“Totally Joyful”: Writer Recounts Her Abortion

As the Supreme Court gets ready to decide whether Texas and other states have the right to place commonsense health restrictions on abortion clinics, liberal writers are jumping over one another to see who can promote this sick practice with the least regard for basic human ethics. At Fusion, a writer named Kristen Brown has taken the lead, describing her own abortion as a “totally joyful” experience.

After Brown got pregnant in a drunk encounter with her casual sex-buddy, her life went into a tailspin. “Getting pregnant was one of the darkest points in my life,” she wrote. “I was broke from quitting my job, going back to school, and then accepting a low-paying fellowship. I was alone and living in a brand new city that I hated. When I did get an abortion, just a few weeks into my pregnancy, I had to ask a coworker I barely knew to fulfill the requirement of staying by my side for the brutal hours after I took my abortion pill.”

But guess what, kids? Planned Parenthood’s convenient abortion-in-a-bottle turned Brown’s life around. “Once I got an abortion,” she wrote, “suddenly everything was fine again.”

Brown says that her decision to abort the child gave her a “deep sense of freedom, knowing that my only responsibility was to myself.”

She then segues into her exasperation with advocates of the Texas laws, which aim to bring abortion clinics up to the same standards required of every other surgical facility. She claims that anyone who argues that these laws are meant to protect women are simply preying on the public’s prejudices.

“At the root of this argument is the retrograde idea that women like me need legal protection to make sure that we don’t accidentally make the wrong choice and wind up in some sort of emotional tizzy,” she wrote.

Anyone want to make a bet as to whether or not Brown is one of those feminists who believe that women can’t consent to sex if they’ve had so much as a whiff of alcohol? When it comes to abortion, these feminists are roaring, independent lions who don’t need the pigs in government telling them what to do. But when it comes to sex, they are suddenly helpless lambs who can’t possibly be asked to take responsibility for their own bad decisions.

And though she doesn’t discuss that irony in her article, the hypocrisy is palpable. She acts as though pregnancy was something that “just happened” to her one night; an outcome as unavoidable as a sudden brain tumor. And, from the way she describes it, equally dismal.

Obviously, no one is going to convince a feminist like Brown that she should feel bad about her abortion. Maybe she shouldn’t; it’s not as if her depression would bring the baby back. But the fact that it made her feel joyful, empowered, and free speaks to the garbage our culture has become. We’ve reached the point where we not only tolerate abortion, we celebrate it. We encourage it.

Strong pro-lifers tend to be Christians, but you don’t have to be a person of faith to see how disgusting this is.

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