Trudeau Annihilated By Canadian Parliament

We usually focus on American Politics and culture, but please indulge us for a minute. A great American once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” And even though Martin Luther King was referring to a different kind of tyranny of draconian laws, the sentiment still rings true. This is not just a problem for our neighbors up north, it’s our problem.

While all of us are not in a position to fight, our voices and our actions have meaning. There is a spirit in the air, and whether pro-vax or no-vax, it yearns to be free. That spirit is evidenced in Canadian Parliament — maybe something we’re not quite used to here in the States. Elected officials have direct access to the Prime Minister. Perhaps the Members are half past the time for tact, but one thing is evident — they’re ready to fight like hell!

It’s time to follow their lead.

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