Trudeau Accuses Republicans of Weaponizing Disinformation

Photo by Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

( – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that the “American right-wing” is to blame for the recent opposition expressed by Canadian Muslims over gender ideology and LGBTQ curriculum being included in K-12 education.

Last week, Trudeau appeared at a Baitun Nur Mosque to speak with the Muslim community. Previously, hundreds of protesters had spoken up against gender ideology being included in schools, using the chant “Leave our kids alone.” The protests are in part the result of an audio clip that came out of an Edmonton Public School, where a teacher scolded one of the Muslim students for choosing to not attend school in order to avoid participating in pride events.

The teacher told the student that respect goes both ways and that if they did not want to face any discrimination about who they are – their religion, the color of their skin, etc. – then they needed to be able to give respect to others who were different from them.

One of the Muslim attendees at Trudeau’s speech asked the Canadian prime minister to protect their beliefs and culture and argued that these children were forced to participate in sin.

In response, Trudeau argued that there was a lot of misinformation about what was included in the curriculum, which has largely been brought forward by the American right-wing and other people on social media. He argued that this disinformation is driving a wedge between Canada and the Muslim community. He argued that Muslims are defended more in Canada than any other “Western Canadian.”

He argued that if one looks at the curriculums being taught, then one would see there is no “aggressive teaching or conversion” to LGBT ideology and that instead these issues are being weaponized.

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