Trudeau Should Have Never Implemented Emergencies Act

Canadian Dictator Justin Trudeau announced the withdrawal of the Emergencies Act Wednesday afternoon after freezing bank accounts (without due process) and arresting Freedom Convoy truckers opposed to his Wuhan coronavirus mandates. Citizens who donated to the Freedom Convoy or served truckers in their establishments have also been tracked down and punished.

Conservative members of the Canadian Parliament continue to blast Trudeau’s behavior and argue his withdrawal of the Emergencies Act proves he was wrong to ever invoke it.

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  1. Well he won’t be re-elected

  2. You expect fair elections ?

  3. You expect fair elections ?
    Fron casyros son ?

  4. The Canadian people deserve a leader who doesn’t act like a dictator. People should have the right to peaceful demonstrations.

  5. YES HE WILL. The brainless nobs that elected this gunsel, .T.W.I.C.E. will do it again.
    It takes guts to vote for .F.R.E.E.D.O.M.

  6. We welcome all freedom loving Canadians and more than support their fight for civil liberties. Come to the United States and help us maintain our freedom and regain yours. The present administration has an open border policy and should therefore welcome all from both northern and southern borders. Trudeau has shown you what the future of Canada looks like so if he and his lackeys insist on destroying your lives just because you spoke out against tyranny you will certainly be welcomed by the citizens of the United States! This is not just a foolish comment it’s an absolute offer to you to come and live without fear and governmental overreach.

  7. Adolf Trudeau

  8. America is almost as bad as any country now, look what is in the White House, we are all in trouble now, we all have the devil 👿 running our countries..

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an armed rebellion up there in the near future. That is about all he has left our Canadian cousins!

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