Thousands Gather to Support Police in Houston

If 2014 was the year of Black Lives Matter, 2015 is turning into the year that Police Lives Matter. Following the heinous murders of several law enforcement officers this year, Americans have grown disgusted with the anti-police rhetoric fueling the violence. Their support for the boys in blue was obvious in Houston Saturday; more than 8,000 Texans filled the streets in a march to commemorate murdered officer Darren Goforth.

“Enough is enough,” David Sherrod told Breitbart. The local businessman said, “You aren’t going to execute cops in Houston. We won’t stand for it.”

Speaking at Goforth’s service, Sgt. Shannon Bowdoin – the Sheriff’s Office chaplain – said it was time to repair the damage done by the last year of anti-cop sentiment. “We are not going to focus on revenge or getting even or repercussions or anything of that nature,” Bowdoin said. “What she wants to focus on is … healing this family, the Sheriff’s Office, the law enforcement community and the nation as a whole.”

Of course, you can’t support the police these days without encountering backlash from the liberals who have championed this destruction from day one. Radley Balko, writing in the Washington Post, spent 3,000 words trying to convince readers that the war on cops was a myth. After proving that trends in anti-police violence were actually headed down, he wrote:

An over-emphasis on and obsession with a “war on cops” would be dangerous and counterproductive even if it were true. But by every imaginable measure, it just isn’t true. When this false narrative comes from police organizations and their supporters, it’s at least somewhat understandable. When it comes from politicians, it’s grandstanding and demagoguery. When it comes from media organizations, it’s journalistic malpractice. And it’s almost certainly getting people killed.

Maybe it’s our memory going, but can anyone recall the Washington Post debunking the “false narrative” of Black Lives Matter in such excruciating detail? Have they ever called out CNN for “journalistic malpractice” after months of reporting lies about the death of Michael Brown? Of course not, because the Washington Post was hammering the same drum. And all of these organizations – NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc. – took the same coward’s way out when the evidence against their narrative became too overwhelming. Oh, but it’s not really about Michael Brown. It’s about the big picture.

But it was damn sure about Michael Brown when they thought Darren Wilson was a racist killer, wasn’t it?

But there’s really no reason to get into it again. Americans have long since awoken to the truth. Sure, there will always be those who can’t be convinced. They are beyond help, and we’re wasting our breath trying to open their eyes. The rest of us, though, understand that liberal bias is no longer subtle or arguable. It has taken its mask off, and it is on a crusade to turn this country into a socialist third world where the all-powerful government rules without apology.

A conservative revolution is coming, and these arrogant liberals will have no one to blame for it but themselves. The only regret is that they will benefit just as much from this revolution as conservatives, and they will spend the whole time denying the truth.

But if it delivers us from the darkness of the last seven years (and, honestly, longer), that small regret will be a small price to pay.


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