Treason! Suppression! Liberals Look For Midterm Excuses

Smarting from their smackdown last Tuesday, Democrats and their liberal friends in the press are looking to put the blame for their losses on anything but their own policies. While a few of the more introspectively-inclined writers have taken their own followers to task (why did you lazy bums stay home??), the vast majority of both politicians and “analysts” have begun casting about for more sinister explanations.


The Huffington Post is always a good place to find these loonies; Ariana has long abandoned any reasonable restrictions on what can be printed on the website that bears her name. Case in point, an op-ed last week from Bob Burnett, formerly known as the editor of leftist rag, In These Times. Burnett claims that one word can explain how Republicans ran away with the midterms: “Treason.” To back up his contention, he cites a 2010 quote from Mitch McConnell:

We need to treat this election as the first step in retaking the government … The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

Seems like standard politics to me, but I guess Burnett sees some kind of traitorous code in between the lines. I wonder how many similar quotes we would be able to find about George W. Bush if we went back through the archives.

Voter ID Laws!

Burnett wasn’t the only HuffPoer fuming about the results. Writer Catherine Rampell is convinced that voter ID laws caused a suppression so great that it influenced results in several contentious states. While turnout statistics are not yet confirmed, Rampell is happy to make her case based on the available numbers. She claims that Kansas Republican Sam Brownbeck, for instance, only managed to defeat challenger Paul Davis by 33,000 votes. She compares this result with estimates that say more than 21,000 people were denied the ability to register because they lacked documentary proof of citizenship.

The Democrats, ladies and gentlemen – Just let everyone vote, regardless of citizenship.

Idiotic Americans!

Then there was Joe Madison, who appeared on MSNBC last Thursday to insist that Democrats were simply too smart for their own good. Madison believes that liberals are too refined, educated, and intelligent, and that their intellectual arguments soared over the heads of the mentally-challenged electorate. He believes the party can turn things around if they will just dumb it down enough for us yokels to understand.


Finally, there’s Nancy Pelosi, who denies that there was a Republican wave or any particular mandate. She credits the Republican victory to distractions like ISIS and Ebola which somehow only kept liberals home on election day. She further emphasized that Obama wasn’t the problem at all. “I don’t think it was a failure of his message,” Pelosi said, “it was the extent of his success.”

Welp, maybe Joe Madison is right, because I’m not smart enough to make heads or tails of that.

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  1. Apparently the press neglected to quote OBAMA telling all his party that polls indicated they were in DEEP trouble over his policies for the last 6 years and people wanted a change…OBAMA warned his party it was going to be ugly and they’d loose the Senate. It’s just he couldn’t predict how angry the American public was until after the rout. And now with this Gruber calling AMERICAN voters “stupid” for I suppose voting democrats in so they could vote for the scam ObamaCare, I believe more scandel and anger is about to complete the winds of political change.

  2. Typical liberal response,blame their failure on the electorate being too dumb to know what’s good for them. The libs who had the”help” of established”icons” of liberalism,such as Hillary and Bill Clinton[in their home State of Arkansas] lost handily. Those who eked out a win ran from Ohomo’s agenda like a scalded dog. Any time liberals lose,they blame Republicans for using their well refined tactics,such as voter intimidation[Big nation of islam thugs standing in the way] and dead and illegal voters,and of course,they blame those states who require that one is who they say they are in order to vote.

  3. *sits back with popcorn and beer and watches the left flop around, blame each other, throw anyone and everything under the bus, all for some lame ideology* tee hee

    • I’m afraid we’re going to watch the Republicans flop around and let the left do the same things they’ve been doing when they held the majority, since most of the Republicans who’ll be in office are Progressives, like the Democrats. They want to be top dogs, but they want the things the Democrats want, and as long as they get to blame it on the left they’ll let it continue despite their false protests. There aren’t enough conservative to stop it.

      • With every ounce of my being, I hope your wrong…I still “hope” that they will step up and do what is right for the American people….

  4. Ahhhh, these demoncraps are going to be whining and wiping snot from their brown noses for months and years to come. Poor lil babies. They need mommy’s tit to calm them. Shiittt, wait til the GOP shuts down the government. Then is when you’ll actually see shit flying! heeheehee

  5. These progressive liberal ARE mental…they need to be institutionalized and put under shock therapy. If they were a horse it would have to be shot…………

  6. Doesn’t matter what whining they do. What matters is what the rinos do and ARE doing. Fed up yet?

    • Exactly!! I hope the RINOs find some backbone and stand up for America.It is getting late in the game.Conservatives know what needs doing but RINOs are hiding!!!

  7. ​” Pelosi said, β€œit was the extent of his success.” -As much as I dislike the witch, I have to agree. It is his success that I don’t like. Such as:
    1) Removal-purge of our military talent and leadership
    2) Getting Obamacare rammed through using lies
    3) Public announcement of Seal Team accomplishments
    4) Refusal to honor his oath of office, American flag, or the National Anthem
    5) Using Executive Orders thus bypassing Congress
    6) Making the USA the laughing stock of the century for world leaders.
    ——-and on and on and on. Yes, I agree with you Ms Pelosi. He has done a great job in the destruction of our country. Now that Boehner has a majority to hold his hand, maybe he can find the courage to resist this crap –I mean success (typo)

    • 1)….You can bet our former Military Talent is likely planning a big surprise for this gutless Bloody Wonder of a POTUS……more like POS, and Witch Pelosi will be hanging from his coat tails screaming, ” But I Vetted him myself.” They deserve each other. The Village Idiot and his pet, Nancy

    • Frosty33, you left out that Obama has ignored the Constitution and says, along with other radical liberals (But aren’t all liberals radical?) has acted in a tyrannical manner with his subversive “Presidential fiats.

      • OOooops! I don’t know where my brains and eyes were when I wrote the above statements! I wanted to get a complete sentence that said, “along with other radical liberals that Obama has acted as a tyrant with his presidential fiats.” Sorry for my typos! They irritate me badly!

  8. One thing you can count on from liberals besides a lack of logic and thinking things through is loyalty to their losers and failed policies. I guess that counts for something? Maybe not.

  9. William Michael Stone

    Maybe it because we are tired of “Stupid” running the country, (the democratic party). These days,its a choice between dumb, and, dumber). Both parties pander to money…not their people…..

  10. Typical liberal tactics. I shot the sheriff, but it is not my fault. My parents, teachers, classmates or girl friend made me do it.

    Or I was so distraught over liberals losing the majority I just had to go out and kill something, so ya see, it’s not my fault.

    I had a liberal pull out from parallel parking and force me over in to oncoming traffic, if I hadn’t been on a motorcycle there would have been a head on collision. When I pulled up next to him and told him what had happened, he said “it was my fault for riding a motorcycle.”

    I said “you must be a liberal.” He said “I am”

  11. I’m really enjoying rubbing Liberal’s faces in the same crap they were slinging in 2008 and 2012. “It’s a “mandate”! “America has spoken”! The best part is “Gruber” calling the people who voted for Obama “STUPID”! Especially when he WAS RIGHT! LMFAO!!!!

  12. sounds like they are describing their useless P.O.S. leader to me !!!!!

  13. Will someone please give Nancy a ride and bring her a new designer suit with sleeves that wrap all the way around at least once. Please give her a room to share with Lois. They would look so cute together bouncing off the walls and ceiling. She and Harry and Ohomo are the best reasons for term limits I know of because they should have never bee elected in the first place. Trey Gowdy is the best excuse I know of not to have term limits. He will have more sense in his grave than these two will ever have combined.

  14. All the cases of VOTER CHEATING come from the communistic LIEberals.


  16. Dems do anything to ignore reality. If they took the time to understand the election results, Reid and Pelosi would not have retained their leadership roles.

  17. I have a book with the amazing, or amusing title–“I’ m Not Smart Enough to be an Atheist.” It is an intriguing title that captured my attention. I scanned through the content page and flipped through the chapters and decided to purchase it. I read straight through the book in one evening. I couldn’t set it down! I have used quotes from the book many times in my weekly column when I was writing it. It portrayed atheists as being boastful about their intelligence, yet looking and sounding so foolish by claiming thee is no God.
    After reading the excuses by Democrats and how smart they are perceive themselves to be, I thought the title of the book might well describe them and my feelings about them: I’m not smart enough to be a Democrat! I pity the poor liberals and the organizations such as the ACLU. And the atheists who have set up organizations to fight churches schools and families, and radical liberal organizations who fight everything that pertains to prayer and Christian life. I pity them because they are so stuck in their sad ideas, and their impertinent belief that there is no God and their elitist attitude that they know better then the rest of us, whom they consider to be intellectually challenged. I have debated with several professing atheists, and I doubt seriously if there is such a thing as
    genuine atheist.
    Every atheist I have ever talked with had an obvious hang up they could not deal with, and sometimes I doubted if they were even aware of what caused them to disbelieve. I have seen some atheists turn FROM their unbelief and turn TO Jesus Christ in submission to Him as their personal Lord and Savior. I have never been shy or intimidated by an atheist who would attempt to denigrate my faith. Each time God would enable me to witness in His wisdom and power and watch them first look uncertain, and them see them become willing to listen and respond to the Lord in submission and faith.
    Again, I see a similarity between atheists and Liberals(And many democrats!) who want everyone to realize they know what it best for the rest of us. And may God work in you to bring forth your awareness of Divine Truth as revealed in Christ.

    • You are dealing with atheism as a religion, atheists who are true believers in their own faith. No rational person is going to try to prove God does not exist, given the impossibility of proving the non-existence of an imponderable. They are ideologues arguing their faith and anathematizing those who do not share their belief. They create their own version of the Spanish Inquisition. Likewise, those fanatics who are driven to “prove” the existence of God are also fanatics. God and the existence of God are matters of faith and belief. I’m a heathen, myself, but it’s my concern what you believe only when it begins to affect me. If you are convinced the Sun goes around the Earth, that presents no problem for me, since everything will work exactly the same anyway. If you are concerned that the planet is doomed if we don’t wreck the economy and spend the taxpayer’s money combating Global Warming and the pending Ice Age, I’m concerned. A lot. Those are ideologies, one harmless, the other dangerous. the Democrats believe in Socialism, which is an ideological command economic system rather than a rational competitive one (see Net Neutrality). Their belief is not subject to reason. They believe punishment and reward are bestowed by the almighty government, not by the competitive reality of success and failure. And, because they know they’ll “get it right this time,” their belief is not subject to the lessons of history.

  18. Liberals are demonstrably INSANE. That is the takeaway.

  19. For all you turds out there have no fear,the HUFFPO can make you smell like a rose.

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