This Number Might Explain Why They Want to Destroy Trump NOW

Anyone who was paying attention during the Obama years – when the infamous, bipartisan Gang of Eight immigration reform bill was on the table – knows full well that neither Republicans nor Democrats ever really wanted to get a hold on America’s disastrous illegal immigration problem. They might have different reasons for wanting to see it continue, but that doesn’t matter all that much. The bottom line is that while Democrats will tell you straight to your face that they want amnesty and (all but) open borders, Republicans will lie and say they want “stronger border defense” while doing nothing, year after year, to stop the flow.

Then came Donald J. Trump, and the ruse was exposed.

After lying down and allowing Obama to pass executive order after executive order that extended amnesty to illegals, Republicans finally realized that their voters were wise to them. That the huge gap between their rhetoric and their actions had finally bitten them right in the butt. Here was a guy ready to walk the walk. Like magic, the rest of the candidates started “getting tough” on illegal immigration.

Of course, they never really thought he would win. And if he did, they never thought he would actually carry through on his plans. And if he tried, well…we saw what happened with the budget. Republicans couldn’t even get Trump ONE DOLLAR for the construction of the border wall. NOT ONE MEASLY BUCK. It’s like these guys are simply incapable of learning a lesson.

Or, to put it another way, it’s like they are much more afraid of losing their corporate money than of losing the trust of the American people.

But while Congress has stonewalled Trump when it comes to the wall, the president has been doing everything in his executive control to roll back the lenient, lawless actions of the Obama administration. Under Trump’s authority, federal immigration officials are once again being allowed to do their jobs, and the newest numbers show that it’s had an enormous impact already.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities, immigration arrests went up 38% over the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. With the Obama-era restrictions out of the way, federal law enforcement agents managed to nab more than 40,000 illegals from January 22 to April 29. And even with the surge, the balance of arrests is still weighted strongly in favor of criminal aliens. In other words, Trump is still following the Obama-era plan: Get the really bad guys out first. It just seems he’s much, much better at executing that plan.

So perhaps that number – 38% – is the reason the establishment is suddenly panicking. Maybe that explains why they’re accelerating their efforts to remove the rightfully-elected president from office. He’s doing exactly what they feared, and they don’t know how to stop him without blatantly betraying both the law and the American people.

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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. Great post.

  2. Trump needs to use the bully pulpit and explain this to the American people. He needs to go over the heads of the media, and these crooked politicians, and straight to the American people. He needs to stop tweeting and formally address the American people from the Oval Office. That would do more to boost what needs to be done, because the American people would put so much pressure on Washington things might start getting done.

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    • Randi Amundsen

      I AGREE

    • Brenda Sinclair

      i agree also so then we all need to tweet president trump to do the right thing, flood him with tweets..seems it is a game with demon-crates to stop president trump from helping america i call that OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.., the more muslims flood this country the more gang rapes on our women the more murders the budget goes higher them on food stamps, medicaid, schools overflowed violence increases

      • Fukking Hadjiis, Death be upon the Cult of Is-Salami!

      • And 100% of them hate us.

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        • And Vice Versa

        • Bought a AR-15 and waiting for the Second American Revolution to start. We won’t be using muzzle loading muskets this time.

          • A weapon is only as effective as it’s owner’s skill level. Just like a fighter jet is only as good as its pilot. Get to be as skilled as is necessary to get the job done. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Then be ready to be part of a Patriotic Army ( either as a leader or follower ). Be ready for EXTREME discomfort , effort, and danger. It will be “put up or shut up” time when that happens. Washington referred to ” sunshine patriots ” in regards to the citizen solders who bugged out at Valley Forge because it was getting to tough for them. “Owning” an AR ( and being able and willing to use it ) are two different concepts.

      • there were other countries CLOSER TO THEM (Cyprus, for instance) who were willing to take in these refugees; but no, they came here instead. Not too hard to see why.

        • We can thank our last 5 Presidents for much of this. They refused to enforce our immigration laws. None on the level of Obama but they all wanted their share of campaign donation from big business who wanted an endless supply of slave labor. Their plan did not work out with the Muslims that flooded into our country. Far to many of our elected officials have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. WE re-elected most of them.

          • Merkle just said that the German people might as well accept that Germany is going to be a Muslim country.

      • Time has PASSED to remove all these benefits from them and the other lazy people in this country and maybe they will go back home and the lazy ones can get a job.

        • I saw where some of them were going home to visit thier friends then, coming right back. That needs to stop . They are more than likely gathering information from thier leaders , then coming back to report to thier comrades. They shouldn’t be allowed back at all.

          • Some are gaming the system by quitting their jobs and reapplying for benefits after 6 months.

          • They are gaming us here in the U. S. like most people have no idea! It is horrible how they are playing this country! Our politicians are either stupid, and too incompetent to do anything about it, or they are crooks who want all these people in this country for their votes!

          • This is why we need for Trump to continue draining the swamp — most D.C. politicians
            are crooks, which explains how crime families like the Clintons had an inside track. And
            how a man who hates America (and white people) got “elected” to be president for 8
            horrific years. .. (It always helps to have plenty of voters who have been dead for many
            years, and the support of illegals.)


          • DEFINITELY NUMBER 3.
            THEY ARE ALL CROOKS.

          • We even allow ISIS fighters back in! That’s how nuts things have gotten! We have all the crime statistics we need to prove which groups of foreign nationals have racked up the worst criminal records, yet we continue allowing immigrants, migrants, illegals, and refugees from those same terrible foreign countries to flood into our country! We have so many traitors working in the State Department handing out visas to dangerous dullards and terrorists, I’m amazed SOS Rex Tillerson hasn’t fired the lot of them by this time! The fact he hasn’t fired Obama’s treasonous hold-overs and Muslim Brotherhood members is very worrisome!

          • Yes, very worrisome. Either they can’t find suitable people trustworthy or they’re not trying to bring them on at all. In both cases we’re F***d!

        • We need to go back to the workfare as Bill Clinton passed and Obama relaxed because of the crises. Crises is over roll it incentive to freeload. Make case workers emphasize employment first and assistance as a secondary function. They will feel overwhelmed at first but as the case load drops they will have more time for employment.

          • …I have no issues with attempting to root out fraud, waste and abuse within all government, including so-called…”entitlement programs”. All one needs to do is stand in line at the local grocery store, Walmart or liquor store to witness abuses of the SNAP program, and to see the underground economy that has developed through the selling or trading of these cards for reduced value and immediate cash. As a disabled, retired, former twenty-five-year executive from US DoD…(who was also a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for over two decades)…I can assure you that the fraud, waste and abuse of those entitlement programs…in total…couldn’t even begin to be noticed in the corrupt -budgets of the military industrial complex. Additionally…these repeated demands by both Social Security and insurers to continually …”prove you are still disabled”… are a joke. I understand….some people abuse the system and there needs to be some checks and balances. But the guy with no legs, suffering from some neurological damage or illness…why would you “code” that guy for any follow up…other than to see if he’s died? No…every couple of years they come back and force you to tell them if you have sought employment, have been employed, taken any classes, etc. etc. Anything that may indicate you just might be able to stand on your one, last leg at the checkout stand at Walmart, in your blue smock… working the cash register and bagging goods with your arthritic hands… and an oxygen bottle attached as you try to make it through your workday. Oh! And that disability-retirement they promised you? Oh, sorry…if you can work at Walmart, you are not disabled…good luck. For the leeches who are unaware… SS is not an “entitlement program”. It is a…”forced-participation” …retirement, disability and medical care insurance program that millions have paid into for decades….(including myself). I never wanted to pay into SS, but was forced to. I was also smart enough to pay into a private retirement and insurance as well…but these programs are not entitlements. Remember…words are powerful weapons. When we begin to let the vultures describe our earned benefits as…”entitlements”…we know another rape of American wealth is on it’s way. Be aware.
            RJ O’Guillory
            Author / Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family


        • America needs an enema, all muzlims should be removed…

      • I was born, raised, worked all my life, and am now retired in America. It was harder for me to get the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid I worked for that it is for the illegals now.
        Our system is badly skewed in favor of foreigners who NEVER contributed to America!

        • It’s outrageous to know an illegal alien can obtain more government benefits the first day they arrive here, than an American that has worked here LEGALLY all thier lives can.

          • That is our wonderful, incompetent politicians, who care only about votes, and being PC! If these fuxking politicians had to pay for them out of their own pockets, it would be different!

          • Worse, we reward these traitors with Cadillac medical coverage and a pretty sweet retirement package. What is wrong with us to allow that?

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            We don’t get any say in what they vote for themselves.

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          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            They care about those, but the monies they receive from foreign interests to decimate the USA and pad their retirement folios is the real driving factor.

        • Not only that but their children are given preferential treatment in being accepted into university medical schools, law schools, engineering schools Etc. Etc. while our children have to take a back seat., this is so very wrong. Many Muslims are coming here [America] hired as doctors by the government in government run medical centers, hospitals Etc. yet their English is so bad I have to wonder how they ever passed the test, I have witnessed this personally and know some that are doctors or claim to be yet are dumb as a rock when it comes to treating patients, they couldn’t do the job alone, I’m not saying all, I do know some who are very good and caring. Not only Muslims but other so-called minorities, whites in a few decades are going to be the minorities if this trend continues. But this has been the plan, a long time in the making, make no mistake we are in a war for our survival yet far too many haven’t a clue and many ignorant liberals have taken sides with the enemy, they are controlled by Vermin like George Soros and his terrorist group BLM, this vicious old evil Traitor should be run out of this country, he’s a prime example of how much the system will allow one to get away with when they have the right amount of money.

          • I have lived On both coasts, and 5 states in between, I, too, have seen this all over. And it has been getting worse for at least 3+ Decades! Soros would be a great candidate for Retroactive Birth-Control if we could get that.

          • I wish Trump would just have the old pig “disappeared”….

          • Precisely my thoughts put into words—-thanks

          • He’s allowed to stay in US because he funds 200+ Leftist causes, and contributes $millions (and sometimes even $1.2 billion as he did with HRC) to political campaigns. At 85, Soros is running out of time to be crowned king of the world in a One World Government. He’s thus pushing his globalist agenda twice as hard as he did prior to Hillary Clinton’s demise!


          • GEORGE SOROS


          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Amen, it would be so easy to get soros out. All President Trump would need to do is arrest Soros, then call up Putin and tell him we are holding him on the international arrest warrant the Russian have out on George, Putin could send his men to pick him up and deal with him accordingly, But we must also charge him with sedition and freeze all his US assets. That would end the BLM quickly as they are paid by Soros to kill police and whites, cause racial mayhem, riot, and destroy property and businesses. Just imagine the shrieking and gnashing of teeth amongst the Shariacrats if President Trump did that.

          • It must be his money that allows him to get away with things that if I did them I have no doubts that I would be in prison, the old evil poor excuse for a human being makes no secret about who he funds, to add insult to injury it’s a tax write off for the Vermin, if you or I claimed some conservative a tax write off the Gestapos at the IRS would demand an audit. Seems to me just by funding the terrorist organization B L M would be enough to put this evil ass away.If a wealthy Conservative did this for a patriotic cause to save the country the government would freeze his or her bank accounts, why is that?

        • I’ve given up on all of it. I’m out of work with health problems preventing me from getting back into the workforce. No savings, no credit cards, no bank account, no healthcare insurance, no unemployment, no disability and I don’t expect to see a dime when I file for Social Security benefits in a few years. Most likely I won’t even bother. And with all that I was turned down for Obamacare (I refused to be involved with that crap but my wife, behind my back, tried to sign me up) which I thought was supposed to get insurance for people that can’t afford to get insurance. Nothing but scams and ripoffs and it’s only getting worse. Makes me want to renounce citizenship, leave the country then sneak back in with my hand out.


        • The reason is because the Democrats have been conducting an evil campaign to replace generational white Americans with piss-poor, unskilled Third World Peasants who will work for peanuts and be more easily controlled than the descendants of the American Revolution!

      • Jonathan Brooks

        It is true what you say, but incomplete. The Muslims are not just ticks feeding of the US, but fraudsters, conmen, criminals, and thieves. Their religion teaches them that they can do anything to nonmuslims and it is Halal or permitted. That includes robbery, rape, slavery, anything. They are the Hannibal Lector of moral systems, even allowing pedo stuff and cannibalism.

      • The only way to stop all this immigration is to let in ONLY those people that can support themselves. Any and all assistance is RESERVED for American citizens only, after all we’re the people that paid into it. If they can’t support themselves and their family then they cannot come in, or even get work permits. If illegals come in, they get sent back immediately, if they come in again they can’t even apply legally to work here ever. No amnesty, no citizenship for anyone coming in illegally, no assistance at all, they need to be able to support their families from day one. I don’t care if they hate us, I can be hated for free.

        • Craig Vandertie

          In all honesty we do not need anymore people in the United States unless they are born to the descendents of those who have been U.S. citizens for at least the past 100 years.

          Unless someone has something of serious value to offer our culture we have no use for them.

      • What’s not to love?

      • MORE to be imported…….at taxpayer expense…..

      • Trump is cutting food stamps, Medicaid and cash welfare. If anyone receiving these benefits are able bodied, they have to work for them, period.

      Glean all records of democrap donations. Federal employees found are immediately terminated from positions of authority. Justice Department can file Treason Charges. MSM Moguls can be investigated for Soros connection and RINO Congressmen publically exposed so that local Recall procedures
      Can be undertaken. Support Term Limits with no life time Golden Parachute.
      All of these scoundrels who’ve raped the public for so long, set their own compensation and perks for near useless activity must be discharged.
      Drain the Swamp, with pitchforks. No longer just skimming the Floatsum

      • They need to be replaced with working Americans who care and are not doing it for an easy way of life with benefits like the f…. politicians are doing. There are a lot of retirees and military personnel who would be great to work with Trump just to get this country back where it belongs.

      • John McCain and Graham both should both be recalled and charged with obstruction of justice, IMMEDIATELY.

    • I agree with you, but he should never stop tweeting. When he tweets, he monopolizes the news cycle.

      • Why would you be against his tweeting? It’s the only way to get his true message out there. Giving an interview to a journalist (lying lib) is the quickest way to let them twist your words.

        • Didn’t you see the never in there?

        • pudge1, it was NOT I who suggested that the President stop tweeting. I look forward to his tweets. The only people who want him to stop tweeting are his known or unknown enemies, because they can’t control him. That is a good test for the identification of a RINO!

        • Would be nice if he ran his tweets threw a filter to make sure he was not giving ammunition to the dems.

      • He needs to do some voids and tweet them to get past the 140 char limit. He needs to make them as if they were national addresses / fireside chats.

    • John Wesley Bletsch

      I agree President Trump needs to speak directly with the american people, that said, can we trust the MSM will not block his access or just experience sudden transmission failures? We the People need to continue to hold Congress’s feet to the fire & hold them accountable to us. Nothing says districts and states cannot arrest reps who fail to represent in violation of their oath of office, perjury of oath!

    • Skippy I think that’s a great idea and would definitely like it if you would email the President or do it on Twitter and suggest exactly that. Great idea !!!!

    • Good idea.

    • Trump not only needs to go over the heads of the media. but he needs to stomp all over them! He needs to tell them, publicly, what useless pieces of CRAP they are, and that he will have nothing to do with them any more! He does not need the media at all, in fact, he is far better off totally ignoring them, and telling them to go fuxk themselves! That is how he should treat the media!

    • I couldnt have said it better! I have been wishing, that President trump would do exactly that. I was thinking ehat about he does his weekly address and Actually starts calling out names of members of both parties that are assisting in the REAL COup that is being attempted. Tell the American people that he is doing everything and anything within the law to make his promises to the American people become a reality, however those that want to keep the status quo because of the money they will lose if it isnt. Dont say stuff like he has like well how come it was ok when so and so did it. Come right out and tell us about the likes of Maxine Waters and her Russian Retirement funding which actually shows on her fricken financial disclosure. How about Podesta and his financial dealings with Russia, how those both within both parties that are currently or have in the past taken funds from GD George Soros who has caused more hate and discontent around the globe with his one world government bullshit. Tell the American people that for the most part all of the paid protesters are being funded by SOros. Tell the American people that Black Lies Matter and the Muslim Brotherhood along with CAIR have united against the United States of America and every single one of us that loves the U.S.? How about he comes right out and states that under both the Bushes and more specifically Fucking Obama infiltrated our entire government and Intel agencies with these SON OF A BITCHES and are being allowed to see, interfere with and covertly give our National Security secrets directly to all of our enemies.. Finally, Tell the American people that if we want to still have A UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, that he needs all of our assistance and that of every single U.S. loving PATRIOT to come to Washington D.C. and DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK from those within our the peoples government peacefully at first but to make it loud and clear, DONT FUCK WITH US ANYMORE. Start literally arresting those that are showing flagrant disregard of our existing laws and the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just reading an article that that talked about how the politicians are getting really concerned for their own safety from angry voters on both sides of the aisle and are receiving direct threats of bodily harm and are requesting additional protective measures for them from us. Now arent they fucking special!!!!

      Semper Fi

    • I need some of the stuff you are smoking. These people are hell bent on the destruction of the USA. They are not smart enough to see that Trump want’s what the American people want. I would be a bank robber if I thought, well I just did a crime, but they won’t come and get me.. NO matter what crime a person pulls off, they need to face the music…

    • Good idea Skippy!…Excellent in fact! Best suggestion I’ve read all week and I read a lot

      Re-awake the “Spirit of America” with “Fire Side Chats” in these times as another great American once did in other hard times the nation faced when we needed to become one together. That would work spectacularly well in getting the president right in front of the American population in my opinion.

      Have been thinking for some time now about the elites behind the strategic planning for creating the idea of “Fake News” and promoting it. Believe fake news is done so Sheeple will not believe anything they hear about in the news sources for their overall reasons or purposes leading to world wide dominance and control. It is a story older than beer and prostitution.

      So, if the President starts addressing the nation on issues he thinks are extremely important and doesn’t want it to be sent through Main Stream propaganda filtering…he has a “Fire Side Chat” with the American public!…phew!….the LibTards and their Media supporters would be howling at he moon in outrage.

      I would bet none of them would air it! They would refuse to do so! Believe DHS could legally come into play there and bring the fact that the whole American media outlet is controlled by six entities I believe it is. All foreign based and not friendly toward us at all.

      Did that get your attention? It did mine.

      Have a great weekend and enjoy each of our uniquely American holidays this year and, always be sure to thank a Mil-Vet who served to insure you could enjoy it. If things don’t change quickly, then this party will come to an end.

  3. Will never hear this new in the media. Thank you. God Bless Trump. Drain the Swamp

    • Brenda Sinclair

      drain the government swamp of pedophile rats who prey on rape and murder little children, schumer, pelosi, waters, warren, lynch, biden, kerry, kaine, mccain clapper, brennan, ryan,cumming,blumenthal, 30 in all in senate congress those are the swamp pedophile rats president trump was talking about they are the ones doing all possible against president trump, arrest hillary obama for child traffcing, here are more faces of pedophiles

      • The other group are the deep state government employees who need to be replaced. The intelligence agencies seem to be run as if they are equal branch of government. They need to be put on a short leash.
        The leaks have to stop. Even innocent things can be leaked and spun such a way that seems real bad to the general public. I see why Nixon had the Plumbers. The leakers need to be convicted and sentenced to hard time.

  4. This is an excellent source of frequently updated, well-researched, accurate immigration information; USA and worldwide research, statistics, legislation, etc…:

    It appears we are going to pack these privately-run prisons, funded by my tax-dollars, with a bunch of immigrants:
    As of May 3rd, 2017:
    “ICE arrested 21,362 immigrants since Trump took office; immigration arrests are up more than 32.6 percent from the same period last year. However, deportations are slightly lower, down by 1.2 percent.
    Why the difference? Arrests and deportations aren’t simultaneous. Before immigrants can be deported, their cases must wind through the sprawling immigration bureaucracy. That bureaucracy is severely backlogged, with more than 530,000 cases pending. Some immigration courts are scheduling hearings six years from now. Once arrested, an immigrant may not show up as a deportation statistic for months or years.”

  5. Star a Bounty for illegals program, they will run back to Mexico

  6. Randi Amundsen


  7. Let all support Trump, and get things done, that all the others have only talked about while always kicking the can further down the road with no intent on doing the job they were hired to do. Support our president, and do the job we elected you to do…..or go home, and don’t even think of coming back!

  8. It will take Martial Law to over come the Hereticals; so lets get busy and clear out all of the Cob Webs holding up the show!

    • I don’t really want “Martial Law,” but We the Sane, Patriotic People may sooner or later may have literally (physically) fight back.

  9. I suppose if the truth came out the American people might take a dim view of both Republicans and Democrats. America needs a party for the people not the corporate fat cats and the entrenched professional Politicians.

    • Already have… not trust the RINOs at all..they are no different than the demoncraps…in fact , I feel they are worse, because they try to “cover” their treasonous tracks. Once you learn about “progressives” you can spot them regardless of “party”

    • The Founders did not like the idea of “parties”, because they divide the people. We need one party–The American Party!

  10. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    PRESIDENT TRUMP Go to the OVAL OFFICE and let our people know just what is that needs to be done to put our country back together. We’ll stand behind you and these democrats better get it through their thick heads we mean business and we know what they are trying to do to our people and our country.

  11. I wish it was only Democrats that are so anti Trump. Many Republicans are also there and should be ashamed of themselves. And then there is the despicable media.There really is a need for term limits on all elected and appointed offices.

  12. These bastards have already betrayed the American people and our Republic…those of us awake and paying attention know this…why the Tea Party and groups like it formed to begin with…we identified king o’s, valerie jarret, bernadine dorhn as the terrorist threats that they were from the 60’s and the Weather Underground…now we are wise to the traitors that look down on us Americans with their snobbish holier-than-thou snoots..telling us what we need to think, say and how to act. They are a prime reason why term limits are needed. It is difficult to primary these bastards out. I back President Trump 100000%. We real American Constitution loving Americans that have not swallowed the MSM/commie/marxist propaganda will never let him down

  13. Gerald Mitchell

    Republicans suck and wont back their leader due to their own interests and money under the table, GO TRUMP.

    • A nice organization to be formed would be one to investigate how the politicians are living the life of luxury without doing their work.

    • The other active model seems to be a small group decides what the dems are going to do and they all read from the same script. They act as if they will be exiled if they express an original thought

  14. It is like a spy novel, where a group of person’s want to run the country, be they dems or reps. It is very scary as to how to rid us of them and kick them out. We have to back Trump with all our resources. GOD SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND RID US OF TRATORS.

  15. Trump tweets because it’s his only way of getting the truth out, as to what he’s really saying.
    Everything Trump says, the propaganda rags NY Times and Washington Post, twist the truth and make up lies, until no one knows what the truth is anymore.
    The liberals and Democrats are yelling impeachment when the truth is they have NO proof, that Trump did anything wrong. It was Hillary that sold America’s uranium to Russia, not Trump, yet no investigation or charges of Treason against her, thanks to Obama?
    The Obama and Hillary supporters are Liars and Traitors, and Trump needs to have the DOJ go after them for trying to over throw our government!

  16. Jail all of these missfits with the Rabies!

  17. With all the pundits critics and supporters of Trump most of us know the Democrats want him out. They have failed time after time and Obama has destroyed a great deal of what America was made of. He took the haters who are stupid ganged them up with the minorities took the stupid ones and the elite College Professors added the hateful left media and tried to kill the spirit of all Americans. Well he got half and that’s bad, thiese sad followers are not proud of their own country, do not stand up for the Republic and the Capitalistic way in lieu of Socialism and Communism, but they still have the other half to deal with. If the rest of the Democrats will start to realize they are and have been gamed join the fight to get the good old United States back to Greatness again and continue to make us SPECIAL the extreme left elite on the East and West coast of our country will loose the wacko influence they have had on the youth of our nation. It is love of country, hard work and the chance to make a difference that makes people successful and happy not negativism. Do not pal around or get involved with people who are negative and always seem to be unhappy with whatever, especially when they don’t know themselves what they are unhappy about. We have one Presidential Office and one President, we all better support both and stop what Schumer and his gang are trying to do. We wasted 8 years and look what we got, lets correct the damage and do more positive things. ( You can have the soap box now)

  18. Very true being Trump is letting the border patrol do their job it is getting done Also since he has permitted the generals to do their military jobs ISIS is getting torn apart. This just goes to show how much OBO the clown cared for this country. He just wanted to let all his losing friends in to take over. Thank you for MAGA Donald

    • We must just give our POTUS some time and not be impatient. He is sideswiped constantly, but is persevering.
      Here is a curious story: My Pastor was so totally against DT that he was very unhappy when, early on, I placed two Trump signs in my yard. Pastor seldom touches on politics, but I later learned from a friend the our pastor had made a one hundred sixty degree turn. Pastor had told him God had spoken to him and told him He was with Trump and Pence!
      Curious story, but I rather believe it.

  19. The 38% arrest of illegal immigrants is giving the Democratic Party a very big problem. At the rate the illegal immigration is going, the future of this liberal party is going down. Their base of future democrat voters is getting thinner. Before the liberals know it, they won’t have the votes necessary to continue in power.

  20. Soldier on Mr. President . Anyone who stands in your way we can vote out of office , corporate dollars be damned .

  21. We the legitimate citizens of this country need to refer back to what the founders of our country did to rid themselves of tyranny. We will need to physically support and defend Mr Trump; not with our pocket books but with good old fashioned armed action. The only legal remedy I’m aware of is a convention of states, but I don’t hold out much hope towards that as too many lying rat traitors are in the mix. With a well organized, well equipped no longer silent majority, we ourselves can rid this land of the bums that need to go- including the federal reserve and the dammed world bankers.

    • Since Obama was the best gun salesman ever, We the Sane, Patriotic People are much better equipped to do just that.
      Plus, we are armed with “truth” now. Corruption has reared its ugly head for ALL to see!
      Of course some folk prefer blindness and/or evil.

      • Well Mary, I must agree with you concerning Obamy. He and his cronies did help firearm sales considerably. I have been well aware of the truth of what’s been going on in America since 1972. The root cause of our national calamity rests with the so called progressives. The problem in dealing with these people is that they refuse to acknowledge that they are morally and constitutionally wrong. Their goal regardless of the cost or the means used to achieve it, is simple; a single government body overseeing the entire worlds population and full control of resources, monetary system, and access to all of that. At this point in time, I believe that the only sure cure for this disease is biblical in nature. This idea of course offends many people as most folks are not inclined (myself included) toward violence, and like many other vets I’m most inclined to avoid bloodshed. In short I’ve come to the same conclusion regarding tyranny and liberty that the founders of our system of government reached. The problem always lies with people. Human behavior, human nature versus morality. Those who are morally wrong and don’t care that they are; must often be physically stopped. They are attempting to force their will upon us and will not cease in their efforts. As one of my uncles used to say: the difference between talking about something and doing something about it; is doing it.

  22. Tail Gunner Chuck Schumer is the 21st century version of Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy and he should be censured the same as Joe McCarthy was.

    • For all NY voters (myself included): Turn him back at the polls! Republican, Democrat or Independent – can’t you see that Schumer is a partisan politician and is doing things for political gain and not for his constituents? We have had enough of his kind of politician!

  23. We’re all being duped with talk about percentages of increases or decreases! Percentages don’t tell the story as it should be told. Numbers tell the story. For example: In this story, the writer uses 38% as the increase in immigration arrests during the first 100 days. A 38% increase over what? Obama’s first 100 days? Obama’s eight years of rule? The preceding 100 days? And what if it represents 38 more arrests than 100 (as a base line)? That would only be 138 arrests! Certainly not a significant number to prove any point of contention. It would be even less significant if the baseline was 11 arrests, wouldn’t it? 38% of 11 would be 4 (rounded), making the total arrests to be 15! Even less significant! In every case where percentages are spoken of, I first want to know what numbers we’re talking about, then you can tell me what those numbers represent! (Before someone says the article uses 40,000 as the number of arrests – that isn’t the case at all! It says managed to “nab” 40,000 illegals – not “arrest” 40,000 illegals! What does “nab” mean? Arrest, turn back, or both?) By all means, make your point, just use specific facts and not innuendo when doing so!

  24. Wow, great article real journalism. Illegal immigration in secret cost countless billions since Obama paid them to resettle here with our tax dollars and borrowed foreign monies. He did this in secret to over whelm the system and make it impossible to enforce laws he ignored on purpose. Big business increases profits with cheap labor, if you pay someone who came here illegally SSI reward money monthly he or she can take and survive on eight to nine dollars a month the government pays the rest. Liberals have no common sense at all, the Ivory scholars are even more stupid. Teachers in key states are pissed their salaries are not going up higher to help them pay their rising health care insurance? The same moron’s unions that demanded free health care for the poor and amnesty for all illegals and open borders that drive up property taxes to educate illegal family kids. There usn’t enough money to support countless millions of illegals. Look Obama policies doubled the nation debt produce few jobs it was the ruin to the nation economically. Now they want another Obama?

    • Something is rotten has happened in America! The Libs like that smell, but I don’t!

      • I believe there has to be a physical sight of support for the Trump agenda and his effort. A few rally places legally held and granted legal consent by municipality. Since most of us are trying to pay for the ones causing violent anarchy with the Democratic Party and media’s blessing, weekdays are out. However in between our jobs to pay our own way a few weekend days broken up might work. You have to remember paid agitators are paid to disrupt peaceful protest by lawful groups. Also even on these websites their paid to shut us down and stop opposition to their conspiracy. Now the daily and nightly hate fake news is being called freedom of the press, except your not allowed not even freedom of open thought. The cowards and self interest members of the GOP are doing little to support Trump and stop the bias media attacks. The lying liberal and Black Congressional Congress’s members that lied to protect shitheads ass from being exposed, are now demanding justice with no proof of wrong doings. If Trump should be impeached for no proof accusations,mother Obama should be arrested and tried for treason. A reopening of the Clinton foundation and email scandal by an honest investigator would not only expose the Clinton’s, but Obama, Lynch, and Comey of obstruction of justice. Even the FBI is delusional if they think we trust them anymore after they fixed the outcome in the Clinton investigation. Where is our justice congressman Al Green you allowed a real criminal to walk, and you demand an innocent man be tried.

        • You made many good points!
          I wonder how many municipalities would grant the POTUS’s supporters petitions to have rallies? You know the Libs would show up and be disruptive, if not violent. Would the local police be even allowed to arrest violent Liberals or be told to step down? And that would be costly to the city to have adequate crowd control.
          For if I were there and was hit or pushed, I would return the favor quickly.
          But, there must be a method we could show physical support.
          We just cannot let what might be our last opportunity to save America be defeated.

  25. Any time you have a group of “Public Servants” {I use the term loosely} that has been in office for DECADES you have a serious problem. Congress and Senate are part of the cesspool, sorry, swamp, to be drained.

  26. Good article and on point. I’d like to add a number to the Gang of Eight. I think that RINO number has grown to about 35-40, and nothing has changed with the original “eight.” For example, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio (three of the eight) are doing all they can to injure President Trump. Arizona and Florida should wise-up, and recall McCain and Rubio, respectively.

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Seems no one here want to pick up the baton. No answers from anyone. I still contend that Song Bird got ”reelected” on rigged polls.

      • E. C., whom are you calling ‘Song Bird’?
        As for the polls being rigged, I rather thought the ‘Jill’ made it clear that that didn’t happen. Remember? DT ended up with MORE votes! Notice that she got off poll re-counting quickly! LOL

  27. Trump needs to start cracking heads…HARD…….get rid of all Obozo people…….

  28. The demonicRATs are opposed to the deportation of unregistered demonicRAT voters.

  29. Robert Kahlcke

    Thank you President Trump, for all you’ve done so far which is much more than obama has done in eight years,
    God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump.

  30. Agree with all of you, let’s get behind our president and let him know how we feel. He is doing a great job, but the whole country needs to hear it!

  31. “….these guys are simply incapable of learning a lesson.” They never have! Every time they have been given the reins of power in that puzzle palace they have wasted, squandered, and abused it. If somebody doesn’t round up all 290 of those ‘so called’ conservatives into one room, use whatever means it takes, BIG club is good, kick azzes and take names until EVERY last one of them, absence the ones needing hospitalization, can get UNITED behind this president! These dweebs will rue the day, in those 2018 midterms, if they FAIL this time….

  32. And then they say oh he hasn’t done anything he promised, well how can he, get on the train Repubs. and Demorats. Any Repub. that doesn’t back Trump in these four years or at the end of their own terms should be voted out. If they won’t do what WE THE PEOPLE want, they should not be in office, its as simple as that and I suggest everyone keep an eye on them and decide at their next election.

  33. I don’t even know who is the worst crooks, the politicians or the MSM. I think they are nose to nose. Personally, I would be happy to have him hit 85 or 95%. By crossing the border the way they did, it makes them ILLEGAL. The last time I checked, ILLEGAL means against the law. Take them all.

    • It’ the politicians, no it’s the MSM, wait it’s the politicians, look out here comes the MSM, it’s the MSM. they’re on the finish line, they’re neck to neck, it’s neck and neck, Ladies and Gentlemen, wow, you’re witnessing decades of Lies, correction, I mean Experience, there has never been such fierce completion in any race anywhere, at anytime folks; it’s a Tie ladies and gentlemen, It’s A Tieeeeee

  34. Estelle Barnett

    Get the Muslims out of my country. Send them to deep Africa and let them start anew there. I would love to see
    them GO NOW. Estelle

  35. Time for action my friends. Like for starters, writing the President directly! You can do that and he will either read your letter or someone close to him will. If hundreds of letters reach the White House AT ONCE, say within a week, that will impact the White House and President Trump will learn what they say. He is for the American people, so why not write directly to him? Forget your lousy Congressman. They are so busy keeping money in their pockets they have no time to actually help anyone.

    The reason I’m saying this is that I emailed President Trump several times when he was running for Office with several suggestions about how to address his audience more effectively and with a more Presidential presence. Interestingly, the next few times I saw him at the debates, he had changed his approach to everyone. Someone had listened to what I said. Yes, I know he is now President and probably doesn’t have time to read letters, that’s why the timing of hundreds of letters reaching his office must happen all in one week. That does impact his people and they will make sure he is informed of the urgency in these letters.

    Try this with your associates, your neighborhood, your friends, your church, etc. but make it happen that hundreds of letters will all come at the same time. Mail them so that happens and I guarantee you will see something being discussed by President Trump that is in those letters. i.e. (1) Start building our Border Fence (2) Send Illegals back over the border — all of them (3) Don’t let in any muslims from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan (4) Have Law Enforcement monitor those Muslims living in our Nation now (5) Create a task force to investigate all the Drug Cartel Pot Farms being run in our Country’s Wildernesses under the protection of State’s governments, etc.

    *******If we want P.T. to do something about these issues, WE MUST STAND UP AND SHOW OUR SUPPORT FOR HIM — HE WILL FOLLOW THROUGH!*******

  36. I was watching a program about ms13 and how many are incarcerated in our prisons….we need to give them two choices, go back to your country or see the needle. Tell them if they decide on going back to their country that their finger prints are on file. If found back in this country they will have 2 days before they are executed. I’m sick and tired of giving these animals 3 hots and a cot….DONE!!

  37. Gary Von Neida

    A “FIRESIDE/POOL SIDE” chat Once a Week for Fifteen Minutes ( without commercial interruption ) broadcast on all networks would be (if ;say, around 8 P.M.) a good use of the BULLY PULPIT.


    The media has become irrelevant as they continue their biased attacks. These pundits and commentators have lost respect of the listeners. What’s amazing is these people are out of step with the public. However it’s reached the level of absurdity and boring redundancy.

  39. Craig Vandertie

    Trump should start his own media network including his own online site, after all you cannot rely on Social networks like FB and their wet behind the ears CEO Mark Zuckerberg as much of a Looney Libtard as he is to be completely unbiased anymore than you can the Lamestream media.

  40. Be prepared and ready: Every cabin, every home and every boat should have this gear:

  41. Put a bounty on Illegal aliens to help ICE!
    at $1 each I can retire!

  42. Yes, many Republicans are spineless and stupid, but all demotards are simply, TRAITORS.
    MAGA, or else!

  43. POS Reagan made legal 4 million messicans. on average they chain migrated 5 others so that means 20 million were made legal. gop has ALWAYS aided the democrats to destroy the country. gop is worse then the democrats who do not lie about genociding the whites in US

  44. Elizabeth Seaman

    When will this end? SS only has a sertain amount to give, where is all this FREE MONEY that they are getting?
    I am on SS and a Retired from a company with Union retirment it’s not that much, but without it I wouldn’t make it on my own. So when will SSwake up and STOP THEM from giving our money to theses Foreign Ass Wipes.

  45. James Higginbotham

    id suggest the President go after all of those TRAITORS no matter their Party and get the job done.

  46. If Trump were FOR REAL, all he has to do is mention the name of SETH RICH! Because he is instead another ZIONIST TURD, he is allowing this FARCE to continue.

  47. I believe Obama deported more illegals in 2014 than Trump will in 2017. Nice try.
    White America is being replaced. All according to Judas’ plan.

    • If it does happen that way, it will be because the number of new illegal non-citizens coming in has dropped so dramatically. And then there are the snowflakes that are causing problems and interfering.

  48. elected officials are FRAUDS, PATHOLOGICAL LYING PSYCHOPATHS, THIEVES and CRIMINALS.. imagine our lack of shock that they didn’t really mean what they said!

  49. As my Grandmother said ” The Proof is in the Pudding” The voters are standing by very content. It’s The Lib’s and the News that are making a fuss. He just need to keep doing what he’s doing because they will find fault with everything he does anyway. I think it’s kind of funny seeing them making fools out of themselves.

  50. Joseph R. Davis

    Donald Trump has more to fear from the Republican Establishment, than from the Liberals or news media. The President will very shortly “lawyer up.” And…of course…put his foot in his mouth again.

  51. Hmmmm – The dems GAVE immunity – 5th – disappearance – cover up – missing 411 – removed 411 – destroyed computers and records – classified 411 —– to everyone that ws in their pocket during the other investigations !!!!! Trump – declassify – and release the 411 in reference to these investigations to the people —- Let’em see just what the swamp has been doing for the last 8 years….

  52. Democrats are so deplorable it is so sad.

  53. Charles Wolfe jr

    Call or email your Congressmen & Reps & let them know to start supporting President Trump Or they will be voted OUT of office. I did.

    • Actually I called my Rep to thank him for supporting the President and then called my two Senators and chewed them out for their stupid comments and refusal to accept the outcome of the election where TRUMP WON!!

  54. It will not be by ballots that the republic will be saved but by the refreshment of the tree of liberty.

  55. It seems to me that Too Many self Serving FARTS from both Parties are “IN IT” just for Self GLORYFICATION and BIGGER BANK ACCOUNTS … Time to STOP the “SELLING OF AMERICA” by these Whores and Vote INDEPENDENTLY of PARTY TAGS for Honest servants to do the Business for All People!

  56. We have to pray to God, that he unties all the knots that have been made by the Establishment. It’s the only peaceful way that we can restore Our Country.

  57. When you see the statistics of what the refugees are getting and you wonder why Trump put his foot down on all the free stuff that they are getting on our dime. So the gop better damn well show us the backbone and back up Trump. Oh and by the these congress man and senate hold any pay raise on them until they back up Trump and put down the dems and they ugly mouths. I have had it with these so called non dirty dems. They are as dirty as anyone can get.!!!!!!!!!!

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