Trump: A Refreshing Voice in Troubled Times

No one thinks he has a chance. When real estate magnate Donald Trump announced that he was seeking the GOP nomination, the news was met with scorn, mockery, and eye-rolls on both sides of the aisle.

Liberals quickly branded him a moron, blasting him with ammunition left over from their assaults on Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. That was to be expected; Trump’s plainspoken, in-your-face conservatism is the very antithesis of the academic snobbery found in Salon, The Daily Beast, and the rest of the liberal blogosphere. These writers fly into a rage whenever a public figure dares to challenge their Marxist vision for the country. Especially when that challenge is made with the charismatic arrogance that has made Trump such a divisive personality.

But conservatives have been wary as well. Even those who might agree with most of what Trump says have serious reservations about the Apprentice star. With no public service experience and a reputation for excess, is Trump really a candidate to be considered? Does he have any shot at winning the nomination, much less the presidency? Republicans know that the worst possible outcome next November is a Hillary Clinton win. It’s why so many voters are torn on Jeb Bush; no, he’s not an ideal candidate, but he’s a damn sight better than Hillary. Republicans are ready to vote for Caitlyn Jenner if it means avoiding another four years of this liberal mess.

Still, a vote for Trump is not necessarily a vote for Clinton. Unless something catastrophic happens in the next six months, Trump is a non-issue politically. There are too many worthy candidates ahead of him, and the RNC is not about to pin their White House hopes on The Donald.

There is a chance here for an impact. A vote for Donald Trump is – as pointed out so eloquently by Pat Buchanan – a “vote of no confidence in the Beltway ruling class of politicians and press.” In other words, it’s the ultimate finger to John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, The New York Times, and the rest of the Washington establishment. It’s perhaps the best way to say, “You know what, turkeys? I’ve had just about enough.”

In the meantime, Trump brings a refreshing voice to the race. You might think that someone whose very name is so important to his financial future would be careful about what he says. But when it comes to Trump, there are no limits. He’s willing to say anything, completely unafraid of the consequences. He’s a political warship, and he’s dropping bombs left and right. Who else but Donald Trump would accuse Mexico of dumping their criminals on this side of the border? Even if you think he’s not “presidential,” you have to admire his flair.

This early in the game, maybe that’s enough. And who knows…maybe Trump will shock the world. Maybe Americans are ready for a guy who tells it like it is. President Trump. It could happen. And after suffering through the Obama years, it doesn’t even sound that bad.

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  1. I am a conservative through and through. I was going to do all I could to help Ted Cruz until he announced that he was supporting that trade Deal or what I deal as Obama Trade how can anyone on this planet even consider trusting that man do anything good for the American People ? If his own party does not like it , then why is Ted,Cruz who is supposed to be a conservative so in love with it all of a sudden so Ted is now out and either Ben Carson is in or Donald Trump . I like them both . I am really tired of the parties in Washington. Nine of them are representing the American people any more. A Donald or Carson would be good for American maybe even restore some dignity that we have lost under this piece of work that is in the White House now. I would like them to get together and be a pres and Vice Pres. Boy! Wouldn’t that kiss off people like those Rino Republicans. Go for it Donald and Ben,, I like you both. I will do my part to help you .I promise . we cannot take anymore of the Obamas of this world running our country. Best luck Mr. trump.

    • A Trump/Carson ticket sure would keep the country from mirroring the Roman Empire’s decline!

      • Jacqueline McIntosh

        I like the sound of that. Trump/Carson. We need two strong men with our Country’s best interests in mind. No more of this back door motives garbage. I have always been a democrat, but after Obama, we have to choose wisely. Still can’t see how he won the second term? Didn’t get my vote.

        • Obama was put in place by the corrupt and evil bilderburgs and NWO.
          Massive fraud with voter booth machines…dead voting….ballot box stuffing….IT WAS ALL ARRANGED FOR THE FRAUD IN OFFICE.

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Yup, that is exactly what I was told. I repeated it once and was laughed at. Thank you for confirming what I was told. I can now go forth and tell it like it is with the confidence that it is indeed true.

          • It was a coup from an enemy country. I knew that from his first speech. From someone who has read Trotsky, Mark, Abbie Hoffman’s “Revolution for the Hell of it.” You can never con a con, especially one who has the education and the knowledge to know a lie from the truth. I am just waiting around to see who in the end he caves to, and from an anti-Israel standpoint, which is where he is, I am betting IRAN. But what this American hater doesn’t understand, is we are the Big Satan and Israel is the Little Satan. To give nukes to derange idiots, whose own prophet Allah is a pedophile, is insane. But Iran well knows that the next President is not going to be a Democrat. An old professor of mine in my 2nd yr of college told me something that I have seen to be true. Most didn’t like Obama too much. But the American people do not like one ruling class at more than 8 yrs. They will always change. And besides, Hillary will be looking at keeping herself out of jail than to run any campaign. P. Kathy Kleiman

          • Allah is Satan and Mohammed is his pedophile prophet. 😉

          • Muhammad even believed that the being he met inside that cave was Satan but his older Catholic wife her family and members of his family convinced him it was an angel from God, Too bad they didn’t stay out of it.

          • Trump/Carson. Trump/Carson, it has a nice ring to it. Even Carson/Trump sounds good. Anything but the establishment.

          • I might be wrong but I think DR. Carson said he supports MR. Trump.

          • That includes Hillary, who proudly declared herself a Progressive !

        • The only thing that makes sense is he either didn’t win honestly or God Almighty put him there to punish this nation. Have you ever wondered who this End Time Nation is that has over one hundred characteristics that fit America perfectly and many only America, here are a few of many. 1 This ETN rose up in a wilderness, taking land from others.2 Has a mother, that is withered up by the time this ETN receives her punishment.(England?) 3 This ETN has a place where the kings of the earth hold meetings (UN building NTC?) 4 Has many lakes, rivers and deep water ports. 5 God calls it the Hammer of the whole earth Economic Might and Military Might. 6 This ETN has her defenses mounted up to the heavens (America Had? NASA and an advanced Air Force?) all this is dwindling. 7 Is both into the Occult worshipping Satan others who are Godly. this is to complex and long to put on here but a Biblical study as well as a historical study of America’s framers of the Constitution you’ll find Ishtar the Babylonian goddess all over everything, symbols, statues even our banking system can be traced back to the Babylonian Temples and the Prostitutes with Ishtar “Mother Of The Harlots” Most people believe Jefferson, Adams were Christians not so they were high degreed Masons they were just the opposite of the Christians who were before them, at any rates a study of this can clear up a lot about the prophecies that seem to say that this ETN is very evil and very good. To sum it up: This ETN starts out as a God fearing nation but changes overall to an ungodly nation. I don’t belong to any denomination. although I think the Seventh Day Adventists teach that the second beast of revelation is America. Beasts are symbolic of nations, the horns are symbolic of power, the lamb is a symbol of the Messiah but then it begins to speak like a dragon (Satan) the one world religion is on those proverbial steroids now since the pope and well many known evangelicals joining together with the “Interfaith Movement” Sorry for the grammatical errors, my reply window is so small it’s almost impossible to justice as to what I tried to express.

        • You said you were once a Democrat, todays Democrats are Marxists in disguise and many aren’t even trying to be disguised. If JFK were to appear he would be ultra conservative compared to todays Democrats and even most Republicans. JFK loved America and that the reason he was murdered, he made it know that secret societies were repugnant to him, he was going to take on the Criminals in the so-called Federal Reserve. There are many lies put out about JFK the Bay of Pigs is just one. I believe the Shadow Government or the Secret Society control freaks got control of his brotherTed. I believe Donald Trump is the only one capable of fighting the Shadow Government.

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Yes, my mother had great respect for JFK, which is obviously where I got my name from, Jacqueline Kennedy. She told me all about the truth as to how he and his brother were killed. Not really sure if it makes any sense to be on one side or the other anymore. We just have to vote for the lesser of two evils. And hope that we can even make a difference. I am not of a religious denomination either; although I do believe that there is a higher power and I do believe in Mother Nature. A lot of what you wrote is very interesting. I think that it is odd that the Pope will be here visiting and talking about the Ecology at the same time CERN is going to collide their particles is rather odd timing. As far as harlot goes, our sorry excuse of a government; with all of them being harlots in a way, makes sense And it was America that began the Chemtrails in the sky, polluting our entire Country and trying to control the weather; and other nations doing it was well. I believe that as a human race we are just destroying the planet and with so many people depending on large unscrupulous companies working with the “shadow government”; we are just doing ourselves in. And the earth is going to shake us off like a bunch of fleas. I know I jumped around a little bit here, but there is just so much going on, so much corruption, I will not be at all surprised if the ENT happens very soon. Very hard to really understand what the Bible is directing the ENT to, but I won’t be surprised if it hits us first.

      • We need to look at Carson more closely. I still don’t like the fact that he said Americans don’t need rifles. What type of gun do you hunt with?

        • but if he is not president…..trump is pro gun..right?

          • Trump has said “I believe in the 2nd amendment”. The NRA gives grades to the candidates that they have derived from past votes or a questionnaire they send to every candidate. We should watch for that, but we also need to listen to what each has to say in public. Carson said he did not believe the public needed rifles. He has since said he didn’t word that correctly, but he never changed his words.

          • Carson never said a word about rifles-check your source-if you have one.

      • Fcuk the journalists and all the MSM, you won’t get the truth from them. They are always in the tank for someone, but seldom if ever for you. Trump/Carson, they will tell you trump is a buffoon but maybe it’s time for a new buffoon, the one we’ve had hasn’t been so great.

      • That would be; in my umble opinion our best chance to get a pro American team to take the White Mosque I mean House, from the Muslim Hoods.

      • The Roman Cicero wrote and spoke about the ‘Traitors Within” a country being more dangerous than the enemies without, I think he said a nation can deal with it’s fools, but in America’s case it’s not only the Traitors we have to worry about but ours fools too, because they elect and reelect the Traitors, the reason the Marxists have set up and succeeded in dumbing down this nation, overall there are so many fools that depend on the government for everything, and that goes for the ones employed in this bloated, highly intrusive, arrogant monster we as a whole created, common sense should dictate that this will have to cease, if not then an implosion is in the near future.

    • I sure agree with what you say here. I was a Cruz supporter until he went “south” on the Trade Agenda. I have asked both Cruz and his wife how their contacts with C.F.R. are working for them. B.T.W. McConnell’s wife is also C.F.R.-AS IS CRUZ’S I also am a strong supporter for Ben Carson and think he may be the only one able to pull our country back to unity. I cheer when I hear Trump call a spade a spade. He also has great business experience and not afraid to cut things needing to be cut-=like the many thousands of unoccupied government buildings that we are paying for each month= He also has experience dealing with china and Russia and would stand up to them. He opposes SAME SEX AND AMNESTY AND GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION If not for President, then how about Secretary of State?
      We need someone with the courage to stand up, not embroiled in the D.C. Bubble and not beholden to Lobbyists or Big Business Pressure !

      • Ben Carson doesn’t have a chance in Hell and for only one reason: What we here at The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company call “Obama’s Shadow Syndrome.” I doubt if there will be another “black” man in the Oval Office in mine or even my 23 yr old daughter’s lifetimes. No matter how good he is. They are just so race baited and have bought into it all, it just wouldn’t work.

        • Another know it all quarter heard from. “Obama shadow syndrome”, how clever. Some of us believe honesty has no color. If they were stupid enough to vote for Obama maybe they will be smart enough to vote for Trump/Carson. Research establishments have been known to be wrong.

          • Yes they have, but with all the hate stirred up by the Racist Chief this seems likely for awhile.

        • I said the same thing even before Ben Carson came on the stage that because of Obama many Americans will be afraid of another black man as president, thanks to this racist Communist president what he has done will take generations to undo, all the hate he has created between black and whites, I’m speaking of those who don’t understand that this was purposely done to create division and hate.

          • My company calls it “Obama’s Shadow Syndrome.” Just as Hitler sent in his brown shirts to break all of the Jewish business’s windows and told the police to stand down, Obama sent in his brown shirts, Sharpton, Jackson and the new Black Panthers to make ignorant blacks who just want to feel a part of something and knew no better. It is a shame that innocent people will be caught up in the judgement of our country. I knew the second this “candidate” began calling people “folks” and I am nothing if not a wordsmith. “FOLKS” is an old colored word blacks would use when speaking of their employers, albeit white employers either good or bad. They had it much better in the ’50’s. They had a family unit, they worked, held businesses and even went to church with their families on Sunday. Do they drink at the same fountain, live by each other or eat at the same lunch counters today? Of course not. SEGREGATION FOREVER means just what is says. As surely as those Native Americans are still on their reservations, the inner cities are the plantations and that monthly welfare check is the chains that bind them to stay there. When I heard the word Folks being thrown around all of a sudden out of nowhere, everyone was using that word. I never bought into it because I am too educated and knowledgeable to where when I hear Marxist rhetoric, I know it for what it is. I happened to have read “Karl Marx: Live and Times,” “Rules for Radicals,” and Abbie Hoffman’s “Revolution for the Hell of it.” To know your enemy, is to listen and read what they read. Show me a left Progressive voting Democrat and I will unmask for you a Communist. It really isn’t that hard to do. Just start with anyone of their ideologies and they attack, not only you personally, but your job, your livelihood, your character, your credit and your entire family’s name. This is straight our of Karl Marx. Marx said that you never answer the question, attack, and not just the questioner, but leave his entire life in tatters so others who will want to speak out will see what has happened to the one who did and they will remain silent.

        • Hi Kathy; I do my own research using government statistics; trends, demographics, American Historical data. Also I love to study what has been gleaned by archeologists and historians who have given a fairly clear picture of what is was like during the days of the Akadians and Babylonians which includes their religion. What is fascinating to me is this supposed myth wasn’t a myth but a people worshipping spirit beings that were real, many of the things that have been unearthed in the past thirty years or so, have proven that a lot of things in the Bible are true, not the other way around. Many of the Babylonian mystery religion practices have found their way into Christianity. I almost forgot my point which is easy to do on this site, because my reply window is way to small. My point is my research shows the future is very bleak for our children, they will never have the opportunities that I had when I was a young man. Take the birth rate of Muslims, the increase of those with a pro Marxist view. I mentioned an end time nation (ETN) to you earlier, God calls the immigrants that come to this ETN Caterpillars because they are destructive, God even tells us where these destroyers come from and these countries Are Now Muslim nations, Iran is mentioned by it’s ancient name Persia but Persia never destroyed ancient Babylon with “Fiery Darts, these darts sound like missiles.

      • i so agree

        • Trump/Carson, Trump/Carson….what a team that would be.

          • it has to be better than what we have going on I figure Trump knows just about every world leader and he sure knows how to make money so why not him besides he wont need to waste our money on vacations hes probably been everywhere lol

      • TRUMP/BEN
        Non-elite, fresh faces, not political, HONEST, STRAIGHT FORWARD, IN-YOUR FACE. Transparent and trustworthy. This ticket will WIN.

      • So you think we should elect another man who thinks the government knows best and would love to have a flaming liberal as his running mate? Start using your brains.

        • It is pretty obvious you have no idea what you are talking about!. Neither Trump nor Carson think the government knows best and neither one is a liberal. I would suggest you start using your brain-AND OPEN YOUR EYES-or are you just a liberal supporter?

          • I cant believe pacificwaters is serious, maybe he or she is just some troll that’s trying to play mind games.

        • Just look at the name. There brain is fried from the Fukushima radiation that is being spilled into the West Coast Ocean water. Neither side has our backs any longer. It’s time to quit being dumbed down. We need new blood and new ideas. Trump or Carson or Carson or Trump anything is better than the choices we currently have.

        • You sure aren’t describing Trump I have no idea who you have in mind but Trump isn’t that man, as for Doctor Carson you’re wrong again. Do some research, it will keep you from making a fool of yourself.

    • or Rand Paul….he’s got about the same foreign policy as Trump…..I’m not quite sure where Carson stands on that

      • I like Rand Paul too however, he’s just another politician. Carson and Trump would be absolutely refreshing. Just imagine, a person being president who would be out to be for the people?
        Just imagine who possibly could turn this corrupt government around and become a government we can believe in. Just imagine, no more lies coming out of Washington. Just imagine being respected and admired again as a nation. Just imagine.

        • I can’t wait to read the headlines….”YOU’RE FIRED, and YOU’RE FIRED, and YOU’RE FIRED….” oh, well, you get my point. It would take about 10 minutes after a massive meeting of the top heads of departments for the Capitol to look like an empty stadium. Wouldn’t that be glorious?

    • Count me in, too. I like Trump and Carson.

    • Never thought about it but a Trump Carson Ticket would be terrific. They both seem to be great Americans and this country sure needs people who care for it. These two candidates would make great running mates.

    • Forrest Jane Cline

      I agree, Highwayman 1955….I agree.

    • I agree, and Cruz has had a NumbersUSA grade of an A every since he became a citizen. Now he has to cave to special interests and his grade has taken a dive since he announced his presidency. Cornyn’s is even worse, from a C- to an F! But he is too powerful as minority whip to be Cornyn’ed out. So he could give a fig.I USED to be a Conservative. Now I am a Constitutionalist.

    • I think Cruz realized he had lost a lot of his common people backing so he
      changed his vote today to no on obamatrade. Of course Obamatrade still passed so now he can claim he voted against it. A well calculated political decision??? Sorry but I do not trust Cruz as he knew all along this was part of the plan of the New World Order-and his wife is-or was a member of the C.F.R.- who also supports the New world Order(as does McConnell’s wife).

  2. I like everything Trump said. He calls it like it is. I am also a conservative but I am shocked at Boehner and O’Connell siding with Obama on the trade bill. I am shocked!! I am so done with both Republicans and Democrats. I will vote for Trump. I also like Carson.

    • We the people must remove the “ruling class”, I think Donald or Ben could do it. How will the liberal media attack and destroy Ben?? They are going to have to dig deep and lie hard.

      • Absolutely right!! After Carson’s speech at the Nat’l Day of Prayer, which I watched, BHO was absolutely devastated…he started out smiling at Carson and as the speech continued, O’s head drooped lower and lower, until he was looking at the floor. The very next day the IRS swooped down on Ben and for the next few months they tried to find something, anything, they could to discredit him. They came up empty-handed. Found nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Carson has lots of managerial experience. He was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. He has also established a scholarship program for students who show pure talent but no money…all of this takes managerial talent. He’s even written several books on how to succeed. You probably know all of this, so I thought I’d write this for others to read for their edification.

    • Why are you surprised at McConnell, his wife is Chinese and her family has ‘ships’… deal with China….you and I don’t own any ‘ships’ so we will have the pleasure of ‘plucking’ rice somewhere in this country…that will enable us to purchase water from the waterways of america and work from dawn to dusk for food scraps…of course we can always eat the politicians, they are gmo free and no trans fats..

    • Gasp!! Carson?? A self made, intelligent, forceful Blackman? We can’t have that, why, he doesn’t even own a Nobel Peace prize…….”Carson attended Southwestern High School in Southwest Detroit where he excelled in JROTC. He quickly rose in rank and was offered an appointment to West Point.
      Carson graduated from Yale University, where he majored in psychology. He received his M.D. from the University of Michigan Medical School. He completed his residency in neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore”. OMG! You mean to tell me his records are open to public scrutiny??

      • I would like to look at your records what elementary school did you graduate from because you can not have gone any further in school.

        • Cannot White! Ignorant, irrelevant and pathetic. Let me say it real sllloooowwww! You leftist slugs FEAR any strong, INTELLIGENT black man with NOTHING to hide. He might make you get up in the morning, go to work, pay your own way. By the way, Tootsie Roll, MY elementary school taught me punctuation.

          • But apparently it did not teach you critical thinking. If BHO had nothing to hide, why has he locked up ALL of his papers relating to his birth, his educational experiences; his family background; and much of what he has done in office? If he’s so hot on people getting up in the morning and going to work, why did he expunge the necessity to look for work before receiving welfare checks (and he did that right before the election…don’t you find that rather suspicious?) I do. And…calling a person who does not agree with you derogatory names does not make you a bigger person or a more intelligent person.

          • Read it again! By no stretch of the imagination do I think Oblame-o is strong or intelligent. Dr. Carson, Allen West or Larry Elder are honest, strong, forceful and intelligent black men that would make this country whole, a force to be reckoned with and truly great again. By the way race baiters, I’m white and Conservative.

      • Yes, Carson is a self-made and successful black man, but one with ZERO experience in government or law.

        You wingnuts decry Obama’s alleged lack of experience, even though he was a state senator, U.S. Senator, lecturer on Constitutional law, and had several years of experience at a prestigious law firm. Your rank inconsistency and gross hypocrisy are on display for all to see!

        • Head up your ass is that still you giving your idiotic opinions? How could a man like Carson possibly be as experienced as the community organizer? Simple, he is more intelligent and more honest than your hero and I’m betting he knows more about almost anything than
          your hero.

        • Well, let’s see…as a state senator he did nothing; as U.S. Senator he did nothing but respond “Here” when his name was called; as a lecturer on Constiutional law, he didn’t stay very long; and as for the prestigious law firm, he was forced to relinquish his law degree and cannot practice law anymore; nor can Moochie. She had to give hers back also…both of them have been disbarred. He has lied about his birth certificate; he lied about Obamacare; he lied about his religion; he lied about Benghazie; in fact, he’s lied about absolutely everything since day one. Open your eyes!!!!!

          • Excellent!! Thanx, but I don’t need help spanking headuphisass and putting him to bed.

          • Your diatribe is replete with inaccuracies. Just one example: The Obamas requested that their law licenses be placed in “inactive” status, which was granted, thus exempting them from the various requirements for maintenance of such licenses (registration fees, continuing legal education requirements, etc.). Neither the President nor the First Lady have been disbarred. Here are the details for those who value the truth over wingnut viral rumor:

        • Obama had his opponents disqualified by opening sealed records. How, BTW, did he lose his law license? It costs about $600 a year to keep it up and why wouldn’t he after paying $150K for the degree?

          • Your ignorant ASSertions are replete with inaccuracies. Just one example: The Obamas requested that their law licenses be placed in “inactive” status, which request was granted, thus exempting them from the various requirements for maintenance of such licenses (registration fees, continuing legal education requirements, etc.). It is common for lawyers to request such status when they are permanently or temporarily converting to work where no law license is required.

            The big fat purulent LIE about Obama being disbarred is just one of the numerous LIES ginned up by some unprincipled right wing scumbag LIAR and echoed all over the place by gullible Obamaphobes like you.

            Neither the President nor the First Lady have been disbarred. Both remain in good standing with their state’s Bar Association. Here are the details for those who value the truth over wingnut viral rumor:

      • agree.he is brilliant and honest.

    • I like Carson too but is he too nice to run….we need a fighter like Trump or Rand Paul.
      Ted Cruz voted to give Obama fast track authority….unforgivable.

      • Carson is nice but he’s smart and he chooses his words carefully. He’s not afraid to answer negative questions — he has answers ready. He just does it in such a quiet way, without snarc, that unless you listen you miss it.

    • I am shocked too. Its been hard to believe anything they say for a while now but I think this is the last straw.

  3. The Donald ….. The Man for the Job …………

    • I think most of us on here know Mexico is dumping their criminals on America , this isn’t something new, Castro did it by making sure when he opened his prisons back in the sixties and early seventies that theses prisoners headed to Miami, I was living in Miami at the time and knew several Cubans and I had a friend that worked as a security agent for the federal government those Cubans were just as disgusted as any of us law abiding people were, it was common knowledge back then that Castro did this, but I imagine all that information has been scrubbed by now.

    • I believe so, and it looks like he’s going to be the best we will get, I’m sick of career politicians anyway who turn out to be working for the same invisible entity that is forcing globalization on the whole world and is turning America into a third world cesspool, these people claiming that they are for middle class Americans cant be that stupid, they have to be able to see the damage that Marxism and Corporatism is doing to this country, many claim Trump is one of those global elitists but I still believe he puts the welfare of his country above profit, there is a fine line between Corporatism and Free Market Capitalism, these global giants have and are using many ABC American government agencies to destroy the small business competitors in this country as they can afford to pay the fines and sometimes avoid them altogether, As a onetime small business owner, many of the hoops I had to jump through didn’t apply to my giant competitors, this was state as well as federal. The coal mining industry is a good example of the good ole boy system, the big boys; the large coal mines were perfectly content when the ABC government agencies were shutting down their small competitors, not so content when the Marxist Monster they helped create did the same to them.

      • I recently heard a talking head intimate that Donald was no good because he just closed a multi-million dollar deal with China. I say Hoorah for Donald. That’s multi-millions of our money he just recaptured and brought back to this country that will be used to pay the salaries of the thousands of people who work for him. Way to go, Donald.


  4. Gregg the voice of reason

    The leftist media is trying to make a clown out of Trump .
    He speaks the truth and doesn’t need the money from being President.
    He knows how the Chinese think and how to handle them and the Mexicans.
    The Arabs better watch out when Trump is President .

    • Trump in my opinion is the only one running who will stand up to the “Good Ole Boys” I imagine Chris Wallace and his ilk will ask Trump the same question that was asked of Ben Carson, Fox News Chris Wallace: Wouldn’t putting you (Carson) in the White House be like putting Obama in the operating room” No Marxist Obama supporter Wallace, your question to Carson either proves your true ignorance or your love of Marxism or both.

    • Not the Arabs….ISIS and the other terrorist better watch out. Trump made sense about dealing with Putin and Assad. I liked his honesty

    • Trump needs no help from the media to look like the clown he is. All he has to do is to be his laughable, arrogant self!

    • The media can pound salt, Trump is far from caring what the media thinks. The media is losing it’s influence on public opinion more and more each day. Much of the public is more sophisticated than the Media knows. The media has had things their way for far too long and squandered their influence with people like Brian Williams and a number of others.I personally couldn’t care less about what the media thinks. Trump and Carson that,s
      the ticket for me.

  5. Trump comes across to me as an airhead. But he didn’t get as rich as he is by being stupid. He also speaks out and enforces his business practices, which is what this country needs. someone who will take the bull by the horns and return some backbone to US policy. I also like Ben Carson. Too many liberals think the GOP does not like Obama because of his race. No, it is his political beliefs and his sorry leadership. Carson’s popularity is proof of that.

    • I’m in agreement Jerry. Although, Trump’s ego concernes me. Obama’s ego has kept him from admitting his mistakes, what would Trump’s ego do? I’ll take Carson over Trump any day of the week. I’ve said it in previous posts and I’ll say it again. The contrast between Carson’s moral and political stance, & Obama’s, is undeniable. Carson is a reminder to all Americans, Black or White, and all communities regardless of social standing that, taking responsibility and working hard, anyone, any American can make it. This is precisely why the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s and all other free loading race baiters fear Carson. He worked hard, and is living proof that the BS that the Sharpton’s and his like are just that…, full of BS. Carson is a true “Conservative”. That’s why I personally like him over Trump.

      • Yourko,
        I totally agree with you. Carson is the better person. Carson has little political experience but that may be a good thing. I am weighing that very carefully. The others are politicians.

        • Well Jerry…, we’ve all witnessed Republicans and Democrats alike, all let America, and Americans down. What we’re witnessing are the results of “career politicians”. To me the word “politician”, is synonymous to, “untrustworthy”. It’s like we have sleazy car salesmen running our country. I honestly believe America is at a crossroads. It will go one of two ways…, either “We The People” do our best to vote folks into office that we can trust to do the morally right thing for America or, we sink deeper into trouble with lousy Progressive/Liberal/Democratic policies that we all know are, IMHO morally void. And what I mean by that is…, what’s not in the best interest of America as a whole. We live in such interesting times right now. I believe Carson is a man of his word, and someone I could personally trust more than any of the current “politicians” in Washington. Good luck Jerry…, I believe there are a great number of good Americans still in this amazing country. We’ll see in 2016…..

        • Besides, any good manager knows the secret to success is to surround themselves with knowledgeable people upon whom they can rely. J. C. Penney did that all the time…and look where that got him…right to the top of the pile. Carson is a quick study. It wouldn’t take him very long to get a handle on the job. I’ve been for him before most others had even heard of him.

      • BRAVO!

      • i am not worried at all about trump!

      • carson cant win. same as rubio cant win..

  6. Hey all i have been a lifetime republican but this election if a conservative is not running i am sitting home. When it comes to the house and senate i will vote for anyone except a republican to send a loud message to boehner and mc connell you have sold us out and betrayed the people that made both of you majority leaders in the senate and house. You both have no idea how pissed off all the people who gave money and time to help the republicans and than these same people stab the people who did the work. I like trump because he a business man, believes that american is great and can be great again. He is using his own money so he is not obligated to special interests and i will say this that if he becomes president all the rest of the world will stand up and take notice and say american is back. A person that is a successful business man can be a successful president because he does not who care get gets credit he is a results oriented manager. The last hope for the usa before a major depression.

    • For what it’s worth William…, I think it’s a bad decision for anyone to give up because they’ve been betrayed or angry. Seems you’d be making your decision, fueled by emotion. Isn’t that what Democrat/Liberals base their decisions and cast their votes on…, emotions? This would be the worst time to sit this one out I must say. Don’t give up, and for the sake of the country, don’t sit this fight (vote) out. It’s up to “We The People”, to send a clear message to Washington…., and you’re part of that team.

    • Then you better not stay at home. Opting out of a fight never won that fight. During a particularly hard time in my life my young son said to me, “Mom, you never lose the game until you walk off the field.” Staying home is equal to walking off the field.

    • IF YOU SIT IT OUT you elect the Dem Hillary probably……….a cheat….conniver..liar…cause of american mad….. political nightmare..power all she is.

  7. I watched Fox business this morning and they had two consulting clowns pooh poohing Trump’s chances. One worked for Hillary the Benghazi murderer and crook and Bloomberg the pee cup measurer. Once Trump is registered he picks up ten points in the polls. If he ever gives the keys to his city to the 10th Mountain Division from New York and declares one day to thank all vets he picks up another 15 points. Then it is on.

    • Fox is in the tank for the Bushes. I thought Dana Perino on The Five was going to have a stroke about Donald Trump’s entrance into the race. I’ve always liked her, but she became so irrational, I’m not so sure about her. For her and others who read this blog, we only have 577 days left of Moocher and the Obamanation of America!

      • Seems we saw the Real Perino…she is one little ”spit fire.” I will never feel the same about her. What did Donald Trump do to her? Perhaps he ignored her when visiting FOX. Is it possible she is afraid he would beat Jeb?

      • Perino is nothing but a RINO….I can’t stand the woman….she’s an idiot

      • WVF – FOX may very well be “in the tank” for the Bush family……but what do we get from MSNBC,
        NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc??? Seven or eight left-wing, liberal networks vs. one (1) right-wing network!! What’s wrong with this picture??? This country is now hopelessly divided…..and will remain so until an all-out, full-scale revolution takes place!! I’m locked and loaded!! How about you???

      • Hallelujah! Can’t wait for the Obamas to be out of the White House.

  8. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Trump and his so called supporters really need to understand that better than half the things The Donald says he would do would end in immediate impeachment because they violate laws

    • No one in history of America has violated more laws and committed many acts of Treason than OBAMA…yet the fraud is still in office!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Cease blowing hot air out of whatever orifice you speak from and name just two laws he has violated or shut up and sit down

  9. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Trump is the new Ronald Reagan He has my vote, Build the wall Mr. Trump, Stop the US wars for oil, Stop the welfare to Foreign Dictators Etc. Etc.

  10. Anyone (read Trump) who really thinks we can build a wall (not a fence) across the southern border and bill Mexico for it has a screw loose.

    • carolyn, I must disagree. Mexico, in reality, is nearly totally dependent upon America. A President Trump knows how to negotiate with the unethical public leaders of third-world countries.

      • carolyn acheson

        Trump really needs to stick to what he does best — the private sector. Blowhards wouldn’t make respected Presidents.

    • Sure we can…..why not? The one in California seems to be working—they just enter somewhere where it’s not and migrate to California because they are so pro illegal alien

      • carolyn acheson

        Have you been to the California border (not San DIego) lately?!

      • carolyn acheson

        …plus– you should look to the southern sky and watch all those airplanes heading north across the border. How would a fence stop these illegals?

  11. I am sure Trump has many “skeletons” in various closets throughout his empire. We need to know more about him and just who are or were his past associates—-keep in mind he operates within “mafia” country. And, yes he should reveal up front that he wears a toupee, else many will be wondering just what else he is hiding. If he can pass “muster”, he would make a good President.

    • Do you think Obama might have a skeleton or two in his closet?!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Halfbreed doesn’t have a closet. The airport hangar itself is almost FULL with his bullshit!!

      • Please don’t say that out loud. You might get a visit from the FBI and IRS would audit your taxes for the past 10 years. Chris Matthews could have a leg attack.

      • Nah WVF; Obama is the most transparent of the transparent, he even said, those that aren’t transparent must have something to hide and since Obama never lies we know that he must be transparent, it’s only white racists that are against Obama and it’s only whites that are racists, the Reverrrrennnnnnnnnnnnnnd Sharpton has proven this. Did you ever sell that big bridge yet? I forget the city I think it was in Brooklyn, NY. I’m thinking about buying it and putting a toll gate on it.

      • WVF, no doubt he has more than a few. Everything he has done has been carefully scripted and orchestrated, right down to his TV and TelePrompTer gaffs. I suspect he even has a “before term” “exit” scenario, in case impeachment gets moved to the front burner.

    • No one could even get Obama’s College Grades…One of Obama’s friends was/is Bill Ayers, a cop killer. Not to worry, the NYT and WashPost will ”dig” up everything they can find bout Donald Trump might even make somethinng up. NYT seems to think Rubio’s big windows in his house would damage his run for president.

    • He’s been politically behind the Clintons before too but I’m sure that was a business decision but I think he’s come to the realization that someone has to step in and stop them.

    • Donald’s hair is real….

  12. I don’t know what speech you all heard from Trump but the speech I heard is how he wants to go back to war with the Middle East. I am with the majority and I have seen enough war.

    • I understand your feelings, but no one has made members of the military go to war. They volunteered their service. In case you don’t know, we do not have a draft.

      • The troops entered the service to protect the American people not to go over to the Middle East and fight their civil wars. That’s what they were doing over there. If you were to ask them if they wanted to go home and they could if they did. The majority would have left. Most of them didn’t enlist to be shipped over to the Middle East.

        • Wayne, I am a retired USAF officer and any logical tactician carefully plots the “ways of war”. A new war may include cyber space and perhaps even nuclear weapons, but keep in mind, war is multi-directional. and could escalate into a world-wide use of all kinds of WMD—which could well mean the premature end of the planet, or at least make large portions uninhabitable. I think the U.S. China and Russia understand d that but there other “entities” that may well “go all out”. Also, there are proven tactical and strategic advantages having our forces at widespread locations, in addition to protecting our small country allies.

          • You were an officer. So that means you know nothing about what it was like for a grunt to go down the ho chi mingh trail in Nam or sitting in a fox hole in Quate. You have to ask grunt what this was like. I am retired from the service. The American Legion treats me like a hero although I do not consider myself one. The hero’s are either dead or maimed for life. My opinion is get out of the Middle East and stay out of there. We can not win their kind of war.

      • I’ll bet 99% enter the military because there are not jobs….not because they want to.
        Trump has a solution and so does Rand Paul….no more intervention.

        • “rhon…….”, shame on you. Obviously, you have not spent 4 years at a military academy, where most attendees are selected based upon academic merit—and the U.S. military is known for its time-honored abilities to protect this nation and the likes of you. And, many all of our young people are “locked into” various careers for numerous reasons. Thank your lucky stars, that those in the military volunteer to stand and defend the American way of life—-again, shame, shame! We await your apology!


      • You are so wrong. If they go back to war it will be a cyber space war. All Obama has to do is press a button and the defense department will shoot beams into the Middle East and knock out all the generators that are in their power plants and they can’t move. Their generators are all run by computers just like ours. Ground troops are a thing of the past.

        • We do have that technology, but I don’t know for sure how technologically advanced some of these countries are.(being on a grid like we are) Iran may be able to do this to America, and likewise we to them. No amount of Neville Chamberlain like documents the Iranians sign for John Kerry will make any difference in what they will do or not do. Only a certifiable fool would believe anything that comes from the mouths of the Islamists. The understanding of the word Taqiyya and the many speeches given over the years by Iranian Ayatollahs and Muslim clerics on what the Muslims must do, should dispel any ideas that the Muslim world can be trusted. Almost 1400 years of ISIS like behavior should make it clear beyond a shadow of doubt that those who love Liberty cannot trust them.

    • no what he said was get ISIS not Assad…..the cowardly allies we have won’t do it…..Israel, Turkey and the Saudis are standing back except in Yemen and that’s a proxy war against Iran….not terrorism.

      • Why are those cowardly allies so much smarter than us? France and Germany tried to tell George W. Bush not to invade Iraq but he refused to listen. Get out of the Middle East and stay out and let them fight their own civil wars.

    • Wayne, I am a retired military officer. I think it safe to say, our future wars may well be ones of “defense”. not offense, unless we are forced to defend Israel or one of our other allies. Keep in mind, war is similar to a sports game where the best defense is a good offense. Right now, Trump is an unknown. I am sure with his many ventures, he has skeletons in many closets. I would rather stick to a politician that has been at least a governor, who knows how to deal with the various “masses”. And no, I don’t believe any of the Bush family are criminals. And, in spite of modern warfare capabilities, a war is not over until there are “boots on the ground”.

      • Then you send your kids, nieces and nephews or grandchildren over there. Stop sending other people’s relatives to do your wishes.

        • carolyn acheson

          Thanks for being a bright light, dondehoff. If the naysayers would ask the Military what they think about Prez Bush, they would find find a lot of fans, as you know.

  13. Damn, at least Trump says what he would do instead of kissing asses. Obviously he doesn’t know everything but he knows those who do and can. His bottom line is better than the present government bottom line. Give him a chance to eat hillerydillery alive and she can have billiebob help her too. Debate the facts which is not what the Dems want to do. Obama… you’re FIRED! 🙂

    • Or demote him to janitor….Oops, he gave that job to an illegal voter.

    • I think Trump, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, maybe Jindal, Cruz (although I’m disappointed in his early TPA vote) could give Hillary a run for her money in a debate. So I’m for any of them. Don’t want a McCain or Romney repeat in that arena. I’d have to watch Carson more but maybe. We’re such an “American idol” culture that the optics matter.

  14. Initially, I never believed that Donald Trump would officially enter the presidential race as a GOP candidate, but I have had to eat my words more than once; however, since he has declared his candidacy, I am four-square behind him. After what this country elected to the White House in 2008, I have several palm trees which would do well–because they can’t damage me or America. Mr. Trump is not a politician. He’s a businessman who has had to buy members of both sides of the political aisle for decades. He understands these miscreants and fully realizes that they, as a group, are morally and ethically bankrupt. I’m willing to wager he would never sign the TPA bill if he were president, because he knows its bad for America! Donald Trump is a capitalist, and that’s what this country needs!

    • He also Loves this Country and doesn’t have to ”bow” to anybody. He’s very intelligent which is very ”refreshing!” He would also take responsibility and not be playing the games of ”lying” and ”blaming.”

    • Maybe we have started a Trump Carson movement, I think it would be a winner.

      • That’s why he stated, “I’m really rich.” What he’s saying between the lines is, “I don’t need your dirty money; you cannot buy me; I’m not beholden to anyone; I stand totally independant of your agendas; and I will not cave in to you.” I’m all for a Trump/Carson or Carson/Trump ticket.

  15. Trump is only about Trump. He’s given more to Democrats than
    Republicans, especially in 2006, when Democrats took over both houses of

  16. Following is an excellent article, on Trump, by Jeff Jacoby, conservative writer for The Boston Globe:

  17. Refreshing maybe, but the reality is that he will be a spoiler like Ross Perot in 1992 where Perot took away votes that could have gone to Bush SR…this caused Clinton to win….This is exactly what will happen here if h runs under an independent ticket. Besides Trump is branding of his name is what makes him famous. There are other real estate development firms way larger than Trump who go under the radar without a lot of hype. Trump needs the hype to keep branding his name. This is where Trump makes his money. On his name Trump was almost bankrupt after of 3 his major executives who were the REAL rainmakers died in a helicopter crash on 10/11/89….after that the entire organization fell apart but Trump being clever started to market his name rather than his real estate . Now does that make for presidential material, I don’t know but it certainly look better than the other candidates. If Trump runs under the republican I doubt he will make it. If he does it will be a pleasant surprise.

    • Ross Perot didn’t spoil anything….GHW BUSH is a criminal
      I voted for Perot and I’d do it again and again.
      This party loyalty idea is killing the country

  18. Michael Dennewitz

    Anymore, the whole damned system is corrupt, I don’t care what they profess to be. The only consolation a lot of us have is the fact that we’re older than dirt. No matter who/what takes over the country, we older wind bags won’t have to endure for too long. It’s a real shame tho – what this wonderful country ONCE WAS and what IT HAS BECOME SINCE!

    • It might be true that I won’t be around, as my daughter has reminded me; but my 10 yo grandson will be. I don’t want to leave this mess to him to clean up; I’d like to do what I can to clean it up now.

    • AGREED! That’s our problem, we have SEEN with our own eyes what was once a strong, self-reliant, responsible populace. Now we are a P.C., whiny, I’m entitled, finger pointing mass of slugs who can’t get out of our own way. Thank you univerSHITTIES!

  19. Flair or TRUTH?
    the only other viable candidate besides TRUMP is RAND PAUL simply because of foreign policy and trade….all the status quo RINOS are unfit

    • Who can take Trump seriously when he advocates building a wall and charging Mexico for it! Aside from the cost, a bunch of ISIS terrorists and others will be flying planes over the wall while we’re obsessed with keeping out those horrible Mexican illegals with a wall.

    • I believe there are polls that show Paul can beat Hillary. A lot of younger people really like him.

  20. my biggest problem with trump is his stand on guns, from what I read he’s anti gun, this is a big concern for people who believe in the 2nd amendment

  21. biggest issue w/the Donald is that he has been quite generous with the likes of Hillary – he’s given more to libs than any Republicans….

    • Jacqueline McIntosh

      I think we he to look at it as the best of all evils at this point. Donald is looking the best to me at this point.

  22. Tiredofsocializm

    I think it’s time for s straight talker non politician instead of career policians who talk a lot and do nothing!

  23. He certainly has my vote. He is not bought and paid for by Unions and Special Interests and that alone puts him way ahead of the other Leaches and puppets.

  24. Probably many are wary because he makes a lot of sense. We as true conservatives know that truth makes a lot people nervous but I’m personally thankful for the few that do stand for truth. Maybe we should be more open to people like Trump and Carson. We all may find more hope than expected.

  25. Go Donald go!! You will make a great president.

  26. At least Donald Trump can’t be bought off like a lot of other politicians because he doesn’t need the money. He will be able to make decisions that are best for the country and not what’s best for himself like so many other politicians. the despicable politicians like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, John Boehner just to name a few, but not all. What we need is term limits on politicians running for the House and Senate to keep from having so many deadbeats in Congress that don’t give a shit about our country and it’s citizens. Our Politicians all have one thing in common… they are all good liars. Need I Say More!

  27. So a blithering buffoon is a “refreshing voice”? Maybe to the majority of those who contaminate this forum with their ignorance and tunnel-visioned paranoia, but not to anyone with a grain of sense.

  28. Trump and Carson are the only candidates that can turn things around, If either one of these guys get in, we have a chance of turning this thing around; if not, it’s by-by-American-Pie. The Rhinos are part of the plan to sell
    America out.
    Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country. Any government official, who rules contrary to the constitution, they swore to uphold, is a trader. There trying to convince us that the Government knows best, i.e. sign it now and we’ll read it later, but remember; amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. THE GOVERNMENT IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONOL!!!

  29. I think it was a book called “So Long and Thanks For The Fish”, I do not think that any Politician is going to be worth a hoot. I think Hillary should be somewhere else, preferably another Planet. And those Politicians spend a lot of time spewing hot air issues that are next to worthless and policies that they never intend on implementing. There is no accountability to Politics. I don’t see where America has had quality leadership for a very, very long time. I want to see a candidate and all of the Legislature stand firm for the protection and nurturing of America and uphold the Constitution, not try in every way possible to circumvent it. I don’t see any of the Candidates or the Legislature show that they actually care about America. This garbage that Obama has done over the last eight years (approaching that) to America, their people, their military, their economy, their society, this massive migration crap, It would take a decade of hard work to put things right. And we don’t have a decade. There are too many wrong things that are going on right now. And one of the things that I think should be put on the ballot is to return the ownership of the American Government back to the People Of The United States. Voting rights don’t automatically go to new Immigrants, so the Political parties can can do a Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall Machine scenerio that’s been happening. The Politicians and the Rich usurping the rights of Americans in favor of imported minorities. We need a tighter leash on our leadership, not runaway government, not runaway bureaucracy, speedy recall referendums. And we need truth in the news. It seems like all I see is doctored garbage by organizations that should be providing the whole truth, not truncated misinformation. And not a President who teaches us “New Speak” every chance he gets. Sorry about the tirade.

  30. Trump is a liberal who has evolved for the clueless..

    This guy supports guy marriage and was pro choice..

    He complained about a Birf Certificate until another fraud appeared..

    He was a gun grabber who has recently found his way..

    You vote for another guy who doesnt have a working knowledge

    of the US Constitution!!

  31. Efforts to respond to WVF’s comment/inquiry have been unavailing. So, I’m posting this, new, with two more articles that share doubts about Trump. Before I add them, let me say: Trump is very weak on the 2nd Amendment. His support for Democrats more than Republicans demonstrates that he’s truly a man who won’t put his money where his mouth is.

    From beyond the fringe, it’s Donald Trump. Again. – Jeff Jacoby

    Witless Ape Rides Escalator – Kevin Williamson

  32. Perhaps it’s time for the establishment to have it’s handed to it on a platter. After all Trump has the good sense to surround himself with smart people, something Obama has not done. Trump sounds like a good street fighter, I think he will ask the tough questions, at the very least he would shake up the established order with much needed straight talk, something that has been missing from politics for a very long time. The press didn’t make Trump and the press won’t be able to break him. He doesn’t need the job of President, he has more money than he needs, his motivation is
    pure ego spiced with honesty, something Hillary cannot claim, certainly her motivation is ego but she lacks trumps honesty. Hillary and Trump would be a dogfight I’d love to witness. Go Donald Trump! Enough bull shitting politicians it’s time for someone like the Donald to upset the status quo. Trump for President.

  33. Alleged Comment

    He talks the talk but has he ever walked the walk??

    The closest thing POLITICALLY that can be revealed is his DONATIONS. And he gave lots of money to the Demoncraps and Hillary’s campaign.

    Like Ben Carson they mouth off because they have NEVER been politicians! Become one first then let us see where you REALLY stand on your two feet instead of one BIG MOUTH!

  34. carolyn acheson

    It’s hard to tell who’s more hateful—the libs or the far Right (e.g., the comments about Perino and the other so-called RINOs). If you ever want to win anything, please take a lesson from Ronald Reagan.

  35. I just saw Trump in an interview with Sean Hannity and I really liked what I heard. He said he would have Mexico, since she is such a bad player in all of this, especially carting Central Americans through her country and dropping off them on our border. He said if she says she won’t he would sanction her so badly she would be begging to build our security wall. He also said all of the illegals caught, as part of their punishment would be to help to build that wall, that would very soon stop the Mexican droves from coming here if they thought for a second they might have to work. About ISIS, he said he would never blab his plans for ISIS, but one of the first things he would do was to rid her of her income, which is her oil refineries. He would bomb the Hell out of them, all of them. After than he wouldn’t say, unlike Obama, who blabbed and they were waiting and it killed some of our troops. Remember Hillary saying that Corporations and big business doesn’t create jobs! Trump bluntly said,”I didn’t build these towers, the worker I hired did. He could be the best jobs creation President since the New Deal!~ At this stage, we don’t need eye or brain surgeons, what experience have they had? We need a financial guru and a CEO like Trump. Plus, it would stick it to Boehner and especially McConnell, who said as he was trying to get reelected that he would,”Pull Obamacare out by root and by branch.” They couldn’t even get the votes to override Obama’s veto. Trump knows the game. He said he has worked with politicians but they are so indebted to the special interest monkeys on their backs that they can’t get anything done. As a billionaire, he need no one to cater to. My vote is for Cruz first and my second is TRUMP. Do some research, his background is spotless. P. Kathy Kleiman The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company

  36. id vote trump in now if i could

  37. Trump is a breath of fresh air. He tells it like it is. He’s not a politician, and that is what this country needs. He’s a winner.

  38. The idea of building a fence on the border and making Mexico pay for it is a little outrageous. Mexico is NOT going to do that. Other than that, I think he’s a good candidate. He reminds me of Ronnie!

  39. Since 1986 we have been hearing that our borders will be fixed… and nothing has happened…. Both illegals and ISIS are swarming through.
    What will it take for America to wake up ?
    A dirty bomb or the grid to be attacked.?
    If Donald Trump, will secure our borders, then he is worth, in my opinion, all the rest of a bad bunch put together.
    And anyone who will vote for ObamaTrade, they too are out….
    We need someone, who will fight tooth and nail, be anti establishment and to make America great again.
    Go for it Donald, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain….

  40. Who’s counting the votes this vote goes to the one who holds these present crooks accountable.the ones who took the oath and didn’t do anything.but help them rob us and let more of the enemy into our country.they have a lot of blood on their hands.oh and what makes any of you think you will be alive to vote.what makes any of you think you will have the chance to vote.I pray we are alive and free to vote when the time comes.I think you all need to pray real hard ,treason is a no brainer.I could go on and on but think you get the point.

  41. well i like donald trump.makes sense.

  42. Let’s see. Trump for prez, “I think Oprah would be great. I’d love to have Oprah,” . Trump on Kelo v New London. ““I happen to agree with it 100 percent, not that I would want to use it. [note below, he would actually want to use it] But the fact is, if you have a person living in an area that’s not even necessarily a good area, and government, whether it’s local or whatever, government wants to build a tremendous economic development, where a lot of people are going to be put to work and make area that’s not good into a good area, and move the person that’s living there into a better place — now, I know it might not be their choice — but move the person to a better place and yet create thousands upon thousands of jobs and beautification and lots of other things, I think it happens to be good.” Just another “We’re the government, we here to help”. mouthpiece. Trump for president? No way.

  43. Donald Trump and Ben Carson, it’s time for the people to have their say. Politicians have been screwing things up for centuries and isn’t the world in a great state? It’s not about people and a good life. It’s about political power at all cost.


  45. carolyn acheson

    History since the advent of TV has shown that the candidate with the biggest smile and friendliest demeanor wins the presidency. Compare Romney and Obama. (Even George Bush had a better smile than Al Gore.) Now look at all the angry faces lately among our candidates while constantly touting Ronald Reagan as their hero. What would he think of those who seek the presidency lately who keep angrily yelling and screaming? I have a bet on who will win in the long run. Just watch and see….

  46. Looks like Trump and Carson have a following. I would trust Carson’s cool head and common sense to balance out Trumps’ impulsive actions.

    • I had been for a Trump -Cruz ticket, not knowing much about Cruz, but If we want to win, Ben Carson would be the best bet to go with Trump. We need Victory!


    Yup, I would vote for Trump/Carson. Trump is good for jobs, Carson can deflect any race baiting accusations, since he is well liked.

  48. the only divisive people around are the Libtarded ones.they feed off of chaos… trump calls them exactly what they are ….u can fill in the blank

  49. The Donald actually has some experience negotiating — something Obama seems to be sorely lacking in — sans Iran.

  50. The problem with Trump is his mouth. He says stupid things. The problem with conservatives is that they represent the 1%, not the average American. Until they get more concerned about the lives of average Americans, they will always lose. But that is the definition of conservatism. Those with lots of money and power don’t want any change, and they spend kazillions of their (ours-they got it from us) money to convince us that nothing should change.

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