesterday being that age. Now my wife and me are here…trying to make the best of things.
            I wish you and your wife a great life. And try not let politics get you. I’m dropping out of it. I’ll leave it all up to you guys. I just have to focus on my wife more at this point. I don’t need to get upset about politics. So you take care buddy. And again…all my best! I just have to say goodbye to Rex, LOL.

          • Yea thanks…but to be clear…that was last year…this year we’re clear of all of it and things are back to Abby normal.
            And yes spend your time wisely…

            >>>So you take care buddy.

            Same to you and stop by from time to time…long enough to say hi.

            I probably won’t be around here much longer myself…life is going to change soon.

            Take care…may the force be with you and yours…

          • Thanks. You take care also. I’m gonna take the wife to bed. She’s sleepy and we’re gonna go to a fireworks picnic tomorrow. That should be fun, but I have to watch everything my wife eats. She’s only allowed 2,000mgs of sodium per day. I do all the cooking and I’m like a freaking mad scientist figuring out how much salt I’m giving her a day. So far so good.
            PS: Nice picture…thanks 🙂
            We’re going to the Mount Washington Hotel for 3 days.

          • Don’t have to much fun without me…

            We want to go…nice !!

            You know what they do in Hotels don’t you….

            They sleep.

            >>>>I’m like a freaking mad scientist

            OOps forgot the pic…

          • No sleeping today friend! Heading up to the hotel, and then going to climb a mountain. This should be a pisser! I does suck that the wife can’t climb anymore, but she’s cool with everything. She’ll be hanging with the other ladies at the hotel.
            Enjoy the holiday!

          • Have a good one…later

          • You are, of course, correct, old codger. Once you have to upvote yourself, you have lost the argument. In a way, I feel sad for them. Life is tough. It’s tougher if you are stupid. They shan’t survive a real crisis.

          • “….get together as Americans….” If only ‘they’ were Americans, that process might actually be possible. Problem being, this “Progressive” outfit, a.k.a. the Democrat party, this ‘party(?)’ resembles NOT the same party as that of your granddad’s day! How many people, actually just slightly farther left than the Clinton example, in America, supported an avowed Socialist/Communist type in Bernie Sanders? Americans(?) by those definitions would more be “getting together” with their brothers and sisters in countries under the thumb of Russia, or Russia itself! I am still hoping to see their ‘exit,’ as they promised, from America to ANY other country that appeals to them more….

          • I left the Democratic Party 40 years ago because it was no longer for the people. My state was primarily Democratic then. Soon after I left the Democratic Party the state became a Republican state.
            But, I do hate the RINOS in the Republican party!

          • Absootootly! Been complaining for decades that the Greatly Overrated Party has frittered away every instance they have been given ‘total’ power in that puzzle palace of D.C., by being nothing but “Democrat Lite!”

          • “Democrat Lite” is a great expression to use for them!

          • Yep. The “Lite” crowd is going as expected. This just in from “Conservative Daily: “Mitch McConnell admitted he won’t be able to get it done. He also admitted that he was willing to shore up Obamacare and allow it to remain on the books.” Some ‘conservatives’ believe that leaving Obamacare alone, and letting it self-destruct, will let the “Democrats” own it. But “shoring it up” isn’t leaving it alone either! As many have noted, once some grand “entitlement” has started, and people have loaded onto the gravy train, it is nearly impossible to derail/eliminate it. They have been after a “single payer,” as in government, health care system this entire time – never mind how well it has worked in so many other countries (NOT)! Gutless Overrated Putzes had seven long years to construct some ‘plan,’ to IMMEDIATELY repeal and REPLACE the Monster with, did they, NO, will they, unlikely! Trump is shoveling sand against the tide, the reason America is where she is today is that those seditionist Democrats, like any good Progressive, march in lock step. They have for the past fifty-odd years. The Gutless ones have FAILED to learn that there is NO working with these NEW America deceivers, or, as in the past, they get that incremental bit that continues to decay our country!

          • I’ll bet you hate more then RINOS…

            Democrats are #1 on your hate list….I’ll bet…

            Hate to you is a many splendored thing…

            Mary your such a hating person…keep up the good mentality.

          • The White House is nothing more than a “Party House” where they are constantly entertaining and being entertained at the expense of ignorant American’s who pay the unlawful federal income tax. Why would anyone pay a tax they have never owed? Mostly because of fear that the Party People in the District of Criminals spew out as what will happen to you if you don’t pay up. You are free as long as you remain their taxpayers, otherwise they will put you in the gulag to teach you a lesson that you must remain a slave or else.

          • Another issue that concerns me is that we do not really own our houses of which we paid good money! If anyone thinks they own the place, just miss a couple of years of paying the required “taxes”!

          • The fighting won’t stop until all the Demoncraps are dead. And it’s coming.

          • You’re a sick dude hiding behind religion…see a doctor before you make anymore people unhappy with you.

          • I’m not hiding behind anything. Not overly religious at all. And I’m happy. Why shouldn’t I be? Trump is POTUS!!!

          • Well that explains it doesn’t it !!!

          • No WOW involved. My pres runs the show. Your heroes are proven liars, lesbians, cocksuckers and maggots.

          • Are you a real commie sure sounds like one So just asking

          • GFY…have a good day…

          • AMEN!!

          • Nice selfie!

          • Actually Trumps Caddy took it…

          • On The Road: If you don’t like the USA. Then you need to move to North Korea where you came from. This is a freedom country. Not like your North Korea country you love which deals with treachery and murdering one another. I bet you even ❤️ Those Isis/ Muslims too huh??? Go back home to North Korea where you came from squint eyes. And Kim is nothing but a fat pig too. He needs roasting. Put him on one of those missles. Aim it towards North Korea. And then see what happens to your brother Kim huh?? ???

          • On The Road…. is a Conservative

            You might want to seek some anger management…

          • AntiGop: Number 1 here. On the Road was not acting Conservative as you think. Do you know what Conservative means huh? When somebody turns from there country people. Something is wrong with someone. You say I need anger’s management. I doubt that. Nothing in what I believe in Mister. I believe in the Good Old USA! I know where my morals stand. Do you though? Ask yourself that question. Were suppose to be in unity to help one another. Not be divided like we are now. Think on that why don’t you and then reply back to me.

          • I assume you are conservative since I have nothing to prove otherwise.
            I don’t see you making the effort to unite…I’m on conservative and libtard and independant blogs applying effort to understanding all sides.

            Your only on one side…

            I truly see ALL the issues.

            Only thing you see is “Where are HER emails.”

            >>>>I know where my morals stand. Do you though? Ask yourself that question.

            Oh yes I do very much know…I’ve written in length in other blogs.

            >>>> Were suppose to be in unity to help one another. Not be divided like we are now.

            You and I are responsible for that…likewise even more so…is the person in the WH.

            They don’t call him the Divider & Chief for no reason…

            >>>>Think on that why don’t you and then reply back to me.

            I help thousands of people every year in so many different ways…just going to the supermarket can be a 3-4 hour deal and a small crowd.

            One thing is for sure…if you are around me…you will think to some degree.

            Everywhere I go a draw a small to large crowd…bringing people together to think rationally.
            Some already do…some have a new desire…some will never change…some don’t give a shit…and some have severe mental issues and some have dependencies.

            All different types I have to work with every day.
            During the day it’s children 1-18…at night its children 18-90

            Common sense… a sense of what’s common.
            However I have nothing in common with someone who HATEs.
            Without a doubt…an extreme amount of hate on conservative blogs.

            I know where my morals stand.

            I ask you…Do you really though?

            My morals say that anybody who admits to violating a woman and the law…is not worthy of leading America.

            That was not the only factor either… that my moral compass pointed correctly.


          • You and your alter ego Rex1949. who by the way keeps up voting his Stupid rants, should check out the definition :

            to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or
            innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.
            synonyms: traditionalist · traditional · conventional · orthodox · [more]
            a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.
            synonyms: right-winger · reactionary · rightist · diehard · Republican · [more]
            It is you and the “other” A–HOLE who need to leave! JERKS BOTH!

          • Rex1949 is a nut! I don’t even know what the hell this person is talking about, haha.

          • Well that would make it 3 that don’t know what the hell he’s talking about! You, me and him!! ROFLMAO!!

          • Does this person make any sense to you OC? It’s funny in a way. I don’t think anyone knows what the hell he’s talking about. And why did he pick me to trash? Trust me, I don’t care, but this person has major mental issues! Maybe I’ll hang around to see what else comes out of him, haha.

          • It was your day to be in the barrel!! LOL! Lucky you!

          • Hey Codger, have you been reading ALL the stuff this weirdo Rex has been writing to me? I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know if you have ANY idea what he is talking about?! It’s like he thinks I’m someone else, haha! I kinda feel bad for him in a way. Ya know how you feel bad for a sick dog or another pet? He defiantly has a mental problem….and I truly mean that! He just makes no sense. I wonder if he’s joking? If he’s not, he’s making a fool out of himself on the board. He calls himself Rex…isn’t that a doggy name? LOL

          • No. I don’t know how long you’ve been posting on blogs but if only a couple of months this is S.O.P.!!!!
            Many do make fools of themselves!!! They are masochists!!! No matter how bad you mash and trash them with facts to back up your position, you are ALWAYS wrong and they are ALWAYS right! I’ve had some of these A–CLOWNS tell me every link I provided is WRONG/ BIASED/ B.S.! YET “THEY” NEVER, EVER provide ANY links to support their position”!! A lot will DEMAND proof/ links but they themselves NEVER do, then they resort to the DemoCommieSCUMboRAT last resort game plan and start name calling!!!!!!

          • I’m an American AntiGOP. I don’t wanna be a part of any political affiliation anymore. I did my time back in the late 60s and very early 70’s. Screw that. I’ll just read what you guys wright. But where the hell does Rex1949 get off calling me anti-American? I don’t think he read all my posts. I killed dozens of dinks back in the day, and probably a lot more that I didn’t see. I didn’t want to, but it was them, or me. Sorry, but THEY lost! Some of them were so friggin’ close to me, that I could smell the sweat off their scumbag bodies! I’m glad that’s all over and done. It really sucked!
            Yes, I am going to anger management/phycologist. But not for what you said. I’m feeling better…and staying away from the news of this messed up world helps a lot better.

          • I fort for this country, I love MY country…where are you getting the idea I don’t love America? I’d die for her!

          • On the Road: You claim your a Patrotic Person. Yet you think what that trader Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton was correct what they did when in Political Office.Yet you downgrade Trump. Yet look at Satan Barrack Hussien Obama now. And also Hillary The Witch Of The West. Both in deep crap now. Ready to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes they committed. They lied to the public plus committed crimes by giving aid to the enemy. And falsifying documents as well. Not counting your buddy Barrack Hussein Obama left us more in debt then any President in history. And allowed aliens in our country. I could give you plenty of reasons why Obama and Hillary are nothing more then a piece of crap. But why bother. I guess that Trump being in the Office less then a year has accomplished for us to get a lot of items repaired that Obama & Hillary couldn’t get done huh? You’re one person who is not appreciative of What President Trump has done for you. Did you know Your buddy Obama doesn’t appreciate our fighting service guys huh? Why don’t you think he didn’t wear our American pin or put his hand over his heart to give thanks for you fighting for our country huh? Why was it that Obama was pushing to have the soldiers pay for there own insurance if they got injured in a battle huh? Obama made comments about how he never appreciated the soldiers fighting to save this country huh? Ask your fellow soldiers who are back home or the soldiers who are on leave what they felt about Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. Ask them I dare you. If you have the guts to ask them. They will tell you they was not impressed with Obama or Hillary Clinton. Trump has done more then both of them together in his short term. Yet you listen to that stupid CNN and Fox News and swallow everything they say. Man! Your something else. You really are.

          • What are you talking about?! I hate Obama, Hillary and ALL libs! I’m a big Trump supporter! Where are you getting your info from? Are you reading “MY” posts or what?!!!!

          • On The Road: I read your message saying you hated Trump. Go back please and read your statements you write please. You are Conterdicting yourself. You wrote the words stating how much you resent President Trump. The proof is in the pudding. As your words are written all over the post here. I didn’t lie. All I did was simply read your post. Your dishonest like your soul brother Barrack Hussein Obama. Can’t tell the honest truth if you tried.? LOL’S there. Your something else know that huh? Better go to your doctor. Those pills your taking are not doing you No Good! Oh look at this here…> ??????????????????? How you like that huh???? ?

          • You’re fucking out of your mind! What ever you’re reading from me, you don’t know how or what it means. I voted for Trump…plain and simple. I’m not wasting anymore of my time talking to you. Fuckin’ fool! So you can keep writing trash about me, but I’m not gonna fall into your sick trap of what ever you’re talking about! This is my last waste of energy writing back to you idiot. And stop giving yourself a thumbs up. You look foolish to the people on this board troll!

          • On The Road: If anybody is out of there fucking mind . It is surely you. As you wrote in one of your post how you didn’t care for Trump or your fellow Democract’s. You Stupid Dip Stick You. I saw on one of your post just now how you was sticking up for Trump. I guess you was afraid of too much flank from other people who would comment to you about your bad taste of remark about Trump huh? Your as two faced as any person can be. Your a big piece of crap. You lie and double talk when you write something on this post. And don’t like the thumbs up huh? To freakin bad a** hole. ????????????????????????????????????????

          • Learn some grammar idiot.

      • Hey Moron you should learn English Then learn how to write a sentence A SSHOLE

    • OnTheRoad>>> And if Trump DOES decide to take action on these countries that crap all over us, the left will call Trump a “War Manga”. But what is he suppose to do at this point? How much longer are we gonna take it? N. Korea is getting very close to nuking us.

      See…this is what happens when you rub the Trump doll with both hands…

      Your brain turns to mush…

      >>>>N. Korea is getting very close to nuking us.

      I hate when people make a joke and don’t give the punch line…

      Ok I’m taking your word for it and arming myself…

    • Thanks for your service brother.

      • I have a feeling you sweat “The Nam” also. Thanks for having fun with me brother. Hey, we made it home though. That’s what counts. 365 and a wake up bro. Seemed longer.

        • Actually brother I was 10 years too young but I have a world of respect and love for all my fellow veterans.

          • Hey, thank your lucky stars man! It really sucked! Yeah…. Da Nang, S. Vietnam. The war/conflict was coming to an end, and It was so friggin’ hot and humid there. I heaved almost every day for a month! I didn’t see anything like in the movies. We patrolled the streets around “Da Nang Bay”. I didn’t want to take anyone’s life! I didn’t want to, but it was me or them. I chose them. Oh well, that was a long time ago. I have no idea how “I” didn’t die. I think God was watching over me. But why would God have me kill these men? I hated that world of shit I was in!!

            I don’t wanna talk about that anymore. Bad memories!

          • Vietnam a unjust war entered by the United States that killed several million innocent Vietnamese men, women and children, all for the sake of “blood money”, which also killed thousands of U.S. military personnel. How could the United States find it humane to dump deadly Agent Orange on the Viet Cong and all of the innocent Vietnamese people and “U.S. military ground troops”? Do you know of any U.S. Army person affected by Agent Orange? The Vietnam War which the United States admitted it lost, generated billions for the already rich elite, like Rockefeller who owned the oil depot’s of North Vietnam. I was aboard ship in Honolulu when we heard about the oil depot’s of North Vietnam being off limits to bombing. Are you a proud Vietnam veteran? I can’t say that I am. 1961-1965 U.S. Navy

          • It’s funny that you mentioned “Agent Orange”… old friend of mine just passed away from it. I really never called Nam a war, it was a conflict that we should have never got involved with. I came home in 1972. I humped “The Lucky Daze” they called it. I guess because it was the end of the stupid thing and I didn’t even get a scratch. Am I a proud grunt? That’s a question I try not to even think of.

          • I don’t blame you I know many nam vets who won’t talk about it either. It really does suck you and everyone else had to go there I don’t believe we should have been there. And the way assholes here treated our fine service men when they returned was completely despicable. Take care brother God is sitting on your shoulder.

          • The Lord sat on my shoulders for 12 months. Being Army, I only, (that’s funny, “I only had 12 months”!), had to do 13. Navy and Maries had to do 13 months for a wake up. (I think it was 13) Every dam day seemed so long, especially over there. I just pray to God that he forgives me for the few men I DID see my M-16 hit. Just one more thing that piss’ me off: General Earle Wheeler, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was said to be calling the shots during the end of that stupid conflict, but Westmoreland did in my opinion. He was such a braising asshole who got a lot of my brothers KILLED!!!

          • You don’t have to talk about it brother I could never ask anyone to do it. In my opinion if someone wants to talk about it that’s fine but it’s not something I could ever ask. Tasker care brother you’re welcome to say hello anytime my brother.

          • Enjoy your night and weekend brother. I’m FOLLOWING you, so I will stop by and say hello every now and then. I’m trying to stay away from politics because it’s really bothering me, plus I have a sick wife at home and don’t need any more crap. Liberals just don’t get it and are ruining this country. I’ve wrote that a bunch of times, that’s why that fool Rex saying different about me makes no sense. That guy must be smoking some bad stuff, LOL. He’s got a big problem with his brain! Talk again, John

          • Sounds good John, Frank.

          • Hey Frank, has Rex1949 ever given you crap? All he does is troll trash people. He’s probably sitting in mommy’s & daddy’s basement with a box of Kleenex next to him for when he’s in-between trashing us, LOL. Here’s his ID>

          • No never heard of him John but I’ve blocked so many asshole trolls he could be one of them.

          • Hopefully he’ll see this post and trash me. Dam snowflakes are funny!

          • I gave that moron a taste of his own medicine. I seriously doubt he even has a fourth grade education. He can’t spell or use any form of grammar. Idiots like him aren’t worth our time brother.

          • Hey Frank, sorry if it takes me a long time getting back to you. I don’t have an IPhone or something like that. I have to wait until I’m home, where I have my laptop or my wife’s desktop…sorry man. Funny thing is…she said to me the other day, “You arguing with somebody on one of those political boards”? THE WIFE SNAGGED ME, haha

          • No problem John no apologies necessary brother .

    • Jim Deffendall

      I don’t understand where are they going to get all of those virgins they rape them when they are young even the boys and their goats.

  6. No way is Korea any concern to the POOR US CITIZENS it IS a huge road block for the ZioAnglos because as the
    greater Isralie project stumbles and fizzles, the pressure around the world against the ZioAnglos rises expotentially, they will fight the ZioAnglos world wide, China will help as will Iran and a hundred others.
    The ZioAnglos will be in wars hot wars all over not just 2 or 3 spots.

  7. Did you know it is easy to speak Korean? For Instance “Kim Jong Un ” translates into: “Ugly little Toad”
    See how easy that is?

  8. They must be eradicated.

  9. Get rid of the dough boy now!!

  10. 5 MOABs should do it…

    • I like that idea! I don’t like killing the innocent that would be killed, but the people of a country get the government they deserve.
      But, we cannot dilly-dally around and wait to get nuked by Little Fat Boy!

  11. Fight this fat Idiot with everything we got and clean out North Korea without thinking what the Democrats say .Obummmma should have done something about this Pig a long time ago.But I think He would like to see America Down.Trump is the real American and I hope he kick this Idiots Ass.

  12. north Korea is not a threat to the US. Given our track record of a brutal foreign policy that includes murder of innocent civilians, rape and sodomy of children as young as 3 years old. North Korea has the right to defend it’s self against American imperialism. The only countries we don’t attack are those who have the nuclear option for self defense. Those Nazi Zionist punks in Washington want to give North Korea the same treatment as shown in the photos below. It is none of our business to interfere in any other countries business. If North Korea were to launch a nuclear attack: it would be in response to an illegal American act of aggression.

    • No one is wholly innocent in this world, and America has done many things that are contrary to its principles. But one has to look at the overall picture, and taking a global view, America is arguably the most beneficent government the planet has ever seen.

      Nonetheless: it seems that you, ScOOter5111, are clearly not only an anti-Semite but also a member of the lunatic fringe (who probably sees “the Elders of Zion” behind every sin and misdeed)– in your attempt to grasp history you have sadly seized on the wrong stick. You are more than likely an Obamaite troll — and Obama clearly shares your view of America as something evil and culpable, not something noble and good, however imperfectly its ideals may be implemented.

    • Right on Brother Right on….

  13. North Korea Represents “Immediate” Threat to U.S.


    America has been down this pathetic road before too many times…

    Weapons of Mass LIES & LIARS

    • I hated this prick! He made bad a lot of bad choices that got a lot of my older brothers killed.

      • Their all asshole…and trained too boot…

        How many Bros you got???

        How was you mini vacation??

        • Oh yeah! Good ole’ Wesley. If I remember clearly, (which I don’t about those daze), he was a good boy. He came up with a lot of plans and even got a Bronze or was it a Silver Star for them to boot. It sucked because he came into the theater about the same time I did. And according to the big wigs, he did a great job…if I’m remembering this correctly. I’ll be honest with you, I tried VERY hard to put all this shit in the back of my brain so I would forget them. That mini vacation was a world of shit man! Good thing for me is, I didn’t even get a scratch. Can you believe that shit?!!!
          Everyone who humped “The Nam” in those days were my brother, so I have no count for you. Oh yeah…”Those where the friggin’ daze man”! My daughter…my first kid…I didn’t even see her get born. Just muddy pictures were all I got to see about her. (Dam, I’m telling you some deep shit AG!) Ya know my daughter hated me for a really long time because I wasn’t there to see her get born. The guys told me that I could have gone home to see the birth, but how could I leave my bros? Damn shitty way of thinking in those times. Me and Uncle Sam were close…how fucking stupid of me!!!!!

  14. Michael Dennewitz


  15. The threat has been strong for the past eight years. It is time to either eliminate this fat boy or get off the pot.

    Less talk, more action.

  16. Michael Dennewitz

    N Korea and Iran are our biggest threats. Russia likes to talk the talk, but Putin knows his limits! This country needs to nuke N Korea, and do it soon!! ?

  17. What took so long to come up with that . He has already proved his intention . It would be kind of stupid to treat N K like obambo did Iran and help them get there NUKE . I think a drone could take him out easy and some of his close friends as well Its not that far to travel from where we are there . But if not send in the troops and not to play games like the obambo crowd did so many times send them in to fight WIN then come home

  18. TICK – TICK – TICK – TICK – TICK -TICK – TICK—– The Doomsday Clock keeps on ticking. It’s just a matter of time now. Look at the history of the “Human Race” (not good). In 1945 Nuclear Weapons were introduced to the equation. Unless “Humans” change their “nature”, they have NO future. TICK – TICK – TICK – TICK – TICK – TICK —

  19. Maybe the Navy Seals will get that idiotic leader of N. Korea!

    • No matter how good our special ops peeps are, they will never get to the toad. You need to check out all the layers of protection he has.

      Only a ballistic missile can get through…or, his own turn on him.

  20. WWIII is on its way. Does everyone have their bug out bags and retreat ready or at least in progress?

  21. Jim Deffendall

    Bill Clinton gave them the system to be able to deliver the missile to or shore

  22. Frank Weismantel

    One Ohio Class Triton Submarine will solve the North Korea problem in about 17 minutes. Of course, there will no longer be a North Korea. The only problem with that solution is the total loss of innocent lives. A much more humane and appropriate solution would be sending in Seal Team Six. Much less collateral damage while ending the regime of a completely bat shit crazy dictator. The ongoing problem will of course be exactly who will take over from Mister Nuttty. Sometimes it’s better the Devil you know instead of the Devil you don’t know. Sorry, no true solution presented. Better minds than mine should probably solve the problem. Nuff Said…

    • The loss of innocent lives is a concern of mine also. But, what about the potentially millions of lives and polluted landscape if Little Fat Boy does develop a nuke that can go further in than CA.

  23. If not N. Korea, Iran. IslamObama’s traitorous give away has setup our kids and grandpeeps to fight a war if we don’t do something soon.

  24. Shame on administrations Republican and Democratic for the mess they played a part in creating.

  25. Unfortunately, the Korean Conflict has never ended and has grown each year to include more nations. An incredible constant warfare/conflicts has been engaged by many nations with no intended or desired end? As with the current crisises – there are only no solutions that military, political or humanitarian could resolve?

    The way the North Koreans are living has been a human travesty of unbearable proportions. I pity their sub-standard conditions. China should realize the plight under their repressive governance and do something?

    The US has helped changed the lives of South Korea for the better; while North Korea only has gotten worst?

  26. Start shooting his missiles out of the air as he is testing them.

  27. Richard G Lucas

    liberals are all crazy

  28. Nah – only a danger to Hawaii – the west coast – SO —— Let’em do their thing……

  29. Insider buzz: Kim Jung Un has less than six weeks. Mark it down.

  30. Munge: There is nothing wrong with my spelling. Is this all you have time to do is insult people and correct people’s spellings huh??? Nobody appreciates somebody trying to correct everybody all the time in spelling etc. if you use the right approach in helping someone. That would be fine. But the fact is you don’t use the right approach in helping someone is the true facts. You sound to tend to have a anger management problem. You need to go to some classes which deal with those issues. I suggest you start looking for those classes. And for goodness sake. Quit looking for everyone’s mistakes they make on Posts or whatever. Nobody likes a know it all OK????

  31. Vincent Marcantelli

    Just a little history, the United States has not won A war, that we were directly involved in since WW-2. But within (5) yrs were in Korea, which lasted just about (5) yrs. Papers were signed people, as usual did a LOT of TALKING, now, (fast) {slow forward} Look where we are now, and at this time in the history of this country, we are having those who want this President gone and replaced by the Likes of Clinton, a Sanders, or someone worst if that’s possible. Now, I guess we know why we have NEVER won ANYTHING, Vietnam, we could have won, should have won, “fast forward”, we have been in the (SANDS) now almost (17yrs), and are we NEAR the end? Or are we again wanting to DO WHAT WE SHOULD NEVER DO again…….NATION BUILD. Yes, if we are not careful, we will end up in that world of [CRAP], and the keepers of that [crap] looks more and more like the Democrats. It’s so strange, as the world is going to hell in THAT hand basket, we have so many LITE weight elected “bigshots”, who don’t even know what their jobs are, but, are standing out in front……..”leading the fight at wanting to get rid of the ONLY President in the last 50 yrs who will stand up against our enemies, and state: My Country First, and mean it. So, my request is Prior to taking off, all Liberals and Ultra Republicans, please depart the plane. If, that can not be done, then please SHUTUP.!!!


  33. Forget the Middle East, time for israel to fight it’s own enemies, this country is the real threat, nuke it into oblivion.

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