Three Dem Leaders Indicted for Taking Cash Bribes

Three top Democrat St. Louis city leaders were indicted by a federal grand jury for taking cash bribes.

Lewis Reed, Alderman President, John Collins-Muhammad, recently resigned 21st Ward Alderman and Jeffrey Boyd, 22nd Ward Alderman, were all accused of taking cash in exchange for political favors and land deals, KMOV reported.

The crimes happened from January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2022.

Three people, including the St. Louis Board of Alderman President, have been indicted by a federal grand jury on corruption charges.

The indictment was unsealed Thursday against Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed, 22nd Ward Alderman Jeffrey Boyd and recently resigned 21st Ward Alderman John Collins-Muhammad. They are all accused of getting substantial and numerous cash payments in exchange for political favors and land deals.

Collins-Muhammad is accused of accepting and agreeing to accept cash, campaign contributions, a car and other things of value in relation to two of John Doe’s projects and his trucking/hauling company. He also is accused of using a cellular phone with the intent of the criminal activity. He was also indicted for knowingly participating in a scheme to “defraud and deprive” the citizens in his ward, and of wire fraud. He was indicted on two bribery-related charges and one charge of honest services bribery/wire fraud.

Reed allegedly took a stream of cash payments and campaign donations “intending to be influenced and rewarded in connection with a business, transaction and series of transactions” related to one of John Doe’s projects and his company. He also is accused of using his cellular phone for criminal activity. He was indicted on two bribery-related charges.

Boyd is accused of knowing accepting things of value, including cash and car repairs with the intent of being “influenced and rewarded.” He also allegedly used a cellular phone to commit criminal activity. He was indicted on two bribery-related charges and a separate two counts of wire fraud for allegedly fraudulently seeking $22,000 from his insurance company.

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  1. Former City Councilman Huizar and a former Board of Supervisor (now Councilman) are in the same situation in Los Angeles!

    They put money before their constituents and will have to pay for their choice!

  2. The Democrats/Socialists/Communists are the most corrupt Party in Government ever, and that’s a fact! They, this current Government are consistently lying and destroying our Government to the point of never being able to come back. Does Joe Biden even like this Country? Obama and their Coven?
    Obama brought thousands of illegals into this Country and OBiden is/has brought in millions. That alone will be destruction as the illegals or immigrants are nothing like immigrants from years ago.

    • So true Dems are so corrupt and most are not check or even check st times they get away w/ it like the zBiden family on the news & laptop proof they lie a lot too sad but the opposite party they are either handcuff or jail. Double standard . They disobeyed constitutional rule of law like the immigration and are not punish. Sad

  3. The inevitable fleeing of the tax base has begun. When businesses see violent criminals being released on themselves and their customers. When government contracts rely on corruption and backroom deals. When taxes skyrocket due to the majority of the population refusing to work in favor of handouts. When property values collapse. The flight of investment dollars will dry up and the inevitable downfall of the city will leave just one more decaying ghetto. The claims that democrats are all about the people is a flat out lie. These policies are untenable and decline under these policies is inevitable. Wake up or face the reality that the city of St Louis will become fate that has befallen Detroit Baltimore and the like. When virtue signaling is all they can deliver this leaves no substantiative workable financial stability. St Louis is a city in decline that far too many fear entering. You can have the greatest sports and entertainment but if people fear going there’s truly no point

  4. The democrats could care less about this country and it’s people. It’s all about power and money. They pretend to favor minorities, while using them for profit and votes. They are simply doing the work of their father, satan. I can hear them now, trying to negotiate with satan, “I thought we had a deal”.

  5. Follow all the communist democrat terrorists thugs especially in the swamp (Washington DC) which includes, Biden family, Harris, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi and all the other ass wipes. Follow the money.

  6. The short answer is no the bidet obumma admin hate america and all its people,would love to see them all die.

  7. Isn’t there 1, just 1 HONEST DEMONICrat in this sick in the head demos? They ALL belong swinging from a tree!


  9. Only those with guns should vote. Now piss us off.

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