Top Republican Turns On DeSantis

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a close ally of former President Trump, has said that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) should stick to his governor position and not seek to challenge Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Greene did not directly talk about the expectations that DeSantis will run for the White House in 2024, instead, she focused her comments on how he was a “strong Republican governor” that they should not lose. These statements, which she made through a Twitter thread, were in part fueled by political consultants who urged governors to seek the Presidency, leaving their states weak.

She added that governors like Brian Kemp in Georgia and Ron DeSantis in Florida were essential to the success of the party. Greene’s comments come after DeSantis managed to secure an impressive victory in Florida with close to a 20-point margin. In Florida, Republicans also managed to win most of the House races and Sen. Marco Rubio (R) secured his reelection.

At the same time, Trump-endorsed candidates across the country have lost competitive Senate, House, and gubernatorial races. This has led to many blaming him for the lackluster performance of the party in these midterm elections.

The GOP had been hoping to win both the House and Senate. However, currently, the Senate has lost, and while they are projected to win the House their margin of victory is expected to be small.

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  1. The great thing about our nation is that we have the freedom to decide what is best for us. At least right now. That being said, DeSantis has every bit as much right to decide to run for President or not. It is up to the voters to decide if he should be President. I don’t understand why other party members are wanting to weigh in and try to influence potential candidates.

    • Think you need to look around before you say we have the freedom to decide what is best for us. That at one time was a true statement. Over the last 2 years that has changed drastically. There are so many people with their head stuck in the sand. All they want is for the government to take care of them. Those people are voting how they are told. Think what you want while you do still have that right. For now that is.

      • Over the last two years? Democrats have been stealing elections for years. They have only gotten so blatant because senior Republican leadership has made it clear they intend to do nothing about it.

  2. Just the fact that big Marge is considered a “top Republican”…..sad

  3. Looks like an endorsement by Trump was a kiss of death. I will vote for DeSantis when he runs for President.

    • Not a true story, research the facts and then you will really know what happened with the election. The media is lying about the races won and lost

  4. The headline is bullsh*t. MTYG did not turn on DeSantis. On the contrary, she praised him.

  5. Alexander Mackiewicz

    Let’s get one thing straight, all, “all” of Trump’s candidates won their primaries so stop with the BS that they lost because of Trump.

    • Did they win over the democrats? For most the answer is no. That is all that counts. The Trump backed losers lost and so he once again screwed the country. Sorry, primaries mean nothing.

  6. Trump sat in his cozy home on top of his ginormous pile of campaign funds while excellent gop candidates struggled with 20:1 fund defecites. Early ballots ended his reign, and the hopes of many this election!!! The he starts his petty bs trying to raise concerns with desantis. All the while Georgia has runoff in 28 days. Where’s the objective pointing. I’m tired of the talk action speak. I don’t need someone telling me how smart they are. I can figure that out myself.

  7. John P. Scott, CPA

    Hi, I am so, so, happy that Ron Desantas is my Governor of my State of Florida! I have voted twice for him. I love him and I pray that he stays my Governor for the entire term in Florida. I also pray that Donald Trump is our next President and that Ron Desantas is our President after Trump’s Presidency.
    I also pray that Trump and Desantas not get into an adversarial relation which I think is Childish and hurtful for both! Kiss and make up and stop the bickering! Ron, keep up your fabulous work as Governor of Florida and go on the be our President after this term as our Great Governor.
    Donald, put aside any attacks on a winner like Ron and concentrate on the essence of things! That being settled for Ron as of now, and work on Donald Trump getting settled into the white house in 2 years!
    I love both you guys! I am proud of you both! Please work together and don’t split the Republican Party!

  8. Trump had his chance and blew it with a too big an ego and doing too little for the middle class. Way too little. Dumb ass comments like bleach for covid are something no president should be saying. Tump needs to stay home. Too many people do not like him anymore especially after the January 6 debacle that got a woman killed. Did he try to get her justice while still in office or after?
    It is time for someone that people can and will vote for and that is Ron Desantis. Do not vote for Trump if he tries to run. He will only lose and cause greater damage if the dems win in 2024.

    • Boy you have no idea he was and is the most truthful president we ever had, he himself admitted he didn’t see how bad it really was in Washington, but now he knows, hope he wins, this time Fire all from clintons,obama,bush, corrupt administrations, all including heads of fbi, cia, doj, epa, irs, an many more if possible at least the top five of all these corrupt heads, nsa, as well need to close down some of these departments they do the same thing we don’t need our taxpayers money going to duplicate departments, that money needs to go to Military safety of our boards, getting rid of these illegals, refugees, because most are not accountable for this country, that includes children give them to their countries to take care of No citizenship to any kids born here of an illegal Make it retroactive 30 years all this gangs destroy any illegals in jail, prison, sent back in chains to their countries, for them to take care of NOT Taxpayers, No welfare benefits of any kind to illegals only Americans that have paid into these programs half to have worked at least 10-15 years to get help from our programs, no free ride , if able to work must get a job we should only supplement not pay all, and women with small children the fathers must pay, the mothers need to be with the kids till in school full time,

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