Thomas Friedman Endorses Voter Fraud Plan to Win Georgia for Dems

Well, it’s apparently New York Times Week at Patriot News Daily. Yesterday, we talked about columnist Kevin Roose, who helpfully explained on Twitter that stories can be absolutely true and accurate and still be classified as “right-wing misinformation.” Today, we’re going to talk about columnist Thomas Friedman, who went on CNN this week to tell Chris Cuomo all about his genius plan to win the two Georgia Senate runoff races for the Democrats. To hear Friedman tell it, the strategy is simple: All Democrats have to do is cheat!

Friedman told Cuomo that the country is hurting as a result of the coronavirus and the resulting recession, demanding a change in government.

“We have more people standing in line for food in this country than we have in decades. I mean, we’re talking about since the Great Depression,” he said. “These guys are holding on to Trump’s coattails thinking what, he’s going to run again in four years or something like that, I mean what’s the chance that we get the kinds of action we need to get past this pandemic?

“You can sit back, Chris, and say, ‘Well it’s actually good if you have divided government,’” Friedman continued. “Everyone has skin in the game, OK? And then maybe they’ll want to cooperate more. But what is McConnell telling us? He’s not – he wants his – your scalp in the game, OK? That’s what he wants. He’s already telling us he’s going to try to do to Biden what he did to Obama.”

Friedman said that the situation calls for drastic action.

“I hope everybody moves to Georgia, you know, in the next month or two, registers to vote, and votes for these two Democratic senators, running against incidentally two Georgia senators, both of whom were investigated for what? For getting a briefing on the Coronavirus and then selling stocks before the public was aware of that information, both of them were investigated for that,” he said.

In a report on the segment in the Washington Free Beacon, Honest Elections Project director Jason Snead said that while there is no length-of-residency requirement in Georgia when it comes to voting, Friedman’s suggestion comes perilously close to an endorsement of fraud.

“You do not have to establish residency for a period of time before an election in order to qualify to vote, but you do have to establish intent to remain a resident,” Snead said. “You can’t bus yourself in, register at the Holiday Inn, vote, and then leave two days later. That would clearly constitute fraud.”

But what’s a little fraud if it means putting Mitch McConnell and the Republicans out of power?

Oh, and remember: It’s un-American, racist, and evil to question the results of the presidential election. Democrats would NEVER cheat to win.

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