Three Dead Officers in Baton Rouge – Enough is Enough

Only a week after the stunning assault on law enforcement in Dallas, America was thrust into mourning once again on Sunday when three Baton Rouge police officers were killed by a lone gunman.

29-year-old Gavin Long has been accused of carrying out the attack – an attack that was almost certainly inspired by the anti-cop sentiment that has gripped the nation. Long, a former Marine, had a history of posting violent propaganda on social media. In one YouTube video, he said that peaceful demonstrations were ineffective and that violence was the only way to get things to change.

“One hundred percent of revolutions – of victims fighting their oppressors – have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed,” Long said in the video. “Zero have been successful just over simply protesting. It doesn’t work and it never will. You got to fight back. That’s the only way that a bully knows to quit.”

The killer then had the nerve to compare himself to revolutionaries like George Washington and “other white rebels they celebrate and salute.”

Enough is enough.

Not only should every American be sickened by these recent murders, it should cause us to reflect seriously on the society we want to live in. Freedom and independence, the hallmarks of life in these United States, can only be preserved when we have people willing to enforce the rule of law. If we’re constantly attacking those who do – both rhetorically and physically – we will find fewer good men and women willing to take on that dangerous burden.

At this point, our future is dependent on liberals. As depressing as that is to consider, there’s no other pathway out of this darkness. As long as everyone on the left is in lockstep on this issue, things are only going to get worse. No matter how many times these seemingly-inexcusable police shootings turn out to be something different upon examination, the media treats each new video as the ultimate example of state-sanctioned murder. Until a few prominent liberals stand up and say, “Hold on, we’re not being honest with our half of the conversation,” we’re looking at a very grim future.

If there are reforms worth taking, let’s pursue them. But if we’re just reacting emotionally to a handful of disturbing incidents, then what is the point? Black activists and Democrats keep saying they have the data to prove that black Americans are treated differently by law enforcement, but much of this is dependent on how you view that data. When you take black violent crime rates into account, the data looks less like systemic racism and more like the inevitable by-product of a troubled community.

One thing is certain: If cops keep dying, we’re going to witness a political and cultural backlash of unprecedented proportions.

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