Trump Accuser Gets Win In Court

A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday gave former President Trump a partial victory in regards to a defamation case brought forth by a woman who is claiming that Trump raped her in the 1990s. The court ruled that Presidents are currently covered by a federal law that provides legal immunity to government employees.

A divided three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit said that the lower correct was mistaken in allowing E. Jean Carroll to file a defamation lawsuit against former President Trump during his time in office.

However, this ruling does not put an end to the entire case. The 2nd Circuit panel has asked a top Court in Washington to look into the extent of Trump’s potential immunity. They also will need to see whether Trump’s alleged defamation statements were “outside the scope” of his presidency and thus, immunity might not apply.

The D.C. The Court of Appeals is now in charge of looking into whether the defamation suit has grounds to proceed.

Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations made by Carroll and in June 2019 during an interview said that the woman is “totally lying.” He also added that respectfully Carroll was not his type and that the event never took place.

Carroll’s attorneys at the law firm Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP have said that they felt confident that the D.C. court would agree that the comments made by Trump were outside of the scope of his official presidential duties.

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  1. It looks to me that Trump was the victor in this case. When you are on the side of right you will always prevail.

    • I believe that the woman is lying. Tired of women waiting until a person becomes President or running for an important government position and then coming forward with accusations. They seem to do it because they want attention and money. Why do these women always come forward with accusations more than twenty years later? And especially when that person has an important position? I think Trump is the Victor in this case.


  2. It looks to me that Trump was the victor in this case. When you are on the side of right you will always prevail. We need the GOAT back.

  3. Give me a BREAK! This is about something that TRUMP “might” have said to her! I would like to HEAR the allegations of the comments before making any call but rich people get sued all the time for unpleasant remarks as they are OPEN TARGETS FOR MONEY! Many times they have “asked” for it!

  4. I thought she gave up on this crap a few mo ago. Did she find a lawyer who told her a different appoach th shake down Trump?

  5. I totally believe her. Trump has a long history of lying and will continue that until he’s no long with us.

    • LOL. Before you make the claim that “Someone Raped Me”, Look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would someone really want to rape this Ugly Carcus?” Most of you ugly Bit ches haven’t got enough money to hire someone to molest you. It’s always Nasty looking and Ugly Liberal women that make these claims. Trump has always had enough money to pretty much have any “Good Looking Women” he wanted, around him. Trouble is, most of you Liberal Hags can’t put enough make-up or perfume on to attract anything but flies. Conservative women are attractive with just their attitudes.

    • Your hatred of President Trump is showing. Do America a favor and stay home on election day. Your political ignorance is showing.

  6. Just more trash from the Demonrats is all I see trying to disrupt.

  7. Rape. A crime that is easy to claim and hard to prove. This one will be extremely hard to prove because it didn’t happen. The woman is seeking money and attention. At least, she is getting attention albeit not the kind she hoped for.

  8. List the lies sherry. Those are nothing but niggeRAT talking points.

  9. It is of course Trump who is lying — thousands of “untruths” have spewed from his face over the years.

  10. The Dems hace been berating Pres for over 50 months, I have never witnessed such HATE for a human being.
    I pray Donald Trump wins in 2024 and brings this grest country back to reality.

    • I agree with you James, I hope that he will be elected again in 2024 just to get our Nation back on track to where we were before the Biden debacle happened. I still say that the last election was rigged by the Dems and they had better not try that again.

  11. I don’t understand how anyone can prove that they were raped 20 or 30 years ago in a court of law. How does one prove something like that after so much time has passed? What is likely to happen, especially if that accused person is in the public eye constantly and very wealthy, is that the jury or judge will find them guilty just because of their wealth or someone will figure they are guilty of something somewhere.

    • I know nothing of this case and therefore assert nothing, but in other cases it was seen that some third party provided incentive for these public accusations. Otherwise why bring suit years later over something that couldn’t possibly be proven?

  12. EVERYTHING Trump has had to put up with, currently puts up with and in the future will put up with, has all been designed to destroy anything and everything associated with his Presidency, his family and himself.


    Because Trump dared to go against the power establishment’s plan for America and its puppets in the Democratic Party and RINOs (The Republican wing of the Democratic Party).

    WHY NOW?

    To insure Trump can never be the President again.

  13. Where is the LIKE button. Spot on!!

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