Trump Adds Insult To Injury For Biden

Former President Donald Trump has insisted that he would have been seated at a better seat than President Joe Biden if he was attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

The state funeral had more than 500 foreign heads of state, monarchs, and dignitaries in attendance, all of whom were there to serve Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attended and were seated on the 14th row, which is only seven rows before the very back of the room. When seeing this Trump took to his Truth Social social media platform to say that if he was still President he would have sat at a much better seat.

However, President Biden’s seat was probably determined by several factors that had nothing to do with Trump, including the fact that he was not directly related to the queen and the US does not belong to the Commonwealth.

The Times of London also published a seating chart from the event where it can be seen that the order followed was firstly the Queen’s family, then leaders of the Commonwealth, and finally other world leaders.

According to the Telegraph, commonwealth leaders were placed forward “due to protocol.”
Trump posted the photo of Biden in his seat with a red arrow saying that this was the effect within two years and claiming that America had lost its respectable position in the world. He also added that Biden was seated among “third world” country leaders.

Biden was the only US leader present as according to Politico former leaders were not invited due to the volume of people attending the funeral. The leaders for both New Zealand and Canada were seated ahead of Biden as they are Commonwealth countries.

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  1. Who wants this old senile fool near them.

  2. I read joe was LATE so they changed his seat. Typical, no!

  3. I read joe was late so they changed his seat. Typical, no!

  4. his and jill’s seats should have been right by the toilet, where they both belong!

  5. Too bad the wake was not for Joe with Donald Trump in the front row.

  6. The idiot, and his slut couldn’t even be on time.

  7. The highest insult to my country is having joe Xiden (the Chinese spelling) being the president (so the Dumocrats say).

  8. Actually, he was in good company sitting with all the other 3rd world countries. They are the same kind of leader that he is so he could bone up on more things to screw over his population.

  9. Impeach joe biden as he is making an awkward effort to impersonate a president. Worked 40 years to watch my hard earned money go up in smoke because of his lack of leadership. Said on tv that he has not had any time to visit the southern border. A leader takes the time to lead. My 401k was doing great when the economy was good and inflation was low. Never have I seen a president that could not put two sentences together without the use of a teleprompter and even then he gets confused. Sad times for a country as great as America to have to endure such pathetic leadership. Biden is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the democratic leadership is even worst. America deserves better.

  10. I agree 100% well stated & I think that’s the sentiment of most of the American people.

  11. He needed to be placed near a toilet just in case he needed a diaper change!

    I also read that they arrived a 1/2 hour too late, so they were placed in the back of the room! He arrived late because it is safer that way, he does not have to talk to anyone or be allowed to wonder off like a demented fool.

    An illegitimate President, what do you expect!

  12. President Trump probably would have. He was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and even though he would not have been seated up front as that was reserved for family and then the colonies, but he certainly would have been seated right afterwards as the relationship with the UK was very strong as was his relationship with the Queen.

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