Trump: A Refreshing Voice in Troubled Times

No one thinks he has a chance. When real estate magnate Donald Trump announced that he was seeking the GOP nomination, the news was met with scorn, mockery, and eye-rolls on both sides of the aisle.

Liberals quickly branded him a moron, blasting him with ammunition left over from their assaults on Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. That was to be expected; Trump’s plainspoken, in-your-face conservatism is the very antithesis of the academic snobbery found in Salon, The Daily Beast, and the rest of the liberal blogosphere. These writers fly into a rage whenever a public figure dares to challenge their Marxist vision for the country. Especially when that challenge is made with the charismatic arrogance that has made Trump such a divisive personality.

But conservatives have been wary as well. Even those who might agree with most of what Trump says have serious reservations about the Apprentice star. With no public service experience and a reputation for excess, is Trump really a candidate to be considered? Does he have any shot at winning the nomination, much less the presidency? Republicans know that the worst possible outcome next November is a Hillary Clinton win. It’s why so many voters are torn on Jeb Bush; no, he’s not an ideal candidate, but he’s a damn sight better than Hillary. Republicans are ready to vote for Caitlyn Jenner if it means avoiding another four years of this liberal mess.

Still, a vote for Trump is not necessarily a vote for Clinton. Unless something catastrophic happens in the next six months, Trump is a non-issue politically. There are too many worthy candidates ahead of him, and the RNC is not about to pin their White House hopes on The Donald.

There is a chance here for an impact. A vote for Donald Trump is – as pointed out so eloquently by Pat Buchanan – a “vote of no confidence in the Beltway ruling class of politicians and press.” In other words, it’s the ultimate finger to John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, The New York Times, and the rest of the Washington establishment. It’s perhaps the best way to say, “You know what, turkeys? I’ve had just about enough.”

In the meantime, Trump brings a refreshing voice to the race. You might think that someone whose very name is so important to his financial future would be careful about what he says. But when it comes to Trump, there are no limits. He’s willing to say anything, completely unafraid of the consequences. He’s a political warship, and he’s dropping bombs left and right. Who else but Donald Trump would accuse Mexico of dumping their criminals on this side of the border? Even if you think he’s not “presidential,” you have to admire his flair.

This early in the game, maybe that’s enough. And who knows…maybe Trump will shock the world. Maybe Americans are ready for a guy who tells it like it is. President Trump. It could happen. And after suffering through the Obama years, it doesn’t even sound that bad.

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