Threshold Reached: Is the Impeachment of Trump Now Inevitable?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand the importance of protecting our borders. She doesn’t comprehend the fact that most Americans are quite satisfied with the economy under President Donald Trump. She certainly doesn’t get what the Republican tax cuts did for our job market and the money people keep in their paychecks every week. But if there’s one thing she does get, that the rest of her House caucus doesn’t, it’s that trying to impeach President Trump would be an exercise in political suicide.

But it may be an inevitable suicide.

From Politico:

A majority of House Democrats now support the opening of an impeachment inquiry against President Trump despite Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s continued hesitance to act before concluding her caucus’s many ongoing oversight investigations.

Representative Ted Deutch of Florida became the 118th House Democrat to come out in favor of opening an impeachment inquiry, according to Politico’s count.

Deutch, a senior member of the Judiciary Committee, cited “substantial evidence” that Trump attempted to obstruct special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“Although Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony may not have been a summer blockbuster, it confirmed the damning conclusions of his report. The investigation revealed substantial evidence that President Trump obstructed justice. And that the special counsel did not exonerate him,” Deutch wrote in a column for the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Nope. It wasn’t Mueller’s job to exonerate the president. That’s why he didn’t.

But failure to accuse Trump of either Russian collusion or obstruction of justice amounts to “exoneration” in layman’s terms. Mueller was brought in as a special prosecutor; his job was to discover whether or not the president committed crimes. He discovered no such thing. That’s the end of the ballgame, even if Democrats are loathe to admit it. And now, armed with even less than they had at the outset of the year, they want to move forward with this absurd impeachment inquiry. It’s astoundingly bad politics (and that’s the least of what’s wrong with it).

Facts are facts, and the fact is that the Senate will not convict Trump on impeachment, setting the president up for a blockbuster way to begin the general election campaign. The Democrats will look foolish (again) and they will have betrayed those voters who pulled the lever for Obama before they abandoned the party for Trump. If there is an opportunity to win those voters back, Democrats are bypassing it for the opportunity to do some grandstanding in Washington.

Hey, it’s their funeral.

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