Treason! Suppression! Liberals Look For Midterm Excuses

Smarting from their smackdown last Tuesday, Democrats and their liberal friends in the press are looking to put the blame for their losses on anything but their own policies. While a few of the more introspectively-inclined writers have taken their own followers to task (why did you lazy bums stay home??), the vast majority of both politicians and “analysts” have begun casting about for more sinister explanations.


The Huffington Post is always a good place to find these loonies; Ariana has long abandoned any reasonable restrictions on what can be printed on the website that bears her name. Case in point, an op-ed last week from Bob Burnett, formerly known as the editor of leftist rag, In These Times. Burnett claims that one word can explain how Republicans ran away with the midterms: “Treason.” To back up his contention, he cites a 2010 quote from Mitch McConnell:

We need to treat this election as the first step in retaking the government … The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

Seems like standard politics to me, but I guess Burnett sees some kind of traitorous code in between the lines. I wonder how many similar quotes we would be able to find about George W. Bush if we went back through the archives.

Voter ID Laws!

Burnett wasn’t the only HuffPoer fuming about the results. Writer Catherine Rampell is convinced that voter ID laws caused a suppression so great that it influenced results in several contentious states. While turnout statistics are not yet confirmed, Rampell is happy to make her case based on the available numbers. She claims that Kansas Republican Sam Brownbeck, for instance, only managed to defeat challenger Paul Davis by 33,000 votes. She compares this result with estimates that say more than 21,000 people were denied the ability to register because they lacked documentary proof of citizenship.

The Democrats, ladies and gentlemen – Just let everyone vote, regardless of citizenship.

Idiotic Americans!

Then there was Joe Madison, who appeared on MSNBC last Thursday to insist that Democrats were simply too smart for their own good. Madison believes that liberals are too refined, educated, and intelligent, and that their intellectual arguments soared over the heads of the mentally-challenged electorate. He believes the party can turn things around if they will just dumb it down enough for us yokels to understand.


Finally, there’s Nancy Pelosi, who denies that there was a Republican wave or any particular mandate. She credits the Republican victory to distractions like ISIS and Ebola which somehow only kept liberals home on election day. She further emphasized that Obama wasn’t the problem at all. “I don’t think it was a failure of his message,” Pelosi said, “it was the extent of his success.”

Welp, maybe Joe Madison is right, because I’m not smart enough to make heads or tails of that.

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