Tough Measures: Trump Preparing to Close Border Using Executive Order

President Donald Trump has ordered as many as 1,000 military troops to the southern border to help Border Patrol agents prepare for the incoming onslaught of illegal immigrants, many of whom are part of a Central American caravan currently winding its way through Mexico. In addition to ordering troops to the border, President Trump is reportedly preparing an executive order that would – at least temporarily – close the border entirely, using the same legal avenue that made last year’s travel ban possible.

The New York Times reports that the White House is planning to unveil the measure as soon as Tuesday – an order that could prevent even asylum-seekers from being admitted into the country. If the measure plays out the way some White House insiders say it could, Trump will sign an order barring foreigners from entering the country due to the national security risk they pose. Additionally, the administration “would put in place new rules that would disqualify migrants who cross the border in between ports of entry from claiming asylum,” though exceptions would be made for those “facing torture at home.”

“Taken together,” the Times reports, “the actions would effectively prevent hundreds of people in the caravan from gaining entry into the United States and making an asylum claim.”

Immigration activists have already signaled that they will challenge the legality of any such order in federal court.

“The approach of a caravan of migrants that includes refugees fleeing persecution and violence is not a crisis, but President Trump is yet again spreading hatred and fear, hoping to score political points by making Americans fear refugees,” Mike Breen of Human Rights First told the paper. “The president should not be using the military to further a partisan agenda.”

Yet, we must ask if this is really a “partisan agenda.” Supposedly, Democrats agree that we need to protect our borders. In the very Times article we’re citing here, the reporter accuses Trump of “falsely claiming” that Democrats want to let migrants stream across the border by the unchecked thousands. So if we’re all in agreement that this needs to stop, what is there to be partisan about?

They want it both ways. They want to claim that they’re all about border security on the one hand, but they don’t actually want to do anything that would stop a single illegal immigrant from gaining entry into the United States. The majority of people in this caravan are not fleeing government violence; they are fleeing areas where there is not enough work. That’s not a legitimate asylum claim. But once they’re here and allowed to skip off into the shadows, we’ve got another 5,000 – 10,000 illegal immigrants to add to our already ridiculous problem.

Trump has been pushing Congress to fix this problem from the day he arrived in office, and they’ve done little to nothing about it. It’s time for the president to take matters into his own hands.

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