Top Democrat Turns On Biden

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has criticized President Biden over his “offensive and disgusting” comments regarding the shutdown of coal plants during an event in California on Friday.

Biden while at the corporate headquarters of Viasat, a global communications company, promoted the CHIPS and Science Act, which would provide $50 billion in incentives for domestically manufacturing semiconductors. Biden also said that generating electricity from solar and wind power is more cost-effective than doing so with coal and oil. He also noted that people are not set on building new coal plants because they are unreliable. He added that they would be closing all of these plants across America and start relying more on wind and solar energy.

In a statement posted on Twitter Manchin said that Biden appeared to be ignoring the “severe economic pain” that many Americans are feeling due to the increased energy costs. He also added that it is remarks like these that have led to the American people not trusting President Biden, as he fails to understand the importance of an all-in energy policy that would help keep the country energy independent.

Manchin, who throughout his time in the Senate has been an active advocate for coal plants, has said that Biden had never mentioned to him his plans to shut down coal plants. He also added that Biden should apologize to all those coal workers in West Virginia and the rest of the country that have lost their jobs.

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  1. Dear Joe Manchineel, I have been a supporter of yours for years. I was very upset when you voted for his last bill that took us further in debt. I guess you have learned that Biden cannot be trusted with him planning to close all coal mines. He got your vote and that was all he wanted of you. I hope more people will stand up against the closing of the mines and get our country back to being #1 again.

  2. Dear Joe, How does it feel to be betrayed by the democrats that promise one thing and take it away as soon as you give them the vote they need to drive this country further down the tubes. Are you speaking Chinese yet. Pay attention, thats where we are heading!

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