Trump Admin Names and Shames Sanctuary Cities

In his campaign for president, Donald Trump was very clear in his thoughts about the U.S. cities where local officials refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. He bashed these sanctuary cities relentlessly, and he vowed to do everything in his power to force them into compliance with the law.

Upon taking office, President Trump issued an executive order instructing the Justice Department to look at funding the White House could strip from those cities that continue to defy federal law. Presumably, that review is still taking place.

In the meantime, however, the Trump administration is beginning to apply public pressure on those cities in the form of weekly reports that name and shame jurisdictions where local police have ignored detainer requests sent to them by immigration officials.

The Department of Homeland Security published the first of these reports on Monday, identifying 118 police departments that refuse to honor detention requests. The report also listed 206 cases from a one-week period in which various cities refused to detain illegal immigrants who had been charged with a crime.

Thomas Homan, the acting director for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in a statement that sanctuary cities were a threat to America’s security.

“When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect the public safety and carry out its mission,” he said. “Our goal is to build cooperative, respectful relationships with our law enforcement partners. We will continue collaborating with them to help ensure that illegal aliens who may pose a threat to our communities are not released onto the streets to potentially harm individuals living within our communities.”

Ultimately, this “name and shame” method may actually work better than anything Trump can do to force these sanctuary cities into compliance. The courts have ruled that these cities have the right to reject ICE detainer requests, and they may also find that Trump cannot strip them of federal funding. But we doubt there’s a judge in America who can stop the president from exposing these cities to the public.

Some of these cities will never budge. They’re so liberal that they’re barely American anymore. They’ll fight to the last dollar to make sure illegal immigrants have a safe place in their communities, and that’s fine. There won’t be many. The rest will find the political pressure too much to bear. Your average Democrat voter is not that enthusiastic about shielding criminal Mexicans from deportation, and your average Democrat politician is going to realize that before too long.

And when the nation’s illegal immigrants start flowing into the 20 or 30 sanctuary cities that are left…well, it won’t be long before this whole house of cards comes tumbling down.


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  1. Maryland which has a border with Virginia is an entire sanctuary state unless Larry Hogan has done something to change that. A 14 year old girl was raped in school in Rockville, MD by an illegal alien. The father of the girl should have had her taught to use a tactical pen. Her father should have equipped her with a pair of tactical pens so that she could have killed those two guys who raped her in self defense. Then an illegal alien would have turned up dead and that would have made for a much more positive story.

    • As I understand it, Maryland is NOT yet a sanctuary state. Just yesterday, Gov. Hogan, said if the Maryland legislature passes a pending bill to make the state a sanctuary state, he, Hogan, will veto it.

      • McFerguson, I can’t believe the danged Dem MD legislature passed that bill just the day after that little girl was savagely raped in a bathroom at the high school by TWO OLDER male ILLEGALS! You’re right, the governor has said he’ll not sign it.

        • Yes, the democrats never cease to amaze. Their clumsy handling of this bill in light of the tragic situation this 14 yeal old was subjected to by two ILLEGAL aliens is an abomination. Still, they blindly stumble on, their idiocy intact as they remain in a persistent vegetative state.

          • If you heard the lawyers that will be representing these two illegal immigrants when they said the massive rant against the incident is more due to the fact they are illegal aliens that in the rape itself!.
            The fact it took several days for most of the media to say a thing about it and even then there has been verily little said compared to dozens of other less issues, where did the attorney get that crap?
            He (they) will use anything they can to see these two get off on this charge and most likely get apologies from the schools, the media and anyone else they want to hear it from!
            The two are subject to due process of our laws and we should expect nothing less than that BUT, we also know how to many backs are turned when any immigrant violates a law – we can expect nothing short of the same “back turning” and pandering and pampering the Obama Administration has set over the past years to rule in this criminal act!

      • Strange that the very states that supported founding our Republic have now become rebels and stupid by allowing liberals/leftists/democrats take them over and back to the monarchy the state once fought against. Amazing to me every day. Being stupid, ignorant and causing legal citizens to be raped, robbed and killed further amazes me and underlines the fact that the experiment to take over America has succeeded in these states. Well, perhaps we can secede them from us and let them live as they first lived in the 1600s, 1700s and even into the 1800s and see how their citizens will react. Somehow I think no heat, no water, no food might make a huge different in their politics and also not being allowed to leave that seceded area to invade our states. Since CA wishes to secede (altho not allowed by the Union contract, any contract can be broken by one party and let them suffer being alone and suffering). Just let us know when it happens so we sensible people living here and quickly leave. Some of us have delayed because of health, lack of funds, etc., but in an emergency we are out of here! My spouse doesn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of sanctuary cities, but I do having lived outside the USA and seen what invaders can do. So, I can leave and he can stay at this stage of our lives. I want liberty, freedom and my country, not these states that have been won back to being owned and enslaved.

        • The whole idea of a ‘Sanctuary City’ as a place of safety and rest is an outrageous absurdity since those seeking it have committed a crime in the first place when they broke into our country.

          • The democrats several years ago developed a comprehensive immigration bill through the Democratic held senate. Some Republicans signed onto in what later was suggested to be more interest in getting reelected than in sincerity.
            The bill was passed in the Senate and went to the Republican held lower house where it eventually died. Several attempts were made to make modifications in the Senate bill but they were repeatedly shot down and the bill never got to the White House.
            There were numerous reasons why; mostly that the bill had as much bad in it as it did good. Much of it gave the impressions it was intended to appease and support the huge invasion of illegals into this nation and allow them to remain and to work here with an almost “open border” philosophy!
            Studies of the bill and the whys of it have suggested the bill was never intended to pass and become law. The purpose was to gain Hispanic support for the illegal immigrants and ultimately more votes for the Democratic party.
            The Democrats knew the bill would never become law as it did in fact have so much bad in it. BUT, by pushing the bill onto the GOP lower house, the Democrats would look good to the immigrants and the GOP would loose support from the Hispanic community by not signing the bill. That left the Democrats with undeserved credibility and the GOP holding the bag!
            There was not intent by the Democrats to see the bill pass but it worked to discredit the GOP in the eyes and minds of the Hispanic communities. We have seen the same attempts from the Democrats in the last several elections as they make promises to the various races and groups of peplum in the U.S. but then once elected, they ignore them (best example is the promises Hillary Clinton made to us when she ran for Senator in New York! She won but when she left the position years later there was not one job in the state that could be contributed to anything she did. She has also, for years and years, claimed she is a constant hard fighter for women’s rights but in her years as a U.S. Senator she only sponsored ONE BILL that had anything to do with women’s or kids rights including the Equal Pay laws!)

    • AND a.more positive outcome.

  2. Good for Trump. Just stop the taxpayer money giving welfare to illegals, especially in California and New York.
    The mayors and governors who support sanctuary cities especially where Americans have been hurt or killed, need to be jailed and charged with Treason.

    • Rather than referring charges for federal statutes against judges and mayors, sue them for a broad spectrum of reasons such as neglect, misconduct, incompetence, violating federal laws that resulted in violence or death, negligent manslaughter, providing material support to a terrorist, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, etc, etc. A judge going to any prison would be delightful; a disbarred judge condemned to financial ruin would be priceless.

      • One of the GREAT reasons the resignation of judges was a welcome thing to hear. They knew they were dong wrong but that was the rend of the Obama Administration; they should have resigned years ago.
        Obama destroyed much of the respect and trust for the criminal justice system, our government, and for the improved efforts built over the past 50 years in bring respect, trust, and equality in respect for the various races in our nation!

        • I know that after watching and listening to Comey slither and cough nervously when asked about Hillary’s server, if the FBI ever comes to my door, I’m going to laugh at them.

          • Comey was caught between a rock and a hard spot.
            As he reports to the Attorney General and the A.G reports to the president and that chain of supervision and management can totally influence any actions regarding Hillary Clintons activities and acts, he had very little he could do and the route he took protected the fact that Hillary would NOT BE immune from prosecution at a later date. He sated it is “doubtful any prosecutor would attempt to prosecute Hillary,” and he was correct! No prosecutor would try as long as Hillary was being protected by the president and the A.G.. If she was taken to trial it would have been a lock effort and she would walk away from it and never be brought up again on the same charges. If she was prosecuted and found Guilty, Obama would have immediately had the guilty finding dismissed and again she would walk away from it, NOW, she can face a federal investigation, be tried, found guilty and properly punished!
            Commey did the right think – now it is time Hillary is prosecuted; the Democrats forced one of Trumps appointees out of office because he talked to the Russians; Hillary sent out highly classified emails over unsecure internet severs that made the information available to not only the Russians but ANY ONE who has the most basic skills in hacking the internet.

          • I’m still going to laugh at the FBI — because they’re laughable.


          • anAmericanByChoice

            And you forgot to mention that if Commey tried to go after Hellary, oops, sorry Killary, oops, sorry again, Hillariously… oh whatever!, you know the B****!, he would have most likely end up having an accident or suddenly dying of something like a heart attack or committing suicide.


          • Thanks for the comment granny-for USA! Anyone is anyone; Hillary continues to say there is no proof anyone tapped into her emails; but then she told us over and over again she did not have a personal server, then she told us she had never sent any classified date over her personal sever (she denied having) and even after the FBI verified she did have the server and she had sent the classified information out over it – she stilled tried to lie her self out of it.
            Forget the lied – – we all now know she had the server and she did sent out classified information!
            ANYONE – as I said, anyone is anyone who has the ability to hack into the internet system !Hillary made it rather easy because she had no protection on her server at all; it was open to anyone with the simplest hacking skills; she made it fairly easy for those interested in our State Department, security at Benghazi, in our nation, in our nations secrets and activities!

          • Good explanation. Her actions put Our security and secrets in a position to be shared with the rest of the world and especially our enemies who hack us daily ( many thousands of attempts each year
            To learn our secrets and find better ways to overthrow us and our Govt). Evil never sleeps and those working for the Government all know that they must stay behind the govmnt firewall. Her actions where a serious violation and she should have been prosecuted -yet Comey did the Patomic side step and placed her above the law- criminal at best- Lynch also allowed it to go unpunished- both are in the debt with the Clintons ( Huge conflict of interest). It’s evident that she was trying to hide her actions/accountability/mail from the Government.

        • Those weren’t judges, unfortunately, the were federal prosecutors appointed by Ovomit.

    • California is quickly becoming the top state in the U.S. with the greatest of babies being born with Syphilis; and one of the states with the highest rate of illegal immigrants. Coincidental? most likely not!

      • California also has the highest number of hookers, prostitutes, call girls, and escorts in the United States. Most people have stopped using condoms. Many men participate in play-for-pay gangbangs. You can go to sex clubs throughout the state and visit a “glory hole.”

        In addition, there is a growing number (8,000,000 illegal immigrants and another 200,000 Syrian refugees) who have never heard of safe sex.

        Hepatitis B, C, and D are on the rise.

        Wonder why…

        • It all adds to the reason why this country is slipping into the mess Trump inherited when he promised to do something about the growing mess and ignored problems we face!
          Trump did not make these messes or create the problems but he has volunteered to do something about them; I applaud him for taking on the things our elected representatives over the past 12 years have turned their backs on (all too long); I only hope he will succeed in at least part of what he is trying – – – it seems to few in Washington are ready to help now and it is obvious they did nothing in the past to fix the mess!
          I am happy to see the GOPs efforts to dump Obama care dropped for the time being; it truly needs to be fixed and made more reasonable REGARDLESS of what it is called!
          But, rushing through it and not working out the fine details is why it has been such a mess and created so much hate and discontent in the past seven years. Instead of fixing the problems’ as they come up they have just ignored them thus creating more problems at higher rates.
          IF – the Trump administration did pass a revised medical plan and it was no better than Obama care it would be on the backs of the GOP and it would only serve to continue the ridiculous party fighting; we would be no better off than before. It seems far more intelligent to stop any attempts to pass a replacement law and attempt to pass a new program. Maybe then, regardless of what it is called, we could have a replacement program that is better, less expensive and does more for the country and the people than the one they are trying to replace! The Democrats rushed through their plan and tailored it to fit their presidents desires; doing the same to appease Trump would most likely end up with the same mess bright on by fast acting, incomplete and less than dedicated efforts to see the right thing done for the nation and the people!
          Pleasing the president should never have been the intent, placing more emphasis on an Obama legacy than on the needs of the nation and then refusing to adjust to the problems or to the needs of the nation and the people has made a shambles of what MAY HAVE BEEN a great law; the Democrats leadership though seems more interested in preserving the Obama legacy than in fixing a failing system!
          The GOPs efforts and decision to call off an arbitrary deadline that thru haste might have well ended up in a real mess or pushing through another failed law was the only reasonable step to take; now, with time and negotiations we can look forward to a better plan for our nation, for our families, for our kids future – a far better health plan for everyone where the common people benefit as much as the medical profession, the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies and the politicians do!

        • And nitwits specially in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles.


        • There has to be a correlation between the fact the period of time these increases in Syphilis, and decease that had almost been eradicated, suddenly resurfaced, at a time when immigration attacks on the U.S. was at it’s height and the states most effected are the same ones that had the highest populations of illegal immigrants!

          • Tuberculosis was eradicated to the point that the Easter Seals program to fight tuberculosis ended several decades ago. Now with the millions of illegals that were encouraged to invade us by the Clinton, the Bush–yes the Bush–and the despicable Obama administration’s, tuberculosis is back big time.

      • California ….should be Cut Right Out of the Union, Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Let ALL the Gay Fags, Illiterates, Imbeciles and Liberals go there to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Most states have laws that cover a wide range of things that is covered under “endangering a child!” I would think those laws could be used against ANY PUBLIC OFFICAL who openly supports illegal immigrants to remain in their community, That is not to say that all illegal immigrants are going to commit additional crimes (other than being here illegally) while there but when those responsible for law and order, safety, security and the well being of the community and the residence, and they elect to turn their backs on the “known” potential hazards’ – THEY should be held accountable.
      Look at California and Florida; both states with huge populations of illegal immigrants and both states lead the nation with the highest rates of babies born with syphilis; think it is only coincidental? Maybe – but maybe as the illegals have found having a baby born in the U.S gives them an argument in immigration courts to remain here, and because the Hispanic population in the U.S. is growing faster than the Ameriacn citizens population increase -, and because the illegals are getting Obama Care indigent medical coverage (that benefits the community medical population and local governments; averaging from $30,000.00 to $50.000.00 a delivery!) it seems more than just coincidental!

    • Hell, just stop federal funds flowing to the sanctuary cities. If the deliberately break the law, they must be punished. Perhaps mayors and city council members voting in sanctuary city policies should face indictment, trial, fines and jail time.

      • So true–We cannot set back and tolerate these
        Acts of defiance. Americas only chance Of survival is to get back to the rule of law. States that do not comply – their leadership must be Put under arrest ( US Marshal) partly for the protection of those within that don’t support these actions. This is the true test of good versus evil – inevitable showdown that we must win swiftly. Natl Guard and Military special forces to take down The bad and uncooperative leaders and
        Replacement with those in compliance. Ice cannot do their job unless we take on this problem. Time to clean house! Their sponsor Sorros should be the first arrested. Any city going against the rule of law or our constitution must be shut down and leadership replaced with those who will. Allowing this problem to grow will only make it worse.

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And ChicAgo!

  3. Has ANY money been cut off yet?

  4. The lib leaders of these sanctuary cities won’t care how many lists Trump releases. They & their LEGAL citizens will only respond to withholding taxpayer $$$ to them. So when the leaders raise the LEGAL citizens’ taxes to cover what the Feds don’t….only then will there be an outrage.

    • But we care! And responsible Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers and others should care.

    • I feel for the people that don’t agree with Sanctuary cities but can’t do anything about it because they are in the minority in California, libs. have taken over and everyone else is trapped with crazy Jerry Brown, they can’t even vote him out.

    • Go for it, LEGALS!!

  5. The “courts have ruled”….on what basis? ILLEGALS are NOT protected by the Constitution. Yet, once again, so-called judges are making up their own laws. Pathetic.

    • they chose to forget that these illegals are not citizens and there fore have no legal rights here as liberals would have us all believe.

      • The voting public are the reason they got away with all that CRAP!
        VOTE them out and save our country and states.

        • you are so very right and every vote counts.The question you need to ask is how many are sick and tired of the statist quo?Trump was just the start and lord knows where it will all end.changing how we educate our young is the best start and leaving it to others just will not’s time to call out the liberals out on the carpet for their trash so called education.time to put on the big boy pants on to start taking names and be counted as people of honor again not afraid to say thanks to god for what we have.remember that mear words cannot hurt you and never fear what ever they chose to call me as i do not care.but if you put your hands on me then we fight.where i have been Honor,Duty,Country are more than just words but have been a way of life.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            You are so right and its time for us to tell these democrats and some of these republicans shut up and do what is right for us not them.

          • Trump did not create the problems we are faced with, they were there when he announced his intentions to run for office and they were here when he took that office. He promised us he would do what ever he could to fix them and I applaud the fact he has taken on the job, I applaud the fact he is trying and for that I will support him as much as I can. Not because I like him, I never have cared much for him but liking him has nothing to do with supporting him.
            I see him though as the person who was ready to commit himself to fixing the nations problems that other candidates danced around for several years as either congressmen, senators, governors or ex of any of these. The men and women who have been in positions to do something about the problems but did nothing. Those men and women did not deserve my support then and those in office who continue doing nothing but talking and creating hate and discontent do not serve my support now, they do not deserve the support of any voter. Anyone can stand around and complain, create hate and discontent, point fingers and blame others; it is the better person who is ready to stand up to the challenges and our problems and TRY doing something! It is better to try and fail than do nothing at all!
            As long as Trump tries doing the right thing I am behind him, as long as the others can stand back and complain and do nothing to get on board to work out a solution – they can rot in hell!

          • Very well said sir,very well said.Right on the mark.

          • Thank you for the comment Patrick Murphy; I have never cared much for Trump but I had an opportunity 2007 to do some work he was involved in. I found him to be a totally reasonable person and easy to get along with. It was a security problem that involved a security guard under my authority. Trump’s guards were a bit aggressive but Trump quickly shut them down and between he and I everything worked out perfect. The TRULY great part about it all, a week or so after the incident, my CEO got a letter from Trump complementing the security guard for his efforts; I made sure the guard got the letter and I am sure Trump got his vote;. I still don’t like a lot about Trump (his tweets, his spontaneous attacks against others, and his off the wall statements that leaves more dissention than accomplishment.) but I will support anyone who is ready to HELP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!



      • I agree with you Patrick. Although I know not their reasons, they appear to be purposefully ignoring that fact. I seriously doubt that anyone with that little intelligence would ever be appointed as a judge.

      • Keep in mind, it was the liberals who tries pushing the illegals, the minorities, the unemployed and the underemployed to accept the promises they were making of jobs for everyone (including about anything else they could come up with ) but it was also the Democrats who in the past had made similar promises and never followed through on them. Democrats will promise the moon but as soon as hey are elected they forget it and just fall I behind party leaders and do like all followers, do and say just as they are told to!


      • The Liberals (Democratic Party Leaders) feel it is okay to tap into other peoples emails and actively monitor other peoples activities (even their own party members such as they did to Bernie Sanders) ). They also believe it is okay to contract to thugs to create disturbances at political rally’s, and to have people in the national media steal information and pass it onto the Democratic candidates for office (Hillary Clintons campaign), and to twist facts, manipulate information and fabric stories to create hate and discontent in a nation already in turmoil. They had a “set in” on congressional floors where they virtually temporality shut down congress. When involved in hearings they were equally represented as witness’ were interviewed but when it was their time to ask questions or discuss the status of the inquiries they would use their time to talk about anything but the issue or even politics for no other reason than to burn up time – then they would complain the whole investigation/inquiry was a waste of time.
        These ARE NOT THE DEMOCRATS – these are the – – democratic party leaders – – the men and women in the Democratic party leadership that is creating hate and discontent across our nation and ruining the reputation of the Democratic party and hindering ANY possibilities to fix the mess two consecutive presidents over the past 12 years created and left as they departed office!
        These are not Republican problems, they are not Democrats Problems; these are Americas problems’ and they will only get worse the longer they remain and the longer idiotic elected representatives in Washington spend their time fighting progress rather than doing the things we sent them to Washington to do – – to do does not include WASTE TIME, THAT IS NOT SPEND THEIR TIME IN FRONT OF TV CAMERAS complaining about everyone one else, and it is not wasting time beating dead horses or sniveling, sniveling or standing bobbing their heads behind some other fool !

        • I don’t know about everyone else but i would vote for you.You have all the right answers that i see to fix our problems.How about it?Keep me in mind if you do as i would love to help.Reading your posts gives me hope that people like us are not alone in this country.Now we just need numbers to make a difference.Any trip begins with but one step.HOO! RAA! 101st. 1970-76 here.

    • You CAN’T fix STUPID.

      • Totally agree but you can vote the Out.

        • You are correct but, you need to get the right voters off their lazy butts. I know that we all have families to take care of but, if you don’t bother to vote, you let the idiots in office and P/C takes over AGAIN!

          • Unfortunately, as the indoctrinated youth are directed towards left-wing-liberal-wingnut-philosophy, the supply of the “right voters” are outnumbered.



      • These judges are not stupid. They are extremely evil. Most lawyers are Freemasons and most judges are very high level Freemasons who worship Lucifer as their god. They always act according to their agenda which is not good for America. Do not expect good results from bad people! And don’t forget that most politicians are lawyers.

    • The judge in Hawaii ruled against the ban on the basis of a Muslim from Egypt not being allowed to visit family — ignoring the very fact that travel to/from Egypt is not affected at all, and the ban has nothing to do with Muslims.

    • The judges were educated in a system that has developed their mind sets! Law enforcement officers, like everyone else, learns and respond’s in the way they have been instructed.
      I was a criminal justice instructor at a community college years ago. The college prescribed the text book to be used which turned out to be a text from Berkley in California. I had spent almost 20 years in law enforcement, another four years as a traffic judge and an instructor in the Sate Law Enforcement program; the text was something I would not want any student with real interests in becoming a decent and respected law enforcement officer to ever read; it was a radical piece of crap.
      As it was the book assigned by the school I allowed the students to get the book but explained my views of it and gave them the option of reading it with the knowledge that I did not support it and I would not be referring to it at any time, one way or the other!

  6. If a loved one is harmed or killed by an illegal then that criminal is protected the police dept, city, county, state then all officals should be sued for aiding and abettng criminal activity and not obeying federal law.

    • I would LOVE to see that happen. We would need a lot more prisons for the crooked politicians.


    • That is exactly what Kate Steinle’s parents are doing to San FranSicko “officials”.


  7. The liberal democrats keep proving they do not care about the citizens of this nation, they do not respect our cities as they have their little fits and burn, riot and loot with elected liberals encouraging it. Obama’s DOJ called for more citizen’s blood to be spilled, all to keep votes and their power to further destroy our freedoms and turn this nation into a dictatorship that they control. It boils down to power and money with them not keeping our nation safe and its citizens.

    • Judicial watch will be presenting evidence on March 28,about the FBI,CIA,NSA provided by a whistle blower het are representing. It’s claimed that Obama didnt win Florida,there was voter fraud that made the difference in who won. There is proof that over 600K people that have been monitored,wire tapped etc,the Demorats used this to blackmail to prevent people from making the information public. There’s also information about the millions Clintons received for Bills speeches,donations to their now defunct organization(a money Laundry scheme) ias a gift for the 20% of our uranium.Yes, Trump was monitored,yea so called accident thats why names were released. It’s time Trump removes Comey the crook,wonder what Obama has on him. Remove Rogers, an Obama man,try him in a military court for his lies and breaking the law,he has dishonored the military.

      Trump can withold federal funds,he can do it by executive order,make it illegal to endanger citizens by not enforcing the law with respect to illegals. Allow anyone harmed to sue santuary cities based of their violation of federal law. Deny all medical,housing,food stamps all assistant to illegals,there are millions of illegals receiving aid.

      While we are at it ,it’s time to rid ourselves of Tiny Lindsey the SC Senator, his only claim to fame is he’s anti Trump. We lived in SC, have friends still there,he has no life or suggestions, dump him and all the other RINO’s there are too many still in office. It’s time for a new organization Dump RINO’s I’ll donate.

      • AND THEY GOT CAUGHT caught : remember, they were caught tapping into Bernie Sanders campaign in attempts to change the voting outcomes (as the Russians are being accused of; and interfere with the results of the elections)!
        We should have expected it from the Russian’s, every nation monitors what other nations are doing (including the U.S).
        We should be more alarmed that within our own political system we had/have party leaders doing the same ting we are accusing the Russians of doing: we should expect as much or better from our own people than we do from our opponents!
        There is little reason to trust the Russians and apparently, as little reason why we should the Democratic leadership!

    • YEP; remember, it was the Democrats who rather than argue their points on congressional floors chose to have a “Sit In” in resulting in no business being conducted for some days. They too, during the various congressional investigations, instead of dong their duty and their job while serving on the hearings would talk about anything TOTALLY UNRELATED to the issue under discussion for no other reason than to kill time allotted to the investigations! They later stated those investigations were a waste of time; obviously when they added nothing to them but random rattle and unrelated talk had nothing to do with why THEY were there!
      Obama had a theory of “do nothing and the problems will go away” and that seems to be the same mind set the Democratic leaders want to follow now!

  8. Stop federal funding for city streets and any arts grants for anyone in the city!

    • Move ALL federal offices out of Sanctuary Cities, remove any Military Reserve components form sanctuary cities, cut federal funding to National Guard units in sanctuary cities, minimize any highway funds, and ensure NO federal Money for medical support is passed to/through sanctuary cities (they are seeking the sanctuary status as it draws huge amounts of support for the illegals using federal funding thus adding to the wealth of some (U.S. citizens and illegals) at the cost of people throughput the United States) and minimize any highway funds.
      AND – Adding to the cost to ALL TAX PAYERS is the fact serval of the states supporting sanctuary cities are reporting massive increases in Syphilis rates in new born babies!

  9. Bachelor With Sense

    Charge the “leaders” of sanctuary cities with “Aiding and Abetting” a criminal!

    Arrest them, PERP walk them, and LOCK THEM UP! Rinse and Repeat DAILY until they are Bankrupt (not that they aren’t morally bankrupt already).

  10. Sanctuary cities are an outrageous breach in the “Rule of Law.” The Trumpster should pull every dollar of federal money back from any town, city, county or state that refuses to arrest those who violate the law. “Period,” right Obozo!

    • Don’t forget that Trump is well aware it is OUR TAXES and we want him to stop sending money to these sanctuary cities and states because they are illegally breaking the Union contract as well as re-entering into monarchy or better known today as communism. Don’t send any money to CA for the infrastructure and soon the real citizens will gain control and not in a nice way. You push too far and the bounce back will not be pretty.

      • Getting rid of Sanctuary Cities was one of Trump’s campaign promises and it took someone, like the Trumpster, with an outrageous set of cojones to get it accepted however benignly by the GOP establishment. But right now, though, his popularity in the polls has slipped to 39 percent and if the vote on healthcare comes out negatively, he’ll take another hit and his planned agenda of ObamaCare repeal, tax cuts, infrastructure, etc. could be delayed well into next year and create a problem in the 2018 mid-term election. Meaning, the whole idea of dismantling the sanctuary cities travesty good disappear before it even began. A president with a 30 percent popularity in the poll won’t get much done.

    • Relocate ALL federal activities away from sanctuary cities and if possible out of those states that allow such activities. Close out any military and military reserve units in those areas, close V A hospitals and medical canters there. Let the illegals make up the difference In the federal costs lost in the states and communities where local and state government feel they are not obligated to respect our nations best interest and in many cases, our federal laws! Why should the American tax payers keep funding acclivities that refuse to obey the laws that have made and kept American great?
      Hillary Clinton said, “America is just fine.” – if this is what she feels America is or should be , if it is truly ” just fine” with her, and the Democrats seem to be supporting that “just fine” mentality, – I am glad Trump beat her and I will do what I can to support his efforts to Make America Great Again!

  11. Sanctuary City? Who came up with this name? It should be called Hideout City and aiding and abetting criminals. You know the law enforcement officers in these Cities don’t want to put up with more criminals. Cut off the money and the people of these cities will start pissing and moaning and handing over all the illegals. Five killed and 25 wounded in London!!! A 14 year old girl raped in Maryland. What is wrong with these mayors?

  12. The author writes, “The courts have ruled that these cities have the right to reject ICE detainer requests, and they may also find that Trump cannot strip them of federal funding.” How does the author know that PRESIDENT Trump “cannot strip them of federal funding”? From my research, he certainly can – not every penny, but pots designated for particular projects, including paying for law enforcement officers, first responders, etc, infrastructure monies, capital outlay monies, etc.

    • I recall years ago when the federal government was threatening to withhold federal highway and state support money for highways and bridges from the states – what has changed?

  13. President Trump should do it “the Texas Way” as Governor Abbott did to Travis County (Austin) Sheriff Sally Hernandez. Sheriff Hernandez refuses to assist ICE and declared Austin a sanctuary city.

    Gov. Abbott, warned her repeatedly to enforce the law. She publicly, adamantly refused, challenging the governor.

    Gov. Abbott responded to her arrogance, cutting 2 million dollars earmarked for Travis County law enforcement…with threats for more cutting, causing Sheriff Hernandez to lay off 14 employees.

    Sheriff Hernandez is now campaigning for “donations” and conducting fund-raising activities.

    Simply disgusting how law enforcement has deteriorated under these “enlightened” politicians, police leaders, and appointed officials – some whom are illegal immigrants holding office as in California.

    • and they say the Russians are interfering with our elections the demoncraps with their illegal votes from the illegals and the dead here backed by the brain dead demoncraps such as pull-o-see u in hell.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        I don’t believe that what is being said about RUSSIA to be true. Its a scam made up to try and put TRUMP out of office. The wiretapping i believe is true.

        • There is no doubt Russia was monitoring our systems and spying on what we were saying and doing throughput the elections; that is and has been common practice for years and years. Not only does Russia do it but to some extent, all nations do the same thing; just as we do.
          In this case though, the Democrats were caught doing it to Bennie Sanders and to contracting to hoodlum gangs to create disturbances at Trump rally’s, the media employees were caught collecting and passing debate questions to Hillary Clinton. The democrats were caught tampering with Bernie Sanders campaign – and we all know they were spending huge sums of money to see Trump was not elected; probably spent more fighting Trump than in supporting Hillary. BUT THEY GOT CAUGHT!
          The Democrats got caught and their defense has become a massive effort to degrade the GOP, create smoke screens to shift Americas eyes away from the Democratic actions and shift attention onto democratic leadership tactics intended to crate havoc with the new administration!
          The Democrats lost BIG TIME in the 2016 elections and they are trying hard to convince the voters it was not their fault but created by others; typical of the Obama Administration; point fingers and blame someone else for the failures and problems. Had it not been for the Democratic leadership being caught in so many underhanded and unethical messes they may have been able to pull off their crooked planning – but they got caught and the party lost credibility; they now have to come up with all they can to make the GOP look worse than the democratic party leadership has come to be known.
          What they are doing is trying to take American eyes off the crap the Democratic leadership was pulling during the elections; they want to get people thinking the GOP is the bad party by using the media to manipulate reality and focus on what has been everyday patterns in world relationships for years and years and will continue being. The difference is, now the Democrats are willing to make public what our intelligence agencies and our government has known for ever and make it sound like it all started with Trump and the Russians;
          * * Democratic mindsets suggest they can “fool the people all the time!” Their minds are like concrete, all mixed up and set hard as a rock! * * *
          Mean while, they continue to create dissention throughout the country, slow the nations needs to fix the mess left by two prior presidents, and are willing and ready to accept another failed presidential administration by creating hate, discontent and confusion throughout the nation in order to – regain – at least some party support.

    • Its happening in more than just politics, American citizens are under illegal immigrants thumbs in many, many jobs, I was and quit; They get into these jobs and hire only more illegals, I’ve seen myself, happens daily Just wait until they get the politicians jobs, then they will take over this country, its close to that now.

  14. Far past time for these Cities to loose all money and for the Federal Police agencies band together, & dragged illegals and the politicians alike that are making our Country unsafe pay the price.
    NO MORE MR NICE GUY, FORCE,FINES AND JAIL FOR ALL EVOLVED. Sanctuary City by Sanctuary City through out our country.
    Give the legal citizens a choice that are involved, automatic Jail or loose citizenship and be deported to another Country like Mexico and loose all belongings and homes,bank accounts.
    For in reality they are criminals and the legal citizen that do not have personal police for protection are dying for the crimes of the politicians, and there illegals they protect above the legal citizens.
    That’s a fact and it is wrong !!!

  15. Those sanctuary cities think trump is an ignorant and egocentric fool.He shamed the 46% who voted for him, after that …it’s a shame

    • Frankly, each time Trump has more than one step ahead of the ignorant and non-Americans trying to reject and eject him while becoming themselves the rejected and will soon be ejected. What happened to being a patriotic American and becoming a non-citizen and yet wanting to be supported by us? No way, Jose!

  16. Contact your legislators, demand federal law that makes aiding and abetting the criminal aliens a felony, carrying a 4 years mandatory minimum sentence, with out possibility of parole.
    Let’s see if the liberal dem bloodsuckers want the votes of the illegals, badly enough to spend 4 years in a federal pen, then lose their right to vote as a convicted felons.

  17. Portland Oregon is in the process of declaring itself a Sanctuary City, along with many surrounding cities joining in . What a shame. Consequences will be far more than is currently realized.

  18. It is a Federal crime to not enforce the laws. All the Mayors, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and Governors should be charged by the DOJ with these crimes. All communities that do not enforce the law must lose “ALL” federal funds. If the ignorant liberals want these worthless slugs. Let them have them and let them pay for them out of their own pockets. I’ll bet these communities will kick them under the buss quickly. As soon as we have the votes in the Supreme Court put this in front of them for a ruling. Then the DOJ can come after these officials and ICE can
    deport the illegal invaders.

    • Mr. Trump should give them all 90 days to change or go in with the Feds and make arrests. Either win big or go home.

  19. There is another approach that i have not heard of. If you shelter or help an illegal avoid prosecution you are an accomplice after the fact of the crime. If the illegal does a further crime after being released you are an accomplice before the fact. The Feds should start arresting the police who let them go free. if they name the order that mandated the release the person(s) who signed the order is also an accomplice and should be arrested as well. the arrest charges should be focused on federal crimes which should require a federal judge. The withdrawl of federal funds for sanctuary cities should still be done and would punish the taxpayers. One thing to realize is that the mayor/city council may not be representing the taxpayers by their actions and we should look at methods of punishing them directly.

  20. The sanctuary city’s are letting these illegals vote because that is the only way these corrupt democrats can stay in office. Twenty years ago this would have never happened. They indoctrinate college kids and low information voters in their twisted morals with the realization that these are voters of the future. Our colleges are overwhelmed in numbers by liberals that pedal all this crap. When I graduated from college in the 70’s they were not nearly as vocal and when I finished grad school a few years later they had made inroads everywhere on campus. I’m sure there are debates in several university’s using sanctuary cities as a topic and no matter what a decenter proves the liberal college prof lowers the grade of the conservative student.

  21. Stop sending money to Sanctuary Cities . . . NOW !!!!!

  22. As I have said before, let “ALL” the illegals enter those cities who want them and let the illegals live on the doorsteps of those congressmen/staye officials who are fighting for sanctuary. Soon after enough personal items are stolen and homes are broken into and daughters are raped and molested, said city’s officials will be “pushing” those illegals on to other states who will not take them. Yes! Lesson learned clueless do gooders.

    Try to be a Visionary and actually see what the future holds for America if we keep all these criminal tresspassers –chaos, financial failure, and the loss of our American Security.

    Hey Libs! You do know that TERRORISTS also use our border to enter and kill Americans! Are you so stupid to see how vulnerable it makes each American when a truckload of illegals cross into our Country determined to commit Jihad? Or are you actually that naive and stupid? Oh right. Naive and stupid is what you cretins are. Tsk tsk tsk. Shameful. We can’t even refer to you as an American any more – just a pitiful lost cause…

    • I spent 14 years as a local municipal police officer; later, another three years as a traffic judge and another four years as a Criminal Justice Instructor at the community college.). When we apprehended an illegal we called ICE and they picked up the illegals. We would hold them until ICE took custody of them. I do not know what as changed that other than under Obama, our nation underwent the greatest invasion of illegal immigrants in our entire history and he did nothing about it – – maybe this is payback for Obama’s failures – or maybe this is an extension of the Obama mindset; “do nothing and the problems will go away!”

      • I believe it is “payback” for all the naïve Liberals who voted in an unknown without requiring his legal documents to be examined so they knew who he was…a fraud and a muslim loving manipulator. We are now paying for that idiocy, even though no Conservatives voted for the fraud. It is a lesson learned for ALL the Conservatives. ALWAYS VOTE WHETHER YOU LIKE THE CANDIDATE OR NOT – SHOW UP AT THE POLES AND VOTE FOR YOUR PARTY. Otherwise you can get a criminal, lying non-Citizen fraud bent on destroying your Country. That’s what happened and now those same clueless Liberals are screaming because President Trump is removing their ignorant non-visionary legislation and ridiculous subcultures. If we want to save our Country, we need to be proactive and not couch potatoes…time to act!

  23. Those who refuse to uphold the law should be stripped of their positions and the government should be allowed to replace them with people who actually respect our nation’s laws. Perhaps the National Guard? For the most part this absurd desire to spit in the eye of federal law isn’t shared with the majority of the people they represent.
    I wonder just how much these jerks are being paid by Soros?

  24. I fail to see the benefit or significance of having illegal aliens here good or bad they are illegal period and simply don’t belong here. yes I understand why democrats want them and protect them because they want their votes. the corrupt democrats have been losing their voters in droves and illegals and refugees are there idea of a new voting block for them if they can get them here and then give them the right to vote some how. but other than that they have no purpose.

    • The government has quietly admitted that there are over 30 million illegals in the USA. The ones I have had contact with bragged that they don’t pay taxes, they “take” taxes. Bill Clinton’s “Motor Voter Law” means that any illegal can go to a state that gives driver’s licenses to illegals and get a license. They can then go to any other state, present the license, get a new local license and be registered to vote. No proof of citizenship required.

      • Obama knew that, his Secretaries of Homeland Security knew that; and they did not care! They got the votes and the nation came close to paying the consequences!
        If we allow the Dead Beat Democratic party leaders to continue wasting time n front of TV cameras instead of joining efforts to fix the nations problems we will continue suffering from the Bush and Obama Administrations failures!
        We can not afford a three failed presidential administrations in a row; it is time both parties set down and got serious about fixing our problems – the childish name calling, finger pointing and doing nothing MUST STOP!

    • The Obama administration repeatedly suggested our nations birthrates were declining and we would become economically handicapped without an increased labor force (research has suggested a similar finding but added that it would not become an economical problem until 2044! Interesting that Obama care includes provisions for kids to stay on their parents insurance until they are 27 YOA; about the same time we will allegedly run out of American citizens to do the work he (Obama) is importing immigrant workers into he U.S. to fill jobs now) . Obama went on to say that our schools and colleges were not turning our graduates with the education or skills to do the work employers were demanding. That gave him his justification to increase the numbers of Visa work permits by 25,000 more than congress had approved allowing immigrants into the U.S. to work and ignoring we had over four million illegals (by his count) working in the U.S. in violation of U.S. federal laws and over 30 million Americans in need of work. His own labor department pointed out that Three of ever Four new jobs were going to immigrants.

  25. Forget shaming them. Just cut off all federal aid. ALL!!!

  26. Sanctuary city “protection” goes way beyond defiance of release-detainer procedures in these specific circumstances. Sanctuar cities are stonewalling ALL legitimate federal attempts to locate persons for scores of possible reasons, including federal crimes and civil violations. If a federal request about the whereabouts of an individual is in the form of a court order, and a locality (or State) refuses to comply, are there no consequences?

  27. Are California and New York going to find the sting of Trump cutting off all federal funds? Jet “Moonbeam” Brown is so stupid, he’ll take down every resident before doing something he doesn’t want to do. New York doesn’t care, either. Cuomo is just as arrogant: they have too much money, as Wall Street will readily lay down like a cheap floozy to give up money in taxes for anyone who asks.

    Hopefully, a freeze of federal funds will accelerate California’s exit from the United States. In that case, good riddance. Let the drug cartels run the state. But before that, I hope that Trump will arrest every politician in those states who refuses to comply with his orders: there’s been far too much crime, too many killings, too many lawless politicians.

  28. Does anyone have a link to the list? I’d like to read and tweet out this list of these 118 cities that I won’t be visiting. Thank you in advance.

  29. Vincent Marcantelli

    Well, it’s what so many of these cities and even States, but I do wonder this: If one of these illegals attacked and or killed one of there own, what would they have to say about that crime?. Not wanting to alter the outcome by this conversation but how would that liberal azz deal with that situation= – – – – care to make a bet on that?. An yes I do agree with Glenda——-those mayors and those so called governors, NEED to be jailed and charged with what ever crime that would stick!

  30. Travel ban,s Stop federal aid, Point shame. No fed, construction.

  31. Man – It isn’t ISIS and their flying monkeys bringing down the US —– the terrorists I’ve SEEN are wearing – suits – ties – pantsuits – skirts and black robes…….

    • and stand in front of TV cameras with a crowd standing behind them, all with bobbing heads, and complaining about everything and doing nothing to help fix any of it!
      They can not get over loosing so many positons in the last elections and now all they can think of is destroying the credibility of anyone else and doing whatever they can to suggest it was not the Democratic Leadership that lost them their positions in Washington!

  32. Look Folks — If you were a refugee or illegal — they’s kiss your butt to take care of you —- BUT YOU’RE NOT. —GOOD FOR TRUMP…..

  33. Henry J. Gilbertson

    Tell me why these Illegal bastards and basturdets are getting welfare,food stamps, subsidized housing,subsidized heat, lights, medicaid,medicare, and are allowed to file a tax return for all the free shit they get while our seniors and veterans are left behind this is pure BULL SHIT. Deport all of these Illegals assholes.

  34. Every citizen in the United States is being put at risk by those liberals who are aiding and abetting illegals who have broken at least one law. There are laws for those who aid and abet criminals. Why doesn’t the justice department charge everyone who is involved with this dastardly activity with a criminal charge? I believe that the majority of American citizens are totally against having illegals and Muslims in our country without following the rules for immigration. Those who are adamant believers in the Quran cannot be a citizen of the United States because Sharia law legal in our country. In addition, Islam is not a religion. It is a system of laws similar to our constitution which is not a religion. The Quran followers are infiltrating this nation founded on Christian values in order to destroy Christianity as they have done in the mid east countries. Their goal is Muslim or dead.

  35. Can snowflakes actually be that ignorant that they don’t understand that sanctuary cities hurt all americans by providing safe cities for illegal aliens? Or are they just plain old STUPID?

  36. The mayors and council members of sanctuary cities, governors and legislatures of sanctuary states should be held criminally liable for illegal alien crimes. That would put the San Francisco mayor and city council in jail right now. The rest will soon join them.

  37. ARREST and JAIL , ALL City Officials And the Cops who Violate their Oaths , and Totally Ignoring Federal Law . And Fine them All . Then if Anyone is Harmed in any way shape or form , Charge them ALL with said Crime . As in , Rapes Robberies and MURDERS . Then Sentence them as such . Prison Time. And also being Labeled FELONS . And the Loss of all benefits , and Retirement .

  38. Maybe the Sanctuary cities have the courts backing and feel they can force Trump to continue supporting the sates with federal money – – – BUT, elections will be upon us again in around 19 months. Hopefully, those governors and mayors that support the Sanctuary cities will find themselves out of jobs.
    Maybe too, there are other pressure points the federal government can put on sanctuary cities; highway and bridge money, health care money , education, military and federal operations and facility funding reductions, etc.
    This entire mess grew out of control during the Obama administration and is in part why our federal debt is growing so fast. Every state is burdened with costs associated to the illegal immigrants in this country, every tax payer is paying support to the illegal immigrants.
    The sanctuary cities will soon be giving in to the terrorists, the drug lords, and will be home to all things bad; someone in those cities is getting money – that’s is where it all starts; greed and corruption!

  39. What a bummer! As an American citizen if I commit a crime I cannot even find sanctuary from prosecution in a Church. If I was an illegal alien I would have many cities to choose from to avoid prosecution. Note to self: If they ever try to arrest me for anything, play dumb and pretend to be an illegal alien!

  40. How do you shame anyone or thing that doesn’t care? I’d love to see federal marshals arrest a few mayors and council people for violating the law as an example. However I know there’s a judge somewhere who would never let it happen.

  41. Does anyone ever wonder who gets to say you are a sanctuary city or state! That is not the duty of elected officials to be pro-communist without their voters having a say in the matter. If anyone close to me were to be hurt by any known protected illegal immigrant the ‘sanctuary city’ administration would be in a huge lawsuit and that’s what needs to happen to stop this insanity! if the lawsuit failed, as obviously lawyers and politician are basically dishonest, there are other ways of getting justice and that’s to bad.

  42. A short, sharp civil war would clear out the underbrush.

  43. Why in hell do they throw legal Americans in jail for committing crimes when they too have families that are left to fend for themselves when a parent is jailed? Doesn’t this amount to “Breaking Up Families”? The hypocritical excuses they come up with to give people who trespass into this county and commit felonies would be laughable if no Americans or anyone else were hurt by their actions. These liberals will only clear their thinking when they or one of their loved ones becomes a victim of one of these “Undocumented Felons”.

    The new California State Flag tells the Liberal story better than I ever could.

    • AMEN to that Justin; I have advocated the same thing for years; but in the Obama administration, White meant little, lack meant little and brown meant little; unless they were here illegally and then we were expected to bend over for them.
      Obama made processing the illegals through the immigration courts a long drawn out court and made a lot of immigration lawyers wealthy at the same time.
      Once apprehended I the U.S. illegal immigrants were taken to immigration court where they would have their initial hearings. They were then released back out onto the streets (WITH NO BIAL) and allowed to roam around the country at will with instructions that they would return at a later date for another hearing where the judge would either order deportation or allow them to remain in the U.S. This was expected t take two to six months. It has been taking from 1 1/2 to two years for the courts to make their decisions and get the illegal back into court; if they can find them after being released following their initial hearing.
      By the time the illegal is back in court they have either mothered or fathered a baby born n the U.S. and now they want to complain that WE are breaking up families; the baby born here is a U.S. citizen and can not be deported.
      We hear the Hispanics have become a huge portion of our society; and Obama and the Obama courts has developed a ready made excuse for the illegals to come here and remain here; and live at Tax Payers expense.
      WE MUST INSIST that the law supported by our constitution mandating a person born in the U.S. is automatically a U.S. citizen be modified so that a child born to any person while illegally in the United States or here for visit or temporary work of less than one year is not considered a U.S. citizen. Some say it will take a change to the constitution, others say it is a law written based on the constitution but it will only take a change in the law; I believe the change in law will still be consistent with the constitution – – but then I don’t have the money to buy the decision!
      I have written my senators and congressmen with this and they agree but as far as I know they have done nothing to make it happen.
      WE, you and I and everyone we can muster MUST make this happen. Join in and get this message out in everyway you can; the time is coming when our flag will no longer fly over this country, English will be an ignored language, and there will be no sanctuary cities unless they are to protect Ameriacn born people!

  44. Will see what good will that do. We have let the libtards get away with hell for too long. Now their minions tasted the honey, will see what happens.

  45. I believe we should have some signs printed and posted at the home of every Democrat who supports sanctuary:


    “This home is owned by someone who supports your economic plight as someone who has fled your home or is homeless, and welcomes you into our home. We really want to help you in any way possible. Please feel free to take anything you like. Please remember this address and come back to take anything you want in the future. We have cash, credit cards, riches stored in bank vaults, automobiles, jewelry, and wealth beyond the imagination of kings — we even collect government funding just for you — all of which you and your friends are welcome to take whatever you please.”

    “We’ll both have sex with you if you would like that: call your friends, too: the kinkier, the better! We dig rape play — no need to ask.”

    “If you don’t have a home to live in, we want you to move in with us. Safe space inside: we welcome everyone!’we love everybody! Hugs hugs hugs hugs…”

    “We support gun control in this city. If you have guns, we understand, and support your right to have them: you never know when you might meet a gun owner, and they’re all evil Republicans.”

    “If we scream when you come in, it’s only because we’re so excited to meet you!”

    • I do not believe any of the people in these cities/communities other than the administrators of the government there agree with the giving sanction to the illegals, terrorists and criminals; only those who are positioned to benefit from the designation as “sanctuary city.”
      I believe too that those community leaders supporting this are influenced by the money that comes into the community as the illegals, in order to grow their numbers, have babies in those communities and because they do not have the insurance to pay the doctor and hospitals the Obama support for illegals portion of Obama Care pays the $30,000.00 or $50,000.00 fee and the local medical community profits, the city profits and the citizens there have to live with the consequences! Kind or like years and years ago when people rushed to Nevada to get married; the preachers, the casinos and the local government made money but the people living there made noting off it!

      • You should live in San Francisco. You’d change your opinion quickly.

        • Add Massachusetts to that list too. Commonwealth full of zombies

          • The San Francisco Chronicle detailed how a number of cities on the east coast have loaded people from jails (drug addicts, illegal immigrants, the homeless and mentally ill) into buses and dumped them onto streets in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and dozens of smaller communities in the Bay Area.

  46. No more immigrants Illegal or legal. America is over full.


  48. Can we please stop calling it “illegal immigration” or “undocumented migrants” These are politically correct BS terms that has helped bring this nation down. Immigration is a legal process people use to become US citizens.There is nothing illegal about it. Illegal immigration is an oxymoron. These are ILLEGAL ALIENS.Undocumented migrants is laughable…an obvious terms the libs are using to grasp onto whatever last ledge they’re clinging on to to try & remain relevant.

    • If one of these people of questionable residency robs a bank, should we call it an undocumented withdrawal?

      • Immigration implies the person came to this country through legal channels for citizenship. So again, they’re Illegal ALIENS, not Immigrants. Robbing a bank is a weak analogy

  49. as your Obama SHOULD have done – – because it was HIS JOB – – but then again – – he was ALWAYS TOO BUSY – – vacationing, campaigning, playing golf, dividing the country, working with our enemies, arming terrorists, etc – ad infinitum

  50. Cut all funding to these un-American places. Call in ICE and the Feds. Arrest mayors and sheriffs on federal charges. Like Glenda says especially Ca. and N.Y.

  51. And when all the illegal immigrant terrorists flood in to these scumbag cities for protection, we refuse to go in and help them clean up the mess! let them sink or swim.

  52. We cannot set back and tolerate these
    Acts of defiance. Americas only chance
    Of survival is to get back to the rule of law. States that do not comply – their leadership must be Put under arrest ( US Marshal) partly for the protection of those within that don’t support these actions. This is the true test of good versus evil – inevitable showdown that we must win swiftly. Natl Guard and
    Military special forces to take down
    The bad and uncooperative leaders and
    Replacement with those in compliance.
    Ice cannot do their job unless we take on this problem. Time to clean house!

  53. These unconscionable politicians .who will put the lives of innocent Americans at risk ,to pollster their future should be exonerated from society. I can not believe that the majority of their citizenry is allowing this to happen with out a fight. No sane or even half sane people would want to live among potential disaster. Would these leaders
    put their pets in a kennel with proven killer creatures. I DON’T think so . Where do they get the right or nerve to make a decision like that? Thank GOD aim not in charge , id fined any reason to throw them all in jail , THEN they can live haply to gather .
    People wonder why I go back to the past, If any body would have suggested this in the 50ths or worst yet the 40ths, the people would have hung him from a lamp post.
    ” Spock beam me up “

  54. This is the same as NATO, just in reverse. If you want to get payed then you have to play by the rules!! Get rid of the trash from the top to the gutters of these towns, and states!!

  55. anAmericanByChoice

    Don’t! Why get rid of sanctuary cities? Let them; make the whole of Kaliphornia a sanctuary state if that’s what people there want, and if they don’t, let them vote those responsible out of office; just let them flock there and then fence them in. With time, the problem will take care of itself: lack of funds, health problems, liberalism, socialism, communism, no work, etc. It will all cave in and collapse.

  56. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the men from these countries didn’t fight for the people.Their either cowards.Or their trying to come here to bring us down. Take back their country and go home to it.

  57. Yes, GOOD FOR US and Trump. I lived in San Leandro, CA. for the first almost 19 years of my life, and now they have turned it into a “SCUM SANCTUARY CITY”. Reason? Too many Hispanics there. I happen to be Hispanic and I, for one, DON’T like it one bit. We also own property there and they are now trying to impose RENT CONTROL on the landlords. They lie and say it’s not, but when you put a cap percentage on the allowable raise in the rent, it is, RENT CONTROL. I have talked and written to them and have stated that if they try to do this, I will sue each one of them personally. TOO BAD if certain people because of their circumstances can’t afford to live in certain places because the rent is too high. I may want to live in Beverley Hills too, but can’t because I can not afford it. I can’t seek help to be able to live there. They have to live else where and do with what they have. THAT’S LIFE. WE, are not going to suffer for them. The rents should be what the market will bare. PERIOD>

  58. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Put them in jail –remove them from office–they have to follow the law —-illegals and felons do not belong here

  59. Let’s make the list public so we know where not to go on vacation and who not to do business with. These anti-American places deserve it and in most cases the citizens haven’t even actually had a say in it. Paybacks a bitch!

  60. Without the Democrat freebies, they would STAY home!

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