Trudeau Annihilated By Canadian Parliament

We usually focus on American Politics and culture, but please indulge us for a minute. A great American once said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” And even though Martin Luther King was referring to a different kind of tyranny of draconian laws, the sentiment still rings true. This is not just a problem for our neighbors up north, it’s our problem.

While all of us are not in a position to fight, our voices and our actions have meaning. There is a spirit in the air, and whether pro-vax or no-vax, it yearns to be free. That spirit is evidenced in Canadian Parliament — maybe something we’re not quite used to here in the States. Elected officials have direct access to the Prime Minister. Perhaps the Members are half past the time for tact, but one thing is evident — they’re ready to fight like hell!

It’s time to follow their lead.

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  1. What a TOOL! How self absorbed do you need to be ? He doesn’t like what others say and do so he drops martial law on the country???His daddy Fidel wouldn’t even do this

  2. Trudeau is showing that he is geedy, power hungry and an enemy of Canadisn citizens but slso citizens in the US!!! Hus trur colors have come out he is wanna be dictator, he must be stopped!!!!

  3. Because of the outrageous names he’s calling those who oppose his methods he should be sued for “defamation of character” Then let us see how loose his lips will be in the future.
    His problem is that he was raised as a spoiled brat so he doesn’t know how to deal with people who don’t agree with him.

  4. Again, one word:


  5. This Pandemic has exposed our phony out of control wanna-be dictators . They used their freedom of speech to lie their way into office. Now they want to threaten and imprison you for using your God given freedom and rights to suppress you from defending your freedom. Wake up and stop mandating! You were elected not mandated!

  6. Save the outrage. Little Fidel will stand for re-election when Canada heads back to the polls, and he will be handily re-elected.

    He sees the trucker eruptions as a passing snit, and unfortunately, he’s right.

    It’s not unlike our own tea party movement, which died out when the populace became bored with the labor of protecting liberty. folded its tents and went home, self-satisfied with what amounted to surrender, indignity and a betrayal of patriotism.

  7. Canada is very close to being a Socialist country now. If they allow Trudeau to get way with this and hint of being a free nation is over.
    The US is not far being with Biden. We have a much larger population than Canada, but my guess is they are not going to give up without a fight. This has been brewing for well over 60 years but it takes time to dumb down a nation to the point they will accept something like Biden.
    Americans might like lit but they have accepted it. The radical left will never accept Trump if he is re-elected. For them only a RINO will do and even them it will be a fight all the way.

    • Both the USA and Canada already are and have been socialist nations. As both move beyond socialism, witness the reins tightening dramatically for anyone in opposition. Also note the more rapid demise of the remnants, the last vestiges of any even somewhat free market. Social order, itself, is purposely being destroyed to make way for the utopia of government widgets.

      • It’s all heading to a one world government run by these billionaires gates,Soros and the likes,get in line or your a fascist,white supremacists,and terriorist

  8. If you tell a lie over and over again, those not paying attention may believe it. Wake up Canada, your nation is being threatened by those who do not care about the nation as they should, they care about the power they hold, they care about the money they own and they care about the Ideology that will make you broke and is woke. Stand for freedom, not for a few, but for an entire nation. You have a choice, either allow tyrannical leadership to flourish or put those in the seat of power who at least have your best interest as their number one priority. Stop cooperating with those who are against you, boycott the establishment, stand up for your rights and freedom, bring the nation to a halt until those in power are reminded of their duties not to their self, but to a nation. Go Canada!

  9. the pandemic gave a lot of would-be dictators a taste of complete power over the masses. the rush was so great, they cannot imagine life again as a mere president or premier. the people need to teach these maniacs how it was and will always be in a free society. Trudeau and bribem are cut from the same cloth. both grew up with the word “NO” never spoken to them. what they want and did was perfectly ok. they both are mediocre humans at best. they detest strong showings, as they are weak, followers. both are finding out that free men won’t take kindly to being treated like slaves. both will be defeated at re-election time. however, it is doubtful that bribem will live long enough to see 2024. his mental decline is at stage 7 now. next will be blind staring and drooling. how much you want to bet that Jilldo will have him committed as soon as she doesn’t have the back-up to change his diapers??? I would say immediately, if not sooner.

  10. So does this mean that if someone in America contributes to the Truckers the Canadian Government is going to try and freeze our bank accounts here? You know, historically the United States went to war with Canada during the French and Indian War. Now it seems that the son of Castro is attempting to do it again.

  11. The buffoons north of the border elected this worthless gunsel. .T.W.I.C.E. They deserve EVERY bad thing that comes to them.
    You want something from me? I want something from you.
    In the House of Parliament, I want to see his head on a pike. Tyranny and Treason deserves on less.

  12. Where is the annihilation of Trudeau…?.did I miss a page..?.you’re getting as bad as the media here..

  13. I’m thinking of getting alot of people to put money in to buying our own Island! Anyone interested contact me.

    C Jane Wayburn

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