This Number Might Explain Why They Want to Destroy Trump NOW

Anyone who was paying attention during the Obama years – when the infamous, bipartisan Gang of Eight immigration reform bill was on the table – knows full well that neither Republicans nor Democrats ever really wanted to get a hold on America’s disastrous illegal immigration problem. They might have different reasons for wanting to see it continue, but that doesn’t matter all that much. The bottom line is that while Democrats will tell you straight to your face that they want amnesty and (all but) open borders, Republicans will lie and say they want “stronger border defense” while doing nothing, year after year, to stop the flow.

Then came Donald J. Trump, and the ruse was exposed.

After lying down and allowing Obama to pass executive order after executive order that extended amnesty to illegals, Republicans finally realized that their voters were wise to them. That the huge gap between their rhetoric and their actions had finally bitten them right in the butt. Here was a guy ready to walk the walk. Like magic, the rest of the candidates started “getting tough” on illegal immigration.

Of course, they never really thought he would win. And if he did, they never thought he would actually carry through on his plans. And if he tried, well…we saw what happened with the budget. Republicans couldn’t even get Trump ONE DOLLAR for the construction of the border wall. NOT ONE MEASLY BUCK. It’s like these guys are simply incapable of learning a lesson.

Or, to put it another way, it’s like they are much more afraid of losing their corporate money than of losing the trust of the American people.

But while Congress has stonewalled Trump when it comes to the wall, the president has been doing everything in his executive control to roll back the lenient, lawless actions of the Obama administration. Under Trump’s authority, federal immigration officials are once again being allowed to do their jobs, and the newest numbers show that it’s had an enormous impact already.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities, immigration arrests went up 38% over the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. With the Obama-era restrictions out of the way, federal law enforcement agents managed to nab more than 40,000 illegals from January 22 to April 29. And even with the surge, the balance of arrests is still weighted strongly in favor of criminal aliens. In other words, Trump is still following the Obama-era plan: Get the really bad guys out first. It just seems he’s much, much better at executing that plan.

So perhaps that number – 38% – is the reason the establishment is suddenly panicking. Maybe that explains why they’re accelerating their efforts to remove the rightfully-elected president from office. He’s doing exactly what they feared, and they don’t know how to stop him without blatantly betraying both the law and the American people.

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