Traitorous Republicans Bash Trump Over Controversial Pardon

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain joined Democrats in assailing President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio this week, proving they care more about positive headlines in the Washington Post than about standing up for this country’s sovereign borders. Sheriff Arpaio’s conviction was a railroad job from the get-go, and if he DID violate the court order, he did so in order to satisfy a greater responsibility – the one he owed to the people of Maricopa County. It was no coincidence that he was elected to that position over and over again. The people there trusted him to enforce the law, and that included making sure their home did not become a haven for illegal immigrants.

Of course, to the modern-day Democratic Party, that’s the very height of evil. To arrest and jail illegal immigrants? My god! How nasty can you be?

But to hear Republicans, including Arizona’s own McCain use the Democrats’ argument against Trump is really just too much to take.

“The speaker does not agree with this decision,” a Paul Ryan spokesman said. “Law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”

As for McCain, who never misses an opportunity to bash Trump, he said Friday: “The president has the authority to make this pardon, but doing so at this time undermines his claim for the respect of rule of law as Mr. Arpaio has shown no remorse for his actions.”

There’s actually nothing to be remorseful for. He was doing his job. It is the federal judge who held him in contempt that should be remorseful – to the American people for putting the rights of illegal immigrants above the sanctity of federal law.

Critics of this decision are saying it was politically motivated. Well, the truth is that Arpaio’s prosecution is what was politically motivated. This was always about the Democrats trying to legalize unlawful immigration and punishing any law enforcement officer who took a hard line to protect his constituency. And no one spoke out more forcefully than Sheriff Joe. Far from deserving a stint in prison, he deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom for using his 24 years as sheriff to make his little piece of America a better place for all (legal) residents.

This pardon was well deserved, and Republicans like Ryan and McCain should be ashamed of themselves for opposing it.

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  1. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, to start with, songbird mccain is and has been a traitor to his country! If any of you had been in Vietnam when I was there you would have seen first hand. Once the ship rescued his sorry ass, they should have dumped him at sea – oops… Any and all politicians that are against MR TRUMP, are only worried about their status and the high salaries that they vote for themselves! It does surprize me tho that soo many repuklicons are jumping ship and turning on our first president with balls!😣🙁☹😢

    • He does not have balls, he is an asshole. Pardoned someone who was and is a terrible person and of course he did not follow the procedures traditionally use in the process of deciding whether or not to pardon someone. It was a complete sellout to pardon that terrible Sheriff who was finally getting what he deserved. Trump should resign. He did not even win the popular vote, Hillary Clinton did. He continues to demonstrate his lack of fitness to be President.

      • Not only should the president have pardoned this great patriot, he should award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Obama pardoned over 300 criminals on his last day in office and no one said a word. A shameful criminal act by Obama. One of thousands.

        • Now, surely you are not suggesting that the media is treating Trump differently than they did Obama! They are such despicable HYPOCRITES! They have no credibility with intelligent people, like you and me!

        • McAuliffe in VA, did the same in 2016 before the election, telling them that come Nov. remember to vote Democrat.

        • The Sheriff was and is a terrible person. He should have served time in jail. Trump let him off the hook. Trump should be ashamed but he is so underdeveloped in conscience that he may not be able to experience that emotion.

          • Understand that you are underdeveloped in some areas, know what I mean Vern?

          • No I do not know what you mean.

          • It was a friggin misdomor!! What kind of idiot are you? IDIOT.

          • Dulcie A. Covington

            so if you were in jail.and were REFUSED a trial by a jury, but had to accept the ruling of the judge that had you arrested , that would be just fine with you??????

          • Your one of those fools that think prison should have all the luxury of a five star Hilton ? That breaking the law is not a crime ? That everyone should be free to come and go in and out of this country as they choose. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

          • What did the Sheriff do that warrants jail time? I get it now it’s because he upheld the law that you mindless liberal drones don’t like. If anything that judge that ordered him to stop enforcing the law should go to prison for going against the rule of law.
            TTFN ya mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • If Sheriff Joe had died in prison we would have all been screaming how you liberals have his blood on your hands. You should be glad that President Trump didn’t let that happen because the backlash against you would have been fierce.

            Presidential Medal of Freedom for Sheriff Joe.

          • Sherrie Joe should have been in prison years ago..

          • You are crazy. Sheriff Joe needs prison time to teach him a lesson. He is a real asshole.

          • Yes you are right. I am crazy and liberal jerks would do well not to get in my face.

        • Yes, the Presidential Medal of Freedom for Sheriff Joe. That should short circuit the brains of Songbird McCain and other liberal jerks. And yes, I feel that Sheriff Joe deserves the medal.

      • Go cry to someone else snowflake! With your comments, you probably thought that usurper ohomo was the greatest ever too! Right? You trolls are all the same. You see a lie and believe it’s truth, you see the truth and think it’s a lie! It’s in the Bible as well, of course I don’t want to assume that you know what the holy bible is…….

        • You are correct that all these liberal cry babies are all the same. That is why I do not refer to them as snowflakes. Snowflakes are all individual and beautiful, while these liberal socialist communist democrat trolls are ugly lemmings marching to the tune of one Pied Piper.

        • I know what the stupid bible is. Not something I take seriously. I stopped believing in Christianity and all it’s crazy miracles in my late teens. At 73 I think it was one of the best decisions I made, rejecting this idiotic religion.

          • LOL with that when your day of judgment comes! I wonder what God will think of your intellectual brilliance!

          • And a billion monkeys typing on old Remington Rand Typewriters created the world?

          • Gerald Sparacino

            That would be til you died, then face an Almighty God with out Jesus as your savior!

          • Oh how I wish I could see the look on your face as you are denied the opportunity to go into heaven! Jesus said, those who deny me before men, I too will deny before thy father who is in heaven Matthew 10:33.

            Not only shall you die one death, but 2. The first shall be your spirit leaving the body. The second shall be your spirit being cast into the lake of fire into the pit where the beast is never happy. The fire will not be quenched and the worm never dies!

          • This is why I believe.
            Did you EVER notice that most laws are made around Moral and Christian viewpoints? One for example, “Thou shall not kill( several people have said this is incorrect as the original version said “MURDER” not kill) This is one of the Commandments of God and morally ALL people, religious or not, subscribe to this. General consensus!
            Also, I’d much, much rather believe and be wrong than NOT believe and be wrong!! In the first instance it’s, “oh well I wasted my time believing but morally I was a good person”!
            In the second instance it’s, OMG, oh sh!t, I SHOULD HAVE believed as ETERNITY is an awful, awful long time to be in Hell!! I hear talk from the Bible it’s awfully hot and definitively not a place I’d like to stay for eternity! If Hell doesn’t exist you’re safe. If it does I hope you like it “HOT”!

            Another poster checked on it, in the original Hebrew it does mean “MURDER”…not “kill”.

          • Sharon Jeanguenat

            Either way, I’m like you. I’d rather believe now, & if I’m wrong, I’ll never know it, since I’ll be dead. But, if I’m right, I get to walk on the golden streets of heaven, & fraternize with the Bible heroes, plus get to see God AND Jesus!

          • You Bet’cha!!!!

          • With that mouth I’m very surprised you have made it that long

      • You must be looking in the mirror to see an a*shole. YOU and YOUR ILK, liberal socialist communist democrat trolls, are all forked tongue reptiles who have no regard for our nation or it’s laws. The Sheriff was convicted by a liberal socialist communist democrat judge, not by a jury of his peers, and the conviction was a misdemeanor, not a felony. His prospective jail sentence was an act of revenge by the liberal judge because misdemeanors are usually settled by payment of a fine. All of you should slither back under your rocks before the light dries your skin to match your non existent brains.

        • You are stupid and an asshole. The Sheriff is a terrible person and should have been punished for his illegal behavior. Trump is such a terrible person. He did not follow the existing preceedures to receive a pardon because he is incapable of following existing procedures. He is dangerously impulsive and should be impeached.

          • Another typical DEMONicRAT response. When the truth is presented, start calling others names while being blinded by the truth and using lies as truths…… I believe the way you have been going about things might prove more to you now to find that old bible of yours and start reading it unless you don’t understand it.

            Joe arapio is only guilty of enforcing the law. He was ordered to quit by a braindead,brainwashed troll from the oblowzo administration. The charges were misdemeanors but they charged him with jail time which is unacceptable! Both everyone working under the ohblowme administration needs to be thrown in jail for all of their crimes against Joe and everyone in law enforcement agencies!

            President Trump has done more in his sleep for our country than ohomo did on purpose during his 8 years of usurped office! The only thing that monkey did was tried to destroy America from the inside. Oh how you sheeple praised the wolf in sheeps clothing. If you would’ve read that bible and understood what it said, you’d know what I’m talking about. Especially to you with no faith at all…….

          • You are nuts. Idiot Trump on his way to being impeached or resign to avoid impeachment.

          • Once again the vermin show us what I was talking about. Keep watching you msm,clinton news network (cnn),msnbc,abc,nbc,cbs… all you’re getting is lies! Can’t impeach someone for nothing!!!

          • It is easy to impeach asshole Trump, he has done much to warrant impeachment!! Among other things he misused the pardon precedures when he inappropriately pardoned the crooked Arizona sheriff when he was given jail time and Trumped intervened to keep him out of jail. A pardon comes after you serve your time and want your full citizens’ rights returned. It is called a Preidential pardon but attorney general oversees the process and the FBI investigates the person’s life since he was in prison. Trump of course just acted impulsively because he has the brains of a 10 year old

          • Vernon, reread your comment, you are talking about the illegal muslim. He bypassed congress every time he didn’t get his” little boy” way. Soros’s money paved the way for that coke head to get what every he wanted and Barry paid soros back by ruining America. Obama hated Joe and wanted him out, and made sure that he got a communist, radical judge. Let’s put Obama and the judge in prison ASAP, and give Joe a medal for being the best sheriff in America.

          • The Sheriff deserves prison time but Trump misused the pardon process to keep him out of jail. My suggestion is to put both of them in the same jail cell.. I know that is only a fantasy but it would be appropriate for both of them.

          • You are a real idiot.

          • I stand by my comment – you are looking in the mirror.

          • What law did President Trump break? There is no requirement for him to follow existing procedures.

        • I guess that we will never know for sure what her sentence would have been. But a jail sentence with out the right to a trial by jury is unacceptable.

      • You show your lack of fitness to even try to speak intelligently!

      • And pardoning terrorists required what procedures?


      • do not be so hard on kenyan boyo, the african pretender…he pardoned his drugy friends….now President Trump pardons a Real American and everyone can see the difference between a hero like Sheriff Arpaio and that $lut ho clintoney and her former leg humper…now we have morons suggesting that the sheriff, who is watching the border the way the african ahole should have is shafted by a commie twat judge….of course we have come to expect support for the commie twat judges from the morons aholes that voted for kenyan boyo and the hore clintoney…

      • Really, Vernon, you are all for following procedures. Are you aware that Sheriff Joe’s Constittutional rights were violated by the judicial activist judge in this case? The illegal DOJ under Lynch bomb shelled this just before Sheriff Joe’s re-election and his candidacy was not allowed to proceed, thus giving the position to a DEMONAZI. Add to that, the judicial activist judge refused to allow Sheriff Joe to have a trial by a jury of his peers as guaranteed in our Constitution. She sat as judge AND jury, totally ignoring testimony from witnesses supporting Sheriff Joe’s lawful actions. So, Vernon, if you’re such a “procedures” person, right there are at least two VIOLATIONS if not more!
        Sheriff Joe upheld the law of the land which is something you left-wing loons seem to not understand. When someone is here ILLEGALLY they have broken the law. When they don;t have legal papers, they are not “undocumented”, they are ILLEGALS. As such, ILLEGALS must be deported.
        I am sick and tired of supporting ILLEGALS who come here for free handouts which are statistically costing us $60 BILLION annually (feel free to check it out) when including all of their ILLEGALLY gotten benefits, and damage they do to society including MURDERS, RAPES, RICO, ROBBERIES, BURGLARIES, etc.

        • The Sheriff was indicted not for arresting illegal aliens, but for harassing United States citizens who happen to have been brown people. It’s interesting that you guys care about citizens only when they’re white people. The Sheriff didn’t care about the rights of brown people. Nor apparently you guys. That sure sounds racist.

          • Troll alert! AKA B.S.!!!

          • We get stopped all the time hunting down around the border in Az…German/French here. We are asked if we are US citizens and have to show our IDs. We are questioned as to why we are in the area as it’s a favorite spot for illegals crossing. We are also asked to show our hunting license and guns are checked….so what’s your problem? I always thank them for doing their jobs….those that don’t like it…TO F–KING BAD!

      • Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. And still with the popular vote rhetoric. Give it a rest. Hillary lost because she was and is a bad person. She is the one who should be in jail. God bless America and The Donald!!

      • Folks like you are the reason as a Marine 1973-83 I still go to the range and practice…and do steel plate competition. The judge that put Joe behind bars is a joke and should be behind bars himself. The Sheriff was doing the job he was elected to do….make his community safe. But here your stating just the opposite as your fearless leader obeyme pardons a sexually confused individual that felt it was his duty to release government information that was deemed sensitive….oh wait….that’s put many into jail for a long time and even cost ranking officers their jobs. Sheriff Arpaio was doing his job and the only reason he was in jail was a liber POS judge told him to stop and he didn’t. Huh?? So what your saying is those that try to make our country a safer better place aren’t allowed a Presidential pardon but a treasonous service person that releases sensitive material is??
        You live in a very confused world…popular vote doesn’t win elections, if you even had an education that went past the seventh grade you would understand we have an electoral college. Big cities that are full of some of the dumbest people I’ve ever had to work around, do get the say so for the whole country. Yeah, you know the ones like LA and San Franfreako that are sanctuary cites that condone lawless illegals to reside with immunity…which by the way vote…hmmm. Illegals getting that thing which only legal citizens are supposed to be able to do. Plus they get services which should only be given to LEGAL citizens….you clowns want it your way but we’ve decided it’s going to stop NOW!!! Time to get your business in order and start living by the Constitution and law of the land…
        Oh, and hilLIARy should be in jail along with her adulterous/assaulting mate…so you think those two should have been in the White House?? Shows just how screwed up in the head you folks really are.

      • It demonstrates the mental stability of the judge. In this country you have a choice of a trial by jury and he chose that and the judge again thought he was above the law and denied that request. Which is a clear violation of your rights.

      • He only won the popular vote in 33 States, which got him the Electoral votes that won the Presidency for We the People. Just shows how little you understand the Electoral votes, ii was set up that way so the States all have their say — they ARE the Sovereigns after all, and we NEVER WERE A DEMOCRACY. The corporation ruling under European Law WAS set up as democracy, so it seems to be that way, but they NEVER WERE OUR GOVERNMENT, and NEVER followed our actual Constitution. It has always been a scam put over by the Europeans, who were ALWAYS jealous of us.

        • Just for the record:

          THE US election for President is decided by Electoral College votes.

          Both Clinton and Trump’s campaigns were based on winning the Electoral College votes.

          THERE is no such thing as a popular vote for the Presidency.

          NOBODY can win or lose something that does not exist.


          The ELECTORAL COLLEGE PROCESS worked the way it was designed to work.

          • There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

          • Trump won 3,084 of them.

          • Clinton won 57.

          • There are 62 counties in New York State.

          • Trump won 46 of them.

          • Clinton won 16.

          TRUMP won 98.2% of the 3,141 counties in the United States. HILLARY won 1.8%.


          BTW: If you take away Los Angeles and NY City votes, Trump wins the ’non-existent’ popular vote by almost 500,000.

      • THE US election for President is decided by Electoral College votes.

        Both Clinton and Trump’s campaigns were based on winning the Electoral College votes.

        THERE is no such thing as a popular vote for the Presidency.

        NOBODY can win or lose something that does not exist.


        The ELECTORAL COLLEGE PROCESS worked the way it was designed to work.

        • There are 3,141 counties in the United States.
        • Trump won 3,084 of them.
        • Clinton won 57.
        • There are 62 counties in New York State.
        • Trump won 46 of them.
        • Clinton won 16.

        TRUMP won 98.2% of the 3,141 counties in the United States. HILLARY won 1.8%.


        Just for the record, if you take away Los Angeles and NY City votes, Trump wins the ’non-existent’ popular vote by almost 500,000.

      • Vernon, didn’t you read where they checked out the popular votes and they were all by illegals, so Trump won the popular vote also. The Sheriff never did anything illegally, Obama made the hit on Joe. If there is good in America Obama voted it out, Obama has such hatred for America that it is scary, He should hang along on the side of Soros, Would love to see that also, Don’t cry

        • You are a real idiot, the genuine version. Obama did not hate America. He worked to make it a better country. Universal health care is one of many examples. Trump is a joke, totally unfit to be President. He and the Arizona sheriff should share a jail cell.

          • Vernon, I can’t believe you, you are brainless if you believe Soros’s lies. Obama hates America and has right along, Why does he have these training camps filled with illegal terrorists here in America, and don’t say it’s not true, Why did he bring in billions of illegal terrorists here in America , they are killing, raping our people. He has used our money to fund his ISIS and his muslim countries. He has stolen billions of $$$$ from our social security just before he left .Billions of $$$ missing. BTW he hates you with a passion.

          • You are nuts. Trump is the idiot president not Obama who did many positive things for Americans. Trump needs to resign or be impeached.

        • What an idiot you are, Trump did not win the popular vote, Hillary did. More people voted for Hillary than asshole Trump. Bet with his inflated ego, it really bothers him.

    • John McCain’s Dirty Little Secret

      McCain’s ISIS Ties Are Too Numerous For America

      John McCain Responds to Staged ISIS Beheading Video

      McCain and the POW cover-up The ‘war hero’ candidate
      buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam

      John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

      His Nickname by other POW’s is songbird!! Not because he had a good voice BUT because he told the enemy anything and EVERYTHING they wanted to know!!!!

    • If I knew then what I know about Songbird then I would not have voted for him (against Obama), I presume that you were in South Vietnam so how did you know what was going on in the Hanoi Hilton? I also presume that you did not vote for Songbird in that election. Also I would like to say that war was not lost in Vietnam, but it was lost in Washington D. C.

      • Thr captain of my ship (The USS Boxer) had ways of finding out. mcshame sold us out. He and soros should be brothers! 😣☹😢

  2. These same pusillanimous Republicans said nothing when Obama pardoned convicted terrorists and killers…Never mind the 20,000+ criminal illegals, including over 200 murderers and 900 rapists, back on to our streets.

    Where were you then, Ryan and Sen. John McCain & Democrats?

    Oh, I know. Stabbing us Americans in the back as usual.

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      • Get off the internet. This is not the place to advertise.

        • That’s how they block some people.

          • Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right
            line of scum puppets post and selecting flag.

            Give it a down vote!

            Also Report it as a spammer to Disqus by right clicking on the scum puppets name and clicking on the three blue dots *** next to the gray private box on the top line of
            the Bio page, selecting Report User, and as spammer.

            3 steps to “hopefully” getting “SCUMBUCKETS” removed!!

          • Thanks for the info. I did what you said, you’re one smart cookie!

          • I can’t accept “all” the credit as MAHB001 put me onto the 3 dot portion of it!! I wish more people would do it!!

    • They are being true to the corporation they are loyal to, THE UNITED STATES, which is a European-owned corp put over us in DC 146 years ago, as we were ignorant of what they pulled in the scam. They never DID have legitimacy or legality, all they has was our belief in their lies when they claimed they were our government. They never were.

  3. Folks these guys especially McCain doesn’t have a leg to stand on – I was there when the Injustice Dept – obozo and holder planned the attack on arpaio and the people of maricopa…..I took the call from staffers at McCain’s office in phoenix – demanding the release of illegals because they were apprehended in smuggling loads and happened to be relatives…..

  4. Ryan and McCain might as well burn American flags while they are at it.

    Their hypocrisy is exposed by their silent approval of 0bama’s pardons…

    • Still in San Diego?

      • Yep, living in a communist state…

        • MAYB001, have you considered moving to FL? We’d love to have another conservative join us. We don’t have a state income tax, homes are pretty reasonable, property taxes are far less than we paid in NY when we left there 45 years ago. Come on down, you might like it – just stay away from the east coast – way too many libs there.

          • I have roots in Florida. I love the state.

            BUT, my wife has roots right here in San Diego… Many many, many more roots.

            We have plans to create an underground railroad for Conservatives to Arizona in the near future. 🙂 Right now we are still free to leave…

          • I think CA needs more help than ANY State, good men can do so MUCH more than we tend to believe, and the way we lose to evil is when we do nothing. Sound familiar? Oh, I am here too, but in Central Valley.

          • The corruption in CA is about to be exposed. If you haven’t already support The Election Integrity Project. They have been fighting the good fight, and have exposed some of the corruption.

            They need our help, and could use some monetary donations.


        • Make sure you address people by the gender of their choice. Could mean jail time if you call a boy a boy.

    • I agree with you

    • Not only are Ryan and McCain traitors but they are totally ignorant or worse a part of this tearing down of what once was the greatest nation on earth….

      • I don’t think they are ignorant, I think they are willingly tearing down this great nation.

        • Duh, we are saying the same thing.

          • Excellent, you know what they say about great minds….

          • I, too, know what they say about great minds, and it in no way involves anything you or watchman48 post here. Great minds are not confused and clouded by the lies and distortions of a raving, blithering, lying, bombastic, bloviating ignoramus such as the Tweetin’ Cretin temporarily contaminating the Oval Office.

          • Sharon Jeanguenat


          • Someone hand head and mirror!

          • Change your name to headonbackwards.

          • NO, change his/her/it’s name to HUA (head up ass)….

          • Paul Ryan and McCain are not yelling that Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio illegally; but are whining about Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio for his sins and unlawfulness. Joe was lucky for the pardon for the so called “illegals” were waiting to tear him apart in prison. He would have been changed from a “rooster to a hen.” Where did I get that from? 9-5 with Dolly Parton. Joe now thinks Trump will hire him! For what! Joe is short, fat, does not take a bath and he is ugly.

          • What about all the “felons” OBOZO pardoned? Most of which are back in prison where they belong!

          • Ignore pmbalele. He’s an obamarrhoid. There are two types of obamarrhoids: internal and external. pmbalele must be the internal type, because it would hurt his ego too much if he were to be considered “superficial”. Another significant attribute of internal obamarrhoids is that they don’t see the light of day.

          • One of Obamas pardons went on to fame by Killing his 32 year old girlfriend and her 7 and 10 year old daughters (because they were potential witnesses) I’m sure they went out like this…”THANKS OBAMA”!

          • So why are there illegals in the PEN? I thought they were all great people just wanting a better life.

          • You say ‘so called’ as if they’re not illegals. Simply saying something that isn’t true doesn’t make it true. You know that right?

          • pmbalele knows nothing except the party line. If “They” say it, it’s gospel. He is always a victim of circular reasoning, a condition shared by many liberal idiots. “Circular reasoning (circulus in demonstrando) – when the reasoner begins with what he or she is trying to end up with; sometimes called assuming the conclusion.” Liberals are famous for this tool, almost as much as lying so long they convince themselves their own lie is true.

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            If EVERYONE would do this we’d be rid of these clowns that much sooner!!!!!!!!

          • But, but, but, but dem po ho’s needs ta ADvahtize!

          • Good one!!

          • Flagged you scum puppet.

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          • Get off the internet!

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          • We hear that Loretta Lynch used “Elizabeth Carlisle” her grandmother’s name in emails when apparently she didn’t want her real name revealed as the source. Think maybe Headonstraight is Obama’s pseudonym, while using a dictionary to try and impress us with his Columbia Law Degree which he was forced to give up. Of course if you call Chicago as I did they will tell you he gave it up voluntarily. Like another lawyer said, you give up your law degree voluntarily 5 minutes before you are about to lose it.

          • Are you twelve?

          • I see all you still have is insults….. Losers fall back on insults when they got nothing else.

          • You obviously ignore the substantive material I have posted on this topic. And such irony that you would accuse me of being insulting,given the insult-saturated comments of so many wingers who post here.

          • Your head is NOT like in your moniker, it is obvious by the crass foolery of your posts.

          • I didn’t ignore them, I debunked them ALL of them and proved them wanting.

            Welcome to the new world….. May God save your sorry arse, if it is rightly to do so.


          • OH! THAT’S where you got your education from, movies! Now it all makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up.

          • Cute, the video applies to you as well. You all suck off the same Soros tit…


          • headonbackwards, in just a few words, you are a brainless idiots. You are jealous of what Trump has already done for the god of America, We have a real president and not a money greedy Politian,

          • How can I be “idiots.” There is only one of me. And who is this lower case “god of America”? What’s a “Polician”?

            by the way4 yourself–learn to spell and make sense! Illiterate ignoramus!

          • headonbackwards, sorry , having trouble with my computer only clicking words once instead of twice. I meant * good and * politician. Is that better ? Do you think that you are perfect? Far from it,

          • Of course I am not perfect, and because I am not, I proofread material before I post it. You should do the same.

          • No one listens to their tripe other than Lefty Losers anyway so let these nut jobs say what ever makes themselves happy. It goes no further than them anyway but it does prove to some on the fringe how ignorant they are.

          • It is so good to hear your comment. When I first came on these boards, aholes like headstraightup ruled these boards with insults and deflections.

            Good decent people were shocked into silence and didn’t challenge their lies. I say we can not let the stench of these trolls silence or deflect our conversations.

          • EXACTLY! people are waking up and have had enough of being “silenced”!

          • Conservatives are the ignorant assholes. Especially Trump who is the most ignorant. Sheriff Joe has been a terrible person. Finally he was going to get what he richly deserved: prison time. Trump who is as much of an asshole as Joe wiped out his prison sentence. That is not a pardon. You pardon someone after they served their sentence to get their rights back that they lost with their conviction. Probably ignorant, asshole Trump does not even understand the role of pardons in the criminal justice system. This idiot President is such a terrible President, he may turn out to be one of the worst in this country’s history. The Sheriff Joe action will be one decision he made that created a huge injustice. That asshole Sheriff should be in prison!

            Do Liberals ever have ANYTHING positive to say, even about each other? Truly tiresome!

          • That is all they EVER have had, except for their lies about being our government — and, as long as we believed THAT, they have been able to take our Sovereignty. As they have for 146 years so far.

          • They aren’t even hiding it anymore…its like a vampire in the daytime. In just the lies they have told on TV ON CAMERA..and the blank stares and blind faith of their follower zombies has emboldened them to carry on RIGHT OUT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.

          • Your title is a misnomer!

          • More like headupyourass. I suppose you supported Obama’s pardons of traitors and terrorists. Or Clinton’s pardons of cronies who were tax evaders. Arpaio was doing his job. It is only because Obama targeted him and used his justice department to attack people that disagreed with him that Arpaio was ever even prosecuted.

          • He IS acting like an acute case of rectal defollade

          • Headonstraight you are dead right.

          • I’m sorry tomini you are dead right. I missed it that you were addressing Headonstraight.

          • Headonstraight is dead left!

          • I just blocked him forever. I like your first sentence!

          • I blocked him a long time ago. Clueless idiot.

          • We need people to sign this petition- the FBI said that the would not release Hillary’s e-mails because there wasn’t enough interest by the people. Well, we need to show them that we are all interested in those e-mails. Copy and paste on other sites, please!


          • Done and passed on

          • Thanks, everyone needs to work together to beat the corruption of our intelligence communities. I am going to look up information on the lawyer requesting the info and let him know about the petition.

          • Headuphisarse needs a plexotomy, a little window in his stomach so he can see out.

          • Algebraically stated, (LOL)^3!
            The exclamation point denotes a function called “factorial”; 3 factorial = 3 X 2 X 1 =6; accordingly, “(LOL)^3!” means “Laughing out loud to the SIXTH POWER!”

          • Richard, I have Faith in what you said.

          • I have had some math that includes factorials and powers and I like the way your express yourself mathematically. I thought that all we Trump supporters were just dummies living in the nether regions. lol

          • Say! Speak for yourself, don.

          • That is what the left will say about us you know.

          • Quit that! You’re stretching me brain now! Hmm.

          • Hey i was gonna say that! hahahahahahahaha

          • He needs an enema…He is full of it!

          • Make that a MILK AND MOLASSES enema. Much more effective. Best administered with a FIRE HOSE!

          • Opinionated12cents

            My goodness… have a sister that’s a Dr.? Only time I have heard of that formula for an enema, was her….said it was an old family trick.

          • My lovely wife had been a CNA for 46 years until she retired 2 weeks ago. She gave plenty of these enemas over the years. She also stayed bedside and comforted many of her residents that were alone in life through their passing. They loved my wife and their spirits attached and followed her home. That is why we have 26 of the 27 ghosts in our home. (Known to be true from a paranormal investigation.)

          • I can see where that would be more effective!

          • Thank-you. And the FIRE HOSE would really drive the point home. Right? Especially at 600 psi !!!!

          • Could we turn up the pressure a little bit to be sure we get him cleaned out real good! He needs it!

          • How about replacing the milk and molasses with liquid rocket fuel. Then strike a match and, well, you know…….

          • I`m sure that would get the job done but, it might come the wrong end!

          • Well …… if the “rocket’s red flare” burns out his tongue and fries his brain, mission accomplished. (;>})

          • His brain is already fried!

          • Oh, come on now, be nice.

          • Oh no, headuphisass is back… 😣🤣😃😄😅

          • Christian Willey

            You are a total inbecile…who should be investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security…and I’m betting you will be now …poor little Dumbs who just can’t believe their “Queen”didn’t dupe enough Americans to believe her lies and criminal acts to win a very good election that was run perfectly by our President for the right reasons and not for a party that absorbed the American Communist Party and thinks they can get away with sedition and extortion to get their way…wait til American has had enough of you hanky stompers and decides we need to cleanse this country of dipsticks like offering you to get out if you don’t like it.

          • LOL!!!! The FBI and several other federal entities are far too busy investigating the corruption of the Trump business enterprises and the Russia-Trump election chicanery to bother with investigating me or any other persons who are telling the truth about the Tweeter-in-Chief and his henchpersons. I do like this country; I do not like the sleazy Trumpites who have set about to defile it.

          • Yeah, right, dummy. Trump investigation of Russian collusion floundering for a year=nothing. Comey deciding to exonerate the Hildabeast even before witnesses were interviewed; Committing a felony releasing dicuments to the NYT to bring a SP into the mix that still can’t find his ass with both hands so he changes the scope illegally. You don’t like this country and you are definitely not the solution- you’re the problem.

          • headnotonstraight, , It has been proven by all even your CNN that it was just made up about your Russian/Trump election, but you said nothing about the dead people voting for Killary, the illegals that went from one state to anther to vote for the murdering Killary, All the ballots that Killary had made up by a printing co. and shoved in to the ballot boxes, and got caught. ,Did you forget that? I think you need help, you have serous mental problems.

          • Evidently headoncrooked overlooked this tidbit!! I can’t reply to “IT” as I have “IT” blocked!! Sorry but posting to you is all I can do! MAybe you could post it to it for me????

            Copied From Girls Just Wanna Have Guns!

            “During the whole Trump Jr. scandal, you would think with the way Democrats have been acting that they’ve never sought the help of the Russkies .

            Turns out their ‘white hats’ are stained with guilty finger prints.

            Here a 5 former leading Democrats who tried to use Russians to leverage them into office.

            1. Former Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA). He reached out to the Soviet Union for election help twice.

            According to Michael Reagan, Sen. John Tunney (D-CA), at the behest of his friend Ted Kennedy, lobbied the Soviet Union “to sabotage [Jimmy] Carter’s foreign policy efforts,” as this was during Kennedy’s primary challenge against Carter in 1980.

            “One 1980 document stated that Kennedy offered to condemn President Carter’s policy toward the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in exchange for KGB help,” wrote Reagan. “News accounts of that period prove that Kennedy did, in fact, openly criticize Carter’s Afghanistan policy.”

            In 1983 Kennedy also reached out to the Soviet Union, attempting to impair Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy and weaken his re-election chance in 1984.

            He even offered to set up TV interviews in America to make the Soviets seem more “peaceful.”

            2. Barack Obama said to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: “After my election I have more flexibility”, in 2012.

            These words were captured on a hot mic, meaning no one was supposed to hear them.

            Obama was communicating to Medvedev he needed Putin, the newly elected Russian President, to ‘give [him] space’ on Russia-related affairs until after he was elected. To which Medvedev replied, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

            Obama even snarked to Romney during a 2012 presidential debate, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

            Once Obama was re-elected, Putin took advantage of Obama’s “flexibility” with invading Crimea and taking lead in Syria.

            His ‘white hat’ is hardly clean.

            3. Jimmy Carter attempted to leverage the Soviet option to improve his chances in the 1980 election against Ronald Reagan.

            Michael Reagan also noted in his column that Carter, through his political ally Armand Hammer, lobbied for the Soviet Union to let “Jewish ‘refuseniks’ emigrate to Israel” to strengthen Carter’s standing in important states, but the Soviets rebuffed Carter.

            Interestingly, Reagan biographer Craig Shirley wrote in one of his books that during the 1976 election, the Soviet Union “had made overtures to the Carter campaign,” even going as far as suggesting “that they could possibly pursue policies that could affect the outcome of the election so as to favor Carter.”

            4. Bill Clinton tried bargaining a deal in 1996. He promised support of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, if Yeltsin agreed “to clear up ‘negative’ issues.”

            The Washington Times found a confidential memo in 1996 that revealed the following: President Clinton, in a private meeting at the recent anti-terrorism summit, promised Boris Yeltsin he would back the Russian president’s re-election bid with “positive” U.S. policies toward Russia.

            In exchange, Mr. Clinton asked for Mr. Yeltsin’s help in clearing up “negative” issues such as the poultry dispute between the two countries, according to a classified State Department record of the meeting obtained by The Washington Times.

            Mr. Clinton told Mr. Yeltsin that “this is a big issue, especially since about 40 percent of U.S. poultry is produced in Arkansas. An effort should be made to keep such things from getting out of hand,” the memo said.

            Bill Gertz, who reported on the memo and is now an editor for the Washington Free Beacon and a columnist for The Washington Times, explained that the memo “exposed the Bill Clinton style of leadership — going to bat for his political donors and other vested interests in his home state of Arkansas.”

            5. Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill wanted the Russkies on the Democrats’ side during the 1984 election.

            Michael Reagan stated in his column, O’Neill told Soviet ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Dobrynin, “that it was in everyone’s best interests if the Soviets would help the Democrats keep ‘that demagogue Reagan’ from being re-elected.”

            “O’Neill warned Dobrynin that the ‘primitive instincts’ of this ‘dangerous man’ would plunge the world into war,” penned Reagan.

            Each of these examples, with the possible exception of the Clinton-Yeltsin one, were easily worse than Trump Jr. agreeing to a meeting with a Russian government lawyer for dirt on Hillary Clinton. Again, this does not excuse Trump Jr’s sleazy behavior, but it does show that the Democrats are more than happy to do the same thing when it helps their side.

            –Daily Wire

            Next time a liberal cries Trump Jr. is colluding with Russians, show them this article.”

          • old cogar, you forgot when McCain was running he asked Russia for money and for them to back him up, they refused

          • RIGHT! I mean “Hillary” really? This is the “Queen of the fools and trolls”? This aged, wretched, truth barren, morally devoid, walking indictment of a woman? Her? I still don’t get it….

          • MAHB001 and watchman do not seem to have listened to Mr. Obama. Why would you say that they have?

          • The obamarrhoid has spoken!

          • Your head is up your a$$, moron.

          • headonstraightupyoura$$, you just joined the other scumbags rinos retarded and very confused ; go sit on a cactus that is good for you headonstraightupyoura$$ . You are polluting here .

          • Bwahaha….obeyme is what you mean and clinton is the game….time to leave the traitors and criminals behind bars and the NWO should duck because they are in our sights. Headupyourrear..lmao

          • headonnottostraight., you are talking about your brother, Obama. It’s people like you that hate America and are helping Obama to bring it down and put in the horrible NWO. Please get lost ASAP .BTW se a doctor asap , have him check to see if you have a brain.

          • Sounds like you are all of the above…You need to get your headonstraight!

          • Get off your knees and quit swallowing!! Moochelle said he is about to put the meat to you!!!

          • Ah, excuse me?? Has your totally ignorant and misinformed, mush for brains, reviewed all that that “Tweetin’ Cretin” as accomplished in the short six months he’s been in office? You’ll find that that “Tweetin’ Cretin’ has accomplished more in six months time than that sorry a$$ excuse for a leader, Obama, accomplished in the last six years of his presidency.

            Your ignorance has no bounds now, does it?

          • Puh-leeze! Spare me any more displays of your gullibility. Obviously, you really believe all that fatuous tripe about Trump’s “accomplishments.” And your naive belief in such is undoubtedly energized by your blind acceptance of such claims by Trumpite dupes or Trumpite propagandists. Go to the actual record of his accomplishments and you will see that those claims are no more credible than the Tweetin’ Cretin’s claims to have had the largest inauguration crowd in history and to “know more about ISIS than the generals.” Wake up and smell the B.S.!

          • your head-is-on-straight….straight up ure butt,,,,,,,

          • They have been turned by the dark side!

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          • I get more so leave me alone!

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          • Gave ya the 3 step slap down!!
            Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right
            line of scum puppets post and selecting flag.

            Give it a down vote!

            Also Report it as a spammer to Disqus by right clicking on the scum puppets name and clicking on the three blue dots *** next to the gray private box on the top line of
            the Bio page, selecting Report User, and as spammer.

            3 steps to “hopefully” getting “SCUMBUCKETS” removed!!

          • You really are a cutie… my wittle snowflake. I just love it when you get all assertive… 😉

            btw- #blacklivesmatter

          • Yoooooh putta working on your BACK for that 5 minutes F*** .
            Yes indeed someone shoved a Range Rover up your tail ; enjoy it .

          • WHO CARES !!!!!!!!!!!

          • New name, another flag…

          • Get off the internet!

          • I agree with whoever said it!

        • Of COURSE. They are loyal to THE UNITED STATES, the corporation owned by Europeans. NOT to US.

        • Soros probably gave them $35,000 to buy them off.

        • Whether they were trying or not – – that is exactly what they did (tore the nation down); and now they want to blame it onto Trump.
          Trump had not even filed to run for the White House when these problems were created!

      • I thought tRUMP was going to make Amurika great again? How will we know when it’s great again?

        • Sharon Jeanguenat

          He already HAS made it great! Our friends AND enemies have started to respect us again. And, he made North Korea back down on their plan to attack Guam. He’s what’s known as a REAL man, unlike you & your liberal buddies.

          • You’re funny…

          • So glad you feel all this is “funny”. Guess that is the liberal mentality however.

          • You’re a cutie pie snowflake!

          • Headuparse, Cantor, and the rest all set in a cubical across from each other at the soros school of deception. They may even be the same person since their intelligence level seems the same, about 85.

          • Or maybe just the square root thereof!

          • Slightly over 9, no even a vegetable is smarter than that. But then again.

          • btw- N.K. sent a missle over Japan… wow they’re so scared of tRUMPY. They really backed down. This isn’t a John Wayne movie you fool!

          • No its a joke…because of idiots like you who have nothing to offer but pokes at other people who care. Moronic wastes of skin …you and your kind ARE the zombie apocalypse.

          • You wanna go behind the barn and let me poke fun at you?

          • I hear so many of you squawking about what “someone else didn’t do” but I never hear ANY of you offer a solution of your own. A well thought out plan that would benefit EVERYONE in its nature,…not a deranged deprived selfish or shortsighted benefit but one with lasting good for all. The government we have elected (other than trump) makes references to “expendables” way too often to feel good about life.

          • Diane, you’re bad… and dense.

        • As soon as you leave jack ass

        • Liberals shouldn’t try to be witty, you always come off sounding exactly like the smug, small minded, petty, childish ignoramuses you are. Unfortunately you keep trying, because you’re also slow learners who aren’t smart enough to know when to quit.

        • Fed Up With Politicians

          When you are dead and gone!!!

        • Right after midterms.

        • That which God has given over for destruction will never ever be great again… USA has crossed the line of no return and her days are numbered. God has never ever allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His prophets and watchmen to share His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him.
          The One true sovereign God of all that there is has been warning USA of her destruction in the mid 1980s but very few are listening.. The 9/11 attack was the first of three major attacks, the second will be approx. 1000 times greater, most likely happening in at least three areas, Southern California and in or near Philly and Boston…
          Aug. 1994 after reading the Engineer’s Report of the ’93 bombing of the WTC #2 Tower I began telling every one I met that they were coming back to “Hit” the #2 Tower again and when they do they will “Take” it all the way to the ground.
          Jan. 22, 1997 the Holy Spirit whispered in my left ear saying, “I will repay US double for her iniquities,” I believe it was estimated at that time that we had allowed the murder of approx. 35 million babies through abortion… It has now been estimated that we have murdered over 68 million babies…
          USA will receive her just due and it is an inherited consequences for us just as it was for the innocent children that lived in Sodom and Gomorrah or Nineveh when they were destroyed…
          For this second attack to be approx. 1000 times greater I believe they would have to use Chemical, Biological, Dirty Nuke, Suitcase Nuke, EMT or any combination of these… The third attack will be like none ever seen before…

          • Actually, America never DID cross the line. THAT was crossed by THE UNITED STATES, the corporation that has ruled us for 146 years, and which owns the corporate debt that they try to claim is the “national debt of the united States (actual), which THE UNITED STATES never was. They have always been another corrupt move of the Europeans, lost for so long in their effete corruption. We never saw the lies they put out, and they went to HUGE efforts to keep us unaware of how false their power grab was. It is long PAST time for us to assert ourselves, We the People I mean. The one thing THE UNITED STATES cannot handle is if WE just say “NO”. We need to reconvene our own government, and outside of DC that was created as the HQ of that illegal corporate takeover.

          • There are none righteous, no not even one. Let not the fool claim he has no sin, for all have sinned and all are worthy of death.
            We have One God Who has been revealed to us as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. He has give us His guidelines by which all nations and all of mankind should adhere to. He has even made clear as to the consequences of our disobedience to His WORD.
            Just as a loving earthly father will chastise his children for doing wrong and the disobedient child who continues with his disobedience the father must step back to let the child learn the consequences for his disobedience… Thus our Heavenly Father has and will continue to do the same.
            God has warned us of false prophets who will always prophesy prosperity and good times to comes… and blaming others for our disobedience will win no favor with God.
            Praise God, He has made a way that we need not fear even unto death… That if we humble ourselves and cry unto Him and repent of our sins, He will save us from our sins through the precious Blood of our LORD and SAVIOR, Jesus Christ.

          • Whoa…DUDE!That’s f cked up!

          • Looking in the mirror again???????

          • Nope btw- you only need one question mark.

          • Well the first one is for the statement. The second one is for are you really that stupid, the third is for I really can’t believe “IT” believes the crap It typed…………..

          • Dipstick!!

          • Oh, don’t be a politically correct snowflake, just say: “Dipshit.” Pussy!

          • Ah lets see, adjectives for you, ASSHOLE, ASSWIPE, Dumb F–K, Jerk off!

          • He, he…

          • Frankie, OOPS I mean Barry Soetoro, why don’t use that name, Barry, you sound just like him , talk like him, lie like him, hate America like him, as gay as he is, bashed America as a community organizer like him, so much more, now go and take you nap

          • You’re such a big silly!

          • Yep, you’re a cuntservative pussy!

          • Dipshit

        • We will know when we rid ourselves of the illegitimate corporation that has ruled in our NAME. THEN the united States will be restored to its destiny. It will be a mess straightening out all the falsehoods of 146 years of ignorant following of the liars that never had any legal or legitimate basis, and never had jurisdiction in any case. That is something that you can never understand, I realize that.

        • I put forth what did Oblowme accomplish in 96 months?????????
          Here’s what Trump did in 10months A–HOLE!!!!!!!!

          The DemoCRAP Motto:
          “If You Can’t Refute Facts Start Name Calling and Insults”!!

          Joan Swirsky

          Since President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, a number of
          people have scrupulously monitored his accomplishments. They include Sean Hannity’s producer Sweet Baby James, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, conservative commentator and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, and Jeff Dunetz, creator of the blog The Lid, among others. The listing below was compiled by the above-mentioned people and represents many but not all of the non-stop accomplishments of President Trump––the juggernaut––during his first three months in office.

          But the list does not elaborate on the accomplishments of the first three weeks of the fourth month, which include, among other things, the completion of his cabinet appointments, signing a cybersecurity
          executive order for a sweeping review of the federal government’s digital
          vulnerabilities and the adoption of specific security practices; an
          unprecedented trade deal with China involving certain foods, natural gas, and biotech products; creating a voter-fraud commission to clean up the system; preparation for a devastating cyberattack against America’s electric grid; and the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Nor is there any mention of the hundreds if not thousands of personal phone calls the president has made to shakers and movers in the U.S. as well as world leaders.

          99 percent of the media––the jerks––are a de facto arm of the Democratic National Committee

          If these accomplishments are not familiar, that’s because 99 percent of the
          media––the jerks––are a de facto arm of the Democratic National Committee and the far-left fringe, and are so terminally distressed by the fact that Mr. Trump won the presidency that they obstinately refuse to report what by any objective standards is the news. This is because:

          They’ve been pushing leftist values for well over a half century and are unable to admit that their anti-Trump, pro-Hillary message was an utter and complete failure.

          They are part and parcel of the vast, contaminated, rancid, crooked, pay-for-play, corrupt swamp that candidate Trump promised to drain, and President Trump is now draining.

          The man they mock––for his syntax and phrasing, style of governing, unpredictability, and so-called contradictions––has both confounded and trumped them at every turn.

          This is why they remain fixated on the fairy tale of a Trump-Russian connection. They have nothing else––as in nothing!


          After Pres. Trump’s first month in office,

          235,000 jobs were added to our economy in February, 100,000 more than expected;

          40 percent fewer illegal immigrants crossed our border;

          $3 trillion was added to the stock market;

          Judge Gorsuch, a constitutionalist worthy of Justice Scalia’s seat, was nominated to the Supreme Court.

          In his first 100 days:

          appointments of Vice President Mike Pence, pro-life conservative;

          Justice Neil Gorsuch, an originalist committed to the Constitution;

          Attorney General Jeff Sessions, staunch conservative committed to the rule of law;

          Defense Secretary James Mattis, a warrior committed to restoring America’s military;

          Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, a former general committed to border security;

          Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a former CEO who understands how the real world works;

          Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, a brain surgeon from a humble background;

          Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, a doctor who understands health care;

          Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, an advocate of school choice and educational reform;

          Energy Secretary Rick Perry, former governor of Texas and expert on the energy industry;

          Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, former CEO who understands the business world;

          EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a conservative committed to reining in big

          U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, a fearless advocate for American values;

          U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, a true friend of Israel;

          White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, a conservative warrior against crony capitalism and the left;

          National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, an accomplished military commander;

          and White House Counterterrorism Adviser Sebastian Gorka, committed to defeating radical Islam.

          President Trump;

          restored the U.S. alliance with Israel and welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House;

          restored U.S. leadership in the world;

          enforced red lines against the use of chemical weapons in Syria;

          dropped the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) on ISIS, sending a clear message to Iran and North Korea;

          the Chinese cooperation in pressuring North Korea and the release of
          Aya Hijazi, American charity worker held in Egypt since 2014;

          a five-year ban on lobbying the government by former White House
          officials and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign governments by
          former White House

          repeatedly called out the liberal media for “fake news”;

          repealed Obama mandate that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood;

          signed executive
          order reinstating Reagan policy against taxpayer funding of overseas

          stopped U.S. funding to the United Nations Population Fund, which promotes abortions;

          signed the following Executive Orders

          1. to mandate a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS,

          2. to begin construction of the border wall and hire additional 5,000 border agents,

          3. to order the Justice Department to cut funding to sanctuary cities,

          4. to institute a temporary federal hiring freeze,

          5. to institute a travel ban on individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in
          terrorist atrocities;

          6. to withdraw from the Transpacific Partnership trade deal,

          7. to mandate that two regulations will be repealed for every new one

          8. to institute a comprehensive approach to illegal
          immigration and crime; et al.


          Pres. Trump
          issued orders to seek increased penalties for crimes against police;

          to promote energy independence; to put American companies and workers first;

          to review federal regulations in education; to investigate national security impact of foreign steel imports;

          to require an audit of executive branch agencies;

          to order every agency to create a regulatory reform task force;

          to roll back Obama environmental infringements on private property.

          In addition,

          Pres. Trump issued orders to prevent future taxpayer-funded
          bailouts; to reverse Obama restrictions on offshore energy development;

          for a major review of national monument designations on
          federal lands;

          to establish a new office to reform the Veterans
          Administration bureaucracy;

          to address concerns of Rural America;

          to establish a White House Initiative on historically Black
          Colleges and Universities;

          to create a commission on drug addiction and the opioid

          to combat transnational criminal organizations and international
          trafficking; to repeal the following:

          1. Obama’s transgender public school bathroom mandate,

          2. Obama’s “Stream Protection Rule” that has hurt the coal industry,

          3. Obama’s Social Security Administration’s gun ban,

          4. Obama’s Labor “blacklisting” rule with $500 million in regulatory costs,

          5. Obama’s Interior rule that restricted state and local authority in land use decisions,

          6. Obama’s unfunded education mandate that created new standards for teachers,

          7. Obama’s education rule that undermined state and local control,

          8. Obama’s regulation that prevented drug testing for unemployment compensation,

          9. Obama’s rule that banned some hunting in Alaska,

          10. Obama’s regulation that created vastly more paperwork and reporting of worker

          11. Obama’s regulations on Internet Service Providers,

          12. Obama’s rule that allowed states to force workers into government-run
          savings plans, and the Dodd-Frank regulations that disadvantaged
          domestic companies.

          Going further,

          Pres. Trump
          Imposed sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile violations and human rights violations;

          Ordered review of the Iranian nuclear deal;

          Produced a budget that cut $54 billion from bloated federal bureaucracies, that would
          50 programs and more than 3,000 federal jobs, and that boosted spending
          for defense, homeland security and veterans; produced a tax-reform plan
          that simplifies the tax code and reduces taxes for businesses and

          Approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and
          the Dakota Access pipeline; shut down illegal immigrant advocacy program
          at Department of Justice;

          Established Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office;

          Reduced illegal immigration at the border by 61 percent;

          Called for “major investigation” of voter fraud led by Vice President Mike Pence;

          Called for repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which limits free speech of pastors and

          Called for 50 percent cut in funding to the United Nations; supported English as official
          language by dropping Spanish version of the White House website;

          Purged “climate change” alarmism from White House website;

          Returned bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office;

          Succeeded in getting NATO nations to boost defense spending by $10 billion;

          Halted $180 billion in Obama regulations;

          Signed legislation expanding private healthcare options for veterans;

          Relaxed Rules of Engagement in the fight against ISIS;

          Imposed sanctions on Venezuelan vice president for international drug trafficking.

          UP, UP & AWAY

          At this early point,

          Consumer confidence is the highest in 17 years;

          Small business confidence highest in 11 years;

          Stock market is up 10 percent since inauguration, up 15 percent since election;

          Exxon Mobil announced $20 billion-45,000 job expansion in U.S.;

          Charter Communications announced $25 billion expansion, creating 20,000 jobs in U.S.;

          Accenture announced $1.4 billion expansion, creating 15,000 jobs in U.S.;

          Intel announced $7 billion expansion, creating 10,000 jobs in the U.S.

          Pres. Trump ordered renegotiation of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico;

          Named former Congressman Scott Garrett, an outspoken critic of the Export-Import Bank to the bank’s Board of Directors

          Today, U.S. unemployment is at its lowest level since 1988!

          The U.S. debt decreased by $100 billion during Pres. Trump’s first hundred days; the U.S. Manufacturing Index soared to a 33-year high! In the first month alone, he added 298,000 jobs; housing sales are off the charts right now…in 2011, the average time a house was on the market was 84 days, now, it’s just 45 days; illegal immigration is down 67% since the Inauguration; NATO announced Allied spending is up $10 billion.

          This Mt. Everest of accomplishments belongs to a man who is straight out of central casting. Every day, he looks like a million dollars and is stunningly successful in his dealings with everyone from heads of state to manual laborers to ardent fans to entrenched skeptics. Every day, he brings both ebullience and laser-like focus to a job he clearly relishes, displays admirable courage in making hard choices, and is zooming along at warp speed to Make America Great Again!

          All this while never hesitating to take on the sacred cows of the leftist jerks among us––political correctness and global warming rank high––and to illuminate the public about the widespread scourge of the fake news
          and fake polls that those same leftist jerks tried but failed to foist upon us
          in the November election.

          It was easy for the media when all they had to do was pretend that
          94-million unemployed citizens, a weakened military, alienated allies, a
          genocidal Iran deal, and unprecedented escalation of Muslim Brotherhood
          operatives implanted in the highest reaches of our government, and an
          increase in the national debt by $9 trillion to almost $20 trillion,
          were nothing to worry about––all while they asked the guy in the Oval
          Office what his favorite ice-cream flavor was!

          Now there’s a grown-up in charge and the children among us
          (Democrats, leftists, progressives, whatever they’re calling themselves these
          days) are as ineffectual––indeed, impotent––as they were when Donald J. Trump announced for the presidency in June of 2015..

          Wanna see Democrats and media hacks weep? Hand them this list! And you ARE “WEEPING”!!

          Joan Swirsky is an award winning author and journalist. Her work can be found at

          Joan can be reached at [email protected]

          That’s what really, really amazes me. We sucked it up with the pResident NI99ER and didn’t protest and riot. We sucked it up. Even my wife who doesn’t really get involved in politics said;” we didn’t do that when obama got elected, who the Hell do they think they are”!!

          Now the LibTURD B!TCHES and BA$TARDS are up in arms that a lying, evil, vile, broomstick riding B!TCH didn’t get elected and it’s “SUPPOSED” to be all right/ okay to protest and riot.

          Hey SNOWFLAKES/ SNOWTURDS/ Libturds, A$$HOLES!! Suck it up, the HellBitchery, broomstick riding, Benghazi scandal, LYING, DYKE, B!TCH LOST!!! Get over it! Take off your Pampers and put on some big girl/ big boy undies and F:”>}{}_)#$)&)_#) deal with it! See if your mother still produces breast milk and go suckle her!
          “You’re acting like 4 year old’s having a “VERY” nasty temper tantrum”!! NOT presenting yourselves as grown ups BUT SPOILED 4 year old, temper tantrum BRATS!!
          You and your B!TCH LOST, deal with it!!

          You want to know how Trump got elected? You want to know how the “Little People” came into being? Maybe this will help you, you overpaid, know-nothing twit! Read and actually LEARN SOMETHING:

          “YOU created US”

          You had expected to see the fulfillment of your plans to redo America – but we caught you. And like kids caught with their hands in the cookies jar, you cried. You are having hissy fits and can’t believe your well-thought out plans of socialized medicine, open borders, free everything, applauding every evil act and variety of sex, legalizing every intoxicating and addicting drug, promoting the killing of the unborn innocents, spitting on and burning our beloved flag, you thought we would just stand down and let you get away with it?! Nada.

          You are drunk with hate and abusing your God given freedoms in demeaning our new Commander in Chief and those of us who voted for him. He is wiser than you dreamed, more patient than you deserve and was elected in a God-Ordained election. You have a gripe – take it to your Maker.

          You claim to be “sick” over the results of our election that took place six months ago. Grow up. Get a life – or better yet – get a job.

          “How did this happen”, you whine? Well here is how it happened!

          You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech. Not one peep came out of the ACLU when the IRS under the direction of Obama refused to grant 501©(3) status to conservative groups (and Lois Lerner took the Fifth.)

          You created “us” when you attacked our right to bear arms. Don’t wanta mess with The “Bear”.

          You created “us” when you attacked our Christian beliefs and our Jewish beliefs. Christians and Jews stand together and know the truth.

          You created “us” when you constantly referred to us as racists.

          You created “us” when you constantly called us xenophobic.

          You created “us” when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.

          You created “us” when you attacked our flag.

          You created “us” when you took God out of our schools, our public buildings and tried to take Him out of our lives – by demanding and confusing our Constitutionally
          guaranteed freedom of religion as freedom from religion – and the liberal judicial appointees said – “Yup -that’s right”. Well, no it isn’t – and we will fix that too.

          You created “us” when you tried to confuse women’s rights with feminism.

          You created “us” when you began to emasculate men, in your never-ending quest to eliminate any difference between gender. You just don’t get it . . . gender has more to do with what is between one’s ears than what is between one’s legs. Women are women, and men are men. Divinely so.

          You created “us” when you decided to make our children soft and confused them with the lie that freedom means free stuff – and they are “entitled” to everything – NOW.

          You created “us” when you promote every crack pot idea of progressive a/k/a socialist goals with the sole intent to rip our Constitution to shreds and destroy America.

          You created “us” when you attacked our way of life; one man married to one woman, living life the way our God has told us to live in our Holy Bible and our Torah.

          You created “us” when you purposely decided to spend more of our tax dollars than what we had, putting our children and grandchildren in huge debt for decades and beyond.

          You created “us” – formerly called the Silent Majority.

          You created “us” when you murdered innocent law enforcement officers and then convinced the ignorant amongst you it was good and justified. Black lives matter? Sure they do – and so do white lives, red lives and blue lives.

          You created “us” when you created policy and legislation that forced jobs to leave our country and left families without a wage earner. We aren’t lazy like many of you – we like to work, take pride in our work and deeply believe this is one of our rights as citizens of the greatest country on earth. We WILL get our jobs back.

          You created “us” when you took a knee, or stayed seated or didn’t remove your hat during our National Anthem.

          You created “us” when you lied and said we could keep our health insurance plans and our doctors. You created “us” when you forced us to buy your health care (that isn’t worth a plugged nickel) and then financially penalized us for not participating. And then you had the unmitigated gall to expected “us” to look the other way while you planned to force us into a Single Payer System (meaning we the tax payers would foot the entire bill for the entire country) once Hillary Clinton took the White House. Obamacare was created to fail and you thought we were too stupid to see your plans. Surprise!

          You created us when you demanded open borders and that America should be no more. The millions of brave Americans who have gone before us and laid down their lives for our country’s freedom would be forgotten and our freedoms given up to your evil, socialist, Godless view of the world. Not now . . . not ever!

          And we FINALLY became fed up – and we stood up, pushed back and spoke up.

          And we did it with ballots, not bullets.

          With ballots, not riots.

          With ballots, not looting, destroying property, being

          With ballots, not blocking traffic.

          With ballots, not fires, except the one you started inside of
          “us”. And we ain’t going away!

          Oh, and by the way, did you happen to read “Rules for Radicals”? Yea – we thought so.

          “YOU” created “US”.

        • If you have no pride in your country and misspell its name, you don’t belong here. Why don’t you go to Russia, Cuba or Venezuela, they are looking for good communist converts.

          • Go to Russia? That’s rich, seeing how tRUMP has been giving Putin BJ’s for over two years.

          • And that is what you come away with? Russia. You have an obsession going on here. Russia did this, Russia did that, the Russians are coming.
            Where’s your American pride? You live here. Take advantage of it’s liberties. However if you hate it so much, go try another country. You’re not wanted here.

          • I’m cumming.

        • Frank, Trump has done so much for you and all Americans if you would bother to look up it up. He has helped to build up our military that Obama hated and cut down,. Are you for Obama’s secret training camps here in America, they are filled with his terrorists and he has them filled with all the equipment he stole from us. They are heavily guarded, most of them are near military bases.They a few in upstate NY , quite a few in Virginia near DC, Check them out.

          • You should write comedy!

          • Frankie, I notice that al you do is make nasty comments. I have proven to you that Trump had done so much in a short time and your brainless comments are so childish , not funny. Just think if the murderer, hilllay made president, you wouldn’t be on the computer at al. The UN would have stopped you. Why don’t you just jump the liberal, communist ship now before it’s too late.

          • Sorry, but Kim John UN would not have saved me licker of buttholes.

          • Care to blow me?

      • oh their not ignorant…they know exactly whats at stake and what their doing…and its evil.

        • They are ignorant in that they don’t believe the truth of God’s WORD in that they will be held accountable for the evil they do…. Most people will claim they believe in a higher power but they do not search for God…. Even satan and the fallen angels believe in God but that will not do them no good.
          We are nearing the end of the Age of God’s Grace… God has never ever allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him.
          Aug. 1994, after reading the Engineer’s Report of the !993 bombing of the WTC #2 Tower I began telling all who would listen that the terrorist were coming back to “Hit” the #2 Tower again and when the do they will “Take” it all the way to the ground. I spoke this warning for the next seven years until the morning of 9/11/01. This was the first of three major attacks and I am believing the next event will be very soon…. The second major attack will most likely be 1000 times greater…. Most likely in at least three areas, Southern California and in or near Philly and Boston.

      • They were a part of the government we trusted to manage the nations affairs; a big part of the government that took us into the mess we are in today. They were there when Obama and his A/G and many of his appointed managers were screwing the nation up – NOT Ryan, McCain or many others from either party did anything to stop, slow or prevent the problems Obama was creating; now they want to act like these problems were created by Trump; – – typical of Washington – find someone to blame the problems on, complain about the problems – – – BUT – – never do anything to fix them or even manage them!
        Obama did nothing to fix the mess he or his appointees were creating!. When Obama left office the problems created by him and his administration were dumped onto Trump.
        Trump was not president when these problems were created; he filed well after most of them had been revealed.

        • I wonder, have you ever read these words… We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America…. We are the government.

          The tearing down of this nation began long before Former Pres. Obama and the Bush or Clinton, in fact it began long before you or I were born…. The rejection of the teaching of creation and the forcing of the theories of evolution in our schools was the beginning of tearing down of the morals of USA. Add to that the acceptance of the abominations of homosexuality, abortion and the rejection of God’s Holy Scriptures and you have one of the most wicked of all nations…

          Understanding the depravity of this situation and the real truth of the reason USA is in the mess that it is in today is the only way we can change directions….

          Knowing and understanding God and His desires and His sovereign authority is the true key in understanding and the progression for all nations and all people groups…

          God’s purpose for creating man was for bringing praise, fellowship and honor to His Holiness which is owed to Him as the Creator of not only all life but all that there is in the universe.

          Had you read the history of Israel’s rise and fall through out her early years you would get the understanding as to who is really to blame for our great fall from being the greatest nation on earth… Without a serious studying of history, history will always repeat itself… All great nations will fall because, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)?

          The vast majority of men hearts are greedy, prideful and arrogant never satisfied with what he has, always seeking more and more of the world’s riches and more and more power to control others… Satan is the driving force of this destruction of man just as he has been since Adam fall in the Garden of Eden.

          God’s instructions to the Israelites was to go unto all nations to be a witness of God’s Love and His presence in the world but the Israelites failed; thus they were severely chastised for their disobedience. We have lived with this evil presence in all the world and it is all instigated by satan….

          USA is in her final days because we to have turned away from God… I have know this since Apr. 1994 when the Holy Spirit whispered in my left ear three days in a row to led me to the prophecies which were given to Pastor Dumitru Duduman… Then again being led to those given to another pastor in LaGrange, Il in Apr. 2000 and this pastor directed me to those given to Pastor David Wilkerson. With each new revelation I would pray asking God for the conformations if these were true prophecies and each time I was given the two conformations for each warning… God has never ever allowed the destruction of a nation nor of its people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him… But the vast majority rejects God’s warnings thus the destruction of this nation is nearly upon us..
          If you don’t believe God communicates with man as we have read in the Old Testament then for the proof of this I suggest that you google: “watchman48 The Greater Message.”

      • They are not ignorant, but know what they are doing. They intentionally tear down the fabric of the USA just like the Muslim/Commie. You left out McConnell, the two broads Collins & Murkowski, John McShame, light in his loafers Lindsey (a girls name) Graham, & a host of others.

        • By totally ignorant I mean they have no real understanding as to who is ultimately is in control… And I don’t mean over this nation but all nations…. For right now Satan has the dominion of all the earth but that control was stolen with a lie…
          Those that have mocked God will soon see who it is that has the real power and control not only over the nations but also over all creation from the least to the greatest.

      • He still keeps getting elected, AZ people are really that stupid.

      • Bridgeheart is TRAITOR!

    • The dirt bags need to be removed. There is no room for backstabbing punks like that representing us in any office. REMOVE THEM.

    • Joe Arpaio was lucky to have a pardon for his sins and unlawfulness. The so called “illegals” were waiting to tear him apart in prison. He would have been changed from a “rooster to a hen.” Where did I get that from? 9-5. And now Joe thinks Trump will hire him! For what! He is short, fat and ugly.

    • I bet that they have a flag with the hammer and sycle on it in their closet

      • No, they just serve that false flag that looks like an American flag but with a gold fringe around it — which represents European High King’s Law, under the name of Maritime Law. They serve European Law under that flag in DC.

    • Fed Up With Politicians

      McCain’s days are numbered as he will die within a year but Ryan needs to be removed and put in jail for his traitorous talk!

      • ALL of the career politicians need to be replaced when we reconvene our true government outside of DC where they DO have the European Law and control set in place.

    • Time for US to burn the flag that LOOKS like an American flag but has a gold fringe around it. By shutting down the corporation that serves it. By reconvening our true government, after 146 years of this false government that held power because of our ignoranmce..

    • That “silent approval” reminds me a lot of the mosleMs who danced in the streets following the 9-11 attacks. ryaN and mccaiN are closet operatives of the Globalist CABAL. Said CABAL’s most prominent money-man/money LAUNDERER is soro$$$$$$. It would be music to my ears to hear someone EXPOSE ryaN and mccaiN having seditionistic dealings with soro$$$$$$; nevertheless, even if such an exposure were delivered, even with full documentation, getting anything DONE about it would be difficult to say the least, in view of the fact that a NEGLIGIBLE FRACTION of soro$$$$$$’s wealth is sufficient to BUY OUT an ENTIRE LEGION of judges and LOY-YIZZ (New York phonetic spelling on the latter term).

    • RINO PU$$IES! That is what we got here!!! and that Includes Mc Turtle and Jeffey FLAKE!!!


      • Yes, time to make them vote in term limits.

        And most importantly, it is time to stop letting the Elites count the votes…. They can not and should not be trusted. Unless we clean up the voting system, we may not be able to vote the rinos out.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin



    • And Slick Willie’s pardons…

  5. Hopefully these Rinos will be eliminated next election! President Trump has enough on his plate without having to deal with these lowlifes! God bless America & God bless Donald Trump, a TRUE American HERO!

    • Ron, that’s up to us to do. We have to unite to oust the dang traitors like Ryan, Flake, and Strange (who is McConnell and Rove’s baby boy).

      • I’ve always have voted in every General election since I was 18 years old. I have missed a few in between, but not any more.

      • I knew I wasn’t going to vote for strange Luther even before mush mouth intruded into our election process. I suppose I do owe old Foghorn Leghorn a thank you however: his intrusion verified my decision concerning Strange. (He’s anybody’s dog that will hunt with him.)

    • What has Trump done to be put alongside Audie Murphy, Sgt York, Capt Eddie Rickenbacker, and any of those brave souls who rushed into the buildings in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. He is a draft-dodger who has only ever served himself. You think a reality TV personality is a true reflection of American heroism? Pathetic!

      • But…but…Benghazi! /s

      • What about Clinton the perv, and Obummer the idiot? Both never got close to a uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sharon Jeanguenat

        You are another liberal jerk! President Trump has gained back some respect for America, has added 270,000 jobs so far, AND reduced our deficit by roughly $1 million. PLUS has shipped out a LOT of illegals, & working on more deportations as we speak. He has done an excellent job so far, even with all the swamp creatures fighting him tooth & nail. Not ALL heroes are military! Jesus is MY hero, then my sons, & then my 8 grandkids, & 1 great-grandson. For the first time in 16 years, our enemies are actually afraid of what the president is going to do to them. I just want to know one thing-when/if Antifa starts killing off whites, & conservatives, what makes you think they won’t come for you too?? God bless America AND President Trump!! And, conservatives, please join me in a hearty laugh thinking about how the Dims & liberals cheated to get Hillary elected, & we STILL won!

      • Draft-dodger? You must be thinking of Bill Clinton! Trump had a spur or something wrong with his foot. Some sort of medical issue. He didn’t flee to Canada like Slick Willy. He is doing great things & could do a lot more if there weren’t so many idiots like you standing in his way. Too bad your girlfriend Hildabeast didn’t get end. If you don’t like Trump or America, you’re free to leave. America really doesn’t need losers like you anyway!

        • You are exactly correct. President Trump did indeed have medical issues, that deemed him unable to serve. NOW he is in the HIGHEST “rank” of all…. POTUS! COMMANDER IN CHIEF!

        • Clinton had QUITE a military career as a draft-dodger, he remains the ONLY president ever “elected” that was a pardoned federal criminal, as he was running away from AWOL charges until Carter pardoned him. It is quite a story.

      • Hey big mouth can you turn 1 million dollars into 9 billion ? Not likely! You are still trying to balance your check book from last month.

      • You ARE pathetic, indeed.

      • 509th, You didn’t mind voting for a community organizer who preach hatred to America on the street corners, and hated our military. and cut it down to almost bare. one that took a dead man’s social security number, one that hates our God, one that was starving our school children with horrible food .one that brought in a man as his “wife” . One that rented two girls to pretend that was a family. etc.

        • Congratulations! In a mere five lines, you incorporated just about ALL of the absurd viral racist lies propagated about Obama–a model of brevity!

          • headonbackwards, you are an idiot, al you do is insult people because you have nothing good to say about the illegal muslim, get lost.

  6. Is there no tar, are there no feathers?

  7. If you remember that Ryan was and still is a Romney supporter, and that his ‘crowd’ actually believe that the people will turn against this president and turn to them, his behavior is consistent. Ryan actually thinks he’s protecting his reputation for a future run and that he’s on the winning side. He’s too ignorant of history to realize that he and his cohorts are making fools of themselves. As for McCain I remember his ugly past and nasty reputation before he became a ‘saint’ to the misguided media.

  8. democRATickcans !

    • RepubliKKKlans

      • Your confused with the Democraps. Only in the Democrap party can you be a KKK member, but a high ranking leader of the KKK, and still be Senate Majority Leader. That was Robert Bird. The Democrap party is the party of slavery, segregation, and racism.
        TTFN ya mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!

  9. It seems a strange thing, mystifying, that a right-wing rag would call Congressional Republicans “traitorous,” when Trump and company are being investigated for their connections to the Russian government. Connections which, by their very nature, indicate potential treason.

    • Both democrats and republicans have fallen victim to the low-life, un-professional “reporting” of the day. Time to use the logic our fore-fathers instilled of ‘due process’ to avoid harming the innocent, inciting unwarranted hatred. Investigations are not evidence…they are an effort, to uncover truth. The media exploits us, fumes hatred, and unfortunately, some of our political leaders use us similarly for their own gain. How many times has the title of an article presented a definitive result (grabs our attention, incites anger…sells us, where upon reading further, there is but accusation and potential. We should hold hate-inciting reporting up for legal/criminal prosecution, as a hate crime.

  10. And…of course…the Trumpeteers remain staunch supporters of their cult leader.

  11. Who’s the leader of the cult,

    That’s made for you and me.

    D-O-N A-L-D




    We’re all gonna get

    a wonderful set

    Of bigly mouses’ ears

  12. Only Crickets from these as swipes when Obama released all those Gitmo Terrorists!
    I’m rooting for McCains cancer…

  13. Sheriff Arpaio’s lawyer stated the Judge denied Sheriff Joe of his constitutional right for a “trial by jury”. This brings the question of what is more of a serious crime, a corrupt Judge denying a citizen’s constitutional rights or a misdemeanor charge by the DOJ meant to stop Sheriff Joe from doing his sworn duty?

    • I seem to recall that you’re not entitled to a jury trial, when you deliberately violate a court order, that you agreed to abide by. It’s more like the procedure when you violate your probation or parole. How wonderfully ironic, that “Sheriff Joe” got jacked up for violating the constitutional rights of American citizens, and then his shyster lawyer pi**es and moans about poor, Sheriff Joe.

    • “This brings the question…”

      “This begs the question…”

  14. Hey there, LeeRoy and Daisy Mae! How about that last missile, that N. Korea’s Dear Leader fired OVER JAPAN? I guess the little fat fellow just isn’t afraid of the Big Bad Blowhard in the White Supremacy House.

  15. I am NO LONGER proud to be a democrat as I CAN NOT STAND A LYING S.O.B. and the democratic party is FULL of those in SPADES! I say VOTE the RINOS OUT and replace the dems with Republicans that tell the TRUTH.

  16. Keep this in mind people. The “new world order”, “one world goverment” globalists RINOS are showing their true colors. The “order” by this so-called ‘judge” (appointed by OSCUMBAG was ILLEGAL from the get-go) Just another democommie legislating from the bench. If ANYONE should be thrown in prison it should be this “judge” for doing so.

    • The common denominator of that judge, obamA, johN kerrY, mccaiN, hillarY et al is soro$$$$$$. Therefore, soro$$$$$$ deserves the severest punishment of all.

      • I agree, BUT I an STILL waiting for soros, and his crooked “family” to be arrested, his “wealth” confiscated and “redistributed”, “organizations shut down, and all his minions arrested and jailed.
        NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. It is all about the $$$$$$. Too many “elites” in OUR government are basically OWNED by soros,oscumbag, and the dnc by accepting the BRIBE MONEY they took. McCain the “hero” traitor, is just ONE example that comes to mind. There are MANY, MANY more too numerous to mention.

        • Exactly correct! Why the HELL doesn’t President Trump EXTRADITE soro$$$$$$ to any country that wants him badly enough to take his $0N$ along with him?

          • Putin in Russia wants him BADLY, so perhaps we could send he, and his whole family over there wrapped in a big bow as a “present”. Might help our “relations” with his country if we send him the scum to take care of the “situation” for us. While at it ,send oscumbag, ryan.mcconnell, piglosi, maxi-pad waters, sheliajackoff lee,chuck-you-schumer (the “list goes on and on.)

          • That’s taking out the trash, for certain!

  17. thanks for the laff 1st thing this mornin,,,vernon

  18. A more accurate headline would be “democrat party republican’s bash Trump over pardon” Because those so called republican’s think Antifa & BLM are pure as the driven snow also….just saying?

  19. Where was the outrage with Obummer pardoned Manning the trader?

    • Obama commuted his sentence, he didn’t pardon him.

      • Your grasping at straws….The trader did not serve his 35 yr sentence, the murderers, and drug dealers are all out of prison. These are all combatants of the U.S.

        • “….The trader did not serve his 35 yr sentence,”

          Hey… idiot, it’s “traitor,” not “trader.”

          And you want me to take you seriously? Piss off little man!

          • Why can’t you stick to the facts! All of you ALT-left default to name calling, it makes you look unintelligent and ineffective. I’ll pass your comments on to the auto spelling correct on the computer….

          • You can not compare a 6 month sentence on a person who dedicated his life to serving the public to TRAITORS, MURDERERS AND DRUG DEALERS!

  20. What a great rebuttal offered by the author of this piece. He’s absolutely correct when he said that Sheriff Joe deserves to be commended for his action. And, it is the DumbocRAT federal judges who have politicized this issue. Sheriff Joe was merely trying to protect LEGAL citizens. Way to go, President Trump!! We applaud your decision!!

  21. Oh, yes. Way to go, President S**t-Bird. Drive yet ANOTHER wedge between the various factions of the American people.

  22. And what is Donnie Bird gonna do about Dear Leader’s latest missile test? You know, the missile that passed completely OVER Japan, scaring the Japanese s**tless? The missile that had “STFU” painted on the side? Yeah, THAT missile.

  23. Idiots come with D’s AND R’s!

  24. Ryan and McCain need to just shut up.

  25. It’s just fine with me that these swamp creatures behave like this, they will pay for it when they run again. McCain will die from brain cancer, McConnell is in trouble, Ryan may be in trouble also. They are expanding Trumps base and solidifying those of us already on his team. DON’T contribute to anything from the RNC, they are using our donations to destroy Conservative Candidates, McConnell spent 10 million to stop Roy Moore and Moore is still in position to be the Republican Senate Candidate. We are winning the off season races but we must donate ONLY to individual Conservatives, The Heritage Foundation, Tea Party and True Conservative organizations.

  26. Unless Pence is pure as driven snow, from the Russian Connection, Ryan will be President by this time next year. Trump will be lucky if he can get into exile, before he gets into prison.

  27. These obstructionist need to be voted out. The sooner the better.

  28. Illegal immigrants are not protected by the U.S.Constitution. They do not have the right to vote. Schumer is a disgrace to the position he occupies.

    • you are so gentle and kind…”disgrace”?? more like a turdo with legs and a big mouth…like vernonnotdevineee

    • ray2hillho thinks that they are…that is why he put that ignorant comment above about the constitution being violated by Trump..the twat seems to miss the difference between Sheriff Joe being a Real American and the criminals that his hero, kenyan boyo, pardoned…the drug dealers with many other crimes in their portfolios…of course it is obvious that rayho2hillho is a supporter of open borders, and more “illegal alien rights”…well until they move into his neighborhood…

  29. another comment by the brain dead moron from AZ and the operative for nance pe$lutsi…you go pauli…been over to kiss chucki schooomster’s azz lately pauli..??

  30. You have that wrong, son. It is Trump and Arpaio who are traitors to our constitutional form of government and the the concepts of liberty and equality set forth in the document. They are about special treatment for themselves at the expense of the rest of us.

  31. WTF is wrong with these 3 morons?
    I guess the Grand ‘ol Party isn’t so grand after all.
    These 3 obstructionists have got to go…period!

    • oh no ray2hillho is back telling you that kenyan boyo and the hore clintoney are the ignored angels…ray2twat is an example of the kind of mental defective that voted for the african and then for the hore criminal from Illinois…

  32. McConnell, McCain and Ryan may as well change parties and finally tell the truth. They are part of the cesspool that Trump is attempting to drain in Washington. I don’t know if it can be done, I do know that this next election is going to be a eye opener for both Democrats and Republican imposters. Our founding fathers intended that people when they reached a stage in life where they could serve the government of this country by using their experience that they learned from all the years of working or running a business or whatever. They wanted people to give back to this great country by serving in the government for free not being paid by special interest groups or worse yet funding their own little projects at our expense. If what I think is going to happen really does happen. People like Kid Rock running for Senate in Michigan. He would get probably 90% of the vote. He would not say one thing and do another. I would be willing to bet if he said he was going to do something, you could bet you house on the fact he would do it. I think what going to happen is you are going to see people from all over the country that are sick of this Democrat Republican crap. Regular people that are not all squeaky clean like our current representatives claim to be. I think normal every day people who tell the truth and give their honest opinion like it or not. These are the people we need to vote for I was joking with some friends last weekend and I said if Kid rock runs in Michigan I may run in Nebraska. LOL


    Hey now House speaker Paul Ryan is on your new list of traitorous republic. Wake up from your deep trance that makes you follow an incompetent con man.

  34. McCain & Ryan un-American to be a turncoat

  35. lately, the people that make comments against President Trump, is equal to want all the wrong the democrat stand for. Obama for one, made thousands of wrong decisions, thousands of crimes, and yet the people still wants Obama… I mean that’s what you really call masochism … it doesn’t matter how much suffering he caused you, still you want more punishments. that’s MASOCHISM … that’s the DEMOCRAT WAY …

  36. democrats now doesn’t want to name JESUS at the W.H., WHY?????… they want the Sharia law be implemented in the U.S. .. Obama said this country is no longer a Christian country … Obama does not believe in GOD .. he is MUSLIM .. and they do not go by the Bible … another hypocrisy from Democrats…. whomever vote for Democrats is AGAINST GOD .. is voting for Satanism .. HI HILLARY .. she enjoys Satan cult. WE ARE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY AND JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD. AND THE U.S.A. IS A BLESSED COUNTRY … IN GOD WE TRUST … not on the democrats .. they are ungodly

  37. “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” John McCann was pardoned by Nixon for TREASON, he gave up information during his capture rather than be tortured. Sheriff Joe was protecting our country( or trying to). Big difference there! Paul Ryan is a sniveling back stabbed who takes a stand depending on how the wind is blowing. Both have overstayed their time as representatives. Time to vote them out!!!!!

  38. This only means that they are not hearing the American Voters in AZ or around the country which is not unusual

  39. Arpaio’s terms as sheriff resulted in well over $100 million in costs for his county (and not one cent to him) as a result of lawsuits brought against him and his department for various abuses of his authority. Trump bypassed the standard procedures for presidential pardons, including Justice Department review. Arpaio was indeed GUILTY of violating the law by refusing to obey an order of a STATE court of competent jurisdiction. His pardon was a travesty of justice. End of story.

  40. I lived in Maricopa county for three years and I can tell you from personal experience it’s citizens are behind sheriff Joe all the way. Those who weren’t behind him were the illegals putting a massive burden on it’s citizens, liberal ‘activists’ who should rightfully be called agitators. Many of whom do not live there and care nothing for the counties actual citizens forced to shoulder that burden and live with it’s consequences and politicians like Paul Ryan and John McCain. Shamelessly pandering to liberal activists and their media for a good headline while ignoring entirely those who elected them to serve their interests, not their own careers. Law enforcement has a ‘special’ responsibility to enforce the law, period. And the actual rights of actual citizens deserve respect, period. Sheriff Joe had nothing to feel remorse for. That statement is clearly targeted to produce the easy ‘outrage’ and hair trigger ‘offense’ of the liberal trash he’s pandering to. The sheriff should never have been charged for doing the extremely tough, soul wrenching and dangerous job he was hired to do and did well for decades. Which became an uphill battle for eight long years as the previous administration did everything in it’s power to undermine our laws, make his job harder and make him appear to be a monster of their false, imaginary ‘racism’ based witch hunts for doing it. It was the Presidents respect for our actual rule of law that made him end this sick liberal farce and give sheriff Joe the justice he deserves for putting those he serves first. Both the President and sheriff Joe deserve our respect, admiration and solid support for consistently standing up to increasingly insane liberal threats, violence and intimidation. This is a simple case of clear wrong and right. They are wrong, deliberately and with a sinister purpose. We are right, our purpose, the United States continued existence as a single, sovereign nation. It’s laws designed to protect it’s citizens, not everyone but.

    • For all your writing, you didn’t say a damn thing! Ha!

      • Nice mask. Why don’t you go back to doing what you do best? Attempting to intimidate others into grovelling to your sick, childish absurd ideology by only attacking when you comfortably outnumber your opponent because you’re to much of a coward to face someone on your own and without the mask. Oh, and don’t forget throwing your own feces, like a zoo animal.

    • Thank you for supporting Sheriff Joe. He’s been magnificent.

      Years ago, it was dangerous to drive some roadways in Arizona (especially AZ-97) or any number of roadways close to the border. Thanks to Arpaio, living or driving within 50 miles of the border is no longer as dangerous as it used to be.

  41. Hmmm – I was there in Phoenix and my office was across the street from arpaio… I know of the meetings that included the mayor, La Raza, Illegals, FIRED AG and others WHEN THEY PLANNED TO ATTACK ARPAIO – HIS DEPUTIES AND PEOPLE OF MARICOPA….

  42. sheriff Joe was railroaded by the dens/jackasses and a dens/jackass judge that was not allowed to change the law but only allowed to say if it was the law and it had not been changed so Joe was just doing what the law said he was suppose to do so Trump giving him a pardon was the right thing to do and all the republicans saying anything different should keep there mouth closed or go ahead and join the dems/jackasses

  43. Absolute proof that evil resides in the heart of stone of mankind. President Trump has a name that is fitting this scenario to a tee. Trump trumped the Progressive left on these trumped up charges against Arpaio. American patriots need to remove ALL progressives from within our system come next election.

  44. Yeah, these $#!t-#ead$ didn’t protest one iota when obummuh pardoned all those true criminals, some of whom are already back behind bars. These treacherous and vile repubs are wrapped in the same scum as the evil and vulgar lefties; they’re nothing more than self-serving [email protected]$. Pandering pinheads.

  45. These worthless Republicans need to spend their time getting work done instead of looking for something to bash and complain about. They should start by listing their accomplishments and comparing them to what Trump has accomplished. Their constituents should trade them in for a couple of statues.

  46. We NEED to get rid of all the Rhinos and Rats in OUR government ASAP!

    These parasites have been FEEDING off U.S. for Way too Long!

    They are Destroying OUR Country👎🏿

    They hate Trump because he is NOT a low life, corrupt to the Core, lying, thieving Sons of Bitches like they are! Did I miss anything?

    Remember, “They will not HEAR U.S. Until they FEAR U.S.

  47. It is coming very close to seeing that there is no difference between the Democrats and the so-called Republicans! All of them seem to think that they “own nothing to the people”, and anyone of them that stands with McCain shows their disdain for the Party or their voters! McConnell states that “we already have term limits, they are called elections”, well, when the election is bought and done even before the people get to vote, how is that a term limit? Folks, if we don’t awake and demand Term Limits we will soon not have any “rights” left as our politicians have “gamed” the elections and now enjoy making themselves richer and richer at our expense!

  48. McCain,Ryan and any other Republican who is upset by this pardon.start packing because you people will be looking for jobs.

  49. You’re right Kent. I was a little too gentle with the disgrace remark. I should have added that my opinion of Chuck Schumer is that not only is he a disgrace but he’s a lying hypocritical phony, not to mention that his treasoness behavior and complete disrespect for our President and what he’s trying to do for our country.

  50. These two fools need to be recalled by their constituents and removed from Congress! They will be judged severely for their hypocrisy!

  51. Arpaio is ten times the man as any scum on the left. When I go thru the border check between Yuma az and quartsite az I am always asked if I am a citizen, I then thank them for doing what’s right for America. Screw the illegals and those that support them.

  52. These Republican traitors better shut their mouth! As a US Senator McCain is a disgrace to his office and a damn fool of an American. He should retire and take his big mouth with him! It is also time for Lindsay Graham to get a life and start acting like a responsible Republican senator instead of a spoiled brat!

  53. No Republican should ever vote for Paul Ryan or John McCain ever again. Can’t wait until the 2018 election to get a real conservative in Paul Ryan’s place. Why didn’t they object when President Obama was awarding all those pardons and commuting sentences of real criminals?

  54. McCain and Ryan both got pay off from clinton during the campaign.What more needs to be said.

  55. These RINOS are typical and have to go in 2018.

  56. Lyin’ RINO Ryan and Brain Dead McCain should join the Democrat (or Commiecrat) Party. They are right at home with the likes of Hillary, Chuck Schumer, Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters. VIVA Sheriff Joe.

  57. Joe was found guilty of enforcing the laws that obummers administration refused to, to the point of suing the governor/state of Arizona for trying to enforce those laws. Trial in a kangaroo court. I am positive that Sheriff Joe won’t take up arms against the U.S. unlike many of the 160 pardons from Gitmo did. Ryan and McCain are a major part of the problem in the swamp. McCain reinforced his priorities when he voted against the healthcare bill because Trump hurt his feeling and it was payback. Screw America, right John. Take your crayons and go home.

  58. “Traitorous Republicans”? Really? How does disagreement with Trump qualify as traitorous? Concerning Arpaio’s “responsibility.. to the people of Maricopa County”, a question— How many arrests for straw purchases of guns in Phoenix did Sheriff Joe make?

    • Always the liberal. Change the subject with unsubstantiated charges. What b.s.!

      • Whatedriver- Good morning and thank you for your reply. I didn’t change any subjects. The article made the claim that anyone disagrees with Trump, that makes them “traitorous”. Do you agree with that? What “unsubstantiated charges” did I make? The article used the term –
        ” responsibility to the people of Maricopa Country” not me. The article also mentioned “people there trusted him to enforce the law”. I merely asked a question- If Sheriff Joe is responsible to the people of Maricopa Country to “enforce the law”, shouldn’t he enforce all the laws?

  59. Not one peep out of these panty waists when obama pardoned traitors, known terrorist and major drug dealers and cartel. Not one peep. Arpaio is the result of an illegitimate president and a corrupt DOJ! PERIOD. What was it over? Arpaio bringing out the truth of the FAKE obama birth certificate! Once arpaio’s investigation brought forth the truth, obama and his but buddy holder cooked up this scheme. Once the Rino’s got on board and so called Conservatives such as eric erickson began to bash this pardon I knew then it was the right thing to do. If only all political figures would uphold their oaths of office as has Joe Arpaio. Now to rid ourselves of these communist TRASH once and for all. Come back Joe McCarthy!

  60. Amazing to see the hyperbole used on this site. Why is it that people who have a different weltanschuung have to be labeled “traitors” and such? They are simply fellow Americans who see things differently. They are definitely not enemies. As for flag burning, McCain deserves much more respect than he is getting. When has Trump ever served anything except himself? If the people in Ryan’s district like him, then he should reflect his district. That is the whole premise of being a Representative.

    I guess the concept of “home of the brave” has no truck on this site. A whole lot of fear is being expressed.

    • Bathe only service John McCain did was self-service — and he paid the price for it. Chances are he was badly damaged psychologically in the process, and as one professional sees him, his anger caused in his captivity is being taken out on Americans.

    • The only respect this traitor , (John McCain )needs,is a prison cell. He was elected by ,we the people ,to do what we tell him to do. He has disgraced his office and his constituents. Vote him out!

    • Yes America is the home of the brave but McCain is none of that. He’s disgraced himself as a pilot, as a prisoner of war, as a republican, and as a senator acting in the interest of the United States. It’s not brave to be part of the Keating 5 swindle scam or to oppose all investigation into those “Missing in Action”.

  61. McCain and Ryan are asswipes who don’t want the swamp drained because their meal ticket will end.
    They whined more about this then about ANTIFA. BLM, OR PARDONS GIVEN BY OBAMA.

  62. The Rino’s in the Republican party are killing the party! Time to remove them from all committee assignments, and promote replacement Republican candidates for them. If they won’t vote Republican they should not hold the office or title!


      Trump should leave the party and start his own party.

      • That’s one possible solution, maybe invite true conservative Republicans to join in his party. Possibly join the Constitution P{arty!

      • The Globalist CABAL has, in effect, a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM which it owns outright and controls. It consists of the ENTIRE democRAT party and the RINO’s within the Republican Party. You see, the CABAL doesn’t NEED to control ALL of the Republican Party; a few RINO’s are all it needs. The Globalist CABAL’s MONEY-LAUNDERER-IN-CHIEF is soro$$$$$$. President Trump needs to EXTRADITE soro$$$$$$ AND his $0N$ in order to stop this abuse. Nothing short of that is likely to WORK!

        • That is the corporate “government”. What is not recognized is that this corp has never had ANY legal or legitimate basis, and no jurisdiction outside of DC in any case, all they ever had was that we believed their lies and obeyed them. They DO have the power to put out “contracts” on anyone they wish, they ARE dangerous. But no real power that is legal or honest, the entire thing is a cri8minal enterprise.

      • Agreed! Agreed! Agreed! He should have done it a long time ago.

  63. Good thing the Lord is going to get rid of the traitorous McCain for us. He should retire while he still can, lest death take him unawares. Ryan seems like another useless traitor, opposed our duly elected President wherever he thinks he can get Demon-rat brownie points for doing so. He should be removed from office at the next Primary election also, as he is worthless as Speaker of the House.

  64. Stephen Griffith

    Obama pardoned criminals, over 1,ooo as he left office! & not 1 word from the liberal Leftists & Elitist Rhinos! Mr. Trump pardons 1 brave hero Law Enforcement Officer, & the bunch of Loonies are howling like a pack of wolves! What a rotten bunch of Traitors every last 1 of ’em they should be rounded up & shipped off to Russia & dropped into the deepest salt mine they can find!

  65. The vibes which emanate from these RINOs (one of them now a Wall Street Democrat)…….Such is to be expected from the devilish denizens of the Capitol Hill Country Club & Bathhouse.

  66. Ryan and McCain are neocon RINO phonies. I despise them as much as I do any DemoRAT. And the fact that President Trump has the backbone to pardon Sheriff Arpaio makes me admire him that much more. We need a lot more in office like both President Trump and Sheriff Arpaio. And dump these DemoRATs and their neocon RINO pals into the middle of the ocean for the sharks.

  67. These traitors are not going to be on office much longer. By whatever means necessary, they will be removed.

  68. Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell had better be looking for a new line of work. Their time in politics is growing very short. RINOs all

  69. We have some very bad apples in our Congress that are Republicans. It’s time to vote them out of office. The Republicans are being bought off by the LEFT.

  70. To me, this looks like a win-win for President Trump. Not only did he pardon a deserving man, but he also caused the traitors to expose themselves even better than if they glowed in the dark. Now there remains no doubt who the traitors are. Let’s just be sure to vote them out of office at first opportunity. Good riddance!

  71. Yes, it is the liberal judge that should be dismissed from the court, however that can happen. But, the Sheriff was in his right to enforce our laws. This is the problem with “judge for life” and the power they have. We need to be rid of these judges and the RHINs in Congress, too! Anyone who is against enforcing our laws, should be out of government! And, especially McCain and Ryan! They really care nothing for our country, which is obvious by their obstruction actions!

  72. The sheriff did kill anyone, burglarize homes and business, sell drugs to minors or anyone else, seriously assault people, kidnap or torture people, commit arson, burglary or fraud; he just did his job; maybe a bit more aggressive than some would like but probably not nearly as aggressive as many, many more would have liked.
    But he was sentenced by a judge for ignoring the instructions of the judge; and Trump pardon him (AS IT SHOULD BE)!
    Now we hear that Trump was wrong for doing it! BUT – did we hear that when Obama pardoned a huge number of men from prison who had been tried by a jury for serious crimes including murder, serious assaults, selling drugs to kids +, burglary, embezzled, etc., etc. They were caught, tired by jury, found guilty and sentenced by a judge then sent to prison.
    Obama decided the sentences were too harsh and he PAROLED many of them, commuted sentences for others and reduced the time many of them will have to serve. Why he did not do the same thing with prisoners found guilty and for far lessor crimes has never been explained!
    Where was the outcry over that? Why is it okay for Obama to have done it with the huge number of SERIOUS CRIMINALS convicted by the courts with murder, assault, rape, significant drug sales, robbery , etc ; and then walk away from it, and the media only made passive, ho-hum stories about it.
    Eight years ago we would have expected more reasonable justice but in the past eight years law, the constitution, equal treatment, equal treatment and resepct for minorities has just vanished!

  73. He has cost the taxpayers of Maricopa County over 92 million in attorney fees and judgments. Who is going to be responsible for that? You?

  74. Ernest Hendrickson

    One great thing is the imminent happy loss of a pile of crap named McCain. This mentally ill bastard has skated on his father’s name his whole life. Good riddance..

  75. When it comes to McCain, all you have to say is Keating 5. Had it not been for George H W Bush protecting McCain, McCain would have been sent to prison for taking bribes.
    Paul Ryan is just a sorry loser who is looking out for himself.

  76. Rudy Bartholomew

    Ryan and McCain need to go

  77. Deborah Risinger

    the Sheriff was doing his job…..bunch of creeps

  78. These stupid Rino needs to go, Paul Ryan, John McCain and i can think of more Rino Republicans, they all need to go. Any Republican that don’t support President Trump, needs to be throw out of Washington DC. If the jerk obabun had done this it would be fine, look how many he did pardon. The ones he did should be in prison, as well as him.

  79. Good LORD, I see on this blog there are so many “poor little snowflakes” melting down. Hey “snowflakes” you don’t like it here use another one of our freedoms and LEAVE. That little sawed off runt in North Korea needs a few more people to help clean his palace.

  80. Every Law officer is sworn to uphold the law, and that is exactly what Sheriff Joe was doing. The judge who told him not to uphold the law was out of order and Sheriff Joe was under no obligation to follow that order. Trump pardoning Sheriff Joe before he was sentence was a nice move to silence that judge and the liberality of the Federal Bench. Good shot Prez Trump. You TRUMPED THEM. Point and Game.

  81. Lets get real, they are operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing they are TRAITORS to Americans.

  82. Trump’s vote against the Constitution was shocking to real American Patriots. If Trump is opposed to liberty and equal justice why should we tolerate him eating the resources in the White House. Trump is scum and trailer trash. Get him out NOW!

  83. You traitors McCain,Ryan,Mc Connell and the rest of you so called democrats dressed as Republicans get rid of them all.

  84. I agree with this article 100%! “Sheriff Joe” was DOING HIS JOB enforcing the law. Even former Arizona governor Jan Brewer said on TV (to former President Obama), “Mr. President DO YOUR JOB!!!!!” Obongo refused to enforce immigration law, also known as “The LAW of the LAND!” (but, like former AG Eric Holder once said, “Weez got LOTS of Discretion in how weez enforces da Law!” Right – laws they don’t like were ignored, while other “laws” (like “gay” marriage) were touted as “The LAW of the LAND!” Well, Sheriff Joe took it upon himself to enforce the law, because the Federal Government, under the Kenyan, refused to do so!!! Leftist judges didn’t like it, so one of them issued an order to Sheriff Joe to stop, and he refused. Then one other leftist judge found Sheriff Joe “in contempt” of the first judge’s “order,” and finds him guilty (without a jury trial) and, presumably, sentencing was going to follow – until President Trump intervened and put a stop to this kangaroo court and “Star Chamber” nonsense before it went any further. The last time I checked, one has to be found guilty BY A JURY OF YOUR PEERS before you are sentenced to jail time (its in the US Constitution, by the way!). Trump even referred to the lack of a jury (and thus “due process”) in this whole affair as part of why he was giving a pardon. Ryan, why don’t you just STFU?!

  85. You can always tell who the enemies of our Constitution are by their protests, including Paul Ryan and John McCain who have joined Democrats in opposing the protection of our country and its citizens. RINOs, both. Let’s get rid of them in their next election.

  86. What about the dirtbags that the muslim pardoned?Not a word about that,how about it mcain,you say anything then.

  87. And just since June, with a new Democrat Sheriff and Democrats in power, Phoenix is now a sanctuary city…….our country is heading towards total anarchy if the rule of law completely breaks down. How can politicians and bureaucrats expect the citizens to respect and obey our city, state and Federal laws if they don’t. Obama’s lawless and corrupt administration is responsible for the anarchy we are seeing in our streets.

  88. I suppose that I display my ignorance, but I still can’t see how Sheriff Apiro was denied a trial before a jury of his peers. I learned that every person who is accused of a crime is entitled to a speedy and fair hearing before a jury of his peers. I never recall any abridgment of such a right to either misdemeanor or felony and especially at the whim of government. I recall that Apiro demanded a trial by jury and the arrogant government judge denied that right. Based on this alone a pardon is a good starter but ultimately this “conviction” should be vacated on constitutional grounds. (The judge should also be stripped of his office and disbarred for the same reason.) A “trial” it might have been but “impartial” it was not.

  89. Ryan, McCain, Corker, Collins, Flake ,Murkowski and other alleged republicans simply cannot be stupid so the only possibility left is that they are crooked having clandestine deals with the democrats.
    You’ll never see the day when ANY democrats would ever go against THEIR party’s president. They may stink alright but their fragrance is divine compared to the miasma emanating from the phony rat republicans who are laboring day and night to ruin our duly elected republican president.
    They are absolutely abominable.

  90. Josephine Pellegrino

    Unbelievable! Yet they had nothing to say about the huge amount Obama pardoned including lifers, murderers, drug dealers and more. They need psychiatric help and fast.

  91. Richard Bagenstose

    well for years they were on the side of oboma and open borders , tell you witch side they are really on, and it ain’t ours

  92. President Trump is the real Maverick. McCain is just a fool with delusions of grander.

  93. Please Dear God ….help our President to drain the swamp of all the rats on both sides of the aisle . Please protect and guide him through the darkness and confusion…Thank You Jesus Amen

  94. Ryan and McCain are both traitors, Ryan to his country and party and McCain to the United States because of his actions after he totaled another airplane and was taken prisoner. He then Betrayed our country and was Far from being a hero. He has been proven to be an embarrassment to the republican party as well as Ryan.

  95. Ryan and McCain are not only rinos but 2 of the biggest traitors of the American people. Neither one of them is fit to wash Sheriff Joe’s feet. Remove both of them from office.

  96. did they say anything about barry pardoning traitors ,drug dealers , murderers , con men ?

  97. No hero traitor John McCain and turncoat traitor Paul Ryan both will soon be out of the Senate and the Republican party as well.

  98. Its screwed up when an officer is arrested for upholding the law by arresting people that are breaking the law. That makes no sense at all.

  99. DNC witch hunt.
    Top priority:
    Must put a stop to the verification of the fake birth certificate.
    Sue Sheriff Joe for enforcing Federal Immigration Law.
    Find a crooked judge to place Sheriff Joe in contempt for continuing cracking down on illegal immigrants.
    Best way to over turn a biased judgement.

  100. Trump has my vote !!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I agree with this article 100%. Ryan and McCain are Dems masquerading as Rep and should be treated as such. What a shame Pres. Trump has to deal with these two idiots.

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  103. I really do not want to hear a thing from the scumbags who want to go and chastise Trump for partnering a man who’s never should’ve went to jail for doing his job. We had Obama and Clinton porn thousands of people who should’ve remained in prison along with Clinton and Obama, but because they were pals or because if they were going to go out there and create more havoc on the street, then scum like Obama and Clinton whatever release them.

  104. it is more than that…the G.O.P. is totally corrupt…the 8 yrs of Obama…?..cmon now..folla the dolla.

  105. It’s these traitorous RINOs who are going to get bashed. One way or another, they will be leaving their jobs.

  106. These cantankerous missfits “with a bus on” go to tank for 5 years to shakethe drugs screwing up their and all others lives!

  107. Politicians from both parties will go to any length to bash Trump, they can not allow him to succeed because it will show how corrupt they have been in the transformation of America into third world status and give their BILLIONAIRE OWNERS their NEW WORLD ORDER.

  108. Most of these little r republicans are being told by the chamber of communists to go easy on the illegals. They follow these orders because the money from the donor class is much more important to their career than the LITTLE PEOPLE that they suck up to every few years to stay feeding at the orifice. They are not, nor have they ever been Conservative. The politicians do not consider the little people or the Country important so they lie every few years to the people to get re-elected. Most these politicians know that even if they lose the next election, the swamp will have a nice lobby job waiting for them, just like Eric Cantor.



  111. President Trump knows All Great achievements require time David Schartz

  112. You may be disappointed if you fail, Mr. Prsident
    but you are doomed if you don’t try. Beverley Sills

  113. What you get by achieving your goals Mr President
    is not as important as what you become by achieving you goals Henry Thoreau

  114. I destroy my enemies when I
    make them my friends. Abraham Lincoln

  115. Those persons/senators and congressmen that have found fault with Mr. Trump–will have a very hard time going back to Washington next year–I hope a Honest Republican takes their place. The last 9 months is the establishment has caused most of the problems when it comes to cancelling Obama Care and getting the Tax amendment passed. Time the country gets rid of the politicians (Clean out the Swamp).

  116. By this time next year, Trump will be long gone, in prison or in exile.

  117. If you Republicans have a problem with Arpaio then I would say youre the problem. You need to be fired you didnt do anything about Obama and the Taliban. Why not these people killed americans and you even gave them a jet ride to Yemen and $33,000.00 US curency each? When the jet set down they cut off their ankle bracelets and went back to killing americans. You low life treasonous cock suckers are the enemy. You need to be hung thats what they do in other countrys not give them a pay check. FU When war starts Im heading to Washington DC and going to take out guess who first?

  118. Ryan, McCain, McConnell and others are part of the swamp. Should be term limits but the greedy politicians won’t make it law. They would be cutting their own paycheck and fat government benefits.

  119. I figured those 2 ASSHOLES would go against PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! PAUL RYAN MUST GO!!!

  120. We already know that McCain and Ryan are traitors. This is just one more confirmation of that. Thank God McCain will not be in the picture much longer. He has damaged the Republican party long enough.. Ryan needs to be unseated and replaced with a true Republican that will help Trump and the citizens of the US. Not one word from them as obama was pardoning traitors, murderers, rapists and drug dealers.

  121. Ryan and McCain are the global elitists who are a part of the republican swamp.

  122. The President should NOT have pardoned that asshole Sheriff who was so inappropriate for so many years. Typical of Trump he obviously did not do much fact finding. A man who should be locked up is free because of asshole Trump’s actions. Trump should resign and return to filing bankruptcies.

    • your way of thinking is it was ok for obambie to pardon the muslims and have them go back to fighting the U.S. you are a total idiot for your statements either you are a muslim or you should be sent to the middle east to learn a lesson if you don’t get your head cutt off or maybe that would be better for you to get your head cut off it’s empty anyways

      • Fuck you,asshole. Trump needs to be impeached.

      • Fuck you, asshole. I am happy to be a Democrat and hoping Trump gets impeached or just resigns. He is so unfit to be President. Pardoning the Arizona sheriff was unbelievable.
        A pardon usually happens after the person has served their jail time and lived a crime free life and the pardon gives him back the rights he lost because of the criminal conviction. Typical of Trump he did not follow rules and interfered with the normal criminal process. Basically interfering with the legal process in an inappropriate way.

        • that sheriff was doing his job according to the law and rail roaded by you damn democraps that soros bought. The voters chose trump because the democraps were tearing down the U.S. and tried to make america a muslim country. The sheriff was suppose to have a jury trial but that democrap judge thought he was the king of america. the judge should of been disbared. When are you dempcraps going to get over the election ” YOU LOST ” the voters won, stop your crying and grow up. You have 8 more years left to stop crying. So like you said “fuck you asshole”,

  123. There is a list of all the one world globalists. We need to vote these people out. They are in every arm of the government. Please send it on.


    This list has been added on since the Clinton administration. No wonder we can’t get the laws we need. Choose wisely and vote.

  124. When Ryan and McCain get into trouble I will beg the President not to pardon them.

  125. Look ..after you all get done posting on here …look up your representatives in Congress and the House and tell them how you feel. Thats what gets their attention. If the silent majority wouldn’t have been silent say….. 50 60- years ago we wouldnt be in this mess! Make your wishes known, start saying, This is BULLSHIT! otherwise were doomed!

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  127. TheRealLibertarian

    If you read Speaker Ryan’s comments he is completely wrong. Law enforcement doesn’t not have the responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States, they are only required to ensure the rights of its citizens are protected. If you’re not a legal citizen, you don’t have any rights in this country. When are the Dems and Libs gonna figure this out?

  128. Nellie McConnell

    Good article. The truth. Obama wanted open borders. We have no idea how many terrors we have in the country. Better start vetting all Refugees. To make our country SAFE, we must ask everyone if they are here legally. American citizen have to approve this law.

  129. What goes around, comes around

  130. When are these Republicans going to learn to keep their mouth shut. A Pardon is just that. The crime as of this second did not exist any longer.

  131. There are VERY FEW Republicans. The rest are RINOs and NEED to be FIRED!!

  132. I consider both McCain and Ryan RINOS. They seem to follow what ever the Socialist (oops: Democrats) want. They like to bow down to Chuckie Schumer and Pelosi. Both need to go.

  133. I assume by now that Our President knows why I warned against moving into the White House without fumigating first and using Camp David to build His Team.

  134. Robertfantelli Fantelli

    What is the “worser” of two evils—McCain or Ryan??? Regardless, this is just another reason why I refuse to donate to the Republican (Nor Demonocrat) Party. Donations go directly to President Trump. Period.

  135. Songbird John McCain and scumbag Ryan TWO RINOs ; what do you expect .??
    Two retards confused Ki$$ A$$ of the left .

  136. These RINOS PU$$IES Resent the fact that Arpaio UPHELD the LAWS that they were too TIMID to UPHOLD and that PRESIDENT TRUMP is doing the VERY SAME!!!
    May be they should be HONEST and Declare themselves as members of the (D) Anarchy terrorist Bunch and let REAL GOP candidates run for office!!!

  137. you low life swamp dwellers have more to worry about than who President Trump pardons, did either of you trash talk Obama about the people he pardoned ? what about the killers he released rom gitmo ? or how about the rapist and drug dealers he set free ?? it goes on and on . NOW what you should really should worry about is repealing Obama care , { one vote !! } tax reduction , American jobs , SOCIAL SECURITY , affordable health care , investigating hillery , you DAMN well she is GUILTY , amongst others that need to be prosecuted . oh and you can quit worrying about what you can do for your own POCKETS !!!!!!!!!1

  138. you low life swamp dwellers have more to worry about than who President Trump pardons, did either of you trash talk Obama about the people he pardoned ? what about the killers he released rom gitmo ? or how about the rapist and drug dealers he set free ?? it goes on and on . NOW what you should really should worry about is repealing Obama care , { one vote

  139. The Federal judge who held Sheriff Joe Arpaio in contempt had to do that by law. The Federal Judge who ruled Sheriff Joe Arpaio to stop doing his duty was wrong and had no basis in law to stop Sheriff Joe from upholding his oath of office. Of course President Trump to keep his promise to uphold law enforcement officers so they could do what they were hired – and elected to do was right to pardon sheriff Joe. At age 85 had no bearing upon upholding justice though President Trump did use that to help make the decision, it was sheriff Joe’s consistent pursuit of law enforcement and patriotism to duty that mattered. TRUMP DID THE RIGHT THING PERIOD!

  140. When congress meets it is time for them to put a new leader of the house in Ryans place.
    Ryan and McCain should be censured and not allowed on any judicial committee.
    These two have no place in any office in the USA. There are a lot of good people to take their place. My suggestion is Trey Gowdy for head of the House.
    I have never been so ashamed of Collins And Mikowsky. They put their own needs before the American people.

  141. They are also in Soros,pocket being paid by him.
    Why is that no one mention those Terrorists Obama released from GItmo

  142. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


    • Both the parties have been infiltrated by communists. The democrats party has been infiltrated much more then the republicans party has. However, these RINO’s are the communists in the republican party. That is why they cooperated so much with obama and are fighting President Trump. That, by-the-way, includes McCain.

      Hopefully Wisconsin will not reelect Ryan. Hopefully he will have a primary opponent who will defeat Ryan. However, I would rather see a democrat beat him because we can afford to lose a seat in the House. Anything to get rid of him as speaker. Hopefully, McConnell will be forced out of the leader position in the Senate. Then, just maybe then, we will be able to get something done in the legislative branch.

      Make no mistake the progressive democrat party is becoming synonymous with communism. Electing Trump may be the only thing that keeps the republican party from gong down those same tubes.

      Those in congress who point out the possible phony approval ratings of the president at 40% should take a good hard look at their own at 16%. The same people who predicted the Hillary landslide are the ones taking these polls as well. I think it could be said they did not do so well predicting the outcome of the election November eight now did they?

  143. Don’t worry McCain & Ryan your day is coming. I would be worried if I were you. Just what are you going to tell him
    when you answer for your deeds?

  144. The Constitution clearly states in Article III, Section 2, paragraph 3, that “The Trial of all Crimes, except in cases of Impeachment; shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed……………..”, I understand a court of judges only was involved in the Sheriff’s trial. If so, why all of the unrelated propaganda? Also, it appears that those who instigated the trial and the judges who participated, should themselves have to appear in court and justify their actions, along with a stiff fine and about 6 months in jail, with some lawyers (and judges) losing their license to practice. .Note, a Supreme Court judge does not have to be a lawyer.

    • You are correct Sheriff Joe was railroaded by the obama administration. Obama hated Joe because he was in charge of the investigation by the cold case panel Arizonans paid for not tax payers. We donated to get the investigation going. Furthermore, he proved the birth certificate was phony along with his draft registration and social security number. However, it never went anywhere because the mainstream media covered it up mostly.

      What happened to Sheriff Joe was far from justice. Therefore, the pardon was certainly justified and necessary for justice to actually be served. There is little doubt a jury would not have found him guilty.

  145. The Sheriff should be in jail, a terrible person just like asshole Trump!

  146. I can kind of understand why McCain hates Trump. Trump, basically an upstart in politics, won the presidency whereas McCain, a seasoned politician, has never gotten over his loss. Hence, a deep-seated jealousy. He’s a little mind in a little man. Ryan, on the other hand, typifies a true RINO. He hardly ever put up any kind of a fight against ovomit, just let him have his way. Ryan just needs to switch to the democrats. He worthless as member of the GOP. I’d love to see both of them gone—ASAP.

  147. Vote the Bastards OUT!!!


  149. I think Ryan and McCain can just go back to the dark side from whence they came and leave legal Americans alone to protect their country, people and constitution.

  150. Since the prosecution of Sheriff Arpaio was a communist political trial and not in any way Constitutional, Ryan and McCain are traitors to the Constitution and are breaking their oath to support and defend it. They perjure themselves every time they open their mouths. The Senate needs to be flushed out like a stopped up toilet. There are too many liberal Demoturds and Republiturds floating around in there.

  151. That’s old news, Bro! How long is the Patriot News Daily going to regurgitate this story? Get over it, Arpaio is pardoned and that’s it.

  152. Ryan and mccain are operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization as well as (4) current administration officials.

  153. Hip pocket Soros bitches!

  154. John McCain is not only a thorn in the side of every Republican in this great country, but to every American who just wants to see our country reach it’s fullest potential! I don’t wish ill health on anyone, BUT…… maybe the senators health issues are a sign that it’s time for him to get the hell out of Washington!

  155. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    Senator John McCain… “What a hypocrite to the New Republican Party!”
    He would rather have a Democrat, “Hillary Clinton” in office because he would continue his professional political career without ever “ROCKING THE BOAT” for the good-ole boys! He is such a hypocrite and has shown his true colors a few times. Arizona voters…”WAKE-UP” and get him out of office. He is not a true republican anymore because his GREED for “STATUS QUO” and “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” is exactly like the democrats.

  156. Hey McCain, Ryan, Yuck Fou.

  157. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    I seriously think his age in politics has caused a, “negative dimwitted reaction” to anything our elected president is trying to do? My GOD… just shut up!

  158. Start petitions to remove them for INVASION, SUPPORTING DOMESTIC TERRORISM “ALL OF THEM ! There is a petition to deport Soros and seize his assets “SIGN IT” !

  159. Where was their outcry when Odummy pardoned dangerous criminals?

  160. traitors

  161. Arpaio is a man of the law the judge is just another libtard

  162. The biggest problem we have in this country are the way some enclosed comments across. Everybody is waiting for the smell of coffee but no one wants to get up and make it. WAKE UP!

  163. Meanwhile these Rinos BALLS FREE IDIOTS Can;t mange to decide on whether to Sh-t or go blind!!!… may be in 7 years they’ll be doing something or other…

  164. If I understand the Constitution of the United States it tells me that if you are in America “illegally”, you are a criminal and are subject to arrest.
    I think the Constitution has more authority in upholding the law than a liberal judge who only wants to keep his job so he appeases the leftist liberal dems.
    Obama set many prisoners free from GITMO only to allow them to go back into the battlefield to kill our boys. And you lib/dems didn’t so much as bat an eye. YOU BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!! You are ruining our country. You helped Obama weaken our country. It was his plan all along to obey the “muslim brotherhood” and covertly destroy our country.
    But now we have us a real American President who loves our country.

  165. Hooray for Sheriff Joe’s pardon!!! That is the best thing that has happened! Perhaps Trump will also pardon those two Border Patrol men that shot that worthless drug smuggling illlegal down near El Paso back on Bush Jr’s watch. An El Paso judge allowed that pos back into the US to sue the Border Patrol, and won, and put the two Border Patrol in the Penitentiary for a few years, destroyed their families and livelihood – it was a horrible crime against law abiding citizens of southwest Texas and southern New Mexico. Anyone remember that? That judge should be in prison instead.

  166. RYAN and McCAIN should rot in hell; money given back to American people. Why they are not in prison for treason and corruption through sedition is beyond anyone’s realm of thinking. McCAIN having a brain tumor and still working shows how much he hates the country and Donald Trump. His brain function is beyond working. He will
    Never be the man Donald Trump is.
    My disgust of these low life scum is beyond anything I’ve seen.

  167. Fake News!! McCain and Ryan are NOT Republicans!! Ryan is a known lying backstabbing snake and Songbird, Brain rot Butt Hurt jeolous McCain is not a Republican either!!

  168. The President just can’t do anything right in the eyes of John McCain,Paul Ryan.and the rest of Solos employees.How come when Obama was President and he let all those terrorist go and now they are back fighting us. I don’t hear anything about that . These Republicans are pathetic And should be voted out of office.

  169. John McCain should be on medical leave. Can not understand why he is still working. There is no excuse for Paul Ryan other then he weak in his job.

  170. These people in Congress that refuse to support this President, constantly berate him publicly, need thrown out of Congress. The pettiness, jealously, and outright hatred that is being exhibited has NO PLACE in the world today, especially in the Halls of Congress. This is NOT what the people who elected them deserve as their government.

  171. Get over it. He’s the President and he can pardon who he wants to.

  172. Ryan and McCain have never been true Conservative Republicans. They have sided with the Democrats so much they ought to move their desks over to the Dem side and join them. If the RINOs are not cleared out of the Republican party I fear their is going to be such a rift we will actually see a spin off by the true conservatives in the party into a third party. Trump did the right thing pardoning Sheriff Joe. He was the victim of the left wing vindictiveness over his enforcement of our nations laws. The Democrats are using the illegals just like they have used the professional victim types in the minorities since the days of LBJ. LBJ started the Dem strategy of buying the votes of the professional victims by giving them stuff through government give away programs such as welfare and food stamps. Now the Dems are looking at building up their voter base even more by catering to the illegal alien class. Sheriff Joe is one of the people who has been on the front line fighting this and they sought to punish him for it through the court system.

    • Shhh , don’t tell the Dems but for every illegal they bring into their fold they lose 3 working class Americans . There is left and there is too far left . . Now is the time to take on the two party tyranny .

  173. Ryan will always stand up for his owners who want cheap foreign labor .
    McCain …. well McCain is a treasonous little %&ick who wants so very much to be relevant . He is even a failure at that . He had his photo taken with al Queda in Syria as the US sold them weapons and was the first rat in the door to sell the Ukraine Nazis anti – tank missiles . There is a special place in hell reserved for McCain .

  174. Barakoshit and Clintrape pardoned criminals who broke the law. Trump pardoned a PATRIOT that tried to enforce Federal Immigration Law. Give the facts some LOGICAL THOUGHT. Are we not a Nation of Laws?

  175. Ryan and McCain are traitors. McCain sold out to the VC, Ryan is a liberal. Both should be removed by force now from office. Evidently all the scum Obama released were Okay with them. But if Trump does it, it’s a crime? Take those two out back the WH and reeducate them the hard way!

  176. Those two POS are a large part of the problem.

  177. Illegal means broken law!!! Sometime print what the results are if someone enters
    MEXICO illegally. We have gone to far for to long and it is time in this dangerous
    era we live in

  178. And just where were Dip Stick’s Ryan and McCainass whet BO pardoned Manning and the 5 Qu-Bay?

  179. No, this pardon was well over due and well deserved, and the likes of McCain and Ryan “should be run out of town on a rail”. How utterly SHAMEFUL are these two Rinos to even think that Sheriff Joe Arpaio broke the law. That judge who ruled AGAINST the rule of law SHOULD & MUST be reprimanded for MAKING HIS/HER OWN LAW and not upholding the LAW OF THE LAND!!!!!

  180. Ryan,McCain are traitors to Americans and to the Republicans who stand with President Trump.

  181. Ryan and McCain are so thick lately, wonder whatever happened to the other stooge, Graham?

  182. Ryan and McCain are Democratic hypocrites, pretending to be Republican. Sheriff Joe should never have had to go to trial in the first place. He was actually doing his job. It’s to bad the liberals and rinos don’t do theirs. To do that they would actually have to care about America, and it’s legal residents, and we know that’s not the case.

  183. What were these people saying when Obama pardoned hundreds of felony level prisoners several years back.
    These wee violent criminals wo had been charged with serious crimes including murder, drugs, assaults, robberies, etc. They were caught, tried by juries, found guilty and sentenced by judges. After serving only parts of their sentences Obama pardon them and sent them back out onto our streets. Many of them fit the category Obama stated he would deport if they committed any crimes here; the illegals who had came here illegally and remained here illegally, They should never have been allowed here, they should never been allowed to remain here and be given the opportunity to commit their crimes here. ONCE in prison, they should have remained there until their sentences were up and those who were illegals transported to the border and thrown over the fence!
    BUT – which of these complaining about Trump pardoning the sheriff had anything to say at the time Obama did his massive releases from prison.
    Obama stated he was doing it because the prisons were overcrowded – – BUT – – how many prisoner’s doing time for far less serous crimes were released? The vast majority were for serious crimes against people, many for crimes against property.
    There should have been NO PARDONs for those with the most serious crimes against peple; but then Obama ahd no respect for the criminal justuice system anyway.

  184. MAHB001 – well said! Having lived in Az for over 10 years – including the years “snakehead” bho “tried” to stop Sheriff Arpaio from following our Constitutional Law, (and McCain had already became a turncoat to the Conservatives then), I followed bho’s relentless attacks on our good Sheriff. I read our U.S. Cinstitutional Laws on immigration and found Sheriff Arpaio to be innocent of anything bho was accusing.him.

    Our GOOD SHERIFF ARPAIO WAS FOLLOWING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PERFECTLY and bho wanted him to stop so we would be overrun with illegals — which we were! You would see lots of them every day hanging out on our streets, then they began to commit crimes, and forget going to emergency – the Emergency Room was overrun by these illegals (for headaches or colds, not even emergencies) so you had to wait forever to see a doctor. You had to be bleeding to death or turning blue to get in any sooner. Sheriff Arpaio was only doing his duty – too bad bho didn’t know how to be a President.

    McCain has a brain tumor folks!!! How much more can I express that he hasn’t been 100% for a long time now and he’s coming back to Congress??? Duh. Who let the stupids out to agree to that?

    All I can say is McCain turned against the Conservatives as bho was beginning his 2nd illegal term as a fraud “pissident”. First red flag something was wrong with McCain. Now Ryan is showing his butt too?

    THEY BOTH ARE OUT OF LINE AND ACTING LIKE FOOLS! Sheriff Arpaio was a scapegoat for bho’s inability to perform his duties as president. Since Arpaio wouldn’t bend to obasturd’s wishes, then obasturd wanted to make him pay. However if bho took the time to actually (U.S. Constitutional expert my foot -ha ha ha ha ha) read our U.S. Constitutional Laws on immigration, he would find that Arpaio was doing exactly what the Constitution said. The only one to blame for breaking our Constitutional Law is barack hussein obasturd! He is the one who needs several terms in jail for his illegal acts!! McPain and Ryan can join him too.

  185. All these Republicans anti-Trumpers are only self-serving, they don’t give a shit about the country; they are socialist, communist, bought and paid for by all the especial interests.

  186. Ryan, Mccain and the rest of the pseudo Republicans are used to doing nothing or else trying to keep their jobs, these two are just Democrats hiding under the Republican banner (Spies) or something but definitely phony’s

    • McCaine was the Party’s Presidential candidate in 2010 but you ta;lk about him like he is a nobody and unknown fringe element to the republican party.

    • Didn’t expect anymore out of Ryan. Look who his buddy is – Mitt Romney, that speaks loads itself on what Ryan is.


  188. The Sherrif was a real asshole mistreating minorities. No way should he be pardoned. He and asshole Trump belong in the same jail cell. There is a long history of Presidential pardons and they are given after the person serves his time!

  189. Ryan, McCain and McConnell are all working for a world government, not the people of the USA. They have always put the rights of foreigners above that of the working people of this country. They are motivated by greed and the devil. All have committed treason against the American working people.

  190. McCain and his criminal henchmen are guilty of TREASON to the utmost degree.

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