Three Dead Officers in Baton Rouge – Enough is Enough

Only a week after the stunning assault on law enforcement in Dallas, America was thrust into mourning once again on Sunday when three Baton Rouge police officers were killed by a lone gunman.

29-year-old Gavin Long has been accused of carrying out the attack – an attack that was almost certainly inspired by the anti-cop sentiment that has gripped the nation. Long, a former Marine, had a history of posting violent propaganda on social media. In one YouTube video, he said that peaceful demonstrations were ineffective and that violence was the only way to get things to change.

“One hundred percent of revolutions – of victims fighting their oppressors – have been successful through fighting back, through bloodshed,” Long said in the video. “Zero have been successful just over simply protesting. It doesn’t work and it never will. You got to fight back. That’s the only way that a bully knows to quit.”

The killer then had the nerve to compare himself to revolutionaries like George Washington and “other white rebels they celebrate and salute.”

Enough is enough.

Not only should every American be sickened by these recent murders, it should cause us to reflect seriously on the society we want to live in. Freedom and independence, the hallmarks of life in these United States, can only be preserved when we have people willing to enforce the rule of law. If we’re constantly attacking those who do – both rhetorically and physically – we will find fewer good men and women willing to take on that dangerous burden.

At this point, our future is dependent on liberals. As depressing as that is to consider, there’s no other pathway out of this darkness. As long as everyone on the left is in lockstep on this issue, things are only going to get worse. No matter how many times these seemingly-inexcusable police shootings turn out to be something different upon examination, the media treats each new video as the ultimate example of state-sanctioned murder. Until a few prominent liberals stand up and say, “Hold on, we’re not being honest with our half of the conversation,” we’re looking at a very grim future.

If there are reforms worth taking, let’s pursue them. But if we’re just reacting emotionally to a handful of disturbing incidents, then what is the point? Black activists and Democrats keep saying they have the data to prove that black Americans are treated differently by law enforcement, but much of this is dependent on how you view that data. When you take black violent crime rates into account, the data looks less like systemic racism and more like the inevitable by-product of a troubled community.

One thing is certain: If cops keep dying, we’re going to witness a political and cultural backlash of unprecedented proportions.

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  1. Why isn’t anyone besides FrontPage reporting on the shooter in Baton Rouge becoming a Muslim 3 years ago?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Because geo soros OWNS the media, ALL OF THEM, and it’s only made knowledge IF it fits his agenda.. ?

      • @Betty…because it does not fit into their plans and does not serve their purpose.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          It doesn’t fit into my pants.

          • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc371p:….,…

      • Michael Don’t forget Old Georgie Soros wants your guns, I wonder if all of his bodyguards will give up their guns? Old George has more people after him (to kill him) I think he might be called “world enemy number one” Any of you want to read about George Soros, just type his name in the search on MSN or any other, then read what is printed about this low lifre! Words like Nazi Collaborator,Psychopath, that is Anti-God, family, American, and good. There were also words used like, Planetary Parasite that is Greedy and Gluttony. I am not saying this, but it is in print, that he also gives large amounts of money to the Democratic party!!!

        • You left a couple mind blowing things out about Soros. He turned his own family in to the Nazis because he is a Jew and wanted the money Hitler offered for exposing Jews in Germany. He also swore allegiance to the Reich and became one of Hitler’s military Youth.
          Soro is the lowest scum on earth and plays with Countries to steal their money. He IS the Dark Kingdom’s Prince of Evil and feels no remorse for any of his actions. America is his immediate target and he will do whatever it takes to break her!
          Trump needs to watch his back with Soros around…

          • Thank You so much, I had no idea how bad that fool was. I think Trump will take care of him if elected, anyway I hope so!!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            The PMIC already got rid of Chris Kyle! I hope Mr Trump has PLENTY of security guards! ! ?

          • I hope Trump bans Soros from U.S. soil and puts a price on his head. Soros is the “worst” or the worst — he’s a Sociopath and feels nothing about the people or countries he destroys!
            The reason I know so much about Soros is because my spouse is Hungarian and Soros was born in Hungary, but the Hungarian people will have nothing to do with him. Having lived around American Hungarians, I find them to be truthful and dedicated workers. They do NOT like people like Soros who turned on his own family for monetary reasons…to Hungarians it’s all about the family!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I hope you shave yourself before you have sex with underage corpses.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Shucks, me too! Save us, Donald! And if you don’t win…..

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Fucking God damn Jews, when will they ever fucking learn. eh?

          • He also has a direct phone line to the POS in the WH!

          • Why am I not surprised? They both have the same tainted blood running in their veins too.

          • The good news is that if he was alive when Hitler was, he can’t be long for this world!

          • ONE CAN ONLY HOPE……….

          • You are so right! Bho would be looking at the inside of one of those ovens for sure. Blacks were looked upon like Jews from Hitler’s point of view.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          My friend, geo soros OWNS BOTH THE MEDIA AND THE DUNBASSCRAPS! (half of the rupuklicans too).

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Douche your asshole with some Holy Water.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        George Soros gives me much $$$$$$$$ to come here and troll. This idiot will be delighted to know that I am in fact, a troll. Hi Michael!

    • It’s not that Soros likes Muslims, but letting that fact out would ruin his agenda to destroy the U.S. It’s an “inconvenient truth” for him. Also, as these so called “random” shootings occur and they are tied to Muslims, the anti-Muslim rhetoric will explode causing more and more Americans to side with Trump on the Muslim ban. Obama can’t have that when his very own agenda (via the instructions of Soros) is to flood the U.S. with foreignors dependent on the govt to live, i.e. illegals (who knows their true Nationality? -Muslims have dark hair and dark eyes like Latinos) streaming across our Southern border — and admitting thousands of supposed Muslim male refugees into our already financially strapped Nation. Thank God Americans said NO on the refugee issue. But now our home grown Muslims are killing Americans. Do we put a “WATCH” on ALL MUSLIMS living in the U.S.?

      One article I read a couple years ago said to watch what bho is doing behind closed doors when something horrible happens in the U.S. He uses these events (which he could be orchestrating some how) to create a diversion from his real actions of striking America down. Watch bho closely…his actions are camoflauging his real hidden agenda – destroying our American Society. And KILLARY is just obama “in drag” and will do the same thing if elected.

      I sincerely hope liberals are smarter than to elect a monster that will rape and rob them blind while smiling and grinning like a cheshire cat!

    • Because it doesn’t fit the Vast Left Wing Media’s agenda.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Learn how to fucking write you God damn idiot. I pay taxes so you could go to school and learn and what the hell do you do…nada, nothing! You fucking shit head!

  2. this “Black lives Matter” group is a hate group that wants to kill police officers and white people, Obama should call out the national guard to handle them before the american people get fed up and open season on these punks and thieves !!!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Why would the PMIC wanna call out the Guard? All this “race bating” and violence is HIS makings! This is all a part of his agenda – start riots and “let them kill each other!” ?

    • @Hardnose… Obama can not call out the National Guard, that is a Governor of a State’s responsibility to do POTUS Obama can use Federal troops if he wants to.

    • If he ever does call out troops, federal or state, it’ll be to prevent the rest of peaceful Americans from protecting themselves from the black terrorists, not to protect us. And he’ll have to go through the state governors to be able to use the National Guard – no problem there because most of them seem to be in bed with him.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You are on the White Terrorist Watch List. Good luck…you’ll need it.

        • Anyone who has dared to speak out or post negative comments about this idiot in the Oval Office is undoubtedly on his ever growing list. This guy’s got the worst case of Napolean complex I’ve ever seen.

    • Obama CANNOT call out the National Guard to enforce laws. only State governors can do that. Furthermore, under Posse Comitatus statuates the president is prohibited from uising the Army or Air Force against US citizens.

    • BLM is doing exactly what obummer wants. He won’t call out the National Guard until it gets so bad he will move to install martial law. This is his goal.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Power to the People brother! Glad you see it OUR WAY!

  3. Blacks live by a different set of laws, ” do what you wish to do” a lawyer once explained to me. Blacks get increased attention by law enforcement due to they love to be entertainers and get attention. They always run off at the mouth when talking, especially when stopped by police. Putting on a show lands them in prison. Sandra Bland is a good example of a person who just could not stop and follow orders from a police officer. Blacks think they have the right to debate police officers. Blacks need to remember to only answers officers with the praise “yes I understand” “no” and “yes”, holding back any more conservation will not be considered as being uncooperative.

    • Great Joel!!! I used to teach in Garden City, Kansas and that town had a very large influx of people (illegals) because a little town just west of Garden opened a IBP cattle rendering plant. We all love beef steaks and hamburger well most of it comes from IBP. There was many many people coming to town and school that their parents worked for IBP. Because IBP plants temperature is cold to preserve the meat and the use of hands on work, workers get carpoltunnel or hands go numb. When this happens they cant work for IBP. You would not believe the problems the police had with the illegals working for IBP!!

      • StupidConservativeValues


    • StupidConservativeValues

      We gonna get OUR country back you white piece of shit!

  4. MuslimLuvChrist

    Police should stay out of blm neighborhoods!

  5. We do;t have a balck problem,
    we don’t have pervert problem
    We don’t have bent gender problem
    We don’t have an immigration problem.
    We don’t have a Muslim problem.
    We have a liberal dem bloodsucker problem.
    Physically separating ourselves from them is the only answer and the only way to prevent civil war.

    • please…go ahead…physically separate yourself from the rest of us.

      • We are going to pervert.
        Dec 2014, a poll showed that 11.4 % of the peopel thought that their state should secede.
        Dec 2015 same poll showed that 23.9 % of the people thoiught that their state should secede.
        You have about 2 years, we will close off the borders to our states, station marksmen there to shoot anything crossing illegally, then kick back and watch all of the liberal dem bloodsuckers/perverts/bent genders starve to death
        You compost heaps realy thought all you had to do was keep talking didn’t you, soon we may be the only country in the world with no perverts,.

        • go. bye. we’ll be fine. better, in fact, without crude, judgemental, vitriolic, insulting, hate-filled people.

          • Uh huh, well, we will see.
            We will close off our borders, station marksmen there to kill anything crossing illegally, then go back to the old dull running a real country.
            Having accomplished that, we will kick back and applaud as you liberal dem bloodsuckers/perverts starve to death.
            Or, I suppose, you could commit suicide trying to get back across the border.

          • don’t worry yourself. I doubt any liberal dem bloodsuckers/perverts will be trying to get across the border to where you are living. plus, going by all the liberal dem bloodsuckers/perverts I’ve met, they are perfectly capable of feeding themselves, thereby avoiding starvation.

          • I’m not worried at all pervert, I will cheerfully watch you scum die.
            Possibly even pull my folding chair up beside you and applaud as you starve.
            29 red states 21 blue.
            You will have an equal population, growing food and getting it to you, not so easy. Go for it, We’ll see who is right in about 2 years.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      We have the nigger hatin’ cons…that’s enough.

  6. Seem that this killing of police officers will only make them more inclined to shoot first and ask questions afterwards. They can just thank people like Long if more blacks are getting shot by police.

  7. take all the ugah bugah blacks and liberal whites that are pushing the anti police / anti white, anti police line and try them for inciting to riot.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      The non-political correct name is: Niggers. Why are you being such a pussy and being politically correct? You work for Soros!

  8. The Hillietard parasite thinks this is all YOUR fault. So does the Dear Ruler. White people are all hateful racist bigots, so put all your hate aside and lets all join hands together and sing Kumbaya. We will all experience Nirvana in their utopian tard construct. Group hug! Tards.

  9. The muslim in the White House controls the state run media.

  10. concernedforkids

    Well since hes talking about bully’s???? I think the guys killing officers are bullys, because bullies have to cower and hide to do their deeds, if memory serves me correctly that’s what happened in all these situations where officers were gunned down. The police on the other hand were on “Candid Camera” not in the back alleys of Chicago doing their “job” so to speak. Hmm funny how that just came to me! I guess if there was no crime we wouldn’t even be having these problems. ?

  11. Both Fox News and Michael Savage have reported on the BR shooter being moslem.

  12. The demonization of the police forces is the Left’s steps to install Federal Police in the US.

  13. It isn’t likely any liberal politician is going to join the protest against Black Lives Matter, or any other militant liberal organization, for that matter. Liberal politicians were placed on notice in 2004, after George Soros “bought and paid for” the Democratic Party, that any Democratic politician who didn’t toe the party (read Soros’) line would be crucified during the next election process. That was when the liberal politicians began speaking from “talking points” that originated outside the party apparatus.

    The social unrest exemplified by the police murders is simply an orchestrated effort by the anti-American left to facilitate Obama’s long sought after martial law.

  14. What’s it going to take for Democrats to start asking the right questions?? How many people have to die before they stop point fingers at the gun and start a discussion on things like black on black crimes, unemployment, inciting anger and terrorism, illegal immigration, etc.??? It appears that Democrats don’t want to concern themselves with the bodies that lie in their wake; they only focus on the winning of their party not good of the country and the people living in it!!!! And it also appears that we can count on the media to protect the Democrats by omitting important facts or omitting a story altogether!!!!!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Yep, the Democrats are great winners! The Best there is! Better than low-energy Republicants.

      • So, your only response is about your great love of terrorist lovers?? The only sentence your respond to is pertaining to is the negative one concerning their selfishness in keeping their focus upon their winning, not our winning!!!! You have nothing to say about the killing of police officers – your Democrats who incite racism and violence???? I feel sorry for you – you are pathetic!!!

  15. Enough is enough. Let’s give police Carte Blanche to start killing their assailants. We will all be better off.

  16. I am both heartbroken and sickened by the murder of police officers. It needs to stop and the the inflaming of anti-Police passions needs to stop! The ills of our society driving what has been happening need to be objectively looked.

  17. This just in, Another police officer shot and killed in Kansas City, KS. this time a police captain. Obummer strikes again. .

  18. Just like the fact that a very small, even tiny minority of police have killed unarmed black men and a very tiny number of police departments target black drivers to pull over, it is also a fact that a tiny number of blacks and/or Muslims attempt to assassinate police officers. We need to understand that the great majority of police departments and police officers do their jobs quietly and effectively every single day for lower wages than they should be paid for all that they do for the rest of us. Likewise, the great majority of blacks and Muslims do not go around hunting down police to murder. it is just the tiny fraction of each group who attack the other has become front page news and is, literally, being exploited by certain “news” organizations and political organizations for their own benefit. These organizations are hyping these events to drum up support for their point of view and/or to increase ratings. And, it looks like they are succeeding.

  19. Unfortunately it isn’t over…..another cop was ambushed and murdered in cold blood this afternoon in Kansas. We are looking at the early stages of anarchy…..

  20. I could not agree more with the author of this piece. like the people who continually criticize our military walked down the street in Afghanistan with some of these men and when you get to the other end I believe you wil have a change of heart, go into some of the neighborhoods these police officers go into and see what they see and your heart will change. There will always be mistakes made but a lot of the problems of our society are drugs, the absence of fathers in homes, unemployment that causes these catastrophes like in Baton Rouge and Dallas. Since 9/11 our whole world has changed and is not been for the better. And with race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Obama it is no wonder why race relations have been set back 30 or 40 years. It took a world war for the African-Americans who had a desire to fight for their country to be recognized as Americans we are taking giant steps backwards in the progress that has been made through blood sweat and tears. God bless our police officers and our soldiers sailors and Marines May God see them succeed and as see them safely home to their families. And like all of the difficulties that we have faced as a nation we will get through this one too!

  21. StupidConservativeValues

    Three dead cops
    Three dead cops

    See how they lie there
    See how they lie there

    Sorry, that’s all I got for now.

    • Did you catch Melania Millertrump on Steven Colbert tonight ? lmfao! It will prob b on YouTube if you missed it.

  22. I’m watching Millertrump’s convention of his stated new “Worker’s Party”, that smacks of Russia doesn’t it? He must think his devotees are puppets; very scary. No wonder Putin loves him. I remember when Millertrump said, ” I love the uneducated.” I see now why. It looks like the “Worker’s” are having fun!

  23. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc371p:….,..

  24. In my 75+ years I have known wonderful African-American people and Police. What is happening here is that every Police shooting of a black person is being misreported by the media, sometimes due to a lie from “witnesses”. If we had a President who cared about this country, he would say “Let’s step back and allow this incident to be investigated thoroughly before making any decision.” He would also tell BLM to cool it and not foment rioting with their “peaceful” demonstrations in which they chant, in various words, about Police deserving death. It is true that I am white, but I believe in equal treatment legally and economically for all people. Let everyone have an opportunity to run with the abilities God has given them.

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