Travesty: Kate Steinle’s Killer Gets Sentenced to “Time Served”

In a sentence that is nearly as sick as the verdict, Kate Steinle’s murderer – Jose Ines Garcia Zarate – was sentenced to nothing more than time served on Friday after being acquitted in November of everything more serious that a gun possession charge. Under more reasonable circumstances, we might have hoped that the court would throw the book at Zarate for the lesser charge – if only to make up for the fact that he literally got away with murder thanks to an activist jury. But apparently, that was not to be the case. He was acquitted on charges of murder, acquitted on charges of assault, and now he will get off scot-free without even serving additional time for his firearm violation.

This is the state of law in the state of California.

But when your legislators are working overtime to essentially create a state where it is not against the law to hop the fence and make yourself at home in this country, what can you really expect. If the liberals out there have decided that illegal immigration is not a crime – and they have – then it’s really only a hop, skip, and a jump until you decide that nothing an illegal immigrant does is a crime. Including murder. Especially if the murder victim is a white girl. And double especially if said murder victim becomes a cause for Donald Trump to rally his disgusting base around. Better to have illegal immigrants murdering tourists than to give those DEPLORABLES what they want, right?

Thankfully, federal charges will prevent Zarate from going free. The Justice Department is prosecuting the illegal immigrant for weapons and immigration offenses, and we are quite confident that he will be sent back to his home country before long. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that he will stay there, considering the fact that he’s been deported five times already. Still, we’ll take what we can get.

The more time passes, the clearer it is to us that San Francisco officials could not afford to see Zarate convicted of murder. That would have been a political blow that not even Democrats in an ultra-blue state could survive. So they put on a circus trial, stacked the jury with every Antifa-sympathizing liberal they could find, and got one of the worst verdicts since the O.J. Simpson case. Now they can run around and accuse Trump of trying to build a case against sanctuary cities based on nothing more than an unfortunate accident. Well, good luck getting that story to stick.


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